January 25th, 2010

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What is the purpose of putting all your medical/mental diagnoses in your profile? Do you think it is important for people to know every medical issue you have right off the bat? Is that what defines you?
TK and Kari

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Let's say your mom has a live-in boyfriend of one year who is a better father for you than your real dad. He picks you up from school, drives you to your SAT prep classes, helps you with homework, etc. But he and your mom aren't legally married.

Can he still count as your stepdad?

The Power!

Okay, I get that some people believe in the power of prayer. Does it work like this though?

Someone says they're really worried about someone, perhaps they've gone missing for a few days, and please, keep them in your prayers. The person in question shows up again a few days later, with no harm done to them and confused about the fuss. Someone responds saying "Oh it's so great they were fine! Power of prayer!! :D"

... see, I think it's more you prayed and panicked unnecessarily there (other than making yourself feel better), not that the prayer made them safe... retroactively (if that's the right term). I get that it was a good result. But did prayer keep them safe if you started praying two days after they went 'missing'?

I get if it's been someone who's been kidnapped and you know that something bad has happened, then perhaps, if you were religious, it makes sense to say it was the power of prayer.

If you're religious, do you have that sort of understanding of 'the power of prayer'?

Is it similar to my friend refusing to open letters before she blows on them for 'good luck' as if it would change the content of the letter that she's already got in her hand? (used to really confuse me).

If you don't know, what are some weird good luck superstitions some of your friends use?
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TQC, I've cleaned out my closet...what do I do with all the clothes I don't need? I am going to take some to Plato's closet, but aside from that, what is a good, solid cause to donate them to? Do battered women shelters (the forerunner in where I am thinking about taking them) care if I have a bagful of 199X Camp Appalachia tshirts, or will they be thankful for any donation I give?

DK/DC, when's the last time you cleaned out your closet?

ALSO, my friend always asks me why I don't like to hang out at her house, and why I don't like to third wheel it with her and her sister. First of all, I don't like to third wheel, and while I can typically dodge her question with that response, she seems to be pressing more and more. While the thirdwheel thing is true, her sister is also a huge bitch and I don't want to spend any more time than necessary with her. How do I get out of hanging out with them?

Yadda yadda yadda

Oh hey TQC, time for another ~relationship question~

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DK/DC - what are some of your favourite emoticons? I am fond of :D, >:C and :I

ETA Pfffhahaha, sorry about that. You guys told me pretty much what I already knew but didn't want to hear. Thanks <3 :)

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when you eat do you hork hork hork your food down quickly or savor every flavor?

do you keep your food quarantined on your plate or mix it all up?

do you eat all of one thing first, or do you eat a little bit of everything in rotation?

thank you

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Guys, I was just watching Law & Order and it left me wondering... if someone jumps off a roof to commit suicide and lands on a car, who's going to pay for the damage? City? Police? Life insurance?
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What are some strange misconceptions, habits, beliefs, etc that you got from your parents when you were little? Bonus points if they persist into adulthood.

My mom would always joke 'well it doesn't have a price tag it must be free!'. Well when I was five I took it a little too literally and grabbed a toy from somewhere. When my mom found out she flipped and drove all the way back to the store to return it and apologize. I also thought the only things you could buy in the store were the things on sale (I didn't know the difference between on/for sale). My mother was a die hard bargain hunter.
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TQC I need your help! I'm going to get my hair done tomorrow, and I'm finally getting bangs, after many years of being too scared to do it! But I don't know what kind of bangs I want. I think I would best with thick bangs, my mom insists on a thin fringe. I wear wigs for cosplay a lot and I've always liked how I looked with bangs.

What do you think?

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You've seen a place you'd like to rent. Is it reasonable to ask for certain things to be done to it before you move in? ie if there isn't a shower, is it okay to ask for one to be put in? (realising they don't have to oblige?)

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How old are you?

How many times have you moved in your life?
5... All of which have happened within the past 3 years.

How early do you start packing?
Usually 2 months... It seems that as soon as I'm unpacked, I'm packing again.

Am I packing too early?

dk/dc- What kind of milk do you drink??
Me &amp; Baby


what's your favorite breakfast cereal?
top 3?
do you like eating cereal dry?
it is currently lucky charms, but i love cereal
lucky charms, captain crunch, frosted flakes
i will eat it dry or w/icee cold milk. yummmmm

random questions are random

1. Do you partake in any tasks whilst on the toilet? (not reading)

2. For those who wear eye makeup...do you take it off before you go to sleep?

3. Have you ever been to Qdoba?

4. If you post entries in your lj regularly...what was the last thing you posted about?

5. Is it raining where you are?

6. Girls, if you use tampons, do you tuck in the string?

7. Do you prefer odd numbers or even numbers?

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What should I do for my birthday this year? i'm turning 17.

Am I a pussy for caving and asking for a cellphone? I don't really want one, but all of my friends are going off to college and they want to be able to call and text me, especially my sister.
That being said, what kind of cellphone should I get? I'm on Verizon.

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I've been having sad/morbid thoughts this morning since I saw a gorgeous orange cat (who looked like one of mine) on the side of the road. :(

What did you do with your pet(s) once they died? I know a lot of people bury them, some cremate, etc. My cats are getting older and I've never had a pet die so I really don't know what I'm supposed to do afterward. :(
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how do you cut out the people who are "bad for you" from your life?

(i know you'll probably just say "cut them out" but i'm sure some of you maybe know where i'm coming from, and that just "cutting them out" isn't as easy as it sounds. i have two guys i just want out of my life.)

will you tell me a time when you did this?

tl;dr backstory.
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these two guys are dbags and i should find someone worth my time? y/n?

also related: how do you go about meeting new people? i have a feeling i need new friends and new guys to interest me, and i've been in a rut for years now.

ETA: y'all are making me cry. i know it's what i needed to hear, but no one has ever said it... but you're sweet internet-strangers.

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I'm thinking about getting a netbook. All I need is the Internet - not interested in games, movies, etc.

Which one do you recommend?

I've had terrible luck with Dell, so I'd prefer other brands, though if you've had a good experience with a Dell netbook, I'd love to hear about it.

Blue Monday


*shrug* (the individual days are meaningless to me)
Huh? Exactly how long was I asleep?

Your day has started off _______

Like any other Monday
Unusually good. Like an angel just gave you a lapdance
Unexpectedly bad. Like an angel just kicked your happy place in the groin
Unexpectedly blah. Like an angel just started reciting the 2010 changes to the tax code
Slightly better with this poll
A lot worse with this poll. Get back to work, 4C!

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1) Guys, the cranky ass copy lady where I work fights me over colored paper. What exactly is her problem?

2) Do you ever feel you don't get taken seriously at your job because of your age? Or did, when you were younger.

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Poll #1516393 Random. Uber random

Who would make the most awesome centaur (half human/half horse)?

Dustin Hoffman
Conan O'Brian
Paris Hilton
Gary Coleman
Stephen Hawking
Glenn Close
Janeane Garofalo
Gary Shandling
Alex Trebek
George Lopez
Tilda Swinton
Larry King
Betty White
Simon Cowell

Who would make the most awesome mermaid/merman?

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Fairchild
Elijah Wood
Jodie Foster
Samuel Jackson
Linda Hamilton
Pamela Anderson
Stephen Colbert
Danny Devito
Selma Blair
Blaire from the Facts of Life
Khloe Kardasian
Ralph Nader
Carrot Top

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1)Would you rather have a good series that is cut off in the middle or a good series that runs just a little too long?

2)What are your symptoms?

sore throat, head ache.

3)Opinions on Plants vs Zombies?

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 You guys, this weekend my dad surprised me with an extremely extravagant, but VERY unneeded, gift.  He doesn't do these things often, but when he does, he goes big.  However, I hate it when he does this, because it doesn't fit my personality.  How can I explain to my dad that I feel uncomfortable with what he does, as I like practical gifts, without making him think I'm not appreciative for all that he does for me (including these gifts)?   Because I am so grateful, and he is a wonderful dad....but, I think he just thinks that because I am a female, I expect expensive gifts.  When I'd actually really appreciate the occasional, like, grocery store gift card instead - REALLY appreciate it, actually.

I feel like I have attempted to explain myself a billion times, but he just laughs it off....

if you dk/dc, what is the last thoughtful gift you received from someone you love?  Or the last thoughtful gift you gave?
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Will you tell me about the most annoying houseguest you ever had?

How many days can somebody stay at your place before you feel like they have overstayed their welcome?

I just had my worst houseguest ever over this weekend for 3 days and by the middle of day 2, I was ready to strangle him to death. Never ever ever again will he be allowed to stay the night at my house. Never.

Do you think you have ever been THAT houseguest? What do you do to make sure you aren't?


What movie would you like to see be turned into a Broadway musical?

Rain Man
Jesus Camp
No Country For Old Men
The Lovely Bones
Mean Girls
Night of the Living Dead
Paranormal Activity
Boyz in the Hood
Groundhog Day
The Matrix
Knocked Up
Inglorious Bastards

favorite browser?

I know this has been asked many times before, but what's your favorite browser and why?

Firefox keeps crashing on me lately (at least I think it's Firefox; my laptop runs better when I'm not using it) and I'm looking for something else to try out.

frontal lobe maturation

To celebrate my frontal lobe reaching full maturation today, I feel I should do something spontaneous and impulsive. What are some things I can do? Srs & non-srs answers!

Bonus points, given the reference above, what significance does today hold for me?

Don't care, what kind of deodorant do you use?

Deleted double post, sorry for the spam!
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According to my last post you have helped me decide that those two guys are jerks and I am going to try and get them out of my life as painlessly as possible and hopefully find a way to make some more friends who care about me. Thank you TQC.

Most of you also reminded me of my awful self-esteem which came through when I was explaining the situation.

So my next question is how do you feel better about yourself? Whether it's just to feel better about yourself, or maybe after a break-up or whatever... what do you do? I've gained a little bit of weight recently, and although I'm nowhere near overweight, I don't feel great so I think I might start working out again... but is there anything else I can/should do?
What would/do YOU do to boost your self-esteem?

Is there any feel-good-about-yourself upbeat songs that you like to listen to with a "I deserve better than you" theme? Will you share them with me?


I forgot that my pants were in the washer and now I have to either wear wet pants or ugly pants to work when I leave in 15m.  Which should I wear, wet or ugly?

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To make a long story short I've spent the past hour or so trying to tell a friend how she can help her current emotional and legal situation and trying to convince her to get some form of therapy, because she really does need someone to talk to. However it all goes in one ear and out the other. What was the last point at which you felt you were up against a brick wall, trying to help but not being listened to?

Dk/Dc, how do you fix a headache?
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Vacation/Time Away that's not a vacation

When your SO has to go somewhere and you can't go, for whatever reason, how do you feel?
Do you view it as a chance to catch up on some "me" time or do you just feel your heartstrings tearing?
Do you freak out and call them every 5 minutes or do you let them call on their own time because their schedule is special and yours isn't?

EDIT: Not me!!!! :) I just don't get the people who ARE like that. My BF is gone a week and people are giving me SYMPATHY that I just don't understand. I also have a friend who won't visit longer than a day or two because she "can't be away from her husband that long".

Work & School

Should I drop my Chem A class?

I am currently working full time and enrolled in Chemistry A and Sociology 1. Chem A is a not-for-credit prerequisite course for Chem 1a, which is general chemistry. I need to take Chem 2a, which is inorganic chemistry specifically for nursing, physical therapy, dental hygiene, etc majors. 

I feel like it might prepare me a bit more for the next "real" chemistry class I take, even though it's not really geared towards that specific branch of chemistry... But I work late at night and I have to get up very early in the morning for the class. It's the first week and I'm still struggling just to get the small amount of homework done so I'm considering just focusing on Sociology this semester and taking more classes next year when I don't have to work as much.

What do you think?

And anyone else working full time while going to school? How many courses are you taking?

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How has this Monday treated you?

My boss pulled me into the office today to let me know that I was getting laid off due to budget cuts. My last day is this Friday.

That was my day in a nutshell

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I'm trying to up my vegetable intake. So far it's working if I use them as snacks. My mum does this really good salad of cheese and tomato cubed with salad dressing.

What other veggie snacks can I create?

ETA: my flatmates are playing their music very loudly with the doors wide open. Sound travels VERY well in this flat. Considering my other flatmate was in a pretty bad car crash yesterday, this is pretty selfish, yes?

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Okay, my friend told me that if you want to wake up at a certain time in the morning, all you have to do is bang your head on the pillow. SO when you're going to sleep, before you close your eyes you'd bang your head 7 times and then you'll wake up at 7, or bang your head 8 times and you'll wake up at 8 etc.

So I tried this last night because I'd been up till 2am, but had to get up about 6 for work. So I set my alarm for 6:10 and banged my head 6 times. Then I woke up very suddenly without my alarm going off, and I checked the time and it was EXACTLY 6 o'clock!

Has anyone else heard of this?

Or have you recieved any other old wives tips that have strangely worked in practise?

no reason...

Have you ever had the urge to slice off your eyelids?

What's been the strangest thing you've had the urge to do?

EDIT: Also, why is my dad flipping channels between Lady Gaga videos and Keeping up with the Kardashians? Should I be concerned?

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Somewhat depressing rant ahead.

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What is wrong with me? Why can't I make friends? Do I smell funny or something? Am I secretly invisible? Because that would actually be pretty cool. The invisibility thing, I mean.

Srs and non-srs answers. Make me laugh or something.

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I've been given the great honour of making the Australia Day CD for tomorrow. So can you recommend some good Aussie rock & country songs please?

So far I've got all of the standard (Run To Paradise, Khe Sanh etc etc). I just don't want to miss anything good!

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Have any of you ever gone on a Contiki tour? Opinions?
Have you gone on any other organized tours?
Any suggestions for how to travel abroad? Any other tour groups to check out? (I live in Vancouver BC, Canada & I want to go to Europe I think)

Basically, I was supposed to go on a field study trip to Africa but a bunch of stuff fell through therefore it is no longer happening.
I have the money saved, and blah blah blah I want to go on a trip with it to celebrate graduating college, but I've heard some mixed reviews about Contiki's.

Any sort of opinion would be great :)
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i've googled and it doesn't sound like just another case of dehydration...the symptoms don't match up. do you think the weed was laced with something? and if so, what do u think it was? i smoked only one cone and was alright, my brother was stoned but not disoriented. we've both smoked up for years but never passed out from it.
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If you worked closely with HIV positive patients in a medical setting, would it make you nervous?

If your sexual partner worked closely with HIV positive patients in a medical setting, would it make you nervous?
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i've been googling for a while and haven't found anything quite like what i'm looking for - maybe my wording is not correct but -

basically i got a job at a fine dining restaurant and i was told to study up on how to serve alcoholic beverages. what to ask when someone orders a martini, etc. i don't drink so really i have no clue. any bartenders or fine dining servers here who could point me in the right direction? any books you could suggest picking up? i'm not really concerned with how to actually make the drink because the bartender will be doing that (the knowledge couldn't hurt, but-)... more of how to present and what to ask for.

is fine dining a pain in the ass or easier than serving at a family restaurant?
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I am shopping for a ginormous television, and I can't get much more tv for my money if I buy a projection telly. I'm seeing some great prices on Amazon, and will go to some stores and look properly, but what are your opinions, TQC? Are DLPs better than they used to be?

Video Games.

So apparently Mass Effect 2 is the most antcipated video game of 2010.

Are you looking forward to ME2?

Are you going to the midnight release of ME2?

What other video game are you excited about this year?

Are you more excited for that one than ME2?

1) YES!

2) YES!

3) Bioshock 2 and Halo Reach. God of War 3 (though I won't be able to play it.)

4) No.

Edit: Does anyone know if Fable 3 is coming out this year? 'cause I'm excited about that if so.

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Your very Catholic parents pressure you every day to join some sort of church youth group, or the choir, or teach sunday school. You are actually quite athiest, but go to church to keep your parents' spiritual fears at bay. But there's no way you could get more involved with Jesus/God/Trinity/Mary without feeling like a big fat liar (well, bigger than you already are). Your parents believe it is impossible to meet nice young charitable folk in organizations outside of Catholicism. What do you do?
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If you were given $8000, how would you invest it?

If the grocery store employees bagged your deli meat in the same bag with two loaves of bread and you didn't notice it and the meat got left out on the counter for hours hiding under the bread, would you throw it away and buy more or take it back and explain what happened and ask for an exchange/refund? bad_service or customer_suck?

eta: it's ok, bbs! i'm not taking it back! I threw it away as soon as I noticed it; I was just asking because my husband said to take it back, but I'm not gonna.

Fake cat whisker material.

What is the material used to make cat whiskers for cat masks? Is it unused fiber optic fibers? I thought they might be, but I found no black fiber optic fibers.
I need to buy some to finish a cat mask.
I've been Googling and can't find anything.
So, is my only option to go to a Halloween store and buy a cheap cat mask, to scavenge its whiskers?
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tqc, i want to bake tonight. i have all of the necessities (flour, sugar, eggs, oil, etc.) plus baking chocolate and powdered sugar. wanna link me to recipes to make?

dk/dc: what did you/are you having for dinner?

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Do you know the names of your Senators and Representative? What do you think of each of them?

Edit: Sorry, that's really American-centric. For you Britishers/Frogs/Canucks/Aussies/whatevas, tell me about the politicians who represent you!
Old Fashioned
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Tee Kew See:

How long does fudge last in the freezer?

What kind of candy things could I make now, freeze, and have them still be tasty in 2-3 weeks?

Who is your favourite Batman?

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Dear TQC,

I get my hair highlighted on a sort of 8-10 week schedule. I'm getting pretty close to needing to get it done (7 weeks), but I'm going on a cruise in 3 weeks and when I get back it'll have been 11 weeks.

Should I get my hair done before I go or wait until after? If I spend a week lying in the sun is it going to fade/discolor/otherwise mess up my dye job?
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Girls: You are in a long-term committed relationship. Your period is late. How long until you tell your boyfriend? Do you take a test before saying anything?

Guys: How soon would you want to know? Would you want your girlfriend to tell you before she takes a test, or wait until she knows for sure?
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Let's say you eloped, completely alone, no one you knew was at the wedding, no gifts, no honeymoon etc.. Several years later you want a real wedding with a dress and reception and stuff like that. Your family and friends are super excited about this and want to attend and help out.

-Should this be called a wedding? 2nd wedding? Vow renewal?
-Is it tacky to suggest a donation towards a honeymoon as a gift? Or even expect a gift, since they're already married and have their home set up, etc.?
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TQC, I've lived in a dorm for 3 years and am making the move to an apartment along with 2 of my friends starting in May.

What's some shit I need for said apartment that I probably don't already have in a dorm and probably also haven't thought about getting?
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pierced nipples? Ick or woo?  And for any of you who've had it done, did they grow afterward? 
If you see somebody with their tounge pierced, do you immediately assume it's for a sexual reason or the person is slutty/whatever?
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What to do with it

eat on sandwiches
Baconnaise shots
dip bacon in it
dip onion rings in it
frost cake with it
car polish
hairball medicine
emergency camping fuel
for when you're not so regular
for when you're not so fresh

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I know this is not a normal kind of question but I'm forever indebted to whoever can help me out.

I found a photo of me that I like but it has my ex boyfriend in the picture. Would anybody be able to cut him out of the photograph for me please? I have no photoshop skills whatsoever. Thank you very very much in advance!

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DGAF - Do you feel your age? I'm 27 and I feel as if I'm only 19 or 20.

this might be the codeine talking

Let's assume that we all have dogs, and that our dogs all make it BLATANTLY OBVIOUS when they want to play. Like, they bring us toys and dump them on our laptop keyboards until we take them and play tug of war and/or throw them.

Do you ever feel bad when your doggy is all LET'S PLAY!!?! but you don't want to play? Like do you feel bad ...turning it down? lol

If you don't want to play along and don't really have a dog,, will you tell me something good about your day? Doesn't have to be a big thing... just something that made you smile? :)

(no subject)

What was the last thing that made you hot and bothered? Why?

What was the last thing that made you feel guilty? Why?

Who was your last inappropriate crush?
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I have a friend whose dad died friday night. This friend and I usually text a lot daily, and the last time we talked was saturday afternoon when he told me. The conversation was short, just him telling me, and I told him I'm sorry etc.

I am not good with these sort of things.

I know its only monday night, should I give him more time (in case he's with family) or should I just send something saying "hello"? I kinda want to just see that he's alright but I have NO idea what to say. He doesn't talk about his feelings and I don't want to be or come off as intrusive :/

So what should I send him, since I already gave him my condolences?

Or should I just leave him alone? How long should I not bother him, if that's the answer?

ETA: Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I bundled all your advice up. I let him know I'm here if he needs anything. He said he's not really talking to anyone and he pretty much broke my heart (for him). He just needs some space, I'd probably be the same way. But thank you all, you made me much less awkward than I would have been.
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During the summer, I want to do an immersion program in Montreal, but I don't really have extra money. What are some ways I can raise some?

So far I'm thinking about a garage sale or jambalaya sale (maybe at the same time).

(no subject)

1)How many years behind are you in your fandoms?

anime? I think I'm 5 years behind. Video games- maybe 2 or 3.

2)Do you think our society places too much emphasis on sexual/romantic relationships?

3)Who do you like better- Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?
veet baby @ the beach

(no subject)

What are your favorite quotes?

What are your favorite lyrics? (5 line MAXIMUM please, I don't want to read whole songs unless they're really THAT epic)

Can you please post a photograph that makes you happy?
admiral wiggles intrepid space explorer

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former smokers of TQC, how did you kick the habit? did you quit smoking cold turkey, use a patch, or just pick up some esoteric trivial habit to consume your attention so you didn't feel like smoking?

did it stick or have you gone back to smoking?

any tips for someone who wants to quit after 5 years of heavy smoking?

(no subject)

What's your experience with purposeful weight loss? Horror stories? Success stories?

I'm 5'4/165. I want to lose twenty to twenty-five pounds over the following year. I already walk about a mile or two every day. My diet's a little unhealthy, and I'm working on that. What other exercise would you add to get someone totally out of shape looking and feeling a bit fitter?
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should i go to class tomorrow?

pros: will give me something to do. it's the first day of school.

cons: will most likely drop the classes i have scheduled & switch schedule around. it'll be cold. i'm not sure i'm up for it.

if you don't care: what's your favorite form of exercise? (yoga, boxing, treadmill, etc)
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Hyde &amp; Jacky
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tqc, will you please validate on what i REALLY want to do?

i'm in a club at my college. we plan a lot of events and lately, there has been a lot of "attacking" of ideas and putting down other people. i'm really tired of all of this back and forth. i want to get rid of all this unnecessary bickering but i feel bad because they would be short a person and someone else just left approximately a month ago (for other reasons).

should i leave?

have you ever been in this sort of position?


Are your parents still together, separated, or divorced?

If they're separated/divorced, how old were you when that happened?

How did they tell you?

How did you feel about it? 
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TQC, can you make me feel better?

I had a big day planned for tomorrow (Australia Day) and now my best mate has bailed on me. We were suppose to have a bbq then go out to the club for the arvo while we waited for our other mates to get back from the beach. But my best mate just called me & said he'd come over for the bbq but isn't coming out with me.

I'm guessing it's because he went out tonight & got drunk with the money he was suppose to use for our alcohol tomorrow, seeing as I bought a $50 slab of beer & 2 packs of smokes for us last week!

And the rest of my friends are going to the beach for the day & I really don't want to go because I don't feel comfortable being surrounded by a bunch of blonde beach bunnies looking gorgeous while I sit there at 115kg (250lbs) in my swimmers.