January 20th, 2010

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I got a PPD shot ( a skin test for TB ) today and the area of the shot is kind of sore and irritating me. Now this is the 6th time I've gotten this shot in the past 12 months and I've never had an reaction to it before. So, what, did I suddenly develop an allergic reaction to it?
Ever got this shot?
What's the worst shot you ever got?
Are you afraid of needles?


Your car just exploded and cannot be repaired. Someone offers to give you up to $120,000 to replace it. You can't keep the difference so buying a $20,000 car and keeping $100,000 is not an option.

What make and model of car do you get?

ETA: Sales/personal property tax is paid as long as you own the car.
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I come to you TQC because you've never let me down with your vivid imagination!

I'm fully aware how childish this is, but it's making me laugh so that's the main thing. My bff and I are going out for a big night out at the weekend for her birthday. We seem to attract men over to talk to us, even though I'm not single & she is happily single. This, usually ends up in giving them fake names and phone numbers etc.

So, we decided to go the full way and make up entirely fake life stories.

If you were going to create a fictional person, what would their name be? Career? Marital status? The Lot!

So far, my friend has had starred in several porn movies and jilted three men at the altar. And thats all we've got so far.

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DO you have any roommate horror stories? Im getting a new one this semester and super nervous. She dropped her stuff off today when I was in class and I have yet to meet her

Although mine from last semester got along, she was incredibly strange. I would leave my room to go to the bathroom and my bed would be made when I came back lol. She also thought aids was airborne and that you could get pregnant from a back massage.
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Where would you like to see Conan after this week, now that he's leaving NBC?

I personally don't like Fox and I've heard they may be working something out, but I do hope he gets a show somewhere.
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1. What are some state stereotypes that you know of? Like for example, Texans are gun happy, New Yorkers are loud and impatient and West Virginians are cousin chasers.

Do you find the ones you know to be true?

2. And to really stump you, what sort of stereotype does Delaware have? I can't think of any. Can you?

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 I'm having a real hard time going to sleep right now.  I have to be up early tomorrow and am trying to read myself to sleep but it's not working.  There is a lot of anxiety because tomorow is my first day of classes.  I don't understand why though because I have two teachers for four classes and I've had both the teachers before and I know where the classes are and I went to this campus for two semesters already but my whole body just feels like my skin is crawling and my heart is racing.   How can I calm down and get to sleep? 
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How do you handle being stuck at a dead-end? I feel like I've no hope of a job and don't know where to turn next, especially since I can't work retail.

Do you take unsolicited advice to heart?

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have you ever had a class that was co-taught by 2+ professors? i have one this semester and i don't know what to expect. the last time that happened it was so disorganized because the two professors taught entirely separately and never seemed to talk to each other outside of class.

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I put my down coat in the wash and then promptly realized I don't have tennis balls to throw in into the dryer. Do you think it would be okay if I threw in a couple of pairs of all-rubber size 6 flip-flops? Any other household object you'd recommend?

How many times did you pee today?

Vela Shape

Has anyone ever tried the celulite reducing procedure called VelaShape?
What was your experience?
Is it worth the money ($500/session, you need like 4)?
Is there anything comparable?

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I am considering removing my calf leg hair once the weather is warmer (I never wear skirts shorter than knee length). Has anyone used Veet or Nair for hair removal? How was it? Waxing is not an option.

[edit]It looks like Nair and Veet are definitely not options. I'll stick to a razor or an epilator.

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Poll #1513928 what about waffles?

what is the correct waffle shape?


correct waffle configuration?

BIG waffle holes
Small waffle hole
dude, eat a pancake

What about other waffle products?

leggo my eggo

Waffle toppings is a totally different poll.
Stay tuned.

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I think I might have pneumonia (one of the girls in my tiny little office has it and has been a total idiot/jerk about it, not covering her mouth when she coughs, standing way too close to people unnecessarily, etc), and my new insurance doesn't start until the beginning of April, I think. Have you ever been to an urgent care facility without insurance? Will you tell me about it? How much it costed (costed?)cost you, what you went for and what they did for you, specifically.
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I like reading art blogs and thusly often click on pictures to enlarge them. This is normal and all except Firefox has suddenly decided that a) it wants to open them in Windows Picture Viewer or b) it wants to ask me every single time I click on one what to open it with. In Applications in the Options menu, no matter what I select it goes back to those two options and won't accept any others. Any ideas on how to fix it? (For the record, I am currently using a Frankencomputer--it is an awesome unholy blending of 2 computers with the best bits of each, but until my fiance brings the Vista install disk which will be a few weeks, it's interesting at best and tends to do strange things, so that may play into it too.)

Don't know/don't care: What is the last awesome music you discovered?
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mac users come hither

The storms hitting Southern California knocked out the power to my entire apartment complex community, which is like the size of a city block. We are going on 24 hours without power. Something about a generator or a transformer blowing up and pretty severe damage. They have no reasonable estimate on a fix, c'est la vie.

Now that it's daytime and I can venture out of the zombie apocalypse darkness of our buildings at least, I've found electricity and plugged in my computer to see the damage. It recognizes that I'm plugged in to a power adapter, but my computer says the battery is not charging.

Did the power outage kill my battery? Is there a fix short of getting a new battery? I'm using a Macbook 2.4 Ghz Intel.
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TQC, I'm in need of some validation. I really resent that I'm being expected to believe this bullshit because according to him, it is not bullshit. Here are the scenarios:

#1: You are a guy. Once upon a time, you were seeing/sleeping with/dating a girl and you did her wrong. Probably took advantage of her, strung her along, messed with her head and emotions. You are now living in another city and in a relationship with someone else. You text this girl over Thanksgiving to wish her a happy holiday and apologize for what you did to her. Your texts are long and wordy, with you expressing that you apologize for what you did, miss her, and wish she could be a part of your life. Her replies are short but conversational, and give the impression that she is still hurt but has moved on. The last thing you tell her is that even though you regret taking advantage of her, you'll never stop loving her and being in love with her.

Why would a guy do this?

#2: You are a guy. In this scenario, you refer to your platonic female friends as "baby" and "beautiful." It's kind of late one night and you text one of these female friends and she tells you she's just getting off work. You reply at 1:15am "Aw baby, does that mean I'm not going to see you tonight?" She texts back "On my way."

What just happened here?

If your SO told you that the girl in #1 means nothing and that he was just apologizing and that the girl in #2 is just a friend and nothing happened, would you believe it?

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If you draw or make any kind of art, what do you like to do while you're making it? I like to listen to someone talking, like radio or tv.

What are your favorite vegetarian bread spreads/sandwich fillings?
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Hey guys,

My friend is having a Joss Whedon/Kevin Smith costume party, where you dress up like a character from anything done by either of those two directors.

What would your costume be?
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When you make a new friend, what level of trust is defaulted to them? If not 100%, how long does it usually take for them to gain 100% of your trust?

Collapse )

Does your SO have friends of the opposite sex they often confide in or have intimate conversations with about life?

If so, did they have them before or after you started dating?

Is it necessary/appropriate for your friends to have that kind of friendship with both you and your SO?
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For those of you who have periods, do you notice if your cycle is affected by others'?

I know it's supposed to be a known deal that when women are living together/near one another, then their periods tend to happen around the same time. I'm living in what's basically a dorm and have been for 4 months, and my cycle is still the same as it first was in relation to my roommates'. Also, I lived on a boat for 2.5 months over the summer and my sister was the only woman besides myself and our periods never changed (they were 1-2 weeks apart). Is this just a weird theory that's somehow become popular to believe in?
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In one of my classes yesterday, we were playing a version of Taboo where you had a word on a slip of paper and got to say one word of description of the word to the rest of the class to get them to guess what your word is. (like if you had "ice cream" you might say "cold" or "milk" or "frozen" until they guessed it). The goal is to use as few words as possible.

Someone had "tambourine" as their word. The two words they said to get us to guess it before we just couldn't fucking get it? "Church" and "tangerine".

... how the fuck do "church" and "tangerine" describe "tambourine"?
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do you remember any of the faces of the members of TQC? would you name the ones you do remember? i remember cordelia_sue, sage_grouse, cynleigh, the girl with the venn diagram icon, lysythe, pewpz, therapeute, moshi, phantom_llama, speeding, hajiomatic, aerynmoo, briteflite, seanseansean, subtlesphinx, freepostage, the girl with the word maya in her username lol.

do you remember mah face TQC?
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The Things We Drink

Do you drink coffee? Why or why not?

If you don't drink coffee, what do you drink instead?

What other things do you drink or don't drink that you want to share with the class?

I don't drink coffee, mostly because to me it still tastes bitter, no matter how much coffee and sugar you dunk it in. I drink hot chocolate in the morning, tea if I go to a breakfast/diner type of establishment. I try to cut down on my consumption of carbonated beverages (although I have a weak spot for Diet Cherry Coke) and drink a lot of fruit juices.
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What's your favorite "The Real World" season?

Mine's The Real World: Las Vegas. I watched it when I was an innocent 13-year old and it was crazy. And I liked the cast. Frank was my fave.
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What makes your day awesome?

I got a summer job today, and I'll be working with friends, have every weekend off, and make more than enough money to cover my living expenses!

What's your weather like right now?

Sleety. There's a mixture of ice, water, and ice pellets on the ground outside. I'm basically sliding to and from class.
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What kind of cereals do you eat?

Plain - Cheerios, Cornflakes, etc
Sweetened (such as Honey Nut Cheerios)
Pure sugar (Lucky Charms, etc)
Fruit flavored
With real fruit in
Hot cereal
I don't eat cereal
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I have about 2 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breast and I have no idea what to do with it. Any ideas? I'm not a big chicken eater so therefore I don't know any good chicken recipes..

What is your favorite ~healthy~ cereal?

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Will you show me a picture of your bathroom?

The husband and I are remodeling our bathroom when we get our tax refund back and I need inspiration!

If you don't want to show me a picture, does your bathroom have a "theme"? (One of my friends has an ocean theme, one has a duck theme..etc.)

What color should I paint my bathroom?

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So TQC, I decided I will go to Coachella this year, so long as the other people in the travel party don't wimp out. I haven't been on a massive road trip in ages, and I've never been to a HUEG music festival.

What are some glaringly obvious safety tips for road tripping and festival going that I will probably forget? (i.e. all of them)

Which music festivals have you been to, and was it awesome or not awesome?

And, will you choose a new default icon for me?

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Do you make your bed?

What does making a bed achieve?

I almost never make my bed, even if people are coming over to sleep. I only go in there to sleep, and that will mess up the covers, I don't see the point of making it pretty. I do occasionally make it if I want the room to look super-neat.

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Have you ever gone to Barnes & Noble or Borders or (insert other book store name), perused the shelves, found something interesting, and sat down to read the book/magazine/atlas/what-have-you?

Have you seen other patrons do this?

In front of staff?

Bad day validation

My boss does not like to pay people and he's a generally untrustworthy guy. Yesterday he needed his car fixed (something that my dad does) He told me to have my dad call him. I gave my dad's business card to the man in charge and said that he needs to call my dad.

Was this rude of my boss? I feel like he's insinuating his time is too important to do what he's supposed to do and wants my dad to drop everything for him.

Today he told me he was *mad* at me because I didn't have my father call him.

Am I totally overreacting? (Did I mention my boss is a total sleazeball?)
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i'm trying to help a friend here -

have any of you signed up for unemployment? how do you go about doing so? (this would be in washington state if it makes any difference)

i came up with this site when i searched, but it seems... too easy
Collapse )

if you have signed up, how long did it take to get benefits?

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TQC, how do i approach a ~hipster~ to make conversation? I am not experienced in this field!

ETA* he is a boy in my algebra class. i heard from another friend that sort of knows him that he is very shy and awkward, i dont want to scare him away. i just think he seems interesting and i'd be nice to have an interesting friend in at least ONE of my classes!
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My sister-in-law was dilated @ 9cm an hour ago! When is this baby going to come out?!

If you don't care, do you believe in fate?

I think life is all set up, and we can't change anything that is supposed to happen.

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In what ways are you and your best friend alike? In what ways do you differ?

Me and my bestie are both into theatre. However, we have completely different taste in what makes for good entertainment. For example, I've never met anyone with worse taste in movies, and I'm sure she feels the same way about me.

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Do you know what this movie is?

An animated movie I watched about 18 years ago. There was a main character who was a dinosaur possibly t-rex who had a yellowish maybe shirt on. He meets some other characters, I don't think they were all dinosaurs. They are journeying somewhere and end up in this like evil circus. I don't remember much more because I was about 4 years old at the time I watched this.

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Have you ever gone to the store to buy something only to have your card be declined?

This just happend to me. I come home, check my online banking to find out I am -35. wtf?! Oops! I guess its pb&j sandwhiches for supper tonight! Thank God I get paid tomorrow.

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I just got my W2 form from my employer, but the address is wrong. The zip code is 55331 instead of 55311 and a different city is listed. Is this going to be a big deal?

What's annoying you right now?

Roll for Damage!

Does/has anyone play DnD (or a derivative form of it) here?
I do, every Wednesday.

If so, what's your favorite character type? Are you in a campaign right now?
My favorite characters are female barbarians and male druids. The campaign we're in now isn't strictly DnD though, it's a future zombie campaign. I play a female mercenary.

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I'm making a spice cake with cream cheese frosting. I have yummy almonds that I candied that I want to chop up finely and put on top. Should I also put some in the cake itself?

What is your favorite type of cake?

My 35mm Minolta camera is out of batteries! It's completely manual except the light meter. I have an assignment due tomorrow :O What should I do? Should I just take pictures and just go with the best settings I can muster? What would you do?

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do you think that more immigrants (to the US) would learn english if english were the only official language?

note: i absolutely don't believe in enforcing english as the official language, i'm just curious what you all think.

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How many times have you seen Avatar since it came out? Tonight will be my 3rd time.

I'm trying to collect a bunch of the Buddy Holly Real D 3D glasses, okay?! >:(

DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS. I decided I was too sick to go out tonight, so I'm going to make soup and watch scary movies.

Post your favourite soup recipes plz?
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What can I add to macaroni and cheese? Other than chili, I have no chili.

ETA: So I wound up using ground beef w/ taco seasoning and am eating it with tortilla chips. DELICIOUS.

Keep offering suggestions though, I have 4 more boxes of the stuff!
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I have a two inch incision going directly through my bellybutton from a hernia repair yesterday. It was discovered while I was getting my gallbladder removed so the surgeon went ahead and fixed it.

Will my bellybutton ever look normal again? I changed my bandages earlier, and right now it looks very odd.
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Kinda TL;DR, for those who know gems/stones

My finace and I had dreams with very similar elements, including the number of children we had, how they all looked, the type of house we had, the quirks and talents of the children, but most of all, a ring. We both are very curious about what it could be.

I saw the uncut form of what would turn into the ring. It was about 5 inches long. At the top it was a deep blue, which turned into light blue, white, light amber and a deep amber at the very end. The end of it looked like roots almost, but barely a half on inch of it was like that.

In my dream when we got it cut it was a stone in an oval shape set into a large silver band. The stone was all over deep blue, but there were lines of the amber (both colors), and some specs of white. In his dream it was deep amber, though he can't remember if there were lines in it or not.

Any ideas what kind of stone or gem or whatever this could be? It looks like uncut sapphire in my dream, but when cut looks nothing like cut sapphire. Or if you know of a good database? I keep finding ones with just gems. Like diamond and ruby and emerald. Nothing with stones as well. It was rounded smooth like a stone would, not cut like how a gem would. I'm lost. Help!

ETA: Found them. The blue one is Agate, and the amber one is Jasper.

house shoes

Do you shuffle around your house in slippers?

What do they look like?

How long have you had them?

Will you show them to me?

Did your parents wear slippers?

Have you ever put shoes on an animal? (Excluding horses.)

mine in comments
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Okay. SO. I have a crazy roommate who has many issues, and one of them has to do with her driver's license. Bear with me as I explain this situation.

She was born in California and moved to Florida in high school. She got her driver's license while in Florida, and therefore has a Florida license. She moved back to California and finished high school there, after "illegally emancipating herself from her mother" (I don't know what this means and choose not to ask). She then LOST (yes, physically lost. not like in court, but left it somewhere or some shit) her license almost a year ago, and has not gotten a new one. (Yes, I know, ridiculous.) She is almost twenty and never renewed her license (I don't know what this means for a Florida license, but where I'm from, Wisconsin, you have to renew it around 19). She has no personal issue with driving without a license, but the practical people in her life are forcing her to get one. SO:

Since she A.) is no longer in the state in which she got her license, B.) it's spotty which state she's actually a resident of, C.) she has not has a physical license for months on end (lost license), D.) has obviously changed address, E.) we have no idea what her 'permanent address' should be (she has a school address and her mom's address but the whole illegal emancipation thing makes it shoddy), F.) should probably have renewed her license a year ago, WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP?

Do we just go to a California DMV and register for a new license? What are the complications because of A-F? I'm going to call the DMV tomorrow, but if anyone can give any help before that, please let me know.
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I just picked up ingredients for four recipes. Which should I make tonight?

Gingerbread muffins
Chocolate fudge brownies
Banana cream coconut cupcakes
Chocolate rice krispy treats

Any of those would still be good on Saturday if stored properly, yes?


I am thinking of getting a facial piercing.

Once, many years ago, I had 2 piercings in each lobe. Those are now healed over and I haven't had any other piercings.

Based upon this, and this photo, what piercing would you say would look good on me?

I already am thinking of a specific type but I want to see what everybody says before I reveal what kind.

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I have an internal interview tomorrow. What do I wear?

It's a very casual atmosphere--a music school--and everyone, including the HR guy and the Marketing VP who I'm interviewing with wears jeans everyday. Also, they know me. And they know I wear jeans everyday. I also really hate the idea of wearing something uncomfortable the rest of the day while I'm working.

I am applying for a higher up position though and it is an interview, so should I put on a dress or what?
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People in relationships:
My best friend's SO is talking about accepting a position in Oklahoma. She asked me if it would be rational to move out there with him. They have been together two years and don't know anyone in Oklahoma.
That being said, if your SO asked you to relocate with them, would you? How long have you been with this person? Are you dating, living together, engaged, or married?

Ladies that plan on getting married or are already married, will you post a picture of your dream (or actual if married) wedding dress?

If none of this applies to you or you want extra credit, will you post funny pictures?
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My SO really loves astronomy and especially the stars. I've decided that for Valentine's Day, I'm buying him this thing that allows you to pick a date in the past, and it gives you the visual of what the stars looked like in your exact location at that date/time. I'm going to do it for the night he asked me out. It's a photo of stars and points out all the groupings/constellations, etc.

In addition to that, I'm buying him a pair of boxers that I know he'll find funny.
What else can I add to this gift though? I feel like I need one more thing, at least. (it doesn't have to relate to astronomy)
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I am calling my doctor tomorrow and asking for an ultrasound. I am having sharp pains in my lower abdomen, cramping and weird bloating (that makes me look 5 months pregnant at times YAY). So, what do you think it is? Will my appendix explode any minute? Is it my gallbladder? Lupus?
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I'm looking for some good music to fall asleep to. It can't have lyrics (or I over think them and can't fall asleep) so I'm thinking it should be instrumental. I know nothing about this.

Can you recommend me any music to fall asleep to?
If you listen to music to help you fall asleep, what do you listen to?

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tqc i am unemployed and just bought a $600 laptop for school even though there are plenty of computer labs i can use and a perfectly good desktop at home. it actually won't really affect my finances that much at all but i can't help feeling extremely super duper guilty. on a scale of 1-10 how bad of an idea was this?

Charlotte, NC?

Anything fun to do in the Charlotte, NC area? I'm going to be visiting my mom in early March who lives near there in Gastonia.

Bonus points if it involves live music, specifically punk or hardcore.
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Inspired by the online dating post.

Let's have The Question Club Matchmaking post! We're all looking for love, why not find it in a snarky LJ community? So, care to tell us your name and a little about yourself? Then talk to people who seem interesting, and before you know it, you're fucking your soulmate, all thanks to TQC.

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I know I ask this all the time, but I usually post during the day and I thought I'd get some fresh answers at night.

What is your favorite horror movie?  This includes gore, jump scares, thrillers, psychological, atmosphere, slasher, or just utter what-the-fuckery.

How about your favorite scary or weird-ass book?

If neither of these questions apply to you, what was the weather like today?
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I purchased a poster off of Ebay from the UK for $8.00 (after shipping). I recently realized I never received it. I checked paypal to see if I could file a dispute and realized it had been 48 days since the purchase and they require a claim with 45 days :/ (I'm insanely busy and it had just slipped my mind). I emailed the seller via the email address on their paypal and never got a response. My boyfriend gave me some solace by saying "Hey, you can always leave negative feedback!". The seller cancelled their account :(. Am I shit out of luck? At least it was just $8.00 but I'm still bummed.

Have you ever done the "paper bag technique" on walls, floors or furniture? Is it easy? I think it can look really neat!

ETA: Sorry! Here's a link to a piece that I've fallen in love with. Basically you tear up paper bags, wrinkle them and then affix them to a piece/wall/floor with polyurethane. It looks kind of like leather!

Baro Bitch Stare
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Do you need the converter box even if you have an hdtv? How does that work exactly? I just dumped cable because it is costly but I would still like to see the news.

What are you favorite girl scout cookies?
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World Building Question

For a story I'm writing and also just for interest.

If everyone had a very small bedroom/personal living area with very few possessions, and almost everything had to be done in shared rooms, like big bulk dining rooms, shared living rooms,  bathrooms, studies, kitchens, etc, how do you think society would change? How would society change with much less privacy?

If you could only take 5 fiction books, 5 non fiction books, 5 children's (including teens) books, 5 tv series, 5 movies, 5 band's music, 5 games, 5 [other entertainment things, in categories you tell me] on a spaceship you're going on FOREVER and will have your kids on, what would you take? These things will be shared with everyone, so doubles are discouraged. (Look at what other people are wanting to take!)

Longshot here...

Do you know anyone that's working in Haiti for the relief effort? I'm recently separated from the Air Force, looking for work, and know how to provide security as well as fix anything electrical. I used to be an aircraft mechanic and security forces.