January 30th, 2010

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Does any one have any bad hair cut stories they can share with me?

=/. I went to a different hair dresser on account of my friend got me this weird package thing for my birthday...
She RUINED my hair.
she 'accidently' took off too much so then decided to make the rest match it.. & oh my god. I'm SO upset =[

I know it's just hair, and this is not a big deal at all but.. I'm really attached to my hair, and it's a complete disaster. It's completely uneven & pretty much unfixable. =[. How can I get it to grow faster?
I <3 TLV

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When was the last time you were embarrassed? What happened?

I just exclaimed in excitement that I had won an auction... only to be told the ending time is PST, not EST, and it still has three hours left =(

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For sociology I have to go against a society norm and write about the effects of it and how people reacted.

What is a norm I should go against? what norms do you go against or wish you could?

The teacher talked about standing in an elevator backwards, or asking people to tie my shoe. :/

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What do you guys do when you're totally enraged and helpless?

I went upstairs to my neighbors' (they were throwing a party and one of their guests took my parking spot, and it's 1 a.m. right now) and the place was packed with wasted asshole frat dudes who took one look at me and started talking about how they always wanted to fuck an "Oriental," and then everyone in the place started chanting ASIAN ASIAN ASIAN.

Which I understand might sound funny or whatever lolol but the mood was so rapey and disgusting I didn't even have anything to say.

Usually I am good with handling being mad but idk who to even talk to right now and I do not want to go back up there since they'll probably beat me up and throw me in the river jesus christ

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It's 1:15 on a friday night.
How long do I wait for my flatmates to shut up before I go and tell them to?
I'm not hugely tired, it's just a pain.
How can I ask in the nicest way and not seem like an annoying red-headed geek to everyone who's here?

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TQC, it is now 1:18 AM which means the lousiest birthday of mine to date has been done for an hour and 18 minutes.

Will you tell me about a bad birthday you've had? Are anyone else's birthdays cursed?

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i dunno if there are many sewers people who sew here, but if there are: how hard is it to attach the bodice of one dress pattern to the skirt of another dress pattern?

dk/dc: what color tights or shirt would you wear with this skirt? i would not necessarily wear it with pink shoes, and if anyone cares, the skirt is made of taffeta. the reason i'm asking is because i ALWAYS put red with white and black and can't seem to get out of that rut.

eta: i should probably include a non-fashiony question, so... what is your favorite shot?

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Videos behind cut
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What's more disturbing?

Unicorn furry weirdo
Deer furry weirdo

Unicorn furry weirdo made me want to ______?

Wish I was a virgin so he would be interested in me (unicorns like dem hymens)
Take him to the glue factory
Ride him bareback and bareass
Grab a hacksaw and recreate the movie Legend except I'd cut off both horns (upper and lower horn)
Become a furry or whatever the hell he is
Turn my back on humanity. Too many bad genes in the gene pool. Time to drain the pool and start over again
Split my sides laughing

Deer furry weirdo made me want to _____?

Comfort him as if he was Bambi and just lost his mother
Go hunting. With a bowie knife
Do a deer mating dance and shag him until PETA separates us with a court order
Have some venison. Carving, again, with a bowie knife
Turn my back on humanity. Too many bad genes in the gene pool. Time to drain the pool and start over again
Split my sides laughing
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Does anyone know where I can buy legitimate CD keys online? Specifically the Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne expansion, which will probably be difficult because it's kind of old, but with a legit key I can just download it off the legit site. I found one place selling keys for $12 but they were out of stock. HALP I want to play tower defense with my fiance :D

Don't know/don't care: What's the last book you read? Did you like it? What was it about? This includes any book: textbooks, terrible romances, something scribbled on 3 sheets of paper folded together, ebooks, whatever.
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What tabs do you have open in your browser? I have Twitter, Hind Ocarinas, a Youtuber's video review of Zelda Ocarinas, TQC, the Wikipedia entry on Spin(physics), and the SouthParkStudios.com player with the episode Chef Aid going. What does this say about me?! D:

What do yours say about you?

What else are you doing right now (as if you weren't multi-tasking enough already)?
I'm reading a book on the history of science and the universe (hence the wiki tab since I ARE CONFUSED), and trying to ignore the beginnings of a cold by drinking. And also wondering if I should bake a potato.


How bored are you TQC? I am very bored. :(

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inspired by an incident at my restaurant tonight...

for those of you who work in an industry where tipping occurs frequently, what do you do when people miscalculate the total amount on a credit card receipt? for instance, if the bill came up to $23.15 and they wrote in a $4.00 tip but for the total wrote $26.15 instead of $27.15, what would you end up charging? would it make a difference if the math error was in your favor? assume that the customer has already left and you have no way of asking them to verify the amount.
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TQC, do you ever feel more productive away from home? I feel like I focus better at school, and I need to catch up on art notes...should I go to campus tomorrow after work?

Pros: not at all crowded, good and quiet.

Cons: school on a Saturday, takes time/gas to get there.

DK/DC: what is your favorite music to relax to?
Solo classical piano compilation from Target
Mabrielle - Still waiting for a yes

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Why do people worship Satan?

EDIT - I didn't mean Satanists, if that makes sense cause I know they don't consider themselves to be worshiping Satan, just being self-serving. It can be connected to worshiping Satan, but to be clear I was not talking about Satanists.
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Is your dog as awesome as mine? Will you tell me the ways in which your dog fits the term "awesome"? What's his/her name? Are they cuddly and make your heart happy when they do something cute/sweet? Will you tell me about it?

Cats and other pets work too, I guess.

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I'm student teaching. On Friday, the teacher was out so a sub and I administered a really easy quiz. I saw a student very clearly look at her hand. I saw it and didn't take my eyes off of her for the rest of the class. She was the last one done because all of the answers were on her hand (I assume). Before she went to raise her hand for me to collect the test, she went to the desk and got hand sanitizer to wash off her answers.

Would you tell the teacher? Is that enough evidence to accuse a student?

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Have you gotten the chicken pox yet?
Do you know anyone who has gotten the chicken pox later in life?
What happened to them?

I feel like im the only person in the world who hasnt gotten chicken pox (age:21). Everyone keeps telling me im going to die!


Could anyone translate this or at least tell me if it has anything do to with the banning of Avatar in China?

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Apparently this delightful and happy poster means something along the lines of
we hate avatar in china

I'm shocked and informed, tnx!

Or not :D Oh well, we shall never know
Sad boy!
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I have been digging around on the internet to find out information on my mom's new boyfriend (of 2 weeks). she thinks he is heaven on earth...me, not so much (50, just divorced from his wife, flirts with a lot of women INCLUDING ME, still wears his wedding ring some times). this is the information i pulled up from the county's public records. what does it mean?? I think it has to do with property, but since my family never owned any I don't understand what is going on:

12/16/1997 DEED OF TRUST
01/29/2007 DEED
01/29/2007 DEED OF TRUST
01/29/2007 DEED
01/29/2007 DEED

If you're not into the drama, here's a poll for you:

You've got one hand in your pocket. What's the other hand doing?

giving a high five
flicking a cigarette
giving a peace sign
playing the piano
hailing a taxicab


windows xp font

I had to reformat my comp and now am stuck with the clear type font on the screen  and it's all blurred. I remember there was someway to fix this but have forgotten how. It's been some years before I had done this last. I had tried changing the appearance back to standard but it's not making any difference and googling it doesn't seem to be giving any solutions! 

Anyone know how I could fix this problem?

edited: the blurriness is more like there's a shadow behind the fonts... the pictures and all are sharp. I remember it was changing some setting somewhere but forget where! Hope this additional piece helps?

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is a contemporary dance piece to a regina spektor song cliche?  does it depend on the song? does it depend on the choreography? or is it just inevitably cliche because it's a regina spektor song being danced to? support your opinion.
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I might have already asked this in here and if so, my apologies.

If your SO of a year and a half was to go travelling for 4-8 weeks, how would you feel? Bearing in mind that you wouldn't be able to go with them.

When I started seeing my boyfriend I told him I was planning on going travelling sometime in the next few years. He has always said from the start that when I go, he would break up with me as he doesn't want to do a long distance relationship, he would miss me and he'd be worried.

Would you say this rational of him? If it was the other way round, I'd miss him like crazy and I would find it really difficult but there's no way I'd break up with him over it.

eta - I'm going to go no matter what he decides to do. If he breaks up with me, so be it.

eta (again) - What are some smart ass responses I can use the next time this comes up in conversation? I tend to wait a few days and then think 'Oh I should have said such & such'
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Edit: Beatrix, not Beatrice apparently

Which was the coolest fight in the Kill Bill movies?

Beatrice vs. the Crazy Eighty Eight Death Squad
Beatrice vs. Gogo Yubari
Beatrice vs. Elle Driver
Beatrice vs. O-Ren Ishii
Beatrice vs. Vernita Green
They all sucked
I haven't seen these movies
I've never even heard of these movies. Do you mean 'Bill and Ted'?

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What's the largest amount of money you have lent someone? Who did you lend the money to? Did they pay you back and how long did it take if they did?

I lent someone $105 once. $100 one time because I think he wanted enough money for groceries or whatever to make it through the month since he got paid once a month and was kinda short. $5 for some coffee a few days later. He paid me back once he got paid that following month.
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you know those super bright chalks restaurants use on their chalkboards to write their menus? what are they called? are they only at specialty art stores or can you find them somewhere like Michaels?


For the gamers of TQC,

My best friend is running out of video games to play. She has a PS2 and an XBox 360, and as far as genres go, she likes RPG and action. She's already played through Devil May Cry 1, 2, and 3, Dragon Origins, Demon Stone, Baulder's Gate 1 and 2, Champions of Norath, Final Fantasy 10, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Saints Row 1 and 2, Vice City, etc etc. You get the gist of the kind of stuff she likes.

What are some games you could suggest she might enjoy as well?

Computer question...

I just got a new laptop, with Windows 7/IE8.

I was just wondering if I could delete the "History" section from the address bar drop-down menu, under the list of websites Ive typed in? Not the actual websites themselves (Im not doing anything dirty :P). Just the whole section under the "History" line.. theres a little blue arrow that I can expand and see more than just 5 recent pages... I hope this makes sense, I tried Googling it but it was mainly just showing me how to delete specific pages Id been to.
*betty draper reading

PC to TV?

Techies of TQC:

If I have a LCD TV with a VGA port, and a (cheap, basic) desktop computer in the same room, that means there's a way to run an extra-long monitor cable from my desktop computer and use the TV as a monitor, right?

And then if I get a wireless mouse and keyboard, I could sit on my couch and use the computer (with the TV as the monitor), right?

Would the video from the computer look shitty on the big TV? Would I need to get like a really good video card or anything like that? What would I have to do to make this work?

Has anyone here done anything like this?

tqc, i need ~~luv advice

so i like this guy. we've been hanging out for a few months and hooked up a couple times. we haven't talked about anything, though, so we're not like "official" or anything.

anyway, i was on the phone with him on the way out of work Thursday to finalize plans for the night. as we were saying goodbye i'm almost positive he said, "Love ya, yeah?". i was just like "lol wut the wut" and already had "bye" on the tip of my tongue so i said that and then texted him, apologizing for the awkward conversation 'cause i hate talking on the bus.

what would should i make of that? is there anything else he could have said? what should i dooo?
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TQC, it was pay day yesterday and I've been all excited about going out tonight. Unfortunately, my friend who I had made plans with just called and said he feels sick and probably won't be able to go. None of my other friends are free or answering their phones.

Should I just put on a hot outfit and go out by my selfsies, hoping to meet some fun people? Or should I stay at home in my trackies like a sad sack?
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family question

My 18 year old cousin is getting married next weekend, none of her family is invited...she's known the guy since October, and they are both in the Marines, stationed in different places.  No one has ever met him, he's 19.  She just sent out a long email about it's my life, blah blah blah, you're my family and you should support me, this family isn't perfect either, etc. etc. 

The email says that she loves us all and hopes to hear from us.  I do not support this wedding at all.  I do want to write back. What do I say?  Something like  "yes, I heard your news, good luck?" 
I kept my mouth shut when my sister married a moron, and I hate to not say anything.. but this is also my cousin, and not my sister. 

ETA:  this is my possible response: does it sound bitchy or horrible? (this will be talked about with my grandmother and then to my mother who will get shit for it if I sound "like a bitch"

I can't say that this isn't a surprise.  It sounds like you know the work that will go into a marriage and you've mad a decision.  I wish you both the best!

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Have you ever been frightened by an intense feeling of nostalgia?

About a year ago I listened to only one album for a few months to see how I felt when I listened to it much later. Now when I listen to any of the songs off of it I get kind of frightened and my stomach knots, but as far as I know nothing bad happened that would cause me to associate the album with bad memories.
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I got a fish eye lens today and I've been playing around with it, but I'm doing something wrong. If I use it without the macro lens, everything I see through the viewfinder is blurry and the camera won't take a picture. If the macro lens is on, everything is focused and the camera will take pictures, but they won't come out with the fish eye effect. What am I doing wrong? I'm using a Nikon D40x.

EDIT: It's taking pics now without the macro lens but I still can't get it to focus.
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TQC we are throwing a farewell party for a classmate tonight. We are going out to a nice restaurant for dinner, then going ice skating, then going clubbing. What the hell should I wear?
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Posted by [LJ2ME (http://www.xfyre.com/sw/lj2me.html)] from my phone.Subtle Simpsons & F

What inside jokes have you noticed in Futurama and the Simpsons?
I recently noticed a very subtle one and I think I'm the first on the entire internet to find it (zomg first!!!!). In the episode of the Simpsons where Bart was accused of killing Side Show Bob, the Italian chef, in court, said that Bart prank called him asking for a delivery to "888 Poopy Pants Lane," but Poopy Pants Lane ends at the "700 block." In Futurama, Farnsworth's clone/son made a prank phone call to his delivery company for a delivery to "Dog Doo 8," but Leela points out that the universe ends at "Dog Doo 7."

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On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "I am a freak who does not eat cheese" and 10 being "I am a sane and rational person who loves cheese", how much do you love cheese?

What is your favourite type of cheese?

What was the most recent type of cheese you ate?

Soft-ripened cheeses: yes, or very yes?
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poll happy

Haven you eaten today?


Drank water today?


Pooped today?


Showered today?




Brushed your teeth?


Changed your clothes?


Spoken to someone irl?


Washed your hands?


Did any chores?

the boys from queens

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Last night i drank too much and today i woke up without a wallet.

Is my life over? What are the chances of me getting it back? I called the bar this morning and they told me to call back at 5:30 and they'll check the safe. This day has gone by soooo slowly because of this :/

Do you have any happy stories about getting things you lost back? Please tell them to me.
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Do you think that showing a clip from The Lion King to a group of seventh graders in Social Studies class would be appropriate? Do you think it might be looked at as being to kiddie? I am going over geographical features of Africa, and the Savanna is one of them. The clip is below.

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I keep getting shocked by static electricity on my video game controller. At least, I think it's static. But when I get shocked, it really hurts (which isn't uncommon even with static), and the TV reacts, too--there seems to be a line that appears on the screen when it happens.

Do you think this is static, or something more dangerous? I don't see any sparks or exposed wiring or anything.
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Hey Tea Cue See,

My mp3 player is been acting spotty lately after many years of loyal service, so I think I need to bite the bullet and get a new mp3 player. Of course I could always do research myself, but where's the fun in that?

So, what kind of mp3 player do you have? Is it really worth shelling out the money for an iPod, or are you just paying for the name? I'm a boring, basic kind of girl who doesn't need or want bells and whistles, just something that will play music, is portable, and can handle being banged around in a purse/bag.
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I got the "Internet Security 2010" virus sometime last week and things haven't been the same. Basically what that is is a fake virus protection software that tells you your computer has 1000 things wrong with it and to use their software. It pops up constantly and blocks you from doing anything. I've used multiple sites trying to get rid of it, searching for files and deleting them, and used McAfee, Malwarebytes, CCleaner, and SuperAntiSpyware. I've uninstalled/reinstalled firefox just incase, but that didn't do anything.

For the most part.. I've gotten rid of everything. There are no more fake virus pop-ups. Except: when I google something, and click on one of the result links, it sends me to a completely random website. Sometimes ill click on a result and it will send me to a youtube video, or a completely random search engine like savecompare.com.

Today..McAfee keeps finding more trojans on my computer. Does anyone have any suggestions for what else I can do??

My boyfriend was just going to reformat my computer today, but the weather has canceled our plans. I need to get rid of this fake internet security virus >:[

lol, dementia

my grandpa called 911 in his sleep because he dreamed he was being kidnapped in the basement of the nursing home where he's living.

what are some funny things that old senile people you know have done?
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Do you have any tattoos? Where?

I want to get one, I'd like to get the numbers "537." It has huge meaning to my dad & I. I'm looking for somewhere on my body where I could see it, and it wouldn't be visible to everybody. But, not on/near my hipbone or anything near my vag. :)

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What is the best free video editing software (PC) that I can download? It doesn't have to do anything fancy, I just need it to cut parts out and stuff. I tried Windows Movie Maker (since it's already on the computer) but it didn't do what I wanted.

Do you burn candles or incense? What's your favorite scent?


Would you go on What Not To Wear (British, American, or local version)?
What do you think Stacy and Clinton (or Trinny and Susannah, or what have you) would make of your personal style?
Do you know anyone who should go on WNTW?

Don't know or care, what caused you to join TQC?
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Have you ever found a hair in your meal while out to eat? 

What about in food that came out of a package? 

What did you do? 

My mom found a hair in part of a piece of chicken that was in her sub at Subway. She told the cashier and they refunded her money and gave her a six inch sub.

I just found a piece of hair in a Chips Ahoy double chocolate chip cookie from in the 100 Calorie packs. :| 
TCEB (Taking Care of Evil Business)

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You wake up one morning after a night of drinking. You must have tied one on pretty good because you have no memory of last night. Not a clue. Which of these particular situations would disturb you the very most after waking up without any memory?

You're in a strange bed. You're fully clothed and everything's intact and accounted for but you have no idea where you are. Looking outside, the street doesn't even look familiar in any way
You wake up completely naked. You're in your own bed and everything you brought with you last night is accounted for. If you have a significant other, you could have sworn they were out of town...
You wake up fully clothed in your own bed...but you can't find your wallet/purse
You wake up in your own bed, fully clothed with your wallet/purse...but on your nightstand you see your cell phone floating in a glass of water
You wake up fully clothed in your own bed with your wallet/purse and cell phone accounted for. However, your right palm is covered with a thick red fluid that resembles blood
You wake up in you own bed fully clothed with everything accounted for. Though, on your nightstand you see a Polaroid photograph of you sitting on a clown's lap. It looks like your bedroom. The clown has a derranged look on his face
I'm most disturbed by the fact that my memory is shot
TK and Kari

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Which of these is true?

I am female and have never pretended to be male over the internet.
I am female and HAVE pretended to be male over the internet.
I am male and have never pretended to be female over the internet.
I am male and HAVE pretended to be female over the internet.
Oh hay thar

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Why would my friend offer to help me paint, then sit on the couch drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes from 9pm-3am when I finally finished, telling me that painting causes her respiratory problems?

What do you think of America's Most Wanted?
Hello Kitty

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Can anyone tell me where I can watch season 2 of Desperate Housewives? Hulu doesn't have it. I found it on cucirca.com, but that place only lets me watch 72 minutes before it cuts me off saying I have to wait an hour or pay to watch unlimited.

dk/dc What's your guilty pleasure?
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I'm lazy.

I went to the hospital without insurance, and I've been put on payment plans. One can be payed online, and that one is all squared away. I called the other separate bill place to be put on a payment plan for that one. They said it was all good, and 2 days later I got a statement that was dated a day or so after I called. I figured it was a mistake and would just pay the partial and call when I had time.

I kind of forgot to call them, so I mailed out the check today. I'll call them when I get a chance to next week, depending on my schedule, but do you think they'll mind if it's a day late? I've been really scatterbrained lately and oops. :(

What's the last thing you put off for too long?
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If your parents were/are married:

Does your dad wear his wedding ring?

What does he do for a living?

I read an article on men who don't wear their wedding rings and the problem that women have with that sort of thing, and I thought it was odd because most of the men I knew when I was a child never wore theirs.  My dad never wears his.  Most of the men I know from that generation either work in steel mills, oil refineries or in construction, so jewelry was never really practical for them.  I never even thought of it much when I got married--my husband picked out the plainest band the jeweler had and now he wears it, but I wouldn't have even blinked if he had declined. He's a college professor, but it still wouldn't have phased me.

ETA: If you are married to a man or would consider marriage to a man: would it bother you if your husband didn't wear his ring?

If you are a male who is married or who would consider getting married: how do you feel about wearing a ring?
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So basically my laptop is spontaneously making loud humming noises that last from anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. What is wrong with it?

It's a Sony Vaio that I got last May. It's been doing this off and on since a few months after I got it. It used to be only after I set it down a bit too hard on a table or something or bumped it into something accidentally. Now it just does it no matter what I do. I try to be very careful with it, but I do carry it everywhere with me most days. But then again...it's a laptop! You're supposed to be able to do that with no serious consequences.

It still works just like always, but the noise is very annoying and quite worrisome. It does other weird things, too, but I won't go into that right now.

What's going on? Did I just get a shitty laptop to begin with?
Blue Ji


Grab a piece of paper, or open up MS paint (or some other drawing program), close your eyes aaaaand draw your best clown.

Will you post your results please???

too lazy: Do you instantly click with people in your classes? OR does it take a long time, or are you always the quiet one no one talks to?

I somehow manage to 'attach' myself to one or two people right off the bat, and instantly become enemies with three or four other people.

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There is a husband and wife. The husband works 40+ hours a week, and the wife works full time as as a teacher. They have a new 5 month old baby.

The husband goes out every Sunday, and leaves the child at how with the wife alone. The husband goes over his friends house all day and watches sports, hangs out and all that stuff.

Do you think this is fair? Please explain your answer.

ETA: I should mention that the mother doesn't really get to go out by herself much. She's either working or at home or over her mothers.
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Poll #1518949 nyc vs disney world

If you had a general interest in both, which place would you prefer to go to as an upcoming vacation?

New York City
Disney World

DK/DC: What is your key:keychain ratio?
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Will you help me pick my junk food dinner?

Poll #1519019 Junk Fooooood

What crap should I eat?

Tuna Noodles
Mac and Cheese
Hot Dog with Ketchup and Pickles
Hot Dog with Velveeta and Salsa
Pizza Rolls
SpaghettiOs with Meatballs
Grilled Cheese and Chicken Noodle Soup
Another suggestion which I will tell you about in the comments

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I'm supposed to see antiflag and aiden tomorrow and i have bronchitis. i feel like shit and my throat is about twice its normal size. I refuse to miss this show, and im trying to keep in positive spirits so i am not miserable while im there.. can you post a pic of something hilarious or super cute to keep me cheery?

dgaf? whats the last concert/show that you attended?
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I believe it was here that I got a hold of a website that had a lot of glasses for sale - really cute glasses for great prices. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If not,  - Awesome - Zenni Optical

Do you shop for your eye glasses online?

Do you like Wanda Sykes?

What is the last movie you went to see in Theaters?
What is the next movie you want to see and why?
housewares, ash

Forgive me, this has probably been asked before.

What kind of luck have you had with remaining friends with an ex-SO?

Did it work better if you had been with them for a long period of time, or a short period?

Did you remain completely platonic, or FWB-status?


Does the status of your post-relationship friendship change if your SO didn't do anything harmful, but you just kind of...stopped being in love with them?