December 30th, 2009


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i have eaten nothing all day and am in the mood for some srs pigging out

tqc, what should i eat?

bagel bites (three-cheese kind)
french toast sticks
mint chip ice cream

alternatively, what do you pig out on?

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How many rolls of toilet paper do you have stockpiled? How long do you anticipate your supply will last you? Is your brand one that is oh-so-pleasing to wipe across your backside, like you imagine clouds feel against the derrieres of the gods upon Mount Olympus after dropping their divine deuces into the Aegean Sea?

Does the sight of regularly-shaped things (bricks, softcover books, cans, boxes of Toblerone, bouncy balls, and so on and so forth) make you irrationally happy? Does feeling them—running your fingers over them, feeling every curve, every corner, every perfect angle slide across your sensitive flesh—make you giddy like a grammar school kid learning that today is a snow day?

If you had to travel down into a spooky, dark basement in a house you were unfamiliar with, what would you take to defend yourself with? Would you keep close by your side your fierce, faithful kitten, who fears nothing but the sound of a can opener coming and going without so much as a morsel of tuna being delivered to it?

Bad choices

What's more disgusting?

Banging your first cousin
Banging someone dressed like a border collie (furry)

Which would you rather do?

Pay $500 to play strip poker (one on one) with the celebrity of your choice
Get paid $500 to play strip poker (one on one) with Rush Limbaugh

What would you rather do?

Bury a dead crack whore in the Vegas desert by yourself
Have sex with a live crack whore...without protection

What tattoo would you rather get?

Six-pack on your abs (so it looks like you're in shape)
Sarah Palin's face as a tramp stamp

What would you sooner set fire to?

Every book you own (your entire library)
Every CD and DVD you own
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TQC, i've been in a funk the past few days. i think because my new years plans got ruined with my boyfriend. being in a LDR is for the birds. can you cheer me up? have any funny pictures/gifs or stories? how do you get over being bummed out?

dkdc, what's the next thing you're looking forward to?
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TQC, I'm trying to scroll through my pictures I took at a concert tonight (SEE ICON OMG!), but for some reason, my windows' gallery thing is skipping 10 pics at a time...aka being a pain in the ass. Aside from getting a mac, what can I do to fix this?

How many concerts did you go to this year? Who was the headliner?
9 - Britney x2, Lady Gaga, Montgomery Gentry, Jake Owen, Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Craig Morgan, U2

Any major concerts on your 2010 horizon?
Eric Clapton! Maybe Bon Jovi--idk. Most country concerts are announced closer to the date, so no idea there yet.

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I just found out from my dentist that my wisdom teeth are 'coming in'. I have been petrified at the idea of wisdom teeth for ages, since all of my friends have gone through getting them removed (though i know that isnt always necessary) and it seems painful. I know they wont actually erupt or do much for probably a year or more, but im still worried :(

Can you tell me a story about wisdom teeth?Yours, your friends, anyones. Anything funny or really scary! Removing much they hurt you...when you got yours...

birth control

does anyone have any really good experiences with different kinds of birth control?

i've been on different kinds for 6 years and a few months ago took a break from them all only to realize that they are why i am crazy and emotional. i need something new.

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Will you share your ~creepy~ experiences? Not necessarily with the supernatural, just creepy things that have happened to you or someone you know.

Inspired by the random someone-is-watching-me feeling I just got. :(

MADE BY angiebum!

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TQC, What age difference between a couple is too much? Do you feel that people can love no matter what their age difference?

I got asked out by a guy that's 7 years older than me. I like him but the age difference is weirding me out a bit. Should i just suck it up?

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If you could have an vehicle, from any movie, what would it be?

MINE: I really want the bike with the side car from Garden State :D (if only I knew what it was), and any Trans Am. I miss my old two. :(
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I'm looking to achieve a copper blonde shade similar to this, if a bit darker/browner. The problem is that I'm Asian, therefore have naturally black hair, and currently it's a very dark shade of red with brown highlights--so I'm guessing the only way I can achieve that is by bleaching it to a light blonde first, and then dyeing it again. However, I'd really rather not have to walk around for two weeks with blindingly blonde hair, since it wouldn't suit me very well, but at the same time, I know it's an intense process that could do some damage. :\ Still, when I went in to get my highlights done professionally, the stylist had to bleach them first, and added the colour right after, and everything was fine. My hair is generally pretty tough.

So, is it really a bad idea to do this in one sitting with box dye? I know they advise against it, but I also figure it's a different case for everyone. Thank you for the help. ♥

(PS: No opinion!comments on the colour itself, please. XD It's a pretty colour, gosh dang it, and I will achieve it someday.)

Edit: I know it's bad form to delete posts, but crisis pretty much averted. Received the advice I wanted from my sister, but thanks for all the opinions, guys!
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Math problems suck


Two people are coming and all three of us are friends with each-other. One is coming to visit over New Years and has to be picked up at the airport at 8 AM on Dec. 31st. Another friend of mine has a layover in the same airport on the same day at 1 PM on the way to Australia. We all want to see each-other. I don't have a car, and it's three buses to Los Angeles airport. Renting a car is gonna cost $60 a day and most car places are closed for a couple days after New Years. I lost my job after I arranged this trip and can't afford a car for half a week. I only know two people with cars and neither are available.

What am I gonna do?


What is the most unusual animal you have ever had for a pet? or had to care for?

Nothing strange? Tell me how jealous you are of the toaster I got my SO for Christmas. It burns Darth Vader into the toast!

And everyone else, have a lovely evening/morning/whatever.

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Are there any good websites (or books) that can help me brush up on certain concepts of Algebra and Calculus without actually having to go through an entire course? I need to take a math assessment for the university I'll be going to, and it's been at least 4 years since I've had an Algebra class. However, if I don't score 85-100 on the assessment, I have to either go through a month of tutoring sessions, or take 4 extra classes :(

If you dk/dc, what are you doing for New Year's Eve?

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Are there any store similar to ModCloth that carry retro-inspired plus size clothing? My boobs and butt won't fit into anything on ModCloth and they have a strange way of measuring clothes which makes me think it's intended for people of less ample proportions.

Don't know or care, will you tell me what you plan to do today?

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Our brand spankin' new DSLR arrives today but I probably won't be home to sign for it. ): Do you think the UPS guy would leave it on the doorstep if I put a note on the door saying it's ok to do so? Something tells me he won't but gahhh... I really don't want to be chasing after them later.
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A+ Refresher material?

I earned my A+ cert back in 2002, and well, some things have changed in the interim.

Are there any online courses or books I can pick up that are focused not on new A+ certs, but on older certs that want to brush up on the changes the IT world has seen recently?

Is it possible and worthwhile to retake the test so I have a more recent cert date? IIRC it doesn't technically expire, but I'm concerned that someone reviewing a resume listing a 2002 cert date and not much recent work in the field might not be too inclined to go with me. I'd have to spend a few days brushing up but I have no doubts about my ability to pass a retest.

Somewhat related. I've got a 14th edition of Upgrading and Repairing PCs. Does the current edition have enough new material to justify the purchase?

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It is currently 9:50am. I have to go to work at 4pm. I have not slept yet.

There is about a 40% chance that if I go to sleep, I will not respond to any alarm set.

Do I risk it and try to catch a little shut eye or push through it and pass out mid-shift?

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Anybody else feel like the days between christmas and new years are awkward and boring?
Will you fill in the blank in order to make today really productive?

TODAY I WILL _________.

If you don't care... what is your current hair care routine?

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When was the last time you overheard someone saying something bad about you?

I just heard my mom gossiping my aunt about how bad my acne has gotten and I'm 'not right in the head'. Nice... Happy holidays to you to, mommy.

So, I have this friend..

No, really. One of my LJ friends wants help making a decision, TQC! You could change someone's life.

The facts:

-She was in a decently paying job, her husband is in dental school til 2010.
-She just got laid off. She got a one-month severance and wll now collect unemployment.
-They have $50k+ in the bank.
-They're also getting student loans for her dental-school-husband and could take out more.
-They were going to start trying to conceive a baby in March.

Poll #1505110 BB or no BB?

What should my LJ friend do?

Go ahead and try for a baby now since she's already not working
Wait until March like planned, get a job in teh mean time even though she'll have to quit eventually
Postpone having a baby a few years/a while until she's back employed for a while
Other (in comments)


stupid nye stuff

I have two choices on NYE. I could go to the Peabody or go to a board gaming party.

Pros for Peabody: traditional NYE. meet new people.

Cons: downtown parking will be insane. need to find someone to go with. Cost $40.

Pros for board gaming: SWEET! NOW I CAN PLAY THAT AGRICOLA EXPANSION! Know everyone; no payment involved.

Cons: Really? board gaming?

Will you decide for me?

body scanners

How do you feel about full-body scanners at airports? Would their appearance impact your decision to fly? Anyone else miss airline peanuts?

edit: I haven't gotten airline peanuts in at least 5 years. I hate you.

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When shopping for a new toilet, what do you look for?
I have been in Japan for almost four months, and I am thinking about adding heated self flushing toilet accessories to the list of 'must haves'.

Also, what have you been up to peoples?

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Have you ever lost a significant amount of money? By significant, I mean like $100 or more. By lost, I mean everything from it having been stolen, losing your wallet, or making a stupid COSTLY mistake like I did last night that could totally have been avoided.

Last night, I locked myself out of my apartment. All of my roommates are gone for the holidays, and I live in a walk up in NYC so there was no lobby security or anything. I had no choice but to call a locksmith, and it cost me a whopping $369. FUCK.
(sorry, I had to vent)

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So I have a friend who lives in another state. Me and my other friend decided to send the out-of-state friend a present for Christmas without him knowing. So I sent it last week and it got there yesterday but was delivered to his apartment complex's office.

Should I assume the office will let him know the package is there or is it possible they will expect him to come get it? He doesn't know we got him anything so I'm worried if he doesn't claim it it will be sent back. Should I try to find the office number and call them and find out what they're gonna do or just give it a little more time?

I think I'm being overly paranoid about this lol
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A friend of mine from high school, whom I haven't spoken with since graduation, contacted me on facebook and said "we should hang out, blah, blah , blah,", then she sent me a bunch of text messages telling me bored she was and how much she was looking forward to us getting together this Wednesday(today).
So yesterday afternoon, I texted her asking her when and where we should meet up. But she hasn't responded.
I have no social skills as well as the infamous ~social anxiety disorder~, so I have no idea how to interpret this situation. Should I call her? Did she remember what I creep I was in high school and decided to ignore me? This is some game? I really have no idea what's going on and its kinda stressing me out.

If you don't care:
What's your favorite pizza topping?

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That's it! The calender is too full! We have to cut out one day. Which day do you say goodbye to?
....We also have to cut out one holiday in your country, which is it? (They cannot be the same day)
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I'm thinking of changing my hair. It's been exactly the same for 5 years.

It's relatively long with bangs, naturally straight but pretty thick, and dark brown/auburnish. It's in good condition and I'd like to keep it that way.

So I'm thinking of dying it. I don't want to do anything really drastic, and I was sort of thinking of dying the underneath or something kind of funky but subtle.

I don't know, really. So what should I do with my hair?

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As scented candles go, which scent is your favorite? What company makes it?

For those of you with anosmia... which, um, scented candle's color is most pleasing to your eye?

For those of you with anosmia and total colorblindness, hmmm... which scented candle has your favorite texture, I guess?

For those of you with anosmia, total colorblindness, and full-body tactile anesthesia... wow. I'm... I'm really, really sorry to hear that.

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Will you look at this set in my Flickr and tell me what part of my sleeve I should get colored in next? It all has to get colored in eventually, so I'm very open to suggestion.

I called my tattoo artist yesterday and left a message. I haven't heard back yet. Should I call again? I don't want to seem like a nag, but I really want to book an appointment!
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Did you know that if you make the "f" sound, and then activate your vocal cords, you'll be making the "v" sound? What are some other neat things like that you know?

Which movie should I watch?

My Fair Lady
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (w/ English subtitles)
Pride & Prejudice (2005 version)
Remember the Titans
Sweet Home Alabama
Walk the Line
The Way We Were
Almost Famous
none of these, jesus christ you have shitty taste in movies
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Poll #1505218 Sex Poll!

Giving blow jobs?

Love it
Hate it
Can take it or leave it but would rather take it
Can take it or leave it but would rather leave it
N/A to me

Getting blow jobs?

Love it
Hate it
Can take it or leave it but would rather take it
Can take it or leave it but would rather leave it
N/A to me

Giving cunnilingus?

Love it
Hate it
Can take it or leave it but would rather take it
Can take it or leave it but would rather leave it
N/A to me

Getting cunnilingus?

Love it
Hate it
Can take it or leave it but would rather take it
Can take it or leave it but would rather leave it
N/A to me


Love it
Hate it
Can take it or leave it but would rather take it
Can take it or leave it but would rather leave it

Pain? (spanking, nails, biting, etc)

Love it
Hate it
Can take it or leave it but would rather take it
Can take it or leave it but would rather leave it

Sex in public?

Done it - love it
Done it - wouldn't do it again
Would love to
Would never, ever
It sounds amazing but I'm too scared to actually try that

Shower sex?

Done it and would do it again
Done it and would never do it again
Ehh, it was okay, I'd do it again if they wanted to but I'm not a huge fan
Haven't done it, would like to
Haven't done it, wouldn't like to

Anal sex?

Tried it - loved it and would do it again
Tried it - hated it and would never do it again
I'm ambivalent but would probably never do it again if it were up to me
Haven't done it but am open to trying
Haven't done it and would never
N/A to me

Roleplaying in the bedroom?

Love it
Hate it
I'm ambivalent but would prefer not to
I'm ambivalent but would not mind doing it
Haven't done it, but I would be open
Haven't done it but I would not like to

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For those of you who have a SO, tell me the story of how you met them?

We both lived at an International Student House (although we're both American). One day I was wearing my college sweatshirt, and he struck up a conversation since he went to law school at the same school. About three weeks later, we were together.

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For Christmas, I got some body lotion and body cream. They are the same scent and same brand, so there is a difference...but what is it? When do I use the cream as opposed to the lotion? 

Have you done anything productive today? I'm finally cleaning up my filthy room.
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My mom is looking to buy a new computer this year. She has always used macs, but only because my step-dad is a die hard mac guy and that was all we had.

I'm trying to convince her to get a PC. My reasoning:
-You will get a lot more for your money (she is not rich, she tells me this all the time)
-Her needs are simple- a PC will do everything she could want or need in the foreseeable future.
-More people will be able to help her with PC issues (including myself and my PC tech boyfriend)
-There are more classes and training opportunities (like adult-ed at our local community college)

She wants a mac and only a mac. Her reasoning:
-Her limited computer skills are mac specific
-The mac store has tutorials
-She will get a teacher discount (and save a few hundred tops)
-She can make a web-site and fliers (apparently this can't be done on a PC)
-She can take a computer skills class and just apply it to the mac (she is easily confused at little computer things- I think this sounds like a terrible idea)

Her main goals for the year are to create a website for her small business and start doing more business stuff with a computer.

Who is in the right? How can I convince her that a PC is what she needs right now?

ETA: She asked me to help her pick one out

obtaining a permit in Massachusetts

Ok, gun-toting Massholes, this goes out to you:

How difficult was it to receive your gun permit within the state of Massachusetts? Once obtained, does it require renewing? I'm talking recent applications, after the whole FID card thing was done away with (which was over 10 years ago, at least).
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BYOB etiquette

I'm going to a small New Year's Eve gathering tomorrow, and it's BYOB. I bought a bottle of Yellowtail Bubbles (a sparkling Rose wine). I'm just worried that I'll be expected to share with others, and only end up with a single glass for myself. It's not so much that I mind sharing, but I'd really like to enjoy more than a single glass.

So, will people drink all my wine? How do I go about ensuring that I'll get more than a glass?

(I normally don't bring wine to BYOBs so I'm not sure how this works!!)
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Will you post a picture of your current career (student included)?
Will you also post a picture of your ideal "money is no object you will be well off no matter what as long as you have a legitimate job" career?

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Let's say you could get 2 front row concert tickets to one of the following artists. Who would you pick?

Bruce Springsteen
Lady Gaga
Justin Timberlake
Britney Spears
Rolling Stones
Miley Cyrus
Depeche Mode
Death Cab for Cutie
Carrie Underwood
Jackson Five (or Four)
Jay-Z and Beyonce (double bill)
Beastie Boys
None. I sell the tickets for $$ instead
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microsoft word problem

dumb question, but i'm working on my resume and don't have time for the bullshit microsoft word is giving me right now. if anyone could help it would be awesome!

i just want to get rid of a space between lines and it's not letting me do it.

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Has anyone ever been to Germany? More specifically, Berlin and Munich? I'm going for 2 weeks in May. We're visiting the major museums and stuff during the day, but I have nights free as well as one whole free day in each city to do my own thing. Where should I go/do/avoid? I'm planning on poring over Lonely Planet soon, but I'd like to get some firsthand accounts, too.

DK/DC: What is your number one destination?
why so serious?

my mom ruined my macbook!

so she borrows my macbook to look up some recipie this morning and upon its return i notice a big scratch on the surface of the trackpad. I am SO pissed and annoyed. This computer sure didn't come cheap and she comes around and is always so CARELESS with my things! ahh!!!!!!!!

Is there anyway I can fix this?!
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Let's say you're the parent of an 18 year old college freshman. Your daughter brings home her brand new 20 year old (first ever) boyfriend of a month and a half. He seems like a nice enough guy, but is kind of shy around you for obvious reasons. Your daughter has made it clear that she wants to sleep in her bed with him overnight - door closed, lights off, that's all she wrote - and will probably pitch a whiny shit fit if she doesn't get her way. (The boy would most likely be fine left to fend for himself in a bed alone for one night).

There is also an 8 year old sibling in the house in the room next door, if that influences your decision at all.

What do you do, TQC?

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In this poll, you're stuck with 2 front row tickets to one of the following artists. You have to go. However, you can pay $100 to get out of the deal. Who do you see?

Insane Clown Posse
Jonas Brothers
Clay Aiken
Limp Bizkit
Amy Winehouse
Hootie and the Blowfish (reunited for one night only)
Ashley Tisdale
Barry Manilow
Ashlee & Jessica Simpson
Steven Segal sings the blues
Miley Cyrus
Jazzy Jeff (one time partner of Will Smith...back in the 80s)
I pay the $100 to get out of this weird scenario
happy ^

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Ok, TQC.. I'm an idiot.

I've been on Yasmin birth control for four years and for the first time ever, I messed up!

Sometime last week, I took 2 pills in one day and I was having sex all week. I realized I'd doubled up on Thursday ! 10pm (which is when I ALWAYS take my pills), so I didn't take a pill that night but instead took Friday's very early- at 3pm. -- the doubling up must have happened either Tuesday or Wednesday night.

I took Saturday's pill on time, and have been taking them like normal and perfectly since.  I am so used to not even worrying about this, that I had sex yesterday. I am now spotting, and my period is supposed to start this coming Monday.

Did I do the right thing with the pill?
Why do you think I'm spotting?
What should I bang my head against to punish myself for being so stupid?
What should I name my potential child?
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Let's say there is someone you are very much in love with.

Due to various circumstances in your life, you've had to move away from them, and you only had one night, just dinner and a movie, together. But you talk regularly online and on the phone.

This person has known for a very long time that their life goal is to move to Japan and live there forever. You have known for a very long time that your life goal is to move to New York City and live there forever.

Would you consider moving to Japan with this person, and give up your NYC dreams?
Would you try to persuade them to stay stateside?
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If your SO had a friend who was obviously interested in him/her and spent a lot of money buying them gifts, how would you feel? Would you want your SO to ask their friend to stop? Would you want your SO to not accept these gifts? Would you even care?

What are your new year's eve plans?

(no subject)

If you're dressing up for NYE, will you post pics of your outfit (or closest Google Image approximation) pls?

What are your plans for tomorrow and who is doing that with you?

I'm now moved into an apartment in the downtown area of the city, and I have to rely on the bus system and walking to get to work/school/etc. How long before I get raped and/or stabbed by a crazy person? My mum says "ANY DAY NOW OMG BE CAREFUL." I <3 my mum.

I want to get some (removable) wall decals to decorate my new room with. I like, which decal set(s) should I get?

computer question

Soooo after several attempts by many people to fix our shitty computer, I can't access my iTunes because it says that the "iTunes Library.itl is locked, on a locked disk, or you don't have write permission for this file". WHAT THE HELL, PEOPLE.

if it helps, we just added (and then fixed) an additional memory hard drive, and then we defragmented.


dk/dc: when is your birthday?

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I have a recurring dream where I'm in failing math class - either I don't understand the material or I have ditched class so many times that I need to retake it. I have this dream at least once every 1-2 months.

I haven't taken a math class in 4 years, and I have always been pretty good at math.

TQC, what do these dreams mean!?

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Have you ever dialed 911*? How did that turn out?

Have you ever stayed in a hospital overnight? How did that turn out?

*or your local equivalent

Alternatively, what do you get at Coldstone Creamery if they have one where you are?

Psychology and quizes?

Probably about 3 years ago, I met someone once and we had a conversation about psychology. He had this book and it had a lot of small quiz's in it. You would answer small questions and it would then tell you something about yourself.. I would love to find a book like this, and also find out what its called.

EXAMPLE "If you saw an ex or one night stand you would a. b. or c. I picked wave and say hello" It then told me something like "You arent embarrassed to confront people whether they are your life time friend or a one night fling, you will always say hello" We didnt talk about it to much but it was always listed in questions of situations.
Does anyone know anything about this book or type of characterizing?
Xposted in whatwasthatone.
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If you have one sibling of the same sex, would you feel obligated to have them in your wedding party?

If more than one sibling of the same sex, would they all be in your wedding party?

Or would it not be an issue and you would a)have them in your wedding party, no hesitation or b)they wouldn't even be a consideration?

My sister is getting married and we had already agreed we would be each other's maid of honor. I just talked to a girl who doesn't think someone should be in your wedding party just because they're your sister but I guess it's because I'm fairly close with mine that I'd want her to stand for me.
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dear dr tqc,
what do you recommend be done about plantar warts?
can they be fixed without dry ice?
my husband and I are in france at the moment and our french is not so great, so we can't really ask a doctor or pharmacist.

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I want to put a simple glaze on a cake I just made, but I don't like powdered sugar. Is there some kind of cooked glaze made with regular sugar that I could use? Google is not helping me without an icing name or something.

(no subject)

A man walks up to you and offers you 750 million dollars (or whatever your local currrency is) if you agree to become a recluse in the country for ten years. You cannot leave your estate ever. The estate has plenty of trails for walking and exercise and you receive enough money for living expenses and a little left over for entertainment. You cannot have face to face contact with anyone except the person who buys your necessities (food, drink, clothes, household goods), runs errands, and pays your utilities, the mail carrier, and the handyman. You are also not allowed to use a computer or mobile phone to contact anyone. You will only receive the money upon completion of your tenth year as a recluse. Will you accept the challenge or walk away?

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1) have you ever heard of objectum sexuality? what do you think of it?* is there anything sexuality-related that you just can't help but be a little weirded out by, even if the act doesn't hurt any of the participants?

2) besides tqc, what is your favorite lj community? any links to any "legendary" posts?

3) what were your favorite chapter books growing up?
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*on a related note, does anyone know where i could watch that bbc documentary "married to the eiffel tower"?

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My brother just bought my husband and I a xbox 360. My husband is happily playing madden 10, but I really want something for myself. I went to best buy to find a game, and I couldn't find anything I want! I thought the family game night would be fun, but the games are kinda boring.

I don't play a lot, mostly because I don't have a lot of time and I don't do well with anything complicated lol. I like things like games, puzzles, harvest moon and so on. I don't like star wars, shooting games, sports and so on.

Is there anything for me?? Please?

If you dk;dc, what games do you like to play?
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(no subject)

Ever struck out on a spontaneous road trip? (in your state, country, or abroad, whichever)
How'd it go?

I'm not the only one who stocked up on candy canes for next year, am I?
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I just got my birth control prescription filled a few days ago, it was three months worth. I had it in my purse... my purse was stolen last night. Will they give me it again without me being three months short at the end of the year?

I can only get the prescription at a years worth at a time, and can only go once a year to my gyno to get another years worth.
Is this making sense?

Has this ever happened to you before? Should I talk to the pharmacist or someone at the doctors office? I need this for the whole year, not just 9 months worth D:

Can I just go to planned parenthood and get a prescription from them and avoid the police? And have enough to last the year?
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Your brother tends to have no courtesy when it comes to common manners/respect. He is visiting from out of town and you are letting him use your bathroom (as in the one attached to your fucking room). You come home and notice the towel you've been using for 3 or 4 days is hung funny. You approach him and he casually giggles and says "oh I've been using that the entire time you've had it hung up." You're really mad because you know he knows that it's OBVIOUSLY YOURS. Then he adds "I wiped my butt with it some, too." AND LAUGHS MORE. He thinks it's fucking hilarious!

So you've been drying yourself with your brother's fucking shit for three days. How do you react? Keep in mind there are both toilet paper and literally 20 other clean towels to use.

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What was the last thing one of your siblings did that really annoyed you?

My brother called me a couple of hours ago, asking where he could get cardboard boxes because he's moving soon. I told him to go to a self storage place and he was all, ".....Yeah, maybe. Anyway can you ask Mum to call me when she gets home?"
And now my mum's just called him, and given him EXACTLY the same advice I did about the boxes and he's all, "Oh yeah I hadn't thought of that, thanks!"

For those of you without siblings - are you happy to be an only child, or would you rather have a brother or sister?

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I've been wondering this for a while and the posts about restraining orders reminded me of it.

Is there a difference between a restraining order and an order of protection? I tried googling it and most of the stuff I found says they're the same thing, just different names. But people have told me they're different and that an order of protection is "less serious".

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I'm hoping to move to Ireland from the UK for a few months/weeks this summer on a working holiday. While I have family members living in the city I would like to live, I don't feel like I can encroach on them. I'm a student so saving now isn't really an option.
So, how do I earn money to get me there and to pay rent/a hostel bill for the first few weeks?

Have you gone on a working holiday? How did you fund it?