January 5th, 2010

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Okay so for my Comp & Lit class we have to have an LJ to do certain assignments. I asked my teacher if I had to create a whole new LJ when I already had one and she was like yeah it was okay. However I don't want to have my class reading my whole LJ so I was wondering if anyone knew a way that I can friend them all but make it so they only read certain entries. I know there are custom friend groups but what I want to do is put my class on a list where they can only read the entries for the group they're in and not any entry I have. Help??
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I am making my friend a pinata for his birthday. He is turning 29. Aside from mini bottles of alcohol and slim jims, what should I put in it? He doesn't like candy and is in the middle of a sex/girlfriend dry spell so probably will get pissed if it's full of condoms.
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I've been keeping track of my hours this month, and my paycheck is off by 13 hours. I'm going to email my boss to let him know, and then bring in my (super messy, craptacular method of keeping track:) paper with my hours written on it as well as my paycheck. I work for good people, and I'm sure something fell through the cracks rather than them trying to screw me. Should I bring in anything else?

Why do I feel so nervous about demanding the money my bosses owe me?

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have you ever had a completely inappropriate attraction to someone?
did the inappropriateness of the attraction ever bother you?

I am strangely attracted to a very much younger (he's 18 and im 22) guy to whom I should not be attracted to. He's an ex client of mine from a group home I used to work at... and it's bothering me because I feel like a creepo.

EDIT: i realize that the age gap isn't huge, but it feels like he's a lot younger because i was his staff had to supervise him and stuff.. i felt like a babysitter. i think thats why he feels so much younger than he is.
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I have a question that stems from a question asked by a kid at the school where I work.

We were talking about languages, and I told him about how languages like French and English and Spanish all sort of grew out of Latin melding with the indigenous languages of the regions (I know that's a very simplified explanation, but the kid is only seven, even if he is pretty bright for his age). He thought that was really cool, but then he asked me if the reason Latinos are called Latinos was because they spoke Spanish, a Latin based language, and if so, shouldn't French people be called Latino too?

I started to explain, but then realized I didn't really know why Latinos were called Latinos, or for that matter, why Latin America is called Latin America, and if it had anything to do with the ancient language of Latin at all. Does that make sense? I feel like it's worded weirdly.

I told him I didn't know, but promised him I would find out.

I've been goggling for a while but can't find anything that isn't so over my head I can't even tell if it has anything to do with my question.

TL:DR version: Why are Latinos called Latinos? Why is Latin America called Latin America? Does it have anything to do with the ancient language of Latin? I feel like this is a dumb question, but I did promise to find out.
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What's the worst compliment anyone's ever given you? (As in, they were trying to be nice and it backfired majorly.)

this post brought to you by the airline official who told me I looked like my father. my father is a fourty-eight year old man. sob.

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When you read YEMEN do you think SEMEN??

Can you think of a country with a more unfortunate name??

other than AFGHANISTAN

EDIT O MATIC- YES I am re-gifting this post from yesterday/last night. How astute of you to notice.
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Have you ever gotten into something late, then had half the people who like that jumping on you for not being an old fan and insisting you must be a stupid/shallow idiot?
(AKA the reason I'm scared to post on any Supernatural comms... I got the first season for Christmas and it's insanely entertaining.)

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, what color of socks are you wearing?

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If you woke up one morning as the opposite sex, what would you do with the rest of your life? What's something, (if there's anything,) you've wanted to do but have been barred from by the traditional roles defined by your sex?

Some days I'd kill for a deep male singing voice. ("STAAAARS! IN YOUR MULTITUUUUUUDES!") And the ability to grow copious facial hair. (Instead of the creepy ONE that keeps sprouting in different places on my chin despite rabid plucking...)

Both of which are rather petty, I suppose; but there they are.

EDIT: Though now that I think about it it would totally suck to have external sex organs. D: Waaaaay too exposed. I'm clumsy enough without sacking myself on things, too.
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Forgive me, I am very stupid with this.

How do I go about getting my tickets for a flight? I bought tickets for me and my fiance through southwest airlines. Do I do the check in online? Or do I do something else? We leave on Feb 4th, and I am more than lost with all this. :(
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Does anyone know anything about being a Theatre Support Worker (in a hospital obvs)? I have an interview for said job on Friday and I really want this job.

Alternatively, can you give me some general interview tips? I suck at interviews.
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Photo Post!

Will you post a photo that you took over this past holiday break? It doesn't have to be festive, it just has to have been taken by you within the past few weeks.

If you have no photo -- Is it cold where you live?
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is aspartame really harmful to your health?
have you ever had a problem with it?
do you drink diet beverages with aspartame?
if you don't, what do you drink other than water?
for those who do drink diet beverages, do you feel any side effects?
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What's your SO's first name? If you don't have an SO, post your most recent SO's first name. If you don't have one of those, then post the first name of your most recent celebrity crush. Let's see if there's any naming trends in TQC.
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I am thinking about making purchase of a Chinchilla. Do any of you in internet land have chinchilla related experiences? Any chinchilla advice?

If not, whats the most exotic pet you've ever wanted?
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When you haven't seen someone for a while, or had other contact, do they start to become distorted in your mind? In what ways?

For what type of people, and how long is "a while" for you?

Eg. If I don't speak to my partner in a week and a half or so I start to think they don't actually like me that much even though I have no actual reason for this, and have to read over their messages and things to remind me that they do indeed like me a lot.

If I don't speak to close friends for over three weeks or so I start to think maybe we aren't that close and maybe we don't get on that well, but when I see them again it's all fine. I am crazy, yo. </font>

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TQC, I bought a leather journal this morning because I thought it was pretty.
Now I'm kind of at a loss because I'm not sure what I should write in it.
What should I use my new journal for??

What's the last (or current) song you listened to?

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What is the name of that book? The one where the woman cross-dresses and lives as a man for a while? She, like, joins a monastery and a bowling team and goes to strip clubs and then writes a book as if she magically knows everything about male culture? I can't quite remember what it's called...

Got it. Thanks!

Do you think these reinterpretations of the Disney Princesses are Awesome McAwesome Pants?
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Does anyone have the Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Machine?

I'm trying to steam milk for a café mocha, but this is now the second day in a row I can't get the steam wand to do anything. Yesterday, it made the milk bubble like crazy for about 15 seconds, but it didn't actually steam it. Now it's doing nothing. I know it can be done because my girlfriend has been doing it with no problem for two weeks now.

How the hell do I get it to work?
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I received a handwritten letter from my sponsored child. She's 11 years old, and it's in cursive writing in Spanish in pencil, and there are a few parts that were erased and re-written.

Do you think she really wrote it?
Why do I feel skeptical?


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I just graduated with an english degree and have no idea what the hell to do now.  What kinds of jobs can you guys suggest?  I have to go back to school for certification if I want to teach (which I don't really want to..).

So far I have applied to be a firefighter (and some other temporary jobs like working at the book store until I can find something to make a career out of).  I really need some help.  I always planned to go military, but really I want a family too, and those two things don't mix.  I can't put a job over the happiness of myself and others.
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Poll #1507666 Help Me Decide

What should I do for the next hour?

Curl up and watch The Office
Turn on music and paint
Take a shower
Continue messing around on the internet

Does anyone know where I can get a bunch of magazines for really cheap? They don't have to be new.

Will you post the last picture someone tagged of you on Facebook? If you don't have a Facebook will you post a recent picture of you?

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My new phone is supposed to come in the mail today!!! I'm getting the Samsung Reclaim. UPS tracking says it is on its way but it's not here yet! TQC, when will it get here? Usually patience is one of my virtues but not right now!

What's your greatest virtue?

What's your greatest vice?

I've never had a "cool" cell phone before so this is my first one and I am excited! Got it free too, yay for upgrades!

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i just found out my financial aid refund is going to be over $6000, and my tax refund will be close to $1000. the fin aid refund is a lot bigger than i expected it to be (i was expecting like, 1000) so this is pretty exciting. i do plan on investing a large portion of this but what should i do with the rest?
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I have two tickets to a sports event in May and I've asked a friend to attend with me. She told me that she'd love to but she has a wedding to go to that she can't get out of (even though she wants to) because she already has RSVP'd and cannot change it. I've never heard of an RSVP 5 months in advance for a local wedding.

My question: Is she embellishing a bit by telling me that? Is it a common practice to have to RSVP 5 months in advance of the date?
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What is the last thing that made you seriously LOL?

I just asked a reality TV star and uncomfortable question on Facebook and then they responded and blocked me.

Also, I explained to my co-workers what tonsil stones are and they are still talking about it/horrified at it 3 hours later.
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The best things in life ______

Are free
Are $3.99 a minute
Have boobs
I just can't afford
Are fattening
I can only get from my dealer
Are the playoffs
Are a ticky poll
Are furry and like having their tummy rubbed
Usually seem that way when I'm intoxicated
Involve a reduction of other people from my immediate surroundings
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I've been on sort of a ballet kick ever since I finished a cute anime series called Princess Tutu. It sort of rekindled the fondness I had for ballet when I was young and taking classes. Since then I've rented several ballets on DVD from Netflix, including Cinderella, Coppélia, Swan Lake, Giselle and Don Quixote. The Nutcracker is on there, too, but with a "very long wait" probably due to the Christmas rush.

Can anyone recommend any other ballets to watch? On DVD, preferably. ;) 

What do you think of ballet? Did you want to be a ballerina or a danseur when you were young, too? 

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You hear it's going to snow. What do you do?

Ignore it
Go to the store to buy bread and milk
Make sure you have snow tires, shovels, etc
Call in to work
get out the sled

noisy clothing

Do the clothing/items you wear ever make noise?
Does it bug you? Embarrass you?

I'm wearing a leather belt today and it's making that leather squeaky/rubbing sound and I'm wondering if it's loud enough that like others can hear it? Oh and sometimes my large, boulder-holder of an underwire bra creaks. OMG
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Computer Savvy

How old do you have to be before you can legitimately use your age as an excuse for not being able to use a computer?  How about the internet? 

Would you be surprised if a 50-something didn't use the computer for anything?  How about a 40-something?

What about...a 20-something?

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For the past week or so I have just been feeling off. I don't know what it is. I try to perk myself up but I'm just in this funk. I just got engaged if that has anything to do with it.

What are all the possible things that could be wrong with me? Have you had this happen?

What is your perfect mid afternoon snack? I just made some guacamole with garlic salt and ate it with fire roasted tomato & olive oil triscuits :)

EDIT: I'm happy I'm engaged. It's just a lot really fast. This feeling of funk just came on really suddenly.
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I may be going to a birthday "party" this Saturday night. It's for my SO's friend. I've met him a few times but I don't really know him. We both know each other but aren't friends. Anyway, this gathering is going to be a bunch of people at a girl's house to eat, and then somewhere somehow playing dodgeball. For some reason, I doubt anyone is going to be bringing gifts for him, because it isn't really a birthday party and the people going aren't really the people who would do that. Plus, when my SO told me about it, he just said it was people getting together for [said friend]'s birthday. He made it seem pretty casual.

So finally, am I required to bring a gift of some kind to this? I don't even think my SO will be bringing one, but I'm not sure if it's still rude not to.
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Should I get a refurbished, previous generation ipod touch from Apple for $50 less then a new ipod touch sells for and get apple care for it OR just get a new ipod touch current generation (Apple Care costs $59, basically adds a second year of the warranty)

Are 2nd generation ipod touches as cool? Is AppleCare worth it?

If none of this interests you and/or if your only response is "Ipods suck!": have you ever taken a career test to identify what kinds of careers you;d be good at?
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For the single people, how often do you go out on dates?

When going out of a first date, what do you consider a successful date? What makes you want to go out with someone again? What makes you not want to go out with someone again?

Best and worst first date stories?
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When people talk about "decaffeinated teas" do you think automatically about black/green tea that has had the caffeine removed, or about herbal tea that never contained caffeine to start with?
(I hate the word decaffeinated almost as much as unsweetened for vagueness.)
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There is a very creepy guy sitting at the computer next to mine at the Uni Library, he's creeped me out since freshmen year etc etc...

Do I:

A: Move and make it obvious to him that I'm avoiding him?
B: Suffer it out and hope he leaves so I can finish my work?
C: Go back to my dorm and suffer on the 8 inch mini!laptop and probably not get the work done?
D: Something else I didn't think of?

If you don't care, etc...

favorite tall tale/myth you knew as a kid?
(what I'm supposed to be working on)

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is taking Hydrocodone frequently really that bad? In low doses i mean, like 5's or 10's. maybe a 5 everyday for once a week? I don't really want to become addicted to anything but i am liking the way they motivate me. I have no energy until i take them. I just recently started. Am I in for disaster because i'm craving more?

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Which movies have the best soundtracks?

What's the weirdest thing that's ever turned you on? Not like something you have a fetish for, but just an usual occasion when you felt kind of warm and heavy down there.

If you could design your dream house, which rooms would be in the front and back?
I can't decide between having a kitchen with a backyard view or having a dining area with a backyard view. Although I ought to think about acquiring a house first, eh?
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TQC, we buy a lot of stuff in bulk at club stores (sams, etc) and also stock up when things are on sale (we seriously have 10 things of Parkay squeeze in the deep freezer downstairs :\). It has become a point of contention in my household as to who goes downstairs and replaces the last product used of something.

Who should replace the last product used?

The lucky dog who got the last of it!
The poor sucker who got the empty container!

I want to rearrange the setup of my room. The way it looks now is Collapse )
Any ideas on how I can change it up a bit?

For those of you who have lived in both Canada and America--which do you prefer? Bagged milk, or milk from a jug/carton?

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So my school is being a pain in the ass. I owe only 600 dollars before i can go back for the spring semester. They refuse to help me in any way, they keep telling me to get a private loan. Up to now all I've had are federal sub/unsubitized loans and sholarships. My parents are retired and have no income. The only job I have is a work study job at my university.

What should I know about private student loans?

Are there any companies you recommend?

Are there any other alternatives I have?

Spring semester starts next week. Only reason I've waited this long was cause I thought I'd have enough money to pay my balance in time.

I'm freaking out, I don't know what to do. I have no one to really ask for advice. =[ I don't want to have to drop out.


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I can't view videos on youtube or any other site. It says I either have javascript turned off (I don't) Or I need the latest Flash Player (Which I have, I've downloaded it a few times)

What can I do to sort this? I cleared cookies etc, restarted and nothing works. (I'm using Windows XP and the latest Firefox)

My boyfriend reguarly gets a tickly nose (That sensation when you feel a sneeze coming) and can sneeze a lot. His doctor gave him antihistamines, which helps to an extent. He's not allergic to anything that he knows of.

Neither am I. In the past week I've been getting the same thing and its drivingg me crazy. What do you think it could be? (srs and non srs answers welcome) Am I having sympathy pains?

Thank you!!
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My iPod fell out of my bag as I was getting off the bus, and a kind person picked it up, figured out who it belonged to and managed to get in contact with me. I'm going to get it off him tomorrow, what is a reasonable token of appreciation to give him for his troubles?

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Noob question from the Australian exchange student about to move into an american college dorm:

The university gave me this list of things I need to bring. I managed to get pretty much all of them, but I am still lacking a mattress pad. What exactly is a mattress pad? Is it a mattress protector, or is it something that goes between the mattress and all the other bedding to make it more comfortable? I can see why I would need a mattress protector, but if it's the latter could I get away without one? I can sleep on pretty much any surface, so I'm not too worried about comfort.

Also, care to give me a run down on dorm etiquette? I have been assigned a single room, which I think is probably a good thing.

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I went to my aunt's house for dinner and she was serving chicken salad... although the food doesn't really matter here so if you don't like chicken salad sub in something you do like. All the sandwiches were made and setting out. I noticed that the chicken wasn't really cold, just sort of room temperature. If something like this happened to you:

1) Would you be at all concerned about food handling safety?

2) Would you ask how long the stuff had been just sitting out?

3) If she didn't respond or just scoffed and said "oh it's fine!" would you trust her and eat it?
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math ugh

So, is calculus really that bad?

I need to take it eventually. My community college only offers it at strange times so doing it online might be the only way I can take it. But then I would be teaching myself calculus.
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It was funny at first, but now...

Okay seriously why is seemingly every wedding officiant in my area Sybil Trelawney?

Should I just say fuck it and give up and just accept that this ceremony may involve rainbows and faroff dreamy expressions and lots of Eau de Enya wafting from whoever we pick?

And, what's for dinner?
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 Does it annoy you when someone deletes their entry right before you try to post an epic comment?


Also, have any of you read Dante's Inferno? What circle of hell would YOU be in?

The fifth circle of hell reserved for the Wrathful and the Sullen.

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Relationship help-PLZ

I have hung out with this guy 4 times. 2 times being my birthday and NYE. One time was a date, and the other was just at a bar with our friends. That said, I was wasted 75% of the time we spent together. I never really saw him as a guy I wanted to be with, esp post date.

I am not interested in him. He calls a LOT. My dad suggested the most gentle, non confrontational way out was to just start ignoring him completely. I did for a few days then I felt like I was awful, and not being kind.

I texted him today saying I've been sick/busy, and apologized. I was hoping he'd tell me off or something. Not want anything to do with me. He texts back "Oh, sorry to hear! Call me when you can, we'll catch up!" Totally did the wrong thing by giving him false hope. Karma, I guess? What, non confrontational, thing can I say/do to give him the hint? I hate being mean, and harsh with guys. :/

If you are not interested in helping me with THIS problem, I don't have any other question for you in this post. SORRY. Help me :/
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(no subject)

Hey guys,

My friend is having a Joss Whedon/Kevin Smith costume party, where you dress up like a character from anything done by either of those two directors.

What are the most awesome costume ideas you can think of?

(no subject)

1. If you work and/or go to school, how long is your commute to/from work/school?

2. Do you have health insurance?
If Y:
a. Is it through your employer, your spouse's/parent's employer, or do you pay out of pocket?

3. Should I have a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese or an over-medium egg with cheese on toast or a bowl of off-brand apple cinnamon Cheerios for dinner? (yes, dinner, not breakfast. my kitchen is pretty much empty)

(no subject)

How do you feel about polyamorous people?

In a different matter all together, what's something you just don't understand no matter how many times it's explained to you?
Or something that no one has taken the time to explain to you?
Or you're just not sure how to ask?

(no subject)

can you explain what your avatar is? What was the inspiration for it?

Collapse )

What's your favorite line of poetry? If you have one.

If you aren't too self concious, what's the ugliest face you can make?

What's the most random, yet funny thing, in your opinion? (Youtube, gifs, pics, stories, etc...)

Thanks ^.^
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(no subject)

What is the website where you can play a game sort of like test twist, but you play against other people? They also have a game that's like Mario kart. I'm pretty sure I learned about it from this community.

(no subject)

I'm thinking about buying a house. I did some online payment calculator things, and they said that if I borrow $140,000 then my payments, taxes and insurance will be about $1000. Should I believe them, or do you think they round down on that stuff because they want to sell home loans?

Are there trailer parks in every part of the world? I know there's a lot in America but are they in Europe, Africa, Asia, too?

(no subject)

What would your victory be?
You've won one billion dollars.

Which of these SVU characters would you fuck, marry, or kill?:
Stabler, Benson, Munch

Will you use this post to play a game of fuck, marry, kill?
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(no subject)

When did you get your first credit card?
How much research did you do?
Do you have one or more now?
Do you make the minimum payment or try to pay in full every month?
How hard is it to keep up with the payments?
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(no subject)

Two questions:
Firstly, what are the most male-dominated and female-dominated fandoms you know of? Fandoms that consist heavily of just one gender?

And also, I'm curious as to which celebrities have verified Livejournals and what they are. I know Kimya Dawson's on here, but I'm not sure who else.
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(no subject)

 Is it better to go to a free clinic at 8 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon? Meaning when will it be less busy.

I have a bad cold, and the nurse at school can't prescribe me antibiotics. And I don't have a GP. Blah.
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(no subject)

Do you find emoticons incredibly insensitive to use in serious situations?

I just told my little bro that Husband and I have to put our 16 year old cat to sleep tomorrow and he just gave me a :( over IM.  I kinda want to smack him.  Am I being too sensitive? (It's totally OK if I am.  I need to get my shit together, I haven't stopped sobbing for about 3 hours).

ETA: Thanks, guys.  I know he didn't mean it to be a dick, I'm sure he just didn't know what else to say.  I'm a little prickly right now, that's all.

(no subject)

How old were you when you stopped going to a pediatrician?
When did you start making our own appointments?

At what age do you think someone should be able to do this kind of thing for themselves?
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(no subject)

I'm packing like a fiend for my trip to Israel on Thursday. What should I bring on the plane to entertain myself for 10 hours and 20 minutes (besides my iPod, of course)

What's the most interesting/farthest place you've visited from your home country/state?

(no subject)

i've just seen a snow plow for the first time in my life. am i excited because i'm drunk? or because i've never seen one before?
how often do you see snow plows and where do you live?
if you have snow right now, how many inches do you have?
do you make icons? if you do, promote yourself.
will you tell me a secret?
have you seen avatar?
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(no subject)

I have been dating a guy for over a month now and we play games frequently. However, I have beat him at every game we've played (Save for one because he explained it to me as we were playing and then the next game I kicked his ass). He doesn't seem to be bothered by this (which I love) and even seems to brag to his roommate about it. I told my mom about this and she said I should let him win every once in a while. What do you guys think?

(no subject)

What is your least favourite song by your favourite band/artist?

What is your favourite song by the least of your favourite bands/artists? Edit: (Not necessarily someone you dislike, but rather the band/artist that is at the bottom of your list of favourites... if that makes it clearer?)
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(no subject)

I stopped biting my nails like two weeks ago and they're growing and all beautiful and whatnot, but my cuticles are MESSED UP. They're all raggedy looking and junk and I want my whole hands to look nice, not just the nail. What sort of cuticle cream/oil should I use?

Do you bite your nails? Have you ever stopped? I've stopped a few times, but I have bad anxiety and I bite them when I'm nervous (i.e. all the freaking time). I'm doing a lot better this time, just remembering to paint them and admire them, haha.

(no subject)

Could you tell me about your favorite underwear?

Mine are green boy shorts with huge white hearts on them.

edit: I've noticed that boy shorts are super popular. Anyone else have the problem of wedgies with other types of underwear?