January 23rd, 2010

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Do you think scars are sexy? Are you generally attracted to people who look "stereotypical" for their sex or the opposite? [Pretty boys vs manly men, girly girls vs tomboyish girls]

I find myself frequently attracted to people who look damaged. Mmm I love a good black eye.
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in honor of conan's last show tonight, he asked his fans not to be cynical and that he hates cynicism i can't remember exactly what he said - but something along the lines of it never gets anyone anywhere however, being kind will take you places.

so, do you hate cynicism, and do you agree?


1. I am looking for a specific horror-genre book that I read as a kid and cannot remember the title of... The cover was a creepy-looking indoor pool, and the basic idea of the book was that the pool had been built on an Indian burial ground or something, and there was a strange being in the pool killing people. Does anyone remember it???

2. Just for fun... Post some of your favorite childhood books! :D

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I have two 3 tier plastic tubs full to top of Legos. I acquired them around 7 years ago when my best friend's brother didn't want them anymore, and my best friend and I were in the ~playing with Legos is cool~ phase. I haven't touched them in years.

What do I do with them?! They're taking up space in my room and I could be using those tubs for makeup, shoes, etc. But do I just throw them out? Would someone accept them as a donation? I don't even know.
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I've been applying to lots of jobs via Craigslist.
All of them seemed fairly legitimate, but they keep emailing back that I need to apply using some sort of online application (for the most part from different sites).

Has anyone else had this problem?
Are any of them legitimate?
Its getting rather annoying.

What's your favorite snacky cake?

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TQC, this is probably worded poorly, so I'm sorry if it sounds wrong.

Do you know anyone who justifies bad habits or other things with 'It's just the way I am, I can't change who I am lol' or something similar? How do you deal with this person?

One of my roommates has terrible impulse control, and whenever we talk about it he always says something like that to justify it. It really bothers me because the only reason I am somewhat mentally stable and got over my psych problems was learning impulse control :\

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How can you have a healthy relationship with a significant other, if the most important relationship (mother-daughter) failed?

Feel free to let me know how you dealt with it and/or your thoughts on the subject.

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Say you just got out of a 3 year relationship. How long would you wait to just chill out and re-find yourself before getting into another serious relationship? Can this even be quantified?

ETA: I was all, okay I'm going to wait at least a year before I get into something serious again! But now I'm like... okay if I want something, and I think its healthy for me, and good for the other person... why not, why try to stick to this arbitrary thing I decided on a while ago? Does that make sense? I guess I just want to be sure I'm thinking straight. It's been a while since I've been single so yeah, this feels very new for me.

LOL I've been coming to you guys for dating/relationship issues a lot lately. Lots of people have said well thought out things. Thanks TQC.
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What would you do/think if your SO called while on a crazy/'wild' trip with friends and said s/he'd done something a billion times worse than cheating on you? Then kidded around and refused you to tell you what it was because it was "more of a face-to-face conversation"?

ETA: It is entirely possible he is kidding and we actually cannot talk because his cellphone has died on him on the train. He also promised he wouldn't do anything stronger than alcohol (which he has been avoiding lately because of me. Umm... yeah, I don't drink.). I'm mostly inclined to think it's something minor because he was laughing when he said it.
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Tomorrow my mum is going to give me her credit card to do some food shopping.
Should I take advantage of this and buy all the beautiful extravagant snacks that usually evade me or be a dutiful daughter and only buy the stuff on her list?

To be fair, she did say "You can get some stuff that you want too" but I'm not sure if CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS are included in that.
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TQC, I finally got my TV installed, and I looove it. This past week with it has been awesome, but now it's possessed. The buttons on the remote selectively work, and if I go to the menu, trying to set the sleep timer, the selector (?) thing scrolls around like it's a 6 year old that had pure sugar for breakfast. Any idea how I can get it to oh, idk, work right?

At work, I just got a raise as part of a pay restructure they're doing. I already get paid pretty well, considering, but every little bit helps in this economy. Since I have x number of credits, on our pay grid, I technically qualify for another $.50 raise. I asked my boss about this earlier and she said it would probably still be in effect, but that I should be happy with what I get now. She asked if that was more than I made with my old job (which she knows and has access to, on my application which stays on file for 2 years after i'm terminated), and I told her yeah, it was more from the beginning. She went on to say something about how I don't really need to put the info in for my extra $.50, then. My reaction: "buh!"?

I should still submit my transcript to payroll for my extra raise, right?

I know the difference between effect and affect (noun vs. verb) but I can always find a way to make either sound right, and always mess it up :[ Are there any words you do that with?

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Can you guys help simplify something for me? It's a boring tech q, sorry.

I have Verizon FiOS for internet and want to upgrade to this bundle they have now where you get FiOS-based TV and HDTV.

With all these new "high definition" systems/technologies out all at once, I have no clue what kind of t.v. to get. What things/features do I need to look for to make sure my t.v. is compatible with this FiOS HDTV? Mainly just the basics like what kind of plugs/cable hookups.

The FiOS website is almost impossible for me to navigate.
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Looking at pets in the area on Petfinder.com and noticed that one of the rescues in the area declaws all the cats that go through there.

Should I send a letter or something?

Would you?

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HALP. My computer has a virus. I need to wipe the disk clean (don't know the word). Basically get it back to where none of my files are on it. I think there is a button or something I'm supposed to push while it boots up. My computer never came with format disks. Any ideas what I'm supposed to do/push?

What is a commonly believed myth that you know to be false?
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In a magical world where they cost the same, leaving you only to judge on personal preference--hardcover or paperback?

Do you have any weird OCD habits when it comes to how you store/read/bookmark/other your books? (I always have to remove the dust cover. It bugs me so much when that thing slides and unfolds and dfkgasdf. Also, I like the look of a hardcover better without it; it's all solid-colour and plain and classic and makes me happy.)

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I'm going to be helping my little cousin's sewing club make purses today and I offered to bring a treat for them. She wants either doughnut holes or brownies. So TQC, which should I bring?

If you DK/DC- If you had to be on a TV series, which would you want to be on?
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This lady just came into the bookstore in a ratty old t-shirt and pajama pants and asked me for a job application.

Why do people think this is okay?

What is your typical interview outfit? Does it depend on where you where you are interviewing?
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What is this "Wegmans" you speak of? I have heard about it from people on forums, in articles, but never from anyone near where I live (I live near Chicago). I understand that it's a grocery store located in the eastern US, but the way people talk about it, it sounds like the holy grail of grocery stores. 

What makes Wegmans so spectacular? 

EDIT: From what you all have said, it sounds like if there were a Wegmans here, there would be no need to go to different grocery stores to get what we need (no need for Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Jewel, Dominicks, Aldi, Meijers...) . Hell, it almost sounds like there would be no need for restaurants with a Wegmans.......

....ok, you win. I'm jealous now. You enjoy your bisques, sushi, pizza, and disneyland-type escapades to Wegmans while the rest of us continue our never-ending search for the one-stop shop grocery store.   ;P

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TQC, I just took a quiz on Blackboard and there were two questions where I was supposed to click a link and listen to a word, then type the correct way to spell said word. It didn't work, so I updated/installed Quicktime (the symbol that was on the page) but it still doesn't work after restarting.

I don't know what to do/how to fix this, and I'd hate to have to skip questions on every quiz because it doesn't work. Anyone know what to do?

DK/DC: What's on your To Do list today?
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If you have a cat and a dog, how do they get along?

Is it safe to assume that if a cat and dog grow up together from being kittens/puppies, they'll be friends?

My cat was around 7 when we got our dog, so they never got along. I always find it weird when I see pictures of a cat and dog being friendly. Whenever I move out of my parents' house, I want to know how I can get my next two to be friends. :o Of course, there's always the possibility they won't like each other anyway.

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 I'm touring Loyola University New Orleans on Monday and meeting with an admissions counselor and faculty member. What should I wear, TQC? Is it okay to wear nice jeans and a nice shirt? Or should it be a little more dressy?
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What's a good job/career option for someone who is really good at logic, visual puzzles, digital art and whatnot? My google-fu is failing and all I could think of was game design or forensics (dead people).

If you could choose three countries in which you could live&work, which three would you choose? In order of preference, and of course you can include your current country.
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I'm thinking about going back to school to become a paralegal. Is anyone here a paralegal? Could you tell me more about it? Basically like what you do on a daily basis and things like that.

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Errr, I just glued together a broken incense burner with super glue (kind of like this, hope the link doesn't change into something horrid because of my risky hotlinking). I glued the tray that holds the incense. Do you think the tea light underneath it will heat up the super glue and release some crazy fume that will kill me? If I stop posting in TQC anytime soon, you'll know.
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I live in Texas, south of Houston.  We have a delivery service down here that will pick up food from any restaurant in the area and deliver it to you, for a fee of course.  

Is this common?  Maybe in the larger cities? 

They've only been open about six months now.  I've never heard of anything like it, but I think it's a brilliant idea and hope they make lots and lots of money.
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What are you doing today?

What should I do today?

Go to the art store, the library and the farmer's market
Stay home and draw/paint, read, play video games and maybe drink
Masturbate. ALL DAY.
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I know this is probably the most loathsome question I ask you guys, but is this dress "cocktail attire"?

My cousin is getting married, and she said she's requesting everyone dress in "cocktail attire." I could ask her, but that would probably turn into another episode "let's pretend beetle_breath is a dress up doll" (I'll spare you the boring backstory of our crappy relationship)

If that question doesn't sufficiently grip you, what's your favourite breakfast food?

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Do you find it as nearly impossible as I do to continually roll your Rs? (ETA: Specifically the alveolar trill, as in the Spanish R.)

I can sort of get the beginning of that trill, enough to pass maybe if I were speaking a language that used rolled Rs, but I have not ever been able to continually roll an R like almost everyone I know can. Just the constant Rrrrrrrrrr like a motor or something. I guess my tongue is broken. I even had a friend end up telling me to just stop trying after they tried to explain how it's done.

But it sounds so cool and I hate that I can't do it! 

Are there any vocalizations you wish you could make but can't? 
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What do you do when you're so hungry you can't stand up but you don't have any food?

and when you're so hungover you can't move without wanting to puke but you can't because you're hungry?

but you can't feed yourself because you can't get up?

because you can't move without puking?

And you didn't sleep very well?
i get the same ol' dreams.

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hurlo tqc.

so blah blah blah i'm going to college blah blah need a new laptop blah blah you don't care.

anyway. the debate is always mac v. pc. obviously, since i am asking this question, i do not have a mac. (i've noticed there's a very definite once you go mac you never go back mentality)


obviously i expect a lot of "mac!!!!!13#$@@!!" answers, but why? why, in your opinion, are they better than PCs?

if PC, what do you like about them? what kind do you have? is it reliable, etc?

i've used windows XP on a dell inspiron my whole life. i am uneducated in the ways of the computers.

thanks in advanceeee.
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So I want to join a movie renting service like netflix, but I don't know if it's a good idea.

Have you ever done this or known people who did it?
What do you think of it?
Keeping in mind I live in Canada, do you know any good of the good/cost effective ones?

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I was given a gift card to get a manicure by a friend for helping them out with a really dirty job. I don't want to get tips, as I don't want to deal with the upkeep, but I also don't want to just get a regular old manicure as my nails break/chip/peel really easily and they only look good for a day or two.

Is there some sort of mid point between the two? I've seen manicures in the past that looked like they just used acrylic on the natural nail, didn't use tips, and then painted them. Do they actually do this? If so, what is it called so I can tell the manicurist what I want without looking like an idiot?

DKDC: What is your favorite Firefox plug-in?

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Do you ever have a craving to go to a particular store? I can go for a really long time without going to Ikea, but about every 6 or 8 months I just really really want to go and just drink coffee and eat a cinnamon roll and walk around there.
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So I'm making a cake for my brother's birthday. He wants me to decorate it. I made some violet colored buttercream roses. I know nothing of...matching pretty colors or whatever, so what color should I make the borders and the writing? I was thinking about yellow, but I don't know how well that will look against the white frosting of the cake.
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What do you see when you close your eyes?

I know the general idea is "black" or "nothing" but when I actually focus I see various little things when I close my eyes, it's usually always the same, and when I was talking to my friends, they each had their own little things, too. Obviously, I'm talking about what we tend to default to, not what we choose to see.

Like when I close my eyes, I sometimes see this weird texture-type thing. It has like a reddish/brownish and blackish color to it, but its indistinct enough that I can't picture it exactly. And the texture moves. There's also this small shape/indent that I can see, but not focus on. And I've recognized it for at least 8 years, though a few years ago it changed a little.

Have you noticed anything like that when you close your eyes or am I sort of crazy?

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If you are in a relationship, but not engaged/married, do you refer to your partner as your "other half"?
[I get the piss taken out of me for calling my new boy that]

I have lots of mince to use today and a supermarket ooo..30 seconds walk away from my room..what should I make that isn't spag bol/lasanga or fajitas?

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For your laptop and/or cell phone do you

Let it die completely then charge it 100%
Plug it in whenever you're not using it

I, personally, was told that it preserves the battery's life if you let it die all the way before charging it again soo that's what I do with mine. Does anyone know if that's true, though?

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So I've been using Firefox for the longest time now. However I am not sure that I like it anymore. I am having some compatibility issues with Facebook- whenever I use it, everything slows down. I think there are other issues with it as well that is slowing down my computer, because when I use Safari, these issues do not occur. I don't really like Safari though.

Which browser should I switch to and why?

ETA: I just downloaded Chrome to check it out and holy CRAP is it fast!

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TQC! My sister just asked me to be the Maid of Honor at her wedding, and I have graciously accepted.

Have you ever been a Maid of Honor/Best Man/Etc? Can you give me advice on my Bridesmaid duties? Do you have any funny wedding stories to tell us?

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Say it were legal to eat a human if they said explicitly in their will that they wished for their body to be available as food. (is this legal anywhere?) If it were legal and consent was given by the person, do you think you would try human meat?

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Dear TQC,

Tonight, I have a few options as far as plans go, and I need some help deciding!

I can either...

a) go out to dinner with my mom and co-workers.
pros: I like my co-workers and my mom. Free meal.
cons: I'll have to leave the restaurant by 9:00 because I'm not 21 and they're a bar as well.

b) go to a theatre to see my friend's band play.
pros: I'll get to see the guy I'm sort of crushing on. My friend's band is good.
cons: I just saw them play last night. It's $7 and I don't have much money. I don't have anyone to go with.

What should I do? ):

What are you doing tonight?

What's the most fun thing you've done this week?

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Is there any of knowing how much something is back at a certain time compared to now?

Example: I was watching A River Runs Through It and Norman was talking about how his father only made $1,800 a year as a minister in the 1920s and I want to know if the story was set now, how much that would be
TK and Kari

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What's the most messed up romance story you've ever read, but found believable due to the talent of the writer?

Mine is Middlesex--where the brother and sister fall in love and get married.

(no subject)

Is there any way to politely dislike a friend-of-a-friend? To clarify, my best friend has a friend that I can't stand. I have tried. Every time I end up aggravated, tired, stressed and unhappy. Yet, I am afraid of being that friend who can't mesh with anyone (does not play well with others). How do I handle this gracefully?

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Have you ever made a tie-dye cake?

When was the last time someone just handed you money cause you were going out somewhere?

Anyone live in the Plymouth MI? I'm gonna be out there tonight for the ice show.
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If you go to school, do you also have a job?
If you don't, who pays for your shit?

I go to school full time, work full time, and only have partial scholarships, the rest loans.

How does everyone else afford this crap?
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percolator poll

Inspired by this:

Have you ever had coffee made in a percolator?

I've never even seen a percolator
I've never seen one and I had to google it
I don't drink coffee
I don't drink coffee, but I would if somebody made it in a percolator

If you had to google it, link to the image.
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Imagine "present you" just got introduced to "high school you"... What would high school you think?

Say you were having a high school reunion tomorrow... What do you think people would notice about you? Drastic change? Same kid they knew before? Please elaborate all you want.

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Okay, where the hell can I find these:

I've tried super Walmarts, Publixes, Food Lions, and Walgreenses. If you've seen these IRL, what store was it???

Secondly, know how schools/universities always have heaps of student organizations to join? What do you do after you graduate? I've got a job, but I'd like to interact with people with whom I don't work. I'm not interested in church groups either, and I'm not thinking of sports right now. Are there 'young adult' organizations out there? How does one find them?

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What would be a reasonable starting price for selling about 40 various 'mangas' on Ebay? Most of them are only one or two in the series, the others skip a few volumes in the series. I only have one complete 7 volume series.

dk/dc: Where is a good place to apply for your first job? I've applied at Kroger's and Bigg's so far. (Both are grocery stores.)

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Anybody know the Youtube video with the little girl that gets pissed at her family for laughing at her at her bday party?

Also can anybody post the gif of the kitten stretching that is posted ALL the time, I can't seem to find it?

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I want to be able to use hot rollers or a curling iron to curl my hair, but my hair is so ridiculously thick. I literally feel like in my shoulder-length hair I have about 3x as much hair as normal people. Any suggestions for how-tos for hot rollers for someone with thick hair? If I tried to use a curling iron, I'm pretty sure it would take me 6 years to get my whole head curled. :(

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Does anyone actually remember the song "It's time for the percolator"? Do you remember how to do the percolator?

If not, will you tell me which dance is your favorite? If you hate dancing, will you tell me something that you remember, but no one else seems to remember?

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So while cooking dinner, I got boiling oil in my eye. MY EYE!!!! It really stings still, I flushed it with water and it is blurry. My SO is bringing me home eye drops. I blame him because he was all like "I need foood" and I was like "Fine" (that part was a joke)so I made, or am finishing up my beer pepper pork. I don't have medical insurence. What should I do? I think I'm going to continue to cry.

What did you have for dinner?

ETA:: I really don't blame him. Sorry if my sarcasm didn't come across.

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I just looked at my schedule for work, and after careful calculations found that I have worked 68 hours in the past week (since last Saturday).
What was the last realization that truly astounded you?

the clink

Have you ever been to prison? (Not jail.)

Hypothetically speaking, would you survive prison?

Is there anyway to go into a maximum security prison and just be quiet and do your time without getting fucked around with?
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Why do some people think it's ok to blame abstract things like religion for so many things? (this should only be an example, but I see people doing this mainly with religion)

I am aware that religion is maybe not our best invention, but why do so many people rather blame religion than the people who do horrible things?

In the way we understand morals/ethics is it really possible to blame abstract things for things people do?
If so, how does that work? Dont we find human beings behind every abstract thing anyways?

I think that blame is only to be put on people but I've seen people putting blame on abstract things quite a lot, so I am a bit confused.

ETA: Thanks a lot for your answers! I now think the following: Abstract concepts cannot be held accountable for the actions of human beings, even though they can influence us and our decisions.

Sims 2 question dump

Due to some, er, newfound downtime, and now having my computer completely to myself again, I've picked up the old, terrible habit and am completely re-vamping my game. So, I'm trying to figure out all that I've been missing in the wide world of simming since last we met.

For those of you who play the Sims 2: (Feel free to pick and choose questions, I'm just generally looking for new awesome stuff-- I bolded the ones I am most interested in, though I'm curious about them all, obviously.)

PC or Mac?

What EP's/SP's do you have? Which is your favourite? Least favourite?

How much Custom Content do you have? (Total file size or # of files)

How long does it take for your game to load?

What hacks or mods are your favourite? (Besides Insim, Inteen, & ACR)

Best challenges? (Besides Legacy, Apocalypse, and RKC)

Best stories Not on Sims2.ea.com? (Firefox crashes whenever I try to open them, for whatever reason.)

Best LJ communities/journals? (Besides TheSims2, WCIF and Pixel Trade)

TECHNICAL QUESTION: What features of SimPE can I use, if any, on one computer, while my sims game is on another? I'm on a mac. My husband has a PC which I cannot use for my game, obviously, but I downloaded Sim PE on to make careers. I don't think there is anything else I can do with it, though.

Pictures, links, etc. welcome.
Old Fashioned
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I'm looking for cute, happy ending style chick flick movies, a la "He's just not that into you" or "27 Dresses". Any suggestions?

Also, what colour bra should I buy? I have a couple red ones, a black one, a grey one, and a blue one. I don't like white/nude bras, either.
I <3 TLV

Baking help needed!

I'm making gingerbread muffins and the recipe calls for 1 and 1/2 cups of plain applesauce. I only have 1 1/4 cup of plain applesauce, but I also have blueberry applesauce. If I added the blueberry applesauce to make up the last 1/4 cup, how would they turn out? I have no idea how that would taste. Good idea/bad idea?

[Edit: I found some apple cinnamon applesauce and used that. They're in the oven now! =D]

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Did you know that police auction sites exist? (In the UK at least)
Whereby items which have been seized/recovered and whose owners can't be traced/proved, are put up for sale online.

Would you use a site like this?
(Given that there are ipods on these sites for £4)
Or do you think it's ethically wrong?
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What are some of your favorite photoshop failures?
My friend just showed me this one, and I'm seriously lolling. Really now? (eh, possibly nsfw?)

So Brangelina are supposedly splitting--for real this time--and Brad was TALKING TO JENNIFER ANISTON, OMG. Do you give a damn?

Have you ever seen the movie Cry-Baby? Do you like it?
Yes, and I love it!

Have you ever convinced someone something happened that didn't?
I can't take responsibility for it, but a girl from my high school was totally convinced that Bill Clinton was still president in 2006.