January 9th, 2010


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I'm about to go out. It's 18F outside and I'm sure my windshield is very iced over. My defrost doesn't work.

What is the best way to melt the ice quickly? You aren't supposed to use hot water, right...? 
Blue Ji

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Opps, you didn't quite survive the Zombie Apocolypse, instead you have been recruited into a prominent and ever expanding collective of the un-dead. The 'living' don't understand that all you want from them are their brains so you can continue to exist and make your zombie family even bigger. What now raggidy dirty clothes are you wearing? (the clothes when you died and turned into a zombie)

Just your underwear
a bunny rabbit costume
a flannel t-shirt
a flowy white dress
jeans and tee

You can't seem to manage to open doors anymore how will you break into the houses?

Smash window
go through doggy door
hide behind bushes and wait
yell "candy graham"

what is your favorite thing to eat


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how's the new year resolution for weight loss going?
I actually started mine after Christmas and nothing has changed (weight and/or measurements)! I have about 12lbs to lose....it's frustrating!

For all those who have put off weight...
  • What was your workout routine?
  • What foods did you eat? Did you watch your sodium intake?
  • Did you limit your calories or worked it off? Because I have noticed when I do tend to eat over 1300 calories, i don't lose anything even with exercising 6 days a week.Just curious what worked for you all.

One more....
If you have a workout playlist what are your current faves?
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What's the last song to get stuck in your head? When that happens, do you just give in and listen to it over and over?

Right now it's the Glee version of Sweet Caroline. I wish it was longer. And yes, I am listening to it a million times.
possible she wants you too.

fashion advice?

hello dahlings!

so tomorrow i'm going to a field trip with my shakespeare class to see Twelfth Night performed. It going to be really cold with a high of 30 F. I want to be comfy but look chic as well. outfit ideas?

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Poll #1509156 what movie should i watch?

what movie should i watch?

a clockwork orange
la vie en rose (but i don't really feel like dealing with subtitles so idk)

ETA: if you have seen a clockwork orange, will you please describe it in one word?

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pauly d
the situation
the "kim kardashian of staten island" chick who got kicked out of the house
what is this heathen language you are speaking

what is the best thing to come out of the state of alabama?

taylor hicks
regressive taxes
letter from birmingham jail
the fact that sweet home alabama was written by a bunch of floridians
that neil young song
lionel ritchie
other (explain in comments plz)
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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I'm trying to code a jquery countdown for my website and there's a few pictures included with the help file, but I'm not understanding how to type in 'countdown will end on the 18th'.

Collapse )

Is there anyone familiar with jquery that can explain this to me in 'even an idiot can do it' terms?

ETA: Lightbulb moment! Nevermind

Different question instead....what was your most recent 'facepalm, I'm an idiot' moment?
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Vegans and vegeterians....
WHY do you ALWAYS place vegan/vegeterian before what ever you're eating?
i.e. "my vegan hotdog?" "my veggie-burger"?

Its pretentious and its pissing me off.

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when you die, would you like to be taken by some disease that gives you some time to deal, take care of your final affairs, and say good-bye to the people you want to see one more time? Or would you rather just drop dead some random day?

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tl;dr about my cat, but I would really appreciate if you read it and could give me any advice :(

Collapse )

Any advice would be great. Or hugs or something. :(
And I'm sorry this is kind of long-winded, and I don't have a tl;dr version, but I would appreciate if you could help me.

Alternative question: What is the hardest thing you've gone through regarding a pet?

Flaming Sikozu

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I have roughly 200 empty DVD cases, what's the best way to get rid of them?
So far I'm thinking either put them in a box marked "Fee DVD Covers" out on the footpath for people to take if they want (a friend of a friend did this and they were gone in about 10 minutes), taking them to St. Vincent de Paul or throwing them in the bin. I don't think they're the right kind of plastic to recycle. Storing them somewhere isn't an option as I'm moving.

Are there any other options?
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I know I keep asking about my travel plans, but this is my first time not having some one tell me what to do every step of the way. I need your help, TQC

So, we live in like... South Western Toledo, almost into Holland, and we are flying out Feb 4th. We have to fly out of Detroit. I'm from California, and snow is not stuff I really drive in. I have a cousin who might possibly be willing to drive me and Dan to the airport, and then pick us back up.

What is a good game plan for this? We fly out of Detroit at 7:55AM, we're taking Southwest, and we're going to check in online and then print out tickets there. When should we be there? When should we by the latest leave? We're hitting Chicago both ways, is that a cool airport? Is Detroit a cool airport? Should I bring my laptop? Will it be allowed in my carry on?

Should I ask my cousin to take care of my cat, or my neighbor? My cousin I would consider far more responsible, and I wouldn't worry about anything, but she couldn't make it down here every single day. But my neighbor is kinda the standard early 20's person who drinks a lot and we're all pretty sure he smokes hell of pot. My cat has lung issues, I worry about him smoking in here.

What can I do?! I'm so at wits end with all this. HALP.
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I am watching Football tonight, and when I watch games I like to be invovled/understand whats going on.
I'm a huge basketball fan-esp college :)

Can you easily explain football/rules to me?

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You know those people who walk past you and smell amazing? Their own little cloud of scents like apple or candy or whatever? I want to be one of those people, but what are they using? I assume it's not perfume because perfume would be overpowering in that amount, plus I have perfume and it's far more subtle. Is it body mist or something?

Bah brawl

Inspired by my interesting night at the bar last night, what is the most ridiculous fight/situation you have ever come across at a bar?

Last night this dude stormed outside and was egging on this dude inside to come out to fight. When he did he blindsided him and then somehow, both of his shoes were off his feet and he was gone like a bat out of hell. It was really strange and funny to see his Timberland's chillin in the middle of the parking lot.

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TQC, the National Trust is a company(?) in the UK which preserves stately homes and gardens. My mum's friends are very high up in it, and have said I may be able to do some volunteering for it, and that the PR department where I go to uni really needs people to help out. This would be amazing on my CV, so how do I persuade them i'm good for the role? Also, my mum said 'ask intelligent questions!!' What can I ask?

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Do you believe in Astrology?
Do you believe in Tarot?
Do you believe in some similar practice that tries to give a glimpse into ones future/personality?

How would you feel if someone looked up your astrological chart or did a Tarot reading or similar without your presence or consent?

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So I'm a groomsman in my mates wedding. It's going to be a Scottish wedding so we're all wearing kilts.

Thing is, I'm a chick.

So, should I wear underwear or not?

Edit: I should add that it's customary for men to not wear underwear with kilts.

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I need to prove my address. The woman told me that I need a handwritten envelope mailed to me and that a bank statement is not acceptable.

Why would something handwritten be okay but something like a letter from the bank isn't?

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Does anyone here use Herbal Essences? If you do, could you read the question of the back of the shampoo bottle and tell me if you have the one about the sports in the nudist colonies and then tell me what the answer is? I can't find the bottle of conditioner with the answer!

If you don't, could you tell me what you're favorite song from the 1960's is?

what do you think?

I've been googling dogs that are good with children, 'cause I know sometimes some breeds don't handle kids well. But we have a problem... while I adore the idea of having a lab or other big dog, my fiance disagrees. He likes small dogs which drive me crazy 'cause I always associate them with barking a lot. We're moving in together in May which gives us little over a month before the baby comes which we're hoping will give us time to potty train the pup. We want the baby to be able to grow up with the dog 'cause it should help them become friends, or so we hope.

So big dog or little dog?
How would you handle this situation?
I <3 TLV

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You are visiting the home of a new friend or SO for the first time. It's a large house with many rooms, and they are giving you a tour. You point to a closed door and ask what's behind it. They become very upset and say "You must NEVER open that door" and refuse to say more.

1. How badly do you want to open the door?

2. What do you think is behind it?
im french

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You want one of those oven-baked round flat bread things covered with tomato sauce and cheese, maybe some toppings (such as peppers, onions, pepperoni, etc.) You know.

So you decide to all a local business (maybe a chain, maybe not) to order this item from, and have it delivered to your home or wherever you're at.

Let's say you call, say, Dino's, generic enough.

They answer, "Dino's P**** and Pasta"

What do you say? How do you order the item you want? Any specifications?

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My friends and I are taking a trip to Vancouver, BC and were just curious if anyone knows about the drinking laws.
The legal age is 19 and all of us our of age, so we are allowed to drink, correct? Even though we are Americans?

Also, what are your favorite things to do in the city?
We are already going to the aquarium! :)
Evil Me


How do you feel about Fire Departments being "Socialist Organizations"?

Would you rather pay to have a fire put out at your house so that you don't have to pay taxes to keep FDs running?

Inspired by this Facebook group.

ETA: Turns out I'm dumb and it's satire, thank god! You may still debate the issue if you so desire.
r lee ermey

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Can you guess which popular restaurant chain THIS happened at??

(UP)Police are looking for a woman who went on a rampage at a XXXXXX's in Kansas City because she didn't like her hamburger.
Police say the woman caused thousands of dollars in damage when she became upset that the restaurant wouldn't refund her money.
Employees had offered to replace her hamburger, but the woman refused and demanded her money back.
Police released a video showing the woman throwing a sign and a bucket of water over the counter and pushing off a glass display case and three cash registers.
She then cursed and fled.

Fast food breeds hostility I say.

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My fiance and I are trying to come up with covers of songs by bands far from the original singers' genres. i.e. Lollipop (Lil Wayne) by Framing Hanley, Heartless (Kanye West) by the Fray, etc... can you think of some more?

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What's the fattiest food you've eaten today?
[edit]I guess I should mention that I'm eating melted marshmallows and chocolate. I needed a sweet snack.

What are you doing right now (aside from reading TQC)?
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i need help deciding what to do with the cat i'm indefinitely cat sitting.

she can either go back to my friend's and have the whole apartment to roam around in but not get a lot of love or attention. she'll have her old cat friend back but he beats up on her and she doesn't like him THAT much.

she can stay here with me and get lots of love and attention but because my roommate's cat and her don't get along, she can't come out of my room, like, ever.

which option would be better for her? she's a really affectionate cat, so she needs attention but i don't like that she has to stay cooped up like this until August. i love having her but if it's in her better interests i can let her go.
dave grohl

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I just got a friend request on Facebook from someone I dont want to add. We had a rather huge falling out about a year ago and i had pretty much only just got over it (yup, it was that big). we no longer talk or even go around in the same circle of friends so it came as a bit of a surprise. i didnt acept the request, but i did send them a message asking why they added me. Can they respond to the message even if i dont add them? i'd quite like to see what he has to say for himself.....

Question answered, ta!

Are your toes cold?

mine are, and i have 2 pairs of socks and slippers on :(
Hyde & Jacky
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What's a fun physical activity you like to do with your SO (besides sex)?

One of my best friends (we've been friends for about 9 years now and best friends for about 5 years) forgot my birthday three years in a row or deliberately made plans on the day of, despite being asked to keep the date free because we knew we would be doing something for it. I was mad that he pulled this crap three years in a row. How would you feel if a close friend had done this to you?

Are you still getting gifts from people that you didn't see over the holidays?

Have you had any car trouble because of the weather?

How far do you and your SO live from each other? Do you have to pay a toll to get to where they are?

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I just got a package in the mail from Sports Illustrated, with two really nice Phillies baseball caps inside. I did not order these, nor did anyone I know, and I don't have/have never had a Sports Illustrated subscription. What goes on?? How did they know I like the Phillies and why on earth did they send me these?? It's like Christmaaaas all over again!
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Wii Fit

Should I purchase a Wii Fit once I get some money?
Will you tell me about your Wii Fit experience? Is it worth it?

Don't know or care:
Do you have a birthmark? If so, where on your body is it located?
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a question for any men in tqc:

if you were receiving a gift from your SO, what would you rather it be?
-something you could use
-something that doesn't have too much use, but you like it/or possibly wanted it
-tickets for an event; game, concert, etc
-a dinner/night out

my boyfriend really wanted a Caps hoodie from the NHL store for his birthday/our anniversary.. but they've now taken it down. i'm out of a gift. waaaah.

if you have a boyfriend/husband, what's the last gift you got him? did he like it?

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I've been on an odd sleep schedule lately (odd for me, anyway). I don't go to bed till 7 or 8 am and I've been getting up at 5 pm. For the rest of the evening/night, I still feel very sleepy and usually fall asleep at my computer around 10 pm, for a few hours.

As a result of my odd sleeping, I'm only eating one meal a day, which I already know is not so good for me. So what can I do to fix all this? How do I get my sleep back on track *without* staying up all night/day? Should I start taking a multivitamin or something until I can get my meals back to normal? 


I'm looking for hairdo ideas for my Winter Formal. I have just-passed-shoulder-length hair, and I'm wearing a tube-top dress.
Any ideas?

Also, what's your favorite hairdo/style in general?
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What is/was/will be for dinner? I'm eating sautéed boneless skinless chicken thighs with lemon pepper and garlic, and whole grain rotini pasta with sundried tomato alfredo sauce and peas. nom nom nom

Will you describe your perfect sandwich?

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I just got a kitchen aid stand up mixer a pro 500. I have made 1 or 2 things in it, pancakes, and a white cake. They both tasted a little funny, a sort of dirt/mildew taste. Is it because it's new? Do you think it could be something else? I clean it sooo good everytime I use it.

Do you like tiramisu? Recipe?

There's a desert, that has flaky cracker like layers with creamy looking stuff in between, I remember parts of the name "ti-vi-su" that's all I remember. Do you know what it's called. Google isn't working for me.


What's the most disgusting thing you LOVE to eat?
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Do you have really unusual, but specific, fears?

I have a huge fear that I'll come home drunk one night when I have my period, and unknowingly put a tampon in without taking one out. So I have two in, and I have no idea about the second one the next morning.

I hide my tampons when I have my period and I'm going out drinking.

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this guy made a "mashup" of the top 25 songs (in the united states) of the year 2009, and it's been stuck in my head for the past 5 hours

Collapse ) it is

did you find the end result catchy/impressive/annoying/interesting/stupid or do you think it doesn't really work?

alternatively, what song will remind you of the past year when you hear it?

what is your favorite comedy central roast? i like the flavor flav one

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Which of these unloved veggies do you hate most? Love most? For the ones you love, how do you like to eat them?

brussel sprouts
green beans

Feel free to name another veggie if your most hated veggie isn't here.
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What's the name of the song that has the lyrics: "waves are crashing around me, crashing around me" and it's sounds all techno-y, dance-y...? It was playing on The Real World DC just now.
amber rose.
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Does anyone do Postcrossing? Can we send regular cards, or is it strictly postcards? I looked through the website, but can't figure it out.

What is the last thing you received in the mail that wasn't bills/junk mail?
happy ^

Shoes? Anyone?

Basically: my feet are hard to find shoes for, I just graduated and have lost alternative cardio methods, but running results in toe bunions, blisters, bleeding, bruising, etc. I run a little now and then anyway because the problem is shoes, and I just keep buying ones that seem to work in the store.

The one true shoe for me was the New Balance 411- now discontinued and not even online anymore in my size (7B). I know the style is SL-2, (wide toebox, narrow heel and arch) but I cannot tell if any SL-2 will work and can't find them in stores- thus, I'd like to look into buying a version as close to 411 as possible.

Do you know what the new version of the old NB 411 is?
If not, do you have a wide toebox with a narrow heel and narrow/high arch and have shoes that you can run and run and run in? What are they?

(Yes, trusty Google & shoe store "helpers" have failed me.)
Green Bellatrix

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What was the most dangerous thing you did as a child? Most dangerous toy/activity/game etc

My brother and I put a skateboard on our slide and called it a roller coaster..

We also liked to tie our wagon to the back of my bike and speed down steep hills in our neighborhood. Lol.

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are any of these three dresses worth their fairly high price tags?
dress #2 (the "in-a-moment" dress) would be the one with the dark purple skirt

where do you do most of your shopping for clothes?
if you have ordered from anthropologie online before, would you do it again?
brobbe happy!

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What kind of dog do you have?

What made you pick their breed?


What made you choose your individual dog?

If you don't have a dog, what's your favorite breed?

edited to add my answer:
I have a shiba-inu/beagle mix (I think) that I picked up from a shelter. I didn't have any particular breed in mind when I went and he seemed to have an awesome personality. He was the last of a litter of six and was all alone in his kennel and was so happy to go outside and just have attention. He's been the best sidekick ever.
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Thanks to the dog post...

Can some one convince me that leaving my dog in California was a good idea?

I know it's a good idea, but it kills me at the same time. :( I love my dog. Never loved a dog like her. But she is missing a leg, hates going out when it's like under 50 degrees and won't step on wet grass to do her business. She has a bit of hip displaysia in the remaining back leg, but has meds for it and its working wonders. And my mom needs someone to take care of cause I was the baby and I am now almost 3,000 miles away. Also, this is Northwest Ohio.

When have you had to do something for a pet that you knew was best for them but killed you?
Do your pets have favorite humans? Or do they just love everyone equally?

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Does anyone else's mobile (cell) phone do weird things when it shouldn't? Or basically take on a life of its own?

My phone lately will light up, as if I am getting a call or a message, so I'll wait for it to come through but then nothing will happen. It's freaking me out. Is my phone messing with me?

Alternatively, what phone do you have? I have a Samsung Omnia.

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I'm looking for a car, and am seriously considering buying a Used Chrysler PT Cruiser. Is it a good choice? Do you have a review about this car?

If not, do you have any other suggestions? Has to be around 9900 or less.
cabaret voltaire

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I have a friend who hasn't been making any contact with me. She signed into AIM, I said hi, and she signed off immediately afterwards. I don't know what I did to make her mad at me if this is the case. What's going on, TQC? Did she suddenly decide she doesn't want to be my friend anymore?

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Girls of TQC, what do you wear on a semi-casual night out?

ETA: I wouldn't say strictly no jeans, but fancy jeans I guess. I just have no idea what new clothes to wear, I go out a lot but mostly to bars so don't want to go in full clubbing regalia.
Evil Me

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You have committed a crime. There is no doubt about it, you ARE guilty.

Do you plead guilty and hope they take it easy on you, or plead innocent and hope you can get off totally?

Chicken wings: Tosses in sauce, or cup of sauce on the side?
Arch Rock Mack Island
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What are some misconceptions that you once had?
I for one always thought yoga was supposed to be relaxing. Turns out it hurts like a mother.

Do you usually use a steam iron or a dry iron?
I usually use the steam setting on mine.

Do your parents have social networking accounts?
My dad has a Facebook.

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Do you fucking hate the Dallas Cowboys?
I fucking hate the Dallas Cowboys.

Will you show me something uplifting/relaxing/happy/funny to soothe my rage towards the fucking Dallas Cowboys?
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Why don't you like me?

There was an event tonight with a popular band most of my friends like; I didn't go...out of maybe 20 friends, only one called me asked me to ask where I was and that's because I called her first. I often carpool with a girl who lives 8 blocks from me (we go to the laundry mat together), and she didn't call me at all but she went.

Should I tell all my friends to fuck off because they don't care? This seems to be happening more and more...
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best gaga song?

just dance
beautiful, dirty, rich
poker face
christmas tree
eh, eh (nothing else i can say)
bad romance
some other song that isn't a single (explain in comments plz)
thank you but no

best gaga video?

just dance
just dance bc of how out of place akon looks in it
beautiful, dirty, rich
poker face
eh, eh (nothing else i can say)
lovegame bc of that synchronized crotchgrab at the end
bad romance

what is your favorite gaga-free music video?
what are your measurements (example: mine are 36-28-42)?