January 17th, 2010

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does anyone have a deviantArt page?
-what do you use it for? (photography, drawn art, computer graphic design, fan art...)
-can you post a link to your page so we can see?
**I have one, for my photography, and i'll post it in the comments**

dk/dc, what's your favorite beverage?
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Do you like soft pretzels? Do you have a specific place you buy it from? Favorite flavor/type etc?

I think Ms Fields (or should I say Pretzelmaker) is delicious. I love the original and cinnamon sugar~~ Yum.
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kind of related to this post.

which is worse, creating a website for people to seek out ... people to cheat with, or the people wanting to cheat?

similarly, which is worse, the (two?) guys who film girls gone wild, or the girls who expose themselves willingly to the cameras?

i mean, this is assuming you think that girls gone wild is a BAD thing. i only ask because tyra had a show about it once where she was insulting the girls gone wild guy whose name i can't remember for exploiting women, and i'm just like ... are you serious?

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have you ever been accused of being drunk in public by a police officer when you weren't? why did they think you were? did you have any luck convincing them you weren't, or are the police in your city just as fucked as they are in mine?
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Can anyone think of a "historic event" of some kind has been affected or caused by media/press in a big way? Basically something like Watergate and Nixon.

I want to write a history paper on something like that, but haven't found anything other than a few examples, and nothing as well-covered as Watergate.
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Did you see Avatar?
Did it rock yr world?
In discussing its relative merits, what other movie would you compare/contrast it with?

Edit: Can you hook me up with some good Home Movies icons? (the show)

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Let's say there's a book that's widely available right now. Let's make that book reduced down to the only book in existence - there was only book printed, it has been past down from generations to generations and it would be very valuable. For an extra bang, this book has the author's own personal notes and doodles throughout the book.

What would that book for you?

Probably Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen or On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense by Friedrich Nietzsche

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does anyone else get really irritated when they see companies advertise things like "we'll donate 10 cents for every x product you buy!!"? i'm seeing this everywhere with the haiti thing and i hate that it's just being used as a marketing ploy.
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I have an IBM Thinkpad from nearly a decade ago. I have since lost the charger and the battery is long dead. I would like to get to the files I have on it. Is there any way I can wire it up to my PC, or pry the harddrive out, or anything of the sort?
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You're at a pet store picking up some fish food for your pet betta right before closing, and the staff is putting away some crates - today was "adopt or foster a pet" day, and all the dogs and cats have been claimed except one older, 6 year old dog. The employee smiles sadly, and when you pet the dog, she says that the dog is going to be put down this upcoming Friday unless somebody takes him home today or fosters him for a week, bringing him back the next week for someone to adopt.

What do you, personally, do, given your current living/pet situation?


I've just spent about an hour on cosmo.com reading some of the dating/sex advice articles on there. It started that I was trying to get some info to show my bff how her ex is so over her and just using her. Instead, I pretty much ended pissed off.

Why is it up to the girl to keep the guy happy?

I mean, when two people are in a relationship, shouldn't you both be working to keep each other happy? How one-sided does it have to be. All those articles on there was about what women do wrong. And we care enough to read them, but men never read shit like that. Generally, they don't care too much if they're doing something wrong. I'm not saying it's true for all guys though, my fiance has been known to read stuff online about how he can make our relationship beter. Anyway, pretty much all the articles on there pissed me off though.

Have you ever read an article that pissed you off?

And what was it about?

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I have quite a large tangle in my hair, way in the back toward the crown. My hair is super super thin (I'll brush it and 5 minutes later it's tangled and unbrushed looking).

How do I get this tangle out without ripping out all my hair? Detangler only helps a small bit. I've tried leaving conditioner on the tangle for a while, using leave-in conditioner, being patient with a comb..nothing. I do NOT want to cut it out...I already have a small amount of hair as is.

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If some blowhard is mouthing off about a topic and you call bullshit and Google it and find out the blowhard is WRONG WRONG WRONG....but blowhard refuses to recant, what can you do ?

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Which magazines do you read?
Which magazines did you read as a child? (if any)
Which magazines do you actually have a subscription to (or would like to have a subscription to)?

Currently, I subscribe to the ALA magazines and Saturday Evening Post. I also like Vanity Fair, Vogue (even though I wish the modelling and fashion industry would change), and I like the little that I saw of The Tatler (UK) and Harper's Bazaar. As a child, I read Nintendo Power, Wizard Magazine, Seventeen, and YM. I was also a huge fan of comic books so a great portion of my allowance (and later, paycheck) went towards comic book purchases until I went to college. I would like to have a subscription to high society magazines.
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curly haired women of tqc:

After letting my hair dry naturally for the first time since I was probably 5, I have discovered that my hair is really quite curly (I had just thought it was wavy). My only sadface about this is that I think after straightening it and blow-drying so much the top "layer" is straighter than the rest of my hair.

So my questions to you:
1) Are there any products that can bring out the curly more? (Mostly for that top layer)
2) Are there any products you can recommend that make the curls look softer or just prettier overall?
3) Any tips about taking care of my hair at all for this new-found-curly-haired girl I have now become?

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TQC, can you help me re-name my sugar gliders? I adopted a pair of gliders from the local exotic rescue and their current names are Lightening and Princess.

They came with their original cage, but I'm going to have to get a new one. The bars are too far apart. When I brought them home, Princess escaped through the bars. She hasn't tried it again, but I don't trust it.

Where's the best place to get a good cage for small animals?

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That sock question got me thinking:

How do you put away your socks?

I don't - they just sit out in a pile/loose in the drawer til I pull them out and put them on.
Fold down the tops over each other/cuff them.
Fold one into the other to make a "sock ball".
Just nest one inside the other so they look together.
Some other sock-folding way

Where do you store your socks?

In their own drawer,
In the same drawer as my underwear.
In a pile on the floor.
They're in my closet somewhere.

What kind of socks do you like?

Low cut
Toe socks
No socks

Do you like patterned socks or plain socks?

I love loud, patterned socks.
I enjoy plain socks, but of varying colors.
I only really wear plain, white socks.
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(no subject)

1. I met someone recently who folds their underwear. Do you do this bizarre and time wasting act of self love ?

2. Do you eat energy bars ? What kind ?

3. If you were forced to go back in time on a one way trip, what year would you be sent and why ?

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What was your first response to a screamer?

Me and my sister were tricked by a friend, to look at this disc he gave us, it was said to have a ghost somewhere near the car. Anyway the dude popped up and we both screamed fucking loud and jumped away, it freaked my mom out so bad, she was in her room. she just laughed at us.What is a scary/paranormal  that's happened to you?

Is there a local place you've been to that was said to be haunted? Any experiences?

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What shampoo do you use?
Which ones are the best?
I just got a new shampoo and it's so awesome. It's gets so bubbly. I used to use a handful of my older shampoo but it wouldn't get half as bubbly. I wonder why that could be.

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how do you eat with utensils/cutlery?

A. british/european: fork turned downward in left hand, knife used to shove food onto the back of the fork

B. american: use the knife periodically to cut, but switch hands if need be, with the fork turned upward.

C. other: tell me!

i'm filipino and was raised to eat with a spoon and fork, using the backside of the fork to shovel food onto the spoon. to this day it's still weird for me eating rice with a fork. i saw someone eating nachos with a knife and fork british style yesterday and for some reason it really bothered me. i mean, it's nachos!

What should I make...

I have a bunch of really thin veal cutlets to cook either for tonight's dinner or tomorrow's. I also have little to no experience cooking these particular cuts of meat and have no idea what to do with them. What should I make?

Links or actual recipes are a bonus!
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 I've been instructed to "gargle" saltwater, TQC.

....The sound of gargling FREAKS me out. I just cannot do it.

Would "swishing" or "rinsing" have the same effect?

What are your thoughts on gargling?


What are your tips to relieve huge, swollen tonsils?

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Someone just called asking for someone with a name very close to mine, they asked for Ryanne and my name is Ryan so I assumed they were looking for me and were mispronouncing my name.  Then they started asking about me having an account at Bally's Fitness or something.  I think they were a debt collection agency, I told them I never had an account there (I don't), that they had the wrong person and hung up.

TQC, I'm really nervous about this now.  Do you think they just got my number because they were looking for people with my name or something?  Even though this number is listed under my parent's names and not mine?  Or is it possible someone stole my information and set up an account there?  I've never had any charges related to that though.  If they call again should I try to get more information from them?

Do you ever have debt collectors calling you looking for someone else?  Isn't it annoying?

two part question

Women (and guys too, I s'pose): do you find short hair or long hair more attractive?

My hair is getting a bit unruly, but as I've been on a cheap kick lately, not sure I want to spend money for someone to do it. I have an electric trimmer I use on my beard, I was thinking about just using that to give myself a uniform buzz.

Is this easy to do? Will it look all right?
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If an ad says an apartment is "$$$ + utilities", does that mean utilities are included in the price or utilities are extra?

I'm going to uninstall & reinstall Firefox because it's bugged. Do I need to backup my bookmarks and such, or will they still be there when I reinstall?
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"that whole gays rights movement thing"

An ex of mine just posted this in reply to me on facebook. What should I reply with?

"And something else, that whole gays rights movement thing you do is awesome! but have you ever thought the reason why conservative australians don't want you to be able to get "married" to each other or "adopt" children is because a lot of you look like hairy feral dykes...I'm not kidding..thats a majority opinion..there's no way of sugar coating it nicely. Perhaps gay and lesbian rights needs a marketing makeover? That would definitely help!"

No he is not 12 either, he is 25. Although he does live with his mum.

Also, is it wrong to publicly out someone as previously having homosexual activity if they make a comment like the above?
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Cuisine question

Almost all people I know love chinese. I *like* chinese, but my absolute fave is thai. What about you? Do you like your local cuisine/ your homecountry cuisine? I live in Cyprus now, and I have to admit that local dishes have been mostly a disappointment :((
Or perhaps, do you have a very special dish that you love? If you do, would you agree to eat it every day for the rest of your life?
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Would you give me your opinion about each of these people?

A boy and a girl spend most of their time together but they are not in a serious relationship with each other. He stalked her for a while (he spent his time sitting at the park in front of her house from 6am all day, waiting for her to go out and talk to him) after he tried to pick a fist fight with her ex boyfriend and she actually wanted to never talk to him again. Now they sleep with each other and do what couples do, but she tells him all the time that they are only friends. He is still a bit psycho (makes her call him 5 times a day to "report" about where she is and with whom), and she puts up with it all and only from time to time talks to her friends about what a jerk he is. Friends have told her to get rid of him, but she says that she doesn't have a reason to give up the friendship.

Brought to you by my roommate doing things I cant understand.
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I got a deep fryer for Christmas. I made my husband fish and chips in it the other day and I want to reuse the oil today for chicken. I don't like fish at all. If I reuse the oil I used for his food, will my chicken have a fishy tinge to it, or am I being paranoid? I really am not cool with things tasting/smelling like fish.

dk/dc: What would you make if you had a deep fryer? (If your answer is nothing, just give non-srs answers instead.)

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Will you tell me about the last time you wanted to kill a bitch?

ETA: I want to kill a bitch right now because I just moved back to school for spring semester, and my fucking shelf thing that I put my tv on and my yoga mat are gone. I left them right by the closet (yoga mat on top of shelf thing) and maintenance came in and took them while I was gone. The rest of my stuff was untouched. I'm calling them tomorrow, but what do you think are the chances that I will get my things back? I'm thinking slim to none, but fuck them for taking my stuff!

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If you go to college do you prefer using a meal plan or making your own food?

Im stuck in a year long meal plan contract and I have no idea how to get out of it. I dealt with it last semester but I reeeeallly want to cook my own food now. Does anyone know how to get out of a meal plan?


Pronounciation help

Hey there TQC. I'm teaching an English lesson to my class of nine year olds on Wednesday and we're looking at a story from Africa. One of the main character is called Nkechi. How would I pronounce this? In my head I'm pronouncing it as "Keh-chi", as I used to teach a girl called Ntokozo and you didn't pronounce the N in her name either. Another one of the characters is called Chinye, so would that be Chin-yee or Chin-yeh or something else entirely? 
I have no idea which part of Africa the story is from, since they've asked me to plan the lesson and haven't given me the book D: Amazon tells me West Africa if it's any help. I don't want to be telling the story and get the names all wrong :( Thank you!
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broadcast your sexual adventures!

TQC, my lady parts are malfunctioning right now which means I haven't been able to have that good old PIV sex with my SO for several months now. it sucks. help a sister out.

what are some awesome things you do while naked in bed with your partner(s) aside from penetrative sex?

what is the weirdest thing a partner has ever asked you to do for them during sex? the strangest overall sexual experience?

have you ever had to revive a failing sex life with someone? were you successful? details!

(no subject)

I am a 20 year old college student moving out on my own for the first time. What kind of assistance is available to me?

eta: I live in south florida. I have a job. I'm talking about medical assistance/food stamps/things like that.
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Do your socks always match?

Always.. no matter how long it takes me to find a pair in my heap of laundry
Usually, unless I am in a hurry
Usually not, but I wear socks that (sort of) have the same colour
No, I jus grab two, whatever
I mismatch on purpose, but then I have thought about the colour combination for at least 15 minutes
I don't wear socks!

Also, what do you think of people who have socks that are not an official pair?
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What are the best/most entertaining websites you frequent?

I'm talking things like ONTD, Tumblr, Deviantart, Digg, FML, Cracked.com etc. Celebritiy gossip, funny stuff, art, games, articles, quizzes, interests, music...sites for anything. Sites that you can just look at, or sites that you can create accounts on.

If it's a website not everyone will have heard of, describe it for us!

I used to love emode.com for quizzes, but it got taken down a long time ago :( Do any of you know of a good quiz site like it?

Clem & Joely

(no subject)

If you like Radiohead, what's your top favorite album or two?

I've never taken the time to listen to their music, but I've heard a few songs that I really liked and am interesting in checking them out. :D

(no subject)

Ok so serious question time. I've noticed that a lot of people around these parts say that they don't have any friends & it seriously just boggles my mind.

So people without friends, what do you do with yourself?
Do you spend your time with family? Do you go the movies & concerts by yourself? Do you just stay at home? Who do you talk to when you go to the pub?

I'm not trying to be mean, I'm very interested because up until a few months ago it'd never occured to me that there are people out there with no friends at all.

(no subject)

I think I'm going to get an ipod touch, but I need something awesome to get engraved on it.  What should I get engraved on my ipod?

Inspiring quotes are best, seemingly 8-10 word maximum.

Do you have an ipod touch?  Do you think it is worth the price tag?
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(no subject)

TQC i am writing to my works HR department to request a salary increase because i found out last week that i am one of the lowest paid in my department despite the fact that have more experience that 80% of the people i work with (we expanded in september last year. i was a temp for 7 months and was made permanent in september. we brought in about 40 or so new members of staff all of whom are earning more than me despite the fat that they do the same job as me and i helped train most of them.). my question is this, should i ask for my salary increase to be back dated to september, or is it too cheeky? should i just ask for the wage rise and be happy if i get it?
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(no subject)

I usually wear jeans & a v-neck tshirt with a hoodie or a zip up. I've wanted to start wearing cuter outfits but I have a really hard time actually putting individual pieces together. If I went to the mall and asked a sales person to help me pick out a few outfits would that be weird? I'm not even sure if that's part of their job or not.

ETA: And I'm worried they wouldn't tell me that something looked horrible on me and I'd buy it!

Do you have any tips for me? :/
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(no subject)

Does anyone know who does a kind of electroish cover of The Cramps "Let's Get Fucked Up"? I heard it at a friend's place and it's driving me crazy....

(at least I'm pretty sure it was a Cramps cover, I just remember "let's get fucked up" over and over)

(no subject)

I got a cold about a week ago and I've had a reeeeeally gross taste in the back of my mouth ever since. It's especially bad when I swallow sometimes or when I eat certain foods. I looked on some websites but none of the conditions I found seem to fit. They all have other symptoms and I don't have any other symptoms.

Has this ever happened to anyone? What's going on? Am I dying???

(no subject)

Did you ever have to wear a photo ID around your neck for school?
If you did, when were you in school and what grade were you in?

We did after September 11th but I was talking to a friend about it and she never had to do it

(no subject)

Aaagh, why do my guts feel like they're trying to strangle each other, TQC? I haven't eaten anything ~funky~ this week, and the only illness I have is a mini-cold :(

If you got pregnant by accident and decided to abort the fetus, would you quit smoking/drinking anyway before the abortion?

For the sake of the hypothetical situation, you smoke and/or drink, you are female, you are pro-choice, and you have access to free, legal medical/surgical abortion.

I wouldn't bother with quitting drinking before getting an abortion. My friend says I'm weird/terrible and that she would stop before aborting. Which I think is weird.
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(no subject)

What's your favorite mondegreen?
I love Blinded by the Light because pretty much the entire song is one big mondegreen X3 "She was blinded by the light, wrapped up like a douche another rumor in the night..."

What's your most recently heard mondegreen?
Smashing Pumpkin's Disarm - "Saab you with a smile"/"Disarm you with a smile". Of course it doesn't make sense, but until I just googled it I had no idea that the word was disarm.
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(no subject)

what year did you get access to a cafeteria at school?
did you HAVE to eat there?
when did they start letting you leave school at lunch?
if you had spare periods, where were you allowed to go during them?
where are you from?

if you can drive, what kind of vehicle do you prefer? small car, van, truck, SUV, etc
is there a kind of car you refuse to drive?

am I becoming anti-social?

And are you?

This is one for any armchair psychologists out there. Here's the deal... I used to go out with friends a lot, but since starting at a high pressure-y job 4 months ago I find myself turning down invites a lot more than I used to.

Tonight a friend invited me out for drinks, and I thought hmm $6 per beer and a long night or just cook somethin' good and catch some House.

I realize part of this is just the natural getting old thing (I don't feel the need to get black out drunk at a night club every weekend), but is it something else? Am I becoming anti-social or introverted?

(no subject)

So I went with option 2. YAY OMG NEW PHONE!!! Let's hope I don't break this one.

Ok so I'm looking to buy a new phone on ebay. I've found what I want & now I have 2 stores to buy from. Which would you choose?

1. Seller with 5 feedback at 100%
2. Seller with 663 feedback at 99.8%, but the last feedback left is "The buttons are stuffed up. 2 buttons dont work and 2 buttons show wrong symbol?" & is in reference to the same phone you want ot buy. Other buyers feedback in regards to the same phone are all glowing, but there are some other negative & nutural feedback for other items.

(no subject)

EDIT!!! :/
Choice #1, HOLGA 120GCFN
Choice #2, HOLGA 120GN + bonus~ 15B filter flash

After the bonus kit for #2, it seems to be pretty much the same as #1; unless they have a difference in film/image quality and what not. So which one should I buy?!
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So today my fiance and I picked our wedding location for August. It is a beautiful hall with a huge pond just a short walk away. So we can have the wedding outside and the reception in the hall. When should I start going dress shopping though? Hmm...

What is your favorite guilty pleasure show? I'm really digging Teen Mom and Jersey Shore.

I've been having really bad cramps in my lower abdomen for the past week. I'm really late on my period, and there was no blood. What's wrong with me? The pregnancy test I took was a dud :(

Will you post the most recent picture of yourself?
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(no subject)

Have you ever been to Japan, specifically in or around Tokyo? Do you have any recommendations for places to stay? I want to stay in a ryokan within reasonable walking distance of a train station outside of Tokyo. Any suggestions?

[Edit: You are all welcome to come with me! But I'm not paying for you.]
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(no subject)

what is a filling, easy to make, delicious meal? i haven't had a proper meal all day and don't know what to make!

also, paging dr. tqc. sometimes i get extremely dizzy but the room isn't spinning. it feels like i can't stand or sit up straight and that i'm falling over. i have to hold still for a few seconds until i get my balance. sometimes i've related it to my anxiety, and other times to not eating properly. does anyone know what this would be called? (yes i realize i should go to the doctor about this.) it's hard to describe other than feeling off balance.

(no subject)

My computer keeps shutting down randomly. I'll be playing a game or listening to music, and all of a sudden my computer will just turn off. I just had to turn it back on four times before it finally started working again. I've done a virus check and nothing seems to be wrong, and an internet search hasn't found anything. I had to reinstall Windows Vista a while back, could that have been the problem? Or does it just overheat? The fan is usually running really fast before it happens.

ETA: Okay, new dilemma: I now know that I need to clean the fan ducts. New question: Where are the fan ducts? (I know how to use a computer and fix problems on the software, but no clue how to fix hardware problems.)
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(no subject)

I'm a full time student. I go to school Monday through Friday 9am to 4:30pm. I'm broke. I can't find a job. My teeny town has nowhere hiring. Or at least nowhere that fits my school schedule. I don't do anything extra. I just need to pay my living expenses for the next three months.
I don't know what a good way to get money would be. Credit card? Can I get a loan for this?

What options do I have to get money?

A non srs answer might be stripping... but my town doesn't even have a strip club. lol

(no subject)

what's your favourite feel good song, movie, or tv show?
can you always rely on it to make you feel better?

I can pretty much always rely on The Cosby Show to make me feel good, no matter my mood. :)
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(no subject)

I am thinking of cutting my hair, but I'm not entirely sure what style to go for. Can somebody recommend either a style or a place to find hairstyles that would complement the shape of my face? I was thinking of something around chin/ear length, but I'm willing to take other suggestions as well.

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(no subject)

Recently I've had multiple people in their mid-twenties express concerns about being less desirable that someone several years younger. I am very puzzled by this, as I am usally concerned about my age being a negative factor in my desirablility as it is implies less emotional maturity, experience, life skills etc.

What do you think about this, or the subject in general?