January 6th, 2010

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Firefox preferences hassle

I work at a job where I'm constantly moving desks. I'm tired of editing my preferences on Firefox and Explorer every time I move. (In other words, I want it to stop remembering my passwords and stop using tabs and things like that and not have to tinker with every computer every day to do it). Is there some way I can save my preferences and transport the information to another desk?
I figured out the bookmarks, but I'd like the preferences, too.
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(no subject)

How do you entertain yourself at work when bored or procrastinating?

How should I entertain myself when I'm not making teas or coffees for random executives? Difficulty: I do have a computer but lots of people walk around behind me so I can't just hang out on the internet all day.
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(no subject)

What's the best remedy for heavy undereye circles? I already drink enough water/get enough sleep.

What are your favorite places to shop online for clothing, shoes, and accessories?

Ipod Touch Help

Hello TQC-er's!

Which speakers are best for an Ipod Touch? I just tried using an "iHome Alarm Clock For Ipod" and will be returning it tomorrow thanks to the horrible buzzing sounds it made... :(
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IF YOU ARE GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE, do you plan on continuing to grad school or another kind of school, going straight to work, or something else like traveling or bumming around?
are you applying to grad schools even if you don't know if you want to go yet? i am...
if you're applying to schools, what schools/programs are you applying to? i'm applying to asian american studies at ucla and fashion studies at parsons yayyyyy being poor

(no subject)

I'm interested in starting a new cult that elevates dogs to divine status based on their holy bark. It's not entirely a cult, just a branch off of christianity.

Care to join? Wanna have ruff sects with me?
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(no subject)

Pet owners: Have you ever had a pet with Asthma? What did you use to treat it? Was it especially difficult to treat?

I think my cat has asthma. I am taking him to the vet tomorrow and hopefully they'll actually run some tests this time instead of giving him more Clavamox that obviously isn't helping anything. Jerks.

What are some medical situations you've gone through with your pets?
What's the most you've ever spent on medical treatment for your pet?

(no subject)

Is there a tv show that you watched religiously and just don't watch anymore because you've lost interested? I used to be obsessed with : Gossip Girl, House, Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes --now don't watch any of them, and it makes me kinda sad :(

(no subject)

will you tell me about the people you've lived with? (families and dorm rooms don't count)

what are some things (as many as you can think of) that you didn't realize would bother you until you moved in with someone?

(no subject)

I right clicked something about an hour ago to open link in a new tab, but the highlighted 'open link in new tab' selection never went away. I dunno if I'm explaining that well or not, so it looks like this. I'm on a laptop so I shut it and opened it and it was still there. Can you think of any ways to make it go away so I can watch the movie I downloaded without me having to restart my laptop? 

Regarding Faces


I know it depends on the guy but, in general, what do you prefer on men:

- totally clean shaven
- trimmed and groomed beard/goatee/moustache/anything else
- slightly stubbly, like having gone 2 or 3 days without shaving

*edited to make it easier to answer, since pictures work better*

Which of these looks better on me?

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(no subject)

Do you really need the full cleanser/toner/lotion combination if you're wanting to keep your skin clear and reduce (mild, in this case) acne? Will just buying a cleanser be a waste of money?

Edit: Does brand make a big difference, either, or are we for the most part dealing with parity products? The ingredients I see on these seem to be pretty standard (benzoyl peroxide is the one I mostly see).
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(no subject)

What type of relationship milestones do you think are worth celebrating?

Do you find it annoying when people celebrate 1 month at a time?
(OMG Happy One Month!!1)

What kinds do/did you celebrate?

Personally, I think one year anniversaries are a big step and worth celebrating, before and after marriage. Then of course there are the 5, 10, 25, etc... milestones.
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(no subject)

TQC, what do you do to stay awake when you're on night two of three hours' sleep?

Because I'm pretty sure now that my eyes are made of sandpaper and my brain is made of papier mache mix.
  • kelj99


Let's say you have a coworker that you consider to also be a personal friend.

Is it ever ok to share with this coworker how much money you make?

What about sharing that you got a raise, without sharing the amount of the raise or how much money you make?

If it is such a taboo, why does it seem like other people always know what their counterparts make?

Do you think it would be more fair if employers made everyone's salaries public information?
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(no subject)

I found out on Monday that I have a uterine polyp.

Have you ever had one? What was the treatment like?

If not, what's the worst medical procedure you've ever had done? What made it so horrible?
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(no subject)

I'm making my boyfriend a list of things to remember while I'm out of town. He's in charge of the house and the cats. So far I have feeding/watering the cats, changing their box daily, and going through the mail to look out for anything important, and cleaning up after the hookers (residual blow will be dealt with when I get home, obvs.)

I'm sure I'm forgetting really important things. What would you put on a list for someone house/pet sitting?
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(no subject)

so last night my cat ran out from my room and went wandering off in the house, and i cant seem to find her! i've got a pretty big house full of empty rooms with lots of stuff boxes etc, and i've been trying since last night to look for her but to no avail. i left some of her cat food out by the stairs this morning but still no sign of her. she's pregnant and i'm afraid she'll give birth somewhere in the house D:

TQC, what sort of stuff should i be doing to find her?! i've looked in all the rooms and even outside too... usually when i call her name within earshot, she'll come running. and she's meant to go to the vet today! aahhh

eta:found her finally! she was hiding in a store room, in a completely different part of the house which i didnt even think of looking. thanks for all your help everyone
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After reading an old post* by latenightdrives, I decided to post this again.

Will you post your username/say hi so that other people can say something nice about you?

*Old post is here, for anyone who has been around since early '08. And yes, I saved that post because it's nice to read when I'm feeling down.

(no subject)

Who's style would you mimic/steal if you had the ability (financial or otherwise) to do it? It can be a friend, a celebrity, a character...anybody that you'd like to dress like.

I'd go for Will Smith's "Hitch" wardrobe in a second if I had the money to spend on cool clothes.
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(no subject)

I had a computer custom built recently, but when I got it home I realized that it lacks one of the features I asked for. The guys at the computer shop have pretty much just been avoiding my phone calls.

Do they have a legal obligation to replace the part? It's something I specifically asked for in writing (twice) and they agreed to provide (not in writing) but failed to. They did send me a quote that listed each part they would use, but I didn't bother to look up every one and make sure it met the criteria I asked for, I didn't think I would have to. Since I agreed to the quote they sent me, does that mean they have no legal obligation to replace the part?

Also, what's the best way to get revenge on a business that screws you over? Bad reviews... where?
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(no subject)

TQC, today is the anniversary of me being cured from Hodgkins Lymphoma for 10 years. (Time flies!) What should my husband and I do to celebrate? (We have an infant and getting a babysitter isn't possible tonight.)

What was the last thing you celebrated?
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(no subject)

Guys, a teletubby driving a truck almost hit me today. It was the dark purple one, I think that one is gay, so it's important that I state its color.

What's the wackiest thing that's happened to you lately?
  • bohue


So today I decided to remove the bright blue nail polish I have been wearing the past two-three weeks (silly me). Now my nails are stained varying shades of blue. Attractive look. TQC, how can I fix my nails?
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(no subject)

i'm a size 6-8 for tops. i want to order a top online, but the sizes are grouped like this: 4-6, 8-10, 12-14. i feel like if i buy it in a size 4-6, it'd be too small but buying it in a size 8-10 would be too big.

which is the lesser of two evils?

(no subject)

My cat keeps using the bathroom in every place other than the litter box. What do I do to show the cat NOT to do that?

Verbally speaking to cats just doesn't work imo. Last time I actually caught him doing this I picked him up and put him in the litter box and he really didn't want to set foot in there. >:|
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(no subject)

It's snowed here pretty badly (for the UK, anyway) and I've had to park my car on a hill. I live 20ish miles away, and unless the snow melts it's very possible I'll get stuck somewhere along the way home, if I can even get off the hill I'm parked on. The UK basically can't cope with a few centimeters of snow and only a few roads are gritted. My parents however live within walking distance of where I work. Tonight I finish at 8pm.

Should I a) stop being a pussy and try to get home or b) suck it up and stay at my parents'?

(no subject)

TQC do you use websites to help you keep organized? i'm looking for something like a planner (daily or weekly, maybe even an option with both?) that has pop-up notifications on my computer. i don't care if i have to download anything it just needs to be free. i would just rely on my paper-planner and my phone but i like to be extra extra prepared, it makes me freak out a little less about starting college.
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(no subject)

I find middle names interesting a lot of times they have fun stories, and I don't think they get the attention the first and last always do.

So! What's you're middle name? Is your middle name "named after someone" or does it have an interesting story as to why it's your middle name?
(I couldn't figure out how to word that last question, but I assume you'll get my point)

-Mine's Ruth, after my grandma Willie Ruth.
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(no subject)

What should I get my boyfriend for Christmas (yeah I know it's late)?!

Background info: he got me season 3 of King of the Hill
I don't really know what he likes, he doesn't read, he doesn't get CDs, he doesn't love any tv shows enough for me to get DVDs of those.
We have only been dating for 4 months.

I am totally stumped on what to get for him! Should I just go to a couple stores and browse and hope something catches my eye?

(no subject)

For the new year i've decided that i'm going to develop healthier eating habits, and the first step i've made so far is by making sure that I eat a salad at least once a day, everyday.
Unfortunately salad is a very boring food a lot of the time, even with dressing, so I decided to start sprinkling shredded and/or grated cheese on it to add more flavor, and now I won't eat a salad unless there's cheese on it.

Do you think eating salad with shredded cheese on it is a bad/not-so-healthy idea? What are some other things that you think can be used to add flavor to a salad besides meat?

ETA: Thanks for the advice everyone!

(no subject)

Do you smoke marijuana?
If you do, how do you like to smoke it? Out of a bong, pipe, joint etc?
What did your first piece look like?

If you don't care,
are you travelling anywhere this year? Where to?
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(no subject)

What is something that you love about your SO?

What is something that you don't exactly love about your SO?

How long have you been with him/her?

Single folks and everybody else:

What is your favorite bad-for-you food?
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

How old are you? How old do you look?

I'm turning 24 in two days and today a saleswoman said she thought I was 16 >=(

[Edit: Also feel free to post a photo so people can tell you how old they think you look (thanx rhetoricians!)]
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(no subject)

Where the hell can I get poutine in NW Arkansas?

If I can't, what would be the best cheese to use to make my own?

A job called and told me to come in on Friday with two forms of id  and to sign some things. The position's a sure thing since they're asking for that kind of info, right?

Would you consider pigtails (two ponytails) to be too childish to wear to a job?
Does it depend on where they are placed? Eg, high above the ears, low behind the ears, high on the top of head?

My hair's bugging the crap out of me, but it's too short to put up in one ponytail, so I've been wearing pigtails.
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(no subject)

I planned for me and a girlfriend to go to the cinema to see Sherlock Holmes tomorrow. But she's baled out because of the snow and because it's "dangerous to walk."

Another friend can't go either but suggested I go on my own.

What do you think TQC? Should I go on my own and see the film?

Help me TQC. Should I go to the cinema on my own?

Yes, if you want to see a film and there's no-one to go with, why not?
Of course NO. What kind of sad loner person are you?
Neither of those options are what I'd answer, I'll tell you in the comments.

(no subject)

So I'm finding clothes shopping online to be extremely frustrating. I can't find any nice fat girl clothes. Seriously, all the pants I find are like materinity pants! I did get on Torrid but they wanted too much for postage (I'm in Australia).

So do you know any 'fat friendly' clothes sites with clothes a 24 year old would want to wear at resonable prices?


Kindergardeners are usually vicious. So are kids in elementary. What is one thing you remember being teased about that you still remember to this day?

Some girl always teased me about having "man hands." Wth does that mean, anyway?
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(no subject)

I'm leaving on a roadtrip on Friday that will be passing through Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, New Orleans and Washington DC.

I've obviously been researching attractions up the wazoo but does anyone have any recommendations? Are there locals in this community that have a little known place I should see or check out?
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(no subject)

What's the shortest route to Atlantis? And is it worth it? And can I get good hot dogs there? And it is legal for me to eat those hotdogs on Friday? And will there be enough relish? And how the fuck am I supposed to eat hotdogs underwater anyway?

(no subject)

What's the most eccentric way you've found to relieve pain?

I just discovered that biting my arms makes my back hurt less... huh...

EDIT: heh heh... relive was changed into it's proper relieve. Ooops.
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(no subject)

This afternoon while I was waiting for my bus home from work a guy that used to live in my neighbourhood when I was a kid walked by me. He's in the military and was wearing his military jacket which had his last name on it. His last name is "Butt". I snickered to myself, and then realized that I am, in fact, still 5 years old.

In what ways are YOU still 5 years old?
Xhinese friends after lunch in Guanghzou


This is a real conversation I had with a student
Please don’t shoot so many people in my country.
Please don’t shoot people in my country very
often. Could you say it really slowly
Police don’t shoot people in my country very often.
What's the funniest thing you heard some one who doesn't speak good Englsih say to you
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(no subject)

How bad of an idea would it be to put a bottle of beer in checked luggage, inside in a ziplock and wrapped in clothes?

Have waits at airports in the US for domestic flights changed much since Christmas? I'm allowing 90 minutes and I'm already checked in, but I'm worried since I need to check my bag.
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(no subject)

Will you apply for The Amazing Race and be my partner?

My dad said that my partner: Must like being told what to do at all times, must like being told you are an idiot, and must be impervious to constant complaining.
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pimp my trike

I own an adult tricycle, and it’s ugly. It’s plain red and needs a new basket for the back. What should I do to pimp it out?

Bonus question: Do you think I could get away with painting it without paying someone to powdercoat it?

(no subject)

What t.v. shows did you watch as a young child (<7)? Punky Brewster, Rainbow Brite, Smurfs, Humphrey B. Bear, Mulligrubs.

Would you watch these shows now? Yes, for nostalgic reasons.

Would you let your kids watch these shows? Yes.

(no subject)

So, my best friends 21st birthday is on friday. I have to meet his dad at the cemetery at about 4:30 to have a drink with him for Shane.
Shane is dead. He died in 2007 and I haven't been able to go to his gravesite.

I have a tattoo for him with his handwriting.

I guess my questions are :
Should I go and suck it up? I didn't go before because the last time I saw his dad, I went home and had a mental breakdown.

If I do go, should I drink? I'm only 20 but I mean, he's my best friend!

dc/dk, whatchu doin, man?
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Do you know of any websites where you can put in what you have in your kitchen, and it will tell you what recipes you can make? I know what I have, but I'm looking to spice things up without having to buy anything new. Or any websites similar to that. I think I heard of this awhile but I'm not sure if I just made it up.

What's your favorite way to cook broccoli?

What dishes do you cook the most often?

When you cook what's method do you use most often (boiling, baking, frying, etc)?

I seem to fry everything I make and I'm trying to get out of the habit! It's not causing any issues now but I'm sure it will later.
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(no subject)

My two best friends just friendship-broke up with each other. I live with one of them. I still want to be friends with both of them. How do I deal with this?

Have two of the people in your friend group ever stopped talking to each other? What did you do?

(no subject)

So I bought the first pair! So excited! My first pair of super awesome heels. Thanks guys.

I'm changing up my wardrobe, trying to get a bit more colour & be a bit more feminine. Thing is, I no shit all when it comes to fashion. I'm a work in progress.

So will you ladies please tell me which pair of shoes you think will be best?

Collapse )

I'll only wear them when I'm going out to the club & they'll usually be worn with jeans. What do you think?
  • yabuku


1. By the legal definition, can hate crimes only be committed against minorities? If say I, as an Asian, decide to beat the shit out of a white guy just because he's white, would I be charged with committing a hate crime? I don't tend to hear about hate crimes committed against straight white males. Wikipedia offers this helpful advice: "Other frequently reported bias motivations were anti-white, niggersJewish, gay, Muslim, Asian, Native American, and Hispanic." which is rather inconclusive.

2. Do you think Affirmative Action is racist? Why or why not?

3. If you're a non-white American citizen, born and raised in the US, how do you react when people ask where you're from? Assuming from the context that they want to know why you're not white.

(no subject)

Ladies of TQC,
Due to issues with birth control this month, I'm having cramps so bad I'm starting to feel sick. How do you deal with your cramps? I already have a hot water bottle, I can't have a bath or shower because my mum's in the bathroom and I took some painkillers. Any suggestions, before I rip my own womb out?
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(no subject)

Ladies -

What type of underwear do you prefer?

Boy shorts

What type of socks?

Low cut
"No shows"
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(no subject)

Does anyone have any tips for keeping moisture wicking shirts stink free? The arm pits always seem to get a permanent stink to them after very few uses.

Edit: Clearly I've been missing out on a serious piece of common knowledge! Thanks! :D

(no subject)

1. You know how you can dip your penis into a glass of warm water and suck all the water up out of the glass into your bladder? Can girls do that too? (Obviously, not with a glass, but in like the bathtub or whatever.)

2. Can you use a rolling pin? I was making biscuits with Jiffy Mix and was overwhelmed by the idea of rolling the dough smooth with a rolling pin, so I just did the drop biscuits instead.


(no subject)

Forgive me for being a newb at life.

So I'm getting to the point of moving out of my parents' home. What to I need in order to be prepared to move out? Things such as rent, deposit, etc. I don't want to miss anything.

Also, what are some tips for someone moving out of state?

(no subject)

it's my mom's 50th birthday in just over a week and the gift i was going to get her fell through :( she is insisting that no one makes a big deal over her (like she always does) but it's her 50th birthday and i want to do something meaningful for her. she doesn't like typical mom things, she doesn't have a hobby other than decorating the house (she just got gift certificates to her favourite home decor store for christmas anyways) and she doesn't have a favourite band/food/restaurant. my dad will be out of town and my brother doesn't really care about stuff like this so it's up to me to make this birthday one to remember.

what can i get/make for my mom?
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(no subject)

My dad just told me that the air-head who was supposed to be letting our dog outside, play with her, and then put her back into her cage, failed yet again and let the dog eat my retainers. (Even though they were in the bathroom, aka behind a shut door, and in a case...)

How much do you think they will cost me to replace?

dk/dc: Any good stories about house/animal/baby sitters that sucked?
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(no subject)

Lets say, a person who has bipolar ends up taking dilaudid for migraine headaches and discovers that unlike any other medicines (lithium, lamictal, antidepressants, whatever) dilaudid allows her to function as a human being again and feel normal again. Wouldn't it make sense to prescribe dilaudid to this person in place of the other meds that don't work for this person?
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(no subject)

Do you ever feel like everything you do is meaningless? Like you'll never amount to anything?
I keep thinking ahead, about my future and it's so discouraging.

What has you in a funk lately?
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(no subject)

i get an insane amount of spam for being approved for this or for that. they're those "we'll deposit $40,000 in your account tomorrow" kind of e-mails with typos and what not and they come from a different e-mail address each time. is there anyway to stop this crap? gmail doesn't seem to recognize it as spam no matter how many times i report it...

edit: without changing it, of course.
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(no subject)

US Citizens who have renewed their passports recently (within the last six months): Did you need more proof than your current passport or was that alone sufficient?

For those who don't care: I'm in a really pissy mood for many reasons, will you tell me your favorite joke to make me feel better?
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(no subject)

What do I buy my boyfriend for our one year in 3 weeks? Limit is $150, he doesn't like any form of jewelery or watches. I kind of want to make it sentimental and stray away from electronics but I may just give in. I'm on the verge of getting a digital camera just because his got stolen in October and saying something cheesy like "To capture all of our special moments" hahahaha. I'm at a loss! Help!

Those who are with or were with someone for over a year, what did you do to celebrate?

The Shampoo Death!

When I'm taking a shower and washing my hair I always freak out that someone is gonna bust in and stab me with or hit me with a baseball bat or something. I think it's because I feel so vulnerable with shampoo on my head and I wouldn't be able to defend myself with shampoo in my eyes!

Anyone else have any silly fears?
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(no subject)

Are there any places/businesses that allow you to print something for free? Just one page. If it not free, cheap?
My printer is on the fritz and I need to print something asap for school. I don't really know anyone around me to ask.