January 18th, 2010

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TQC, how ugly of a car would you be willing to buy for the right price/quality/features?

The PT Cruiser is the most affordable car in terms of what I'm looking at and would suit my needs really well, but I don't know if I can go there. It's like the dumbest car. Should I go there?
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Today I found out that a friend from when I was younger has a 12 year old stepson. She is 23.

This is weird, right? Basically, she was younger than her stepson when he was born. She was in fifth grade.

Am I an uptight loser for thinking this is kind of crazy? I just can't imagine having a child (step or otherwise) that close to me in age - I have a cousin that is not even two.

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cut for me complaining and ranting a little.
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But the question club, I ask you.
What is the fine line between art and pornography?
Do you ever feel as if nudity ruins a movie? or does it ever make a movie that much better?
Should nudity be allowed in movies?
Would you let your kids watch movies with nudity if there was some artistic value? if there isn't any artistic value?
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Room mate A is sitting in a common area, watching a movie on the computer when Room mate B walks in at 12:45am from hanging out with her friends all day. Room mate B is tired and wants to sit in the common area and watch a few on demand shows. Room mate A is more than halfway done with the movie, but cannot hear anything from the computer between Room mate B's TV noise and conversation. Room mate A could just unplug their laptop and go to their room, but not having a battery (using an AC adapter), would have to power off the re-load the movie. Room mate B has a TV in her room, but not on demand.

Which room mate should go to their room?

What is your favorite sexual position?

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this is my last semester of college. i have fridays and saturdays free; otherwise i'm working and/or in class all day. should i:
(a) find an internship that will hopefully lead to employment afterwards or
(b) enjoy life now and potentially fuck up my chances of finding a job later?
(my job now is a work-study job so once the summer's over, it's gone.)

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i let my mom borrow my car today (well, technically yesterday) to go to work. this was at like noon. it's now 1:30 am and her phone has been turned off all day. she never, ever goes out and she's usually in bed by midnight so this is super weird. should i be worried? will i be car-less in the morning when i need to go to school?

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I haven't eaten all day (or yesterday, really) so I'm starving. I just went to throw a tv dinner in the microwave, and came back to my room. My boyfriend had JUST sent me a text asking if I wanted Whataburger. And of course Whataburger >>>> tv dinner.

But the dinner is already halfway done in the microwave. What can I do with it, if anything? I figure I can't refreeze it. Actually there's probably nothing I can do, right? Should I just throw it outside to the outdoor cats? lol

What's your favorite late night snack?

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I have a question.

What do they call this thing were its like a fish net accessory? the one you usually see ladies wearing in funerals and such.?? Pink wears it too in her music video trouble.. what do they actually call it?

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I've come across some thoughts online to artificially force the human race to evolve from what we're stuck at
or declining into this would basically be done by eliminating the weak links of society.

Your thoughts?

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Have you ever heard of Sleep Paralysis? Have you ever experienced this?

I have for years, but I just had an episode where I hallucinated someone was strangling me; and I really don't want to go back to sleep. :(

Alternatively, do you still get nightmares? Apparently it's common to get them approximately two hours after you fall asleep (because of the stage you're at in your REM cycle), have you ever noticed/experienced this?
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I put a CD of mp3's in my Mac like 5 min ago and it is not showing up on iTunes or on the desktop anywhere.... How can I make my Mac eject a CD that it obviously can't read?
What's your favorite CD?
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How do I block individual images with adblock? I used to be able to with the old version, but it updated itself and took away that option. Or at least it appears to have.

Also how can I force myself to go to bed? I'm really tired but there's TV on and stuff. I could go for a snack maaaaybe.

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What are your thought on this? This girl claims that Brazilian waxes are female genital torture simply for the benefit of men. I have watched a few of her videos and she usually tries to blame men for everything bad that women seem to go through. what are your thoughts on this video? Do you agree? Do you disagree?

If you have ever recieved a wax, do you only do it to please your men?
Guys- Is this woman correct in her reasoning? Do you only want your women to shave to fulfill your pornographic fantasies?

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TQC, I've put all my coffee table books on my now-bare dresser. Should I arrange them so they're uniform against the back of the dresser, making them uneven on the bindings, or should I make them even along their bindings, and uneven alongside the back of the dresser?

(if it helps, this is about half of my collection, most of the smaller ones aren't pictured)

oh, and if you purchased something from an etsy seller, that had a typo on the packaging, how would you tell the seller? Other items he has listed have the same typo. I'm not concerned with it, the packaging was discarded, but should I still let him know?

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What is your schedule like for next semester? If you're not in school, what is your work schedule? If neither, what is your daily schedule?

[edit]I should include mine:
M: Work (8-2:30p) Class (5:30-8:15p)
T: Class (2:00-4:45p)
W: Work (9a-2:30p)
Th: Work (8a-4:30p) Class (5:30-8:15p)
F: NOTHING (although I hope to use this time to volunteer for the Society of the Cincinnati)

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I want to live in a castle with a drawbridge and a moat. Should I have music for when I use my drawbridge? What's good drawbridge music? What would you use? Live the dream with me.
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Attention snow drivers.

I'm moving to the midwest for 6 months, and I'll be there for just the end of winter. How important is it to have a good car for driving in the snow? I am buying a new car right now anyway, so I'm looking at a lot of AWD vehicles, but I don't know if it's really, especially since I'll only be there for one season. If you don't have a good snow vehicle, how do you winterize your car? Are good all-season tires enough?

I've never driven in the snow before. I'm from Oregon. FYI, nobody west of the Cascades in Oregon can drive in snow. It's always like massive pileups and 5 hour commutes when it snows :(

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What dishwashing liquid do you use/recommend? I use Electrasol and I find that it sucks, so I would like to buy a different kind.
ETA: To clarify, I meant actually in the dishwasher. I am perfectly satisfied with my sink dishwashing liquid :D

What are you doing today if you have it off from work/school? I don't have any exciting plans, probably just gonna clean a lot.
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I got double-charged for an item at the grocery store on Saturday. It was only $1.69 but I'm poor and I want that money back. Do you think the store will ask for proof? If so, what do I do, other than bring the receipt?

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My fiance and I are watching House Hunters International on HGTV and kind of wondering, how in the world do random people decide just to up and move to places like Costa Rica and Grand Cayman? A third of the time they mention a job change, but other than that they don't ever talk about their reasons for moving. Have you ever known anybody to do this?
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I live in Texas

Ok, I'm a native of the northern US but for the last few years, I've lived in Texas and had no need to spend money on good winter gear.

I'm going on a skiing trip in February and have NO winter coat to wear.  I won't EVER wear it except when I'm visiting family in the winter and/or on a trip such as this one so I don't want to spend a lot of money.

Can you recommend some good brands that aren't too expensive? 

I'm seeing all sorts of skiing/snowmoarding jackets for hundreds of dollars, but I would ideally spend less than $100 and I'd probably spend up to $150 if there really was no decent alternative.
What say yoU, TQC?  Is this do-able?


So there is an early episode of the Simpsons where Lisa is  sitting in her room playing her saxophone and she plays this one jazz song, I can't remember what the songs is, I can remember being a little kid and being like "Whoa."

It might have been an episode with Bleeding Gums Murphy.

I am trying to remember the episode but am failing.

She plays the entire song. I am pretty sure she is in her room sitting on her bed and just jamming.

I wish I could be more specific but anyone?

Do you know what song I am talking about?


EDIT EDIT: it was Baker Street, The episode was Lisa's sax where Homer runs over her sax and they tell the story of how she got her sax.

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Edit:  Decided that I'm going to play around with internet hunting, and then I'm going to go look after school sometime this week.   Figured out some of my mistakes.  Thanks for the help! 

Do you have any nice job hunting tips?

DK/DC: Are you the kind of person to push every button in a store aisle? Does it annoy you when others do it?

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I caved. My contract with Verizon is up and I'm bailing; I'm getting the iPhone. Trouble is I don't know how to carry it. Hip holsters stopped being cool after the Gold Rush. Plus I'm a lady so the pockets of my jeans can apparently only fit a business card or a napkin or something else a tall dark and handsome might jot his number down on.

So ladies! How do you carry this ridiculously expensive thing around without breaking it or looking like a cowboy?

ETA: Durr! Sorry, it should be mentioned that I am more of a jeans/tshirt/sneakers minimalist and don't own a purse because I would probably set it down and leave it somewhere accidentally. On this note maybe I should just tape the phone to my arm. That seems like a safe bet.

calling all gamers:

i'm asking this question on behalf of my boyfriend:
do/have any of you play(ed) KotOR (1 and/or 2)?
what platform(s) did you play on?
which platform is best when it comes to options (character customization and the like)?
and finally, where is the best place to find the Official Game Guide?

if you don't know or care:
what's your favorite game (video game, board game, card game, whatever)?

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I just read a post on tipping, and remembered a question I always mean to post.

So I order take out sushi quite often & I pick it up at the restaurant. It always asks for a tip on the debit machine and I never quite know what to do.

Do I tip even though I've had zero service & have picked it up myself? Sometimes I leave something, sometimes I throw some change in the tip jar, other times I don't leave anything but I feel rude doing that haha. So TQC, Do I tip the sushi place?
if it matters my bill is usually about $10.

Do you like sushi? What do you order?
is it popular where you live? (Where do you live?)

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If someone is offering to give you a ride (even though you can find your own way), can you be mad when they're late?

How much do you generally tip when you go out? What do you do about friends who think it's okay to eat out without tipping? Do you cover for their portion?

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Paging cooks of TQC.

I have the stuff to make spareribs tonight. However, I don't have any butter with which to brown the ribs before they simmer. I do have shortening. Can I use that, or is there something else I could use in place of the butter?
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Nail Designs

I'm learning how to do my own nails in both gel and acrylic, and though I have tons of design sites and pictures for inspiration, I'm just not feeling any of them.  I'd like to redo my nails tonight - what design/color/character/bling should I do?  As soon as it gets closer to Valentines Day, I'll do a red heart design, and normally, I'll do a white french tip or colored french tip.  I love glitter and more abstract designs, mainly because my skills aren't good enough for more intricate or precise designs yet.

This is what they look like now, except I added a pink rhinestone to the center of each burst:

I know, I'm a tacky bitch, but I love my long nails.

Baby Clown, McD


Your mother language is English. You've learned enough Spanish in school five years ago to be considered an intermediate speaker. You're currently learning French via Rosetta Stone and know what a ball is plus how to count to 10 (and also how to work some verbs). On the side, you can order coffee in German.

How many languages do you know?

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let me preface this by saying i am really stupid when it comes to any issue dealing with money.

i bank with chase. i deposited a check for $5000 about a week ago. it took a couple days and then the check cleared. now i check my account online today and it says my present balance is $5202 but my available balance is $44.65. what's the deal? why is the full balance not available?

eta: they did accidentally deposit it twice and then reversed one of the deposits, idk if that would have anything to do with it.
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so i moved into a house with 4 other people and one internet connection.

this could potentially make me sound really stupid but, is there any way to make my interwebs faster? could i add a router? or is it just doomed to be this slow because so many people use it?
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Internet Advice

What's the worst advice you have seen someone give on the internet? The kind of bad advice that is so awful it's funny.

My answer:
I was googling trying to find out what kind of wasps we have around my house and found a forum where someone posted a picture of a hornet hive in their backyard, tried to describe the hornets and asked what they were and such. Someone replies that the description sounded like Cicada Killers which aren't dangerous/don't sting often. But of course in reality they are hornets and very dangerous if you mess with their giant nest.

A half-internet half-real life second best I have seen is people who actually think, and pass the advice on to others, that police are not allowed to lie to you. (Mainly in that if you ask an undercover cop is they are a cop, they have to say yes.)
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Never mind I got what I need (Can you help me find a list of all of Salvador Dali's work that has an elephant in it? GOOGLE HAS FAILED ME)

Are any of you heavily tattooed? How did your parents react? How can I get my parents on board with me getting tattoos when we fought for years over EARLOBE piercings?

What do you think about having a Dali elephant as a tattoo?

Do you like Hieronymous Bosch?

(Edited to add more question)
(Edited again)

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Is there any electronics/game store that sells R4 cartridges or am I stuck ordering one online?
I'm a bit of an idiot.

DK/DC What's your favorite DS game?

My brother just gave me his but he only had 2 games, one I'm not allowed to play (some Pokemon game with all his data on it, but I'll live) and the other one has a broken controller (Guitar Hero, that makes me sad). I want some games before school starts next week so I have something to do on the commute.
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I want to sell my artwork. I haven't decided if I want to sell originals (etsy or similar) or prints/various things with my drawings printed on them (cafepress or similar), but I have no idea what I'm doing either way. Most of my stuff is just black ink drawings on paper but I also do some painting and textile work.

Lately a lot of people have been telling me they'd buy my shit so I'm curious to see if they're
lying or not. I'm studying/unemployed/live at home so it would just be for a bit of extra spending money and some ego stroking.

I'd prefer somewhere that lets you sell things for free/takes a commission when you sell an item rather than charging a listing fee, but that's not super important.

Have you ever sold your arty things on the internet? How? I have been googling for a while but I really don't know what kind of setup would be best. Any site recommendations aside from etsy?

Also, how do you go about promoting your wares? Do you just tell friends and family and encourage them to tell other people, or do you post stuff in a blog/on a personal site/etc?

dk/dc: Have you ever been first on the scene (aside from the people involved obviously) of a crime/car crash/accident/fire? Did you totally fucking shit yourself or play the supercool hero? How was the experience overall?

ETA: okay okay here is some of my werk:
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if you shake a bottle of soda, how long do you have to let it sit before it won't fizz up on opening?

I bought some sparkling water today, and since it's been in my possession (2-3 hours) it's been sitting quietly in the fridge. I just opened one and it sprayed EVERYWHERE and scared the crap out of me.
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In a relationship, do you like your SO to spend a lot of money on you, or do you prefer finances to be pretty 50/50?
I ask b/c I am a broke college student, whereas my partner has a steady income, and he's always buying me things like groceries and dinner. Despite his insistence that he enjoys taking care of me, it still makes me feel uncomfortable and I wish I could treat him every once in awhile.

What is the biggest source of conflict in your relationship?
Stupid remarks that get blown up.

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I've been growing a goatee ever since Christmas and I've noticed that I've gotten more positive attention from women since including slight changes in behavior from some of my female coworkers. This makes me have to ask the many, many women in TQC

1. Do you like men with facial hair?
2. If a clean-shaved cute-ish guy you knew suddenly grew a goatee, would it improve or decrease his overall attractiveness?
3. Which is cuter on a guy? Stubble or a goatee or a smooth hair-free jaw?
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Solve my problems internet

My friends and I are having a hard time deciding how to wrap up our day off festivities, you you, TQC get to decide.

What movie should we redbox?

What sort of diabetes inducing food should we consume?

What board game should we play?

And end the argument we're having. Whats Nerdier, comics or DnD?

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I got into a discussion today about dog breeds and what dog is the worst breed to own. This person brought up that they thought Pitt Bulls were the WORST by far to own. She was unaware that I am a very proud owner of a Pitt. (see icon) We have had Zoey since she was 10 weeks old and she will be 6 this summer. Not once have we ever had any worries/concerns. There was a law passed 2 years ago that pitt bulls were now banned in our town. We built a privacy fence so nobody can see into our back yard to notice here. I don't want to get rid of her.

What are you thoughts on Pitt Bulls? Do you think they are a bad breed or that they have been given a bad rep?

If you were me, would you have gotten rid of your dog or do what I did?

I think its all in how you raise you dog, no matter what kind of dog.

ETA: I should have mentioned that I own my house, only bought it 3 years ago and I like my town besides the ban. Moving was NOT an option.
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Please tell me about the worst/funniest sex or hook-up you ever had?

Inspired by my Saturday night where the guy got a nosebleed, then we had to search the house for a condom, then he lost his boner during the actual sex. Guess it wasn't meant to be.
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I have a bad cold and I can't taste anything. What are some things you like to eat when you're sick?

Ever had breakfast for dinner? What's your favorite breakfast food? (gotta admit I'm a french toast fan myself.)
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Did your highschool or college ever have a festival of sorts? Every year my college has one, but for the past two years it has been a shitty carnival. They're trying to think of new ideas to have this year so people will actually attend. There will be a concert planned one night, but they need some ideas for activities during the day. A few years ago they had a beer garden and a mechanical bull.

Any ideas? Did/does your school do anything exciting that you enjoy?
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What are you having for dinner?

I'm having homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese! I'm so excited to use my new immersion blender for the first time.

Do you have any favorite soups?
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help me find a word?

I'm trying to help someone with a press release. They are saying that they participated in art shows in (location, etc.). I keep thinking there's a different word than participated, specific to showing art or hanging art in a show or gallery, but I can't come up with it. Can you think of a word I might be thinking of, or is there no other word?

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My roommate used my car to pick up a keg for our party and stood it upright instead of laying it on its side; when she merged onto the freeway it fell over (obviously) and broke one of the windows. She said right out that she is going to pay for it, so I'm not particularly angry. My question is, do I get to choose where the window gets repaired since its my car, or does she get to pick because shes paying?

DC/DK-If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?
My BF collects cars and hes aiming to get an Aston Martin next. I can't wait, those things are SEXYY

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Apparently there was a skunk in my yard....

My dog was out on his tie out.

My dog got skunked. What's the best way to de-stink him?

And just my luck, my dog's tie out is in the back yard, in the corner of the yard closest to my bedroom. The skunk smell has invaded my bedroom!!! It effing stinks! No other place in the house does, just my bedroom. I've tried Febreeze and smelly candles. They aren't working. Is there any way to get the stench out??? Do you think the smell is in my clean clothes that are in the laundry basket?? (I can't tell at the moment due to the assault on my nose.)

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Person X does not eat meat.

A few times a times a year, maybe once or twice, Person X will eat meat, if somebody else is making him dinner, if he's at a legendary restaurant that's famous for it's incredible.. rabbit or something, things like that.

Is Person X a vegetarian? What is he?


(no subject)

What are your feelings on paying middle school/high school aged kids to go to school? (Upwards of $100 every two weeks)

***I'm not talking about parents paying their kids. I'm talking about the schools themselves paying the kids
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Mechanics of TQC

My boyfriend's car got a dent to where you can only open the passenger door halfway. We tried popping it out with a plunger, using the back end of a hammer, and going in through the hood to see if we can pop it out. The only other option (I think) is to take off the wheel, take off the plastic guard so he can reach under and pop it out that way, but that's a LOT of work. TQC, how do you think we could fix this ASAP? Going to a body shop is the last resort.

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What did you have for dinner tonight?
I had grilled cheese with bacon and pizza fries!


So this girl I work with is in a vet-tech program and she's been trying to convince me that the reason cats like to snuggle against their owner's chests is because they're attracted to the rhythmic sound of a heart beating? Is she crazy? I find nothing on google to explain the snuggly kitty effect beyond, it's their way of showing affection.

If you have a pet, how does it show affection to you?
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What's with the massive involvement in triangles? What is its significance? Especially with these 'hipster' people; with their triangle tattoos and tees.

Edit: I always seem to ask random questions, and no one has any idea about them :l poop.
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Would it make you uncomfortable if your 2 friends who are dating made out in front of you?
What about him playing with her boobs?
What about talking dirty?
What if they went in their bedroom and left you in the living room and you could hear them spanking/having sex?

Personally I am sick of it.
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What style of eyeglass frames should I get if I have:

A roundish face
High cheekbones
A very pale complexion
Blonde hair
Blue eyes


I refuse thick black frames because they are too harsh I think, against my skin

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Today, I was given instructions from my teacher to write a paper on Jacques Cousteau. I have one simple question.

What the hell is the difference between a title sheet and a cover sheet? I was instructed to include both, yet, I can't figure out the difference.
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I need to have "A Talk" with my boyfriend. We're long distance, so we have to do it either over the phone or over webcam. I am REALLY not looking forward to this at all.

When was the last time you had to have "A Talk" with your SO? What was it about? Did it end well or in disaster?

Any words of encouragement? I certainly could use them.
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Poll #1513446 The Hygiene Poll

How often do you shave your armpits?

Every time I shower
6-7 times a week
4-5 times a week
2-3 times a week
Once a week
I don't shave my pits

How many times do you use a towel before you wash it?


If you know you're going to be getting sex - and probably oral sex - on Friday, what day of the week do you shave downstairs?

I don't.
Friday morning
Sooner than Monday

What time of day do you put on deodorant?

I don't wear deodorant

What time of day do you prefer to shower?

I don't shower

How many times a day do you brush your teeth?

I don't, more often than not
Three or more times

How many times a month do you change your sheets?

I don't
Three or more times
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Why does my boss' upstairs neighbor insist on fucking stomping around and hammering nails at 10pm?

Wtf is wrong with this guy?

The other night I heard him moaning, but it was like.. cry-moan.

I feel like at any second he's going to come try to murder me. >/
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UKers, can you help me? I am owed around £400 from the Inland Revenue due to previous employers putting me on the wrong tax codes, and I never got it back. I don't understand how to complete a tax return and the help websites confuse me totally. Can I still get my tax back even though I don't have my exact earnings from previous employments and don't know the exact figure I am owed?

Thanks :)
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Has anyone used an epilator? How bad did it hurt? Worse than waxing? How long do results last?

I'm curious as to how it works and if i should try it... any tips or brands are appreciated.
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EDIT: so in the end i couldnt just stuff her in my bathroom - i let her have her box in the room she chose. she's shredded some newspaper there beforehand (she was ready!), and gave birth to THREE BEAUTIFUL KITTENS!!! all are well, all alive and she is nursing :-) she is a great mama!!

TQC i think my cat is about to give birth! :/ she keeps crying/meowing really loud (and she barely meows) and she keeps looking for dark hidden places. i want her to give birth in my room/my bathroom so it won't get messy on our carpet elsewhere, but she seems restless. she's found a little box full of envelopes she's shredded up, and i brought that into my bathroom but she's still wandering around the house, crying and looking for a place. what do i do TQC? i just want her to stay in my room but she seems so restless idk what to do.

i've given her food, powdered milk, towels, boxes, everything. :( 

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 Alrighty, this summer I'm taking a road trip to New York City and coming back down the east coast. I know for sure we're stopping in Boston and probably D.C., but what are some other awesometastic cities we can stop in? Also, what are some things to do in said cities? We're going all the way down to Florida if that counts for anything.

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My mom is a big Star Trek fan. My Husband and i have a copy of the movie on our computer. For a nice surprise I decided to burn a copy of the movie onto a DVD-RW.

According to the packaging, the DVD-RW i have should be able to 120 minutes or 4.7 GB. The file size of the move is 492 MB (516,797,040 bytes). The movie 1:58 and 52 seconds in length, after my husband cut out the end credits.

Every time my poor, sweet, dear Husband tries to copy it onto the DVD-RW through Windows Media Player, it says Status; Will Not Fit.

In short TQC, what the heck do i do to fix this? Anyone know what i am doing wrong? Any advice?

Thanks :)

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Something I always wonder about.

What do you think happens to survivors of horror movies? How do they explain to the cops that a group of inbred rednecks murdered their entire family/friends/hiking group & be taken seriously?

Do you think that the survivors would get arrested? Because honestly, what cop is going to believe mutant cave people killed & ate your family?

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 I just realized my old school brick style gameboy still works.   I thought it was screwed up but actually the contrast was fucked up and after some adjustment it works fine.  I now feel ecstatic and  also dumb.  When was the last time you found something that made you feel dumb and happy at the same time? 


So I have basically ruined all my work khakis.
I just realized the pair I was planning on wearing tomorrow is missing its button. I have no needle or thread and I can't go buy some at this time.
I have work super early tomorrow.

How can I somehow make something to use in lieu of a button? Basically, how can I make my pants stay up for work tomorrow?

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Aside from a drunken one night vegas marriage. What is the fastest you have ever seen someone engaged? A month? A few months? Less?
- How long did it take for them (or you) to get married?

Do you think it's better to be an honest friend or is it better to simply lie to your friends to coddle their feelings?

- The reason I bring this up is because my friend of 15 years just announced she is engaged to get married after dating a man 20 years her elder. The problem is, she just recently was broken up with by her boyfriend of a year. She starts dating this other guy for a month and all of a sudden they are engaged. She expects me to be happy for her but not one single part of me can do it.

So should I simply lie to her and tell her she is making a good choice like everyone else? or should I stick to being honest?

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If you've made a couple off-hand comments to a good friend (apologized immediately afterward), and they called you on it a few days later, and you talked it out and everything was good...what do you do when you still feel really bad about it?

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What kind of food do you typically bring to work and/or school?

I have no breaks between classes, so I need something that doesn't need to be cooked, and I'm so tired of sandwiches (though I may just resort to them anyway).
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Every so often, like right now, something just outside my window will tap against it, kind of like someone tapping to get my attention (I'm on the second story). It freaks me the hell out sometimes, especially when I'm home alone.

What's something that freaks you out in the place you live? 
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You are trapped in your personal hell. One movie is on repeat, and you cannot turn it off even though you utterly despise it. What is this movie, and why do you hate it so much?