January 11th, 2010

i'm craaazy.

1. Are you paranoid? If so, of what?

2. if not, do you have a passion? what is it?

I am paranoid of a lot of driving related things. The main two that stick out in my mind are 1. i always feel like someone's following me if they're close behind me. i think this is due to a few road rage altercations i've been in; and 2. if i see a box/bag/whatever in the road, I do my best to go around because i'm afraid there is going to be something living inside it, like kittens, or a child...

music is my passion.

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Who are some really good child actors? People like Haley Joel Osment and Dakota Fanning when they were little. I've found Dakota Blue Richards (Lyra in Golden Compass) and Freddie Highmore to be pretty good too. Anyone else?

What toiletry products do you use? (Facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, even signature perfume...wow, that is a lot of crap now that I think about it)

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Do you know what this book is called?

A brother and sister, they go on vacation to their cousin's. Cousin and them explore and discover a dried lake with houses around it. They meet a old man and his sister and explore and there is lots of remembering about the past when the lake had water and was active.

If you don't: what is your favorite name you would name your next pet?

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I forgot, am I supposed to hate Trader Joe's or Whole Foods for being overrated? What stores do you avoid? Why?

What's the best sex scene you have seen in a movie? The most awkward?

What do you want to ask me?
I <3 TLV

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How did people live before Google? Can you imagine life without a search engine? How many questions would forever go unanswered?

I had one line of a song stuck in my head - no idea the artist, title, or where I heard it. But Google KNEW. And now I am listening to it. Awesome!
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Hi TQC! I was with a guy for 4 and a half years, we broke up 2 and a half years ago. I was a drunken mess at the time. He right after started dating one of his best female friends, and I flipped my shit and in general embarrassed myself, which led to both of them thinking I'm a freak and the ex telling me we'd never be friends, etc. About a year-ish after that I sent him an email apologizing and he wrote back and said it was OK, water under the bridge whatever. In September he wrote me a brief email updating me on his life saying he imagined we'd write each other about once a year, and I never responded for various reasons. ANYWAY, if you made it this far- he and his girlfriend are now getting married, which I found out through facebook. Is the appropriate thing to send him a note saying congrats? Ignore it?

If you don't care/don't want to read all that, how did you choose your career?

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why is it so hard to write this essay and why do i have an essay to write over winter break anyway?

new yorkers: where would you take someone who is obsessed with video games, anime, and all things japanese? i can only think of kinokuniya, comic book stores, and the chinatown arcade (which he actually suggested).
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Do you like applesauce?


What's your favorite kind of applesauce?

Mixed with different kinds of fruit
All natural

Man, I love cinnamon applesauce! I like to get kids meals at restaurants because sometimes they serve it with a cup of applesauce.

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I threw up this morning so I'm trying to take it easy on what I should eat. I am STARVING though. I just ate two pieces of dry toast but I want more. Should I risk it? Should I put something on it like peanut butter? 

How do you like your toast?
devon ramen

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it's tradition in my country for a man to present a gift to his bride (the engagement ring excluded)...most receive money, but really you can ask for whatever you like. i met a woman who asked that her fiancee get her a MAC make up set.

women of TQC... what would you ask for?

i think a gift card to h&m and topshop would be amazing.

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On a blazer...there's this tag sewn on the sleeve near the cuff. Has the designer's name on it.
Do you cut it off ot not? Why or why not?

EDIT O MATIC: The consensus is the tag is a desperate ploy for seeking validation and attention after buying "designer" clothes. I will cut it off. WHY AM I HESITANT TO CUT IT OFF??
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Poll #1510055 Decisions, decisions

It's time for a bathroom break, and you need one in a hurry. Only two bathrooms in the building are open. Which do you use?

The cold one. You can see your breath in the air, and there's a thin layer of ice over the water in the toilet. The seat's going to be freezing.
The hot one. The air's so thick and humid you're having trouble breathing, and you're sweating bullets. The stench of disinfectant -- and whatever happened in stall #4 -- is overpowering.

If you were suddenly struck with an intense headache and then the world completely greyed out, your ears started ringing, and you were overcome with nausea and dizziness, what would you think was happening to you?
What if it happened two weeks ago, passed in about five minutes or so, and you'd not experienced it before or since?

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I'm at school from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. today. I have a Subway and Chik-fil-a Express in my school, along with a Jimmy John's down the road and a McDonald's somewhere around here. What should I have for lunch and dinner? Be specific!
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I just got a Dangerous Dames Pulp Art Book Covers calendar because it was one of the non-boring looking ones and I like pulp art. But I hate this calendar because the ladies are too scantily clad for me to put this up at work AND the actual calendar format is awful. It just lists out all the days of the month on one line with the letter of the day of the week in another line over the numbers, so there's no room to make notes or anything.

Do you have a wall calendar for 2010? If so, what does it look like?

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What do you do between classes when you don't have enough time to actually go do something?

I have an hour between two of my classes. They're in the same building, right across the hall from each other. The first class is super early and I get an amazing parking spot right up front, so I really hate to leave and then have to park way in the back. Nothing good (library, snack bar, etc) is within walking distance. I figured I'd probably bring a book or something from now on, but I just wanted to see what other people do in these situations.

Lets play "high school bullshit!"

So a friend-of-an-acquaintance decided to turn on me, partly because I don't like Viking death metal, the only music he considers worthy of his time or attention (and he's quite the elitist in that regard) and partly because I wouldn't sleep with him.

In retaliation to being told "I wouldn't cuddle you with a ten foot pole" (mature, I know), he has taken to referring to me as a Forkkibuk. Which at first glance made me think it was a Viking version of a butterface or something, but Googling yielded no results.

So what do you think, TCQ? Is this idiot trying to get a rise out of me by calling me a made-up word behind my back, or am I being heinously insulted?

What should I do for revenge? :)

To clarify...the revenge thing was a JOKE. I was just curious what sick twisted things you folks would come up with. Also, I don't particularly care what he says to me, because he's a moron. I just wanted to know what the word meant.

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If you have a cat, do you feed it canned food or dry food? Were you told one was better versus another by a vet? Thanks!

-What dry food do you use?
-Is your cat declawed? Why or why not?

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1.) I want to lose a few pounds and need some sort of cardio in my life, what should I do? I was originally planning on doing the elliptical at the gym, but it turns out that I don't have access to a car half the time and don't want to leave the house the other half of the time. Running outside isn't really an option since it irritates my allergies very badly. Is there something I can do inside that will actually give me results? Would you recommend some kind of video work out?

2.) My skin is super sensitive and dry year-round (worse in the winter) and acne-prone. Because of this, I'm having a trouble finding a facial moisturizer that works for me. Is there one you would recommend for super dry, acne-prone, sensitive skin? Cetaphil doesn't work, it's too thick and greasy and I think I may have an issue with mineral oil. /:
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What do you consider to be "fashion essentials"? What are some of your favorite stores/websites for clothes?

(I'm updating my wardrobe from "a few jeans and a metric ton of black t-shirts, plus the remnants of when I liked to dress goth LOL" to a more sophisticated, pulled-together look and am looking for ideas on what to get.)

So far I've found that some good, high-quality jeans (although I'm on the lookout for more), nice dress slacks (I adore Express's Editor Pant), and a black skirt are a must. I love Express (although they're kind of pricey) and I think Victoria's Secret has some really pretty sweaters.

(no subject)

I'm trying to watch more horror/psychological thriller movies because I think I've seen a total of three in my entire life. What are some good ones you'd reccommend (that are more along the lines of The Shining, Misery, and the Sixth Sense rather than Saw and zombie flicks)?

(no subject)

I am a curvier girl, not little but not quite plus sized, who is completely lost in the fashion area. I started dieting and going to the gym, but I basically need a website or something of the sort that will help me pick clothes that will flatter my figure, before i reach my goal. I usually wear t shirts and jeans and it's just making me look bigger than i am. I've googled and can't find anything I liked. are there any websites like this? lj communities?  do YOU guys have any tips?

EDIT: I am about 5'4", a size 14/16 (depending on the brand) in pants. I should also mention I have a JLo booty and DCup boobs :)
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How does bacon and eggs on a toasted PB&J sound?

A little weird but I'd try it

My best friend thinks it sounds delicious and she wants to eat it. I think it sounds vile. She asked her boyfriend and he said "....are you pregnant?" She wanted me to get the collective opinion of TQC.

Holy crap it's been ages, tqc.

Anyway I have to make a 5-10 minute presentation on just about anything I damn well please - barring sex, politics, and religion, according to the instructor - and I am being so damn indecisive. Because it's a composition/speech class at a culinary school, the topic can be food related, but I wouldn't mind straying off the beaten path a bit since it's not required.

So far categories I've considered are:

- Jazz pre-1960 (but I'd have to narrow it down a LOT)
- The Old Operating Theatre/Archaic medical practises (part of me is concerned that's slightly too squicky - but only part)
- Korean bbq
- Pirates?
- Kitchens of the 18th/19th centuries

And that's all I've got so far.

What sayeth thou, tqc? Suggestions are moar than welcome.
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Does anyone have the Legend of Zelda:Link to the Past/4 swords combo game for Gameboy advance? I cannot get the 4 swords game to come up. It says please wait a moment, linking with other systems but won't come up. is it even possible to play one player?
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Is there a neat way to store pots in pans of different sizes in a cabinet, not hanging?
The pots/pans are of different sizes and have handles so they don't fit inside each other nicely. I live at home and my mom's pots/pans cabinet is a wreck! When you open the door, they all come crashing out and it makes for instant frustration. I've tried reorganizing it many times, but they don't ever seem to fit nicely for me. Is there maybe a special kind of organizer I'm missing out on? How do you keep your pots and pans?

What should I make for my boyfriend this week while he's gone to Europe for work and I am home, not hanging out with him? I can knit, cook, and kind of sew, but am open to other craft ideas too. Something I can complete in a week and not have to work on near-constantly to do so  is preferred (probably no scarves.. too long for me :]).
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what was the stupidest thing someone's told you recently?
my brother told me that there is a crack in the moon and that it can only be explained by the prophet cracking it open and putting it back together again. he also said that the dead sea is below sea level because the angels squished it. he is twenty-four. srsly, idk what to say to him when he says stuff like this....i'm not religious at all, i don't believe in god or a higher power, and i'm just stunned when this shit spews from his mouth. he just leaves me speechless. 

also, what do you think of the holga camera?
a cousin of mine just bought me one on impulse and i think it'd be a cool thing to own but...is it the sort of thing where it's fun to play with for the first few weeks and then you just leave it to collect dust on your shelf? or is it really useful and handy and would i just fall head over heels in love with it?

eta: holy crap link is fixed, lmao

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What do you think it would be like to find out your mom went on Maury for a paternity test because your dad refused to admit you were his kid?

Would you want to see the show? What if your dad said some really awful things about you like calling you a monkey child or a circus freak?

(no subject)

If anyone has a BlackBerry and uses the messenger, does it keep prompting you to download an update and when you do, does it tell you it already has that update? I'm just wondering if anyone else us having that issue before I call my provider and ask.

I'm in an artsy mood today. I want to draw something, but I don't know what. If you're artistically inclined, will you post a picture of what you think is one of your best work? If you don't consider yourself artistic, will you post a picture or link me to a favorite artist? I don't care if it's paintings, traditional, or graphic art. I need motivation. :/
Take a Look

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I know this is probably the most hated question here, but: Is anyone else not getting comment notifications? LJ is also telling me that when I search for known communities, they don't exist. The fuck?

OKAY, now they seem to be randomly trickling in, like molasses in winter. Yeesh.

Anyway, since that has been somewhat resolved, what is your favourite style of art (anything, Russian Constructivism to anime, I ain't gonna judge)? Can we see examples?

(no subject)

Where the hell is the reciept that I lost? I'm sure I had it in my hand when I came in the house...and now it's disappeared. Gone. Black hole.

What's something that you lost and it drove you mad trying to find it? Did you get it in the end?
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I often get red bumps on my legs from shaving. I've got a fresh batch of bumps & cuts today and now my legs are burning. Since I'm too cheap to go out and buy moisturizer, can I use baby oil instead?

About a week ago, my computer shut down for no apparent reason. I lost all my firefox settings, including my persona settings. For some reason, whenever I start firefox the persona won't be there and I have to load it up myself each time. I also have to set it myself when new windows open. How do I set it so that the persona comes up every time? Why did my (elderly) computer shut down in the first place?
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New Shoes

TQC, my trusty plain black pumps for work are wearing out. I pretty much love them (2in antonio melani's that i got super cheap)

Can you suggest some plainblackpump replacements that are just as awesome and wearable for a whole day at work?

What is the dress code where you work? What kind of shoes do you wear? Are they comfy?

photography help?

I took Collapse ) with a new (to me) vintage rangefinder. The picture was taken in broad daylight, so I already know I need to get a flash, since there wasn't one built in.

The photo was taken on 200 EXP film. Assuming I was going to use the camera again without having flash, what exposure film would get better results?

ETA: Fixed my HTML!fail. Thanks for letting me know!

(no subject)

I never bothered to tell the elections department that I moved and now it's too late to register.

I'm still in the same voting ward and whatnot, but they're totally not gonna let me vote next week are they?
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MMmmmmm...free goo

You enter a steak cook-off. You are told by the organisers that all participants will receive a $50 meat tray from a butcher in town for their participation. They have your contact details and will be in touch.

A month later, you have not heard from them, so you email them to ask what's up with your prize. No reply.

2 weeks later, you receive a voucher for $50 worth of meat from ABC butcher and a letter from the cook-off people saying thanks. You go to ABC butcher and collect your meat. Done and dusted right? WRONG!

The co-ordinator you emailed replies to you on a Friday afternoon, says she's been on holidays, sorry for the delay in getting your prize. She tells you that the meat trays never arrived from XYZ butcher but she is express posting you a $50 gift card to a local supermarket that afternoon. Monday AM, you get the gift card. You have also already collected the meat from ABC butcher.

Do you tell them that you have already received a prize?
Do you offer to send the $50 card back?
Do you just take the extra $50 and shut the fuck up?

Jobs... grr.

I'm currently working at Sonic (which our store is going to be closing within the next couple of months) and since we're not busy, I'm lucky to work once every two weeks. I kinda lucked out 'cause my previous job fucked me over and is now paying me unemployment. So I'm living off that money, which really sucks. I never wanted to work at Sonic, I just didn't want to be without a job forever and my best friend and my roommate both work there so they got me the job. Even though I've been working there for a while, dangerously close to a year, I've been looking for a new job. And generally the 20-minute drive isn't worth four hours every two weeks. I'm not having any luck finding anything! And I've been looking since last may! I'm mosty experianced in office work and customer service, but I've also done my fair share of waitressing. And I can't get anything in either place I'm most experianced!

Why can't I find a job?

How can I change this?! I really need a job...
is a beaut
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(no subject)

will you tell me about your notetaking in school?

did or do you have a system or do you just write everything in a mess and then do something to it later and do you use fancy pens like highlighters and how are your notes organised and anything else?
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(no subject)

I'm hungry but we're not ordering food until later. I have half a roast beef sandwich left over from dinner on Thursday. It doesn't smell bad. Should I eat it?

ETA: I ate it and I feel fine.
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(no subject)

How close to a family member do you have to be to travel out of state to attend their funeral?

My great grandfather is almost 97 and seems to be on the decline. We were close when I was little, but I haven't seen him in at least 7 years. I just don't know if I can scrounge together the money to fly to Florida for his funeral.

(no subject)

Can the water you're using to shower cause acne?

When I'm at my parents' house on vacation, my skin is really clear. When I'm living at school, though, my chest and my back break out reeeeally bad and my face breaks out like every month. My diet and the weather are about the same...could it be the water in the shower? What can I do to end this nonsense??
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(no subject)

Why do you not like lady gaga? Or her songs? I'm asking because the majority of people in TQC don't like her, or her songs.   Now I'm not really sure. Hmmm.

What's a condiment you would eat EDIT: By itself ? No "none" answers pleeeease :D Thanks ^.^

What would you like the change your name to? Or Do you love your name?

(no subject)

TQC, it smells moldy in my dorm room. I haven't been here in about a month (just got back like two hours from winter break). I've also had a near-constant headache since being in here. I don't see any mold on the walls or ceiling, but it definitely has that moldy smell, and the headache wouldn't be from anything else since it goes away when I'm not in my room. Besides having my window open and generally airing the place out, what can I do to help in the short term?

The Youth in the Far East ?s

If you were visiting someone you were fairly close to in the hospital with a terminal illness, and they asked you to end their life do you think you would be able to kill them?


What's your favorite type of sushi?
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I'm watching tv in the dorm lobby- and the group of jocks who watch only ESPN 24-7 are hovering by the door, peering in and cursing because I am in here, but not leaving. Should I leave, or should I turn to something particularly aggravating?

(no subject)

I need to be asleep by like 930 in order to wake up as early as I need to and not be dead (I'm an old lady D: ). What should I watch - the first few episodes of Men of a Certain Age or Precious?

Or something else? Either on Netflix Watch Instantly or Hulu.
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(no subject)

TQC, do you eat things that are good for you even though you hate them?

For example, I am currently choking down some cottage cheese because I need some lowish-calorie protein and I don't have anything better laying around.  But, seriously, gag.
Spongebob: all D8

A hot time in your town tonight

TQC, a friend left me a message today asking if my apartment burned down, something about a fire at the intersection of my place. I am at work and cannot find any information about it! And I can't get in contact with anyone to do a drive-by! TQC, DID MY APARTMENT BURN DOWN?!

Make me feel less uneasy?

ETA: message from housemate: "Yes it is still here."


Okay, nevermind. (Post pictures of cute things?)
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Doll parts

You're housesitting for a friend (of the opposite sex) who's out of the country for a week. One day a huge package is delivered to your friend's place. It's like 6' tall. You sign for it and then you're alone with this big crate, which you quickly analyze. On the corner it says 'Contents: 1 Real Sex Doll'. Upon closer inspection, you realize that the sealing on the box has been damaged in transit. It would take very little effort to open it up and it wouldn't damage the box in the process. Do you peek inside?

Yes. I'm damn curious
No. It's my friend's private business and not for me to know, no matter how creepy it is

Before you can act, your friend's cat leaps forward onto the crate and knocks the whole thing over. It lands on its back and the door cracks open. Inside is indeed a Real Sex doll, but it looks...a LOT...like you. Even the same hairstyle and body type. What's the most dominant emotion you're feeling now?

Amusement. This is just hilarious. I'm never going to stop joking to my friend about it
Curiosity. I didn't know my friend was attracted to me. Now I'll have to see him/her in a new way. This could be a love connection
Disgust. This is SO creepy. I feel so icky
Anger. My friend knows that I dont have feelings for him/her. How dare they pull some kind of trick like this behind my back?
Arousal. I've never banged a Real Sex doll before and I wonder what it'd be like to have sex with my twin
Denial. My friend couldn't have feelings towards me. It's just a coincidence, that's all

What happens next?

I have the box returned to sender
I drag it into the bedroom and screw myself something good
Seal the box back up so it looks like it was never opened. Feign ignorance if my friend ever brings it up
Sell it on Craig's List. I don't want my friend having this in his/her possession so I might as well make some money off it
Same as above, except I drop it off at the Salvation Army
Chainsaw it to pieces and leave it in the box for my friend to find
Pull a prank on my friend. Hide the box and leave the doll on the floor wearing my clothes and cover it up with fake blood. Let him/her think I was murdered in their house and then pop out yelling SURPRISE!
Prank. I hide the doll and place myself in the box, so my friend will think that I'm the doll. When he/she starts to touch me, I open my eyes and say in a robotic voice "Default mode: KILL" and shuffle out with arms outstretched
Have my boyfriend/girlfriend kick my friend's ass
Modify the doll so that it has the opposite genitals of what it's supposed to have. Let my friend screw it now

Comics and Stuff

I'm drawing some silly/stupid one off comics. I'm not a good drawer but I'm trying to learn. Can you suggest some things to draw? Or some punch lines?

At what point do you stop discussing things with people thinking that they just have a different opinion to you, and move into 'wow, they're crazy' or similar opinions, and give up?

(prompted by a discussion I'm having about young earth christians, another about why do you believe in God, and another about evolution vs creationism. I'm sure they have a point where they think I'm crazy as an Atheist too, and want to give up, not found it yet though)

(no subject)

Do you think there are people who harbor so much hate for someone that they're okay with spending the rest of their life in jail (let's pretend the death penalty is outlawed all over the world) if they can get sweet revenge by comitting a murder? This got worded kind of odd but I hope you understand.

(no subject)

What's the last great deal you've gotten while shopping?

(inspired by me just picking up the complete box set of Buffy on DVD for £60, marked down from £180, yeah this is one of those 'I have a story to share' posts....)


I lost a decent amount of weight in the last two years. I'm 6"4 and I'm down to 205lbs (I was just under 270lb two years ago)

I still want to lose a bit more but I now want to start working out but I have no experience in this and I don't find the internet helpful at all for this sort of thing. Every website is different. One website tells you it's bad to do this and another will argue.

My question is: Have you ever had a personal trainer and are they worth the money? I could probably just hire one for a few classes just to teach me what I need to do. I have no idea where to start tbqh


TQC, I think I have a piece of popcorn from last night stuck in my gums, right at the back. They're SUPER sore and I've tried everything, flossing, brushing my teeth like 6 times throughout the day, swishing with water all day around that spot, but nothing's working.

Any ideas on how to get it out, or make it stop hurting?
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(no subject)

have you, or do you know anyone who has undergone ECT (electroconvulsive therapy), and what was the experience like? was it helpful?

do you like the song free bird by lynyrd skynyrd?

how many friends do you have on facebook?

i have less than 100 haha. i'm picky.
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(no subject)

I just went through the Burger King drive-thru & when I got home, my Whopper wrapper was closed up with a piece of chewed up gum. It's too far to drive back, so I'm calling them in a second.
Should I raise hell, or be understanding? Or better yet, what would you do? It's nasty, but didn't touch my food.

Has anything similar ever happened to you?

ETA - I called & told the woman about it. She wanted me to bring it back, so I could get a new sandwich. It's too far and cold to drive though :/ Someone's going to be in trouble because she said they're not even supposed to have gum while working.
oh crap cheer me up

(no subject)

Should I take my desktop computer with me to college or just stick with my laptop? My laptop is Mac, desktop is PC if that would change your answer.

I'm not sure because the desktop is freaking heavy (hey its a gamers computer) and a pain in the butt to get set up and quite loud when its running. I can do anything on my mac that I can do on my pc. You guys decide :)
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

Do you shave your pubes?

Yes, completely bare.
Yes, I land/manscape - not totally bare, though.
No, I go totally natural.

Does your SO/your most recent SO shave his/her pubes?

Yes, (s)he totally shaves it all.
Yes, (s)he land/manscape - not totally bare, though.
No, (s)he does not.

Do/did you and your current/most recent SO participate in oral sex?

Yes - we both gave to each other.
They gave to me and I did not reciprocate.
I gave to them and they did not reciprocate.
No, we didn't.

Would you have a problem going down on your SO if they did not shave their pubes?

If they don't at least landscape, I won't go down on them.
It would be a minor annoyance, but I'd still do it.
I don't care how much hair there is or isn't there.

Do you even like getting oral sex?

I fucking love it.
I don't really like it.
I like it but it's not amazing.
I can't stand receiving oral sex.
Rugby Beard

More toilet talk

Recently I've been studying constipation & diarrhea a lot, and the guidelines we go off of states that "normal" is 3 bowel movements a day, to 3 bowel movements a week.

How many BMs do you have a day/week?

I do not poo is not an acceptable answer (unless you legitimately have a medical condition...)

(no subject)

A friend of yours is living with someone who you take a shine to. Since you're in their apartment a lot you talk quite a bit, it's all nice and friendly. After the flat dissipates you make the effort to stay in touch; you've gone out for a coffee a handful of times. You don't really have any other friends, and so you're wanting to hang out with this person more. Unfortunately, it turns out the other person just isn't that into you; it's nothing personal, there's just no 'click', no common ground, they find hanging out with you a bit awkward more than anything.

How would you prefer to hear that from them, both in terms of the medium (in person, text message, etc) and in terms of how it's said?
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(no subject)

my boyfriend constantly talks about the government and new world order and mind control through high fructose corn syrup via the government and blah blah blah. every conversation about politics/government/banks/anything turns into a nightmare 10 hour argument because i think half of the shit he says is paranoia/batshitcraziness.

so my question is, do you think a relationship where each person has major philosophical differences could work out? does it equate to religious/political differences?

also since we just had an epic argument about it... i was reading somewhere that in europe they've started slapping wealthy people with higher speeding ticket prices (namely an incident where a man was charged $260,000) based on their income. do you think this is unfair or fair? as in, do you believe speeding tickets and other violations should be based on a sliding scale as per your income?