January 27th, 2010

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What is Notepad's default font face and size? I was messing with it and now I'm trying to HTML some shit and I can't with the font sent to Arial, it just looks.. weird. It's not Times New Roman, Arial, or Tahoma, tried that already.

Edit: the answer was indeed Lucida Console 10pt. Thanks for saving my life once more, TQC.


GUYS!! I need your advice

I got this email from this Ethiopian prince who needs to move all his million out of the country and he needs my help. All I have to do is give him $5,000 and I'll get back 10x that amount. But...I don't have all the 5k. How can this mysterious prince who I've never met before help me if I don't give him the full amount of money?

The advice I need is: what are some good ways I can raise money ASAP?

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Is there a website where you can upload a picture of two people and see what their potential child would theoretically look like? I know I've seen one before but I never bookmarked it.

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friends quotes.

I realize this could not be any more over-asked, but it's for a specific purpose! Will you give me your favourite Friends quotes?

I'm thinking of trying my hand at text-only icons later today, and I figured this was a great theme to start out with. So, short, snappy, and not too confusing out of context would be great, if you can manage it, but I won't complain about full hilarious 10-line exchanges in my inbox either, haha.
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1. What was the last thing you were super nervous about doing, and then when you finally did it you wish you had had the guts to do it sooner?

I got bangs today! I'd wanted them for around 10 years but was never able to get up the courage to do it. UNTIL NOW. And now I feel silly for having been so scared.

2. I want to make cookies. What sort of cookies should I make? Nothing with raisins, ew.
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distinctive voices.

you answer your telephone, and there's someone on the other end whose voice you recognize. no matter how bad the connection is, how loud the background noise is, no matter how much they disguise their voice or if they are sick or whatever, you know this voice. you will always know this voice.

who is this person for you?
what are they to you?
do you like/love them?
how long have you known them?
do you still speak to them?

tell me all about it, guys.
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What's the most disappointing sequel/prequel you've ever come across?

I'd say Digimon. The sequels barely had any resemblance to the originals, they might as well just made their own new TV shows.
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I'm having a lot of problems with LoudTwitter. Is there another service that I can use to have my tweets show up on my LJ? My google-fu is totally failing me.

If you DK/DC, what is your favorite book/memoir about travel?

Have you ever done pilates? How did you start out doing it? I'm totally inflexible and have bad knees (arthritis). I'm going to take a free pilates class this Sunday for the first time. Is that a really bad idea? Do you have to/are you supposed to, take yoga first before you start doing pilates?
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Which is more rude?

Insulting someone behind their back
Insulting someone to their face
They are equal

I think the first is worse, my mom thinks the second. Personally I feel it's worse to pretend you're someone's friend and then say terrible things behind their back.

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Dear TQC:
Why are people so goddamn obsessed with phones? It is not any more trustworthy than the internet!

Those of you who have jobs that have HIPAA concerns: How do you deal with people who cannot use the phone and need to get their medical info?
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crafy stuff

So, I got a nook, which I LOVE, but didn't want to spend 20 bucks on a cover. I just wanted something to slip it into so I could put it in my purse. I got crafty and made my own cover. Now girls at work want pockets for cameras and other stuff. Do you think I'd be able to sell them for a couple bucks on etsy? Would you buy just a little pocket for a camera or other things? If you don't care, what do you keep small electronic things in? 
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Do you have a terrible landlord? How do you deal with them? Have you ever had to hire a lawyer to deal with complaints? How did that go?

In addition to the many grievances I've mentioned here before, we just found out that the key that opens the lock on the front door of our house also opens every other house on the street owned by this company, and their keys open ours. Awesome!

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I've asked this before but I don't remember the answer so sorry for asking twice.

I have a prescription that requires a meal with the pill.  The doctor didn't mention anything about eating it with food but the pharmacist said to take it with food.  It's something I'll have to take twice a day so I'm thinking about mid day when I won't be home to eat.

Will a candy bar or other small purse size snack suffice or do I need something a little more hearty?

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So after a couple weeks of searching for a job, I decided to go back to my old one where I knew they would hire me back. I'm really good friends with the manager and she is really excited about having me back because she knows I am a good worker. I had to fill out another application and I asked for $7.75. The minimum wage here is $7.25. Now I'm thinking I should have asked for more. I don't know how much my manager is paying the other employees but I feel like I should have asked for $8.00 or higher. Should I call her and ask for more? I was thinking about maybe saying something like I don't know what you're paying everyone else but I hope that you would at least pay me what everyone else is getting. What should I do?
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TQC, I lent a friend some dvds five months ago, aka plenty of time for her to have watched them (Sweeney Todd and Generation Kill), but she still hasn't returned them. How can I breach this topic civilly and politely, when all I really wanna do is say "BITCH, GIVE ME MY SHIT BACK"?

dk/dc: What was your favorite meal as a kid?
There was this weird chicken noodle casserole thing my dad made and it was the only thing i'd eat for a while :[
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Let's say you're at a restaurant and get really awful service. Really, really bad. As in, you only see the waitress three times: once to take the order, once to drop off the check, and once to deliver the drinks--which doesn't happen until after you've already gotten your food. You have to get your own silverware and you can just forget refills. In this situation:

1.) Do you think it's okay to tip less than 15%.

2.) Do you think it's okay to not leave a tip at all?

3.) Why or why not?

4.) When you're at a restaurant that includes a tip in the bill, do you tip extra?

I realize that I'm practically inviting Tip Wank with this question, but I got into a discussion on the subject last night and I'd like to hear your opinions.


5.)  Which do you think is worse--leaving no tip or a small tip, like a quarter or a dollar?

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1. You know that game Pets on tagged.com? What the hell is the point. I've been playing, but I don't know why I bother. You buy other people, then other people buy the other people from you, and everytime someone changes hands you make a profit, which you can use to buy more people with ... but what's the point? Is there anything you can do with the game money? Is there anything you can do once you "own" someone except wait for someone else to decide to buy the person from you?

2. Do glassblowers spit or swallow?

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Question overload! D:

Who ate my boyfriend's (single serving) ice cream from our freezer?
Why would they want to eat something he already started eating AND nearly polish it off too?

Is it expected when you live at home and buy food for yourself (but are not otherwise contributing to any food bills for the family) that anyone can just help themselves to your food? Would it be selfish of me to invest in a mini-fridge because no one in my family respects the labels on items the fridge stating that they belong to me/I bought them, or should I continue letting them eat everything I buy?

When's the last time someone either took or borrowed something from you without asking? What was it? How did you react?

Sorry for so many questions! I'm just looking either for validation or to be told "quit whining" I guess. ;)

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What do you think of leaving notes out when living in shared housing?

I just left a note asking the people I live with to clear up the mouldly pot they have left out, and am feeling surprisingly guilty about it.

ETA: So you can judge, my note read, 'I don't want to be one to write notes, but please can the pot with the green mould in it get sorted as it's not far off making us ill! Ta x'
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We adopted a chihuahua about a week ago. He kinda stinks. I want to give him a bath but I think that's probably still too much stress for him, he's very anxious still. Is there like a dry bath I can give him, or something other than a bath I can do so he doesn't so much like dog?
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So, TQC, apparently, the Westboro Baptist Church (famous for being incredibly anti-gay and for picketing the funerals of dead soldiers) will be protesting at my old high school in protest of a "Schmooze for Jews" club (that apparently no longer exists).

I have not been to my high school since graduation and I'd feel very weird going there alone. None of my high school friends are in town. Should I go there tomorrow? If I do...what should I do when I get there besides sit and stare (and probably get really angry and resist the urge to throw rocks at them)?

Srs & non-srs answers, plz.
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You're given the chance to design the perfect game room.

1.)  What would you put in it?

2.)  What colors would you paint it?

Edited to answer:

1.)  I would have an 8' Brunswick pool table, a touchscreen MP3 jukebox, an electronic dart board, a mini bar, four bar stools, and a couple of pub tables.  Maybe a shorter version of shuffleboard along one wall if I can make it fit. 

2.)  I don't know. 
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Has anyone here ever worn shoes like this? Do they feel as bizarre as they look like they would? Are they actually superior to normal shoes in comfort? I don't think I could get past the fug.

If you've not worn shoes like this, would you? What if they were less expensive?

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Inspired by a long, awkward, phone conversation with a girl I haven't seen since 2001.

Say someone you know but aren't close with is in an unhealthy relationship. Do you intervene in some way? Do you share your concern?

I'm trying to decide whether saying something would be rude or not saying something would be heartless.

She's "not allowed" to have male friends.
Even while on the phone with me (who is decidedly female) he interrupted her THREE times to ask who I was, how she knows me, and what I do for a living.
She doesn't have a driver's license or job, so she is limited to the house a lot.
He apparently gets angry at her if she's into things he's not. He's been vocal about his disapproval of her enjoyment of football. (?!)
He's 12/13 years older and her sole means of support.

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Inspired by an "incident" at  school today -
What would you do if your child came home and said another child had called him or her a racist name?
Would your answer change if your son or daughter the teacher had already spoken to the other child and it was a one off incident?
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Have you seen Avatar?


Avatar made it to the top of the box office records. It's all the way up at #1 in worldwide distribution, beating even Titanic, which had been there for 12 years. I was really surprised when I heard that. I saw the movie just because it was very clear how much was put into the movie, and I thought it was impressive. But I don't think it was as epic, per se, as the other movies on the following list. Nor did it have the same emotional reach, to me.

Movies to reach $1billion+:

1 Avatar ($1,878,025,999)
2 Titanic ($1,843,201,268)
3 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King $1,119,110,941
4 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest $1,066,179,725
5 The Dark Knight Warner Bros. $1,001,921,825

Question: What do you think about this? Avatar, the box office record, Avatar in comparison to these movies, etc... Anything related, I'm interested in hearing sum upiniunz.

I was rooting for The Dark Knight to reach #1 but besides that, I think Titanic should still be there.

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How would you react if a close friend did something that was totally against your morals? It is not against their morals, just yours. This is something that could potentially harm them but they don't see it and it is unforgivable to you.

eta: Okay. It's a hit or miss with TQC. Either everyone attacks you or everyone leaves good advice. Annoying. I guess most TQCers are bored right now.

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 Does anyone out there have TMJ? If so, what do you do to remedy it and make your jaw not clench as much?

What's the most painful experience you have ever had? Was it your fault?


I have a blackberry bold 9000 and I work at a cafe/bakery. I think the flour or something I use at work finally got to my phone and now the trackball won't scroll down.

Does anyone know what I can do/ how can I clean it so that I can actually use it again?

or should I just take it to the AT&T store tomorrow?

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So my fiance's ex girl friend, who he was with for six years is off her rocker. She needs help from other people to make it through the day because wires in her brain don't connect. Stuff like leaving burners on, not being able to say things in her brain, junk like that. Well they had a little girl together, who I love very much. She is three and wonderful. Now, they don't have a custody agreement. He gets her every other day. It works out fine. He pays her more then enough child support to her every month and she signs off on it. Her parents, who she lives with, are in Chile for a six months out of the year, and they send her money and junk and she lives at there house. All of a sudden, since the engagement, she has been saying that they need to go to court. Its scaring both me and my man. The talk died down for a while but now apparently her dad is flying in from Chile tomorrow for NO REASON. My fiance thinks that they are going to talk to a lawyer. What do you think is happening? Also, she is 34 if that matters.

tl;dr then basically crazy baby mama finally wants to go to court, after three years of the kids life. EDIT:: Okay not insane, but I guess I'm just concerned because of the things that she lets the girl do. She chewed through a cord while it was plugged into a wall, only lets the little girl use the doggy door to play outside, because the real door is for "big people". I'm just scared. Thoughts?

What was the meanest thing someone said to you lately? My ex-best friend told me that going to my wedding would be like killing a puppy and that if she did go then she would sabotage it because she doesn't want me to get married. Basically has thrown off my whole week.

Dinner? Pork roast wrapped in bacon, slow cooked and hourly has a maple glaze brushed onto it with potatos.
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What is your Myers Briggs type?

I'm an ENFP - which is quite accurate.

Sorry, didn't know this had been asked recently...I haven't seen it but I also don't really read this community too often. So let me spice it up a bit -

What does your type really mean, in a nutshell? Does it fit you?
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Family Hypothetical

You live overseas. Your family has your contact details.

How inappropriate is to find out that one of your parents had a fairly major surgery via public Facebook updates?

If this happened to you, on a scale of 1 to 10, how upset would you be?

Characters welcome

In which book would you like to be a character?
On which tv show would you like to be a character?
In which movie would you like to be a character?

Will you tell me the opening theme and the closing theme to the soundtrack of your life?
Did you learn something new today? Care to divulge?
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What do you think of these dresses? My closet is lacking in dresses, and I thought some of these looked fairly nice (and versatile, some of them). I like very bleak colors, so I didn't have many options.

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You're dating someone new. When you go back to their place and see their bedroom, which wall posters would make you want to break up with them?

Tiger Woods
Rush Limbaugh
Miley Cyrus
High School Musical 3
John Travolta (Saturday Night Fever era)
Hulk Hogan
Chyna (wrestler)
Jared Leto
Tera Patrick
Jonas Brothers
Some naked dude
Some naked chick
Roman Polanski
Clay Aiken

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What are some good films to show high school students about Black History in the United States?

What was the best movie you ever got to watch in school?

I'm a new student teacher who was thrown into a black history course, so I'm trying to fill it with as many fun things as possible. The more film clips I can show and relate to the material, the better.

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Whats the last thing that annoyed the fuck out of you?
My dad SCREAMING at the TV because Osgood has let TWO goals in. wtf.

Will you draw me a picture in MS paint to make me feel better?
I got a tooth pulled today and my mom won't let me take any vicodin.

phone troubles

My phone broke. During a conversation, my voice just cut out, and now no one can hear me speak when I call them.

firstly: Has this ever happened to you? What did you do to fix it?

I obviously want to fix my phone or get a new one. However, Verizon says I can't even TALK to anyone about the problem unless I'm an "Account Manager." To be one, I have to get the Account Owner (my uncle) to call Customer Service and made me one. He simply refuses to do this. With school/work, there is literally no time both my uncle and I are free to go to the store together.

so: If I go to the store, are they gonna be able to do anything for me? Could I get a new phone, or do I need his permission even for that? What should I do? :(
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In the Cinderella myth/story/folktale, what do you feel are the most important or crucial elements? What do you associate most with the story?

E.g: the fairy Godmother, sisters cutting off their toes, poor treatment by step mother, the importance of beauty etc...
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I have a wisdom tooth coming in sideways, and my appointment to get it yoinked out of my head is a week from today.

- What should I do for the pain? I've got gum rub, ibuprofen, and whiskey. I've also been given permission to dip into the hookers and blow fund, if that'll work.

- Has anybody had to pay out-of-pocket for a wisdom tooth removal? How much did it cost?

Don't know/don't care:

Why did she even have that lever?
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Which movie?

Edge of Darkness
When In Rome
Extraordinary Measures
Sherlock Holmes
These are the only ones I have interest in that are playing the time I need them to.

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1. If I pour Barenjager over my plain Cheerios-in-milk, will they turn into honey-nut Cheerios-in-milk or is this a booze-addled idea?

2. fame is mad at me because I'm a jerk. What's a good sorry-I'm-a-jerk thing I can do to atone for jerkish shenanigans?


Do you loooooove me now that I can _______?

Interpretitive dance
Rain dance
Danse Macabre
I'll never love you so sit the hell down and shut up your yap

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Does any one know a place I can download or watch that lifetime movie "The Pregnancy Pact"?

I'm in Canada and the lifetime site isn't working for me, but I love cheesy movies and this looks just the ticket.

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1)Dear the internet, I was enjoying some delicious rotel dip. The center of my back really started intensely hurting for at least ten minutes. What was up with that?

2)Do you think the United States should have more flavors of Kit Kats than any other country?

3)Do you like tearjerkers?


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if you consider something to be important to you, yet you have the urge to tell someone, which you tell 2 people and another overhears, is it your fault or the people you have told once word gets out?

I'm in this situation right now. I haven't told anyone, I promised I wouldn't and therefore I haven't. Yet everyone knows, and I'm getting the blame even though I haven't told anyone. I've explained the situation, but apparently I "can't keep my mouth shut" and I get the blamed and given shit. I know it's not my fault, so I'm not taking the shit I've been given. However I also know that if I don't want people to know my business, I keep my mouth shut and I don't tell anyone anything, unless I want everyone to know. My friend knows how much our group loves to gossip and get their noses in everyone's businesses, so therefore I believe that he should've realised that beforehand.

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To what extent would you modify your body upon the request of a significant other?

Shave your legs and pits?

Your genitals?

Your asshole?

Lose weight?

Get a tattoo?

Branded with his initials (so I've been reading Story of O. so shoot me.)
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What is one fact about you that others would find hard to believe?

I've never tasted ketchup, mustard, pickles, relish, or an other condiment. I've never had seafood, Mexican food, Chinese food, or most other ethnic food. My family eats plain so..I've never been introduced to any of that stuff as a kid, and it just grosses me out now that I'm 25 and on my own.
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If you had the chance to go to Dresden (Germany) in 2 weeks to participate in the counter demonstration to the biggest nazi demonstration in Europe, would you be a bit scared about going?
What would be your feelings about participating?

A friend invited me and I'm feeling a bit scared about going. In my town demonstrations and counter demonstrations involving nazis tend to get violent. I am unsure about what to do.

ETA: So help me out with some tips for protests? I've only been to very very peaceful ones where it was really for sure that it wouldnt get violent.

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How would a psychologist describe/label the process by which an individual comes to associate one phenomenon with another as a result of the first always and only being present when the second is?

EDIT: ok, guys, it's not a homework question. I'm wondering because my dildo has an extremely distinctive grape kool-aid smell, and I've started to associate grape kool-aid with sex. I was wondering how to describe this.

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TQC, my friend and I are going on a big night out on Friday and she's coming round here to have a few drinks and get ready first.

Do you like to listen to music when you're getting ready to go out? If so, what do you listen to?

What should be on our getting ready playlist?

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I'm in a traveling mood, but I'm stuck in the middle of Illinois, so you get a bunch of travel-related questions so that I can vicariously satisfy my desires.

1.) Have you ever been to Venice? What did you think of it? Am I weird for getting totally creeped out by it? (I mean, it was beautiful and all, but at the same time...slightly unnerving.)

2.) What's the creepiest place you've ever been? What made it so creepy?

3,) Where would you rather travel to: The mountains or a beach?

4.) What is your favorite mountain range? What about your favorite beach?

Cutting Irish Cream with milk

Here's a weird drink I made up: I like to add a bunch of milk to my Bailey's Irish Cream. It turns into a beige milk that has less viscosity than Bailey's, and is milder, but still has that Irish Creamy goodness with that nice aftertaste in every gulp.

Is there already a name for this drink, or should I make one up? Suggestions?
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When you have too much to do and physically cannot finish it all, what do you let slide? For example, do you cut gym time, skip class, call in sick to work, cancel dates with friends, cut out sleeping, etc.

I have been using Purpose facial cleanser and moisturizer but the lotion is not cutting it right now, as it's super cold and very windy where I am and I'm in a makeup class so I have to wash my face too often and blah blah blah. CAN YOU PERSONALLY RECOMMEND a decent, heavy-duty facial moisturizer for me?

How much time per day do you spend listening to music?
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Inspired by real life! situations

What's your opinion on libraries allowing patrons to look at porn on their public computers?

I'm all into prevention of censorship but it's also a serious sexual harassment issue, as some guys (I'm thinking of some particular cases from my uni's library) deliberately look at porn in public places hoping for girls to see. Due to regulations, the library is not allowed to tell those guys to stop, because it would be an infringement on their rights. If someone comes and complains that someone's looking at porn, basically all the librarian can do is have a security guard walk past and hope that scares the perpetrator off. But legally the guard can't actually tell the person to leave or to stop.


Creative suggestions for dealing with such perpetrators, as a fellow patron of the library or otherwise?

If uninterested, what's your favorite thing to drink?
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Dearest TQC,

What's the greatest thing/deal you've gotten at a thrift store?

Today I found brand new with tags Levi's jeans for $3.99!

What's the weirdest thing you've seen at a thrift store but didn't purchase?

What's the weirdest thing you have purchased from a thrift store?

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Does anyone have any idea how much a brake inspection will cost? My brother replaced my front brakes last month when I went back home, but I noticed they were making noise again today and wanted to get it checked out ASAP. I assumed it would be free, but googling "free brake inspection" isn't turning up much...