January 21st, 2010

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What's your opinion of human-construct languages like Esperanta and Lojban?

I was really interested in Lojban when I first discovered it, but I lost interest when I saw the forums for people wanting to translate literature and poetry into Lojban. The whole point of the language is that it has no subtleties and that each word has only one definition and one definition only (the idea is that you could use it to communicate with computers), so anything that involved plays on words would be meaningless in Lojban.

What do you think about fans learning Klingon or Elvish?

Do you think the language of the Na-vi will flourish and grow with Avatar fans, or will it die out as soon as the hype for the movie fades?

Who wants to learn Na-vi with me? :D

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My flatmates, who I have never had a problem with, and have always got on well with, cooked together tonight (with the new girl who they are matey with). I was in there cooking my own solo dinner, but they had snacks which were plentiful. Nothing was offered to me, not even conversation. It was as though I wasn't there.
Am I right to be pissed off?

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Will you please tell me about your experiences with acne?

Specifically, if you have had acne, how bad was it? How did you get rid of it? What helped? What made it worse?

dk/dc, who is your favorite superhero?

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I set my alarm for 10:30 am but woke up at 7 am instead. I got about 4 hours of sleep, but I also took a really long nap last night.  I'm leaving to go to Austin around noon, but I'm not driving. It's a 5.5 hour drive, but my boyfriend's driving is scary on the interstate, so I'm not entirely sure if I should go to sleep or not. I may not wake up. D: haha. Should I just stay up? 

How much sleep do you need to feel your best? I personally need between 9 and 10 hours to be in a really good mood, but I always feel so lazy if I sleep that much.
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How do you treat your pets when you talk to them? Like people? Friends or children? Like stupid animals?

I always talked to my pets like they were people. At least, I was sensitive enough about them that I would have felt bad if I made what would be rude remarks if said to other people. It's a weird thing I had, I guess I wanted to feel like they could trust me in any way, which meant being polite & loving when talking to them.
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Ok, this is a computer question.

So, I have too much music on my computer (a black Macbook) than I should. I currently have about 6 KB free. So I got an external harddrive and have been moving music to that.

My issue- I put the files onto the harddrive, delete them on my computer, and that works fine. But then I need them in iTunes so inevitably they just end up on my computer again.

WTF am I doing wrong?

Bonus: What is Time Machine and how can I a. use it? b. get it to fuck off?
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does anyone remember the toys from kids meals (i KNOW i got them from wendys, but they probably gave them away at other fast food places as well) they were little cars, about the size of hotwheels and they were a transparent plastic and when you pushed on them they sparked inside (but you could see them because they were transparent)?

i was born in 88... so this was probably early-mid 90's... i'm guessing they're too unsafe now or whatever because they sparked, but if they're not do you know what they might be called? or maybe where i could find some to buy?

i remember how AWESOME i thought they were and i want to get some for my nephews if i can find them somewhere.

what was your favorite give-away kids meal toy?
is it just me, or have they gone down the shitter in recent years? mcdonalds doesn't even give away halloween buckets anymore.
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Have you or a family member ever done genealogical research? If you or someone else did, did you turn up any surprising information about your family?

We recently found out our great great great grandfather was adopted by the people whose last name we all have. Several members of the family have a family crest hanging in their homes of this last name that really isn't ours. Kind of a surprise. And then there was the Salem Witchcraft Trials involvement....

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What are you most proud of/love your country most for? How about least proud?

American here. I love the GINORMOUS variety of cuisine here but hate the fact that corprotations hold the majority of power here, IMHO.
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I'm 20 and don't really have any driving experience at all, but I want to get my license. Since I'm over 18, I don't need a driver's ed certificate, but it would save 10-15% on insurance. I'd feel a bit weird learning how to drive with 16-year-olds, but if it's worthwhile, I'll consider. So TQC, is driver's ed really going to be worth my $595? Or should I do "Beginner's Course" (10 hours of driving, I think? doesn't specify on their website). I'm trying to call the school right now but I think they're at lunch.

Blackberry question

Is it possible to set alarms in the calendar app to occur only on specific days? My Google skills only turned up instructions for the Bold (I have a Curve 8520), and I need to be able to set alarms that only occur on mondays, tuesdays, thursdays, and fridays and stuff like that.

Post from mobile portal m.livejournal.com
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Poll #1514772 if SHE should get bangs, should I?

bangs? y/n

yes, cover that 5-head AY-SAP
no, you can't pull em off

photos under cut
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yay or nay? i really want to do something different with my hair and this forehead has been plaguing me for years.

ETA: can anyone photoshop me some?



Note: Mod if you feel this is inappropriate (as moonshine making is illegal in the US) please feel free to delete.

A good friend of mine is gifting me her tree of peaches as she cannot use any/many of them. This means I have at least 6 20L (5 Gallon) buckets of peaches. As such I'm making peach chutney, bottling/preserving peaches.

My question is though, does anyone know of any good resources in which to give a guide on making peach liquer(or on failing that possibly peach wine)? So far the internet has just provided me with how to make fruit-infused liqueurs, something which I'm well aware of and that doesn't really require a lot of fruit (which I will get).

I already have a still and fermentation barrel. Please note that what I'm doing is not illegal in my country (NZ) so I'm sorry if I have offended anyone whose country/countries it is illegal in.

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When was the last time school/work was called off due to snow?

I ask because I just got two days off from school (and work, because I work on campus) due to snow. There's supposed to be 4-5 feet by the time it stops. O___O

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So if Pluto is considered a dwarf planet now, does that mean kids in elementary school who are learning about space are now taught that our solar system has 8 planets?

What are kids learning today that is different from what you were taught? Anything bug you?

This pluto thing kills me.

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What nail polish should I paint my nails?

I have my step sister's wedding on Saturday night, and I'll be wearing a cornflower blue dress, black shoes and silver jewellery. I'm fair skinned (though slightly ruddy) with dark blonde hair.

I thought a dark blue would be good, but now I'm having second thoughts. Help me, TQC!
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i am getting married in 2 days and have run out of ideas for wedding favors that I can afford.
I know I wouldn't mind getting candy as a gift, but in your opinion, if I wrap and display color coordinated candy as a wedding favor... is that a horrible and tacky favor to do?

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I'm flying back to school with Southwest Airlines from the John Wayne Airport. I baked a bunch of cookies that I want to take back with me. Does anyone know if I can just put the cookies in a bag and take them with me as a carry on or do I have to put it in my suitcase with my checked luggage?
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Do you ever feel like your head is completely clogged with thoughts and you can't sit back and relax? It feels like my head won't stop thinking and I just can't not think of anything. How do you relax?

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Do any of your appliances do strange things?

For example my hot water heater only allows us to take 10 minutes showers before it turns cold, and my fridge freezes anything within 3 inches of the back wall. This morning I had to take the milk jug, shake it vigorously to break up the chunks of frozen milk and pour it into a bowl and microwave it. Just so you know, cereal blows with lukewarm milk.
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Today someone told me that Amish people believe getting a picture taken of themselves takes away a part of their soul. Do you know if this is really true, or just a random Amish myth?

Referring to school subjects, are you an english/history person (or would it be english/art?) or a math/science person?
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Have you ever been asked to something illegal?

Did you do it? Why or why not?

When working at a convenience store the summer after my freshman year of college, a high school classmate came in with a fake ID wanting me to let him buy beer.

No, I didn't let him do it, mostly because my boss was in the office 10 feet away.</a>

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So I don't know how many of you remember the situation I was having with my sister concerning a gift for my daughter. She ended up giving her the gift on Christmas rather than her birthday, and it turns out the doll is really a collectors item. You know, one of those that are supposed to sit on a shelf and to be looked at. My kid is four.

Should I convince my daughter to let me put it up for display, or let her open it up to play with?

Edit: this is a bad picture, but this is the doll.
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And I just noticed, the doll is apparently porcelain.
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Have you ever dyed any of your clothes to get a different color? What did you dye/what color? (Besides tie dye.)

I have a pair of boot cut grey pants that got a ton of stains on them from when I was working on a boat and oil/grease stuff was all over the place. I love the pants too much to throw them out and I've tried stain removers, none of them worked. So,

What color should I dye my pants?

Darker grey
Other (post in comment?)

Note: Whatever color it is, it'll be a darker shade. And note that I have orange hair? Might effect your choice. Idunno.

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What does the rooster say?

none of these, it says...
Arrested Development

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A person wearing headphones/earbuds is basically saying "Don't talk to me unless the building is on fire kthx" and striking up a friendly conversation with them before class starts is rude, right?

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How willing are you/were you to get into debt for an education?

One university I would like to transfer to is upwards of $30,000 a year. A part of me says, eff it, if you can get into a school as prestigious as this, taking out loans would be worth it. I know there's always scholarships and work study programs but this is still a lot of money. What would you do?

ETA: I am going for an engineering degree so prestige can definitely make a difference when looking for a job.

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Could you cheer me up please, TQC?

With funny or sweet videos or macros or whatever? Between my class being canceled (which is more of a headache then it sounds, trust me), the weather, and the two random guys who came up to me to either lie/sweet talk me into buying shit OR to laugh in my face at my misfortune, I'm in need of a cheer up.


Guide me, O Wise ones.

Oh, TQC. What should my new career be?

I'm almost 30.
I was a medical transcriptionist for about seven years.
I work as a cashier at a retail store that is not Wal-Mart, and have for over a year.
I like to write.
I'm interested in photography.
I can sing and act and play acoustic guitar.
I'm curious about and interested in just about anything and everything.
I don't want to apply/interview for another job ever again.
I want to be my own boss/have freedom to make my own decisions.
I love to travel.
I don't have much money.
I'm a fairly quick study when a subject interests me.
I work well on my own.
I'm warm, friendly, and people like me, but I have a shy streak.
I live in Iowa.

What should I go back to school for? Give me your advice, both serious and non. Have you ever made a drastic career change?
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I &lt;3 TLV

Half.com help?

I'm trying to sign up for a half.com account, but I can't figure out how. I already have an eBay account, and the help desk says this:

"Do I need to register for a Half.com seller account if I already have an eBay seller account?

Yes. To list items on Half.com, you need to register with Half.com and open a seller account. This takes only a few minutes, and once it's done you'll be able to list on both sites. You can use the same user ID and password that you created for your eBay account for your new Half.com account, and all your feedback from both sites will be in one Feedback Forum. However, you'll be billed separately by Half.com and eBay for listing and final value fees."

But when I try to sign up with my eBay username, it says it's taken and I have to choose something else. I can't find any information on how to sign up with the same info as eBay, or even a way to contact half.com to ask.

Does anyone know how to do this?

[Edit: Thank you!]

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On a scale of 1 to jearkass, how much of a dick move is this:

"I know you were like one of the 1st people to reply to my post but I've already filled up the car w/ other people from work so you'll have to figure out how to get to [music festival] on your own, lol. We'll save you a camping spot or something tho'." - heavily paraphrased text message

What was the last thing that made you go "FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU--"?

Can I have some funny macros to cheer me up? :(

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Show me a picture of a painting/sculpture/art thing you like?

There's this dude in my apartment who calls my friend "broseidon" every day and acts as if it's the funniest fucking thing ever. My friend and I are trying to think of something clever to call him back (brosef stalin, leader of of the broletariat?). Any suggestions?

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What opinion do you have, if any, on the US Supreme Court's decision today regarding campaign financing restrictions on corporations? Do corporations have the first amendment right to contribute any dollar amount to a candidate who might better serve their interests or should they be restricted in the amount they can contribute?

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I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Saturday morning at 10.
They aren't impacted or anything & I only have 3, I'm not scared or anything but I have no idea about the healing process.

I'm getting dropped off & picked up by my cousin, but can I stay by myself for the rest of the day? The receptionist said that I should have someone with me, but I'd rather just come home & relax I think. Should I have a girl friend or 2 over?
AlSO, what can I eat?

AND, I have plans Sunday. I'm going to a fundraiser for Haiti, and I have a meeting with a group for school.

I dunno, I didn't put much thought into it seeing as how they're grown in and what not... But my one friend is all "NO YOU'LL BE OUT FOR LIKE 3 DAYS" and slightly scaring me that I won't be able to do anything Sunday. The fundraiser is pretty important to me, and we have some really great speakers coming so I don't want to miss it!
I'm sure she's exaggerating because that's what she does, but it's still a bit frightening.



What really frost my cookies (my aunt said that once and I thought it was hillarious). I know everyone has a right to there opinion and beliefs, but doesn't it just irritate you sometimes how people post clearly ignorant, poorly worded, sad excuses for an argument about controversial issues on Facebook?

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My niece is having a formal sweet 16 party.

I was wondering what a good gift would be to get her. She isn't a girly girl "I love pink" type of person. I just don't want to get her something lame.

What would you get?
look really good.

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Does anybody know where I could stream video of the current syndicated version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? particularly today's episode. :]

I've tried googling everything I can think of, went to millionairetv.com, etc...
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Do you like or dislike showers - as in baby showers, wedding showers, etc.

What do you like or dislike about them?

When was the last time you went to a shower, and what was it for?

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So I'm going to a guido/guidette party tomorrow night.

I've already decided on a hair bump, bronzer, and some kind of blue eyeshadow somehow. And black heels that I can fall over and be a trashy beligerent drunk in. But what the fuck do I wear? I don't own any crazy white short-shorts or anything, plus it's gonna be cold as shit. What would you wear to a guido/guidette party in MA in January?

If it counts for anything, I will be watching Jersey Shore tonight and taking notes, but you guys are great at dressing up for parties.

ETA: Also, what color should I paint my nails for this classy and extravagant event???
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1. i have vista on my HP. on my last laptop (with vista), when i hovered over the battery icon it would tell me how much time i had left. on this computer, all it says is the percentage left. does anyone know of a way to change it so it'll tell me actual time remaining? i feel like my battery doesn't last very long, so i'd rather see an actual amount of time than a percentage.

2. can mac fans tell me pros to make the switch from PC to mac? i was anti-mac for awhile, so i'm aware of cons.

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I just did Day 1 of the 30 Day Shred! Problem is, I don't have any hand weights. About how much do they cost, and should I get 3- or 5-pound weights? Keep in mind that I have basically no upper body strength. I'm not sure what you're supposed to use.

DK/DC: How do you drink your coffee?
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Pretty much all my jobs before this have been immediate start, so I'm not sure about this. I was offered a job at a hospital 2 weeks ago, but since then I haven't heard anything from them, they said I will get a letter, but I haven't received it yet. Apparently security checks can take a little while, but should I be worried? Does it often take this long for things to come through?

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i know people clench their jaw and grind their teeth in their sleep, but have you ever heard of someone chomping in their sleep?

i slept over at my friend's the other night and i swore to god he was like eating or something. so i looked over and he was totally asleep but chomping his jaw. i've never seen or heard of anything like it.
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Poll #1514796 Be my magic 8 ball TQC...

If I meet hajiomatic tomorrow, what are my chances of surviving unharmed?

Slim to none.
Unable to say
Almost certain
A poll without a ticky is like peanut butter without jelly.
IDK but I expect a tqc_updates post about this!
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Utorrent for some ungodly reason does not work for me anymore. Ever since I upgraded from the windows 7 rc to the retail version my pc freezes whenever utorrent is running. So a) have any of you had similar experiences and know how to fix it or b) know of another good lightweight torrent clients I can use? I know there's vuze but outside of that I'm kind of clueless.

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At what point in my car's life do I need to consider changing the cambelt?
I drive an X-reg (late 2000) Peugeot 206 with almost 50k on the clock.

How easy is lasanga to make?
I am trying for the first time with a friend tomorrow, but I am nervous because pasta sheets really weird me the fuck out. Yes, I'm crazy.
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I'm making a road trip with my dad from Oregon to Iowa (he's helping me drive/move there, then flying back home). We'll be making the trip in a few weeks, and then again in summer when I move back. TQC, what should we see on the way? I want to make a little detour for Cliff Palace on the way back, but that's all I can think of.

ETA: Been to Yellowstone.

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I need advice from Dr. Eljay!

I have several skin tags on my neck. I went to the doctor to get them taken off (and go over some other health issues too) but he said I had to make a specific appointment just for that. He also said I could just deal with them because, according to him, they aren't that bad or I can cut them off myself if I feel brave enough.

Have you cut off skin tags before? How much did it hurt?

I don't want to wait for an appointment because it'll take a long time to get one and I don't really have the money for another appointment.
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TQC, my birthday is in a month and a half and I'm trying to think of something to do with all my friends! They don't all know each other that well and have their own little groups that they split into at my functions, so I don't want anything too intimate and quiet (like dinner at a restaurant or anything). For my graduation party a few months ago, we went to karaoke at a bar/grill and everyone had a blast, so I'm looking for something like that...something we can "do" while also sitting at a table and talking when we're not doing it.