January 12th, 2010

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i forgot to buy a parking permit for school and i go back tomorrow. there are usually people standing at the entrances to the parking lot on the first day of class... how likely are they to let me in if i say i ordered mine a couple days ago but haven't received it in the mail yet?

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Do you think a nose piercing would suit me?

EDIT: Sorry if I'm coming off as a camho, I really am posting for opinions. I don't trust people in RL to be brutally honest about whether it would look good or not & not just give answers based off their person preference for piercings.




What is your most valuable possession? (money-wise)

What do you consider your most valuable possession? (sentimental-wise)

What would you do if you or someone you loved experianced possession? (demonic-wise)
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Have you ever had a one night stand? If yes, how often/how many?

How do you feel about yourself the next day? Regretful / don't care / happy / etc...

Would you ever pose nude?
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what do you think smh stands for? i thought it was 'shaking my head', but the way some people use it doesn't make sense. then i thought it might mean 'so much hate'. HOW DO YOU USE IT?

are you falling behind on the internet lingoz, tqc?

Questions for/About Gay People

Sorry, can't lock this, I'm going to show it to someone.

Some questions. You can answer if you're gay or know of a gay person.

1. If you know/are a gay person whose parents did not approve of  this, what was their reaction? Why did they not approve?
2. How do you think this affected your/their life or will affect your/their life? (their being if you have a gay friend, not the parents).
3. If you were kicked out of home for it, where did you go? How old were you?

I ask this because on a forum I'm on one of the members and I are discussing 'the line' that we draw where religious beliefs should not, in our minds, be respected. It came to the effects that parents rejecting their children for being gay and kicking them out, particularly for religious reasons, would have on the child. And if we should respect the beliefs of/not call out or argue with the parents. Even though the child is (my argument) damaged emotionally and sometimes physically, and is set back a lot by not having a family support system, sometimes losing education as they're too distracted or living on the streets, might not have anywhere to go, perhaps turning to 'bad things' on the streets, any depression, self esteem, or other mental health problems, etc. I think that even if the teen's life gets better, which I think it would for most people, that it could have been much better if the family had been more supportive. She says that I can't say their lives are 'ruined' since they're not dead yet, plenty of time to turn it around. I still think it should be avoided and that it would have negative effects. She wants evidence. Feel free to tell me about those rejected by their families who still turned out fine though.
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the stray cat i just took will be visiting the vet tomorrow and i am all kinds of excited!

what sort of things should i ask the vet? what kind of tests should i ask her to perform? i'm new to this. mention everything you can think of, because it'd only cost me $1 for registration - everything else is completely free :)

oh, i should also mention that my cat is pregnant!

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since it's slump season, i haven't been getting a lot of hours at work, and i need something to do. should i make a skirt, a dress, or a quilt? the skirt and dress would probably be fifties style, and i'm not really sure what kind of quilt i'd make.
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Have you seen Kubrick's Barry Lyndon? What did you think? I just watched it and I can't stop thinking about it for some reason.

What was the last really good movie you saw? What is your favorite movie and why?
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What do people mean when they say they don't believe in evolution because "the missing link hasn't been found"?
Australopithecines, Neandertals, Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus and etc aren't good enough? I really don't understand what they're looking for exactly.

Do you believe in evolution?
Are you religious?

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1. Has anyone here tried the new line of Aveeno shampoos and conditioners?

I'm all out of my regular stuff, but I do love Aveeno and am wondering if it is worth my 8 bucks.

2. What is the absolute worst line of haircare you have ever tried?
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I've been at my boyfriend's since Friday and I've managed to clean his entire apartment (dust, mop, vacuum, etc) iron his clothes, make him dinner and get up at 5:30AM to pack his lunch and make breakfast. But I totally don't think he appreciates it. Wouldn't that hurt your feelings?
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I've been with my boyfriend for two and half years. I've met his mother once and its not that she doesn't like me, but moreso that she doesn't care for me because I'm not Jewish or Russian. I'd like to make a nice gesture by getting her an iPhone case (my boyfriend's getting her the phone) and an iTunes giftcard. Is this weird? Should I do it? I don't know what she'd say about it (other than thank you, I assume). How much should I put on the gift card?

Edit: My boyfriend said no because "she would think you're just a kissass."
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Is there any reality t.v show/ t.v show in general that disgusts you? For me it's 'Toddlers and Tiaras'

What color are the walls of your bedroom? Mine are a warm beige

What state do you live in? I'm in Florida
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What made you lol today?

My new Composition professor looks like a cartoon professor, with dark hair parted to one side, big dorky glasses, a tweed jacket, a bowtie(!) and shiny pointy shoes. I *almost* have a crush on him.

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Dear TQC please help me with my feelings.

So my boyfriend for Christmas was going to get me a ring and told me about this in mid-November. My boyfriend's parents decided to gamble away all the money he gave them for that month. I ended up not getting my gift because of this. Not only that, but I didn't get any sort of gift. When his ex and him were together he made her a gift because he didn't wanna buy her anything, but he didn't even do that for me. I would've appreciated even a card.

Am I wrong in being kinda (okay, really) hurt about this?

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1. I found recently that when I am on the treadmill and walking at a 2.7-3 mi/hr pace my abs feel a bit of pain (I am also pregnant 4.5 months along). This I find strange as my normal walking pace is faster than that and I am fine. Any ideas of why this might be? I usually stop for a while ( a few minutes) and continue on. After keeping that for half hour, it seems to be okay and I can go even a bit faster without it. It's not excruciating pain, but a slight one.

2. Also, my nose gets congested more when I go to the gym. Why? 

3. My legs look like fish scales. Skin is so dry. And it's only my legs and not other parts of the body! Any suggestions on what lotion I should switch to?? I am currently using neutrogena boy oil, it feels great for an hour after application and then I can just feel my legs dry up! I have (although not regularly) use Jergens intense lotion. This is a winter thing that happens to me. bleah.. any ideas?

4. Anyone by the beach going to be enjoying a nice warm day out? Will you enjoy it for me too, please? It's cold where I am and am missing the beach!

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I'm thinking about watching some CSI. I've never seen it before and there seems to be so many series and locations to choose from. Which is the best and where would you recommend I start, TQC?

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TQC, I have a dilemma.

It seems that my ex-boss doesn't feel the need to have our W-2s prepared this year. Rather than wait for his massive fail, do you think I'd be able to have one prepared on my own?

I've already contact his bookkeeper to see if I can get the information I need in order to have one done (or if I have to, use the form 4852, but I really don't want to wait until April to file my taxes).

If you dk/dc, what should I have for dinner?? Taco Johns, Taco Bell, Subway, Sonic, or Burger King? (Those are the only take out places near where I'll be tonight..and I'm too lazy to make a poll.)

Song lyrics

I'm looking for a song I heard on the radio... the station calls the music it plays Adult Contemporary. It plays stuff like Nirvana, Saliva, AC/DC, etc.

The only thing I know about the song is that it's a new release and the only lyrics I managed to remember are "It's magic, it's magic"

I've looked everywhere online... I can' find it anywhere. Does anyone know what song I'm talking about?

ETA: If you don't know or care, have you tried McDonalds new Mac Snack Wrap? Did you like it?
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This has been driving me crazy, TQC. I saw a movie on a plane a couple years ago and it was about four male friends who were out of jobs and decided to form a male escort service. It was in Dutch (I think) and fucking hilarious. Does anyone know the name of this movie?

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Musically-inclined TQCers:

What musical instruments do/did you play, for how long, and how did you come to start?

Clarinet, 6 years, started because our school got a band program when I was in grade 7

What is an instrument you'd like to learn to play? Will you or can you achieve this someday?

I would like to learn drums and bass guitar. I could actually start learning to play bass, if I can find a cheap bass + amp somewhere to start practicing on

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Registration for my Spring classes is tomorrow morning. My college is dumb and doesn't allow you to do it online or anything, so I have to go and stand in an extremely long line. Last year, I think I was in line for 2.5 hours before I finally got to register.

If registration starts (according to the calendar) at 8:30 am, how early do you think I should get there to ensure that I don't spend my whole day in a line? 

Does your college do anything dumb like that? Is there anything college related that you don't agree with/would like to complain about? 
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If one of your friends posted this as their Facebook status, what would you guess they were talking about?:

"Lisa is about to engage in the most contrived, demeaning, and downright ominous activity the 21st century has ever brought us. But hey, the drinks are free!"

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For those who have pets:
Do you have pet health insurance? Would you consider getting pet health insurance? What's the largest vet bill you've ever paid for a single pet?

For those who don't have pets:
What smells remind you of grade school? For me it's the smell of tempera paint, elmer's glue, and chocolate scratch and sniff stickers.

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In reaction to a news story about the whole Tonight Show thing, someone posted "Yawn. WAGASA (figure it out)".

What the hell does WAGASA mean? Google is failing me because apparently WAGASA is a japanese umbrella.
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I'm doing a gluten elimination diet to test for intolerance. But I'm confused. Do I need to only avoid things that say wheat or gluten in the ingredients list? Or are there foods with secret gluten? Do I need to pay attention to cross contamination, or is that only a concern for people with Celiac? Is white flour ok if the package of bread doesn't say "contains wheat/gluten"? Afaik white flour is made from wheat, but then wouldn't it be in the allergen information? Or is it just there is no non-wheat white flour so they don't bother to put it on the package?
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do you love sweet tea? what are your feelings on sweet tea?
i love sweet tea.

do you like tea at all? what's your favorite tea?
aside from sweet tea, i have some raspberry pomegranate green tea that is delicious. i also love the stuff they serve in chinese retaurants.

what small thing has made you happy today?
i realized that when i don't straighten my hair, it looks pretty damn good wavy. i've been straightening my hair for about 6 years now, my hair should be happy it's going to get a break.
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How would you feel if your government did annual searches of everyone's houses in hopes of discouraging kidnapping/killing? This would be a terrible infringement of your privacy, but imagine the missing people that would be found throughout all the searches, the few houses out there that actually have people. Is it worth it?

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If you were dealing with a person who had never seen anything on the internet before and you only had time to show them one webpage/site which one would you show them?

TQC is not a valid answer because we wouldn't wanna blow this person's mind.

girls » barbie
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When you're giving someone your phone number, or if someone is giving you theirs, do you pause and wait for them to indicate they're ready for the next part of the number, or just continue to give the number?

When you're in class, do you gravitate towards the front of the hall, the middle, or the back? What is your reasoning?

Has anyone successfully routed a college e-mail (provided by OWA) to their smartphone/blackberry?

and most importantly, when should I go to the college bookstore? Is 8am (opening time) the best?

tqc post secret

Do any of you remember roughly a year ago when someone posted a collage of icons from the members of TQC to post secret? I think it was out of hate too, I'm not sure lol

I wanna' see the collage again because I was on it lol

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I have two or three text books from last year and the year before that the bookstore wouldn't buy back.

Is it worth trying to sell them online? I figured that they've updated the editions so no one would buy it, but I don't have any experience with selling textbooks. If it's worth it, where's the best place to sell (aka most money)? 

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For those of you who watch porn:

Which genre of porn is your favorite? Which genre do you hate?

If you're under 18, please go here.

Don't know, don't care, don't watch porn:
You come home and someone says: "Why don't you have a seat over here?". It's Chris Hansen. What is your reaction?

[edit]HTML and grammar fail.
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I have the opportunity to buy a Washburn T14 bass with a micro bass amp for ~$200 (less if I can negotiate the seller down). I'm not hurting for cash, and I've yet to find a review that says "THIS IS A PIECE OF SHIT OMG"

Good purchase or bad purchase?

When you're considering droping a fair amount of money, say greater than $100 but less than $1,000, on something, how long does it take you to get from "maybe" to "final decision"? And if that thing is more than $1,000?

Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

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I bought my psychology book used from my schools bookstore and a few of the pages are falling out. if you were in my situation would you go back and return it and buy a new one for ~$10 more or just suck it up and tape the shit together? i'm leaning toward the 2nd but my grandma is flipping out over a $78 book falling apart.

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Your friend who was single for a long time recently meets and falls head over heels for a guy.

This guy and her have been together for only a few weeks, one of her mutual friends tells her that she dated this guy's brother for many years and that the guy your friend is now dating is a huge man-whore. He sleeps around and always cheats on his girlfriends. Your friend says this girl has no motive to lie to her. What advice do you give your friend?
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Suppose someone you worked with was fired. A week or so later, someone else who works there goes blabbing about why that person got fired.

On a scale of one to hell, how much of a sin is it for someone to do that in the workplace? Forgivable? Dismissal worthy?

Didn't happen to me, just curious.
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Why do you think some people sign their comments? I've never understood this - because everyone can SEE that it is from you. But some people sign their name anyway.

Do you do this? Why?

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How important are looks to you in a relationship?

If you consider yourself reasonably attractive, do you mostly date people at the same level of hotness? Could you be very sexually attracted to someone who was a bit unfortunate looking?

Would it be different if it was a fwb situation instead of dating?

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I've been considering the idea of learning German for the heck of it. Have any of you ever taken German classes? What was your experience (was it easy to learn, difficult, etc)?

Don't know or care? The genie grants your wish to become fluent in any language. Which one is it?
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I use Firefox as my browser. A while ago, my computer randomly shut down and when I turned it back on, all my saved passwords from Facebook, LJ, etc. were erased and I can't figure out how to get them to come back. After that happened, I also deleted all my cookies thinking maybe that help but I don't think it did. (I don't really know what I'm doing obviously.) Help TQC, what should I do? It's driving me crazy having to log in everywhere all the time.
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Dear Tqc.

My friend and I had a pie day today and made two Caramel Apple Pies. Upon cutting said pies we discovered they were wet!

Why would this be?

Too much brown sugar?

Did the caramel do something to the filling?

Do you like ice cream with your pie?
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When putting your car in park, do you use the parking brake (also know as the e-brake) in addition to regular park?

Yes, all of the time
No, never
Only on a hill
When I remember to
Why would I do that?

What kind of car do you drive?


It's totally stupid that I just got into a huge fight with my husband over this, right?

Motherfuckin' Yes

From Wikipedia:
Automotive safety experts recommend the use of both systems to immobilize a parked car, and the use of two systems is required by law in some jurisdictions, yet many individuals use only the "Park" position on the automatic transmission and not the parking brake."
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Has anyone worked at Walgreens or CVS? How did you like it? 

I just applied online for Walgreens and got this message:
Thank you for applying. The remainder of the Skills Assessment must be completed at a Walgreens store. Please visit any Walgreens store to complete your assessment. You may be contacted by a Walgreens store manager if you meet the qualifications for an open position in one of our stores.

Does that mean I need to go to the store soon (as in, tomorrow?) and complete the rest, or I complete the rest only if they contact me? 

I've never had a job before so I'm not sure about all this stuff. Gah.


So after weeks of fruitless searching for a job, I took the first one that was offered to me, which is a sales job. Basically it involves walking from door to door and convincing people that they need to get their houses insulated for free from the Australian government. It's not hard, and the company pays $70 per house that you sign up. So basically if you "sell" 2 houses per day, that's $700 in one week. Our top guy made 25 sales last week- $1750. So there's a lot of opportunity to make some mad cash. It seems easy, and the average person makes around 2 sales a day anyway. The rest of the sales team is pretty nice, all young like me, and there are a lot of random bonuses and opportunities for promotion. The hours are from 11:30-pretty much 9 pm.

Then today I got interviewed for a job that I put an application for weeks ago. It's an outdoor retail store, and I'm gunning for a job as a manager in training. I'm pretty sure I've got the job. Obviously the money will be less than what I can stand to earn doing sales, but it pays around $16-18/hr to start, which isn't horrible. Plus, it's more laid-back, I don't have to knock on doors in the 40+ degree weather (that's 104+ in F-speak), and most importantly I really love the outdoors and travel. I've got experience selling travel gear already, I've done a bunch of hikes and camping abroad, and the discounts would be sweet because I'd buy a crapload of gear. The hours are from 9-5.

I mean, I could do the sales job- it's fun and all, but how much money I make depends on how hard I'm willing to work for it. I want to do the outdoor store, but the cash isn't as hot and there aren't as many opportunities for upward mobility.

What should I do?? The outdoor store will probably give me a call this week, most likely while I'm standing at someone's door. Of course if I don't end up getting the outdoor store job this is all null and void, but still!

Help me TQC!!

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Are you into astrology at all (and by astrology I don't mean "omgad I read my horoscope daily on yahoo horoscopes)? If you meet someone you really like, are you interested in what their sign is?

cha ching.

what did you buy today?

i bought a car!
no shit, i bought the exact same car i bought nearly 3 years ago...same model, color, interior...but with all wheel drive.

yay, honda! suck it, snow and ice!

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If you were to particiapate in a drag queen pagent, what would you like your drag name to be?

Do you think whole foods has better looking groceries than other grocery stores (non-organic)?

Do you think something world wide, and crazy will happen on Dec 21st 2012?

What's your opinion on the New World Order?


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I tried this vodka (straight up/clean) not too long ago, a smooth but thick(?) tongue with very minimal burn within a semi-frosted glass (or maybe it was see-through) and minimal text. It was absolutely fantastic, but I've got no idea which brand it was :(
My friend said it was Smirnoff Red Label, but I'm not so sure; the labelling seemed different and it was just so smooth and light.
But maybe I'm just describing it wrong and it was indeed Smirnoff and nothing special, given that I was high and already tipsy...

Also, let me know what your choice of vodka is :)

Edit: it was AUS$50 for 1L... if that helps at all
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can someone tell me what is the correct etiquette for calling a professor by their first name? she has signed e-mails with just her first name, and i've used just her first name in an e-mail once and felt really awkward about it. i have never called her just by her first name in person. i consider us reasonably close (she is writing grad school recs for me and helped advise the rest of my application). why do i feel awkward using her first name?

eta she has never made it explicit what she prefers to be called.
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When you smoke weed, does it feel alien to use anything but a bic?

I noticed last night that it just feels WRONG to use anything but a bic. But then again I use the bottom of my lighter to push down my bowls, so I guess that could be the reason. The end fits really well, while cheap dollar store lighter ends are square and don't work. D:

If you don't smoke weed, here is a question just for you;

Do your animals randomly try to climb the wall to get to certain spots? My cats are constantly scratching the walls at certain points/areas in my room, looking up towards the ceiling like there is something there. It's very strange. :(

I mean I'm sure it's mice or something in the walls, or bugs that causes them to do that. But.. it's still unnerving to have your cat sitting there staring at the wall for minutes on end..
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