January 1st, 2010

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Well, folks, that was the 00's.

Were you impressed or not?
What was the best thing about that decade?
And what was the worst?

What do you think is going to happen in the next decade?
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mmmm shrimp

did you eat shrimp or other shellfish today?

is it a "thing" to do on new years eve or do i just know a lot of people who like shrimp?

you can get cooked (boiled) shrimp at the seafood department in grocery stores, right? i think i had them that way once. cooking them at home gives me a raging headache, idk why.
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Is there a tv show that you can NOT get enough of? Suppose you've watched each season at least a few times?

I don't know why, it's probably because I grew up with it, but I love Friends. I've seen each season probably at least 5-6 times in order, maybe more. Not in order? I don't even know.
I kill the bus driver.

Random personality questions

How absent-minded are you? Do you put things down w/o thinking, forget where they are and find them in random places?

How uncomfortable do you get if you're lost or don't know exactly where you are?

Off-topic question: Is it obvious what my icon is of? I thought it was, but just wonderinggg.

Me: From the way I stated the questions, obviously y/y.

I actually tend to like getting lost. It's fun. :D But I have some friends who get really panicky if we're even just like...on a bus and they don't know what street we're on.
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I'm unemployed and broke! Should I should sell everything, sublet my apartment, and travel the world? Should I go back to working six days a week in an irrelevant job(s)? What should I do with my life? I'm 23.
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I've never been drunk or had to take care of a drunk person before---what exactly do I need to be doing? 

I've been reading up online and I'm super paranoid about alcohol poisoning, even though I don't think the person had enough for that. I don't know. I'm too scared to leave them sleeping alone (they're beside me in bed) that I'm tempted to stay up alllll night, but fuck.

They aren't breathing abnormally or anything, but he did throw up about 20 minutes ago. Then he proceeded to come into my room and fall asleep. :\

Holiday Pay

How many of you are getting up to work right now? When did you go to bed last night? When do you have to be at work this morning? Are you getting some sweet Holiday pay?

I am up, drinking coffee. Got up at 5. I went to bed at 10 PM. I have to be at work at 7, but I usually get there at 6:30. I am getting double time for this shift. Woo.

How many of you are going to bed right now?

How many of you stayed up all night and are going to work this morning? How's that working out for you?

What's your favorite morning beverage?

Mine is a hot latte from Dazbog here in Denver. They are OPENING LATE this morning. I made french press coffee to tide me over.

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What happened to all the TQCers who were here when I first started?

Do you remember when I first started?

Do you remember any of my old questions?

Do you has any favorites?

What prediction do you have for the number of comments this post is going to get?
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TQC, I'm running on about 4-5 hours of sleep. Taking a nap later is going to be unlikely.

What can I do to wake myself up and actually feel somewhat refreshed? Am I going to die from sleep deprivation?

I'm having a cup of coffee right now, but more than one cup makes me jittery, so 20 cups is out.

And probably something that gets asked on a regular basis: How do you take your coffee?

Little bit of sugar, little bit of cream or milk.
thanks fulloforliness

so i was wondering this

Last night, I was watching some movies at my boyfriend's house for New Years Eve. We fell asleep for awhile but woke up at 11:30pm and it was snowing. The roads were horrible! We tried getting back to my house but we couldn't make it. I called my grandma and she actually got mad at me because I said the roads were bad and I would have to stay there! She actually thought I had "planned" the whole thing! I was able to get home around 1AM but still, she's mad at me because she thinks it was all arranged that I would stay there!

Please tell me what I should do! I need her to understand that I'm an adult and can do what i want!

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Has anyone here ever taken the Chinatown bus long distance? How was it? Inspired by a question a few posts down, I'm planning to visit Philadelphia next weekend. What should I visit? I'm already planning to Independence Hall and other sites related to the American Revolution. Both touristy and non-touristy ideas welcome.
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Have you ever had a friend request on Facebook where you couldn't understand why the person would want to add you?

I just had a girl who hated me in high school, and made it hell for me, send me a request. Plus a guy who I was never friends with in high school either.

Would you add someone that you didn't really know/like? Why?

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Doctah El-Jay;

Does anyone know much about various types of seizures? I occasionally get patches where I lose motor control; for example this morning, as I was leaving the bathroom, it was just like a puppet with the strings suddenly cut. I just toppled over backwards and lay there twitching for what felt like about 15 seconds but hard to tell. It's fuzzy but I do have a recollection of it and I was aware, though in a very detached and unable to do anything way, during the episode (which Google tells me is uncommon with seizures). I suspect I won't really remember it by tomorrow though. I can't remember specific previous occurrences, just that they happened.

This happens to me very rarely but a few times over the years.
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I worked from 10am until 1am yesterday. I have to work until 8pm tonight. Now I think I'm getting a cold. But my best friend leaves tomorrow and I don't know when I'll see her again. How do I motivate myself to spend time with her and go out, which she'll probably want to do, when all I'll feel like doing is sleeping?

I can't spend time with her tomorrow because I have to work then too.

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My brother said this was true, but he is not Authentically Catholic so I thought I might ask on the internets where I can find internet-authentic Catholics.

You, random Joe or Suzy Notapriest, have X amount of holy water. We'll say a pint. And you need a pint and a half of it (zombie survival pack distribution, I don't know). He says you can mix up to X-minus-a-smidgen of regular water with the holy water, and it's all holy, so you could add a cup and then have, tada, a pint and a half of holy water.

BUT that if you added a pint of holy water to a quart of regular water, you'd just have regular water.

He was not sure of the rules for starting with X amount of water, adding X-minus a smidgen (so now you have 1.9X units, say) and then wanting to add even more -- I asked if you had to wait, or stir it, or whatever, and he pointed out that he really hadn't had occasion to ask.

SO! Can you (a lay person) mix regular water with holy water to get more holy water? What are the rules?

((Edit: The internets seem to agree that my brother is wrong. Thanks, I won't use diluted holy water in any zombie kits.))

Tangentially related: Have you ever gone to other churches, not of your denomination OR perhaps going to synagogues or mosques or whatever, just for curiosity? My brother has been to about half the churches in town so far. College town, too, so there's a lot of them.
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Recently, I've had some problems with my interwebs. I have Firefox and Adblocker Plus, but a bunch of websites have started showing ads and a lot of the time, I can't block them because they're flash ads.

I also am seeing some text turn into nonsense.
Collapse )

How in the world do I fix this crap?
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Xhinese friends after lunch in Guanghzou


Do you have a mantra you practice every day/When do you pracitice it?Where do you pracitice it?Does it help you?
I pracice mine every morning while listening to relaxing music.I helps me through the day

you knew it would happen.

which of these YEAR songs make you a bit nostalgic for something or someone?

after midnight by eric clapton
december 1963 (oh what a night) by the four seasons
it was a very good year by frank sinatra
new year's day by u2
100 years by five for fighting
all those years ago by george harrison
in the year 2000 by conan o'brien
reelin in the years by steely dan
the new year by death cab for cutie
summer of '69 by bryan adams
1999 by prince
1979 by smashing pumpkins
1985 by bowling for soup
silent all these years by tori amos (lol)
oh suzer, happy fucking new year and bring back the damn polls.

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Cat owners of TQC i need your help!

I used to have 2 cats. One was sadly knocked down and killed a little over a month ago. since then our other cat is spending alot more time at home. usually the 2 of them would go out rampaging first thing in the morning and wouldnt really be back home for any length of time until dinner time. nowadays Charlie will go out for an hour here or there but seems to prefer to be at home , which is understandable now he doesnt have a chum to hang about with. the freezing weather we are having probably isnt helping much either.
anyway my questions are this - how much water does your cat drink? i never really noticed before with the two of them. their water was changed 2 or 3 of times a day when new food was being put down and i never paid attention to how much was or wasnt there (and it often got knocked over or kicked and some slooshed out anyway). these days ive noticed that im obviously putting food down less so changing the water less and the water bowl has been moved to where is doesnt get knocked over and ive notcied he can sit and lap at his water for quite some time, sometimes drinking half a bowl full in one go.
i always thought cats didnt drink that much (in comparison to dogs). he is fed dry food so obviously will drink more than if he ate wet food. he has allergies so had to be switched to hypoallergenic stuff and couldnt have the wet food anymore, but that was a good 8 or 9 months ago and im only noticing the water thing now.

also, does you cat groom all the freaking time? Charlie went through a phase of it a while ago and started losing his hair which is how we found out about the allergies. once his food was changed he stopped, but since Tilly died he seems to be doing it again. i dont know if im just noticing it more beause he is in the house more but he does have a coulpe of little baldish patches, not completely bald but the hair is thinner where he seems to groom alot. ive checked and his skin is fine underneath, and its not just those bits he grooms alot. he just seems to be doing it constantly, whereas before he would groom sometimes but liked to just stretch out, or snooze about the place, or sit on the windowsill and look out.

he'll be going to the vet in the next couple of weeks for his booster jags and i'll obviously mention it to the vet then, but what do you think?
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Last night my grandma was taken to the hospital. She's fine, it was just too hot in the beach club we had gone to. One of the EMT guys looked familiar to me, and we were chatting it up. I think we used to go to the same youth rock shows a few years ago, but I'm not sure. I know his name, and I looked him up on Facebook and we have one friend in common.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how creepy would it be if I friended him?

OVER 9000
stone eyes


On a scale of 1 to 10 how much would you say you like or dislike traffic? 1 being not that bad and 10 being hate it.

How often do you find yourself sitting in traffic?

What do you do when you sit in traffic?

New Year's Eve tally

What did you do for NYE?

Lost consciousness earlier than expected due to drinking
Kissing someone at midnight
Did more than just kiss afterwards
Play board/card games
Chat online/websurf/video games/porn
Texted people, wishing them a Happy New Year
Stayed in with family
Stayed with friends
Did something with fireworks
Lost a finger possibly due to fireworks
Watched the ball drop
Eat. A lot
Went to bed early


I'm using Craigslist for the first time. I'm selling my old Nintendo DS, and I've already gotten six replies!

Have you ever used Craigslist to buy or sell something? How did it work out?
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A friend of mine just told me he told his doctor that he is a functioning alcoholic. I don't necessarily believe that he is, but he has his own reasons for saying that. However, it reminded me of an argument I heard recently. Which leads to these questions:

Do you think "functioning alcoholics" actually exist?

If so, where do you draw the line between an alcoholic, a functioning alcoholic, and someone who just drinks a lot?

dk/dc: what was your first meal of 2010?

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girls, do you/did you plan your wedding as a kid and all that junk?

'cause like, the stereotype is that all girls spend their whole lives dreaming about and planning their wedding day, or something. but i never did that. i never had friends who talked about it. weddings have never come up until people i actually knew were going to get married.

My life is so hard.

I have to work tonight. I work at a newspaper, normally as a proofreader, but tonight I will help run the actual plate-making machines so I could, theoretically, get dirty. Normally I have to dress "business casual," but obviously I don't want to wear my nice clothes if they could get yucky. I meant to ask my boss if I could dress differently tonight, but I forgot.

There will only be one other person there tonight, so no one who cares will see me.

What do you think, TQC? Can I wear jeans and a sweatshirt?


When does anything happening to anyone or anything happening in anyone's life ever any of your business?

I'm glad at least a few people did understand what I was asking. I was trying to be very general in the question and I guess many people had trouble understanding it so let me try to ask it again in a manner that is easier to understand:

When is "it" any of your business? What kind of situations/events/decisions/etc can happen to a person on there than yourself wherein that situation/event/decision/etc is any of your business to care about or become involved in?

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Sorry, I know I just posted, but a comment to my entry reminded me of another question I've been dying to get public opinion on.

A woman that I know told me recently that she thinks her husband is an alcoholic. I asked her why. Her response? "Because he drinks at home." Apparently it's okay for her to go out and get drunk (to the point of passing out) every weekend at a bar. But if her husband has one drink at home once a week, he's an alcoholic. According to her reasoning you can drink as much as you want at a bar, with friends, and not have a problem. But if you ever drink at home, you have a problem. Thoughts?

Does the place where you drink, or the people with whom you drink, make you an alcoholic?

What can I say to this woman to try and convince her that how much you drink, not where, is what constitutes a problem?
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TQC, do you know any secrets about how to make mousse (eta: the food) set? I tried to make chocolate mousse last night and it's been in the fridge since then, but it's still runny! boo.

If you don't know, did you have to work today?

Do you have any new year's day traditions you follow?

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what is the tastiest thing you have ever baked? share the recipe :D if you don't bake, general cooking recipes are cool, too
alternatively, post a picture of a baked good that is either drool-worthy or makes you go 'wow'.

no, i didn't make that. it's from wiselychosen's photostream on flickr. she is a rainbow-haired maiden ^__^
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You are the single parent of a three year old daughter. You work full-time, so you put her in a reputable daycare facility while you're at work so she can be social and have fun build up immunities and all that jazz. Each Friday when you come to pick her up, the teachers give you a packet of what she's done that day - colored pictures, art projects, a class newsletter, and a sheet of paper with her behavior marked on it, etc.

Today, the teacher pulls you aside to talk to you while your daughter is playing off with her friends on the other side of the room, and tells you that said child has developed an issue over the past week with using the toilet, which is odd because she has been potty-trained for nearly a year. It's not just any issue with the toilet, though - she refuses to urinate all day, and it is only when you go outside for playground time that she'll pee: not just anywhere, but under the jungle gym, in the wood shavings.

When pressed for an answer, she says simply that her friend Nala told her to do it. When you look at the art she's been making this past week, most of the pictures are of a yellow blob with a tail that looks a lot like the Nala character from the Lion King, her favorite movie. As far as you and the teachers can tell, your daughter has created Nala as her imaginary best friend who is, for some reason, telling her to pee under the jungle gym.

What do you do with your daughter and tell the school?

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Tomorrow morning I am going to try adopting a shelter dog. I'm torn between a boy (picture!) and a girl (picture!) and neither of them have set in stone names since both were strays.  So.. what would you suggest I name these dogs?  Serious and non-serious answers, plz.

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What's the last really dumb thing you did?

I'm on antibiotics for an ear infection and I stupidly missed about a day and a half of taking them (they're twice daily) and MY EAR IS HURTING AGAIN ARGHHHH. I'm hoping if I stay on track for the rest of the pills that it'll clear up :(
Oh hay thar

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I have been off work since December 23 and go back on Monday the 4th. I love my job and all but am dreading going back to real life in 2 days. How do you get back into real life after a long break/vacation?

Can you please post a picture of the place you were at midnight NYE? However you want to read into that - the city/the restaurant/your couch/whatever.

Collapse )
boop kitten

Relationship Woes

So, my now exboyfriend and I ended things on Monday. We were together for 3 years. While I was unhappy and wasn't in love with him for the past year and wanted to end things, I didn't because I hate change and it was so convenient to have him with me. I wanted to get the spark back, but I was just miserable.

TQC, how do I welcome this change and stop being sad? Why am I sad?
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Putting no effort into this one

If someone is 'as old as the hills', what are you saying about them?

They're as ancient as the earth itself
They're as young as that trashy tv show
I've never heard this phrase before. Are you drinking again?
It's a trick question. You shan't entrap me so easily, 4C
I'd like to phone a friend
Sounds like hippie jive to me. Go hug a tree
Mustache Power

Canadian, look here... Well, if you care about your mail.

Okay, short story. I have lived in the city I decided to "run away to" for over 7 years and during those, Canada Post has DESTROYED, damaged, LOST, delivered item to the WRONG adress (and told me, basically, TOUGH), berated me, insulted me publically and have had MULTIPLE carriors insult and curse at me over simple, almost idle question about home the post works or in gentle complaint that folded items the were clearly marked at NOT TO FOLD or jammed items to tightly in my post box that they actuallyt couldn't be removed by me but had to wait all day the next day to the post so they could unjam my mail.


So my question is, is it JUST Halifax, or have you other Canadia-Land residents had issues with Canada Post? Or am I just unlucky?

Alternately, was your new year great. un-noticed, just utter shite or whatever other alternative there may be to those options. My own answer is: utter shite, check my journal if you want details. UGH.
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As far as I know, the phrase "throw a nun on me" doesn't mean anything. Let's make it mean something! What should this phrase mean, and how can we popularize it?

(no subject)

1)Have you discovered any new things lately?

2)Have you ever found something new, couldn't decide whether or not you liked it, and then proceeded to have/see a lot of it to decide whether or not you did?

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Do you like Dogma?
I know I've asked this before but I'm in a great mood and have parts of it stuck in my head.

Do you have a favourite scene?

Mine is probably when Matt Damon is getting off the bus and says "Who's house? Runs house. I said Who's house? Runs House! Martin! Martin! How ya'll feel?!"


How ya'll feel?!
Coffee cups

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Why don't half the people on bookish know how to use a cut? They're taking up half my friends list with 2 posts...

What super kickass things are you looking forward to this year? I turn 23 on 10/10/10. :D
text ♥ in the rain

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I'm going to GameStop tomorrow, mostly to see if they have anything I'm interested in in their "used" (pre-owned and guaranteed to work) section. I have a Wii. What games should I keep an eye out for?

I'm a little compelled to try buying Call of Duty (either COD3 or possibly Modern Warfare) for Wii to see how Nintendo handles shooter games and such. It's not an option for me to buy a new gaming system and I do love those types of games when I play them on other systems with other people. I know it won't be nearly as good for Wii, but should I give it a try? Or will it be far too awful?

You think they'll save you.

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But srsly, how would you feel if your SO had a dream about someone of the sex their attracted to and was so entranced by this perfect/beautiful/sexy/fictional character that he/she spent 5 years writing 4 books describing the character's perfection?
Autumn Pink

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I make a lot of stuff with ground beef. I thaw the beef and brown it. I want to know - how do you break up your ground beef?? Do you use the plastic end of the spatula? How broken up do you like your ground beef? (I like mine as broken down as possible but I can never get it that way without beating it out of the pan.)

Is there any little cooking thing that confounds you?

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I was doing some FB stalking, went to a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend (etc)'s profile and saw Collapse ) WHAT, exactly, do you think is going on with this chick's hand?! (I don't mean the "holding a beer, herp derp" part) Srs/non-srs.

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Stupid question of the day: Do you think racism is prevalent everywhere in the USA? (Canadians I want your vision of this in Canada) Yes, I know it is prevalent in Europe as well. So far my impression has been racism is everywhere but especially in small towns. Is this true, or could it be because racism is more ~subtle~ in larger cities?

(In Europe rural areas can be quite racist, but I saw it in larger cities too. yuck)

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facebookers: did your fb change over yet? (apparently they changed it again; mine didn't change over yet.) if so, what's it like?

anyone: how many people would you consider to be your "best friend(s)?"
narrator - f1_roxie

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Are you doing Project 365 this year? Where are you posting your photos?
Have you done it before?

I tried last year and failed miserably, I gave up halfway through January. But my roommate somehow convinced me to give it a try again this year.
(I'm posting on Shuttercal- want to be friends?)

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I exercise and try to eat healthy. However, I'm looking for a metabolism booster.

Do you have any experience with metabolism boosters?

Which one was it and how what was your experience like?

How much weight did you lose?

Do you recommend this product?