January 15th, 2010

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Have you ever met a celebrity?

Did you get to talk to them at all? Get an autograph?

Did the experience make you love them, or hate them forever?

My boyfriend recently met Corey Maggette (forward for the Golden State Warriors) and talked to him for about 6-7 minutes whilst selling him Best Buy merchandise. He said that he was just as nice as he seems on the court, and a hell of a lot bigger. Corey is now my boyfriend's favorite player on the Warriors, which was already his favorite team.
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1.) Should I watch Skins? I have the first and second season and don't know if I'm going to bother. I watched the first episode and wasn't that impressed.

2.) Do you think Zachary Quinto is gay? (Spock from Star Trek, Sylar from Heroes)

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I have an ingrown toenail :( I shut it in a door last weekend and it chipped badly on one side and is now very sore and it has been this way for a few days. It's not red past the knuckle which is what my doctor said to watch out for, but how can I get it to stop hurting?

How do you help an ingrown toenail, TQC?

(also, I know to google, and I have, but I'm just wondering if any of you have anything you do specially that really helps, since most of the things on google haven't.)

someone help i dont know what 2 do

so i took 4 ept tests and there positive so i'm pretty convinced i'm pregnant. i told my boyfriend and he was all excited and now he's acting wierd about it all. he just told his mom and he won't tell me what she said concerning my pregnancy. i'm really scared of him leaving me. it's not confirmed by a doctor but ept tests are 99 percent accurate i'm going to the doctor just to make sure. i'm really sad at first we were excited and now i'm scared he might leave me. i can't do this alone. he says he still loves me and nothing is changing and he told me he wasn't going to leave me. but i'm terrified. i'm still in shock ept showed up postive.

what should i do? i'm going to the doctor the 20th. i really don't have much support from my family, yet i havnt told anybody.
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Long story short, TQC, the university book store gave me $40 in error today. I bought three books but they only rang out two of them, and when I actually needed to exchange the one that wasn't bought, they scanned it in anyway and gave the money back to my card. I noticed later in class, so I went back before the book store closed and told the manager what had happened, and they charged me for the book so everything would come out even. While I know what I did was right and I wouldn't have been able to sleep if I hadn't, I still feel pissy, and I think the reason why has to do with the manager. He's like, "Yeah, thanks for that. Here have some popcorn", which had been popping all day and was free. Do you see why I'm a little bitter?

Would you feel bitter too?

Yes, what the fuck kind of a thank you was that?
No, what you did was only the right thing and it doesn't deserve a thanks.
why don't you ever include a ticky in these fucking polls, fame?

Has there ever been a time when you did something nice for someone that you had no real reason to, and it didn't work out how you planned/wasn't appreciated? Will you tell me about that?

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Hi TQC, anyone have a tried and true recipe for ranch dressing? Preferably one that tastes like the Hidden Valley bottle kind?

If you don't care about my ranch cravings, how many people live in your household? Do you share chores or is one person responsible for the cleaning?

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Has anyone had a kidney infection or kidney stones before? 

I doubt I have either of those, but my lower left part of my back randomly started hurting about an hour ago, out of the blue. I haven't done any heavy lifting, exercising, or anything like that, so I don't think it's just a back injury. I was lying in bed when it first started, so maybe I was lying in a weird position for too long? I don't have any other symptoms that generally are associated with either, but I honestly can't figure out what's going on. :\

Also, it's not a constant pain. It hurts for a few seconds, goes away, comes back.

Edit: Going to the doctor in an hour and a half. About 45 minutes ago, my right foot suddenly felt numb. It isn't numb, but it...feels like it, if that makes sense. It feels noticeably different than the left foot and is ..heavier? It's weird. I like to freak out so my mom is making me go to the doctor, hooray. :|

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When I call Chase later about Sephora charging me twice and therefore ovedrafting my account, will they take off the overdraft fee?

UPDATE: Chase messed up a lot of accounts and charged people twice on one transaction. It wasn't Sephora's fault. Happened to my friend too and it was Target for her. They said they're working on it and to moniter the account and everything should go back to normal soon.
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So I recived this note in mail that I have apackage waitingfor me.howevr,it states "nextr workingday" on the little tickyboxes. Do you think that I might still be bale to get the package today if I drag my arse to the post office and go to the pharmacy there, while getting the antibiotics for my evil chest infection? I also have a pharmacy aroun the corner which will be open in a few more hours.

dk/dc/dnw: knee high socks, Y/N?

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do you know anything about claiming financial hardship in order to push off the time that you'll have to pay back student loans? sallie mae is calling me every morning and i'm not going to school because i don't have money to, and they're expecting me to send them $1,200+ since i'm not a full-time student and apparently, i should be able to pull that out of my ass.

ETA: i'm 22 and currently not in school because i'm not totally sure about what i want to do and more importantly, i've run out of money to go. i'm paying for school entirely on my own (through loans, scholarships and room and board i got from when i was an RA) and now that i'm not a full-time student, they want money from me and i can barely afford to put gas into my tank to make it back and forth to work.

if you don't care about that, what's the best movie ending you can think of?
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What does it mean when you can't stop thinking about having babies and getting married?

According to your beliefs, do you think that a couple should be married before they have children?

What have you been day dreaming about lately?


I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years this March, and for the last 6 months I've been fantasizing about the day he proposes, or the day I tell him I'm pregnant.. We often talk about how we'll tell our parents or how we'll raise our kids.

In this day and age, it's becoming so common for people to just have a baby and then decide if they're going to get married or not. I'd really like to be married first and feel some [false] sense of security that we will be stable enough to start a family.

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Oh, tqc, I'm in a pickle. What would you do in this situation?

I'm at a really well paying job right now (er, well paying by college job standards) and I'm going to graduate in June. My manager has decided that if I can't work 2-cl 4 days a week I have to take a demotion (and a $2/hr pay cut. I love that $2/hr!). As of right now, I am 4-cl due to a class I have to take as part of my major. This was absolutely fine for a year, but something pissed her off and now I have to pick up those 2 hours a day. I have until next quarter (March 18th) to make this happen.

I can probably swing it, as my only class extending past two is one day a week, so I can make that my day off.

If you were in my shoes, would you stick with the job or find a new one?

I was hoping to keep this one at least up until I start grad school. I've been there 3 years and made some good friends, but I don't appreciate the reasoning behind my needing to pick up extra hours.
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Does anyone use the WebMail Notifier add-on for firefox? Have any problems with it?

I just updated to 2.0 or 2.1, whatever they just switched to, and now it won't update for me. New emails come in but the notifying number won't change unless I tell it to update. Annoying...
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First off - lets keep this civil, without name calling, and if it goes too crazy I guess I'll delete it. oops, sorry. Its early, I forgot where I was posting this, so I won't delete. I really hope it won't cause a legit shitstorm though.

I've just been having a discussion on Facebook with quite a few friends about Israel and Palestine. So here are my series of questions.

What country are you from?
How does the news portray the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in your country?
Do you call it a "conflict," "occupation," or "disputed territory"?
How would your rate your knowledge of the issue on a scale of 1-10?
Who do you think suffers more currently in the region?
What do you think could be done to aid in the progress towards a sustainable peace?

If you'd like to include any civil discourse with your answers, great. I find it interesting to read the many perspectives of the situation. The issue is obviously a very divisive one, with many sides, and for most people outside the region it is impossible to understand all the complexities of it. Still, its interesting to hear other sides.
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if you call someone and get their voicemail but hang up before the beep, do they get an empty message or something or is it just like you never got to the voicemail?

obviously it might be different from service to service but tell me about the ones you know, for a general idea! i have never used voicemail.

alternate question: what are some interesting things you have learned?

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For those of you that use ZenniOpitcal as a glasses resource: did you find that the perscription was a little strong when you first got them?

Ive been doing zenni for a long time, and i remember when i got my first pair, i was thinking that they were a tad stronger than normal, but not in a bad way. Lately, I have been having trouble seeing and my eye doctor told me today that the prescription I had in my glasses was too strong for me. Are these different types of lenses? Do you know anywhere else, thats similar to zenni in price that wont be too strong?

dkdc? what are you stressing about right now?

Blackberry question

First off, my BB doesn't have a data plan, so it's not an issue with updates.

I have a hunch that my phone isn't actually making calls when I call people. It'll ring and then not start timing the call until the voicemail picks up. Then again, I might just be calling people when they legitimately don't pick up. Has anyone had this happen to them?
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Do you think it's weird to regularly wear a wig or hairpiece/weave just because you like the way it looks? Would you?

My hair is shoulder length and sort of thin, so yesterday I bought a long thick ponytail attachment, and I LOOOOOVE it. I have never had hair this long and it makes me feel hotter than I ever have.
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Being Socially Awkward

Do you go to local coffee houses/pubs/bars on your own just to get out of the house for a bit? Sometimes I feel I am in terrible danger of not stepping outside my front door for days on end when I don't have a class to go to. And my SO works all day so I don't have anyone around to keep me in check (or ensure I get some fresh air...)

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If a mysterious hand came out of your toliet after you were done using it, and threw your poo against the wall.. Would you ever use that toliet again?

I would think this was very strange, which clearly it is. I think the hand is probably very rude.
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turning 21

i'm turning 21 at the end of march! i love to throw a good party, and i want this one to be the best one of my young life, naturally!

the problem is that i have no idea where to throw a giant party. i live in a pretty big house, but we're renting it and i don't want to have to deal with the inevitable wear/tear that a big party would put on it. i've thought about renting a bar, but there are so many rules and i really want to have more of a house party than a bar night anyway.

my question is this: WHERE THE HELL SHOULD I THROW MY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION? i want it to be so large and magnificent that i can literally invite everyone i know and tell them to invite everyone they know, but i'm really open to all suggestions.

thanks tqc :)
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What were you thinking when the last person you had sex with first got naked? (First time ever seeing them naked before the sex, that is.)

If this doesn't apply to you: What was the last song you listened to?
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Poll #1512078 Hypotheticals

There's you and 19 complete strangers aboard a plane. Each of you has on a parachute. You're told that for every person that jumps off the plane and lands safely down on the ground below they get a million dollars. You're all been given proper instruction on how the chute works, etc. So you'll all be rich once you jump. However, you're told, one of you has a large Hello Kitty comforter in their pack instead of a chute. You cannot tell from the outside of the pack which one's different. Someone's just not going to be around to collect the $1,000,000. People start to hop out of the plane, but the plane's just above some low hanging clouds so the jumpers sort of disappear almost immediately and you can't tell if anyone's chute isn't opening. You're the last one on the plane. Do you jump?


Same scenario as above, except this time it's $10,000, and instead of 20 jumpers, it's now 100, and instead of 1 pack being chuteless it's now 3. 3 out of 100 jumpers won't make it. Will you jump?


You're in front of 10 doorways, which lead to 10 tunnels. 9 of the tunnels merge into a room which contains a million dollars, which you can keep. The 10th tunnel leads there as well, but midway through there's a trap door which opens into a 25 ft. pit. Odds are you wouldn't die, but would be badly injured. The tunnels are all dark and only lightly illuminated, but not enough to tell if there's a trap door and the trap door is 8' around and set to go off when you're in the middle of it (pressure point), so it's terribly unlikely you can grab the edge and save yourself from the fall. Do you go down one of the tunnels?


You're on a strange Japanese game show. There's 8 briefcases in front of you. 7 of them contain $100,000 each. If you pick any of them, the money's yours. The 8th briefcase, however, if picked, will lead to the show taking away your car, computer, clothes and all your worldly possessions (except the clothes you have on). So, 7 cases lead to riches and 1 leads to poverty. You can go ahead and select a case, or you can walk away empty handed. What will you do?

Select a case
Walk away
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TQC, my sister's BMI shows that she weights more than 90% of the people in her age range. my sister is willing to cut down on her meals and exercise more but there is one problem. on weekdays she is basically swamped from 6.30 am (the time she wakes up) to 5.30pm (she has school and then she has religious school, which ends at this time). what are some small indoor exercise activities she can do? i've thought of skipping rope but that's it. 

i want her to slowly get used to working out everyday but not be completely exhausted.
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This would be in reference to your current or most recent SO.

Do/Did you fight? What about? Did you have the same fights all the time?

What is your fighting 'style'? How about your SO's?

Does one person "win" more than the other?

EDIT: What is your definition of a fight?
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Perhaps ya'll can help me out here, TQC,

I suffer from depression. When I was at college, I was able to see a therapist once a week, and it really helped me a lot.

But now I've graduated from college and I'm back on my parents' HMO, and I'm quite happy with it when it comes to everything that DOESN'T involve mental health. I can only see a therapist once a month for forty five minutes and it is not helping at all. I can go to group therapy once a week, but I tried that for a while and it...just wasn't working. I didn't really feel like I was getting any support, and I also didn't really feel like I had anything to offer to the other people in the group. We were all so different from each other.

I know that my HMO would be happy to throw as many pills as I wanted at me, but I don't really want to go on medication when I KNOW therapy works quite well for me. Are there any other options for me? I'm starting to really sink into this -- loss of sleep, not eating much, low self-esteem, and I seem to be spending most of my days either in bed or surfing the net, which just makes me feel worse. Add to this my inability to find a job, my boyfriend is several hundred miles away, and I'm stuck living at home with my parents and it's just one big clusterfuck of sadness.
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TQC, my employment history is terrible. It includes long periods of unemployment and several terminations (in my defense, all but one of these terminations were for really sketchy reasons).

What should I write instead of "fired" when a job application asks my reason for leaving? I know I can't badmouth my former employers on an app, but I can't think of a good reason why I'd quit a job and then be unemployed for more than a year.

DK/DC: How's the job market where you live?
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Has anyone here had any experience being a piano accompaniment for a solo singer or instrumentalist? This will be my first time doing it, I'm required to for another student at the school I'm attending. While I'm a fairly advanced pianist, I still get really nervous about things like this and am wondering if piano accompaniment parts to back up singers tend to be simple/easy?

I'm only really worried about it because I have to do two accompaniment performances in February, one performance of my own on piano (two songs) and then two flute songs. So much to work on. D:
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TQC, do you keep boxes? If you get an an iron, or a playstation, or an iPod or whatever, do you keep the box somewhere? I am looking at the boxes from my Wii and the balance board and wondering if I'll ever really need them again.

I'm a fan of selling/passing stuff on once you don't need/use it any more, and figure the boxes will be nice then. If you buy something used like that, does having the box and all make a difference?

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Peeps & ho's,
Has anyone listened to the new Mumford & Sons album?
I love their song 'Little Lion Man' & was wondering if the album was worth getting. I've heard that 'Little Lion Man' is the best song on it, but the rest was ok.


I would also like to say that the new Ke$ha album is rather disappointing. The only good song is bloody 'Tik Tok'. Although most of you would say that's a shit song anyway, lol.

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1) What are some conspiracy theories you subscribe to/think are at least possibly true? If any.

2) Have any of you had feline leukemia or feline HIV positive cats? What were your experiences caring for them? Did they live long lives, short lives, were the vet bills insane, etc? At some point I'd like to adopt such cats because I hate that they are passed over in shelters, so there are things I need to know.

3) Say one day you up and vanish. Your family and friends and law enforcement have no idea where you are and you cannot be found. Where are you?

I'd like to think I stepped through some sort of invisible mid-air portal and wound up in some alternate dimension or universe.

dull skin ... chapped lips.

What products have you used to help clear, brighten up your face and get a better complexion?

What do you use to help badly chapped lips? people tell me to use Vaseline, but I don't see how it could be good for you because it doesn't protect your lips from the sun. I've used soft lips, burts, and chapstick... they don't really do much for me.

Has anyone used KIEHL's products and if so what's your opinion. 

Picture post!

What does TQC look like RIGHT NOW? Or, earlier today/yesterday.

Alternatively, what's your favourite flavour of flavoured water, if you drink it? I've discovered I quite like the orange-orange and lemonade Vitamin Water shit. But the whole concept of "flavoured water" still confuses the fuck out of me.

Collapse )
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Our landlord just sent us a letter informing us that we owe $70 of unpaid rent plus $50 in late fees for not paying it. We moved in in August and had been paying the amount they told us the rent was every month on time, but now they're saying our rent is actually higher than that. But for whatever reason they neglected to inform us we were paying the wrong amount until now. In addition to that, there's an electrical short (I think the mice in the walls chewed through the wires, now the overhead light in the bedroom doesn't work), a big hole in the back door's glass from when someone tried to break in, and a hole in the floor we can see the basement through in the bathroom. Floor hole was reported the day we moved in. The electrical problem and the broken door occurred last month, and so far no one has come to fix anything.

My plan is to refuse to pay anything until the repairs are made, and then only pay the missing rent - no late fees since we had no idea we weren't paying what we were supposed to.

What do you think? Is that a good idea, or will we just get screwed over if we don't pay it all asap? The law is landlords have to provide a safe place to live, and the wiring is a fire hazard and I definitely don't feel safe with a big hole in the door, especially since someone actually DID break in through that door a few months ago. What should we do?

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there's a costumed dance at my school tonight. i've been feeling extra shitty and depressed lately, and i dont know too too many people that are going, but i'd go as Lady Gaga. it costs $5. should I go?

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So my best friend feels like he won't live to see 23. He is currently 21, his birthday is May 11th.
I feel like I won't live past my 25th. I am currently 20, my birthday is March 22nd.
Do you have feelings like this? Are we just being weird?
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What G-rated words do you use in place of not-so-G-rated words?

As a parent I find "Oh poodles!" or "Oh schibby!" popping up in my head all the time now.
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Are there any words you have spelling issues with? No matter how many times you look it up, you always seem to get it wrong?

I always want to spell "definitely" as "definately". =\ Maybe by making this post, I'll remember it's "i" not "a".

Also, if you've ever been in a spelling bee, what word did you get wrong? Or if you didn't get it wrong, do remember what your opponent got wrong in order for you to win?

Oof. Um, yeah, it was middle school and I got the word "failure" wrong. I could totally spell it directly after the bee, but its an honest scandal they put that word in there!

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We're ordering Chinese tonight! So far we are getting szechuan shrimp, orange chicken and kung pao chicken. We need one more dish. What should we get?

It's a typical Chinese takeout menu, so they have all the usual stuff.

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so i made this pasta dish tonight i'm generally really good at making. like people rave about it. it's about the only thing i can make.

i asked my roommate to help me cut up the onion tonight because it was making me especially weepy and he did 'cause he loves to cook. so now that it's done i want to tell him he can come have some.

BUT I FUCKED UP SOMEWHERE AND THIS IS LIKE THE WORST DISH OF THIS I'VE EVER MADE. so i don't want this to be his first taste. but i also want him to know i appreciate his help and his sharing his expensive wine work gives him.

i mean, it's still pretty good, but it's just not what it could be.

should i offer him some with the disclaimer that it's the worst i've done and there could be better first tastes in the future, or be like "NO YOU CAN'T TOUCH IT IT'S VILE"?


Remember tenth grade biology? I don't. I was trying to describe something today and completely blanked on the name of that box chart that lays out the percentages for dominant or recessive genes. You know, the one where your teacher talked about breeding (or whatever) red and white roses, then predicting the odds for red vs pink vs white manifesting in the babies? Help me out, TQC, what's that chart called?

Clothes for Haiti

Since a lot of people in Haiti have lost their homes on Jan 12th in the earthquake, I was wondering if I could send clothes? I can only donate very little at the moment, and I know that a lot of money is needed for hospitals and schools and such. But I still want to do something more than sending money.

So in other words: are any organizations taking clothing donations? I would clean the clothes before sending.
Should I send school supplies? I'm sure some of those are needed as well. I have a lot of new notepads at home.
Should I donate through Medecins Sans Frontieres Canada? Or USA? Does it make a difference?

Thanks! And sorry if it is a repeat question/series of questions.

possible tl;dr about cathunt

I have been Googling nearly all day with few results.

I'm looking to acquire a white, male, Norwegian Forest kitten. I would like total white for the purely aesthetic reason the I already have a grey cat and a black cat. I require male because I have a female cat (apparently, it is easier to introduce a male cat to other cats rather than the other way around?) and I would like to name the new kitten Mr Mysterious. And I require a kitten because I already have 2 adult cats: one 9 and one 6, male and female. I do not require papers or pedigree with the cat, as I do not register my animals.
It will not be a big issue if the pure whiteness of the cat is marred by tiny black or grey patches (my current cats each have white on them somewhere unnoticeable at first). The big issue is that I need a kitten that is a Norwegian Forest.

I have found one breeder in all of Canada: Saskkats in Edmonton AB. I don't know yet how I feel about import fees from the US (I don't have a passport). My boyfriend's mother had an orange Persian shipped from Nova Scotia and it worked out very well, so I am not very worried about getting a cat shipped (although I would really rather not).

My questions are thus: There must be catteries in Ontario, but where? How do I find them? Does anyone have any experience finding a specific cat and having it shipped? Have you ever wanted a specific animal very badly and looked all over for it? Do you have a mostly-white, male, NF kitten I could have? How much do you think this cat will cost? Any info you think I might have overlooked?

How do you spell grey? "Grey" or "gray"?
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If you were able to get a puppy today:

1.)  What breed (if any) would you choose?

2.)  Would you want a male or female?

3.)  What would you name your puppy?

Also, if you don't mind offering an opinion:

4.)  What would you name a male Saint Bernard?

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My brothers are getting pizza.
I want one just for the taste. A small is £2 for 7", the next one up is 9" for £4. They're both half price. Do I get the larger one as it's what I thought I would be paying, or just get the small one as that was all I wanted in the first place?

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I figured out why my manager was trying to reach me the other day. I took the mony to the bank and that was fine. Howevr I forgot to get the deposit back.

The deposit bag has the banking book we use when putting money in.

I am going to get crucified. It's a case of it being the straw that broke the camels back.

I'm working tomorrow and I am a complete pile of nerves. How can I make myself feel better and worry less about it?

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Are you getting drunk tonight TQC?

IDK if I should drink at the bar or at home. Which sounds like the better option:

#1 Drink at home, get naked, play L4D2

#2 Drink at the bar, hear live ska, either get some lovin' after or go home (to get naked and play L4D2)

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What do you think of Benicio Del Toro?
What do you think of Guillermo Del Toro?
What do you think of Tora! Tora! Tora! ?

Why is it okay for me to work two eight-hour shifts in one 24 hour period, just because one was tonight and the other is tomorrow morning? It wouldn't be okay to schedule me 4am-12pm and then 8pm-4am the same day...

(no subject)

this may be a stupid question but i'm not exactly sure what to google to get an answer so i'm asking here!

is it legal for an 18 year old to have an alcoholic drink in a restaurant with parental supervision? what about in the parents home?

ETA: Texas!
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How can I find my wireless network password? I lost the paper I wrote it down on, and now I can't connect my mom's laptop or my Wii. I'm googling atm, but any help from here would be great. It was originally installed on the desktop, but I'm on my laptop now. I can use either. Thanks :)
I'll reset it instead.

DK/DC, What are your plans for tomorrow?

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1)Will you be volunteering on MLK day?

2)Do you prefer exercise videos or formal exercise classes?

3)How do you reduce your anxiety levels?

Poorly.I tried breathing exercises, etc, but mostly I slept today. *extremely high anxiety lately*

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So basically my department manager, is mad cause my sis took hours away from her niece, who works under us. She cut mine and my sisters hours but kept her nieces the same. My sis told a high up manager about the ordeal, and he arranged it so my sis could work another day. Basically my manager was off today and is calling our phones, 3 times total, threatening my sis saying she'll regret it. BTW another department manager works in the department, who is sisters with the other department manager, so yeah her daughters hours were cut. They're both Pissed. They want to go off on my sister on sunday which is when they all meet again. But some favortism has been going on since they hired her, which was in october. We've been working there a couple years or so. I'm not mad about hours being cut they always get cut this time of year. It's the favoritism, and unproffesional way they're acting. They're taking it WAY too personal.

QUESTION: What should be done? I work in a union place. Should I tell them? Tell the main store manager? See what happens sunday? Find another job? I'm confused. This is a crazy situation.
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I'm planning on buying a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Anyone owns/had owned this car? How is it in terms of comfort, drivability etc? Goes it really gobble up fuel like there's no tomorrow?

Don't know/don't care: what car do you drive? Do you love it?
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my dad and i are looking to buy a car. i have found an awesome 4x4 with all sorts of groovy gadgets including a dvd player and screens in the headrests and a snorkel (a fucking snorkel, i can cross rivers in this beast!). its  about 13 years old and about £3000. its generally in good condition according to the ad and i think its a great deal for the money. its also only 25 miles away. my dad has found an 8 year old version of the same car for £6000, without any groovy gadgets. its about 120 miles away. we have not yet done any test drives and probably wont buy anything this weekend. he wont even entertain the idea of going to look at the cheaper one and instead is making me go on a road trip tomorrow for a car we dont even know if we are going to buy.

why is my dad making me waste a whole day of my weekend to go see a car i know we wont buy?

non srs, please.... though srs answers if you must.

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People with macs, is time machine worth it?

I've been using it for my backups, and the one time I needed it all my backups were locked (i.e. I couldn't get at them for some reason) so it was essentially a waste of time.
I'm very low on disk space, so am I better off just moving a load of stuff onto my hardrive and giving up on time machine?

Or is there a way of doing both on the same external hard drive?

ETA: I managed to partion the external hard drive, so now I have both. =]
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How do you have sex with 13,000 people?

like logistically, how do you do it? I mean, if I seriously TRIED that hard I would still come up short a few days. I just don't have that sort of game,

How many people do you have to sleep with before it's undoubtably too many people and you are a slut (no ifs/ands/buts)?

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Is your SO from a different country? How did you meet them? Are the cultural differences extreme, medium or light (I don't know why I picked those random units of quantity)

DK/DC: Are you watching a TV show/Movie? What one?