January 26th, 2010

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1.) I recently applied for a position as a tour guide at a local museum. Has anyone here ever worked as a tour guide or anything similar? What should I expect? I'm totally into this stuff, so it should be fun, but I'm a bit nervous because I've never been so good at public speaking.

2.) Where is your favorite band from?

3.) What is your opinion of Canada?



What have you always wanted to see in a novel? Or see more novels about?

Have you seen Evita? (either movie or live performance) What did you think of it? Something about the lyrics is bugging me for many of the songs. They lead up like they're going to rhyme and then don't.
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hypothetical situation. say you break up with your s/o because he or she has been a real douche lately ie: acting controlling and manipulative and borderline abusive. you still love them. then.. a few days later, one of their family members dies and they are looking to you for support and comfort. do you give it to them? do you put aside your differences for the time being and give them what they need, or do you keep your distance, offering sympathy only?

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You're in a bedroom with no clocks and use your cell phone as an alarm clock. You set the alarm for 10am and put it on the other side of the room. You go to sleep and have a dream that you missed your cell phone's alarm and are late for some important thing or another, and then wake up. You roll over and can see it's dark outside from the window.

Do you get out of bed and check your cell phone for the time/alarm settings, or just go back to sleep?
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what was the last unpleasant dream you had?

i took a nap and had a dream about my bringing my cat around town and her constantly being raped by other cats, and then her crying from the pain afterwards :( :( :(
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You haven't spoken to your mom in some months and she is not a very healthy individual...the type that hasn't a clue what an apology is and is very hurtful on a regular basis. While having many mutual Facebook friends, you two are not facebook friends. You were friends during the summer and you got a pedicure and tagged her in the picture as pedicures were something that the two of you did together often. She complimented the pedicure when you posted it and that was that. Today she updates with this:

does anyone know how to delete photos that I am tagged with? Pics of my daughters chubby toed manicure are grating on my nerves..

How does this make you feel?

DK/ DC: What is the last bad habit you stopped? How did you stop?
we make a pair of parentheses

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so basically, I've had pretty clear skin all my life, but the last 6 months or so my skin has been constantly breaking out. I maintain a healthy skincare routine, I exercise & eat well, & I can't really think of anything that would've caused a hormonal imbalance.

my skin has not been clear, at all, for months now & I want to see a doctor about it. my question is, should I see a general practitioner or should I just go straight to a dermatologist? if it matters, I haven't seen a GP in years so I'd have to see a new doctor either way.

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My flatmates have just generally been dicks over the past week. They've now gone to the flat downstairs, have music up ridiculously loud with all windows open and someone is banging on something so hard the buildings shaking. It's 3am and this has been happening for the past half hour.
This is the perfect opportunity to call up campus security right?
Would you? (given that I always make a point of being quiet when I come in late)
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what was the best thing you bought for your skin?

mine is benzac AC. i was so lazy with skincare that my skin started to become really horrible. during a drunken fight my SO told me i wore too much make up. i was so embarrassed but eventually saw it as a good thing, as i've been taking much better care of my skin since then. benzac AC wins :D

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Was the real Titanic like it was in the movie?

What are some things you say all the time in conversation? I say "dude" and "for real" a lot.

If you could eat anything in the world right now, what would you have?

eta: Have you ever tried spam? How was it?

Craig's list

Has anyone been aggravated with Craig's list like I have?
I posted an ad looking for crafters for a craft show I'm organizing....I've gotten 9 responses and 6 responses are from people telling me to go to a website for government grants!
WTF is that????????????????????????????????
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1)What's your best physical feature?

2)What's your worst physical feature?

3)What's the best thing about your personality?

4)What's the worst thing about your personality?
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Everybody knows/has known a person like this:

Will you tell me about your most annoying "friend"? The one that texts too often, calls too much, embarrasses you in front of others (i.e. has no social awareness), acts like you are their best friend when you barely know them or barely consider them a casual acquaintance, or is otherwise a nuisance in some way but you just can't seem to cut ties completely?

Do you think that you can ever get through to these people? What makes them this way?

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Are you good at planning things decision wise? I am not. Most of my friends also are not. We never know what to do when we try to make plans to do something. Usually we just go eat and then spontaneity takes over.

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Do you hate when you buy a book and it has a tear out card stuck in the middle with more crap they want you to buy? 
(Now I have to deal with a 2cm piece of paper randomly sticking up half way through the book when I'm trying to read it. RAWR!)

Is it better to make small goals and work little by little to change your life or just pick up and leave to start over new?

If you play the guitar, did you start by learning chords or jumping in and learning songs?

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So for anyone who's been keeping up with my little drama, i've been having trouble with flatmates in the form of excess noise and general cliqueyness. They act like they're the only ones living here.
Seeing as there's really not much I can do about either, how can I be childishly passive-aggressive and make things really awkward?

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What's your fantasy?

What would you do if you ran into me in real life?

How about another TQC member? It doesn't count if you're married to or dating one.

Have you ever had figgy pudding? What was it like?
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Do you talk with your hands? Have you ever made up strange hand gestures to help describe something you couldn't put into words? Did it work, or did you just look silly? (When my bff can't think of what to say she flails about attempting to mime it. It never works.)

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Girl A meets Boy B and have a casual sexual encounter once. A two months later Girl A meets Boy C. Girl finds out Boys B and C are best friends.

Does the girl need to tell Boy C about the sexy time with Boy B before or after they are dating? Or AT ALL?
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Techy questions

Do you or anyone you know still use Windows 98, Windows 95 or any previous versions of Windows (XP doesn't count)? Do you use Linux?
How about Netscape Navigator or Mosaic? AOHell, Earthlink, or Compuserve?
Is Google Chrome worth it?

Don't know or care, will you use this post to talk about your favourite technological invention of the last 50 years?

Brought to you by me heading to Info Technology class in eight minutes.


1. Someone on my FB friends list just posted that she lost 1.4 lbs in one day. There are a bunch of people congratulating her. Is it not common knowledge that body weight fluctuates throughout the day? Encouragement is grand, but what about misconception and misinformation and being mislead?

2. Did you see Katy Perry's new Proactiv commercial yet?

3. Does the Wolfman look scary?

4. What would do if you were stuck on a ski-lift and the mountain was shut down for the week, leaving no one knowing you are there?
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Girl Scout Cookies

I just tried the new-ish Lemonade ones and they are amazing!

What is your favorite GS cookie?
Least favorite?

Ladies, were you ever a GS? What's the highest number of boxes you ever sold?
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what do you like to think happens after you die?

-i've always thought reincarnation. not as in "i'm coming back... AS A BUTTERFLY". but as being reborn as another person... with the same soul, but no recollection of your past life.

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How do you know when you genuinely like someone rather than just like the idea of being in a relationship?
Would you be hesitant about getting into a relationship with someone who has never been in one before, or is this a bonus as they are minus baggage?
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So I was told today that I would look older and more professional with straight hair. My hair is curly and some days very fluffy and all over the place, though other days it looks more wavy. Is this silly, or do women with straight hair look more professional?

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Where you live (where DO you live?), is it common to be able to get your driver's license AND register your vehicle in the same place?

I grew up/first got my license in NJ, where you can take care of everything at the DMV. When I moved to GA I was so fucking confused as to why the tag office and "department of driver's services" were two different places. It still kind of annoys me, TBH. >:T
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Do you believe in God?
If no, what do you believe in?

I believe we are here/living trying to achieve personal enlightenment; reincarnation; I believe everything happens for a reason; destiny; etc etc

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1. Do you ever worry that you'll be kidnapped by a crazed tattoo artist who will tattoo you against your will until he has you looking just perfect, so he can rape you?

2. What are you afraid of that seems really unlikely, but still scares the crap out of you?

amber rose.
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What game should I rent for Wii next? (using Gamefly)
I own Rock Band 2, The Beatles Rock Band, Super Mario Galaxy, and I have played Super Paper Mario. I'm up for anything =)

Do you have any cleaning to do? What helps you get motivated to clean?
My room is a total mess & I can't make myself get off my ass and actually do it :/

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When is the State of the Union Address?

I keep hearing from different sources that it is tomorrow night, and others that say it's on Feb. 24th.


"The State of the Union Address for 2010 is slated to start at 9 p.m. Eastern Time and 6 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2010."

Thank you.

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Hey Dr. TQC,
I've got a shunt. Do you (by any remote chance), know if I'm eligible to donate blood?

I stopped by the blood bank van on campus today, and one item on the screening form was something like "have you had cranial surgery involving removal of the dura layer".

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How late does fed ex usually ship? I was expecting a package tomorrow but this morning the expected date was changed to today. I figured that wouldn't happen unless the chances were pretty good for it to come today. But it's 4 pm so I'm beginning to lose hope in it coming today :(
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Don't you just hate it when you accidentally bite on your cheek/tongue when you're eating?
I bit the inside of my cheek a few days ago, now there's a huge sore spot on my left cheek. It hurts  ;___;

What do you do to soothe the pain or make the sore go away?
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i'm getting sick. i want to watch a movie and lay on the couch an watch a movie and fall asleep early.

which movie(s) should i put on my netflix instant queue to watch?

what's your favorite commercial?
mine:Collapse )

ETA: you have a moat... alligator or crocodile? which one? why?

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Have you ever been in a relationship where both you and your partner had commitment issues?
Did it work out?

What is your definition of commitment issues?

Don't know/don't care, how was your day?
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Is there any better way to ask "how do you think this is going?" in the context of a dating situation?

I've been dating a guy for about two months non-exclusively, and I feel like things are going well, but for all I know they're going just as well with the other (or others) he's dating as well. I'd like to find out his feelings about us, but I also don't want it to sound really dramatic.

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What's that outdoorsy smell on me after i've been outside? I don't think it's sweat, since I can smell it a tiny bit after walking to my mailbox and back. I googled it and somebody said that even if clothes are left outside (without a person in them), they smell... and I agree. My skin picks it up, my clothes and my hair pick it up. It's not necessarily a bad or strong smell, but its... definitely a smell. I know boys smell like this after playing sports, but i'm a girl and i'm not really active. I live in Orlando, if that makes a difference.

DK/DC - what percentage of people you associate with are people you actually WANT to associate with?
I'd say mine is about 37%. High school :/

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Have you ever dated someone that was overly dependent on their mother/parents? Stories please.

I just spent the past hour trying to convince my BF that he doesn't need to take another lab science class this semester. And whats really annoying, is when i asked why he was signed up for a lab science after he already took one last semester he said its because "his mom said it might be helpful" *headdesk* (This is just one example)

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Smokers of TQC:

When did you start smoking? Why did you start smoking?

What's your preferred brand of cigarette/tobacco?

How many times per week do you smoke, on average?

Everybody else:

Who is your favourite band or artist right now?
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Would you lend your car out to somebody for a few days? If no, are there any exceptions?

Say your parents bought a house but put it under your name for a few reasons. Who should get the money from the first time buyers tax credit? Parents are not first time buyers, and when you decide to purchase your own home you will not be considered a first time buyer.


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Lately I've been like super duper girl crazy, always hanging around co-workers who I think are cute, thinking about them, and just omg thinking about girls in general. Why is this and how to I like calm down some?

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How old were you when you found porn online?
Did your parents know?
How did you do it? (google boobs??)

When I was an impressionable youngster, there was no such thing as the internet, let alone free and easy access to porn. Nakedness was found in the uber tame Playboy or by trying to unscramble Cinemax's soft-core programming. I think my 10 year old self would die of horror if I saw like anal porn or gangbanging porn.

Is it reasonable to assume that every single computer that a young child comes in contact with will have ALL appropriate adult blocks on?
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TQC, classes for my fashion design diploma start in a week and a half, and I still haven't received my booklist and enrolment information. I've called the school over and over to ask where it is and they say it's in the mail. Every time I ring, they say they're "sending them out this week". I've been calling for over two months.

Where the hell is my information, TQC, and why is it taking them so damn long to send it out?

How firm can I be with them when I call them and ask why they haven't sent it yet? This is school after all, but we're all adults here and I don't have to worry about getting detention from the principal or anything for using a tone.
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ok, so, sometimes I live with my parents. What are some good excuses for not coming home? I need an excuse because "Oh, I'm just hooking up with some dude, Mom and Dad" probably won't fly.

Like, how do/would you guys deal with this?
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for those of you in relationships, how often do you see your s/o? how often do you have sleepovers? how long have you been together?

for the rest of you, do you enjoy being single?
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I'm looking for a song that's stuck in my head. Googling has produced nothing. It's in a kind of friendly country-ish style, with a man singing and guitar playing. He's singing about the desert (maybe Australia?) and the lyrics I can remember are "on the first day, in the desert sun". Help?

Edit: thank you all!!

Store manager question

My husband is up for a promotion from Key Holder of a large store to Manager.

It's a big leap, and I'm sure they're going to try and lowball him.

Last year the store sold $2.5 million in merchandise and (due to the recession) is projected to sell about the same this year.

We have no idea what a retail store manager of a store this size would normally make. 

We're in Canada.

I was thinking he should ask for about $3,500-$4,000 a month in salary. Too much? Too little? Just right?
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To Delete, or Not To Delete?

Hey TQC,

Relationshipy question:

I dated this guy for a month and a half last year. Things were going really well and got psuedo-serious between us.

All of the sudden I stopped hearing from him, and then after a week I received a vague Facebook message from him the day before New Years saying "Sorry I've been MIA lately, hope you have a good New Years, whatever you're doing". I was totally baffled but sent a short, pretty chill, non-emotional reply saying "Yeah, Happy New Years to you too", and "see ya later".

I found out a few days later, courtesy of my Facebook minifeed, that he had gotten back together with his ex-girlfriend over Christmas (I found out because his friend posted on his wall asking who he was bringing to his Staff Christmas party, and he answered "My smoking hot girlfriend is accompanying me").

So, yeah, douchebag.

What would be worse:

1) Leaving him on my Facebook friends list (pretty much solely to project the impression that I don't give a shit that he was a total asshole to me and don't even care enough to delete him cause I've moved on - all things I wouldn't mind projecting).

This, however, means having to deal with seeing updates from him. I've "hidden" him from my Minifeed, but when he uploades new pictures they still appear on my "Friends' recently updated albums" page, as I learned when I stumbled on 30 pictures of him and his ex/new girlfriend at a concert he uploaded yesterday.

I also learned that I don't have the willpower to NOT click on the album and look at all the pictures and feel like shit afterwards.

2) Deleting him from my Facebook friends list, which means not having to deal with seeing updates from him, but running the risk of looking bitchy/immature/emotional/vindictive (all things I REALLY would rather not project myself as) when he notices I've deleted him.

Why do I care what the douchebag thinks of me? Good question, TQC. Cause I'm not quite over him yet.

I can't rationalize us ever dating again, because I'd always be 1) Untrusting of him and 2) Pissed that he let things get that far between us and then tossed me aside. And I really can't see us ever becoming friends in the future (which is weird, cause up until now I've remained friends with all my of exes — maybe because I'm usually the one who dumps them). Still, I'm apprehensive about what path to take here.

Do I close the door?

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Why are different sizes of lumber named the way they are? A 1x4 is not actually an inch thick, it's more like .75 inches.

I ordered an ice cream maker last night. What are some unusual flavor combinations you can think of? I'm making Earl Grey ice cream first but after that I'm clueless.

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So doc told me to stay away from these foods!

Citrus, tomato/pizza sauce, anything acidic
Caffeine (coffee, tea, soda, chocolate)
Alcohol (tragedy!!)
Spicy food

What the hell CAN I eat?

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What's the most disturbing movie you've ever seen? Did you like it, why or why not?
I ask this because I'm watching Precious right now... but I'd have to say Mysterious Skins was the most disgusting horrifying movie I've ever seen, but also one of the best.

How about  most disturbing book ever read? Did you like it, why or why not?

Gonna say "When Rabbit Howls"...this was recommended to be by someone here @ TQC for my AP Psychology book review and I want to say thank you very much, because it was amazing and I got an 88 on my review.

(no subject)

So there's this kids cartoon. It's about like, alien kids in their alien space school. The main alien is this little green guy with antennae. He wears a red and white striped shirt. Do you fine people know what this show is called?

Alternate question: what's the best dish/baked item/whatever you can cook?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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My ~mentee~ is having her 20th birthday party this Thursday night, and I am kind of obligated to go because she's my mentee and all that. However, the party is a Tarantino-themed party, and you can only go in if you're dressed as a character from a Quentin Tarantino movie. I own pretty much no costume clothing ... TQC, what the fuck do I do?

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you guise probably hate relationship questions so much, but i need halp.
tl;dr i am in a relationship but i have the biggest crush ever on my best friend, who also happens to very much enjoy my company, if you know what i mean. we kissed and now i can't decide if i should break up with boyfriend and pursue my best friend because both situations, should i choose, have obvious pros and cons.

Q: will you tell me a story about leaving someone for someone else? did it work out? were you happy with your choice?
is liking your best friend BAD NEWS?

or you can tell me i'm an awful person because that's true, too.

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Do you prefer to do emoticons like this- :) , or like this- (: ?

How about people who put noses- :-) in them?

And do you find this emoticon- D: a bit better than the others?
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TQC, a form I'm filling out is asking for my insurance policy number. There are three numbers on my card: an ID number underneath my name, a group number underneath the business name from which I receive the insurance, and a BIN number. Which are they asking for? Also, there is a line that says "address" underneath the section for insurance info. My home address is already listed, and the line is really short. The only address I can find is one on the back to send claims to. What does that mean? If you could help a girl out, I'd appreciate it, cause I'm confused.

Music suggestions?

So, I'm starting to get into liking metal, but I've found my tastes are very specific.

I like melodic music, as well as ballad style songs. I like male/female singers who have pretty voices. The rougher ones tend to grate on me. I HATE screaming/grunting lyrics. I like the bands Sirenia, Ravena, Sonata Arctica, Dragonforce, Rhapsody of Fire (and back when they were just Rhapsody), so I'd like to collect more music in the lines of those bands.

Metal bands that sing about D&D and other geeky things are also acceptable. Also anything that has orchestra-esque music like Diablo Swing Orchestra. And Latin lyrics. Latin is always a big plus in my book. Especially if it's ominous Latin.
kiv dancin.
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very important query.

Poll #1517088 Culinary Tastes

Do you like deviled eggs?

Sometimes, depending on how they're made.
Yes, but I cannot eat them because I am allerigic or for some other reason.
None of your business.
I don't know, I've never eaten them.

edit: i apologize, i have misspelled "allergic".

(no subject)

1. What's it like working in retail?

I keep hearing horrible things about it, and would like to hear some of your experiences so I can be enlightened on the subject. It sounds scary!

2. What was your first word?

3. For those who drink: What is your go-to drink at a bar?

(no subject)

Is anyone interested in a book swap?

Do you live in Massachusetts? Would you be able to recommend a good school for me?
I want to go into psychology in two years after the whole community college round.


What should I eat tomorrow?
I'm getting my tooth pulled at 3pm. It's the second time I'm geting a tooth pulled and last time I ate a club sandwich the next day :|

(no subject)

I have an interview to be a receptionist/general office bitch at a law office tomorrow afternoon. I do not own a suit, nor have I any intention of acquiring an actual suit in the near future. What should I wear?

a. this dress (in turquoise)

b. simple, knee-length, black dress; surplice neckline, elbow-length sleeves

c. gray herringbone trousers, black short-sleeve blouse

d. black pencil skirt, white blouse (puff-sleeves, lace "bib")

Or something else?

(opps sry for html fail)

(no subject)

A Canadian official was recently hit in the face with a pie (and not a delicious one -- it was made out of fucking SOYBEAN CURD.) Now there's a member of Parliament who wants PETA to be labelled as terrorists. ("Canada's Criminal Code describes a terrorist organization as any group that disrupts lawful activities to commit an act for political, religious or ideological purposes and that causes the public to be intimidated.")


I think so, but only because everything about this is inherently hilarious. And also I dislike PETA.
Bug-eyed Earl

(no subject)

Is there a way to make Google calendar not look like crap? Google Labs has a thing where you can add a background image to the calendar itself but the page is still ugly blue and white. The GMail theme doesn't carry over.

I think there was a Firefox add-on where people could make themes for basically any webpage but I can't remember what it was.

(no subject)

Are you excited for LOST to come back (or at least excited for it to be almost over)?

What are some questions you have that you hope will be explained in the last season?

Can you predict some sort of ending for the show?

DK/DC - what do you when you're at home and the power goes out for an extended period of time?
Peggy Blink

(no subject)

Okay, so this just happened to me:
My ex best friend/sorta kinda fwb's ex girlfriend and I commented on each others' posts on random communities, not knowing we were each other. I finally added her, then she read one of my posts complaining about him and commented and then it clicked that she was his ex.
Anyway, we've been swapping stories and laughs about our experiences with him because he's such an ASSHOLE. She offered for us to meet up for hookah and copious amounts of wine and venting.
Now, a very very small part of me wants to be his friend again. A very big part of me thinks it's not going to happen.
I don't know if I should go or not. At one time, I think if/when he found out, he would never forgive me and I would be looked at as a bitch. On another note, I think she's a cool gal and I have basically no friends here now because he took all of ours with him and I think she'd be someone fun to hang out with.
Would you go?

tl;dr: My ex FWB's ex girlfriend and I randomly met through LJ and now she wants to have an IRL venting session meetup. I would kinda like to be friends with him again. Would you go if you were me?

What are you listening to right now?
White Blood Cells by the White Stripes because it's a great record and reminds me of high school.

What did you eat last?
A burger and POUTINE!!
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(no subject)

What size mattress do you have?

What brand?

Boxspring? y/n?

How often do you flip/rotate your mattress?

There are very few things better in the world than an awesome mattress, y/y?

I obviously just flipped and rotated my mattress and it was a bitch, but I love this baby and I'm making it last.
queen janie

(no subject)

alright, so, i really hate asking for advice like this because i know it annoys people but it's driving me crazy so here it goes.

so, there is was a guy in my english class who i always thought was amazingly gorgeous but i didn't like him because he seemed, to put it simply, like a douchebag. then on the day of our final he randomly started talking to me and i realized that we have a ton of things in common and he's actually really nice. we talked for almost an hour and he also asked me for my number. before we left he told me he would text me. it's only been a few days and he hasn't contacted me yet and sadly, because the semester's over, we aren't in the same class anymore. so, my question is, how long would you wait for a guy to contact you? and, if he didn't, would you forget about him or contact him yourself? i feel like i'm torn between my fear of rejection and regretting being too shy and not going for what i want. halp :(

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For those of you who work in a field that requires you to handle clients' ID/Credit-Cards (i.e. waiting tables, retail)....

Have you had any customers with REALLY FUNNY NAMES? If so, what did you do to keep from losing it? (EDIT: What were the funny names?)

I was able to keep it together when I helped Mr. Gaydar a few weeks ago, but had to excuse myself after selling three postcards to a Ms. Barff today.

parking lot of death

The building where I work is on an intersection. It has a small parking lot with angled parking spaces. The parking lot goes around the side of the building and isn't wide enough for two cars to pass each other unless one is in a parking space.

People frequently cut through the parking lot on foot because one road of the intersection is one of the main roads in the city and the other is the only way into a trailer park. Some of them are parents pushing strollers or accompanied by small children. None of them seem to pay any attention to the vehicular traffic and they cut through the parking lot despite there being a sidewalk along the front of the building and another one separating the parking lot from the road.

What can I do to change the situation?
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1. I've recently become unemployed and I'm trying to remember what I used to do on the internet when I had free time. What do you guys do for fun on the web when you're bored?

2. How do I get my roommate's dog to shut up? She's huge, a million years old, and barks all night. I can't sleep through it and if I get earplugs I won't be able to hear my alarm. I've tried leaving the lights/TV on, making sure I let her out and give her enough water, petting her a lot before bed, everything I can think of and she won't shut up. There's nowhere in the house I can put her that I can't hear her. What should I do?
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(no subject)

Will you post something cheerful or uplifting?

Be it a quote, or youtube vid, or anything.

Sue me, I'm stressed and didn't look.

What's the last thing that pissed you off?
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wine poll

Long day was long. I had to spend the end of it with people who really piss me off. Now I am home, everyone else has FINALLY gone to bed, and I have a bottle of shiraz. I usually have to get up early but tomorrow the window install crew is getting here at 9:00 and I have the whole morning off. I won't need my mojo until noon and I can cruise through the afternoon as long as I'm 100% by workout time at 5:00.

How much wine should I drink?

one glass
two glasses
three glasses
whole bottle

Do you like shiraz?


I can't drink white wine because I kept gagging on it while playing Drinking Monopoly. What's a better drink for Monopoly?

ETA note to neongreenleaf: 151 is off the table ever since the Pavarotti Incident. I can't get it past my nose now.
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is there some sort of website of funny things extras do on-screen? sometimes I see extras in the background of movies/t.v. shows doing ridiculous things

have any of you guys been extras?
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Would you rather read someone's autobiography where (1)they had a ghostwriter write it so the writing is all top notch or (2)an autobiography where the person actually wrote it and while they are a decent writer, you can tell it isn't their job but you can also tell they had a good time writing the book and sharing their story?

How long do you wear purses?

Do you change your purse often, or do you wear it til it breaks?

I've had the same purse for probably close to 3 years now, I got it at UO for $50 dollars and I love it so much and wish I could just buy a new one of the same exact design. The leather is getting frayed around the edges and I just hope it lasts me another couple years. I don't really want to part with it.

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I'm working with children of adult ESOL students (the adults take classes at night and we watch/entertain the kids for 2 hours). Most of them are younger than the age group I'm most familiar with (I'm used to grades 5-8) and this particular org is non-profit and volunteer-based mostly, so I'm kind of at a loss as to what kind of activities I can do with them.

So what should I do with a group of about fifteen 5-to-12 year olds?

We have some very basic arts and crafts supplies and building blocks but I'm thinking more games or activities we can do as a group. We tried race car obstacle courses last night and that failed, mostly.
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Men, male-identifying individuals, and those who use men's public restrooms: would you appreciate the presence of hand moisturizer, hair-care products, fresh flowers, specially lotioned facial tissues, and other amenities often found in ladies' restrooms? Have you seen them around?

Everyone: What's your take on potpourri or scented air freshener in restrooms? Which is the most offensive scent? (obv it's Mixed Berry)

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Let's say every member of TQC were engaged in the world's hugest contiguous circle-fuck. Which member would you want behind you sexing you up, and who would you want ahead of you?


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Who is your favorite late night show host?

CRAIG FERGUSON. I'm seriously so in love with this man.

Can you give me some subjects to draw for tattoo flash designs? The more obscure the better. I NEED PRACTICE.