January 13th, 2010

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If you had a year off where you were not in school and didn't have a job, what would you do? Assume you need to make enough money to sustain yourself during this time without taking out a ton of huge loans.

Also if you have family or significant others or whatever, just ignore them in this hypothetical world. You're a lone wolf with time to kill.

My hair is falling out.

Do you shed (your hair, on your head) more during the winter or summer or any other specific time during the year?
- I have been losing A LOT of hair.. to me it is a noticeable amount by how I'm constantly picking off my own hair from my clothes & how when i comb my hair with fingers in the shower, I feel like I pull out CLUMPS :(

Anyone read any books by Ra Salvatore?
- My bf is obssessed with them and I may read one.. some book about a character named Drzzzt?

If you could be on any trashy reality show, which one would you be on?
- Probably Housewives of Orange County. IDK why!

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Tobey Maguire isn't going to be in the next Spiderman. Which of these actors would you next like to see as Spidey?

Zac Efron
Zach Braff
Charlie Sheen
Sean Penn
Seth Green
Jude Law
Ben Foster
Keanu Reeves
Jackie Chan
Matthew Perry
Michael Cera
Jack Black
Matthew Fox
James Van Der Beek
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Did you know that static electricity can travel through the cord of your earbuds and into your ears?

I just learned this. My ears hurt. :(

What's something new that you learned today?
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TQC my sister made the mistake of leaving her facebook page open. she won't be using the laptop until about 12 hours from now. what should i change her profile picture to? bonus points if you actually post the picture in your comments!

ps. she's 12 so something not too vulgar please :)
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Hey TQC, I have anger problems right now. How do I fix this before I literally bite off someone's head?!

On that note, if you've said something (somewhat intentionally) in reference to a group of people and a few members get offended and flip at you, how do you damage control? Do you bother? Do you just say, 'suck it, you bitches.'?

(as for me, clearly getting into a fight with one of them over ridiculousness was THE RIGHT ANSWER)

Also, what's your favourite shot? Interpret how you wish.
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Is there anything funnier than letting a really rank fart in someone's personal space?

Clarification: To my parents and brothers, and my gramma. They all do it back. We all find cutting the cheese hilarious.

How many different terms for passing gas can you come up with?


I was standing on the train platform today when a fight broke out between two teenage girls. They were with a group of "friends," who just stood and watched as the two girls punched, slapped and pushed each other around. This went on for a couple of minutes on a pretty busy street filled with commuters. Eventually, one of the girls was pushed onto the ground and a man intervened, ending the fight.

Would you intervene in a physical fight between two strangers? Under what circumstances?
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I'm making spaghetti with garden salads and garlic bread tomorrow for 7 people.  Two of which I've seen put away 4 burgers each plus fries and two which eat about as much.  How much of everything will I need?

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Why does my computer hate me?

It keeps trying to connect to another network that I don't want it to. I don't understand... it's not in my saved networks or anything so wtf?

What is the point of GIFs?

I can't add them to my facebook and have a cool moving profile pic. I tried. It didn't work. It makes me sad. GIFs don't work properly on most sites, so what's the point?

Also, what is the point of trolling?

Trolls: is your life so sad and pathetic you must pick on others online (I mean you can't even do it to their face)?!
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So TQC, you've got this stupid car that can't be worked on by Joe Mechanic, it has to be taken to the fucking dealership every fucking time it has a problem (which is fairly fucking often). There are two dealerships you've dealt with: the first, Dealership H, you've dealt with ever since you've started buying these shittily overpriced cars twenty years ago; and the second, Dealership G, whom you've dealt with on and off since purchasing your last car through them (though Dealership H found it for you).

It's one of those times when your shitty car has broken down, and you take it to your regular mechanic at Dealership H. He quotes you $3,200.00 for everything. You think this sounds a little high, so you consult another mechanic at Dealership G. Dealership G can do everything H can do for $1750, including labor. You call those bastards as Dealership H back and tell them that, and they say they can match down to that price.

Teal Deer: your regular mechanic (Dealership H) quotes you $3,200 for repairs. An alternate mechanic (Dealership G) quotes you $1,750. Your regular mechanic can suddenly match that price.

Who do you pursue repairs with?

Dealership H
Dealership G

and why?

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So my roommate bought a ferret.

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Should I pitch a fit and insist that she get rid of it or just accept that it's her problem and not mine? Would it be fair to make her get rid of the ferret and let the other roommate keep the cat?

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I can only see one film with my son when I am home.
Should it be Sherlock Holmes or Men Who Stare at Goats???

EDIT-O-MATIC: I'm thinking of making a movie called: Men Who Stare at Boobs. It would be starring me. Good idea? y/y? (. Y . )
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Do you ever need to give yourself a peptalk to go to work?

If so, give me an example of one please.

I am giving myself one right now and faaaaailing.

Today is going to be a long day. :(

srs and non srs answers, of course. non srs preferably, since they will help me laugh.

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Do you ever do things to make yourselves sad or disappointed?
When I'm anticipating an important message on AIM I somtimes send myself a message before I go out.  Then when I get back, I see an open window  and get excited.  Then when I read it, i see the words "I JUST GAVE YOU  A SAD" and then I have a sad :(

Do you prefer to get books from the library or just buy them?
I prefer to buy them, they make good conversation pieces/decorations after I finish them.
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 When did your parents stop disciplining  you?

When I was 20....my dad grounded me for two weeks, one summer when I was home, for staying out all night, and not bothering to check in.  His reasoning was he paid for my school (no loans), he paid for my rent, food, car, fun, etc....therefore, he was still allowed to ground me.  And I totally agreed.  Still do.
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what is the worst you got in trouble with your parents? what did you do? what was the punishment?

i was a good kid. the only time i got in trouble is when i just got my license and my mom saw me driving my friend home. i was still in the 6 months or whatever it is that only adults and family members are allowed in the car after getting your license. at first i was "grounded for a month" because "THAT WAS AGAINST THE LAW" but then she decided i just couldn't drive for 2 weeks after talking to her friend at work. then she realized i had a job that she didn't want to drive me to so i just couldn't drive to friends' houses.

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Do any of you watch Say Yes to the Dress?

Do you think it's odd that women aren't allowed to take pictures of the dresses b/c they may be a company making knock offs of the dresses, but they show the dresses on national television?
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My friend's 21st birthday is coming up and she loves pigs. I was going to do an "Adopt-A-Pig" thing, but I don't think she'll like that as nearly as much, and I know she's in no position to actually keep a pet pig. Are there any alcohols that come in pig bottles or have a piggy name? What other, non-pig related items should I get her?
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What was the last weird coincidence that happened to you?

After I got home from the first day of my Intro to Theatre class, I Googled my professor because he was young and cute. I found his Facebook, and when I looked on his page discovered that he's engaged to one of my best friends from years ago who I'd mostly fallen out of touch with.

ETA: Me(I'm 20), my boyfriend(he's 21), and my mom are all moving into a new house together. Does this sound dysfunctional to you? Who do you live with?

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Which would you rather have happen to you?

Grow 12" in height
Shrink 12" in height
Expand 12" in your waist/pants size
Grow 2 fingers (on the back of each hand). Each finger has the same functionality and nerve endings of the other fingers and would hurt if you cut them off


Our house has lots of mice.
And they're getting bolder, exploring more parts of the house (outside of the kitchen).
They range from really big adults, to tiny-just-left-the-nest babies.
They're cute, but dammit, so gross.

We've already caught at least nine, but there are plenty more.

Anyway. The only food source they had was dog food. Our one dog eats half of his food, then munches on it later on. Our other dog inhales hers in ten seconds. So we've started putting his uneaten food on the rolling dishwasher, where the mice can't reach it.

Nothing in our cupboard has been chewed by mice, and there's no evidence of them in the bread box, either.

So what are these mice eating?
Can mice live (and breed) on non-food items?
Are they eating drywall or something?
Is my house going to collapse from mousy-chewed walls and beams?

What do you do for a living?

dumb math question

I play lord of the rings Hello Kitty online. There are two ways people mostly use to roll on loot. For this question I'll assume 12 players rolling and 4 coins dropped.

1. One roll where the top four rolls win a coin. Winning one disqualifies you from winning another.

2. Four rolls where top roll wins each time, and if you win you don't get to roll again.

Either way, 12 players, 4 coins, 4 winners.

Some people insist that four rolls gives you better odds of winning. My friend keeps insisting that the odds are better with separate rolls. Common sense tells me that you have a 1/3 chance of winning either way, and that odds can't improve for EVERYONE in the group with the same number of coins and the same number of players.

He asked his calc teacher. At first the teacher agreed with me but then he kept badgering him and got him to agree that since the odds are 1/12, 1/11, 1/10, 1/9 for four separate rolls, it's better odds of winning. The exact thing happens when you do one roll with 4 chances to win of course but whatever.

Please give me ways to get it through his thick skull and make him stop talking about it because it is hurting my head. Common sense isn't enough evidence of course so be as mathy as desired.

For those who may actually be able to answer, how do I explain it to him in a way that will make him shut up?

p.s. This is not a homework question.
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Sharing Income

Two people (married, dating, SOs, whatever) live together and share financial accounts. They put all their income into this, and pay bills from it. They have a joint savings account that's growing steadily and have little or no debt.

Let's say they make roughly the same amount of money for simplicity sake.

How could/should they handle "fun" spending?

Obviously there's "shared fun" spending which isn't an issue (seeing movies together, going out to dinner, etc), but how do they handle "individual fun" spending, like the guy wants to buy a new gaming computer or the girl wants weekly manicures (for example)?

How do you and your SO handle fun spending?

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The extent of my time available to go to the gym is about 30 minutes or so, 3 days per week. I'm mainly looking to slim down belly fat (and moob fat), and up my cardio endurance. Out of the following machines, which one would be the most effective when used 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week:

- treadmill
- eliptical
- rower
- stationary bike
- that weird treadmill with two tracks that move independently and make it like you're walking up a hill
- other
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My best friend has decided that she wants to quit school today. She's very unhappy in her MS degree. Her experiments never went well and she's been awfully depressed and pretty agitated from the constant failures. I've watched her spiral out of control in terms of her behavior. She used to be very collected and level headed, now she's lost her cool and gets pissy over everything. I wholly stand by her with her decision, because I believe it's the only way she'll stop feeling so bad about life and get her old self back.

The problem right now is her parents. She had told them last week that she is considering, and is more than likely to withdraw from school. They didn't take her seriously at all. They gave me the feeling that they didn't believe my friend had the guts to quit. But I know that the degree is downright torturing her.

How can she break out this news to her conservative asian parents and have them take her seriously?

ETA: My friend is going to find a job and work. After she earns enough money she'd want to pursue a career in props design, which was something she's been wanting to do since high school, but her parents didn't allow.

Don't know/don't care: What is your favorite junk food? I've been seriously obsessed with this caramel popcorn. Mmmm, so good.

Been watching Dr Phil

What consequences do you think there should be for people who falsely accuse others of rape?
Mistaken identity aside, of course. I mean someone who straight up lies & says a person raped them?

Arrest them?
Jail time?
Civil action?
Some kind of note on their permanent record?

Do you think it should change based on whether the accused is formally charged? Sentenced to jail time?

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What is your favorite signature catchphrase from a character in a comedy skit/show?

Examples: Steve Urkel -"Did I do that?"; Barney Stinson-"Suit up!", "Legendary!" etc.; Church Lady -"Well, isn't that special?"

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what really good movies have you seen with very very terrible endings?

I loved beyond a reasonable doubt.. until the last five minutes. wtf. I hate when writers try to throw in a "shocking" ending for no reason.

edit: and best ending to a very terrible movie?

best ending in general?
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Work Dinner

I got invited to a dinner my work is paying for.

PROS: Time w/ higher ups. Free meal. Opportunity to network.
CONS: I don't want to go. Its a long drive. I have other plans (not exciting plans, but plans nevertheless).

Should I go?

Does your work have shit like this? Do you attend work functions outside of business hours?
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You must pick one.

Ladies: which body do you have for the rest of your life?
Men: which body to you have sex with for the rest of your life?

Please note: I couldn't save this as a JPG, but the belly moves around in circles in the first one if that affects your answer.
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TQC, I need help with shoes.

I am buying a ticket to go visit my BFF in Hawaii in May. She strongly suggests I bring "comfortable walking shoes, but not Converse" which, unfortunately, are the only comfortable walking shoes I currently own. I have running shoes, but they look pretty stupid with regular clothes. I'm considering buying hiking boots, but I'm afraid that might be a little overkill.
If it changes anything, she lives in Hilo, but we'll be spending half my time there in Kona.

Will you tell me about a very comfortable pair of walking shoes? Pictures are encouraged.

dk/dc/don't wear comfortable shoes: Will you show me your favorite userpic? Why is it your favorite?

Highschool drama, except too old for this

So a co-worker was telling us about her relationship and the 2 of us listening tried to help her but we both disagree on what she should do!
She has been dating her bf for 4 years and a few years back he cheated on her with an online friend of his. The guy confessed his mistake to her and generally seemed apologetic even cutting contact with his online friend to salvage his real life relationship. Now I guess, she found out that he hasn't cut contact with this online girl and has continued to lie about talking to her. As far as the girl knows, her bf and his online buddy have not met, however they do live relatively close so it is always a possibility the guy lied about that as well. I personally think it's time to dump him but our other friend contends an online relationship isn't really cheating and she should give him another chance. What do you think TQC?
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If the Amish make such great furniture, why were they shopping in Ikea?

My favorite answer so far from my poll of people I know has been "Industrial Espionage. Minus the Industry."

Swedish furniture for all!
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Have you ever been to a convention? If so, which one(s)? Did you have a good time? 

What do you think of conventions in general?

I'm going to Fanime again this May and I'm super excited. :) A large part is just because I love road trips with friends (last year's trip to San Jose for it was a lot of fun). I've also been to Otakon (yay!) and YaoiCon (so awful, ugh). 
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What are you scared of? When was the last time you had to deal with your fear?

Last night I was in on my laptop in bed and a spider came down from the ceiling. I almost froze but miraculously trapped it in a tissue. I was so shaken up about it I had to wake up my dad and he just held me for awhile. He is the best.

Which I guess gives me another question, who loves you the most in this world? What have they done to show you this?
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what was the last thing that annoyed you on facebook?

my SO's little brother's wall posts keep coming up on my mini feed and he always signs out saying "have a good one" - and it doesn't make sense! his wall posts are like "hey i haven't seen you for so long!!  cheers, have a good one." what is he even referring to?! he's not talking about any ~special events~ or ~holidays~ or anything. >:( 


If you were to carpool (or if you do) would you or do you charge by the day or the week?

Example: $5 a day. $25 a week.

Charging by the day = They come to school 4/5 days a week and pay $20 at the end of the week
Charging by the week = They come to school 4/5 days a week but still have to pay the full week

I'm asking this because I'm struggling with the decision. At first everyone agreed to charging by the week seeing as I go to school an hour early every day (different degree programs) and stay longer than I have to if I get out early. I was even sick one day and drove them over anyway and went back to get them when they were done. I also figure I've been so accommodating that it shouldn't be much to ask the payment be on time (a month late sometimes). We all get paid the same day and I find myself waiting for certain peoples money longer than others. This is frustrating to no end because I feel like I'm being used.

Seriously, can I? [the closet's huge]

Okay, classes started this past Monday [the 11th]. Most people moved in Saturday/Sunday.

It is now Wednesday and there is no sign of my roommate, who, for all intents and purposes, was coming back this semester. [She took everything with her, apparently, including her fridge which we're supposed to leave in the dorm.]

My fellow TQCers, I can start moving my stuff into the [larger] closet she had now, yes?

ETA: I have asked an RA about this. And her response was to just assume that she's not coming back.

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There was a chain letter emailed round some time ago, with some faux statistics about how the only person working in the world was the sender since there were in total two people who could work, (the sender and the receiver) and one of them was reading the emailing.

Do you have it and can you either link to it or c/p the text?

Googling gives me nada as I dont remember any key words from the email but just the gist.


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Have you ever filed for bankruptcy/known anyone who has? Any tips? How long did it take to rebuild your credit? Would getting student loans in the next few years be impossible were I to file?

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My schedule every week: Reading two novels and two newspapers, going to 13 credit hours of class, working about 10 hours, miscellaneous tests/quizzes/papers, and seeing my boyfriend.

Is this doable on a weekly basis?
Would you drop a class if you had to read two novels a week, or am I being a wuss?

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I'm going to be buying a new iPod Touch soon and my question is whether or not there is any real benefit from buying it directly from the Apple store? If not do you know of any stores that are doing any deals if you buy a new iPod (I know I just missed Walmart giving a $50 iTunes giftcard).

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When you clasp your hands together in the most comfortable position, which thumb goes over which?
Mine go right over left.

Will you mix up the letters of a word so we can guess what it is? How about tryneuivsi?

(no subject)

Can I call the IRS to see if my douchebag ex-boss even paid the taxes he was supposed to last year? Rumor has it that he hasn't paid them, which is going to fuck me over.

Do you sing along with the radio when you're in the car?

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Aside from going to the dentist and getting them whitened, what is the best way to whiten my teeth and keep them that white? I'm really self-conscious of them but I don't think I can afford the dentist at the moment.

What about Crest Whitestrips? Or does anyone know about the whitening stuff they sell at Sephora? Is there any kind of toothpaste that actually, noticeably works?
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What could be the reason why my sex drive is so low? How can I fix it?

I love my SO very much and find him incredibly attractive. I thought it might have been my birth control but I've been off for a month now to see if that's it, but it's only helped a little. I stopped smoking weed (that's a long story) and I acquired this problem sometime around then, although I'm not sure if that's legit. My SO and I are around each other constantly, so could it be that there's no real time for me to feel like I'm being deprived? I've had a lot of stress lately trying to figure out where I'm going in life, maybe that's a distraction?

Is it a combination of these things? Am I really all out of libido at 18? Do I just suck?

I used to be horny all the time. Now he feels that my inability to get in the mood nearly as often means that I don't find him attractive anymore. That's definitely not the case and I don't want him thinking that way.

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Have you ever woken up just before getting to the ~good~ part of a dream? Have you ever tried getting back to the dream? Were you successful? What do you consider to be the ~good~ part of a dream?

Don't know/don't care: what are you doing over the long weekend (if you have one)? If you have to work or go to school on Monday, what do you plan to accomplish this weekend?

[edit] Will you tell me your favorite myths?

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So I have this slight dilemma, and since you know all, I figured I would ask here.
Basically my school schedule requires me to be at school from 10-7 a few days a week. I wake up early & eat my breakfast, then I usually eat a few apples or bananas around 1, but by 5ish I'm STARVING & want real food... & I don't want to eat a lot when I get home because then I feel sick all night.

My school has a precent decent cafe, so I can grab food from there, but it's expensive.
I don't have access to a fridge but I can use a microwave.

SO, TQC, What are some decent snack/dinner things I can buy/make and bring with me to school so I don't disturb the class with my growling tummy?

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What would you do if you KNOW you're going to get sick, in regards to notifying work/school?

Spring is coming up soon, and every year, without fail, the cedar pollen destroys me. No matter what shots or pills I get, I am literally laid out for a week, needing someone to come make me soup and make sure I dont fall over while walking to the bathroom.

It really hurt my grades last year, and I kinda want to notify the profs, but am kinda hesitant to do so, only because Im scared it might sound weird, going 'hey Im gonna be sick for a week sometime in April'. Im scared it would sound like Im planning a vacation and skipping, but I may just be paranoid. I could, of course, provide a doctor's note.

Im not sure why Im so worried about this, just wanted to know how others would handle it.


3 of my 4 roommates just bounced out of here to meet our 5th roommate for drinks for her birthday today. i had no idea about it.

she didn't text me, call me or send me a message on facebook. i also ran into her coming home as she and her boyfriend were going out.

she intentionally didn't invite me, didn't she?

GUYS, IT'S COOL. i can handle it. i don't think she has a legit reason(pretty sure it's because our cats got into a fight and mine dropped her's like a bag of dirt) but i hardly see her so i really don't care that much.

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 My mom is like not necessarily boycotting American Idol but refuses to watch it because Ellen Degeneres is a judge now.  She said the reason she won't is because "I CANT STAND HER, THAT HELEN DEGENERES WOMAN"  What do you think of this?    Part of me thinks she doesn't like her cause she's gay but idk, I don't want to bring up that topic with my mother. 

Also I want to take her to the town next to ours for dinner and shopping on her birthday but we have to do it on my day off.  Should I tell her now to get a day off or should I what?  IDK
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Why is it that hairless cats are hairless when most are not?

Is $9.50 too much to ask for if I work at Barnes and Noble in Massachusetts and have been working there for a few months/no problems all positive feedback from my bosses and have 2+ yrs related experience?

Do you think belly dancing is sexy?
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On clothed women in general, do you prefer the look of boobs in a bra, a push-up bra, or au natural?

What's your favorite David Bowie song? ("I don't like David Bowie" is not an acceptable answer.)
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How much would a cheap interior door, about 80"X30", cost? I feel really stupid that I can't find this information online, but Lowe's website is down, and Home Depot is only showing me expensive stuff or folding doors. I just want something really cheap for my apartment. My ex told me it should only cost $20 or so, and I'm hoping he's right.

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Anyone here use safety razors or straight razors as opposed to the piece of junk plastic stuff they're pushing these days?  Do they seem to work better for you?  I ordered a safety razor + amenities a few weeks ago (which hasn't arrived yet.. still) and was wondering if anyone has advice about them.

Do the rest of you like doing things the old fashioned way?  If so, what?
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I've been googling, but have had no luck.

There are lots of links for donating to agencies for the Haiti disaster; are there any links that any of you have seen for volunteering to actually go down there and help?

Thanks in advance! :)

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So, you're stuck in traffic and your radio is broken. Your iPod/whathaveyou is dead. What song(s) do you sing to keep yourself both entertained and sane?

I personally like ThouShaltNot's melodramatic "White Beyond" and just about anything by Angelspit.
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What's that one Firefox add-on that has a matrix of like 9 webpages that you often use when you start a new tab?

Also what's that one Firefox add-on that's the awesomest ever?

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Do you think invisible/shock fencing is cruel?

I recently installed it at my home and now I'm reading all of the animal rights blogs who think saying "No" is abuse, and it's still managing to make me feel guilty.

Should I feel guilty, TQC?
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I cant seem to find a pair of rainboots that dosnt leak. Do you have this problem?
Where can I find quality rainboots? Ive tried Target and Rue 21 to no avail.
Should I just give up and buy the damn uggs? I hear they are warm (unlike rainboots) and comfy. But damn it I hate they are ugly.  alternatives?

eta: maybe Im not thinking uggs. My friend suggested some pair and I thought they were, but Im not very brand savvy.
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do you think top ramen goes bad?

would you eat top ramen today, that has an expiration date of 09/27/07?

do you think that could really make someone sick, if it does "go bad"?

don't care:
what's the worst physical pain you've ever been in?

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Anyone know what 525,600 is in Roman numerals? All internet converters I can find only go up to 4999.

There's always DXXV DC, but that techincally isn't right. Anybody have any ideas?
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Last time I worked a Saturday, I made Banana Pecan muffins. I've decided I'm going to this on the regular (muffins on the Saturdays I work). What muffins should I make this weekend?

How should I go about finding a new general practitioner? I don't really like my current one and my mom said it would be rude for me to ask her to refer me to someone else.
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One of my favorite musicians (Jay Reatard) died and I kinda feel like getting drunk and being bummed out about it, but I have to work tomorrow. Instead, will you post gifs or youtube embeds so I can, you know, not be depressed? That'd be rad.

Have you ever been really depressed when someone you didn't know died?

What do you do to keep yourself motivated and energized on a daily basis? In the winter, I roll out of bed and go to work all groggy because I have no motivation to wake up early and take care of my things in the morning.

Metallica Wrote A Song About This Once But It Did Not Contain A Solution

GIVEN: People around me are on a regular basis making decisions which I consider exceedingly unwise and/or immoral.
GIVEN: I am not able to affect the decision making of nearly all of those people.

How do I not let this bother me at all (other than being completely apathetic and unfeeling toward my fellow humans)?

What can you tell me to convince me that it's ethically acceptable for me to turn a blind eye to all this?

How am I supposed to feel empowered when the Givens stated above make me feel powerless?

Most people seem completely not bothered by almost everything that doesn't directly affect them personally. This concept has always seemed both unfathomable to me and even somewhat unethical. As long as I can remember my feeling has been "if I know it exists, it affects me". Say something to convince me otherwise.
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I turned 21 on Christmas and have been working on my cocktail repertoire! Will you post your favorite cocktail recipe/recipes?

I love g&ts (4oz Canada Dry tonic water, 3oz Bombay Sapphire gin, wedge of lime). Tonight though I'm drinking a Chinese cocktail, which Mr. Boston describes thus:

1 tbsp. Grenadine
1 1/2 oz. Jamaican Rum
1 dash Bitters
1 tsp. Maraschino Liqueur
1 tsp. Triple Sec
Shake in ice & strain into cocktail glass

It is very sweet and delicious. And it is very red.

Alternatively: what's your favorite beer?

I haven't had much experience with beer myself but I'm going to say Blue Moon. Mmmm, orange. :3

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Do you have any movies that you've liked that came from a book?
What book have you read and was disappointed in the movie?
One of my favorite books is White Oleander and I was really disappointed in the movie.

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will you post a quote that you love?

A Little Princess, Frances Hodgson Burnett

"If Nature has made you for a giver, your hands are born open, and so is your heart; and though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full, and you can give things out of that--warm things, kind things, sweet things--help and comfort and laughter--and sometimes gay, kind laughter is the best help of all."
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Did your mind get blown?

More info?
Well, a friend of mine told me this earlier and here's what he said basically:

Bush admin = greedy humans who attack Na'vi for their riches.

Human with a disability = Obama being part black/part white, was seen as a con from people of both races.

But then...

Jake using Avatar body = Obama being accepted as "1 of us", either from the white population because he light skinned and doesn't talk black (just about any bs stereotypes you heard that makes him "acceptable")

Jake marrying the future queen = Obama marrying Michele. Makes his black side stand out. Him marrying a black woman of dark skintone is kind of a big deal.
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Why does Breast Cancer need so much awareness?

Only 7% of cancer deaths are due to breast cancer. It's not the most common cancer or the most deadly. What about other cancers? Why is breast cancer need awareness more than skin, lung, pancreatic, whatever cancer?

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Stutterers: Is your ability to type ever impacted? My colleague asked me this when I was telling him about people stuttering in sign language. I would assume it's got something to do with the actual language construction process and so wouldn't effect typing but I don't actually know.

People who can sign: Do you ever think in sign?