December 31st, 2009


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Do you believe in the paranormal?
If yes, then will you share some of your personal stories, or stories you've heard from others?

If you don't care, what's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

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In response to the birthday post lower down:

Is it an American thing to show dates as January 15 , October 4 etc.?

I'm in the UK and we'd NEVER write it like that, always January 15th, The 4th of October etc.

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Poll #1505426 For rat speaker

If you could have any one body modification done to you free of charge, what would you have done?

Tattoo (anywhere, anything)
Piercing (anywhere)
Angel wings (prosthetic)
Dorsal fin
Poisonous stinger (like a bee)
Boob job
Silicon injections (anywhere)
Horns/antlers, but in a sexy way
Genital reconstruction
Frankenstein neck bolts
I like me how I am

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What is the longest relationship you have ever been in?

What is your favorite thing about your current relationship?
Least favorite?

Single people:
What do you like the most about being single?
The least?
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Poll #1505323 Which dead celebrity are you going to miss the most?

which dead celeb are you going to miss the most?


Whos going to be next?

Yes...I didn't mention Michael Jackson on purpose

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My 18yo daughter is planning a road trip next month from North Carolina to New Hampshire. Shes going with 2 guys I have never heard of and she has NO winter driving experience.
On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 casual...10 psycho dad) how concerned should I be?
Do I advise her not to go? Do I lock up all her college money? Other?
Dexter - Deb and Lundy

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When's the last time you took a commercial flight?
How long was it?
Do you like flying?
How do you deal with jet-lag?
Best flight you ever took?

Apart from getting where I am going, I can't think of one redeeming thing about flying. There might well be jet-lag-grumpiness involved here.
d20 :: natural 1

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It's snowing, and my mother just called me worriedly to tell me to be careful on the road today, as between the nine employees in her office there were witnesses to five accidents and three near-misses.

I hate driving in the snow. Should I call out of work?

If this keeps up I'm not gonna be able to get to my girlfriend's house for New Year's -- she lives about an hour away. What was the last thing that bummed you out?
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I have a sad question for you today- Last night I got a call from my boss. The SO of a very close customer of ours passed away on yesterday morning. It was very sudden- she had a brain aneurysm on Monday and was taken off life support Wednesday morning. I'm sending her flowers this morning, but I'm not sure what to write on the note. I want her to know we're here for her, but I don't want to say something like "Please let us know if you need anything" or "Please let us know if there is anything we can do" because I don't want her to think we're fishing for work at a time like this. Am I worrying too much over an innocuous comment? What should the note say? They were both very close to us and several of the guys are going to the funeral on Saturday.

ETA: I just realized the way I phrased this is very confusing. They owned a contracting business that we worked closely with. One of them died, I'm sending flowers to her girlfriend.

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What would you do if no shit a UFO landed and every news station in the world was covering it? (No word yet on if there are any life forms inside, but it is definitely a spacecraft and not from earth.)

Do you think anything out of the ordinary might happen tonight as we enter 2010?

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Would you rather be all over fat, or fat in areas that make you look incredibly unbalanced? i.e. really big pooch belly, skinny legs.

EDIT: Does anyone have a long torso/short waist body type? Don't you hate it? How hard is it for you to find fitting clothes?

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After remembering how great the song "Freak Me" by Silk is, I downloaded it and listened to it a bunch of times. Have you ever rediscovered a song after not listening to it for years? Was it as great as you remembered it to be?

Do you listen to all the music on your ipod/mp3 player?

What songs reminds you of family members/friends?

Don't know, don't care: what is your favorite pastry? edit: (pies, tarts, etc.)

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1.) So you're out of underwear ladies... you can either go out with no panties, or go out in crotchless panties. Which do you choose?

2.) The 2012 thing... your thoughts, good, bad, any? Reasoning/proof behind these thoughts? Because I know I am a paranoid worry-wart, but I'm tired of reading that the world will end in two years :*( This sort of thing has always been my greatest fear since i was very little, and of course i turn THAT into, well see, its psychological, I SOMEHOW KNEW THE WORLD WOULD END IN MY LIFETIME CUZ IM JUST THAT IMPORTANT/SMART.


Thanks TQC.

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What was the last unexpected thing to happen to you?

A job just came to me! My old boss rang me up to ask if I could work over the holidays, and that they would get me transferred to my uni town!

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the Husband and i are going to sip bubbly and have a little picnic in our living room for New Year's Eve after we are off of work at 9.

TQC, what kind of noms should we have for our picnic dinner? It doesn't have to be picnic food, just any little nibblies that you would want to eat tonight :)
MLP - pinkie chicken

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You were raised in a very (very) Catholic household, and traditionally each Christmas morning you, your SO and your son bundle up and go eat lunch with your family. You and your SO aren't very religious, but you'll stand there when everyone prays and smile just like the others.

This particular Christmas, your son is 15. You're about to head out the door when he stomps down the stairs in full black regalia, sporting what looks like a fake lip ring, about five pentagrams dangling from various limbs, and copious amounts of eyeliner and black lipstick. You freeze, and your SO says, "What the fuck?"

Your son says: "I'm a Satanist now."

There are several things wrong with this picture, least of all being that your child has no idea what Satanism is, but mostly being that your parents are insanely religious and will probably disown you, your SO, your kid, and all your future children, who knows what other extreme measures they might take. (it is worth noting here that getting disowned is a bad idea, as your parents have also come into quite a lot of money and want to finance your son's entire college and post-graduate educations when he graduates high school).

You need to be out the door in the next five minutes. What do you do?

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Due to conflicting schedules I find I am AVAILABLE to kiss you in the shower on NYE.
What do you bid for this singular pleasure?

HURRY...teh clock is ticking.

EDIT-O-MATIC- I will accept things other than cash. Be creative pls.

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Hey, bit of a long, heavy question here.  I recently started seeing a girl who was apparently sexually assaulted in the past (4+ years ago I believe, she said it happened in highschool).  I have no more details than that, she said she isn't willing to talk about it yet because her last boyfriend reacted poorly when she told him.

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DKDC: Do you like air-fresheners in cars? They give me a headache.
ferris wheel

Technology vs. Nature

When was the last time you mistook a sound for something else?

For instance, my roommate and a friend of his stood around this morning trying to figure out whose cell phone was ringing, when it was actually a bird singing outside.
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I just got a text about my BFF saying "--- got attacked last night. She's doing okay, but in bad shape. At hospital now."
I've been trying to get hold of her family to find out what happened/if she needs anything but I've been failing miserably. It's driving me insane with worry.

If I call up the hospital, will they tell me anything?
Would I be able to see her if I just showed up?
If you were in her situation, would you want to see your friend or would you prefer flowers and alone time?

Thank you! I called the Hospital and they put me though to her. She's going into surgery in a couple of hours, but I'm going to visit in the morning.

What are your favourite baked treats? I'm going to make her something.

New Years Memories

Do you remember how you celebrated New Years in 2000? Tell me how!

My family and my cousins family went to the safe new years celebration in Florida near my grandparents house, listened to music and came home early enough to jump in my grandparents pool exactly at midnight, there were 7 of us jumping in the pool that night. It was a blast!

pregnant women

I know this guy. Guy joined the Navy last fall and got married earlier this year. Wife is now about 2 months pregnant.Guy + wife went to visit her parents up north for Christmas (they visited his parents down here for Thanksgiving). Now guy has come down for New Years. Wifey wont be down till the weekend due to work.

Is he in the wrong for leaving his wife back at his duty station city so he could be with his old pals down here for New Years (rather than spending his first New Years together with his preggers wife)?

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Hi TQC, long time no see.

I have a question about hair.

I had my hair coloured on December 18. Dark brown with a few pieces of dark dark pink (almost red). I knew, from seeing friends' hair in the past, that red type colours tend to fade particularly quickly, so I asked the colourist about this and he assured me that the brand of colour he used stayed really well. He actually said that the pink would stay in until it grew out and I eventually cut it out.

Now it's not quite two weeks later, I've washed my hair 5 or 6 times, and the pink is looking quite washed out and kinda crappy. The colour is definitely not staying as well as was described.

Should I call up and explain the situation and request that the pink sections be re-coloured for free? (And how awkward will this be?)

Possibly relevant information: I had it done at a training college's salon, BUT the colourist was not a student, he was the major supervisor. Also, it wasn't a free cut & colour: the cut was really cheap, but I paid almost market price for the colouring.

Not related: Have you tried Pimm's? If so, do you like it, and how do you prepare it?

WTH do I do?

I have thisCollapse )

But it didn't come with instructions on what do add to it? It has all the dry ingredients, I'm assuming, but no directions on cooking time, temp or what wet ingredients to add? 

Should I try to make it with water or milk?

Edited to make picture bigger.

peggy hill, king of the hill

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I want to check how much is left on this visa gift card my dad got for me. On the website it asks for card number and something called CVV2.
It looks like a regular credit card, so which of all the numbers on this card are the card number and CVV2?!
Evil Me

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I live in a condo building with a bunch of older people. They like to hang out in the lobby together sometimes, which is fine. Someone made a sign and put it on the bulletin board saying people should go to the lobby tonight to hang out if they want to. Someone wrote on the sign "I would rather not"

This is unnecessarily rude, y/y? I'm not involved in it and I'm not attending, but WTF?

Will you share with me your last experience with rudeness?

Since I Don't Want to Talk About NYE

What TV couples do you absolutely love???

What TV couples do you absolutely hate?

I figured I'll explain myself a bit. By my question I mean TV series... I think everyone's with me on that. Anywho, I've been going through a Buffy the Vampire Slayer phase (this happens to me every now and again) where I can't stop watching episodes. Sometimes it's in order, sometimes just my favs. Anywho, I got into a debate with someone about Buffy/Angel versus Buffy/Spike. This was the real question I wanted to ask, but I'm unsure how many of you have seen or like the show.

Who do you think was the better couple: Buffy/Angel or Buffy/Spike?

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1) How do you forgive your SO for cheating on you?

2) Okay, so traveling on wikipedia one night I ended up on the ejaculation page (I started out wiki-ing "Hyperion"). There's a NSFW video on there of a guy in the process of ejaculation. How do people go about making videos of that kind of stuff for, say, biology classes? Do you place an ad in the newspaper for an ejaculator? Hire a porn star?

3) Why is it that drawings of sex positions in sex manuals are such ugly turn-offs? Like they hire the worst artists to do it or something. Or am I just looking at the wrong sketches?
Old school

Not drinking...yet

What's the best definition of vagabond?

Drifter, nomad
Adhesive used to glue someone's labia closed

What's the best definition of gummy bears?

Chewy multi-colored confection in the shape of bears
Bears that didn't brush after every meal

What's the best definition of period underwear?

Panties a girl will wear when she's menstruating
Bloomers or ye olde undergarments

Are you sick of New Year's questions yet? I'm not!

Do you really think you'll achieve your New Year's resolution(s) this year TQC? Why do so many people make resolutions that are too ambitious or far-fetched to achieve?

My only resolution for 2010 is "be happier," so I sure as hell hope I do it :P

Do you think your 2010 will be better or worse than your 2009?

What was the last thing you ate?

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In exactly 24 hours I will be getting on a plane to go overseas on exchange for 6 months (Australia to San Fran, whoo!). I will be living in a university dorm, which I have never done before.

What have I forgotten to pack?

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What would you do if you had a doctor or dentist(or something like that) sexually harass you?

Do you think there's a 'scale' of sexual harassment or it is what it is?

I see an orthodontist and at my last appointment he came up to me and said "You look mighty relaxed, do you want me to kiss your neck?" Then started talking about being a Chippendale's dancer and stripping. I'm sure he was joking and he thinks he is hilarious but it made me feel very uncomfortable. I was like "Wait, did he just say that?" I didn't know what to do or say at that moment so I did nothing. I'm worried about going back for my next appointment and my idea is to set my phone to record so if he says anything again i have proof. If it does happen again, I still have no idea what I should do.

Even though there were people there who heard him, I feel like no one would believe me and he's the boss so who the hell would I make a complaint to? You know? I don't think his teeth minions would side with me on the matter anyway.

Do you guys think I'm overreacting to a simple joke?
devon ramen

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so there's a house party i'll be going to tonight, with my SO. i went to like 50 of these over the summer and never paid shit for drinks, and now i feel bad. the drinks the hostess gets from the border are pretty cheap (like $12-20 for a big bottle of liquor).

how much should my SO and i chip in? nobody else is chipping in, and i don't drink excessively.. so how much do you think is appropriate?

i feel like $5 each is too offensive, but $10 each is too much, but giving anything in between seems weird. halp.
françoise laugh

Another NYE post.

So this band Quasi is doing a show where they're covering songs by The Who for New Year's Eve at a venue in town. It's sold out, but a couple of friends were going to drive up and try to get tickets since they always save some at the box office for the day of the show. They decided they don't have the money to do so, so I'm left with no plans.

1. Would it be lame to go try to get tickets (which will involve lots of waiting in line) just to go to a show alone on New Years? I won't even be able to drink more than maybe one beer, since I'll be driving home afterward.

2. Should I instead just hang out with my parents and sing karaoke and play board games or something?

3. For those of you alone tonight, what are your plans?

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There's a zombie outbreak. Oh no.

What songs do you have on your playlist? Either to gear you up for the killins, to motivate you while you trawl the deserted streets looking for survivors or to make the whole thing seem incredibly epic.

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I was invited to "dinner and stuff" for New Years, with a follow-up call with details to be forthcoming. By when should I be hearing details? It's only 4ish but I am getting paranoid that they are bailing on me.

Party Muzakkkk

TQC! Im in dire need of some new tunes and since I'm super cool and having a three person party tonight, I wanna have some good jams to keep the mood alive. So, what are some great dance party songs that will keep us awake until the ball drops?

Ex. I love Lady Gaga and I recently downloaded Ke$has Animal which is fun and upbeat.

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What's the nicest way to tell my boyfriend that I'm getting tired of hanging out with both him and his best friend everytime we're together? I like his friend and all, but in the past two weeks, we've only been alone together twice. I feel about it because he loves it when I get along with his friend and stuff...but I want some alone time too. I just don't want to hurt his feelings.

Do you like your SO's friends?

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Im starting a cooking blog! (i know, its cliche) But I need a creative cute name.

Mine is gonna be a lil weird.

I'm a college kid with only a toaster oven, a george foreman grill, an electric skillet, and of course a microwave to cook with.

And I want to make food that is mostly from scratch, limiting frozen, packaged, pre made foods as possible.

Im trying to be healthy here.

I need blog name suggestions. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Terrible youtube behind cut
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1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome is this song?
2. What is it about being these fellows that makes them scream so much? Serious and non-serious answers welcome
3. Do you like song with autotune?
4. Does pointless screaming make autotune more bearable?
5. Ladies, in the end were you a little disappointed you weren't going home with these cool dudes? Be honest
6. There's a man in the pig suit in the video. Does being into furries make the band more or less likable?
7. In the end of the video, who's more offended? Muslims and Jews because of the pig mascot, or everybody else who watched it?
devon ramen

for the smokers...

if you're a heavy smoker, how many do you smoke a day?
if you're a light smoker, how many do you smoke per week?

i'm a light smoker and i smoke about a pack a week.. in social situations i'd probably end up smoking half a pack a night, or more. i don't want my lips to darken from smoking :(

who's the heaviest smoker you know and how much do they smoke?
my SO's grandma smokes a fucking carton a day D: ok that might've been exaggerated but it's around that much. idk how she's not dead yet tbh.
fox snow

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I was recently ditched by my best friend after she met her boyfriend and I guess she decided friends were no longer important.

Has this ever happened to you? Will you share similar stories?
Sam outside

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My friend and I are going to do a video tonight reflecting on 2009 so that next year we can look back on something other than pictures :)

What are some questions we can answer that will help us reflect on the year?

Some questions we already have: (feel free to answer these too!)
-Were there any new additions to your family?
-What was one of the best movies you saw this year?
-Has your physical appearance changed at all? How?
-What did you do for your birthday?
-Did you go on any trips this year?
Take a Look

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Oh wise and great TQC,

I'm making plush critters for my 4 month-old nephews. Would button eyes be too dangerous? They'd be sewn into 2 layers of fleece fabric.

Embroidering is out, and felt eyes are possible, but a pain in the butt.


ack, fine. felt it is!

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For those of you at home, are you watching the Twilight Zone marathon?
Are there any Doctor Who fans in this comm? Are you anticipating or dreading End of Time part 2? Are you looking forward to the new Doctor?

Don't know or care, do you prefer pie or cake?
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So, say it's dinnertime. You have a choice between the second half of the enormous BLT you had for lunch (seriously, this thing has about 4" of bacon on it), or making yourself a frozen pepperoni pizza. Which do you choose?

It seems like 2009 has been a really shitty year for just about everyone I know. Will you tell me something good about 2009?

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My feet are SO WIDE, I go to the shoe store and try on 11 pairs of cute shoes and maybe 1-2 pairs will fit me. Sort of. The only shoes that really fit are men's sneakers or boots.

So tell me, TQC: what's different about your body that makes clothing hard to find?

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What would you do if you were the last person on earth?
If you could visit any planet, real or fictional, which one would you visit?
Would you agree to be silent for a year if someone paid you a million dollars?
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lol, I'm in Melbourne, Australia, and it's 10:10pm NYE.

There's a massive fireworks display planned for midnight in the city centre. I was supposed to go meet up with my drunken housemate and her drunken friends in the city later (leaving in about a half hour) to watch the fireworks.

BUT for the last 45 minutes it's been raining and thundering and lightning-ing. It isn't abating - I can hear thunder right now, and the rain is quite heavy. One news site says "fireworks organisers say nothing short of a cyclone will stop the displays", but another says that the display would be cancelled if there was lightning, to protect technicians.

I should just stay home, yes or no? If I stay home I could just walk to the corner at midnight and get a somewhat decent view of the fireworks in the distance...

lol @ ~mother nature~ putting on her own NYE pyrotechnics display.