January 2nd, 2010

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I've been off work for 10 days (office has been closed for the holidays). In my time off, I haven't been shaving. Without trying too hard, I've grown a not-so-subtle beard which I trimmed yesterday into a VanDyke. I go back to work Monday.

1. Should I shave off my beard when I go back or rock the beard? No one at work's ever seen me in anything busier than 3-day stubble

2. Do you like guys with facial hair?

The beard at best would be temporary for I'm not into chin fuzz. It'd just be something different. That's me in the icon.

3. Should I complete change my idea and try and shoot for a handlebar moustache instead?

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So I've been googling and searching itunes like a madman... and I figured I'd try here.

Does anyone know a song that sounds like Enya and some monks chanting and in the background there is I think guitar music? It's not terribly slow. My pilates teacher used to use it in her class years ago and I've been trying to find it forever.

What was the last song that you obsessed over until you found it?

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If you ask me a question, I promise to answer it honestly and perhaps with an interesting story.  I'll also give you a question in return!  Do you want to play?  (expect results in ~8 hours, as it is 2 in the morning and I'm shleepy)

Okay, so you don't want to play.  How long do you usually take in the shower?
I take about 7-10 minutes.

Can you describe your favorite shoes for me?
Mine are pink Birkenstock-type sandals that my brother bought for me about 8 years ago.  My feet haven't grown since.

I'm looking for a semi-e-famous fake LJ

Can anyone help me with this?

A few years ago, a group of people started and wrote a fake LJ. The LJ was written from the perspective of a Lovecraftian protagonist. Things I remember about it:
---one of the icons (I think the default) was of a cockroach
---the character was an amateur entomologist
---the character's name was Arthur
---I think the character worked at a library
---I think the LJ got linked on one of the communities for fake LJs about a year or two ago
---I think the character may have posted once or twice on an entomology community

I'm looking for the LJ so I can show it to a friend of mine (since I found it entertaining). Help?

SOLVED. Thank you pahraydolliah!

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I'm asking this question on behalf of my cousin.

Ten years ago, he watched an Italian soap opera on channel 2 (TVO - CICA). A mother and a daughter are getting ready for some special occasion and the mother offers to do her daughter's make up. The music is really cheery and a soft light is used to make the scene appear to be a sweet mother daughter bonding moment. When the mother is finished, she screams, "take that you whore" and reveals the daughter's face, which she painted to resemble a clown.

Does anyone know what the name of the soap opera was? Please and thank you :)
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When someone you know leaves there cell phone unattended does that mean you can rummage through there files and such? Or is it common courtesy not to?

I thought it was just common courtesy.  Yesterday at a small NYE party I went to the bathroom, and a friend took my phone from my purse a bunch of people started going through my phone and going through things like personal photos, and notes. Which really pissed me off, not only did I feel like it was an invasion of privacy, it was also embarrassing.  In the end I got bitched out because apparently as one friend told said "we set parameters for being stupid tonight and you have no right to get mad" , which I thought was a bs excuse on his part. He also said I should have told people I don't like people messing around on my phone sans permission.  I'm sorry I didn't realize I was supposed to announce this every time I meet people. Gah.
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TQC, I'm wide awake from having spent most of yesterday sleeping off a headache (which is so unfair, considering I didn't drink at all for the holiday).

What do I do?

Watch "House" really quietly w/ closed captioning
Browse the internet some more being bored
Try to go back to bed
Something else fantastic

Alternatively, what is your favorite breakfast ensemble?
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Okay, so you are ordering a pizza from your favorite local pizza joint.

What is topping/toppings are your favorites to get?

For me, its Bacon & Pineapple. Yes on the same pizza.
Its like a 'Hawaiian' pizza (ham & pineapple) but 1000x times better.
Xhinese friends after lunch in Guanghzou

Past or Present

Yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.Lyndon Johnson.What victories in your life are you working on succeeding in this year?I am working on being a successful blogger
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How regular is your sleeping pattern?

Mine is all over the place. I never really know when I'm going to be awake or asleep or what days I'll be up during the day or when I'll up at night. It doesn't really bother me unless I'm visiting family (which I'm doing right now).

When you haven't slept all night but you need to stay awake all day, how do you keep yourself awake?

How often do you pull all-nighters?
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How do you say "rear-view mirror"?
What do you call your car's "glove compartment"?

Apparently, as my husband has pointed out, I say "re-view mirror" and "glove department." I'm wondering if this is a common thing.
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I've been without internet access at home since the 11th. I entertained myself in the evenings after work by playing Borderlands, and beat the second play through to level 50 last night.

What would you do to entertain yourself without internet and TV?

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Do you like your Olympus MJU/Stylus 7010?

I am looking for a new camera, and my major needs are a decent optical zoom (6x+) and something lightweight so I can carry it about in a messenger bag without feeling really weighed down.

If you have bought/been given a camera recently, I would appreciate your personal experience. All the googling in the world hasn't made me any more decided about what to buy. I like the Olympus, but I've heard the picture quality is a bit iffy.

Thanks for your help!
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Awhile ago posted something about a city scavenger hunt. It was an organization that does it in many large American cities, including San Francisco. I remember that SF's was in June 2010. You had to sign up beforehand and be in teams of two for the hunt.

Anyone remember or bookmark this particular scavenger hunt? Google brings up a lot of them but they don't look right.

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I'm trying to register for the Give a Day Get a Day thing at Disneyworld. Basically, I plant some stuff in someone's backyard for three hours, and I get a free day at a Disney park.

But for some reason, when I click to register, it gives me this "We Error "Error-Not-In-Use" red tag thing on the top of the page. What am I do wrong?

Is this the biggest waste of time ever?

What thing do you love most about disney?
giraffe tongue


What was the last thing you ate that was surprisingly good?

A low fat s'mores chewy granola bar. I usually hate the low fat varieties, but it was tasty.

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Help! I really can't decide between social work and health administration. To me health administration seems like a desk job, that's pretty numbing..while with social work it seems like I would be helping people a lot more, and it would be pretty interesting. Now the problem is that I do like to live VERY comfortably. And as I understand it health administration will give me more money. Compared to social work, health administration is double the pay...even when starting out. What do I do?! Any input is much appreciated...
Inside a Black Apple


How many hours do you sleep per night? Do you enjoy sleeping in? Napping?
My fiance says that everyone needs the same amount of sleep as everyone else in the world...
What do you think?

Someone recently introduced me to their friend as "the girl who sleeps all the time" which is not even remotely true. I do enjoy sleeping and I need at least 9 hours a night but I am not always asleep. :/
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TQC i'm trying to upload an edited photo on to my facebook but what's uploaded it the unedited version. i've tried this a few times and it's always the same. i even did a print screen of the image and uploaded that as a file but what comes up is the image with low saturation. what am i doing wrong? all the other photos i've uploaded had no problem.

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This is something that's always bothered me.

When I was in college I read submissions to a literary agency. I came across one that I was pretty sure was written by some kind of pedophile. The guy described the thing as a children's story about a father and a son and their relationship or whatever. But I'm pretty sure no children's story should have the words "erection" or "sexy" in it. Particularly not when these erections are generated by the son (who is four) and held by the father, who is a grown ass man.

I was so freaked out that I just sent a rejection letter and threw the thing away. But my question is, wtf, I am 90% sure that guy is a pedophile, and is there a way to report that sort of thing? I mean, if you actually send that to a reputable literary agency and label it a "children's story," you have a serious serious problem.

In short, how can you report someone as a pedo from a distance?? Obviously I can't do anything at this point, but I've just wondered.<input ... ></input><input ... >

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1)If we were having a moral superiority grand prix, what events would you compete in?

Examples- Physical- I run 10 miles a day and only drink water!
Work- I work 90 hours a week!

Me? None.

2)What clothing looks the worst on you?

Really long dresses.

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TQC, I have two days to decide between the Nikon D3000 and the Canon Rebel xs. The Nikon will be about $100 more but it comes with more things (two lenses, flash card, carrying case, etc). Which one would YOU choose? Do you already have one and if so, do you recommend it?

If you don't care, what food would you like to materialize in front of you immediately?


I'm having a Michael Jackson themed birthday party (all adults, drinkers over age 21).
The party will be held on a weekend night, alcohol will be served and some appetizers and possibly a MJ cake.
I am going to make an alcoholic punch and have it served at the party as well.

Can you give me some good ideas for decorations for the party?

I was thinking lots of garish colors and sparkly shit, but I have no concrete ideas for decor.

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Is there a way to block the updates from peoples apps on Facebook? I dont use them and its annoying when I'm looking at peoples status updates.

I've been to Blackpool once. When I was 10. What's there to do for two 27yr olds in Blackpool, in January? We're going for three nights.
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utterly lost

The roof of my mouth towards the back/my soft palate is extremely torn up, sore, and painful. Any food with any kind of seasoning kills me so I haven't been eating and it's hard to swallow or spit (lol). There are also one or two bloody circular spots/patches and one large white patch. I don't think it's thrush because there's only one large white spot, it isn't raised or fuzzy, you can't scrape anything from it, and it doesn't bleed... but, if I don't feel marginally better by Monday, I'm going to my doctor. Have you had similar? Any ideas?

What was your last "wtf, body?" moment?
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My alarm clock crapped out on me, and I need to get a new one before school starts on Monday.

I was thinking it would be nice to get one with an iPod dock, but the thing is I have a shuffle (2nd gen) and I have no intention of upgrading my iPod anytime soon, since I really like my shuffle.

Question: is there an alarm clock/iPod dock out there than can be used with the shuffle (via some kind of adapter or whatever)? All the ones I've seen online seem to have the "universal dock" feature, that doesn't work with a shuffle. I'm a technology moron, so I don't know if such an adapter exists.


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TQC, I'm going grocery shopping tonight so I can fill my new pantry with delicious non-prepared/non-junk foods YAY!

Based on my grocery list, what should I make tomorrow evening (or possibly late tonight) as my First Meal Evar in My New Place? Post recipes if you have 'em.

Collapse )

DK/DC: post some of the things that were on your last grocery list?
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work, shopping

I work at a hotel. A week ago a customer left me a hardcover copy of a book we had discussed and a nice note. Yesterday a guy left a $25 gift certificate to a restaurant. Today a woman bought me a chai!

Have your clients/customers at your job done anything nice for you recently?

If your clients and customers suck and this question just makes you angry, have you ever shopped at a consignment store? I love them!
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Drinks from Starbucks are:

Gross no matter what.
The cold ones are good, but the hot ones are gross.
The hot ones are good, but the cold ones are gross.
Delicious no matter the temperature.

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1)What embarrassing problems do you have?

I might have to man up and tell the library that I lost their book.

2)What has surprised you lately?

There are a fuckton of those Lemony Snickett books.

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What color stethoscope should I get?

Caribbean Blue
Ceil Blue
Hunter Green
Ocean Blue
Seafoam Green
Pine Green
Baby Pink

You can see the colors here.

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I have some mint chocolate chip ice cream and some red wine. Would you mix this combination together? What sort of food do you like to mix together? Bonus points if it's weird to most people.

[edit] I just tried it and it wasn't bad, but I put a little too much wine in it.
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baths or showers?


bar soap or shower gel?

bar soap
shower gel

loofah or washcloth?


hot or cold showers?


reading in the bath tub?

i don't take baths
i've never done it

sex in the shower?

i don't take showers
i've never done it

good hygeine?


Muni Passes

For those of you who live in San Francisco and buy muni passes: You are allowed to use it 3 days after the month you bought for, this means that I can still use it on the 3rd right? Or does it mean that as soon as its midnight on the 3rd you wont be able to use it anymore?

I'm asking because I am still debating whether or not I want to pay 60-70 bucks for the January pass now that the price has gone up AGAIN.

computer program

I just bought a new computer and i thought that it came preinstalled with microsoft office but i guess it does not, or it expired. I need to do work, but not sure where to find a program that would let me do both word documents and some sort of spreadsheet thing.
Is there anywhere I could download a program like that for free or pretty cheap?

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Should a parent feel like they have to send their kid on field trips or should that be a special privilege?

I ask because I know this one set of parents that have let their kids on MAYBE 2 field trips, ever, and they are in 8th grade. That seems abnormal to me because I went on like every trip.
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One of the big trends in the romance novel community is gay romance. But almost no one calls it gay; most vendor listings and references to it are M/M or MM, which means candy to me. I'm almost certain of its origin: slash fanfiction. But I don't know why it's taken off, despite the slash community and romance community being so similar (though not necessarily overlapping much).

Why do you think the romance community calls it M/M instead of gay? Do you like it? Do you hate it? How do you think it's affected the gay literature community as a whole?

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I have a regular blackberry curve, nothing fancy, no internet or nothing. I wanted to see if I could make my ring tone the song from The Cantina in Star Wars. You know, the fancy little jingle "my friend don't like you" thing. Is there a cord I can buy at the ATNT store to upload legit ringtones from itunes? Do I need internet to have the ringtones?

What's the most awesome ring tone you have ever heard?

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I use retin-a micro for acne and that, in combination with the fact that it's winter, makes me skin extremely dry and flakey. :(

Can you recommend me any awesome hydrating facial moisturizers?
Hyde &amp; Jacky
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Do you shop at WalMart? Why or why not?

Do you try to buy organic foods? Why or why not? If you could afford to, would you?

For the Americans, do you think in a different language?

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Had any epiphanies lately?

Mine was what to do for the stage makeup for Lumiere. (provided that the boy I have in mind gets the part, that is.) (This part's not a question, I know what I'm doing for the makeup.)
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Have you ever created your own drink? If so, what was it and what did you name it?

My dad just created a cross between a Cosmo and a Shark Bite for me and we called it a Cosmic Bite. 2 oz Absolut Citron, 1 oz Meyer's dark rum, 1 oz cranberry juice, juice of 1/2 lemon, 1/2 orange, splash of grenadine. Shake with ice, pour into martini glasses. (approx 3 glasses' worth) It tastes like Strawberry Laffy Taffy... in a good way!

Do you pray at all? If so, to whom?

How many car accidents have you been in that are your fault?
Just one. I slid into a median barrier on New Year's Eve, around noon, while trying to slow down to merge from an interstate onto a road. :( Thankfully I was only going like 30-35 mph.
Oh hay thar

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It is -38 and it is freezing. Blankets aren't working, my kids won't sleep because it's so cold. The heat is cranked and nothing is helping. I'm thinking we should have really hot baths but we might regret that when we come out of the tub. Short of setting a fire on my living room floor, what should I do? There's frost on the inside of my windows :(

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Shorter: Does anyone know the name of that type of glove (or barely glove, whatever) that only covers the fingers and knuckles, and barely any of the hand?

Longer: I was reading an article about gloves and the writer mentioned briefly the French term for these barely-gloves and the whole article was all about gloves coming back in style and this one European designer who was doing amazing work with gloves. She included anecdotes from some women who were relieved to get custom fitted gloves from this designer because of their long fingers and such. Perhaps some of you may have read it as well?

harry styles → eiffel tower

On the topic of loans...

I start nursing school on Monday. Some recent events have put my mother and I somewhat in a financial rut. I need a loan, but I don't know anything about loans.

My nursing school is at a hospital, tuition is a little over $8000, and it doesn't accept financial aid. Also when I looked for my school on the Sallie Mae website it wasn't there.

What kind of loans should I look into? I really have no idea where to go about this. Any help is much appreciated.
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1. What book would you never want to see adapted for film?
I'm going with "Into Thin Air" - I liked the book but have no interest in watching a movie version. I also wish that I'd never watched "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," even though the book is one of my favorites.

2. The wife and I are going on vacation in January. I want to plan some sort of romantic proposal (now that we can make it legal in DC). The problem is, we take turns planning vacations and this one is hers, and I have a pretty good feeling that she has already planned something along the same lines. Should I go ahead with it anyway?

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This is probably a long shot; but - I'm an exchange student getting ready to start at CCA in San Francisco. At the moment, I'm staying in Berkeley while I wait for the residences to open next week. This weekend, I need to go shopping for some of the stuff I need: sheets, crockery, that sort of thing. I think I need a department store or something similar... where on earth do I go? I'm within walking distance of Telegraph and Shattuck streets, am I likely to be able to find what I need there, or should I brave the BART and try somewhere else? I feel like such a noob asking this, but I'm feeling very bewildered.
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In reference to your still, lifeless body, what do you want to happen to it when you're dead? I know this question has been asked before, but I'm asking again because:

My grandma told me that my great grandma had this thing about the location she would be buried at, that her one real "need" was to not be buried near a body of water. Do any of you or anyone you know have anything like this? Water or something else?

Me: I want to be buried somewhere without having preservatives pumped into me and w/o a casket. I just want to be wrapped in a cloth/sheet or something and put in the ground. Besides that, I don't care where I'm buried.
Soul Doll Blue Eyes

The Fame Game

What would you choose?

A. You become a popular singer/musician, but in 5 years time NO ONE remembers who you are. The income you made off your one hit-wonder will allow to live comfortably as long as you hold another regular full-time job as a farmer.

B. You become a hit sensation and will forever become a part of pop culture history, you make a lot of money, live the high-life, but then blow it all on gambling, you are forced to retire at the ripe age of 65 and live in a senior community center with just the bare minimums in life.

C. You've given birth to a child prodigy! You put them in the limelight and make a considerable amount of money for them but as a teenager they decide to be emancipated from you and obtain all further profits and become famous and live in a foreign country. You never see them again.

D. You're a talented singer/musician! But don't look right for the part, you're asked to perform while a good-looking-but-talent-less person takes the stage and all the credit. You're given 15% of all profit made off of records and other deals for the life of the fake singer/musician's career.

E. You become a favorite in the local music scene and are rising in fame faster than you can cope. You decide to hire your family members and friends to make the band a success. You produce a few national hits but one of those family members or friends is so enraged with jealousy that they murder you. This heightens your popularity to a level that spawns a movie which results in the making of a successful singing career for someone else.

tl;poll didn't take

EDIT: Extra points for trying to guess the artists who inspired the scenarios or who are applicable!!
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Is there a website where you can see the average cost of various treatments/etc you might receive in an ER (in the US) so you can have some idea what your bill (without insurance) might be?

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To escape a rip, swim parallel to the beach.
To escape a rip, swim parallel to the beach.
To escape a rip, swim parallel to the beach.
To escape a rip, swim parallel to the beach.
To escape a rip, swim parallel to the beach.

Do you know how to escape a rip?

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This evening I was showing someone how I can fit my whole fist in my mouth, but I've been growing my nails and this didn't cross my mind. I sliced open my inner cheek and have been spitting blood for hours.

What is the last thing you did that was.... not smart?


You HAVE to have a ghost haunt your home. Which spirit would you like to lurk in your home?

Midget dressed as leprachaun (hit and run on his way to a costume party)
Drunken elephant (alcohol poisoning)
Busty cheerleader on a trampoline (meteor)
Old woman in a wheelchair (Running with the Bulls in Pamplona)
Clarinet player in a high school marching band (choked to death on his reed)
Man in kitty costume (bashed to death on his way to a yiff party by furry haters)
Peeping Tom pirate who watches you shower (shot to death by a jealous boyfriend)
Ex-Globetrotter who appears in full uniform (hit his head on a doorway and cracked his skull)
Chris Farley, who makes his appearance known by tripping and falling on his fat spirit ass and knocking the lamp over
Confederate soldier (cannonball)
Clown (beaten to death by a drunken parent at a children's party)
Cowboy (died of the fever)
Stripper (fell off pole and landed on head)
Jon Bonet Ramsey
World's fattest man (heart attack)
MLP - pinkie chicken

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How much do/did you like breaks from school?

How much do/did you like breaks from school?

I love every minute and absolutely hate going back
I love it for a day or two but it gets old pretty damn fast and I get eager to go back
I can last about half the time before I get stir crazy and need to go back to school
I cannot stand breaks and hate ever having them - I can't stand having nothing to do
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TQC, what the shit is this??

Dude is a filmmaker, so it makes me think it's for a movie or something (especially with "spoof" in the tags and the clearly photoshopped pic of greece, lmao) but what the hell even?

Have you ever known someone this desperate?

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A tech question for you, TQC -
My SO bought me a Sony Walkman mp3 player for Christmas (this one: http://www.sony.co.uk/product/nws-s-series/nwz-s545 ) but it only came with a cable to charge it via computer, rather than from the mains. On Christmas day it charged up to full whilst I was putting all my music on it, but when I tried to charge it the other day it was connected to my laptop for three hours and the battery didn't go up one bar even though the display said it was charging. What's going on? Is there any way I can get it to charge from my laptop, or should I just buy a mains charger? I'm trying to charge it again now and hoping it'll work.