January 8th, 2010

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So I have these pair of heels and when I wear them it feels like the actual heels aren't centered. As in, when I wear them it feels like my ankles want to roll outward. But to the naked eye the shoes look perfectly fine. And I've worn my mates heels before & never had a problem with them.

So, do you think it's a problem with my feet or the shoes? Cause they seriously look normal!

too legit to quit

I had my purse stolen on the train ride home from work tonight. I still have my security badge and train card, so I CAN get to work tomorrow.

However I'd rather spend the day getting a new ATM card, getting a new ID, and get new keys made for the apartment. Is this a legitimate excuse to not go to work? I'd have someone to cover for me, as it'll be slow and I probably won't need to be there.

I called out for exhaustion a week or so ago, if this makes a difference.

Ever had anything stolen in a public place?

added: Do you think I should worry about changing my locks if the ID in my purse doesn't have the right address? I can't think of a way he'd be able to find out where I live to use it. It'd probably cost me money to have the locks changed in the apartment, I'm guessing.

Static Chili

About two months ago I started getting shocked like all the damn time! (static shock) I am terrified of door knobs and my refrigerator!

1. Does anyone else have this problem?

2. Do you have any solutions?

3. What can I substitute for meat(other than beans) in my chili that would give me the same texture?
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I know I'm going to be bored before going to work tomorrow and I'm planning to make some deviled eggs to pass the time.
What's your favorite deviled eggs recipe?

I've made them before and they always turn out good, but I'm looking for a new recipe.

Also, chopped up water chestnuts in deviled eggs, good idea or gross? Crunchy things in eggs = gross.
What about in tuna (I hate the taste of celery but love the crunchiness)?
devon ramen

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"it is impossible to bob your head back and forth while you have your mouth open"

wtf does this even mean TQC? i can do that...am i missing something?

what do you think are some things that are better in theory than in actuality?
i think baths aren't that great, and also going to the beach at night isn't as good as it sounds, it's horrifying. especially when that beach is aptly named "crocodile beach" and you have to cross a thigh-deep stream where you can't see what the fuck is in the water.

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i'm looking for a cute weekender/overnight bag that isn't TOO expensive, but i'm having some trouble. i've looked around at a few places but i can't find any i like. does anyone have any suggestions?

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Why is it that on Facebook when you request to add someone as a friend but they haven't confirmed it, you can still see things such as "___________ is a fan of ___________"? It's really disturbing.

Don't know, don't care: What city are you planning to visit soon?

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have you ever ordered a drink at the bar that the bartender didn't know how to make?

was it  because it was an obscure drink or was it because he/she was an idiot?

did you compromise and order something else or did you explain to him/her how to make it?

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My college's break is over Saturday and a guy I know is giving me a ride back to school so my parents won't have to. However, I'm coming down with a cold...it's a 3.5 hour drive in a tiny car so chances are he'll get the cold from me, and he's on the football team so he needs to train/not get sick. What would you do? Warn him I'm sick? Try to find another ride? Just go with him and not tell him? ...wear a surgical mask??

Also, inspired by a post below: if you're a girl whose boobs are different sizes, which one is bigger?
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Which movie should my 16 yo son and I go see??

Sherlock Holmes
The Blind Side
just take him to "Hooters"
Ticky Haji...ticky dammit!
why go to a movie Haj, you're so old you'll just fall asleep
OTHER in comments

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So where I live, it snowed/rained/sleeted yesterday, and then froze overnight - the roads are covered with black ice. My boss told everyone in my office earlier this morning that our day was being pushed back to start at 9:30 or 10 (as opposed to 8:30 or 9) as of "now," which was ~7:30, and that she'd reassess the situation when she spoke with her dad (the owner of the company) at around 9 or 9:15. It is now 9:15.

Magic 8-ballTQC, Will I have to go into work today??

I do not have to go into work today! I do have to do some stuff for my job at home, though, but I get to put my PJs back on and do it in my PJs so it's not so bad!! :D

What are YOU doing today?
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What is a reasonable amount to spend on take out/dinner out within a month?

Keep in mind that you owe the IRS a decent amount, have bills to pay, and are a single parent :D And don't say $0 because dinner out is inevitable at some point.

This will be my last budget question, I promise.

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i woke up with a mouth full of spit. that never happened before. i also had a stomachache....

how much spit do you think i swallowed to get a stomachache?

anything like that happened to you guys before? maybe i drank too much water?

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have you ever posted about anything serially or regularly in your journal? Like posted about a certain thing once a month or once a week, 365 days of pictures, word of the day, whatever. I did a Question of the Day on every entry for like 3 years until I ran out of questions. I don't think anyone misses it though.

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TQC, I'm doing a Let's-Get-Drunk-And-Watch-Awful-Movies night tomorrow.
I've already got The Room.
Will you please recommend some of the worst, terrible, awful, stupid, shitty movies for us to watch?
We're aiming for MST3K-level awfulness.
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Do you know how to read music?

I want to learn, but am kind of intimidated. :( BUT I'M GOING TO LEARN DAMN IT. Do you think I should go to the music store and get a...uhm...beginner's workbook or something, or should I just hang out and mess around on this thing (yay ocarinaaaasssss!!!!) and hopefully, I'll eventually get the hang of it? What do you think, TQC? I know my way around a piano and a guitar, but I still can't read music. D:

What can't you do, even though you should be able to already, damn it?!

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I just got a shipment of Japanese candies I ordered with Christmas money. How's your taste in candy? Do you like fruity things or chocolates better? Can you make candy?

I like novelty candies, like Pop Rocks and that cotton candy that's actually bubble gum; the only candy I can actually manage to cook sucessfully is fudge.

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A bunch of women on facebook are making their status the colour of the bra they are wearing to show support/raise awareness for breast cancer. Am I insane if this really pisses me off? How many of these girls have ever done shit all to actually support the cause?
Tea with the T

Gift Etiquette

My boyfriend and I have been inviting to my friend's engagement party at the end of this month. I have been friends with this girl for 7 years but we're not extremely close i.e. BFF. She and her fiancee live together and both come from rather wealthy familes.

Do I need to buy them an engagement present? If so, what should I get them? They have a dog together so I was thinking of buying a small present for him. My boyfriend and I are not very flush with cash at the moment (I'm currently studying full time and he is helpfully footing quite a few bills).

Thanks in advance!
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Is your SO romantic? How are they romantic? What does being romantic mean to you?

For me it's doing little things like leaving sweet notes, or picking up a little something that I said I liked but never got around to getting for myself, or just going out of your way to do something for someone you love.

This question was inspired by watching Teen Moms with my boyfriend. Gary brought Amber a scented candle and food from Cracker Barrel to give her a romantic dinner. My bf thought this was ridiculous, but as silly as it was, I still thought it was kind of sweet!

If you don't care, feel free to rant about what a bad mother Farrah is!

Token of appreciation ideas.

Last night I locked my keys in my car for the first time =x (in -20 degree weather too) A co-worker was nice enough to drive me all the way home to get a spare key and then back to my car. What's something inexpensive and small I could buy for him to show my gratitude? I was thinking something like an editable arrangement? (He's in his 50s if that matters, gift wise) ideas please?

When's the last time you did something awful and embarrassing?
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Can someone clear this up for me? I'm confused.
I have a 16hr/week contract with one of my jobs. But I've never worked just 16 hours a week up until now, they've always given me 20-25 hours which is fine, and I've always had to work those hours when asked to. But next week due to a confusion I am only doing 8 hours.

I don't really care, but I always thought that if you had a contract with a place of work, that you had to work that amount of hours unless you were sick/on holiday, and they had to give you those hours. Is this correct, or am I wrong? I'm just curious.
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drawing a blank here

I know where most of my 200 icons originated. Not where I got them, though I do, but what the source of their content is actually from. All except for the following:

Are they from cartoons? Are they significant characters from something? What are their sources?
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TQC, let's say you are arguing with someone about religion in schools. Amidst their argument is "you can't make a cross in school but swastikas are fine". Have they invoked Godwin's law?

Also, what is your favorite Simpsons episode? I was watching the one where they go to Duff Gardens...hehe.

Dumb Question

For those who know more about computers than I do:

Have any of you legally bought movies online and put them onto a flashdrive and watched them on your tv (if it has a usb port)?

If you have did you have to convert them from avi?

How do you convert movies from avi?
I <3 TLV

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Today is my birthday and I get a free Starbucks drink with my Starbucks card! But I'm not feeling well and I don't feel like going out. On the other hand, it's free and I like free things, especially tasty things.

Should I go to Starbucks and get it, or not bother? For those in the know, do I really have to get it TODAY or will they not actually check to make sure it's my bday, and I could get it tomorrow instead?
Queer focus


1.If someone said to you "I am so jealous of my partner", how would you take that?
Edit: As in jealous of them when they're with people of their preferred gender/s, not jealous of their awesome chess skills or something.

I would take it as "I don't want my partner to be themselves and I want to control them so that they are my personal plaything", but I realised recently that one of my friends means possibly "I love them so much!" when they say it.

2. Would you be upset if your partner wasn't jealous of you?

No, I need to know they care, and would be upset if I left them for someone else or something, but I would like to be secure enough that they aren't jealous most of the time.

3. Do you think that jealousy is immutable? Can a person change their level of jealousy?

inspired by my sister

my older sister got induced this morning around 7am and it's now around 3:30 pm and her water just broke. the baby is already a week late.

how long until i get to meet my niece?

if you had chilrden, how long were you or your wife/girlfriend in labor for?

how long was your mom in labor for when she had you? what about your siblings?

my mom had my older sister when she was really young and said she had a really hard pregnancy/labor with her. she said my birth was the easiest and that it was 3 hours between her water breaking and me being born. my brother was a week late and i remembered she was in the hospital which seemed like forever. my baby sister was breached so my mom had a c-section.

EDIT: got text from my sister's boyfriend - baby is coming now! woo hoo!
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this has probably been asked before

i have an HP Pavillion laptop with a webcam, is there any program i can download so i can use it as a camera? does it come with a program that i am unaware of? (i do not think it does)

if you have mario brothers for wii are you any good at it?
i was good at mario brothers when i had it for NES and super nintendo but i'm awful at this one and i'm embarassed of myself. i have an NES that i'm about to plug in so i can feel a little better.

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According to the following educational record of this guy from England, can anyone quickly tell me if he still needs to finish his 3 or 4-year degree/Bachelor's degree equivalent?

OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY- Real Estate Management Degree HONS (2yrs)
KINGSTON COLLEGE- Advanced Business: A, Leisure & Recreation: B

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So for xmas my bf got our doggy a pack of squeaky stuffed animal toys (which she was given this past Sunday), and she has become particularly attached to a moose. The poor thing is out 3 legs, 1 antler, its tail, all the stuffing that was in its body, and the squeaker that was in its body. She loves chewing on it (obv) and it has a squeaker in its giant nose.

How long does this moose have left to live?

Will you describe your pet's favorite toy?

Alternatively, have you ever popped a key off of your laptop? Specifically if your laptop is a MacBook? If Y, can you tell me how the fuck to get my "pg down" key back on??? >:(

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I have a very boring shift coming up.
What thoughts can I have in my head to think about? Any games I can play in my brain?
What do you think about when you're doing nothing that requires thought?
GA Quote - Plan B

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How much are you spending on books this semester?

I just spent $250; $150 was to rent three books, and $100 was for a book and workbook. The three rented books are basically brand new, the bought book was used and workbook was new. I still need three books, but there is a possibility I can get through Political Theory using a Political Philosophy book from ages ago, so I need to find that. And two I will be getting online for much cheaper at Half.com, so I should manage to keep my books below $350 this semester.

Do you try to buy used or new?

Used. I generally view new books as a ripoff and avoid them whenever possible. Textbooks are ridiculously priced.

If you didn't have to buy textbooks, what would you use the money for?

Something fun. Taking a road trip for a weekend and visiting family and friends in Baltimore and Philly.

Have you rented textbooks before? (I just discovered this and I find it awesome.)

How much of a scam are textbook companies running with "online textbooks"?

You basically give them money for a textbook on your computer, and you get it for 180 days. They make money for basically doing nothing, providing you nothing, and it makes me annoyed. If I'm still going to have to pay $50, it should sing and dance and take my tests too. Virtual textbooks should cost like, $25.

If you aren't in school, couldn't care less about textbooks, and think I'm dumb for taking a study break to ask about them, do you like jelly beans? I am eating Jelly Belly's superfruit mix of them right now, and I am loving it. Mmmm.

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For those of you in relationships, how big a part of your relationship is talking? Are you prone to long conversations or do you prefer other ways to relate to one another?

For those of you not in relationships or just in general, how important is it to you to communicate/converse with a [potential] partner?

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how often do you buy alcohol? what do you buy? how much is it?

edit: i'm a student in london so i drink a lot. i pre-drink with friends before nights out 3+ times a week, i either buy a bottle of vodka (70cl or 1L) for around £8, a 2L bottle of cider for £3, wine £3. in bars/pubs no more than £4. my university has 'quids in' where everything is £1.
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My boyfriend just groped my crotch and went "meow," and then grabbed my boob and went "moooo."
What was the last bizarre/ridiculous/whatever thing your SO/friend did?

(Edit: he saw me posting this and wanted me to make a note that he's trying to figure out an appropriate elephant noise for his penis. Why yes, he's 23.)

Is anyone else's internet made of fail today?

Validate or Call me Crazy

One of my best friends (or...he was one of my best friends) hasn't talked to me since before Christmas. I always initiate everything with him. Tonight he asked me what I was doing because he doesn't want to go to a friend's party alone.

Would this annoy you if he were your friend?
(He knows that I do not like the girl whose party he's going to)
Original ★ don't lose your way

Hated Animated Character

You know the cartoon "Clifford The Big Red Dog" that is on PBS?  I loved it when I was a kid, and I still love it; I liked all the characters.

The one character I didn’t like would have to be Jetta – she had to be the most pompous, arrogant, self-centered, self-involved, egotistical characters I have come across. She didn't even care about other people’s feelings; it turns my stomach whenever she tried to bring Clifford or Emily Elizabeth down, or anyone else for that matter, even if it was subtle or accidental. It’s hard to stand her sometimes.

Did you ever hate a cartoon character with some reason or even no reason at all? 

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Woman arrested for being raped. What's the lesson to be learned here?

Fornication is serious business
Never go to Dubai
Ironically, getting raped by a perfect stranger outside of prison will lead to getting raped by a perfect stranger inside prison
The woman is a whore for cheating on her husband while passed out
Liquor will only lead you down the path of showering with felons
Vaginas will only get you into trouble
If you wake up after a night of hard drinking and your genitals are sore, don't tell anyone about it
Dubai isn't anti-rape, so it must be pro-rape. Would be a catchy bumper sticker
Just don't get married

Edit: Arrested 'After' being raped, not 'for' being raped
oh mr. tea

Crazy stairs

What's the name of that crazy huge house that might be haunted that was built by an elderly lady who just kept adding to it and adding to it and adding to it? It's got rooms that don't all have doors, rooms that have doors opening into thin air, and crazy stairs, etc. Help?

ETA: Winchester House, thank you all!

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You're on a crowded train (or bus)at rush hour. Would you consider it worse to have someone's butt directly in front of your face or someone's genitals? What if it's a man and he has a hard on? What if it's a person that just peed or shat in their pants?

If you ride public transportation, will you tell me some of your stories?

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My friend spent about 3 weeks last fall fighting with our university in order for her to get enough money to come back for the spring semester. And now all of a sudden she tells me shes not coming back due to the fact that she has no money for a plane ticket. She lives in New Hampshire and school is in Florida. I've suggested a plane or train and she says they scare her =/

Does anyone else think this is a silly reason to stop school? I think shes' being really irresponsible.

Does she have any other alternatives we haven't thought of yet? she has no one to drive her or pick her up either. =/
snow penguin

faulty shoes

I bought a pair of boots on 14 December, worn them maybe a handful of times and today the soles cracked so they are pretty much unusable.

I can't find the receipt/bill, is there any chance that the shop (New Look) will give me a refund, or am I expecting a bit much? They were only cheap, but I expect them to last a bit longer than a few weeks. They have the shop logo branded on the inside of the boot.

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What's a good movie to watch with parents?

Restrictions: No movies with sex scenes (my parents are the kind that get really awkward when anything remotely sexual comes up) and no disaster or '24'-esque movies (Dad gets them all the time and Mom and I are sick of them).
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Does anyone happen to know the quote, "You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star" by Nietzsche as it is in German? I've looked online and I don't think FreeTranslation.com would be the most reliable source for a direct translation.

If you don't, who is your favorite philosopher/philosophical ideas?
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A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.
-Robert A. Heinlein

Do you agree with Robert Heinlein?

What else should a human being be able to do?

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Do you guys ever feel acutely conscious of your consciousness? Like sometimes you must be special, as the only entity seeing out from your body, and everyone else must be an actor in some sort of giant hoax?

Did I take too many drugs tonight?

ETA: WORD. It's called solipsism (thanks colbert♥! oops, I meant l3antha...but uh, colbertician ilu too...?)!
Razor Blade Smile

Yet another zombie survival poll

The zombie apocalypse is upon us! The walking dead are preying on people on the street and everybody's in danger. Everybody's looking for weapons and armor to protect themselves, including you. However, by the time you get to the store the options were limited. What kind of protective clothing will you wear to defend against the zombie hordes?

Chainmail bikini
Fursuit. It'll cover you up entirely
Motorcycle helmet and leather jacket

These are the only weapons left. What will you take?

Bowling ball
Roller skates with sharp blades
Tennis racket
30lb. sledgehammer
One hand grenade

You have to take some supplies so you can eat. Which food pack will you bring?

10 lbs. of beef jerky
10 cans of Campbells soup, butane stove
5 lbs. of trail mix
Sack of 100 Twinkies
5 large bulk Costco-size boxes of Cheerios

You can take one 'extra' luxury kit with you

Compass, 3 lighters, mirror, flare gun with 2 flares, duct tape, rope
10 glow sticks, small radio
Sleeping bag, tent
First-Aid kit
Pack of 30 batteries of all sizes

You can take one extra person with you. Unfortunately, they're all strangers. Who do you travel with?

Doctor. He's useless in a fight
Really HOT guy/girl. He/she'd be extremely grateful for anything you did to save them
Really burly survivalist type. Army vet. A little crazy. Has little qualms about killing. You're not entirely sure if he's aware there's a zombie uprising
Naturalist. Knows all about plants, as to which are good to eat, which are good for healing, etc. Useless in a fight
Little boy. He's not that interesting but he has a ferocious pit bull as a pet

Online Classes

I have a lot of extra time this semester. We have fewer tests and papers for some reason. I decided to take an online course (Business Law) to be productive, to get ahead of the game for next year..

Are you taking or have you taken an online course? Did you find it difficult not having a professor or teacher teaching you?
Peggy Blink

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Guys, I just found out today that I am going to have a very very hard time trying to have a baby when I decide to. Can you post funny things to cheer me up? I'm going a be a midwife, this is fucking weird.

Also, my cousin's getting married (see con) on April 9th, 2011. Our grandma is protesting because we have several young cousins in school and they live a state away and would have to be pulled from school for a day or two to attend. April 9th is her and her fiance's dating anniversary, they wanted to keep it.
Do you think my cousin should move the wedding to the summer to accommodate for this because the kids' schooling comes first?
Should my cousin keep it because it's HER GOD DAMN WEDDING and if anybody really cares, they'll want to go regardless of the date?

Also, if you were getting married and your mom was getting married for the third time to a man she's been seeing for six months and your grandparents told you they wouldn't help you financially with your wedding because they're already helping your mom, what would your reaction be?

What are you wearing?

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Do you live in Atlanta?

if so... whats your favorite restaurant there?

dont know/dont care, when was the last time you got laid & how good was it on a scale of 1 to 37? 37 being GOD DAMN THAT WAS GOOD, 1 being... oh did we just have sex?