January 7th, 2010

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do any of you have pets that you are allergic to? how do you deal with this?

i am not going to get rid of my dogs because it's not that bad, but i get pretty itchy sometimes. would benadryl help with this? is it bad to take stuff like that on a semi-regular basis? i didn't realize i was allergic until fairly recently and i've never been allergic to anything else so this is all really new to me.

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which of these bathroom habits is the most annoying?

putting the toilet paper back on the roll the wrong way
leaving the floor all wet after taking a shower
using up all the hot water
leaving gobs of toothpaste in the sink
leaving the toilet seat in the "up" position

- what do you think of kid cudi?
i wish he was still on tour with lady gaga instead of jason derulo

- if you work in an office, how awful is the music they play in there?

- how effective is playing hard to get, whether you're the pursuer or are the one being pursued?

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What's your a smell that reminds you about good memories from your childhood? Describe why?

Who do you think is the ultimate badass?

Do you have any strange experiences with a ouija board? Would you use one again?

Have you ever watched "Jack Van Impe Presents" ? What do you think of them?
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I was told not to take Benadryl and NyQuil at the same time, but I went to bed at 11 and took NyQuil to fight off the last of my cold and then I got my typical coughing fit from post nasal drip. The only thing that usually helps is an allergy medicine to dry up the mucus. It's now 12:28. Do you think I took them spaced out far enough that I'm not going to die?

What do you typically do when you need to lose weight?

Who would you have sex with right this instant if you could?

Are you a fan of locally brewed or fancy beer? What's your favorite?
(I loooooove Sixpoint, and I just tried a cask ale which is phenomenal. I'm becoming a beer connoisseur instead of with wine.)


Are there things you HATE because you associate them with your ex?

Since my ex was an abusive asshole, everything that makes me think of him pisses me off. Like right now Aqua Teen Hunger Force is on, and I HATE this damn show 'cause of him. Also listening to Tool and Nine Inch Nails is enough to drive me up a wall.

Anyone else have this problem?

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why is it such a big deal for certain people to post period-related things that they actually need to do it behind a cut? do we really care? do they really need to post it behind a cut? or are we mature enough to handle it as a normal post?

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Do you wear toric contact lenses to correct your astigmatism?

Did they bother you like fuck at first, because I feel it sitting in there, mocking my bad vision.
Plz note I have worn regular contacts for several years and my eye doctor wants me to decide if I want to keep the toric lens or go back to spherical since my astigmatism isn't bad.
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For those of you with divorced parents, how do they get on? Do they still interact with each other? Are they good friends?

My parents absolutely hate each other, and it's been twelve years dammit. They won't even let each other near the house, so I guess it's a good thing that they live at opposite ends of the country now I've moved away. My fiances parents get on fine and I find this so strange so I wanted to hear other people's experiences.

How do you say Himalayas?

I was watching a tv programme and the guy pronounced it 'him-a-liars', which I've never heard before. Only heard it said as 'him-a-lay-ers'.
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what are your opinions on tyra banks?

also, on weight loss shows such as the biggest loser, why in god's name do they kick the contestants off? i sit there and wonder about it. because it seems to me that the smart thing to do would be to keep them on the show, and keep them losing weight, instead of just kicking them off. IT COULD SAVE THEIR LIVES?!? has anyone else noticed that it always seems to be the fattest people, the ones who need it most, that get kicked off first?

devon ramen

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what are your thoughts on chicken skin? if a restaurant served it, would you order it? eta: as a side dish or as an appetiser

have you seen the movie shopgirl? what did you think? i liked it even though the plot was pretty simple...but i found the music to be wayyyy too melodramatic

and what is so unattractive about jason schwartzman?! something about him skeeves me out
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Will you reccommend some good rock bands with female vocalists?

If so, which songs should I try to find first?

To give you a better idea what I'm looking for, I've been listening to a lot of Bikini Kill, L7 and Hole lately.
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1. What do you think was the best TV show of the 00's?

2. Have you ever had one of those days when you were sure if anything went wrong you'd have a total breakdown?
I'm feeling that way, so can you help me think of ways I can get out of going to school today?
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Why are most animated characters in American cartoon shows (I don't think it happens in anime, and I don't know about cartoons from other countries) left-handed?
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So I am thinking these full body scanners in ariports aren't BAD things. They just look right through your clothes.
What do you think?
What could I tape something to my leg to make me look...yanno, impressive... to the scan operator??

Snow day!

I live in Tennessee and we're suppose to get snow today, normally Tennessee is like a semi-tropical rain forest and most people know dick about snow.

How does your community deal in the snow? do people know how to drive? does the Government have the equipment it needs? does everything shut down? Does the grocery store get wiped out like they won't be able to get back for a month?

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What is your favorite small breed of dog?

My boyfriend and I are moving in to our first home soon and would like to add a dog to our little family :) We plan on getting married in a year or two and would like to start having children before we are 30 (I just turned 23), so whatever dog we choose would (hopefully) still be around when we do have a baby.

Which breed of small dog would you say is affectionate?

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A coworker brought in a big assorted bucket of Dove chocolate squares today.
Since I'm the only one in the office who likes them, I dug out all of the dark ones, and I've been eating them all morning.

Is it possible to overdose on chocolate?
When you eat too much chocolate and it mutates you, do you turn into a superhero or a super villain?
Do you prefer milk, dark, or white?
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How many times can you warm your coffee up in the microwave before you just give up on drinking it?

After one time, its pretty much full of suck but sometimes there isn't a place to get another cup and I need my caffeine, damnit.

What if its a special coffee drink?

My vice is the tall caramel macchiato and I don't mind putting that in the microwave once.

How much caffeine do you drink in a day?  How much of that is in the form of coffee?
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I am curious to see if all/most/some/none of TQC gets PMS in unison, which would explain why some weeks everyone is more bitchy than usual. So. If you don't mind, ladies of TQC, which week of the month is your period, generally speaking? I used January as an example, but if you were to generally chart your period, which week would it fall in?

Which week is your cycle?

The first week (~January 1-9)
The second week (January 10-16)
The third week (January 17-23)
The fourth week (~January 24-31)
I don't know/don't have a regular cycle/am a male

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I live in Atlanta and work in the airport, commuting by train. Being from the north, I don't mind snow, but everyone else here freaks out. Tonight's forcast is some ice/sleet and flurries. I should be able to get to work fine, but I work 1:30-11:00 or so and it's entirely possible that when I'm done the entire city will have shut down by the time I get out.

The trains might shut down, and I refuse to have anyone come and get me/drive me home because Southerners don't even know how to drive in rain let alone sleet.

Do you think I'll get stuck at work tonight?
If you got stuck at your place of work overnight, what would you do?

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TQC, would it be stupid to buy a netbook? I already have a laptop that works, but it is a bit of a pain in the ass to carry it with me.

If I do buy one, what brand do you suggest? Anything I should watch out for?
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This is a question for those who work out at a gym frequently: is January the most annoying month to work out for you?  
-It is for me because of all the New Years Resolution Makers who will only be there for a month MAX, but take up all the machines.

If not, what is the most ridiculous New Years resolution you've ever heard?  
-My 10th grade English teacher, years ago, said it was his New Years resolution to stop eating crisco with sugar on top.  I hated him.

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Can you do anything about chapped skin in a short amount of time? I have had this cold for a few days so the whole area under/around my nose is chapped and red and peely and oh-so-sexy. :( Lotion doesn't seem to be cutting it.

get down get down

1. I am trying to make a dance party mix. What song do you like to get down to on the dance floor to?

2. What do you do with a wedding photo a friend sends you? Is it tacky to put it on the fridge?
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I used iTunes as my default music thinger for forever. When I updated to Win7, I got Songbird, based on some recommendations and the promise that it also worked with my ipod shuffle. (turns out this is an addon, which hasn't been updated lately, I haven't tried it because I'm not sure I'll keep songbird)
I've had Songbird for a few weeks now, and, eh, I'm not feeling it.

Features I miss from iTunes:
-Ability to uncheck a track. I want to keep my Eddie Izzard, HHGTTG etc tracks, but I don't want them to play unless I actually select them.
-Volume balancing? Possibly a win7 problem, but now I have some songs that are way louder than some other songs.
-More intelligent "random" feature -- Why do I have tracks that have played 3 times when 3/4 of my playlist hasn't played once, and why do I sometimes get the same song twice within 3 songs?

Features of Songbird that I really like:
-Addable widgets that do things like find lyrics (crowdsourced lyrics, I think, not album-liner ones, because sometimes they have interesting spelling or cool stuff like chords)
-Doesn't try to get me to install Safari and other crap
-Not as huge as iTunes when it's running. (these two are the main things that got me to consider an alternative)

So internets, what do you recommend? I'd like compatibility with a shuffle, I know that's at least a little restrictive. Am I doomed to have to keep itunes for updating my shuffle and just use something else to not drag the shit out of my system if I want to do a lot of stuff at once?

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i'm really getting super anxious about my first day of classes. this will be the first time i step foot in a classroom in about 3 years and now it's COLLEGE not high school. I have no idea what to expect, what I should take with me, how early i should get there, anything. so tqc, can you share your college freshman advice/stories with me?
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I've run out of deodorant (usually use Dove's green tea & cucumber) and I want to try something new. Since I've stopped shaving my underarms, the Dove deo kinda congeals with my hair, and that's something I'd like to avoid. I think I recall some TQCers praising salt deodorants, can you recommend me one? Feel free to rec. one that isn't salty.

What's a salty food or dish you enjoy?

Do you use bath salts?

Any experience with smelling salts?

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You're at a small dinner party with a new SO, showing him/her off to your friends for the first time. After dinner the host wants to play the 'I've never...' drinking game. Everybody has their drink. As a joke, the host says "I've never...buried a dead hooker in the desert". Your SO is the only one who takes a drink. Awkward laughter ensues. The next person says "well, um...I've never had sex with a horse". Your SO is the only one taking a drink, again. Uncomfortable quiet laughter ensues. The third person says "I've never met Chris Hansen". Your SO drinks again. Everybody's looking at you and your date strangely. What do you say?

Nothing. Just let things unfold as they're already unfolding. It's out of my hands.
"Hahaha. He/she's such a kidder. Aren't you, sweetie?"
"He/she obviously doesn't understand the rules of this game"
"Don't look at me. I'm just as flabbergasted as you are. So, honey, how did you meet Chris Hansen exactly?"
Break up with him/her right there on the spot in front of everyone
See the fun my SO is having and start drinking at all the creepy questions, too
Excuse myself to go to the bathroom and secretly call 911 and report my SO
Crack up hysterically because I assume my SO is joking.
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I want to apply to a grocery store down the street to make some extra money. Should I leave off the fact that I have a Masters in my application? If I leave off the masters then it appears as though I've been sitting around doing nothing for the past year and a half. :/
Autumn Pink

Wordy People.

What is a good word - one word - for someone who comes across in one way but when you get to know them, you find they look quite different than they appear from a distance. (Not in a negative way, by the way.)

ETA: lol, wow, this must be a hard word to find.

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OMG!!! Now there's a GIANT platter of fudge brownies in the break room right next to the giant Dove chocolate bucket. This day is SOOOOO not gonna end well. I need to just start staying the frog out of the kitchen.

What's the last thing you over-induldged on, TQC?
How'd that work out for you?
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What are some fairly common (fundamental or silly) monthly expenses?

So far I have rent, house-related bills, groceries, gas, auto and medical insurance, weekly Starbucks run, school lunches, storage)

Basically, what else do you spend your money on on a pretty consistent basis?
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Why did you choose your default icon?

because girls with glasses + Japanese street fashion + art + holy shit I love that coat = default this now

How often do you change your default icon?

way too often
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Is it bad or tacky or weird to have a wardrobe with a dominant color? I'm beginning to notice I wear a LOT of purple. And all the shirts I consider buying seem to also run in purple.

What color do you wear predominately, TQC?

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I just changed my settings, so maybe it's just me, but on the main page, when you click comments the link says "is that your final answer" and the link colors have changed.


I'm so confused.

Sorry if this was already posted.

Collapse )

NEVERMIND. I fixed it. I hit that all communities be viewed in my style. idk why it said "is that your final answer" since I have nothing like that in my over ride codes, but I fixed it and it's all back to normal.

Was that weird, or what!?

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any nurses in the house? what's it like?

i'm thinking about it as a career choice. i've thought about it in the past and it's one of the few things i come back to thinking i might want to do. so if anyone is one/has insight, wanna share?

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If they were going to remake The Princess Bride, who would you cast as the replacement actors?

My cast
Neil Patrick Harris as Wesley/Dread Pirate Roberts
Colin Farrel as Prince Humperdink
Shaq O'Neil as Fezzik
Keira Knightley in as a blonde as Buttercup
I'm not sure about Inigo but I'm thinking Skeet Ulrich. I really can't think of anyone.

Miracle Max and Vizzini can be played by the same actors

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i want to download free wallpapers for my new phone (samsung rogue), but all the sites i've gone to don't work for some reason.

any site suggestions for free wallpapers/ringtones, especially for verizon? thanks!

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 What is the worst haircut disaster you have ever had? What did you do about it? Hide it, or try to fix it? 

In the tenth grade, I had dull, center-parted hair. I wanted side bangs. The woman took the pieces of hair on either side of my face and cut them to about the length of my eyes. I looked so stupid! We went somewhere different the next day, and they got it right. 
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One more girlie question and I'm done. I need a new purse.

I've never gone about buying purses before, so I don't even know where to look. Where might I find (online) a good leather purse that doesn't look like an old lady bag? (purple would be ideal. See? I'm obsessed with purple) Under $120 (is that even possible)?
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 My school had a "lockdown containment" today.  They found "ammunition" somewhere, so they locked everybody in class for 5 hours, patted a few kids down, and searched all the lockers by hand and with dogs.  I, thankfully, was on a field trip, eating at a Thai restaurant while my friends were escorted to the bathroom by police officers.

Did you school ever go into a lockdown, containment (when they run class, but you can't leave), or any other emergency status? What was that like?

Have you been absent from (something) and been lucky enough to miss a crappy event?

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When you are sick, what comforts you the most? What do you despise the most?

For example, I love pierogies when I'm sick because my mom used to make them on days I'd stay home from school. However, I despise gatorade because I had to drink lots of it once when I had the stomach flu :/
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Screenwriting hopefuls: what is a legit screenwriting contest? Is it really legit if you have to pay an entry fee? (I was looking at six boroughs but.... there's a fee). Any recommendations on how to get scripts out there?

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Should I consider a shitty (easy, but not what I want) job that pays about 10k less/year than I would consider acceptable pay while looking for other jobs or just keep looking?  I would have to relocate or drive 4-5 hours each day depending on traffic.  Right now I have no expenses because I'm staying at home while looking, though I do have to start paying back college loans soon.

It's a government job so the benefits would be good, and I've been told that you need to get a job as quickly as possible after college for resume purposes.  Also, the location is no better or worse than my current area.

What is the next book you plan to read?
For me it's either Fahrenheit 451 or Brave New World.
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Are you familiar with the phrase "coochie cutter"?

What's your age/location? If you're in the US, what state?

I used the phrase the other day, and my friend had no idea what I was talking about. We're around the same age, so I thought he'd remember it from the 90's, but no. Now I'm wondering if it was just a regional thing or what.

ETA: definition
Thanks Squeaktastic

Home Alone Home Alone

My husband is at work until midnight-ish. What should I do while he is gone? I was thinking about making some cards for my Etsy account, or watching Lie To Me. But then again the house needs to be tidied.



What is your current text message ringtone?
Mine is the wrist communicator beeps from power rangers.
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What do you think about people who change their opinions based on what someone else thinks?


I am at work and a girl came in with boy, I'm going to guess them both late teens/early twenties. The girl was looking at a magazine and said something like, "Oh, man, I just love Rachel McAdams, don't you?" The boy replied with, "No, not really." Girl then says, "Oh, me neither!"

She did this same thing over and over again. I found it rather sad.
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Assume everything in your closet is clean and ironed and ready to go, and your hair (and makeup, if you wear it) are great. You have to be out the door in ten minutes to go have cocktails and tapas with Tim Gunn at a fabulous bar! Will you describe in excruciating detail what you are going to wear? If you're not as lazy as me right now, maybe you could get dressed and show us?!

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A lady I work with had asked me to help her plan a party. It is for a young girl and is a fairytale theme, but the people attending will be mostly adults. They will be having a sit down dinner but want the food to reflect the theme. So, TQC, what should be served?

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I'm considering chemically damaging my hair with a supermarket-type boxed chemical straight perm. My hair is fine (individual hairs, not bulk), straight/smooth, gets greasy easily... your typical "asian" hair... and I want to give it some texture to make it easier to work with. It just lays there and I know damaged hair holds style better (to an extent). It's already straight so I don't really care about the straightening bit, and I really like my original hair color so I don't want to use dye.


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So I just started this temporary full time job (the first one I have had in many years) and I am exhausted all the time, despite getting the right amount of sleep. In the morning it takes me about 3 hours to wake up even with a huge coffee and I practically doze off at work (my job is also VERY boring).
Do you think something's wrong with me or I just have to get used to it?
How do you deal with it?

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Do you know of anyone over the age of 12 that plays trading card games?

My brother plays Yu-Gi-Oh (though he's only 11), and he's sort of making me want to play it again (I haven't in 7 years). I haven't seen many adults that actually play Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokémon anymore, however. Hm.

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For those of you who have to dress professionally, what are your basic clothing items that make up your wardrobe? How many shirts/pairs of pants do you have for work?

I need to buy a new wardrobe on a serious budget.
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I've misplaced two Christmas cards and one of them has a gift card in them. Did the fish eat my cards? Is that why their aquarium is suddenly so dirty?

Are you a spacecase? How badly?

Underwear poll

What's the sexiest undergarment a woman can wear?

Doesn't matter the cut as long as it's latex or leather
Crotchless (does it matter what?)
Man's boxers
Nothing at all

What's the sexiest undergarment a man can wear?

Boxer briefs
Tightie-whities (variation of the brief)
Doesn't matter the cut as long as it's latex or leather
Novelty undies with the elephant and the guy's junk becoming the trunk
Nothing at all
Women's underwear
I <3 TLV

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1. I'm bored, but my eyes hurt too much to keep them open (I'm wearing sunglasses to deal with the light from my laptop screen) and my head hurts too much for noise. What can I do besides go to sleep?

2. There are a lot of people on the internet who are both blind and deaf - what equipment or software is there that makes that possible? I know there are braille keyboards, but how do they know what's on the screen?
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Besides the bank, where can I break a $100 bill?

What's something you are waiting for?

Do you put on chapstick even when your lips aren't dry?

Where were you going the last time you were in a car?

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if there are some religious undertones in a song, do you think that very strong atheists would dislike the song?
do you think there's a way for them to still enjoy a song with some religious undertones in it?
would you give an example of a song like this that a very strong atheist would probably still enjoy?
would you give an example of a song they probably would have a problem with?

in case you don't know what i'm talking about... and example would be this:

"When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me,
speaking words of wisdom, let it be."

... is this song religious or can it be appreciated by all?


(i pretty much know the answer i'm going to get, but i wanted to see what people say.)

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So my ex keeps calling me to hang out. The thing is I want absolutely nothing to do with him since the reason we broke up is I found out he has a long term girlfriend who goes to school across the country- I found this out when he decided to give her my phone number so she could rip me a new one. He keeps texting/calling me and I keep telling him I don't want to hang out or speak with him at all and to leave me be but he keeps making plans with me without really asking me ("Hey, we're gonna grab lunch on Friday.") and then getting pissed when I don't show up.

So since this guy clearly doesn't get the hint would it be too harsh of me to tell his girlfriend that he wont stop harassing me?

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What is bad about this situation?

Girl has a boy buy her a one way ticket to where he lives.
Girl and boy are in love, so no worries there.
Boy lives in LA, girl lives in Michigan.
Girls family hates boy.
Girls family could practically give two shits about girl.

How was/is your day?

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i'm in the mood to laugh tonight, but i'm really indecisive

what should i watch tonight?

eddie murphy raw
patton oswalt's my weakness is strong!
bill hicks' relentless
louis c.k.'s chewed up
dave chappelle's killin' them softly
the comedians of comedy: live at the el rey
season 1 of the boondocks

dk/dc: do you watch the boondocks?
Cadbury Creme Egg
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I'm thinking that I want to move out of home (for the first time) within the next six months or so. What do you think my chances are as a 21-year-old girl, never having lived away from home before, getting an apartment on my own? (Obvs I will have the money, but I think a lot of landlords might be leery about me and go for someone older or a couple.)

If I don't manage to get a place on my own, what are some questions I should ask any potential house-mates before I move in, to check that they're not crazy?
Oh noes!
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If someone says that they're religious, do you automatically assume that they're Christian?
If someone says that they're not Christian, do you automatically assume that they don't believe in any sort of god?

What did you have for dinner tonight?

(no subject)

For those who are married: How did you pick your maid of honor or best man?

I ask because I recently got engaged and told my two best friends. One has been my friend for ages but we haven't been hanging out a lot and she has been distant. She also reacted negatively about the engagement because she dislikes the guy. The other one was my roommate in college and is my best friend. And while she doesn't love the guy, she was very excited to hear about the engagement. I asked her to be my maid of honor and she said yes.

So how do I tell my other friend that I just want her to be a bridesmaid without her being really pissed? She expects to be the MOH because she wants me to be hers.


One hates him because he wouldn't add her on facebook. lol

The other didn't like him because we broke up once and because he doesn't go out and prefers to play video games. However, she is coming around and like him. She also is very organized and has time to be the maid of honor while the other is busy with work and her baby.

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TQC, help me decide!!!

We got a few inches of snow last night, and now the roads are all icy.

If I attempt to drive in it, I will end up in a ditch. I suck at driving on ice and the 1 and only time I did, I ended up in a ditch. I don't have the funds for a tow truck to pull me out in case this does happen.

The husband could take me to work...but we'd have to get the kids up and drag them along.

Should I just say fuck it and take a vacation day? I've got vacation and sick time I can use.

If I do decide to go to work, any advice to keep me from ending up in a ditch??? The roads in my neighborhood are really bad and I don't foresee them getting any better in the next 12 hours.

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1)Will you help me to make up implausible morals to stories?

ex. Teach your children how to read, or they'll be eaten by monsters. Don't watch too much TV or you'll be sucked in and hacked apart by serial killers.

2)What do you think about Gordan Ramsey?
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odd thoughts...

Do you ever have super odd flashes in your mind? like 'first thoughts' or something...

When ever my side or neck hurts, my first though seems to always be "oh, it's the plague", as in the black death that killed a bunch of people in the mid 14th century. even though I know that's really not possible at all.
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I was sitting here, thinking about the new year and January when it hit me that I'm turning 20 very soon and I feel so old! I can't believe it's 2010! Have you ever had one of those moments where something you know hits you but for the first time it really effects you?

I really don't know how to explain it....

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When was the last time you visited the dentist?

What was the last thing you had done there?

If you have had your wisdom teeth extracted, how did that go for you? Did you keep them for the memories?

Before last week, it had been 5 years since my last visit D:

I went for a checkup and cleaning and to get a referral for an oral surgeon because my wisdom teeth are coming in all crazy-sideways and need to be pulled. People keep telling me horror stories and it makes me skurred :(
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I have a job interview tomorrow and for various security checks I "must" bring various forms of ID and proof I can work in the UK. I only have my photocard driving license in my house and even this isn't enough supposedly, as they want the paper counterpart too. They want other information such as a passport or birth certificate (both of which my parents have), or utility bills/bank statements - I don't have utility bills in my name and my bank doesn't send out paper statements.

Ugh. As far as I'm concerned, a photocard driving license and national insurance number should be sufficient, especially as they haven't even offered me the job, but apparently it isn't.

What am I going to do? Will they refuse to interview me because I haven't brought these documents along, or will they accept my excuses?

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Last time you switched up your hair (in either a minor or major way), what did you do?

I've always had a center part, because I thought with the cowlick I have on my hairline anything else would be impossible. Yesterday, I parted it to the side just to see and I liked it so I kept it there. And it stayed that way when I got up this morning! I feel awesome.

ETA: Pics would be great!
I <3 TLV

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A guy I dated for around a month when I was 15 just started sending facebook messages to my best friend on facebook. They were never friends, so wtf does he want? We haven't spoken since we broke up. He's been asking her about her life, but we can't figure out why he would care.

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my skin is so sensitive and dry in winter, and i think it's the change in the water because here at home it's hard & at university it's soft... i apply moisturizer twice a day and it isn't working AT ALL, and it stings when i put it on (even "simple sensitive skin moisturizer" and nivea!). my dry skin hurts ]: so, TQC, can anyone help me & give me advice?
(i drink around 2 litres of water a day also)

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Is Avatar going to topple Titanic for biggest blockbuster of all time?

What's Avatar?

If Avatar does dethrone Titanic, would you be pleased?

Yes. I like the show with the blue people
No. I prefer the movie about the big boat
I...haven't seen either of these movies

After making the 2 colossal hits, can James Cameron just walk into any Hollywood boardroom now and point at someone randomly and ask them to blow him?

Yes. He's that much of a directoral stud
No. No one can do that, not even Spielberg

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is it rude of someone if they told you to text them about plans for tonight and you did and it's been 2 hours and they still haven't responded to you?

if you tell someone to text you, you'd keep your phone around so you could see it, right?
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eye surgery poll

Poll #1508678 eye surgery

Have you had any of these?

Implanted permanent contacts

If you've had corrective eye surgery, how successful was it?

Don't need glasses or contacts
Need glasses for reading
Need glasses for some activities

What was the surgery trying to correct?

Myopia (nearsightedness)

If you've had eye surgery, was it worth the time and money?


Ticky Box

Tickety tick tick

I have moderate nearsightedness; I need glasses to drive, but I need different glasses to play music or use a computer. I tried progressive bifocals and they didn't work for me (gave me too narrow a field of vision). I can't wear contacts because I'm allergic to them. I'd love to not wear glasses, or to wear them less.

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is it triffling to have a crush on another person when you have a significant other?

what about to hang out with said crush (just as friends)?

what about to flirt with said crush?

what about to flirt with other people in general?
Space Cadet
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24 to 6

Can UT still pull it off?

Did Alabama maybe hurt the important UT guy on purpose?

Is the quarterback really that important? Why can't the replacement guy do it? Why don't they work harder to make sure the replacement quarterback is really good too, just in case what happened today happens?

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1)What is something that you think would be yummy, but you've never eaten?

waffle sundae.

2)When editing something, do you copy and paste the parts you cut out or just cut them completely?

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The other evening my roommate and I were walking to my car from the grocery store around 9:30pm and we see this girl sobbing. As we're putting our stuff in the car, she approaches us and tells us that she just got in a fight with her boyfriend and he kicked her out of his apartment. Then she says she only needs $35 to rent a hotel room and she's "really really embarrassed to ask" us for some money. We both reply that we don't have any cash with us and she thanks us and walks away. As we're driving away, we reconsider and don't mind losing a few dollars. We find her on the other side of the parking lot and she's getting into a car (and it doesn't look like she's crying anymore), so we drive away.

Do you think she was telling the truth? What would you have done?

What's the last thing a stranger asked you for?