January 24th, 2010

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 I just saw a commercial for Colon Health. Does that work? My stomach is killing me even though I've been eating healthy and drinking lots of water. I need to exercise more though.

How often do you "clean out" your closet and throw out/donate clothes?

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Is it true that if you use a box dye to dye your hair red -when it's originally brown- it will strip your hair and turn out a nasty brassy orange color?
If you have brown hair and you've successfully dyed your hair red on your own, how'd that go / what did you do?

Don't know / don't care: What is the latest and / or most depressing movie you've seen?

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My parents got divorced 3 or so months ago. My mom was dating this other guy, and some stuff happened and she told him he was going back to my dad.

I just got a phone call from my boyfriend asking why I didn't tell him that my parents got remarried. I had NO IDEA; his family saw it in the paper and asked him about it.

Have any of your parents/families kept something from you? I'm not sure how to feel about this.
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Serious business question.

What are your opinions on people who self-harm? (Cutting, et cetera.) Do you think they're weak and pathetic for not being able to deal with their problems, or think that they just need help?

Have you ever had to deal with a friend who self-harms? What did you do, and did it work?

ETA: this question brought on by idiot I follow on Tumblr saying that she doesn't feel bad for self-injurers at all and they deserve it. Which annoyed me enough to ask here. So yeah.

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who was your first same-sex crush?
i'm pretty sure mine was either mulan or danielle fishel (topanga on boy meets world). she's still pretty damn hot (topanga, that is).

did you watch the tonight show last night? ngl i choked up a little bit during conan's piece at the end (YES I HAVE CRIED ABOUT HAITI TOO FWIW).

why am I still up?

3:12am and still wide awake.

I was never an insomniac before, but the past 2 weeks I never get to bed before 2am it seems like. Might be the insane amounts of coffee I drink at work to remain motivated, but today I only had half a cup at breakfast... it's gotta be something else. Maybe I just have tons of energy these days?

If you're also awake right now, what are you doing? Watching TV? Reading?

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The police just came looking for my flatmate.(in university halls, at 4am) They were talking about blood in his room and seemed pretty keen to find him. He's nice enough but a bit of a chancer.

Why did they want him?!

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tqc ever heard the saying 'woman driver, no survivors'? today I was hit by a woman driver who almost ran me over in the parking lot... I survived, so does this mean the old wise saying isn't true or did she just want to swap insurance and contact information to come finish the job later?
(even after I insisted I was ok minus a light scrape)
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I want to make a recipe that calls for chopping up nuts and fruit in a food processor. I don't have one, but I do have a blender. How effectively can a blender be used for this purpose? Any tips for making sure it comes out right? Googling has told me that blenders can be used as food processors, but only in reference to specific recipes and none talked about fruit and nuts so idk how well this will work.

Alternative q: Gene Roddenberry's son is auctioning off many of his father's belongings to raise money for Haiti. The auction includes his driver's license. I can see why die-hard fans would want to own it, but it seems really weird to auction it off. What do you think? Is that a strange thing to sell? Would YOU want to own it?

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I went to bed at 4 am and woke up at about 8:15 this morning. Should I just stay up so I'll be tired tonight? I'm never up this early, especially on a Sunday..what do I do?

Wnat are you doing today?

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If you have a wedding band, how many mm is it? My fiance was looking at bands on etsy and came across a few he liked, including this matching set. The only thing I worry about is the women's ring being 6 mm -- I don't want it to look too wide. Is 6 mm too big?

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ETA: Thanks for all your input! We decided on a 4mm one instead.
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I'm 24 and finally at the point where if I can apply for financial aid on my own as an independent. This is fantastic because although my parents are living off one income for 3 children and just getting by, I haven't lived with them for 4 years and I still had to be considered a dependent so I didn't qualify for a dime of financial aid.

I applied the other day and it said my EFC (estimated family contribution) is 9861. I have no idea what this means. I googled the be-jesus out of it and it still isn't very clear. FAFSA said this isn't a dollar for dollar amount, meaning 9861 does not equal $9,861 I'd have to contribute. I certainly hope not because I just bought a house and have zero dollars left to myself.

Anyone good with financial aid business and have any clue what this means?

If you don't know and/or care do you love the movie Overboard. I sure do.
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Do you leave valuables in your car overnight? (They can either be monetarily valuable or emotionally valuable).

Does it depend on where you are parking?

Personally, I don't leave anything of value in my car. Maybe it's habit from growing up in a big city. But I've heard so many stories lately of people having their iPods or family treasures stolen from their cars overnight. I don't understand why people leave that sort of stuff in the car.
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For those for you who are both female and non-white, do you feel you experience more racism or sexism? What race are you btw?

Edit: For those of you being "lol sexism", I'm from a culture where my dad didn't want me because I wasn't born a boy. So yes it does depend heavily on your environment.
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Our handyman (landlord's bff) called us last week to see when we would be awake today so he could stop by and hook up our new washer and dryer. We told him anytime after 10:30 was fine, and I set my alarm for 10:30 so we wouldn't still be passed out.
It's almost 1. When will he be here?

Why am I suddenly domestic? I made coffee cake (from scratch!) last week and there's delicious-smelling banana bread in the oven now.

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My roomie is gone for the weekend so I figured I'd turn the fridge down a little since I like my drinks really cold. Well, needless to say, I exploded a cherry Dr. Pepper. Now I have all of our sodas sitting out so they can unfreeze before I put them back in. :D

What's the last stupid thing you did?

What is your favorite kind of soda?

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My sister recently started her freshman year at college. She struggles a lot in school, and I am very proud of her for getting into college.

I want to get her a care package. What should I get her? What is a good website for sources?

ETA: I'm gonna ditch the website idea - thanks guys :) Keep 'em coming!

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 What do you think about people from the south in the United States?
What about Louisiana?
If you're from Louisiana, have you been asked stupid questions about running water/alligators or get treated like you're uneducated?
Do you say ma'am/sir?

DK/DC, What movie do you think everyone should see before they die?

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Chocolate graham crackers + peanut butter: does this sound delicious or not so good?

I wish I had some marshmallow fluff to put on them! :(

What's your favorite cracker-and-spread snack combination?

I looooove Ritz crackers with Alouette garlic & herb cheese spread.

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So, my Californian roommate and Vancouverite me are sitting here with Secret Life of an American Teenager on in the background, and I notice on of the girls is wearing boots...in her house? Wot.

She said it's more common in the U.S., where people walk into their house and just don't take their shoes off. I've never seen anyone in Canada do this, unless they were planning on leaving again right away.

TQC - is it really more common to wear your shoes around the house in the U.S.?

ETA: Oh my goodness, the things I learn! I'll keep this in mind if I travel the U.S. - If you travel to Canada, definitely take your shoes off! :P
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Help me TQC. I... bite my nails. I'd really like to stop so I could have pretty nails. So tell me, members who have also at one time bitten your nails, HOW did you stop???

Also, when I go through a period of not biting my nails, my nails always break. Is there anything I can use/do to get them stronger?

If none of this nail-biting tom-foolery concerns you... Will you tell me about a time you broke a bad habit?
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If you're going to a show with general admission, how rude is it to wait in line and let your friends cut before doors or save seats once you're inside?

I'm seeing Craig Ferguson tonight with my parents and they don't want to wait at all, but I want decent seats. They don't go to anything with general admission normally.

ETA: They also bought the tickets as a Christmas present, so it'd be rude not to sit with them.

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To my fellow Aussies,
What are you guys all up to on Australia Day?
If you don't have anything planned, what do you usually do?

To my Kiwi neighbours,
What are you guys all up to on Waitangi Day/New Zealand Day?
If you don't have anything planned, what do you usually do?

My arches will thank you for your advice.

I'm a size 12 shoe, and usually the only real place I can afford to buy shoes (nice shoes that are in my size, that is) are in Payless or Avenue. I tend to wear flat shoes (chuck taylors, flats, etc) and I have trouble walking in high heels. I normally buy one set of shoes at a time (yes I know, I'm cheap okay?) so the store can't be too expensive. I also have flat arches, so my feet hurt when I walk around too much.

Basically, my question is: where is a good store to get shoes and boots with a short, chunky heel?
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When you have to type a paper that involves a lot of specific, scientific terms and phrases, is it okay to copy from the book? Not the whole entire thing of course, but is it alright to use a few of the same sentences? I'm having a hard time wording things any other way than how they are in the book.

Do you have homework you need to do?
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If someone posted this:

Shame on us America: the only country where we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed without eating, elderly going without needed meds, and mentally ill without treatment - yet we have a benefit for the people of Haiti on 12 TV stations. 99% of people won't have the guts to copy and repost this.

To your facebook feed, how would you respond?

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It's my 25th birthday in a couple of weeks.

House party v. going to the pub/club

Which option and why?

I'm dithering because a lot of my friends are skint and going out could be costly. BUT most of my friends live on the other side of the city so going out in the city centre means it will be easier for them to get there.

Also having party at home could mean lots of tidying up post party :(

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Ladies, I'm having a bit of a mood drop which I strongly suspect is related to my period. Now I'm in the postion where I feel bad, but I know once I'm off it, I'll be as bright and cheery as I normally am. Doesn't stop me from feeling low though. What do you do when your mood is so pathetically hormonal?

DK/DC, what kind of questions do you normally ask at TQC?

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Kind of inspired by a below post.

If someone's house or room is dirty, do you let them know? Does it bother you even?

I told my guy friend that his room smelled like stale cigarettes and mildew, and my boyfriend thought that was rude? I figured he'd like to know. Whatever.
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I've been googling off and on all day and have come up with mixed opinions on the matter.

If you've ever had mono before, how did terrible did you feel and for how long?

If you were in university when you got mono, how did you handle your classes? Were your professors generally understanding or not?

Was there anything that made you feel significantly better or more rested while sick?

EDIT: Did you go to class with mono? How terrible would it be if I did?

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Because TQC always manages to provide me with excellent fashion advice:

Collapse )

I decided on D after all, I think I can dress it up/down and wear it to a wider variety of places than the others. Thanks guys!

DK/DC - what is your favourite sport to watch on TV?

I've got one hand in my pocket and the other is turning the page.

I should learn how to not get pissed off over casual everyday stupidity in the American business place. You wanna know what gets me pissed off? I'll tell you what gets me pissed off. Incorrect signage. That's what.

Like you see the sign over the soup tureen at the buffet place, and the sign says "New England Clam Chowder". You lift the lid, and inside you find something that looks like chili. New England clam chowder is white because it is milk-based. Chili is brown because it is beef based. They don't look anything like each other. It is just that someone put out the new soup and didn't bother to change the sign, and there isn't a manager walking around to notice that sort of thing.


ETA additional questionage:

What are some examples of incorrect signage that annoy you?

What are your non-signage pet peeves?

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Let's say you have offered to give a friend a ride somewhere at 5 o'clock. You arrive in their driveway at 5 and they say they'll be right out, so you put the car in park but leave it running while you wait. At what time would you rescind your offer of a ride and drive away?

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Tee Cue See-
Can you identify this cheese?
It came in a wheel, it had an ashy white coating, soft and spreadable, with a light nutty flavor. The cheese was not super white like the ash coating.
It was delicious and I want to buy it. It was for sample with some chocolates at a busy floral shop, so I couldn't ask:(

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How do I stay up for 3 more hours? I don't want to drink caffeine or anything because I need to go to sleep early, but don't want to go to sleep TOO early. It's only 7 and I'm exhausted.

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Tommorrow is my first day of college classes since I graduated high school. I have been planning to go and saving to go for almost 2 years. However, I am currently sick with the flu/strep throat(I think), and I feel horrible.

Would you A) suck it up and go to class, or B) Stay home and email all your teachers and beg for mercy?
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TQC, my throat is absolutely DESTROYED from three days of coughing and spastic vomiting from this damn sickness. I can barely swallow.

I already know the basics for food (smoothies, tea, soups, popsicles), but do you know anything else or any recipes that are easy to go down and will not cause anymore damage? Please, I'm literally getting dizzy from not being able to eat.
And yes, am going to doctor tomorrow.

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1)What sort of questions make you eye roll?

can a man and woman just be friends? yes, duh.

2)Do you like fish with the heads still on?

3)You have bacon watermelon juice. What do you do with it?
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Does anyone have the rasterbator standalone file? The actual site is down and I really want to crank a few out and hang them.

Do you have any rasterbations hanging? Are they in black and white or color? Will you show us pics?
I have a britney spears rasterbation in black and white, don't have pics!

Have you ever been in a tornado? Did that affect your level of fear with them? (eg were you afraid before and not afraid now, more afraid)
Never been in one...really bad weather here tonight though, might see one yet

If you had to be one of the brats from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, who would you be?
Veruca Salt, she was a spoiled rotten little bitch
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Hi Doctor TQC!

On Wednesday I got my 4th flu/cold of this winter season (I normally only get one). I stayed home on Tthursday and Friday and feel much better; I dont sneeze or cough or have headaches/pain. But when I go out, and the cold wind blows, or someone smokes near me, I feel a light difficulty to breathe, like I needed to make an effort, take deeper breaths and a weird uncomfortable feeling stays for a bit in my throat and lungs.

Is this normal due to the cold air, cigarettes and the maybe still sore throat or should I take this seriously and get myself to the doctor?

DK/DC: How often are you sick?
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Poll #1516108 pea pods

w/peas or empty?

w/full-grown peas
w/unripe/no peas
ew no pea pods

if they have ripe peas inside, do you eat the pods too?

ew no pea pods
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After seeing Watchmen for the second time (and being a longtime fan of the trade paperback), I have to ask...which character and his/her ideals and moral code did you relate to the most? I'm not asking who your favorite character was, but the one you identified with moreso than the rest

Silk Spectre II
Dr. Manhatten
Night Owl II

Saints or Colts?

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Maybe Moving

My SO and I have lived in this apartment for 15 months. Overall, we're happy with it. But we've had a regular problem with the neighbors being noisy for at least the last 6 months. (We've complained to the management 10 times and called the police 4.)

Our lease is up this month. We have to give 60 days notice to move out.

We went to the office today and spoke to one of the managers, telling them that we're SICK of the noise and we wanted to give our notice.

The manager was upset, cause she knew about the problem and had been warning the neighbors for months, but it was obvious to me they were never going to do anything about it until we threatened to leave.

So, the manager asked us what they could do to keep us there, saying maybe she could give us something off our rent. (We've always paid rent on time and never had any complaints against us.) We told her we didn't know, but the neighbors above MUST GO.

She said okay and said she would talk to her boss and see what they could arrange.

TQC, what will my apartment manager offer me to keep me to stay?
What should I demand?

Sidenote: We feel like we're getting a little ripped off on our rent. This place is nice but old, poorly insulated, and a little expensive for the quality of the area and interior. We looked at new apartments the last two days and found a place we really like, so considering all that we want to be somewhat picky on what we accept. Personally I feel like for the crap we've had to put up with, we should demand a really good deal.

Tl;Dr Version: My neighbors suck. My management agrees and wants to offer me lower rent and kick the neighbors. What should I demand?

pipe dreams...

So, I'm in San francisco for 6 months. I'm trying to convince my BFF to come visit me around may, say for a week-10 days. Since he'd be flying in from Australia, we could go pretty much anywhere (I would just fly to wherever he lands and met him).

He is not really into cultural stuff, ie museums, art galleries, live music, etc. He likes to gamble, he likes to chill out at the beach, he likes outdoorsy things but nothing too strenuous (like long hikes).

I was thinking maybe Hawaii, but I really don't know that much about the states. Where would be an awesome fun place for us to go?
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I'm trying to save money by bringing my lunch to work rather than buying it, but when I go to the refrigerator to pack my lunch, I find myself staring blankly for a few minutes, and then saying "fuck it; I'll go buy a salad". Give me some inspiration. If you pack a lunch for work, what do you bring? Difficulty: no meat or eggs.

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so i decided i want start dressing better because i guess that will help a little with my anxiety and general confidence problems. what sites/magazines/blogs do you look at for inspiration?

i am generally afraid to step out of my comfort zone. i'm plus sized, but am making an effort to lose weight. i am in jeans ALL THE TIME because i think that i have enormous ugly calves and shorts/skirts will be just insulting to people's eyes :( i have a lot of black stuff but i really want to take a step with colours. yay me? i also do not wear makeup because i think i already have a gigantic face-makeup will just draw attention to it. i haven't had a haircut in months and i also never did anything with my hair before. my most expensive haircut was around $10 so you can guess how.....behind i am.
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This job I want to apply for says in the description they are looking for "New Media (***please describe in your email response) skills" and I'm kind of unsure what exactly would be good to put. Should I say I'm an expert at Twitter and Facebook and shit, or what exactly do you think they're looking for?

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Do you or any of your friends get into physical fights with strangers and/or people who have wronged them? What do you think about these people? Does physical violence confuse you as much as it confuses me? Just... WHY?!? Is it ever justifiable?

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Wtf is Hask Placenta and why is my mom spraying it in her hair?!

Do you ever mock your SO's accent? Assuming they have one. In a sweet non-mean way lol.

My SO has a slight accent when he says COLD he says it like CODE, and when he says PULLED it sounds like POOD. I think it's just cute and funny.

What kind of child were you?

I was a slight brat, who talked a lot. I was kind of annoying really..

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help me name my pup:

so, i just adopted a new pup...Collapse )Collapse )

...and am thinking of naming her 'CONAN'.
...or 'COCO'.

aside from honoring conan o'brien's amazingness, i'm thinking it's fitting because:
1. they're both my favorite.
2. they're both pale.
3. they both have amazing orange-y hair.
4. they both have beady, beady eyes. O_O

so, 'conan' as her name?

i realize i'll have to correct a lot of people when they think she's a boy.
but i don't care.

opinions? suggestions?!

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1. What was the last thing that made you laugh so hard that your stomach hurt or you cried?

2. Do you think the Dutch know about that whole Dutch oven (under the covers) thing?

3. What are you allergic to (if anything)?

4. What was the first book you read?
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I just found a piece of mail, straight from the mailbox, entirely without an envelope. It has my name, address, last four of a credit card and balance info. How freaked out should I be? What (if anything) should I do?

Serious and non-serious answers please.
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