January 29th, 2010

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are you not sure what haircut/hairstyle works best with your face shape? do you want some suggestions to take to your hairdresser next time?

POST A PICTURE, and i'll try my best to help.

rawtoast last customer served. UNTIL NEXT TIME!
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would you ever get a picture of your parent's (or whatever living loved one of your choice) eyes on your back? assume you are female.

guys, would this be a turn off to look into the eyes of the father of the girl who you are making sexy times with from behind?
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what would be a good name for a small, independent bookstore?

i'm really excited about the prospect of opening one up, it's my dream to open a children's bookstore. i'm thinking of naming mine "matilda" after the roald dahl character... idk if that's stupid though.

should i run this idea by my mother and have us open one together? or shall i wait until i'm out of uni and open one by myself once i've got a steady income?

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Do you ever get an idea in your head, and you get a feeling that you just have to do it right away? (To the point where you almost act impulsively).

I want to get my hair cut so badly, but I cannot afford it, so I'm seriously considering chopping it off myself!

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Today while I was out grocery shopping, my little brother called me in hysterics saying his favorite horse died. The barn owner had called him - do not even get me started on how pissed I am that she called HIM before calling me or my aunt so that we could break the news to him at an appropriate time - and told him about it. This all happened about 8 minutes before he had to go to school. I told him he could stay home today, but since he already stayed home one day this week because he was sick, he decided to go.

What can I do to cheer him up when I pick him up today, TQC?

BTW - pic of him and the (alive) horse behind the cut:

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Which celebrity do you wish you looked like?

Is there a celebrity people say looks like you?

Is there a celebrity you think you look like? A combination of two or three celebrities?

I wish I looked like Emmy Rossum. People say I look like Sarah Brightman.
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What kind of day are you having/did you have?

What was the last thing to piss you off?

I was having a shitty morning, but then I had a meeting to go over putting information in our company newsletter about a friend setting up a scholarship fund in his friend's name who was just killed by a drunk driver. In order for it to go in the newsletter, I have to be highlighted as to why I'm doing it and why I want my company to be involved.

The last thing to piss me off though was my boss was being an ass about not letting me have an afternoon off in a couple weeks. I was honest when he asked why and I said I was getting my hair done (which I haven't in at least a year) but he couldn't give me a reason why he was saying no.

And now my throat is hurting again because I smoked the rest of that joint that gave me a sore throat the last time. WTF. In between sore throats, I smoked a different kind, and I was fine. :(

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As I was moving in, my neighbor stole one of my abercrombie bags that had about $500 worth of stuff. Now that I think about the situation, I am 100% it was her.I don't know her name, but I know her car.What do I do?

Inspired by a prior tipping post

 1. Who do you tip? Waitresses, hairdressers, pizza delivery people, helpful store clerks, tow-truck drivers... anyone else?

2. What amount do you tip? A certain percentage of the meal/service, or a flat couple dollars for other people? (I know as a pizza delivery girl I rarely received a "percentage" of the ticket... The standard tip was $2 whether their bill was $20 or $120)

3. Do you ALWAYS tip 15-20%, regardless of the cost of the meal, the type of establishment (Quickie tex-mex place vs. upscale restaurant), and the quality of the service? What if the service was bad?

4. What do you consider good or bad service?

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What song would you like William Shatner to do a spoken word version of? (Like he does Rocket Man and The Real Slim Shady)

Avril Lavigne's Sk8r Boi

When you have instant noodles, do you break the noodle cake up before putting it in the water, or just leave it as a big brick of noodles?

Sorry, tmi

What am I doing wrong with shaving my pubes? (I have female genitalia)

I've only tried a couple of times, but whenever I do I can never get it particularly smooth, and about an hour after I try I get an itchy, uncomfortable rash which goes away after about a day. But then I get dozens of painful, unsightly ingrown hairs that last for at least a month. And it itches like crazy.

I don't have these problems when I've shaved my legs or armpits, I always use a fresh, clean razor on my pubes and I've tried switching up the shaving cream, in case I'm allergic. This really has me a bit stymied. Any advice?

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I won something off of ebay (1-25). I messaged the seller to ask if they could hold the item for 3 days (the said they would relist it after 48 hours) because my money hadnt transferred into paypal yet. I got the money together and sent out payment (1-26). Ebay tells me it has been payed for but not shipped and the seller has not responded to my message. i'm probably overreacting but i'm paranoid about ebay.

how long would you wait to message the seller? what would you say?
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Have you ever lived in an apartment where either you or your roommate wanted to pay for internet and the other didn't? What did you do? Once the household is paying for it, everyone would be using it, so it doesn't seem fair for one person to be paying. On the other hand, it seems unfair for someone to have to pay for something they don't want.


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Hey guys, can you recommend a nice, sentimental passage/poem/quote?

I am working with my rabbi to create a wedding ceremony. I'm partial to "I carry your heart" by E E Cummings and the passage from Ruth, "Wherever you go, I shall go, your people shall be my people," etc especially because I converted, but I feel that both are overused.

If you are not a quote-y type person, will you recommend a wine, please? I prefer white over red, I think, because red always gives me a headache and I am afraid of staining things.

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let's say you know someone that has a four bedroom house. one bedroom is the parents' room, one is the mother's art studio, one is the guest room, and the last room is shared between the three daughters (between the ages of 8 and 12). does this seem fair?

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I am a UK size 14 and I want to sew this dress but I don't know whether I should sew according to US size 12 or 14. I tried this pattern in US size 14 and it was too large. Because they are from different sewing companies, I'm wondering whether they'll be different?

Any sewing TQC-ers, please help me? I wanna go out and buy fabric later :D

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If i get the Iphone 8GB vs the 16GB what will i be limited too? Will it be a use difference on how many apps i can put on? Will i only be able to put like 10 songs on? plz and thanks!
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1. My boyfriend is sick so I figured I'd be nice and pick up food from Carrabba's for us for dinner tonight. I want it to be a surprise. What should I get him? He doesn't like pasta. EDIT I'm not going anywhere else. The weather is shitty and this is close. Besides, they have chicken, steak and pizza too.

2. I'm going to get a pinata for my party next week. I'm going to put mini liquor bottles, condoms and lube inside. What else should I put inside?

3. What are your favorite party games?

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I just filed my taxes. Do you think I'll get my monies before the typical 8-15 business days?

How's the weather where you are? We're supposed to get snow this evening (although yesterday they said we were going to get it last night).

I actually have to get milk. I'm going to get mobbed at the grocery store, y/y?

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If you found out that one of your good friends had a history of and was currently physically and emotionally abusing their SO, would you still hang out with this person/be friends with this person?

If your SO was good friends with someone who had a history of physically/emotionally abusing their girlfriends (and engaged in this behavior while they were friends), and was bothered by it but never said anything to him about it or didn't want to see him any less, how would that make you feel? Would it change your opinion of your SO? If it bothered you, would you say something to your SO about it? What, if anything, would you want them to do about it?
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I'm pretty sure I didn't make more than $2,400 in UI benefits for the 5 months I was on it in 2009 (UI benefits for 2009 under $2,400 are non-taxable).

Should I wait to see if I get a 1099-G that should be filed anyway, or is it probably alright to go ahead and finish filing my taxes instead of waiting? Especially since I'm not sure they even send a 1099-G if you didn't make it over the non-taxable amount
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I'm going to bake brownies today and I plan to line the pan with aluminum foil for easy clean-up. TQC, am I going to get Alzheimer's and die?!

Will you share some common misconceptions your parents have tried to pass on to you?
Have they ever scared you out of doing something with their lies?

I think I'll be making a cake or cupcakes later too. I'm using a box mix for yellow cake. Do you have any frosting suggestions? (I will at least be making that from scratch!)

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So today I did something I've stupidly never done before: formally budgetted myself. I can't work (I'm in a demanding program at school) so I have to make what money I have left go a long way. After all my living expenses, and some upcoming expenses that I know about, I've figured out that I have $225 a month to spend on things.

EDIT: By living expenses, I mean pretty much everything I pay for regularily. Rent, utilities, cable and internet, food, phone bill. I live downtown so I almost never need transportation money (I've taken the bus maybe 10 times total in 6 months). I have no insurance to pay for. And when I say spending money, I mean unforseen things that may crop up, and "fun" money.

Because I've never actually given myself an exact figure for "you can spend x amount per month" I have no idea how much that is, in terms of spending money. So I'm looking for your personal opinions. I understand that everyone is different and depending on your situation and yadda yadda yadda, but I just want your opinion.

Poll #1518348 SPENDING MONEY

My spending money is $225 a month. Is that alot?

Even for a poor indebted student, that's peanuts. Increase your cashflow someway, somehow
You'll have to cutback on things, but it can be done
If you watch your money you can live very comfortably off that
You kidding? That's plenty!
Something else that I'll comment about.
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Hay TQC,

I'm having a wisdom tooth yanked Monday morning. I've been told that I need to eat soft, cool foods that day (and maybe the next, depending on how brave I am).

What do you suggest? And would baby food be something to consider?

Obligatory bonus question: How's the weather? It's been snowing here off and on (mostly on) for almost 24 hours.

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I'm a transfer student and finally am able to apply for scholarships. I pick up the packet today and there's a portion where I'm supposed to list honors, awards, memberships, community service, etc... Problem is, all my awards and honors and such are at my previous university. I'm also a sophomore in college, but my only community service is 9 months of working in the ER as a senior in high school.

Should I go ahead and list these things anyway? I haven't been at this university long enough to really establish much of anything.

I know that I need to establish financial need for a lot of these things, which I am going to do in my personal statement. But do you think it'd be overkill to include my resume, since it shows how many jobs I've held and such?

DK/DC: Can you tell me what color undies you're wearing without looking?
Paradigm Shift

Hark? What's that sound? I believe it's the Sound of Music

Which of these are among your favorite things?

Raindrops on roses
Whiskers on kittens (you're sort of take it or leave it about the kitten)
Bright copper kettles
Warm wollen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
Cream colored ponies
Crips apple streudels
Schnitzel with noodles
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs

What sucks more?

Dog bites
Bee strings
Feeling sad

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Can you give me some motivation tips for cleaning? Like how do you just GET UP AND DO IT? Is there specific music that you find is particularly helpful to listen to while cleaning?

inspired by me coming into my bedroom and sitting at my computer for 15 minutes instead of cleaning, which is what I came in here to do, because I just look at the mess and go O_O
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So, I saw the Hangover a while ago and my dad wants to watch it tonight ondemand.

How inappropriate is it to watch with your dad? I forgot any really bad parts and the only scene that (I remember) would make me uncomfortable is the scene where the naked guy jumps out of the trunk of the car and you see his pubic hair.

What is the most uncomfortable movie you've seen with a parent?

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If the person who's hurt you the most called you and asked for help, would you help them?
I'm talking like...3:00AM need to be brought to the hospital, or need you to drive a few hours to get to them or something.

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There was a post to one of the snark comms about this couple who had a quote tattooed on them both, thinking it meant... pretty much the opposite of what it means.

Do you have any funny stories about tats with words?


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Will you tell me about a time when somebody was trying to be helpful, but came across as condescending?

Was it embarrassing for you?

Are you still kind of pissed about it?

Dk/dc: can you talk about your first kiss?


So, I've been watching Buffy on LOGO lately.

Is it just me, or does this station seem to be run by crab people?

Maybe I'm just tuning in at the wrong times, but all the adverts for shows seem to revolve around a theme of "WE'RE GAY, ISN'T THAT SILLY?" :/ Then again, it's probably no more degrading than any other "WOO LOOK WE'RE A TV STATION FOR MINORITIES, COME SEE WHAT MINORITIES LIKE" channel.

Or am I just getting the wrong impression?
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Say you were served a pizza topped with sauce, cheese, corn, and hotdogs. Which topping would you find the most offensive?

I just hate pizza in general, so all of them.
I would not find any of those offensive. It sounds delicious!
I <3 TLV


My mum bought me mushroomies! Idk what kind they are, the package just says "whole mushrooms". They're small and white. How should I eat them?? I was thinking of cutting them into slices and sauteing them to eat on a veggie burger but I don't have buns... Any other ideas?
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I'm at work. My boss said that I could leave at 5:15 today instead of the usual 5:30. It's 17 degrees outside with winds anywhere between 19mph and 34mph. If I leave at 5:15, I have to walk about 1/4th of a mile to the train station. If I leave at 5:38, I can take a shuttle bus to the train station. I'm really, really bored. Should I walk or wait? What would you do? My gloves and hat suck by the way. I don't know if that changes anything.

ETA: I'm going to wait. Thank you everybody!
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Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, you'll go down in history!

(Like Columbus!)
(Like George Washington!)
WTF are you talking about?
Other (in comments)

What should I eat for dinner?

Microwave soup
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I have a couple professors with accents I can't place. Professor A says "idear" and a couple of other things I can't place a finger on that sound strange. Professor B says "warsh," so "we have to warsh these dishes in the dishwarsher."

What accents do you know of that have these pronunciations?

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i'm trying to figure out if this isp will provide me with significantly faster internet.

i'm looking at a new isp and they tell me download is 10Mbps, upload 1Mbps.

according to speedtest.net my dl is 2.8Mbps and upload is .26Mbps and my ping is 91ms

do you think it would be a lot faster or no? do you think it'd be worth another ~$30 a month?
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I have ADD and OCD. All meds that I've taken for ADD make my OCD unbearable. Off ADD medication, my OCD really isn't anything particularly awful. However, I need to take ADD medicine. I can't properly function without it, I may as well not have a brain.
ADD meds I've taken: Adderall, Strattera, Adderall XR (same thing..?), and I'm not interested in Ritalin. I think I've also taken soemthing else since I was diagnosed in 1996...anyways...

Do you know of anything that could be used for both? How is Paxil with ADD? Do you know? Google doesn't say much.

What medications are you on? For what?

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Is it a crazy idea to go to Coachella on my own? I'm an australian exchange student in the Bay Area atm, and I really want to go but I don't know anyone else who wants to go... Has anyone had experience using the Coachella message boards to hook up with a carpool/camping buddies? How did that work out for you?
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If you were to give up eating meat (or if you already have), what meat or meat-related product would you miss the most?

I'm testing the waters with vegetarianism at the moment and although I'm doing pretty well, I'm really going to miss the fried pork dumplings at my favourite Chinese restaurant. Om nom. What am I going to have in them now, spinach?


For this question's sake, let's leave your preference regarding diamonds aside.
Would you ever feel comfortable wearing a tension set diamond?

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Have you ever worn a bunch of rings all up your fingers, a la Phoebe Buffay?

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TQC, the way my class schedule is set up this semester prevents me from eating a proper lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays, unfortunately. I was thinking of making a sandwich before class to take with me, but I don't know what kind of sandwich to make. I'm tired of the simple lunch meat and cheese or peanut butter and jelly. Do you have any ideas? It has to hold up for at least an hour, three at most, and nothing can be cooked unless it's microwaved, as I don't have access to anything else in my dorm.

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Has anybody used the site Rasterbator? What did you make?

I just got a new printer after having been without one for years and I was looking forwarad to using rasterbator. And then I thought just how much it's gonna eat my ink.
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Have you ever had a dream that came true or was eerily similar to something that happened later in real life?

I had a dream about a week ago that I was close with an acquaintance of mine. Today, she sent me a message on facebook about how we should hang out. We've never been close and we haven't seen each other since November. Before that it had been a few years. I've probably only met her a handful of times. It's kind of random that she sent me a message and I had that dream around the same time. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? ARE WE MEANT TO BE BFFs?

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A few days back I saw a sheriff's car pull behind me into my apartment complex but pulled into a different building's lot. Three days ago my fiance noticed there was a police car traversing the complex. Last night there was a firetruck that slowly pulled through here, and in front of our building. Tonight an ambulance has driven by twice. Nobody ever gets out. This is not really a shady area or anything.

WTF is going on, TQC?