January 4th, 2010



Im going to be moving into a new/bigger town home. I am painting the walls. (my room grayish purple, sons room plant green, play room is blue like my icon, and living room is this burnt orange/red) I am also looking for some other things to spice it up and add in actual personality. Saint Louis doesn't have very many stores that are decent for shopping for wall decals, accessories, nicknack's, etc. What are your favorite stores online to shop from when adding something new to your space?

(Right now I am looking for wall decals for a lot of the rooms and I am looking on whatisblik and etsy.)
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so i started talking to this guy on okcupid, and he only has very blurry pic of himself.. well mostly his beard.

we're getting along great, and he doesn't have a phone right now but he is getting a new one friday and is sending me a pic from it.

should i be nervous that he's a total fattie uggo? if i am completely not attracted to him once i see how he looks, what should i do?
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i am a MALE and i find which to be most attractive on a female

big boobs
smaller boobs
a completely flat chest

i am a FEMALE and i find which to be most attractive on a female

big boobs
smaller boobs
a completely flat chest

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this may be a dumb question (and it may be a google-able question, but i thought i'd ask here first).

i just took a bunch of screencaps. i pasted them into a microsoft word document. how can i save them each as image files?
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do you take any daily vitamin supplements? if so, what are they? which do you think has been especially helpful/useful for you?
i used to take royal jelly for a while but it didn't do anything specific...and i want something that works!

what are you craving right now?
i'm reallllllllllly craving for some crispy vegetarian spring rolls...mmmm
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Have you broken any of your New Years resolutions yet?

Have you made it to the gym yet? (you fat,lazy hobos)

Why aren't there any questions on this page worth answering?
C'mon people, its going to be a long day and you ARE here for MY entertainment...

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Is there any other way to get pet hair off of clothing aside from those pet hair roller-things? They hardly work. My roommate has an 100 lb dog that sheds a lot and I hate going to work covered in pet hair.

Don't know or care:
Have you ever had a fart so stinky that the smell of it made you want to curl up and die?
How loud are your farts?

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how do you get over nerves?

i'm going to take a placement test today and I'm not nervous about the test, i'm just nervous about going up there to the testing center even though i've been there a handful of times before.
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Firefox Add Ons!

Sorry if this has been asked before, but what are your favs?

And I have a more specific question that the first stemmed from....
What is that add on that lets you edit what shows up when you right click on something? Anybody know what I'm talking about?


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For those of you in school this coming semester...

What's your schedule going to be like?

I'm going to have 12-hour days on Tue/Thurs :[...but I will have Fridays off!

Do you work while you're in school?

Yep. I work a direct-hire job at my school, even.

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How is it possible that your nose can be so stuffed up that you can't breathe in at all yet there is still room for an endless supply of snot to run out of it?

Do you have a good revenge story?

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TQC, I am panicking!
I only just realised yesterday that my bank card (which I never use, but gets my student loan put in) was out of date and that the new one would have been sent to my old address. I don't have any post from the new one, so if I go to the bank with ID etc will they let me transfer all the money out of it as well as change the address and cancel the old one?
I'm worried someones going to spend the £2,000 freshly put in it!
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Poll #1507121 SNUGGIE

Do you own a Snuggie or something similar?


Was your Snuggie a gift or did you purchase it voluntarily?

It was a gift
I bought it myself
I do not own a Snuggie

Have you used your Snuggie more than once?

Once or twice
I use it all the time!
It's still in the box
I do not own a Snuggie

What color is your Snuggie?

Did you purchase a Snuggie for anyone this holiday season?



Does anyone ever sit in the proper manner in a computer chair? I'm looking around the office, and not ONE of my co-workers is in the "approved" ergonomic position.  It just doesn't seem comfortable. 

And I NEVER sit in any kind of chair properly.  One or both of my legs is always folded up or off to the side. Do you sit down in chairs correctly?  Feet on the floor, back straight?

Do you have an unusual computer chair at school/work/home?  I have a folding papasan chair for home.  my only complaint is that it doesn't have wheels!
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i want to start drawing with charcoal again, mainly portraits.
who would you draw?
will you tell me the names interesting looking people i should look up?
or maybe share pictures of people that you think would make some neat charcoal drawings?
(this is just practice, i guess. i don't care if the people have any sort of meaning to me.)

i'm getting a tattoo tomorrow, my boy has said he hates tattoos on people in the past but he hasn't said anything negative about mine (not that it would mean two shits to me if he did)... but out of curiosity...
how do you feel about tattoos on women?
how about tattoos on men?
(assuming they are "good tattoos", not some shit that looks like a 3 year drew with a permanent marker)

Moxi, tv.

I have a new moxi box with some recordings on it. I dont know diddly about it because its new and Ive never used moxi before. We are moving from tomorrow until the 9th. Will my recordings be deleted once its unplugged? If anyone knows... (We arent moving the tv,moxi until the 9th)

If not, What shows do you watch that you cant wait to return? (I watch house, fringe, and trueblood. Those are the only ones I commit to. House and Fringe havent been on lately because of the holidays. :( Trueblood wont be back on until summer)
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from there to here and back again

Me: Richard Hatch was Apollo on the original Battlestar Galactica and came back as somebody else on the new Battlestar Galactica.

What actor did you really enjoy when you were little and have you seen them in anything else in the years since?
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TQC, its my birthday in 7 days. The Husband and i always give each other a "birthday week" where the birthday person is spoiled in little ways for a week. (for example, I'll probably not have to make my own cuppa tea for a week :) )

What other little favors should i ask for? (unfortunately its mah time of the month, so sexual favors are out, poo!)
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how tall would a girl have to be before you considered her "tall"?

how tall would she have to be in order to shop at in the women's "tall" section?

How about short girls? What height is "short" and at what height would you think she would need to shop in the petite section?

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TQC, I have Collapse ) What should I do with it? What would you do with it?

Do you ever use your old clothes for their fabric? Do you ever feel bad about it? I have a few dresses I want to cut up for the fabric but I would feel guilty about it.

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This might be a really stupid question, but I don't care.

Is there any way you can go to jail for not paying bills? Medical bills to be exact? If there is, can you turn yourself in for it? How long would you be in jail for?

Basically, I'd rather trade jail time than pay these medical bills. Or maybe work community service to pay it off somehow?

Obviously, I am an idiot who's never been to jail or worked community service.
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Help me with dinner?

Hiya, TQC.

I want to make a new pasta dish from a cookbook I got for Christmas. It's really simple and I have most of the ingredients already. It's just pasta with a pesto sauce, but it sounds yummy and it looks yummy. As an added bonus, I'm cooking for my fiance and myself, and my fiance loves trying new things. It's his first day back to work after a two-week break, so I figure he could use a nice dinner and some relaxation.

Anyways... I need to go pick up the last couple of ingredients, a bottle of wine, and.... something.

I'm drawing a blank on the "something". I want some kind of fish, I think. Maybe shrimp or some scallops? In any event, some kind of protein, preferably seafood.

What would you recommend, TQC? The pesto is pretty basic: garlic, pine nuts, mint and Parmesan cheese. The wine I'm shooting for will be something white and a little dry. The seafood the man and I generally end up with is salmon, talapia, or tuna (and shrimp or scallops, depending on prices). I wouldn't mind sticking to what we know, but we're always down with trying something new. My only request is a fish with small bones/no bones is a must. I'm buying the fish fresh, if that makes a difference.

If you think I should do something fancy with the fish (I'll probably just marinade it a little bit with some lemon juice/some of the wine and some garlic), I'd like to know that, too.

Thanks in advance!

Quick edit:

I know mint pesto is different, but I'm not a huge fan of basil. The cookbook said mint makes a good substitute, but I can always use basil if your recommendation is going to be odd with mint. I have to pick up some of [whatever fresh herb] when I go grocery shopping, so the herb choice is still kind of up in the air. I can use basil instead.

Second edit (or, "And the winner is"):

I think scallops wins. I'll use the basil, as so many mentioned that it was better. I'll try the mint another day :) I'll grab a small loaf of super-crunchy bread and things will be very, very yummy later.

Thanks so much for your help!
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TQC, today is your birthday. (If it really is, happy birthday!) You can only get three things, one from each category.

1) Something hand/home made. (Example: cake, a scrapbook, jewelry.)
2) One gift worth up to $50. (Example: dvd, book, clothing item)
3) One gift where money is no object. (Example: fighter jet, lifetime supply of beer, your own island)

What do you choose from each section and why?
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(no subject)

TQC, I am in the mood to bake, but I can't find any good recipes in the blogs I read. Do you have an awesome fancy schmancy cookie or muffin recipe [other than the standard chocolate chip/peanut butter/strawberry/whatever] to share with me?

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Poll #1507255 2010 resolutions

What resolutions did you make this year? I resolve to...

Lose some weight/get in shape
Find a job/new job
Enter a relationship/better relationship
Get laid
Travel more
Change locations/move
Go on the internet less
Go on the internet more
Read more
Study harder/apply myself more to scholastics
Say 'I love you' more
Finally ask out/approach that person I've been crushing on forever
Simplify my life/get rid of clutter
Lower my carbon footprint/go green

TMI question for the ladies

The world's tampon companies go on strike and there's a mass panic and every tampon on earth has now been claimed and the diva cup and PAD companies are on endless back order. You're going on your period next week and you don't have anything to plug up the bleedy hole with. What do you do?
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TQC, I have to leave for school Saturday! Unfortunately, this means that I have to clean my room by Thursday, because that is when my boyfriend is coming to spend a couple of nights with me (and believe me, this room is heinously disgusting and will take 3 days to clean). I also, however, have a Wii game I want to beat before I leave, because I can't take the Wii with me back to school.

So how do you suggest I balance cleaning my room and playing vidya games, TQC?

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my dad wants a new mix cd. i'm not sure what to put because he told me to suprise him. i'm on my mom's computer so i have access to a lot of older music.

he likes old beatles songs, nirvana, some crazy rock and roll, he once asked if i had any songs by train, and today he said he loves the song hunger strike by temple of the dogs. i'd like these songs to be reasonably father-daughter appropriate. can you please suggest songs for this cd?

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TQC, this year I've decided to take advantage of my free gym membership and actually go work out.
My plan is to get up and go from 6:30-7:15 a.m., Monday through Friday. This gives me plenty of time to get cleaned up and get across the parking lot to be at work by 8:00.

The problem is, I hate getting up early. Usually I roll out of bed between 7:15 and 7:30 to be at work by 8:00.

Besides looking at myself in the mirror, what are some other ways to keep me motivated to work out on a regular basis?

I think it'd be easier to get out of bed if I go to bed early, but I really can't fall asleep before 10:00 p.m. Any tips to get myself to bed earlier?

ETA: The mouth piece mic on my dad's cell phone randomly stopped working. Do you think that I could convince him that smoking while talking on the phone caused it (he'd probably believe it)?? I have it with me to take it to Verizon after work and every time I flip it open, I get a blast of smoke smell that's making my head hurt.

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ok im sorry i keep asking these questions but i narrowed it down to two places, where should i move? central florida or southern california? i cant decide i need help :S

i have a problem with earth quakes and wildfires and florida is cheaper but idk convince me?

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What are some bad experiences you've had with doctors?

One doctor I had asked if I could be pregnant. When I said no, I haven't had sex with a man for over 9 months (I had a gf) he literally scoffed at me & said "well that's hard to believe".

Another doctor was going to refuse to give me an STD test because he believed I couldn't get STD's when using condoms. It took him 10 minutes to give in, but only after I'd told him that a couple of times I hadn't used a condom.
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(no subject)

Have you ever been to a bridal show? Would you recommend it as a starting place for getting wedding ideas? Should we get there right at the beginning, or can we just show up an hour before it's over and still benefit from it? Aside from bringing a large bag and giving out a an email address that is NOT my main email account, do you have any advice?

Are there any gifts that you get often for birthdays or Christmas - specifically the kind of gift that pretty much screams "I have no idea what to get you, so I'm going to grab something generic and/or loosely related to something I know you have an interest in" that you would rather not get again? Do you have any family members or close friends who get you these sort of gifts, who you expect to know you well enough to give you something they're relatively certain you want?
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(no subject)

How old should a kid be before they're allowed to stay home alone for 30 minutes? What about overnight?

You have a daughter who just turned 11 and have to run to the store to get some milk to use with dinner - can you leave her home alone for the ~20 minutes that'll take, or do you take her with you?
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(no subject)

What do you think about women with short hair? If you are a woman with short hair, what do you do to feel more feminine?

Edit: I'm sorry if I offended anybody. I just cut my hair and I'm feeling less feminine than I used to. I did not state it well, but I was wondering how others dealt with the same issue.


Have you ever been pissed off after seeing a movie because it wasn't real? As in, you liked the universe/characters/creatures/anything else from the movie so much that when you're done with the movie you were sad cause it wasn't real?

This question brought to you by Avatar. Damned freakin' beautiful alien planets.

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I just found out that I am incredibly annoying to a friend-of-a-friend but not for any of the reasons I would assume. Apparently, I'm too polite. Like this girl considers it obnoxious that I will say "please" or "thank you" multiple times in the same conversation. She feels after you said it once, that's plenty and after that you're being obnoxious and trying to "look innocent."

Is my friend's friend a crazy person or is there such a thing as being too polite?

(no subject)

Aside from tattoos and clothing, can you recognize a friend or family member without seeing their face?

For instance, I notice most of my friends from far away by their walk and or body shape. (I sometimes don't wear my glasses)
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The question below had me thinking:

Which of these do you/have you used during your cycle?

Storebought maxi pads
Storebought tampons with applicators
Storebought tampons without applicators
A cup (mooncup, diva cup, etc).
Cloth pads
Sea sponge tampons
Some other menstrual product I am forgetting
I do not get periods/am a man

(no subject)

as long as i'm getting all of my nutrients is it really that big of a deal that i don't eat a ton of vegetables? i DO eat veggies but not tons of them. maybe like 2 servings a day. i do keep track of what i eat (not just calories, fat, etc but i also keep track of vitamins and minerals) and i seem to be doing fine but everyone is always on my case about not eating enough veggies.
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(no subject)

"Meet-cute" is the term that Kevin Smith uses for those really adorable "when we first met" couple stories.

What is your favourite meet-cute moment?

ETA: Saying someone uses a particular term for something does not automatically imply that they made it up.
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(no subject)

What is your preferred mode of transportation?

Roller skates
Hang glider
Riding lawn mower

(no subject)

Even though I am in my near mid-twenties, I have the misfortune to be living at home again after undergrad. My mom has been nagging me for weeks to clean my room. I don't want to clean my freaking room, I like it just fine. Should I just do it and get her off my back, or should I stand strong?

In before GET A JOB AND MOVE. I have a job, and I'm going back to school, thanks.

Edit: FINE, but I'm not happy. Edited for clarity.

Edit 2: What should I watch on Hulu whilst I tidy?
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(no subject)

If you walk up to a transparent door that says "push" on the other side, do you automatically read the backwards "push" and try to push the door?

I do this all the time. It confuses me in much the same way as trying to say the color instead of the word: blue red green


Hello TQC, I have a question about selling college textbooks.

The student bookstore at my school buys textbooks, but there is a bookstore across the street that buys textbooks also. I don't know which one to go to. Would the bookstore pay more for my books than the student bookstore on campus?

(no subject)

Do you listen to music when you study? Do you listen to a specific artist or genre that you usually don't listen to? (Like listening to only instrumental music while studying or something)
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(no subject)

Best version of "He's the Greatest Dancer"?

The original Sister Sledge version
The 2006 Dannii Minogue cover
I'm too lazy to open Wikipedia to answer this, so I pick Will Smith's "Gettin Jiggy With it" (sampled off of it)

Favorite Fallout 3 DLC?

Anyone know what movie my icon is from?

(no subject)

So on occasion I go through bouts of where I consistently wake up before my alarm (like 45 mins to an hour) even though I haven't gotten enough sleep and still am ridiculously tired. I'm going through clinical rotations right now so things are stressful, but I feel like I'm handling it pretty well. I'm just guessing on a subconscious level some anxiety is coming out in the form of backass insomnia. My hours at the hospital are usually very long, so I want to get the most out of the hours I do have to sleep. This problem resolved itself on my surgery rotation when I had to get up at 4 every day last month, but I would prefer to sleep til the 5:30 that I can on this rotation. I have no trouble sleeping in on weekends when I have them off, wtf brain. Has you ever dealt with anything like this? Any ideas other than medication?
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(no subject)

It is very noisy were I live.
Moo moo like to go to Ji nan Univercity to veg out.It is really quiet there.
Sometimes she likes to sit by a man made lake and meditate

Sometimes she likes to fish

Sometimes she likes to enjoy a cup of cha ( that's what they call tea here )

But I think she really likes to go there for all the hug she get from all the pretty girls
Where do you go to veg out
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Not everyone defines disability in the same way - for example, Deaf people don't see themselves as disabled, but society as a whole generally does. Likewise someone may have disabling depression, but may be unable to get benefits because it's not seen as "a big deal". So I'm curious:

Do you consider yourself to be disabled?

Yes - physically
Yes - mentally
Yes - both

Does society consider you to be disabled?

Yes - physically
Yes - mentally
Yes - both
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(no subject)

Have you ever had to 'break up with' a friend?

Not just gradually distancing yourself or ignoring their calls, but sitting down and telling them "this is why we can't be friends anymore."

Will you tell me about it?

(no subject)

Does anybody think that a sneeze (or more to the point, the build up to the sneeze) feels like an orgasm?
Yep! </>

How would you best describe an orgasm?
S fuzzy tingle

ETA - Do you cycle?
I'd like to start using my bike again because I really need the exercise but I always feel like a bit of an idiot for being a fattie on a bike!


So, uh, genitalia question under the cut...

Collapse )

For the rest of you, what color are you sheets right now? I just bought really nice green ones because winter was depressing me and I wanted spring-colored sheets.

ETA: I'm going to a doctor in real life tomorrow guys, I was just curious if it ever happened to any of you
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Ghost Adventures on The Soup?

Guys, I am DESPERATE to find the clip of the Ghost Adventures d-bags making fun of themselves on The Soup from a few weeks ago! I have found some links, but they all say the video has been removed by user - do you guys know of somewhere else to look or something better to Google that might lead to SUPER SEEKRET results? It's for Aerynmoo, if you like her better than me! Thanks for any help!


Now that I have proved my super sleuth skills (but not before asking for help like a not so super sleuth), new questions time!

How did these a-holes get a show?

Will you try to incorporate DUDEBRO into your everyday vernacular?

How much would you love to be haunted by Joel McHale?
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(no subject)

 Should I pay $360 to visit my parents in California in July? By then, I won't have been to CA in over two years or seen my parents for over a year and I could really use a visit.
On the downside, I don't have a lot of disposable income right now.

Ugh decisions!
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(no subject)

Two things:

Why do Catholic nuns and monks change their names but priests don't? Do they legally change their name? Or do their credit cards and social security cards still say the name they were born with?

I put foot lotion on my face because my face is so dry. Am I going to have insanely clogged pores now? Is there a difference between lotion for your face and other parts of your body in terms of pimple making capacities?


Every time I hear someone in the hallway or a door squeak I think someone is going to break into my apartment. How do I calm my ridiculous ass down?
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(no subject)

Will you post an emoticon and someone else from this community can take a pic of themselves making that face?

-brought to you by etymolology sort of

EDIT or you can just post pics you already have of yourself that fit these
EDIT DOS or you can post pics of yourself and we can make emoticons for them
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(no subject)

what legal things have you gotten high/wasted/etc off of?

what movie on your netflix queue, or movie list, are you most excited to watch?

do you have a best friend, and how old are you?

(no subject)

Give me advice?

Collapse )

Edit: I think I've just been a little beaten down lately and that made me question things -- I'm totally going to reject these people in the most informative way I can. Thank you so, so, so, so, so, so much, TQC.
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Some musical help needed

Starting next week, I will be facing a long commute everyday, so I thought I would burn some CDs this week to keep me company. My problem is, most of the songs I want, I don't already have on CD. I don't have an MP3 player, so I don't have any of those either.

Where do you download songs from?

I haven't downloaded songs since around 2004, so I don't even know where to begin looking. Also, I don't really have a lot of money, so they need to be cheap.

What songs would you have to have on a driving CD?

Edited for clarity
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(no subject)

Have you ever been to Planned Parenthood for a consultation and birth control? Do you remember how much it costs? I'm a student with no job, and the insurance my parents have isn't covered by PP, so essentially I have absolutely no money, and I was wondering what I need to say to them in order to convey the fact that I need to get out of there with as small a fee as I can get away with.

ETA: Is calling ahead tomorrow going to do any good, or do I just need to turn up as a walk-in?  I don't need an exam - I'm not having sex.