January 28th, 2010

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I was using TurboTax's free edition and I paid $28 for it to prepare my state taxes, but when I went back to complete filing it had eaten all my info (W2s, etc.). Have you ever had experience trying to get a REFUND from these fuckers? Do you find TurboTax generally works well for you?

How much junk do you like in your ice cream? I'm eating "Karamel Sutra" and I do not know how I feel about all these pieces of STUFF in my sweets :|

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Do you watch Californication?
Do you love Hank Moody?

I've just recently been introduced to this show. I've just finished the first season, and cannot wait to buy the 2nd season on DVD. I love it. Does it get even better or am I setting myself up to be disappointed? Perhaps I should just stop with the lovely season one finale?

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Should I be worried?

For the longest time I used to go to bed at around eight PM but not fall asleep until about four AM and then have to wake up at six for school. Even if I did fall asleep, I would have trouble staying asleep.

Now, however, I am ALWAYS tired. I come home (2:30) and go straight to bed and don't wake up until the next morning, and that is with a lot of difficulty. My parents try to come in and wake me with no luck - it's like I'm comatose or something. And even if I do sleep for seventeen or more hours, I'm still falling asleep during school frequently.

This is having a big effect on my schoolwork.

So TQC, should I get it checked out?
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this is kinda for homework

TQC, I'm doing a short answer thing on blackboard about a research study that says children who were exposed to more adult-targeted TV and movies are more likely to become sexually active at a younger age. In discussing the confounding variables, I say that the method of determining adult-targeted programming/movie is a little wack...they look at the title and then decide whether or not it was adult-targeted. I'm trying to think of hard evidence to this, but I'm having a rough time.

What are some TV programs/movies that sound okay for kids, but truly aren't?

If I used "Family Guy" as an example, do you think it would make sense? It sounds like a program about a family-oriented guy...but definitely has adult-targeted content in it.

Is this question too homework-y to be answered?

DK/DC: What kind of calendar do you have?
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did your parents ever apologise to you for anything? what was it for?

my mum never apologised to me for anything, not for hurting my feelings or for being wrong or anything like that. she doesn't even say sorry out of courtesy...she only says it on accident, when she doesn't realise she's saying it to me.

what is the best chocolate bar? i think kit kats are pretty rad and timeless. i am craving a crunchie right now though.

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Based on the market research I once did..
Its a given that many children have to be vaccinated before starting elementary school. These vaccines protect against Rubella, Whooping cough, measles, mumps, lockjaw, etc

do you know anyone who has ever got the diseases? and is this vaccine really neccasary?
Also what vaccines have you recieved? ever have any odd side effects?
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What do you do to motivate yourself during cardio?  

I am always really good at pushing myself, but my boyfriend and I bought www.cardiocoach.com/, and I used it yesterday, and I thought I was going to die during the workout....and I feel AMAZING today.  It is, so far, the greatest purchase of the year.
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I have the day off, so this is weird...

Why is TQC so slow this time of day?
What are some fun things to do on the Internet that I may not be aware of?
What are your favorite communities on LJ?
I want junk food but only have $1.25. I live next door to a Family Dollar. What should I get?

Will you post a picture of the person you have a crush on? This can be an IRL crush, celebrity crush, or SO.

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My ex writes to me pretty frequently. Out of politeness, I write back short little messages that don't really call for a response on his part. But then he writes things like: "So I feel like when we catch up it's always superficial. We give broad-stroke updates (location, work, etc.), which I find particularly sad given that we were once so close."

My boyfriend found out I spoke to my ex frequently, and was hurt by it, because the conversations I had with my ex were long life-updates. I myself would be hurt if I found out my bf was also talking to his exes at length on a frequent basis, so I wanted to respect his wishes by keeping conversations between my ex and I to a minimum. My ex is making it difficult, however.

1. How often do you talk to your ex(es), if ever?
2. Do you think it's inappropriate to speak to your ex(es) frequently (as in a few times a month), especially if you have a significant other?

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1. What is your current career/career path (for those still in school)?

I'm a staff-level engineer at an environmental company. I've been here for just over 6 months.

2. What are your top 3 interests/passions? (things you can't get enough of- doing, reading/talking/thinking about, etc.)

Right now, running/fitness, cooking/baking, and medicine/health

3. What is your biggest current first-world issue?

I have a wonderful husband and marriage, we both have pretty well paying jobs that provide for us, and we have a lot of personal goals that motivate us, but we are both struggling with what we want to do with our lives in a professional sense. We both have mediocre job satisfaction and are considering furthering our education or completely changing careers in attempt to do something that's a little more fulfilling...

4. Have any of you completely changed career paths? Specifically from a higher paying, less fulfilling job to a lower paying job in something that you are passionate about?

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 What should I give my five year old brother for his birthday?

-He lives in another state so I will have to mail it or order it off the internet and have it shipped to him
-My parents just filed bankruptcy so they don't really have any money to spend on him... my sister said she's sending $20 to help pay for his birthday party, should I do that too? Or get him a gift? Or do something else?

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I want to dye an old dress from the seventies. I'm not sure what type of fabric it is, and I'm wanting to die it a lighter color (it's a bright blue now, and I want to go to yellow).

What type of dye should I use and how should I go about lightening it? Can I bleach it and then just use RIT?
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When was the last time your work did something really stupid and made you tear your hair out?

The Auditor's office just sent us an updated document that goes into effect Monday, therefore making our lives a living hell. We have to change all of our programs documents to reflect the change and get them on our website, then all the forms that come in past Monday with our agreements we have out already have to be sent out again to be resubmitted with the corrections. *headdesk*

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1.) Is it silly that I'm too embarrassed to sing along loudly to my music? I live in an apartment and am very afraid someone will hear me, lol; ESPECIALLY when I have my headphones on.

2.) What did you eat last? I had a turkey, avocado, tomato and sprout sandwich on wheat from a local sandwich shop. Yum!

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1)What are you struggling with today?

Must figure out why to explain functions to 7th graders... *uuurgh*

2)Do changing temperatures make you feel sick?

oh yeah!

3)My cousin's kid has walking pneumonia. What should I know about this? Can I do anything to help?

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I'm making garlic soup for dinner tonight, which I've never tried before. What should I do for a garnish? I'm thinking crumbled bacon and slices green onions (AKA scallions/spring onions,) perhaps? 

ETA: the recipe for thems that wants it.

TQC, validate me plz. (Or invalidate me. That works too.)

My friend passed away suddenly and I found out last night. I chose not to go into work today because a)I didn't sleep a whole lot, and b)like I'm going to be able to focus on work when someone I was once close with died. I both emailed and called my boss and informed him of this. A little while ago I put in my facebook status something about how I'm gonna play Mario Bros for the next 7 hours unless someone can find a better way to distract me. My dad sent me a message that said, "T - Suggest you delete the "playing mario bros" from your status since you didn't go to work - not cool. Concerned - the dad"

Is my dad being a douche? I think he is. Excuse me if this is how I choose to deal with things. I understand where he's coming from but I already told him that my boss knows I'm not at work and why.

Unfortunately one of my ways with dealing with this is going to be to talk about it a lot... I'm still in the denial stage where I feel like I have to keep saying it and then maybe I'll believe it eventually. So sorry if you have to hear me mention this a million times.

Oh, btw, I already gave up on the Mario Bros, haha. Fucking level 4-4.


ETA: You guys are right, thanks :)

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Edit: In #1, it's Twilight fans
In #4: It's an outreach program to give those who don't have much longer to live a nice day at the beach

I'm really tired

Poll #1517911 Playing God

There's 3 vehicles dangling over a large chasm and you can only save one. The other two are doomed. Which vehicle do you save?

Bus of 33 furries in full furry suits on their way to a convention
Stretch limo full of 15 teenage die-hard Twilight on their way to a Kristen Stewart appearance. And the driver
SUV containing 5 Afghanstan war vets on their way to a rehabilitation clinic. And the driver

Same scenario as above. Which vehicle will you save?

Bus full of 42 people from the 'Girls Gone Wild' production company. 4 camera crew and 38 big-chested, scantily clad girls. Everybody's drunk
Shuttle full of 22 senior citizens on their way to an Indian casino. And the driver
Small truck holding 8 children. They're all burn victims. And the driver

Same scenario as above. Which vehicle will you save?

Bus of 45 Westboro Baptist Christians on their way to protest a funeral
Bus of 45 prisoners, guilty of a variety of legal infractions. Plus one driver
Motorcycle driven by an Obama impersonator

Same scenario as above. Which vehicle will you save?

Vetinary transportation truck holding 23 dogs in cages. Plus one driver
Roman Polanski, his legal defense (3 lawyers), his publicist. One driver
Bus of 30 people dying of AIDS and one driver. It's an outreach program to give those who don't have much longer to live enjoy a day at the beach
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for those who are living/have lived in an apartment:

i just gave my notice that i will be moving out at the end of february, and left it in the drop-box. today (i'm at my prents right now) they called to tell me that they'll be doing a walk-through of my apartment in 3 minutes. i still have over a month left and i'm feeling a little violated.
is this normal procedure?
i mean... there's some dirty dishes in the sink and dirty laundry in the laundry room. can they really call me THREE MINUTES before and tell me they'll be taking a stranger through my apartment?

what's the last thing that pissed you off?

ETA: i found this

Right of Entry

In general, with tenant consent, a landlord has a right of entry to inspect the premises; make repairs; supply necessary or agreed services; or show the property to potential tenants, purchasers or contractors. Entry is limited to reasonable times, and two days' notice of intent to enter is required. A landlord may enter the premises without the tenant's consent if an emergency or abandonment occurs, or if the landlord obtains a court order. A landlord may not abuse his or her right of access to the premises to harass a tenant.


though i did sign a paper saying i'll be moving out and i acknowledge that they will be showing my apartment to people, do they still need to give me two days notice?

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behind the cut is a picture of my new puppy: Collapse )

she's 3-4 months old and my family and i adopted her from a shelter about a week ago. she currently weighs about 15 or 16 lbs and is expected to be a large dog. the shelter said she was a mutt and thought that maybe she might have some gordon setter or some rottweiler in her. what do you guys think? any ideas of what she might be? the colors in the photo are a little off, but her coat is black with brown markings.

i'm obviously very curious and want to know what she is. i looked at those kits where you take your dog's DNA, send it into a lab, and they tell you what breeds he/she is mixed with, but most of them have gotten mixed reviews. have you ever tried one? how'd it turn out?

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Do you prefer to study in groups or alone?
Do you prefer to work in teams or solo?

If this doesn't apply to you, who would you trade places with, if possible?
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 I'm pretty clueless when it comes to different kinds of breads.  I was at the grocery store yesterday, and I saw freshly baked pumpernickel bread, as well as rye bread.  Are these as healthy as whole wheat?  

if you dk/dc:
What are you doing this weekend?

spring things

Hello TQC! I'm attempting to write a lovely poem about spring and I need ideas about the changing of the seasons, the feelings associated with it and so on. So my question is what does spring make you think about?

My answers, spring cleaning, exposed toes,april showers, budding trees and flowers, allergies... ect.


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Do you have any little funny signs around your house? Or sayings on post-its at your desk? What do they say?

edit: or even cheesy ones like "life is not about the number of breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away"

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What is your favourite photo from a band photoshoot? Show me, I like pictures.

Do you like it when the band members are doing something random/funny, or when they are posed and serious?
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1. So, this may be the wrong place to ask this, but whatever- I had surgery (on/in my nose and sinuses) about 2.5 weeks ago. I feel fine, things are just tender to the touch. Can I go to the gym and work out? Why/why not?

2. If you don't know or care, what do you know or care about?

Freaking out a bit.

I’ve been researching, but can’t find exact answers. My ex-boyfriend and I have been separated since July 2008 and we’ve never been to court. Long story as to why. Can he claim our mutual child on his taxes? I’m depending on that money to pay my parents back and to pay bills while on maternity leave. He has not even seen her since January or February of 2009 and has never paid any child support. I know I can talk to a tax professional, but I was hoping to not have to go that route and could save that $100+ to have someone to talk to about it. Thanks in advance.

ETA: Of course, the day I get my remaining w-2 is the day I freak out! I can't wait to get home! Thank you everyone!!! :D

ETA Again: Taxes are filed. :)
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is there anything that gets you so aggravated that you'll get completely out of your character to defend?
will you tell me about it?



ETA: lol you guys aren't telling me your stories dammit, this wasn't a validation post. i want to hear stories!
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About how many calories a day do people burn, without deliberate exercise? (Maybe your job requires walking around/being on your feet all day)

I have a high protein -low carb diet, exercise daily and take vitamins, why the shit won't my hair grow?
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I have a job interview on Monday for a part-time, continuous nanny position. I've never interviewed for one before, so I have no idea what to wear.

Since I'll potentially be working with kids, should I make it semi-casual (no jeans, obvs)? Or should I be somewhat formal and wear trousers?
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1.)  When was the last time you did something stupid?  What happened?

2.)  When was the last time you and your S.O. got into a fight?  What happened?

So, I took my Doberman to the dog park today.  He was romping with two Great Danes, minding his own business, when another dog attacked him.  I wasn't really thinking straight, the dog was going for Tiny's throat, and I wanted to get the beast off of him.   So I grabbed Tiny by the collar and lifted him bodily out of the fight, used my foot to shove the other dog away, and put myself in between the two of them.

In retrospect, I realize that booting an angry pit bull in the chest and putting myself between it and its intended target was probably not the smartest thing I've ever done.  But like I said, I wasn't really thinking.  Tiny is scratched up, I've got a few bruises, and my shoulder hurts like a bitch from lifting 100 lbs. of flailing Doberman with my off arm, but otherwise we're perfectly fine. 

However, my husband is furious that I put myself in that position.  And what sucks even more is that I can't even fault him for it, because I did do something incredibly stupid.  I'm sure he'll get over it, but I hope that happens sooner rather than later.  I hate it when he's upset.  
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If you were stinkin' rich, what's some bizarre shit you'd decorate your house with?

I will have a giant bathtub that takes up a room. Like in movies about royalty in Ancient Rome. And one of those step-on pianos that you dance across with your feet.
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I'm currently taking 20 mg fluoxetine, 100 mg topiramate, and 900 mg lithium. I was taking 150 mg topiramate until about three days ago when I ran out, couldn't get a refill, had to call the doctor, and was informed that I had been taking too much for about a month because he'd lowered it to 100 in his system when we talked last (I do not remember this) but had never written a script for that (or apparently told me :D and seriously, I have had quite a few issues with this doctor). In calling the pharmacy, it was all sorts of messed up, saying I only was on it once a day instead of twice a day, and it was at 150 mg, and the fluoxetine was all messed up as well because of the scripts he wrote. Thankfully, we fixed it.

Since I started taking 100 mg instead of 150, I have been incredibly depressed. Is this a possible effect because of the lowering in medication? 
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Are there any skills you want to learn or items you want to buy solely because they might come in handy in a post-apocalyptic world?

Which would you rather have as a form of federal government, a Cheerocracy or a Cheertatorship?

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If you could spend one more day with a person who is deceased, who would you pick and what would you do? This stems from my dream last night where my dad came back for a day and we threw him a birthday party, it was amazing.

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Do you exercise? By this I mean do you purposely set time aside on a regular basis to either jog or work out, not just "I walk 17 blocks to work/school, so that's exercise"

If you do exercise, do you have a gym membership? Do you exercise at home? Do you have exercise equipment at home?

Do you attend any type of exercise "classes"?

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1) on a scale of one to ten, how awful is it of me to get drunk before my GSA* meeting?

2) If I do, should I drink wine or rum?

3) What's the worst book you've ever read?

Mine would be between the Twilight series and a Christian romance novel about an Amish girl that liked to paint.

*Gay-Straight Alliance
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What's the name of that annoying song where copacetic is an important lyric? I think it came out in the late 90s? The lead singer is male. I'm having a lot of problems finding out the title and who sang it. It's driving me nuts.

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I'm a junior in high school, and I'm thinking about majoring in Biology.

Should I take AP Calc next year? :/ I don't know if it will be worth my time or effort when I can just take it in college. What do you think?

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1) Let's jump into hypothetical world for a moment and pretend that you are packing books in boxes. For this question, efficiency of space is no concern (you have an infinite box at the moment).

When stacking the books, what is the best way to stack them to insure no harm comes to them/the maintain good condition? I know that's weird but I've been told that certain stacking methods are harmful to the spines or degrading in other ways so I'd appreciate it if anyone knew.

2) If you play video games, do you use walkthroughs and faqs? If you don't, how do you feel about gamers that do?
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Who is the black guy in the Capital One commercials? I can't seem to google this appropriately.

Have you ever been in a commercial?

I just found that one or both of my parents are still claiming me as dependent even though I've worked and been independent (I'm 19) for some time. What does this mean when I file my income taxes? Will I not get a return? I could really use that money right now.
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My Medicaid will be invalid as of Monday because I make too much money (which is BULLSHIT, but whatever). I'm on the NuvaRing right now, and it will cost me roughly $65 per month uninsured. I am on it because the pill (which I COULD get for free) wasn't working out for me, kinda making my thyroid/PCOS problems worse. ANYWAY, long story short - if you were me, what would you do about that? I am considering asking my boyfriend to split the bill with me - is this completely reasonable to ask? I absolutely refuse to get an IUD because 1) it freaks me out to even think about and 2) I don't find it suitable for my needs. Also, I love the NuvaRing and it has been PERFECT for me.

What was the last thing to make you cry?
Being overwhelmed because I have so many upcoming doctor's appointments I can't pay for now! :(

What are you craving?
Wine. Lots and lots of wine. I wish I got paid today and not tomorrow. Boo.
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If the ending of a movie has been spoiled for you, do you still watch it?

ETA: When you take a poo, are you afraid you haven't wiped enough? Like those times when you wipe and wipe and you finally get a clean wipe but you're still afraid it's not enough and you worry about how you smell? Or is it just me?
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So, what are you listening to these days?

Personally, I'm really into The Swans, The Cult, Die Kreuzen (best blind record buy, ever), and Simple Minds. And I sort of just came off a giant Talking Heads kick.

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Will you share with me your travelling experiences?

I posted a few days ago about contiki tours & got some BLAH reviews, mostly pertaining to how you never get to see the sights and everything is jammed into a small time frame...
Someone posted about efcollegetours & said it was MUCH better, so have any of you ever done a tour with this company? What makes it so great?

Would I be better of just going by myself without a tour? I'll be alone so I thought a tour group would be useful.. but I feel that in this group everyone would probably already know other people so would that make it awkward?

literary perspective

1) Are there any books/authors you read when you were in high school (or earlier) that you hated at the time but you later read them as an adult and like them now?

2) Have you heard of or read any of these authors:
Cory Doctorow
John Scalzi
David Brin
Jane Yolen
Geoffrey Landis
Rudy Rucker

Julie Andrews wish list

What could you really use right now?

Doe - a deer, a female deer (hey, if it's your thing, I don't judge)
Ray -a drop of golden sun
Me (me time, aka, some personal time)
Far (a round trip plane ticket to somewhere distant)
Sew - a needle pulling thread (you need to unwind by doing some arts and crafts)
LA - a night spent in Los Angeles hitting the bars and clubs
Tea - a drink with jam and bread (jam and bread not included)
Doe - she's back! And she brought a friend!
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1. Have you ever been in a terribly bad situation (school, work, life, etc.) where you thought there was no way of getting out? Like there was a dead end? And did you miraculously survive through it or even find a benefit in it? If you are comfortable, explain.

And my second question.

2. What are some things that you would like to do/see before you die? 
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For those of you who have taken organic chemistry, how did you study? Did you get books, have groups, go for a lot of help.... what? How well did you do?

I'm taking Orgo II and I don't remember a whole lot from the first half (over a year ago). I have to learn everything from the first class while keeping up with the second. I would like to finish the class this semester (I have until April to withdraw without penalty), though the option exists for me to take it over the summer without affecting my sequence (but would prevent me from working and having a life).

What class is giving you trouble this semester? What was the worst class you ever took?
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Will you tell me something you hate?
I hate walking into a stinky public restroom because I know I'm just breathing in someone else's shit particles.

Do you get to listen to music at work? I just started a new job and I get to listen to my ipod and it's awesome.
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If you've ever gone to therapy (or any long term treatment) over a long stretch of time, how did you work your school and/or work schedule around it? Especially if your appointments were or are in the middle of the day, every week.
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Would you have sex with a young Jack Nicholson (1960-1970s Jack)?
Would you have sex with present day Jack Nicholson?
Would you have sex with Benicio Del Toro during his La Isla Bonita and Miami Vice days?
Would you have sex with Fear and Loathing Benicio Del Toro?
Would you have sex with Sin City Benicio Del Toro?
Would you have sex with Che Benicio Del Toro?
Would you have sex with The Wolfman Benicio Del Toro?
Would you have sex with Steve Buscemi? Would you pronounce his name correctly while calling it out?
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Have you ever refused to wear a condom/had a partner refuse to? Why? What was your partner's reaction?

Have you had this happen to you? What was their reasoning? What was your reaction?
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For those of you in therapy- what do you talk about with your therapist? I find myself really freezing up in therapy, and getting really kind of confrontational with the therapist as a result. I also transfer a lot of feelings onto the therapist. I realize these are issues I should be talking about with, you know, a therapist but it's a bit of a catch-22 because I find it so overwhelming. Am I crazy for finding therapy so taxing?
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does anybody want to be my pen pal? or can you recommend a good website where i can find a pen pal? or do you have a friend who, like me, wants a pen pal? i want a pen pal.
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What keeps you motivated to do well? 
In school? 
When staying healthy/dieting? 
At work? 

Because I am lacking daily life motivation. I'm not smoking weed or anything, I am just never motivated to do anything.


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Have you ever been told that you look like a celebrity? If so, which one/s?

Could you kindly post a picture of yourself so we may see this likeness?

Alternatively, is there a celebrity you'd like to be a look-alike of?

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showyoulove and I have a question.

Who here lives in Michigan/Ohio?

We're going to go ahead and do a meet-up before she moves! So!

Who is it?!

Speaking of Who...

Whats your favourite Who song?

(I've been listening to them since yesterday 3pm)

mushrooms, bones, and wine

1. I have all the ingredients I need for mushroom stroganoff (following this recipe) EXCEPT for the egg noddles and vegetable broth.  It's 8:53 PM where I am.  Wegmans doesn't close until midnight.  I'm super hungry and craving stroganoff, but I'm also super lazy.  So what say you, TQC?  Should I go out and get the last two ingredients, or should I just eat a sandwich tonight? 

2. Do you like the television show 'Bones'?  

3. If you like wine, what's your favorite kind?  

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where to find some lace shirts

Ladies of TQC, I am shopping challenged. I want two long-sleeved tops made of a floral stretch lace (to wear under stuff, but with the long sleeves etc. poking out): a cream-colored one with a round/crew neck and a pinkish/blush one with a v-neck, both fitting like a comfortable t-shirt, not skin tight. Googling or looking at my normal online shopping sites is not turning up much (google basically finds OMG NAUGHTY LINGERIE which is not what I want at all). Where to find such a thing, hopefully for a bargain price? Prefer to buy, not try to sew...

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My hair is pretty damaged from all of the trauma I have put it through (daily blow drying/flat ironing, and dying it every few months). How would I go about beginning to make it healthier? I don't know how to make my hair look good without having to blow dry it daily, because otherwise it takes hours to dry. Any recommended products? I am hair challenged.
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Should I take a shower now and sleep in, but have funky hair or wake up early, shower in the morning, and have great hair?
When do you shower?
Also - wtf, I don't even have any David Bowie in my playlist! How is last.fm deciding that I am listening to David Bowie? I'm not listening to anything!
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Who are your heroes?

ETA: Also, TQC, validate me please? Tonight I briefly worked with a girl from Russia who came to the US to go to college. It was slow and we got to talking about her country, and I asked her what her opinion was of Putin. She became really defensive and rude to me. Was I in the wrong for asking?
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Let's say for funsies that you broke your leg last year and had over 50,000 dollars in medical expenses. It's now income tax season and you've lost your statements. Just a few, but enough to be lost as to what all is missing. Is it possible to call doctors and get itemized lists of bills - what was paid and how much by insurance and how much by you?
Dc/dk: what's your favorite kind of savory food?
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I want to make a music playlist. On it so far is "Wolf Like Me" by TV on the Radio and "Monster" by Lady Gaga (videos under the cut). Following this idea of sexy, evil monsters, what other songs would be good for this playlist?

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1. I am looking to paint my diningroom/living room a thunderstom grey sort of colour, which I'd best describe as a dark medium grey with a slight blue in it. Anyways, the dining room half is poop brown and the living room is bright orange. My husband seems to think we can cut out the priming step by buying a paint-and-primer-in-one, Behr makes one I believe. Would this be bad since both halves are very different colours? Or would it not make a difference? Should I just prime the whole thing with primer alone first and save possible grief?

2. Do the rooms in your house/apartment/cardboardbox flow or are they drastically different? What colours are the rooms in your house?

My living room is orange, dining room is brown, kitchen is black and white, husband's bathroom is white, toy room is lime green, Son #1 room is royal blue, Son #2 room is bright yellow, master bedroom is red, my bathroom is turqoise, laundry room is pink.

We like colour.

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When I was talking to my friend the other day she said she'd never get her hair cut short as it's not very flattering on fat people.

I disagree. Do you think short hair makes a fattie even fatter?

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Do you have a tumblr? If you do, will you share it with me?

I just got one and idk what to do with it, it seems like Twitter but with pictures.

Otherwise, what is your favorite kind of cupcake?
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Inspired by the fact that I have a cold or something

Why do you suppose they made nyquil taste WAY BETTER than dayquil?

What medicine(s) do you take (if you take any) when you get a cold?
I take dayquil if I need to stay awake for school or work, and nyquil if I'm feeling achey (achy?) and know I won't be able to sleep otherwise

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i just put brownies in the oven and realized i forgot the baking powder. what's going to happen to them?

ETA: okay they rose fine and everything. they looked awesome but tasted gross so i must have messed something else up...
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Ladies, drag queens, etc:

What kind of advice would you give to someone (*ahem* me) who has never worn makeup before but is so bored tonight that she is going to try it out with these supplies:

1. An assortment of colored lip-glosses
2. Liquid black eyeliner, and "brownish-black" pencil eyeliner...stuff
3. Two colors of eyeshadow (one is lighter than the other...both are brownish)
4. Black mascara (but I'm pretty sure I know what to do with that...)


I've been feeling not so good about my appearance lately, so I thought I'd try to look purdy tomorrow.

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Suggestions for hair irons?

The recent hair post and the fact that my Pro Touch 1" ceramic iron died this morning leaves me wondering - those of you who flat iron your hair, what iron do you use and would you recommend? Are there any brands you would like to warn me about?

I have thick, coarse, frizzy hair, and my current style really works best straight.