January 19th, 2010

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Hello again TQC

A friend wants to know:

"Is it acceptable to photograph artwork - like beautiful original paintings, not prints - being sold on the street by artists, such as in big touristy cities?"

What are you thoughts on the ethics of this situation, TQC?

ETA She edits to add: "Saying you not only had no money to purchase said beautiful artwork, but also no feasible way to carry it with you and bring it home at the end of your travels."
i don't want to be friends

(no subject)

You've been best friends with Girl A for about 13 years now. You look at her past behaviors and some more recent, aggressive* behaviors and suspect that she might have a clinical problem. How do you go about suggesting that she speak to someone to diagnose her?

*not aggressive as in violent, but when you suggest that she does something different, she gets mad and/or flat out ignores you.

(no subject)

In movies like Freaky Friday where characters change bodies, how do they deal with going to the bathroom? Dealing with having someone else's genitals is crazy enough, but wouldn't peeing be even more difficult? What if a guy switched into a woman's body and wiped back-to-front? What if a woman tried to pee with an erection?

(no subject)

My boyfriend says that chef boyardee ravioli and beefaroni taste the same where I strongly disagree. I dont really like the ravioli much but I LOOOOOVE the beefaroni.

Do you think they are different?
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(no subject)

What's worst?

A dog bite
A bee sting
When you're feeling sad

How would you make it better?

girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes
silver white winters that melt into spring
cream colored ponies
crisp apple strudel
hookers and blow
schnitzel with noodles
wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
brown paper packages tied up with string
raindrops on roses
whiskers on kittens
bright copper kettles
warm woolen mittens

(no subject)

TQC, if you were really really hungry and really wanted a sandwich, but the bread had a small amount of mold on the bottom crust:

Would you cut it off and eat the sandwich?

Inspired by my somewhat lackluster pb&j sandwich I just made. It's going to kill me, isn't it?

(no subject)

does anyone have a time warner dvr box? if so, has the following ever happened to you?

i was recording a program and started watching it while it was still recording. i paused it, switched my tv over to my wii, and when i came back, the program was deleted. what the fuck? if it matters, i came back after the program should have finished recording. not happy. >: (

if this hasn't happened to you, will you tell me about other problems you've had with your dvr?

if you don't have a dvr or haven't had any problems with yours, are there any upcoming movies you want to see? which ones? bonus points for linking to the wiki page for the movies.
lost in translation

(no subject)

Rumor has it that Lady Gaga will be at a Peace Concert in Beijing China this April 2010. Does anyone know when and where I can buy tickets? This website is the best I can find.

If not, can someone post the link to a Lady Gaga Livejournal community that I can join to ask?

I would do this myself, but China is blocking a lot of my internet and LJ at the moment.. It takes about 15 minutes to reply to 1 LJ comment, so thanks in advance!!
books = good

(no subject)

I'm on a kick with I guess sort of atmospheric instrumental music--Midnight Syndicate, Nox Arcana, E.S. Posthumus, assorted video game soundtracks (Silent Hill, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy), etc. and I am looking for more. Any suggestions?

(no subject)

My classes start back up today, but luckily, I don't have class until 6 pm. It's almost 6 am now, though.

My dilemma: If I sleep in really late, I won't be tired tomorrow night, and I need to be up by 7 am or so for my Wednesday classes. However, I haven't been able to go to sleep until 8 or 9 in the morning lately.

Should I try to stay up from now (6 am; been awake since ~4 pm) until my class is over and I get home around 10 or 10:30 pm? There is a good chance I will be completely exhausted by the afternoon, and coffee makes my eyes burn (I don't get it, either) and makes me tired. If I do that, should I take a nap around noon? 

I need to get my sleep schedule back on track, but I also need to be coherent enough for class tomorrow evening. I've spent the last hour trying to sleep with no luck, and I have no sleeping aids here. :(

Don't know/Don't care: Any concerts coming up that you're going to? I'm seeing City and Colour on Thursday and I'm pretty excited, even though I really haven't listened to them much. :P
thanks fulloforliness

Is this weird?

I have a new roommate this semester. This girl keeps freaking me out. She never goes out and she barely talks to me at all. She sits in our room all day, just staring at the tv. But the thig that creeps me out, is yesterday morning, when I woke up, I saw her wearing men shorts/shirt and this black wrap-around thing around her head, making her look like a guy! it scared the crap out of me when I woke up!! Should I be worried and maybe find some way to get a new rooomate?

(no subject)

We just got a new rapid scanner here at work. Its the same deal they use at airports to "see" through clothes.
What are the odds I'm going to come down with a strange new disease? or and extra appendage?

(no subject)

1- what was the last thing you ate?
2- how's the weather?
3- what was for dinner last night?
4- are you bored right now?
5- what should you be doing right now?

1- currently having some leftover Posole that my husband and I made over the wknd
2- dark, cold and rainy
3- we made nacho's for dinner
4- yes, quite
5- finishing a colorboard in the back office....

Is there an app for this?

Lately when I go on my daily walk I've not been making a playlist but instead just putting my ipod touch on shuffle and using the timer tell me when I've done enough.

Anyway I don't know by heart every song on my ipod and I don't want to stop and pull it out and look when a song I don't know comes on.

is the an app that will show me what songs I've listened to/ or even make a playlist out of the songs listened over a period?

dk/dc do you know all the music on your computer and or player?

(no subject)

Who would win in a fight?

A colt
A jet

Who would win in a fight?

A saint
A viking

For those of you who hate football, why do you hate it?

Too violent
I don't understand the rules
It's boring
Sports just suck
I dislike their uniforms/gear
A football player once cut me off in traffic

(no subject)

TQC, I just woke up covered in sweat (ew) and discovered that my mom had the thermostat set to 82F. 82 DEGREES. She is crazy, right?

How hot is too hot when it comes to the heater? What temperature do you like your house to be?

(no subject)

How much do you think I should charge per hour to babysit these two young boys around the ages of 4 and 6? I'll be watching them for 6 hours. I don't have any CPR certification or any sort of babysitting certs so I couldn't charge more for that LOL but I used to babysit tons in the past so I do have plenty of experience.

How spicy do you like your food on a scale of 0-10? What is the spiciest thing you have ever tasted?

(no subject)

Let's say that, hypothetically, you have a lot of something you need to get rid of, for example, a bunch of baby/little kids' toys. Let's say you put these toys, 4 oversized boxes and 2 small boxes worth, on your back porch three weeks ago, because you intended to donate them to a hospital and a few underprivileged kids who would really love to get them. The hospital then says they don't need/want them, two of the kids ended up getting toys through some drive and graciously asked the toys to be donated to other, less-fortunate kids, and the third kid's mom was like no way do I want your charity because of pride or something. So you decide to sell them instead, and later decide to donate the money to the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund.

Two weeks later, as you are preparing to take photos of everything and post it for sale, you discover a family member who lives in an in-law suite type of deal attached to your house has thrown out all the toys, despite being the one who first suggested they go to two of the the kids and later, to sell them for extra cash. This family member has no legitimate access to, and no need to access, the porch where the toys are - it is a part of your house, but in no way attached to the in-law suite on the opposite side of the property. When questioned, the family member said she felt the toys were taking up too much space and if you were going to do something with them, "you would have by now." It is too late to recover the toys.

Do you ask her to cover the money you would have received had she not thrown the toys out? Do you let it go, since the money was intended to be donated, anyway? Are you pissed off she took it upon herself to essentially come into your home uninvited and throw your shit away? Would your answer change if the stuff she threw out was expensive electronics? If you needed that money for something? Is there anything else you would d/ay in this situation?

(no subject)

Okay, time for a girly sort of question.

Ive been in the mood to shop for some new clothes. But I hate having things everyone else has. I love individual stuff. I was wondering if someone new of a good website that sold really funky, sexy clothes but still kinda cheap?

Also what do you think of buying clothes online? It is kinda rough because you cant try it on but theres so much awesome stuff.

devon ramen

(no subject)

my cat gave birth to 3 kittens last night: one's a calico, one's black, and the other's white with black spots. any name suggestions TQC?
i'm sort of leaning towards simba, zazu and panda but any more suggestions?

PS. i think she's about to give birth again if that's even possible! her tummy's still big in one part and she's been meowing again. i should keep her in the same room as her newborns, y/y? she keeps running off to her 'birthing' room - the room she gave birth in last night - and looking for a small dark place.

Dear Dr. TQC

I've been volunteering with an organization for about five or six years. Currently I am still volunteering there however I feel like the desire to continue has gone out and has been fading for awhile.

There are other reasons why I no longer want to continue, one reason is that I have no reliable way of getting to and from the weekly meeting and the main person I do this with is aware of it. I have currently told her that I wouldn't be able to make it to every meeting because of this and is fine with it as long as I let her know which meetings I can and can't make it to. Also I feel a little bit guilty for not wanting to go as I had committed to being there.

Here's my dilemma: Should I keep vlunteering until the program is done in the beginning of June as it will look good on my resume while I continue to look for a job or should I just completely stop now?
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

Lately I have had some negative comments about my hair. I am apparently too old for long hair and/or insecure because I won't cut it. So...do you think there's some truth to these comments and maybe I should let go, or are they just being assholes? What do you think of long hair?

Edit. I am 25 and it is at my waist.

(no subject)

Best lyrics?

Rah rah ah-ah-ah Ro mah ro-mah-mah Gaga Ooh-la-la!
Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang Walla walla, bing bang
If I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass me by?

How did Vanessa Carlton fall into the sky?

UFO tractor beam
Drugs. Definitely drugs
Momentary collapse of earth's atmosphere concentrated in a small location which happened to be where she was
She was running really really fast up a hill and tripped and flew into the sky

Unrelated. I live in Los Angeles and there's tornado warnings in all the coastal cities nearby, like Long Beach. What are the odds that someone I know might end up getting gobbled up by a twister?

Unlikely. You live in SoCall. That's not tornado alley, fool
Likely. Global warming has pimpslapped Mother Nature and there's Bizarro-world events occuring in the name of nature
Odds are even. If there can be snow in Texas, there can be twister-flung mobile homes in SoCal.
It's against my religion to bet

(no subject)

I'm throwing a baby shower for my friend this weekend and she decided that she wants pizza for the food.

So, how many medium pizzas should I order for 30 people? (We're also having veggies and cake.) ETA We're doing mediums because Dominos has 2 for $5.99 each or the 5-5-5 deal.

I have just over 2 hours left of work. What should I do to entertain myself? I'm about to fall asleep.

TV rots your brain :)

So if you watch the show,

Do you have a favorite NCIS moment?

Think there will be any big suprises in the 2nd half of the current broadcast season?

How many more seasons do you feel it will last?
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(no subject)

i'm in class right now and the girl next to me has some really awful breath and keeps yawning and laughing in my direction. i'm seriously about to vomit. tqc, how do i make it through another 50 minutes of this?!

edit: i offered her some gum and she said no, she didn't want to take my last piece. i was like NO, REALLY. I DO NOT MIND!. so she did. i feel like a bitch now, but at least i'm a bitch that isn't dry heaving. oh, and subtlesphinx i hate you for making me lol in class.

dk/dc: what posters did you have in your room as a child?
I had a chipper jones life sized poster, a tara lipinski poster, a michelle kwan poster, and a dominique moceanu. later i moved on to the spice girls and then nsync

(no subject)

Why do I feel so old six months away from turning 20?

Do you tend to focus more on the past, present, or future? Why do you think that is?

I tend to focus more on the future, it's a terrible habit.

(no subject)


- unable to regulate body heat between sweating and freezing
- heightened senses/smelling weird things
- breast tenderness
- vomiting

Two negative at-home tests.

Currently waiting on results from a blood test taken today.

So, Magic EighTQC...am I going to be daddy?

(no subject)

1. How do you cook your ramen noodles? (I'm on a kick where I just add butter seasoning, basil, & salt.. so good.)

2. Which Tanner sister do you most identify with - DJ, Stephanie, or Michelle?

3. My fiance has to work a 27-hour shift today. :( What's the longest you've ever worked in a row?

(no subject)

Have you ever had a physical reaction to a friend?

I'm friends with this girl I have known for years, but whenever I hang out with her, or even just talk with her on the phone, I get a cold sore on my lip. She has never had a cold sore herself, and I originally got cold sores from my boyfriend in high school, so I do not understand the relation. But it happens EVERY single time I see HER.

Also...I was friends with this other girl since 2003. Around that time, I started getting really bad eczema on my arms and legs, to the point where I had to always have my skin covered. I went to dermatologists and tried different meds but nothing helped. I stopped talking with this friend last year and the eczema is magically gone. I swear it was somehow related to her.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this???

(no subject)

Maybe I am just crazy, but I recall a site being like this.

Basically, it was a travel planning site (free) where you could just make a schedule for yourself on what to do on what day and it had reviews or something on it and suggestions? AHH ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY.

Does this sound familiar or does anyone know of a site LIKE this?

(no subject)

Do you think you are an organized person?

If no, do you wish you were or are you satisfied

If you said yes, any tips to share to help get more organized?

I am not an organized person but I wish I was. Its hard to get started and then I lack the motivation...

(no subject)

Did you know that coconut oil can be used as a sexual lubricant? Have you ever used any foods/food products for something other than eating/cooking? If so, what food and what did you do with it?

(no subject)

When was the last time you got stuck in a giggle fit and couldn't shake it? Oh, and what caused it?
Earlier at work, the store director (my boss's boss's boss) caught my coworker mid-Stanky Leg on the sales floor. I had to be 3 shades of purple from laughing, and I couldn't stop for a good 3 or 4 minutes.

(no subject)

If I am getting married at 4:30 on my wedding day in April, what time should I make the appointment to get my hair done? Our photographer is coming to set up at 3:45.

ETA: The salon is 2 blocks from where we are getting married :)
Georgie - Smiles

(no subject)

What do you use to clean your laptop screen?

It's like little smudges, as if it's dust that's got caught in something else. I can't just wipe it with a tissue, but I don't want to damage the screen by using the wrong chemicals.

(no subject)

Do any of you (or have any of you) own a Venturer TV? I'm trying to program my digital cable remote to it but the brand name isn't on the list it came with for fuck sakes lol

DK/DC: What pissed you off today?
oh crap cheer me up

(no subject)

I just found out that my roommate for spring semester is from India. Can anyone give me any advice on how to live with an international student?

Is it wrong for me to assume that she is Hindu? (wiki says where she lives is 52% Hindu)
Calvin balloon

(no subject)

About 3 hours ago I put dinner in the crock pot, turned it on high, checked on it about 2 hours later...and realized I never plugged it in.
Have you ever done this? Please tell me you have because I feel like a big idiot!

If you haven't done that, what's the last brain-fart thing you've done recently?
TK and Kari

(no subject)

How the hell do people mistake Taylor Swift for a 15-year-old? She's freakin' 5'11, for crying out loud!

Edit: I mean you usually mistake someone her height for older than her age, not younger. I don't need 20+ comments of height-wank, disabled e-mail notofications and not coming back to check

(no subject)

What board game should I get my boyfriend for his birthday?

NB: he's into geeky strategy games.

ETA: thank you so much for all of your suggestions everyone :-)

Conveyor Belt of Love

Call me insane. I saw it after the Bachelor two weeks ago, and now it's not on! The website doesn't give a schedule or tell of ANY information. Do you know anything about this show? Other than it sucks? D:

(no subject)

Have you ever been to the Coachella Valley Music Festival? Was it fun?

A friend of mine is trying to get a group organized to go this year, but IDK if I want to spend all that cash when there's maybe 5 bands I want to see, tops.

Are you going this year?
cubs hat

(no subject)

Do flight prices get cheaper at all, the closer it is to the travel date?

I'm thinking of going to Seattle for a long weekend in February (I get off both President's Day and Lincoln's birthday, giving me a 4-day weekend).

Is today going to be the cheapest that prices will be - will they only get more expensive from now?
Clem & Joely

(no subject)

Have you ever added a teacher as a friend on facebook? Do you think it's at all weird/awkward?

I just sent a past teacher of mine a request a few minutes ago. She's probably my favorite teacher ever, not to mention having had a great impact on me. I thought it would be awesome to be able to keep in contact with her, though I haven't seen her since last year.
i like calzones

(no subject)

I just came home to find a GOANNA in my back yard.
The yard is enclosed (the fence is 6ft+), so I guess it climbed it and jumped? Idk. I'm pretty sure it's stuck now though. If I called the local council, would they handle something like this?
I called my mother about it, and she's like "Psh, just shoo it with a broom." BUT IT'S BIGGER THAN ME D:
Do you think I should shoo it with a broom?

What's your favourite non-domestic animal? Will you post a picture of it?

ETA: Okay, I called WIRES and they're sending someone.
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

A friend of mine recently started a jail work-release program. I'm going to visit him at his job on Thursday, and I want to bake him some cookies. I don't know the rules of work-release though - would he be allowed to accept them? Could he take them back with him to the jail after work? Is there a standard for this, or would it depend on the individual jail's rules?


I'm trying to learn how to cook. I realize it's pathetic that I can't cook, so I need to get on this for 2010! So what websites/recipes do you guys use for easy, healthy cooking? I'm trying to lower my salt intake so I won't be adding too much salt. (although I do love it)

I have been told Jamie Olivier is good for healthy cooking. Have you guys tried his recipes? Are they tasty and easy?

Couscous isn't healthy, is it? I do like it. :)


So apparently my plans to go to Japan fell through and then my plans to go to New York fell through. Currently, I live in Los Angeles. What's a fun place my friend and I can go for Spring Break in March?
shoes and bunnies

(no subject)

If you are in college or were in the past, what do/did you call your professors when addressing them directly? Mr./Mrs. Lastname? Dr. Lastname? Professor Lastname? Just Professor? I've been in college for about two weeks and still haven't figured it out.

Inspired by my aunt's FB post

Have you ever had kool-aid?
Did you like it? If so, what is your favourite color? (because you know it's nothing but dye)

Don't know or care, what's your poison?

[edit] I used to love kool-aid as a kid, now not so much though I will drink it when I visit my family.
My poison is this wine that I'm drinking.

(no subject)

What color hair does your ideal mate have?
Are you male or female?

Also, unrelated: you are standing in front of a gigantic bar of hamburger fixin's (veggie/fake meat included). What do you put on yours?

(no subject)

My boyfriend is living in China for a year. I'm in the States. I want to send him a package full of sweet things since he's always sending me little gifts, but I don't know what to get because I'm fairly unromantic.

What would you put into a package for a boyfriend/girlfriend?

(no subject)

My cat came home today. He was gone for a day, I had to carry him in. All day he's been resting, and sipping water, he won't eat. He's breathing through his nose funny, and he doesn't move around that much, his face is a bit swollen and his second eyelids are red. Any idea what could wrong with him? What should I do to take care of him until tomorrow? I'LL BE TAKING HIM TO THE VET.

What  song reminds you most of your childhood?

Funny vid? I feel a bit sad. If you want. Thanks.

(no subject)

What is your preferred way to keeping track of all your school/work/social stuff? 

I tend to buy a planner every year but I use for it the first week and then give up. I'm really needing to get organized and find something better. Are there any online things I can use? Something that will give me reminders when things are due or anything? 
Mitty box

(no subject)

Can someone please tell my why my FIL thought it was a good idea to get my son 2 small frogs for his birthday knowing already that we have four CATS?

Not only did he get him the frogs, he surprised us at Noah's birthday last weekend with them so we couldn't tell him "WTF were you thinking?" because the room was filled with party guests and Noah's eyes were filled with joy.

Is it any surprise that while we were at dinner tonight the cats knocked down the habitat? Is it any surprise that the frogs SURVIVED???

I am so full of rage. They are living in a gallon sized glass pickle jar now. I found one frog on the other end of the house. No way he could have gotten over there except in the mouth of a cat. I hope they make it through the night.
splat cupcake

(no subject)

hello TQC. A little background, I somewhat recently traded rooms with my roommate for reasons irrelevant. My boyfriend has asthma. In my previous room he had no problems but upon switching rooms he has had frequent asthma attacks. I have not added anything to my room that google says would trigger an attack, but they are still happening. What do you think it could be?
girls » barbie

etsy dramz

TQC, my friend ordered and paid for a coffee mug from Etsy back on December 14. The shop policy says things are generally shipped within 5 days of payment, so she waited to get the email saying it was shipped. 12/23, it still hadn't shipped, and when she went to convo them to ask, the shop homepage said:
"[super shitty shop]'s Shop Announcement

[super shitty shop] is enjoying the holidays with those we hold near and dear! We will reopen on January 4th and will be posting new items all week! Happy Holidays, y'all!"

Still, she sent a conversation, and received the same message. Fast forward to January 7th, that message is still up, my friend still doesn't have her mug, and when she sends yet another conversation, she gets the same auto response, so she contacts Etsy through the non-delivery option. She finally left negative feedback on Sunday, 1/17/10. She's yet to hear back from Etsy, and the shop still has that obnoxious message posted.

Time to file a paypal dispute, y/y? Any other suggestions? Her big issue with that is she really wants the mug, still.

(no subject)

does anyone in here know anything about selling textbooks online? i have a textbook from a school that i no longer attend and want to sell it to a website, but i have no idea which one is the best. which sites have you used?
dino - good times

Guten Abend, TQC

Do you play Magic: The Gathering, or know anyone who does?

How can I find other folks who play M:TG on my campus? My boyfriend and his brothers got me into it but they are not readily available to play all the time.

DK/DC: What's your favorite board game or card game?
Bandit Driving

(no subject)

Last night my boyfriend decided to use my nipples as a chew toy. They are now swollen and extremely sore.

What's your last sex related injury?

Any advice on what to do to make them less sore/swollen?
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

I want to bake something to donate to a bake sale this weekend that's raising funds for Haiti.

What should I bake?


I just bought this book and I plan on making something from it =D If anyone has it, do you have a favorite recipe?

ah hee hee!

i've played my friend quite a bit of MJ since he died and i think he really likes him and just doesn't want to admit it. he keeps bringing him up with me, always saying, "I can't believe you love him so much." and "This little girl who loves Michael Jackson!" like he's just amazed by the fact. he keeps saying he doesn't like him and doesn't get it but KEEPS BRINGING HIM UP.

so, is my friend really that flabbergasted by my utter devotion to the King of Pop(who on the surface probably wouldn't appear to fit my music tastes) or does he secretly like him and just not want to admit it?

also, he said he likes "angry Michael Jackson", and he loves "Smooth Criminal".

(no subject)

What's the highest level of math you learned in school? I'm currently taking Calculus.

Which do you like better: Sims 2 or Sims 3? I've only played Sims 2. I've heard mixed reviews about Sims 3 but my sister is obsessed with it.
Cupcake //

(no subject)

How would you fill this in?

"Eat your vegetables, there are children starving in ____________."

I saw Up In the Air yesterday, not really caring about it much, but I came out loving it. It made me never want to have a real job-job though cause someone's just going to come in and fire me. So what sort of work can I do on my own, preferably from home? What would you do if you could? Srs and non srs, please.