January 31st, 2010

all my roads lead to you

scented, mmm.

If you wear perfume/cologne, what was the first one that was your favorite? What's your favorite scent now?

I was obsessed with Candie's when I was about twelve, and I got a bottle for Christmas. I loved that perfume, and those Juice Box body sprays (they had one called Long Island Iced Tea that was super-rare and I lost my bottle somehow, which sucked). Now I love Irresistible Apple from Bath and Body Works and Clinique Happy.
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TQC, I'm trying to work on my fitness, so I've been going to the gym at school and that's all fine and good, but I also want some stuff at home on days I can't get there (it is a 20+ mile drive). So far I have a treadmill, a yoga mat and a few dvds, 5 and 8 lb free weights, and I'm ordering this. I also have a resistance band but am gonna get a few more tomorrow for increased difficulty. Anything else you can suggest?

What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?

Have you ever heard of the book The Girls Who Went Away? If you've read it, am I gonna be horrified at the things in there?

DK/DC: What was the last purchase you made?
The aforementioned book, a yoga book, and a communication book.

I need you to help me with my life, TQC.

It's very very cold in my room, TQC. Wearing-gloves-inside cold. It's sleep time for me now. I cannot turn the heating on. What should I do?

Poll #1518915 cooooollld.

Where should I sleep tonight?

Living Room. Warm AND comfy, and no cold ground in the morning.
My room, I'll warm up in a bit, stop being such a wuss.
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Random Questions

If you have absolutely nothing to do and have no plans to go outside all day, do you get dressed or stay in your PJs?

What's your first favorite pop song that you can remember?  Will you post your answer in the form of a youtube video?

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(no subject)

I'm trying to send a zipped file that's just over 90 MB. Megaupload is stalling/freezing; YouSendIt is going to take half an hour to load, and Gmail is just going "...well, don't look at ME."

Are there any good file-sharing sites that'll just let me send this off in the next ten minutes?

I need your help

Problem: stank

Situation: I was walking my dogs tonight. Timber (husky mix) saw a skunk scuffling along ahead of us and bolted, getting free of my grip. He raced over, I pursued, he attacked the skunk, skunk sprayed him, I yanked him off by his short hairs and kicked him off. He kills small animals and I wasn't going to let him do this on my fucking watch. Thing is, now I have skunkass on me from contact with the stupid dog. It was on my hands and shoe. Luckily, I had this solution that allegedly removes skunk stank from creatures and objects. I followed directions and rubbed my hands deeply. That stink was hard to remove and while washing my hair, I got some of the skunkjuice on my face and a little in my eyes. I washed the majority of the olfactory offense but I still smelled skunk scent in the house. I put my shirt in a plastic bag and doused it with the solution and put it outside to sit. There's little smell coming from my shoe. Still, one of the rooms that I wasn't even in smells like skunks were moshing in here. Skunks are prevalent around this neighborhood and there's an encampment under my neighbor's house and I'm sure there's some under my house, so maybe it's just the wounded skunk below that room, flaring up a stink storm and the smell's rising. I lit incense in the two most offensive rooms hoping it'd perfume the area.

Uh oh: I have a hiking outing tomorrow at noonish with soywateratoms. She's going to pick me up in her car. Thing is, I'm not sure if this skunk solution did the trick or if my nose has simply acclimated to the yecchy smells. I've heard tomato juice/sauce helps. I've heard gasoline helps. Thing is, I don't have either one lying around the house. l3antha think I should get some.

Question: Should I just re-dab with the skunk solution and scrub the more offensive areas? Should I drive down to the 24-hour supermarket and get pick up some tomato juice? Should I just assume that the solution worked and go to bed? Can you think of any skunk-fighting answers for me so I don't smell like I'm a skunk farmer tomorrow?

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How easily does your SO* wake up?

I ask because my boyfriend stayed over and he had to get up for work. I set an alarm so I could wake up and wake him up, because he generally sleeps through every alarm. It's really frustrating because he is super grumpy while in his half-asleep state and tells me "5 more minutes" like a million times. It is nearly impossible to get him up, bah D:

*If you don't have an SO/don't care, how easily do YOU wake up?

(no subject)

Just wondering, but...
Is it a bad prank to fake someone's death? Not like a celebrity or anything, but everyone is going to see me on Monday anyways.

My friend just updated her fb status RIP (insert my name here) as a joke when we were on the phone and my inbox was flooded with texts asking if I was alright...and I'm ignoring them all for right now.

So should I answer the texts or go along with it for a while?

EDIT: Kay guys, totally answered the texts and my friend apologized. It was in poor taste, sorry!

(no subject)

What are some good ideas for love coupons that imply sexual acts without just saying it?

I'm making some coupons for my boyfriend for valentine's day. So far I've thought only of kisses, hugs and "one free cowgirl", haha.

I'm getting them printed, so I'm too embarrassed to put anything too raunchy, but I'd still like to imply things of sexual nature. Ideas?

*edit: I'm also giving them a vintage look, to further the theme of "they look innocent, but really aren't".
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One of your closest and oldest friends (you two are practically family) went on a vacation to visit an ex-SO on the other side of the country. Your friend was only going to stay for ten days.

The day after he/she is supposed to fly home, you notice that your friend left you a message on your cell at 2AM. You listen to it, and the message basically says, "Hey, best friend. So...I just moved across the country. I'm not coming back. Figured you should know! OK bye!"

What would you do? How would you feel?

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(no subject)

1)Will you play a quote game with me? Post some quotes[all from the same thing] and have people guess where they are from.

"What does this feeling mean to you? Both to be seen and to be seen through?"
"I let my pain fuck my ego and I call the bastard art"

2)What do you feel about some holiday candies being avaliable for multiple holidays? Like peeps used to be just easter, now they are Valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas...
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Shopping questions

What is a good store to pick up water proof, black boots (not like winter boots necessarily, but flat, no heels) at? I just don't want to order them online...

I also want to buy some leggings to wear under skirts, is Old Navy an acceptable place to buy these? Where would you go? 

Can you recommend me an under eye creme that reduces dark circles/lines/puffiness all related to tired-ness (as opposed to age?)

Thanks TQC! 
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever walked out of a movie before it was finished? If so, what movie, and how long did it take you to leave?
1b. If you do walk out, do you feel justified walking into another movie? Why/why not?

2. Do you like to know the general plot/storyline of a film before you see it?

1. Yes. The Strangers, I left about 10 minutes in.
2. Generally no, unless it's a horror movie, because I don't want to sit through an hour of ...creepy noise.... REALLY LOUD NOISE over and over and over.

(no subject)

is there a song just called "Lord of the Dance?" i want to sing this football chant i just learned(well, learned the words) but i read it's to the tune of "Lord of the Dance" and i'm not sure what exactly that song is, ahahaha.


How comfortable are you telling dirty jokes to the sex you find attractive? or the one that finds you attractive? are there groups (aside from children) that you will not tell a risque joke to?

The girl I flirt with at work has just started telling me explicit jokes and I wonder if it means anything, what do you think TQC?
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(no subject)

I just spent $100 on my SO for Valentine's Day related things. I'm sure he'll spend that amount, and maybe a tiny bit more, on me as well.

TQC can you validate me and tell me that it's not incredibly stupid to spend that much for VDay?
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(no subject)

What is your experience with at-home self tanners? Has anything actually worked (on extremely pale skin) in a nonoffensive way?

What about spray tanning booths? Is it worth it?

I ask because it's starting to warm up where I live(I know it's January) and I remain ghost-colored but am not interested in getting a real tan, like, at all.
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I'm a wuss.

Hey TQC,

I'm feeling sick and sore and sleepy and mildly freaked out right now.

Will you share something funny and/or adorable and help divert my attention?

Bonus question: what's your favorite comfort food?

(no subject)

Can anyone recommend some good, free timetable creation software? I just need something simple. I used to use studenttimetable.com which was really good, but hasn't been working for a while. Everything that comes up on Google is either not suitable or costs money. Online or off, although offline preferred so I don't get a repeat of losing my stuff off studenttimetable.
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(no subject)

Blah...its snowy and nasty out and I don't have food.

Should I brave the outside nastiness and save some money or not bother with having to shovel out my car and order Chinese?

Should I stop relying on TQC to make my culinary choices?

Whats the stupidest hippy name you can think of?

Do you ever find the stuff on thisiswhyyourefat.com appetizing? Does that make you feel bad about yourself?
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(no subject)

I need some college related advice:

My parents are divorced but have always agreed to split my college costs 50/50. Now my dad is refusing to pay for the 2 years he's supposed to, and also refusing to even fill out the FAFSA financial aid form. Without him, we won't get much aid because my mother makes too much to qualify. I'm pretty upset because college is a must to me and I just can't believe my dad deserted us like this. My mom keeps telling me we have options but I'm not sure what options there are.

Is there any way that we can get aid if she files as a single parent, even if she makes too much to qualify for aid?
I don't know very much about financial aid in general, is there something else we could do or are student loans going to be the only option?

(no subject)

I have an interview tomorrow morning and I am verrrrry nervous. It's for a 20$ an hour desk position, 3 hours a day. In an interview when you're asked to talk about yourself, what do you talk about? That's usually the part where I go blank.
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(no subject)

 My dad said he would buy me new pants and some pens today, but instead he went to his brother's before I got up, and won't be home for another hour. 

He offered to pick some food up. What should he pick up?

Why am I so sad all of a sudden?

Have you seen Sunshine Cleaning? Was it good?
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(no subject)

TQC, I am a retard. I cannot work a hair straightener. I am very untalented. Has anyone ever tried one of those straigteners with a comb in it? Is it really just as simple as combing your hair? Keep in mind that(no lie) I just learned how to make a perfect part in my hair like..last year. A freaking part. WHAT IS A SIMPLE HAIR STRAIGHTENER?

I don't have any other question because I only want that one asnwered right now.
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(no subject)

Should I play the video game I only kinda want to play, but is right here, or search for the one I REALLY want to play?

OR should I not play games entirely and draw the damn comic I need to finish?
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(no subject)

TQC, what shampoo + conditioner / hair treatment do you use? Do you like it? I am having a hair care crisis and I can't find a regimen I like. I just bought herbal essence hydralicious featherweight and it smells good but I don't think I like it.

(no subject)

Ok so I signed up to be a vendor at a craft fair in two weeks. Little did I know I would be starting work this week. So I need help with my brainstorming.

a) What kind of miniature food would you think would be cute on a plate on a ring besides waffles and pieces of cake (because I've already done those)?

b) What kind of quotes or sayings are cute painted on signs or little wooden boxes?


c)What kind of cake toppers should I make? I'm going to do little castles and brides and grooms...

d) I've been doing little 'hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil' animal sculptures. I've done octopuses, walruses, penguins, elephants, cats.... what else?

I'm so screwed. I need to make at least $100 to cover the cost of the table alone. Let's not even talk about how much I spent on supplies.

I've also been doing altered matchboxes. Themes for those are also welcome.
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(no subject)

TQC, help me make important life decisions! my boyfriend and I are looking into getting a dog this summer after years of waiting and planning, and now we're stuck: we want a boston terrier, but I can't decide whether I want a brown or a black one!

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I appreciate your assistance in these matters of grave importance.

alternatively, just post pictures of adorable baby animals.
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(no subject)

For those of you that have taken foreign languages and gotten really good grades, how do you go about studying them? Because I take French III and Chinese I and I find that French is easier than Chinese but I don't really have to study for French. For those of you who studied Chinese, how did you study/succeed? 

(no subject)

What have you realised/has surprised you recently?

I think i'm actually better liked than I thought. I've always struggled with confidence, but my friends at uni ring me all the time, and always invite me to everything. (i've had crap friends in the past) This is a lovely feeling =]

Inspired by my weekend

1) What's your favorite musical?

2) If you don't like musicals, what's your favorite cocktail?

3) If you don't like muscials and don't drink, what's your favorite type of cheesecake?

If you don't like musicals, drinking, or cheesecake, please kill yourself because you clearly derive no joy from life.
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after that huge blowout on ontd

1. Have you ever sent sexy/naked pictures to anyone over the internet?
1a. If yes, was that person Eli Roth?
1b. If no, is it something you would consider?

Aaaand since I'm starting to feel like globalwarmer, here's something not related to sex/innuendo.

2. What was the last book you read to completion, and how was it?

(no subject)

Where is my credit card?

I used it to make an online purchase on friday night (at home, from my desk). I didn't use it at all on saturday. Today it is not in my wallet. I have just torn my room apart looking for it. There is an outside chance that I put it back in my wallet and somehow lost it while I was out and about on saturday.

Should I go ahead and cancel it? This is complicated by the fact that I have several shows I'm attending in the next few weeks that require me to show the card I used to purchase the tickets... on the other hand, it would suck more to have someone be using my credit card.


Also, if you were a credit card in a very tiny room, where would you hide?

(no subject)

My best friend just informed me that not only is he not planning the birthday for me that he said he would, he's also not going to be there.

How friggin' pissed would you be?
Would you celebrate your birthday a day early to accommodate someone?
I should just get wasted at Medieval Times, y/y?
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Help me, TQC; you're my only hope!

Can you recommend some good books to me?

I love vintage sci-fi (such as: L Ron Hubbard circa Ole Doc Methuselah; John Christopher's White Mountains trilogy; Walter Tevis' The Man Who Fell To Earth; Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles), older man/younger woman romances, Greek and Norse mythology, magical realism, horror (though I'm not familiar with any authors other than Stephen King and Clive Barker), and sometimes fantasy, but in general I value excellent writing and a gripping story. I feel like I haven't read anything interesting that wasn't a chore since I started college. This semester I have plenty of free time and I'd like to start reading again for fun.
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(no subject)

is anyone else watching the grammys?  haha apparently everyone else asked that question too.
did the black eyed peas song seem off? it seemed like they might have been lipsyncing but everyone was all off beat from the song? haha idk

if not, how are you today? 
--i'm ok, it's irritating that it snowed like a foot up here (i live in the mountains) and back home (not in the mtns about 2 hours away) they probably got half of that if not less and the universities are canceling class on monday and tuesday!!!!! our roads are clear up here! wtf!!!!! haha

(no subject)

Do you use UPS to ship things?

I have a package coming via UPS.
they tried to bring it Thursday but no one was home. I got the tag off the door & went online to change it to Will-call, so that I could pick it up & it said I had until the next thursday, which is fine.
But then on Friday there was another attempt, and it said that they will try again Monday between 10 and 2, I won't be home then either because I WORK.

I tried to go online to see if it had been changed on there, but now all it says is "In Transit" and then when i hit change delivery or whatever, it says that it cannot be changed at this point.

I've never dealt with UPS, so I'm really confused... Can I not pick it up at a UPS location?
should I just call in the morning or will that not make any difference?
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(no subject)

How come the other guitarist that always plays with Green Day never goes up to accept any awards? I think that's pretty shitty of Green Day, tbh.

What time do you have to wake up tomorrow?

(no subject)

If everytime you went to take a shit, you couldnt relax because you sensed that Paul Sorvino was somehow watching you (either from outside the window, or behind the shower curtain) and one day you couldnt take it anymore, so you pulled back the shower curtain to find that he really was there, then he put his finger to his lips (as if to tell you Shhhhhh) before walking out..

Would you ever feel comfortable taking a shit or watching a Paul Sorvino movie ever again??
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random laundry poll

Nobody ever does any laundry in this house but me. I'm the mom, but I'm not the only one with arms that work, somebody else could help once in a while.

Poll #1519443 laundry

Who does laundry in your house?


other (specify):

If your parents do laundry, which of these things do you do?

At least turn the clothes right side out before putting them in the hamper
At least pick the clothes up off the floor
Help with folding/putting away
Put away your own stuff after parents fold it
None of this, parents do the whole thing from floor to drawer

I am a parent and I make my kids do some of this:

I've done 3 loads already and my back hurts and I'm tired. Should I fold all the rest of the family's laundry?

Yes, of course
Yes, if you want the clothes actually folded
No, just leave it for tomorrow
No, they should do it themselves
No, the Laundry Fairy will take care of it


red ember

Car doors

Hi everyone!
I was watching an old movie and wondering - why old cars had their doors open the other way? And when did they start making cars (car doors) like we know them now?
Does anyone know?

UPD: mystery solved, thank you! :))))
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Chinese New Year

One of my friends from Taiwan (currently studying in the UK) has invited some of us round to his house for Chinese New Year. I'm used to 'first footing' at New Year's Eve and usually take a gift like a calendar. Obviously that's not very practical for Chinese New Year. I have found this website via Wikipedia which says gifts like chocolates, sweets, fruit etc. are good ideas.
I found that info here.

Any suggestions as to what to buy as a present? Anything I should stay away from?
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(no subject)

Boyfriend and I want to go on a vacation-type-thing for our 4-year anniversary in November. We are both poor; he's thinking we can do a week "I dunno, somewhere nice" for $600 each. I think he's on crack.
Suggestions/recommendations for fun vacationy places in the US? He'd like to go tropical, especially since it'd be November and all.

What was your last fun vacation?

(Edit: he says the $600 was only for one option we were looking at. His price range would depend on the options available.)

(no subject)

I have some money right now and my mom wants me to buy a laptop. I already have a desktop but she's thinking I will need one for jobs, when I move away, etc.

Should I buy a laptop now while I have some money even though I already have a desktop I am happy with?

(no subject)


There was a show I used to watch, probably about 5 years ago or so. It was kind of a like a teen jackass, but in a nice way. They'd do stupid, fun things like go carting in mud, dressing up in stupid costumes to play basketball & annoying the neighbours.

It focused on a group of friends, all boys around 16 & was almost always filmed at one of their houses. It was shown on a family style channel because I remember the station watermark, but here in Australia it was shown on MTV I think.

Does anyone know what show I'm talking about? I used to love it & can't remember the damn name!
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(no subject)

I'm taking a class on American Public Discourse for my Rhetoric degree, and the professor has chosen to do his section of the class on Christianity. Anyway, we have to pick a Bible verse and give it as a good public speaker/pastor would. I myself am not a Christian, so I don't want to choose a passage that's super "Jesus Jesus fealty to God". My question, TQC, was if anyone knew of a fairly good passage from the Bible that's not incredibly focused on the religion itself, but more on being a good person? 
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(no subject)

1. If you were to ask a relative to come over and help with your computer woes, and they were there from 5:00pm until almost 10pm, would you offer them anything to eat or drink? It would be rude not to, right?

2. What is the most exciting thing you have planned for tomorrow?


hm, i hate doing this but i need some valentines advice-really do.

i'm not the most externally affectionate person in the world. i need to know how to make my valentine feel more loved...yeah, just little things, big things, anything. ideas other than sex would be greatly appreciated. he's such a nice person, i really don't want to seem standoff-ish when i'm really so grateful to be with him.
i wish this came to me naturally.
edit, just realized there was no question; what do i do for valentines day?

(no subject)

Poppy Montgomery has supposedly lost her Australian accent after being in America for so long, over 10 years. But when she talks I can hear bits of it coming out. Her accent now is just like a jumble of American and Australian. What do you think?
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(no subject)

So, my dad saw my Alessandra Ambrosio rasterbation for the first time tonight, and now I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a great big les. He just shook his head, made a face, and walked out. Later I tried to calm the waters (if you'll recall, my dad is a huge homophobe) and he was like yeah, okay, but I totally don't think he believes me. So, TQCers, I ask you:

he doesn't believe me, does he?

lol no
fuck no
of course he does, like he believes milli vanilli sang live
sure, and he also believes neil patrick harris is your boyfriend
give him some credit, he probably does believe you

Is there any way to shed the whole lesbian vibe I give off? There are plenty of guys that I crush on but I'm obscenely shy and won't approach them, and if they approach me I turn into a bumbling idiot, so that kind of leaves dating off the table, unless you know an equally bumbling, shy qtpie looking to shed the gay guy vibe he gives off by being horrifically awkward, a la moi?

DK/DC, what was your favorite grammy performance tonight?
GaGa and Elton John. Effin' epic.
the decemberists

(no subject)

What kind of person would you define as a "workaholic"? What traits do they and don't they have?

How can I avoid turning into one?

Have you ever come to a point where you think, "OMG, I'm turning into my [insert parent here]!"?

Are you an organized person? How organized?