January 22nd, 2010


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Right now I'm fed up with my job, fed up with my school work, fed up with my friends and INCREDIBLY pissed at my boyfriend. Could you please post me your favourite pun/one liner/quote/macro/ANYTHING to cheer me up?

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what's the coldest it could be for you to go outside in just a hoodie? assume you're not planning on spending much time outside, just walking to your car and driving places and such.

for me, anything above about 40F.


Guys, can you knot a tie?

Did someone teach you?

Can you (easily) knot another person's tie without standing behind them to do it? To clarify, could you knot a necktie while facing the wearer?

Thank you ;)
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Where is your family originally from?

My mother's Norwegian. My father's the generic South American mestizo mutt. My husband is indigenous Australian through his father and South Island Maori through his mother.

I suspect we'll have some pretty cool looking kids!
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I have a horrible awful unbearable headache right now, and I know it's because I didn't eat anything all day (meds took away my appetite). Past experience has shown me that pain meds have no effect on headaches caused by not eating. Is there anything I can do to make it go away? I already ate a couple glucose tablets and now I'm munching on real food, but it's killing me =(

[Edit: I've been eating and drinking water since I posted but it hasn't lessened AT ALL I hate my head =(]
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On a scale of 1-10, how bitchy is it to find out a former place of employment (of which you really only have terrible memories) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy? Here are my grievances in essay form, for those so inclined, but it is on the long side so I understand if you don't want to read it.

Apparently the fact that I updated facebook with an "Uno filed for bankruptcy? lol" status made some girl I used to work with reaaaaally upset, even though she found new employment a month ago as well (because of the fact the restaurant where we worked sucked). So now she said she can't be FB friends with me anymore. Which basically made me lol again.

Would it change my bitchiness rating if you found out that the company will basically be ok after the restructuring of debt? There is a small chance they might not make it, but all the articles I've read have said they believe the restaurant chain will be surviving and there aren't any plans to close locations at this time.

Personally, I'm rating myself at about a 6 on the bitchiness scale. Maybe a 7. But I'm nowhere near the spawn of satan level 10 my ex-coworker seems to think, at least in my opinion. This company treated others and myself like we were nothing, and I think karma is the true bitch.

TL;DR - Short Version - "I used to work for Company X. They treated me (and other employees) poorly. I left, and now almost a year later, they're filing for bankruptcy. The fact that I find that amusing makes me satan, y/n?"
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has anyone here ever been to therapy? the sort without the prescribing of meds? I'm going to be trying it next week and I don't even know what to expect. is it like the movies? is it helpful? what do they have you do?

and, has anyone ever been to group therapy meetings? what were your experiences with them? and how do those work?
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Breakup music?

Sup TQC. I recently got dumped by my douchebag ex (recently as in two months ago, then spent a month and a half of that time with him begging me back and me not letting go etc.), now I'm pretty much 100% done with his bullshittery and fail ways.

On recommendation of my little brother, I was listening to "Gives you hell" just now, and I want some similar empowering/"i dont need you, ha!"/"sucks to be you, douchebag" music. I'm cool with almost any genre.

What do you recommend?
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one of my cats has started drinking water out of any dishes or glasses left in the sink, and won't drink out of the water dish anymore. i put a clean glass full of new water in the sink for now, but does anyone have any idea why she's doing this?

eta: before this, she's always drunk out of her water dish, and we've had her eleven years. her sister, also eleven, isn't doing this.

eta2: this cat also used to drink out of the toilet.

dk/dc: there are some blogs/other sites that i'd like to follow, but their rss feeds aren't on lj, so i need a good... feed reader? i'm not sure what they're called but they're the things that collect all your rss feeds in one place. i currently have a google account and i believe they have one, but i'm looking for specific reccommendations. not all the blogs are part of the same site, so i can't just like sign up at blogger and read them all there.

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if someone commits murder while sleepwalking, how should they be punished? assume we're 100% sure the person was sleepwalking, and that the vitcim was a loved one towards whom the sleepwalker never expressed any ill will.

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Did you ever have a bookmobile in your neighborhood? I haven't seen one in years!
ETA: A bookmobile is like a mini-library in a caravan where you can rent books.

What was the last kind thing you did for someone else?

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How confidential is your job/work?

1 - Let me tell you everything that happened today...
4 - We have some trade secrets
7 - I can't get into any specifics
10 - Even the fact that I work here is confidential
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Paging Dr. TQC!

My right ear is ringing and it kind of hurts. I went out last night and sat pretty close to some gigantic and very loud speakers for around four hours, with hip-hop music playing nonstop. Then I slept on my right side with my ear smushed against my dude's arm. So, the ear is pretty traumatized.

Is this ringing and pain going to go away? When?? Srs & non-srs answers plz.

On a related note, if you're performing at an open mic type event and you insult your entire audience (the basic jist of the insults: "Y'all some haters. I drove three hours to get here. Fuck all y'all and y'all lame-ass jewelry," when the applause was less than enthusiastic), how surprised would you be if you got jumped in the parking lot after the event?

And last but not least, what are your plans for tonight and/or this weekend?

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So I was checking my bank account online yesterday and came across a weird charge for $60 that I didn't remember making, it looked like it was from a flower shop but I wasn't sure. I called my bank and they confirmed it was from a florist. I've had my card in my possession this whole time so it's very strange that someone was able to make a purchase, but I know it's totally possible nowadays that someone could've copied it or whatever.

Thing is, I kind of want to see if I can find out who stole my card. I went out to eat the night before they used my card so I kind of suspect it was there but I'm obviously not sure. If I call the florists do you think they'll give me more info on who made the order or what they bought, etc? What would be the best way to go about this? Keep in mind, all I have is the card #.

And yes, I already reported this to my bank and have a new card, I just want to see if I can find the fucker that did this myself lol

DK/DC - Have you ever been a victim of identity theft?
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So TQC, after I met hajiomatic this morning, I went up to the local country station to retrieve one of my items that was given to a singer, who promised to sign and return said item, back in November (7th, to be exact). My item wasn't the only one of it's kind thrown...there were close to 100, I heard, so I don't expect any problems.

Well, my item wasn't there, and they showed me a catalog of all the items they had received back...and I couldn't recognize mine in them. I really liked this one, and I'd really like it back, signed or not signed. I emailed the venue and asked if they had it, but no response yet.

TQC, will I ever see my item again? How can I be more forceful in getting it back? Have you figured out what my item was, yet?

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There was this blonde male model that was used a lot for Harry Potter manipulations. He has (or had, anyway) his own website and his name may have started with a J, but that could just be my brain screwing with me. TQC, who is he?

If you have NO clue, just give me some pictures of your favourite male model.

MMOs and etc.

Any of you play EVE Online? If so,  is it worth coming back to it after a few months break now that dominion is up?  How much SP do you have? :p

Have you ever been asked out while shopping by someone who worked in the store you were in?  Do you think it was/is inappropriate?

Should I have pizza or soy burgers for lunch?

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What was your high school or college's motto, if you had one? If it's is in Latin, what does it mean?

Mine is "deram det non est alligatum, et deus erat deram", but I have no idea what it means. Anyone know?

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Will I make a fool of myself if I take an adult ballet class? I've always wanted to do ballet (I used to be really flexible as a child, but then I gained a huge portion of weight as a child, and then lost a portion of weight as an adult.

What's something you want to do but haven't got the balls to do?

[edited for grammatical fail]
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Camera lovers!

I need to buy a new camera. My old one bit the dust when I was backpacking through India in November.

I know nothing about cameras, or what to look for in one. I'd like one that is simple to use and high quality. The pictures I take are not artsy or anything like that, just of my kid, pets, parks...things like that.

What camera do you use? If you'd like to share a picture you took with said camera I'd like to see it.
What should I be looking for in a camera?
What camera would you recommend for me? Oh, under $550 as well.

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1)What animals are you okay with killing yourself? I'm talking any animals (mice bugs whatever)
2)For omnivores: Have you ever butchered, cooked, and/or eaten an animal that you killed yourself? If you were in the position where you could either go without meat/fish or you would have to kill an animal for food (assume you do have some direction on this and don't have to completely figure out how to do it on your own), which would you do?
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Say you're at a family-friendly sports bar/restaurant. Seated near you is a man, a woman, and a baby (about a year old). You're all having a good time, watching football, when you notice the man dip the baby's pacifier into his beer glass, shake off the excess, and then place it in the baby's mouth. Baby sucks on the pacifier as if there was nothing on it at all. Over the course of the game, he does this once more.

How terrible of a parent is this person?

1 - Not terrible at all

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i have a basic bank of america credit card. i do not get paper statements. how do i determine if my card has a grace period or not?

eta: this is what my statement has to say about grace periods. can someone decode it for me?

"If you pay in full this statement's New Balance Total by its Payment Due Date and if you paid in full this statement's Previous Balance in this statement's billing period, then you will have a Grace Period during the billing cycle that began the day after this statement's Closing Date on the Purchase portions of this statement's New Balance Total."

relevant details: my last bill was due jan 7, i paid it off between a $50 payment on jan 8 and a larger payment on jan 11. if it matters, i made a $50 payment on the previous bill before it was due, but did not pay it off.

Home Improvement

Are you currently working on any home improvement projects?

I got 2 about to begin. First, I need a new deck because our current one is not child-safe and very unstable. But we can't tackle that one until summer time (snowy right now). The plan is to rip it all out and rebuild it ourselves with a kit from Menards or something. The second project is our upstairs bathroom. Linoleum, leaky toilet, and soggy window.. pretty much everything is going to come out and be replaced, but on a budget :P That is going to happen in the next month here. Any advice appreciated!
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water water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

TQC, the water pipe in front of our house is broken. The plumber is on his way out, but I am not going to be able to shower again today or likely in the morning D: When will I be able to shower again!? do you think my friend would be creeped out if I asked if I could come shower at her house??

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Aside from deployment with the military/camping, have you ever been without water for a long stretch of time?
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Valentine's day is approaching. Is that the reason why we have so many "my ex.. bla bla bla *drama*" posts?

If not, why do you think we are having so many posts about exes?
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So I applied for a fashion modeling job I found online, and they said I was accepted, but then sent me this link. It looks rather sketchy to me, should I assume this isn't a legit company and stay away? Or is this a weird but acceptable way to get new cell numbers in a database?

[Edit: I informed them that I could see through their scamming lies and am not interested.
Deets, in case anyone else gets contacted by them: The from name is "Amanda Bolton" and the email address is amanda_cbnmodeling@fastmail.fm]


I stumbled upon these awesome catapult business cards and I want to get some for my boyfriend's company.

We're a web design company called "GeekPower". Our image is young and vibrant (our color is a bright green) and a little goofy (our "mascot" is a Geeky looking guy giving two thumbs up. We have him HUGE on our front office window. We call him Doug.)

What is a clever catch phrase I could put on the cards that reflect our company but also have something to do with the fact that the card is a catapult?

I have no idea how to solve this...

There are four cards, each with a letter on one side and a number on the other. If a card has an "E" on one side, it must have a "4" on the other. Which two cards do you need to turn over to determine if I'm telling the truth?


Does anyone know the answer? If so, what is it?

DK/DC, have you ever gotten yourself some Internet justice? Tell me about it!
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I'm going here for dinner tonight. What should I get?

Where was the last place you went out to eat? What did you get? Was it super delicious?

Have you ever had tripe? What did you think?
I had it for the first time the other night. It was flavorless and rubbery. Is that normal?

Roommates Laundry

Situation: Your roommates started a load of laundry in the dryer before they left for work. You are home all night. You want to do some laundry as well. When it comes time for your laundry to go into the dryer, you notice that your roommates laundry is in there, and is still wet. They have left a laundry basket in the room.

Do you turn the knob on the dryer to finish drying their clothes and then dump them in the basket?

Or do you put the wet clothes into the basket / washing machine while yours are drying?

Or do you take their wet clothes and dump them out in their bedroom? 


Question Part II:

If you came home to see that your roommate had dumped your wet clothes on your bed to start her laundry, would you be annoyed? 

And yes, this did happen to me last night. :)


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1)If you had a choice between low calorie and low nutrient or high calorie and high nutrient, which would you choose? no middle ground, please.

2)Wanta Fanta?

3)What's a comfort food for you?
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Doctor TQC

It's been years since I've smoked weed, and my boyfriend and I did for the first time together the other night. It sprouted as a joke, but we decided to do it.

I noticed later that night that I had a sore throat and now two days later the back of my tongue is swollen and it's difficult to swallow. Am I having some sort of reaction, and do you think it's related to the weed?

It's not unbearable, but should I go to the doctor now, or wait another day to see if it gets worse?

Have you ever had any sort of reaction that made your tongue swollen?
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AFC/NFC Championships

Who will you be rooting for for the AFC/NFC Championships?

Poll #1515178 AFC/NFC Championships!

AFC Playoffs: NY Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts

New York Jets
Indianapolis Colts

NFC Playoffs: Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints

Minnesota Vikings
New Orleans Saints

AFC Championship is on at 3:00pm, and NFC is on at 6:40pm.

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JK, I don't have pneumonia, I have the flu! My doc couldn't give me anti-viral meds, either, because they're only good within the first 48 hours of showing symptoms and I've been feeling sick for at least 72. :C What are your favorite flu remedies? I got a prescription for cough syrup with codeine, which should at least help me sleep through the night, but UGH, how can I make my throat not feel like I'm swallowing a bunch of knives???

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 Things have been bad for my family this week, and I want to bake something to cheer people up a bit.  

I have all the basics (flour, sugar, vanilla, baking powder/soda, pans in all shapes and sizes, etc.) and am reasonably experienced in the kitchen.  What should I make?  What would you like to eat if you were sad?

Don't know or care:

What do you use tea tree oil for?

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Do you have a rather large collection of something random? Like something really that's not usually collectable, if you get my drift.

Like me, I just realised that I have a pretty large collection of Lynx body spray (apparently it's called Axe in the US & has a pretty bad reputation). I just counted & I have 11 cans of it, 3 of them being the same scent lol. But they were on special! I had to get them!
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Last summer I had a job that I really enjoyed, I worked well, always on time, etc etc and got along great with my boss and the customers. When I left (I moved to a different state) I asked if I could come back to work during visits, and my boss said that would be super. So I'm back in town and I asked if I could get a few hours this week and he said that wouldn't be possible because they currently had the maximum number of employees. Well, that happens, nothing to be mad about. But. Then I see the same day he told me that, he posted an ad on a job site looking to hire more employees.

How would you interpret this? Is he a lying jerkface that doesn't want me back? An idiot who doesn't know how to run a business? Or is there a more reasonable explanation for this discrepancy? I've never had a business of my own, but it seems mighty odd to post help wanted ads when you don't want help. This guy was always really nice to me, so I'm hoping the great TQC machine can provide a better answer than "he hates you" =(

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So if you were to do a deep belch right now, what would you taste?

(Potato salad & chai latte is kind of a bizarre and mildly gross combination; but I didn't notice it  at all during lunch...)

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How do you take your coffee?
Black, no sugar.

Where/what was the best cup of coffee you've ever had?
This place in Maryland that I can't ever find again. I think it was called Baltimore Coffee.

How many Starbucks are within walking distance of your house?
Seven. I'm not kidding. -.-

What is your favorite coffee drink?
Peppermint mocha.

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For those of you who need/use recommendation letters (for scholarships/grants/internships/school stuff), do you ask your profs or bosses for rec letters only right when you need them on a case-by-case basis? Or do you ask them for letters when you're done working with them, to hold on to, for whenever you may need them?

I've had a really awkward few weeks tracking down old teachers and bosses to ask them to write letters for me, and I'm wondering if from now on I should just ask them to write sort of generic recommendation letters for me that I can just have and keep on file, for whenever an application or something calls for them.

I will pre-emptively apologize for how shittily this is worded.

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So yesterday when I was browsing Craigslist for job openings I looked at this post for an Italian restaurant.
But they require that you have previous experience at another Italian restaurant in order to be considered for a job there.

Does that make any sense?
I can kind of understand a cook/chef but is there something different about being a waiter/waitress, host, dishwasher and/or bus person in an Italian restaurant compared to any other restaurant that i'm not aware of?

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Google-fu, it fails me.

Which organization has as it's logo a raised fist holding a rifle, and the moto "Only Thus" under it? Or am I mixing and matching logos in my confusion? Does anyone know? It's starting to bug me that I can't remember this.

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Will you lovely people please show me the last photo you took of yourself? Being bored at work = picture post.

Alternatively, someone just called for my boss and asked if he'd already left to meet with his probation officer. TQC, why is my boss on probation?

trois... all hypothetical, riiiiight.

1. When you go to a doctor for the first time, WHY do they have you fill out all that paperwork about your ~symptoms~ and medical history if the doctor is just going to not look at the paper at all, even though it's in his hands, and ask you all the questions himself?

2. If you haven't been able to sleep for last 2 or 3 nights because you've been coughing so hard, and you just got a prescription filled for cough syrup + codeine for which the intended purpose is to make you sleep through the night, and it's 5:41pm, would you take some of it now? Or would you wait till it's closer to "bedtime?"

3. Say you're updating your resume. If you got "let go" from your most recent job after less than a month, would you put it on your resume? Assume that that position was in the same field that you're looking for a new job in.
It's Yamapi approved!

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Hey TQC, I have a huge bag of potatoes and I'm hungry but I can't think of anything besides a regular baked potato. What can I make that's sort of easy on a college student's budget? I'm willing to pick up a few things to complete the meal and it's just me eating. (I guess I can share if I must.)

ETA: If you could give me a recipe that would be great too!
ETA2: Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I love having so many options! :]

Healthy Recipes?

I have been cooking a lot lately (past 6 months or so) but am now also trying to eat healthier. I realized that most of what I cook (or bake) isn't exactly healthy. Any good healthy recipes out there more things I can cook? I'm thinking specifically like main dishes for lunch and dinner?

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Can you send M&Ms* (a few bags: not meant for retail or anything) to New Zealand?
(*I know, I know: American chocolate is shitty and she can probably just buy her own damn M&Ms if she wants them, but I want to use them to complete a gift I'm sending.)


For all of you non customs agents, what would you most like to get in the mail tomorrow?

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Do you think it's weird for adults to still be playing on sites like neopets and gaia? What if they spend real life money on it?

If you were single and attracted to some random person and they told you on your first date that they spend the majority of their free time playing neopets, would you go on a second date with them?

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If you had to choose between getting a car or getting an apartment which would you choose?

Asked because I can either get an apartment now and a car in a few months or get a car now and an apartment in a few months. If I get the apartment I can always walk or take the bus since it isn't a very big town but I really hate the bus. If I get the car I have to live with my parents another couple months and listen to them fight all the damn time. Oh and something else I should mention is riding the bus is free for me since I am a student.
So TQC what would you do?
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How important is it that I wash new clothes before wearing them?

Oh, and what's some good music? I need some new music. I like a lot of music, but I am not too interested in rap atm. Maybe something fun to drive or drink to.
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Has the idea of waiting until you're at least a month or two pregnant to announce it to people outside of the public gone out of fashion?
A bunch of people on my facebook lists have been announcing that they're due late September/early October, which means they're 3 or 4 weeks pregnant right now. It just seems so early to be telling everyone. One girl has posted about pregnancies three or four times in the last eight months, and has lost all of them, sadly.(There are other related complications)

Are miscarriages simply less frequent these days, or has social networking created a world where we want to share!share!share! every moment of our lives, no matter how personal?

When's the earliest you'd announce your pregnancy on a social networking site?
I have to think it's like my relationship - if it came up, cool and I'll respond to it. If not, I don't see the need to mention it. But then, I'm not really someone who posts a lot about my life on social networking sites
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What pissed you off today?
I bought the $1 I needed to get to work on my MetroCard with my credit card. The MetroCard never registered that I added any money to it at all, so I was super pissed. Then four or five days later (when ALL of my charges are instantaneous), I took out my remaining cash balance to pay rent. Today, I see I am overdrawn $0.55 and Chase, y bank, charged me $25 for that.
Also, one of my co-workers told me one thing, I relayed the message to my office manager. When my office manager asked my co-worker about it, she said she never told me what she said, getting me in trouble. What the fuck.

What made you happy today?
I met one of my favorite musicians and got paid to do so.

What will you name your future children? If you already have kids, what did you name them?
I want to name my first daughter Regina Nicole so bad. Regina after Regina Spektor/Audrey Hepburn's character in Charade, Nicole being my BFF's middle name.
I'll let my babby daddy pick the name if it's a boy.
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When getting food to go from a sit-down restaurant that offers carside service, do you add a tip to the check? I never know if I should or not..... So I am looking to the wisdom of TQC.

(I am in the U.S.)
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I was arguing with a roommate today...

suppose a voter believes that some behavior is morally wrong. however, his only grounds for holding this view is that his religion teaches that it is wrong. should he allow this religiously based moral belief to shape his stance on public issues? or should he base his public policy positions solely on values grounded in common sense or reason?

dk/dc - what's your opinion on chick flicks?

have you ever watched marble hornets? certain entries creep me out so bad :(
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so, i'm legally separated and will be officially divorced in july 2010. the ex and i are not on speaking terms under any condition whatsoever. apparently i need his ssn to file as "married" and there's no way i can get it. i need to file my taxes, should i file as single?

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can there be any harm in occasionally Baby Wipe-ing my cats' assholes?

I'm not some creepy animal clean-freak, but sometimes my cats want to cuddle and rub their behinds all over my bed and it's kind of poopy

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Does anyone know what Morgan Freeman just recited on Hope for Haiti Now a few minutes ago?

I've been googling. It was something about banana-colored skin and 'we will survive' or 'we decided to survive' or something, but it was beautiful.

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What movie haven't you seen, but it surprises people that you haven't seen it because "everyone has seen it"?

What movie do you hate, but a lot of people love it?
What movie do you love, but a lot of people hate it?
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After dating a long series of men and women whose mothers served food primarily with chopsticks, I'd say I've got some decent chopstick skyllz. Not a ~lifetime~ of chopstick skyllz, but at least seven years of chopstick skyllz.

How are your skyllz with chopsticks?
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Will you have a conversation on this thread with someone else so that I can track the comments for testing purposes? ty ty i know you will<3

dk/dc: last tv show you watched/your favourite?