December 29th, 2009

Wonder Woman

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 Would you voluntarily go on The Tapeworm Diet?  And yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.

If not voluntarily, what would it take to convince you?  Money?  If so, how much?  Or maybe you'd want something else?

Edited to add my answer:

I wouldn't do it voluntarily.  But honestly, if you give me 500K and are willing to pay for medical treatment to monitor my health and make sure I don't suffer any nasty side effects, I'd do it.
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Ok, TQC-

I was [again] watching a clip of the Pope being knocked down by that red-hooded crazy lady this morning, and the first quote that came to mind was, "Throw him to the floor, Centurion!" Or, if it helps, "Thwow him to the fwoor, Thintillion."

Do you have any idea what movie/scene I am talking about?

If yes, would you like to see the real-life Pope scene edited on YouTube to have this quote playing in the background?
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Are you sexually dominant or submissive?

Do you think that people tend to be either or does it shift? Or something else.

What percentage of women do you think will answer "submissive"? I say 92%.
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Which of  these superstitions do you follow/believe in?

Which of these do you believe in?

Friday the thirteenth is an unlucky day
A rabbit's foot brings good luck
A 4-leaf clover brings good luck
If you walk under a ladder, you will have bad luck
If a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck
To break a mirror will bring you seven years bad luck
To open an umbrella in the house is to bring bad luck
Wearing your birthstone will bring you good luck
If you blow out all of the candles on your birthday cake with the first breath you will get whatever you wish for
After receiving a container of food, the container should never be returned empty


A lock of hair from a baby's first haircut should be kept for good luck
When a dog howls, death is near
A sailor wearing an earring cannot drown
If you shiver, someone is casting a shadow on your grave
You must get out of bed on the same side you got in on or you will have bad luck
To give someone a purse or wallet without money in it will bring that person bad luck
It is unlucky to rock an empty rocking chair
Washing a car will bring rain

Edited, for her pleasure.

Have you ever gone into a sneezing fit after orgasm? Do you find the circumstances in which you orgasmed have any bearing on whether or not you go into a sneezing fit?

Have you ever experienced someone else going into a sneezing fit after orgasm?

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for those of you who take it up the pooper, what is the first thought that enters your mind the moment your holy brown eye is penetrated?

I just want to know what is running through y'all's heads
zσмвιє мαяιƖуη
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Where do you buy posters/prints?

I'm looking for Louis Wain prints, specifically ones similar to Collapse ) and I'm not having much luck (I've searched google/, allposters, amazon, ebay, etc.)

tl;dr: What posters do you have in your room, TQC?
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I just reactivated my Netflix account and I want to watch some documentaries. I love political, social/cultural, and historical subjects. There's about 250 pages of documentaries on Netflix that fall under those categories; that's a lot to pick from. So you tell me, TQC, what should I watch?

Some of my favorite documentaries are Promises, Taxi to the Dark Side, Why We Fight, Harlan County USA, The Corporation, and White Light/Black Rain.

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1. Anyone have exciting New Year's Eve plans? Mine thus far involve sitting around at home, watching Ryan Seacrest, and drinking cheap champagne.

2. What are you looking forward to in 2010? I'm waiting to see if I get into the grad school I want to go to (fingers crossed).

3. Which year of the decade was your favorite and why?
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If you had to take an educated guess, what would you say is in your proverbial blind spot in life?

What is the next gift card you plan on spending?

If you had to chose, would you rather be responsible for shopping and stocking snacks, supplies, drinks and goodies for an office OR would you rather be responsible for their website design?

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Who here has been to Paris? If you were traveling from the United States, was it expensive? I want to go after senior year and I'm wondering how feasible it would be.

If you haven't been to Paris, what's been your favorite destination? 
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In the song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" there's a line that goes
"There'll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long long ago..."

Besides "A Christmas Carol" (does that even really count?) do you know any scary ghost stories about Christmas? Wtf is this song talking about?
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What's your favorite holiday?

What's your favorite holiday?

New Years
Valentine's/Single's Awareness Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Arbor Day
Columbus Day

Or maybe it's in this batch.

My birthday
Everyone else's birthdays
President's Day
Labor Day
Groundhog Day
Veteran's Day
You suck and did not include my favorite holiday so I will leave it in the comments

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have you ever took part in a medical related trial(in which you take a particular kind of medicine for a few months, record down any effects and they pay you in the end)? how much were you paid? did it go ok?

i'm considering going for one because i need money for my school fees. i would get paid around 135 usd. i need to take Chioroquine for around 2 months, write a health diary, give some blood for testing and go to the hospital for 2 times.
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Old Sayings

Did your parents ever have any odd expressions?

If I said something that my parents took as nonsensical, they would say, "Stop talking like a fish."

Since leaving home, I have never heard that again.
Evil Me

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If you have children, or think you might one day, what kind of activities would you like them to be involved with (like sports or whatever)?

Also, why those particular activities?

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Have you ever gotten by on really little money? What were you doing, what kind of work did you have, how did you live? I want you to write a novel about yourself here.

I work barely part time right now at a video store with ridiculously low wages, and I'm kind of intrigued by the possibility of not getting a second job so I could have LOTS of free time to be super productive and paint and draw and work on some of my neglected talents for a while. Maybe I could sell some work online, but I have no idea how easy it is to do that or how good your stuff has to be to get sold.
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Do you end your year right, fixing all your wrongs/having a clean conscience or do you start your year right, going through and doing everything you should've done?

I like to end the year with a clean slate and not think about those things anymore.
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I'm going to an interview today for a temporary data entry position. Besides length of job, what shift I would be working, and the dress code, what should I ask them?

Is it impolite to bring up compensation before the interviewer does?

What do you do to prepare for an interview?
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Arrested Development
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Does the humidity of your environment have an effect on you? For instance, I always just feel happier when there's water in the air, and kind of tense and freaked out when it's too dry.
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i'd love to start eating a healthier, cleaner diet.

any food blogs that you know of that sorta revolve around that?

if you don't know or care - post a picture of your favorite fictional character/animal/monster etc.
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help me dress up

because i NEVER "dress up" and i always feel awkward when i do...

is the following outfit appropriate for a mormon wedding reception?.. and yes, i felt the need to say it was mormon because they have rules about what can be worn but i don't know what could be considered okay (as far as i know; no shoulders showing, nothing revealing, etc.)

crappy phone picture follows
Collapse )
is that okay?

will you post a picture of YOU dressed up so i don't feel like such a dummy dressing up? preferably for a wedding or a wedding reception :D
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There is a car outside whose alarm has been going off for the better part of an hour. It's right in front of my house, too. This happened yesterday, and the cops came and wrote a ticket on the car. The ticket is still there, so I doubt the owner has been back.

Now, besides smashing the windows out so that there is a reason for the alarm going off, what is the appropriate action here?

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Do you know who your significant other's exes are?

If so, how did you find out who they were?

If you had absolutely no idea who your SO's exes were, would you just straight up ask you SO who he dated in the past?
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Vacation ideas

If you and a friend wanted to take a short trip, maybe 4-5 days in February on a semi-limited budget (a few hundred dollars), where would you go?
In or out of the United States. Why? Anything in particular you'd want to see there?
Our thoughts have included Puerto Rico, Alaska, New Orleans.
We both like nature, prefer adventure to lounging on a beach though both would be great.
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I'm looking for an image of the packaging of a wet cat food named Wellness, so I can quickly  grab it from Pets At Home tonight. Trouble is, quite a few cat foods seem to be called 'Wellness' in the names, so what's this top-quality one I've been hearing about?

Failing that, could you recommend a high quality cat food?
I always fed my cat Whiskas growing up and I want to learn from that mistake.

Soda at home

So this is based on an earlier thread here, and is aimed more at the homeowners. Has anyone ever stepped up and installed a restaurant style soda gun into their kitchen before? If so, what kinds of costs/hassles were involved?

If, for whatever reason, you haven't, would you consider this a valid option if you and your family drank a lot of carbonated beverage?

Edit: I should elaborate that neither my wife nor myself drink soda in any sort of volume. What we do drink other than water (and ginger ale when her stomach's upset) is seltzer water, which is just ordinary water that's been carbonated. That we drink in the gallons/week volume. That's the only reason I'm pondering it. Systems like this can also be used for (un)sweetened tea, instant cold tap water, sports drinks, etc. I'd also be concerned if just the 2 of us were drinking that much soda.

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I need to research this more in depth, but was hoping anyone could provide some of their own experiences. After you get married, how does the whole name-changing process go? Is it something you do that week or in the weeks to come?

ETA: Here's my situation.
- I'm getting married on Saturday, 4/24/2010
- I have a week off thereafter, looking at filling this time for a honeymoon
- I am in PA school and will be starting my 8-week Primary Care rotation the following Monday (5/3/2010), but my school requires us to be away for a certain rotations so I have to move to Williamsburg, Virginia for that length of time (I live in North Carolina)

I don't know if I need to only have a 3 day honeymoon so I have time that week in between to go do name changing stuff, or if it will be a few weeks before I have any paperwork to do so. Help!
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Will you please show me pictures of celebrities that you don't find attractive but most other people do?

ETA: sorry guys, I was inspired by an old post in tqc (old being yesterday, haha) and stole its formatting.


I have mid-back length hair. What should I do with it? Go crazy. I want long bits and short bits and maybe some shaved bits and colours.

Where can I find example pictures of similar?

What is the best haircut you've ever had?
Have you ever had a haircut you thought was awesome but your friends/family hated?
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Do you think it is ever appropriate for a waiter or host to casually or flirt in a friendly with the person they are serving? What about when there's free food involved? Has it ever happened to you?

Has anyone here ever used Lush henna dyes to dye your hair? What color did you use and how did you like it? (I'm ordering Caca Marron right now to darken my hair and give it a more auburn color)

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1.) If you had a theme song, what would it be?

2.) Is there a song that perfectly describes a relationship you have? (Could be with a parent, friend, sibling, not necessarily a SO)

3.) Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes? Have you seen the new movie?

Collapse )

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Just some random questions, because I'm bored.

You have the choice of any animal for a pet.  Cost, size restrictions, and how legal it is doesn't matter.  What is it, and why?

Most boring/awesome video game you've played in your entire life?

Do you dwell on mistakes, or move on?

What exactly is that thing that Meatloaf won't do for love?
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Eating in Downtown Toronto?

I'm staying in Toronto and living as cheaply as I can. Can anyone recommend reasonably cheap, (meals under about $10, $15) delicious restaurants? I'm looking for variety here, not Pizza Pizza or Tim Hortons.

Please and thank you!

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You're at the store buying some clothes or whatever. When you finish checking out, you look at the receipt and notice that the cashier didn't ring up an item. What would you do?

Poll #1504840 What would you do?

Would you:

Have the cashier ring up the item he/she missed
Saunter away without saying anything
Something else (explain in comments)
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You have been asked to plan a jailhouse-style wedding for someone. What would you do? What food would be served, and where would it be held? How would you decorate? What games could be had at the wedding shower?
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I'm currently watching Dear Jack and it really shows how he stayed positive and hopeful throughout cancer.

Do you think you'd be hopeful during chemo? Why or why not?

DK/DC, what do you like more, carpet, tile or hardwood floors?

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Argh, I went out while it was snowing (the roads were just wet, completely clear) then one hill was so bad I had to abandon my car. As I walked back, EVERY road but the one I had driven down was completely clear. I am irrationally annoyed. AND it's stopped snowing.
This also means that I can't go to the cinema as planned, as I was going to drive, and the other potential driver has been drinking.
What a pain.
What was the last thing to really annoy and inconvenience you?
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Next week I am going to North Carolina with my dad, between like the 7th and the 12th probably. I'm staying in Raleigh, but I'm planning on going down to the coast for a day or two. (Not sure where on the coast though.) Anyway, if you live near there or have been there before- what fun stuff should I do there, especially in Raleigh or nearby towns? We're on a relatively small budget. We like science-y things, good food and social events.

Minor excitement.

When was the last time you were super excited? Like, more so than you have been in a long time?

I tried on pants today at Forever21 expecting to be seriously let down since I have always been overweight and never fit in ANYTHING in that store. I FIT IN THEM! HOLY CHRIST! I think I squealed a little too loud in the dressing room haha.

A gagantuan poll

Which of these things of mine do you want?

My ugly
My disease
My drama
The touch of my hand
My leather studded kiss in the scene
My revenge
My lover's revenge (the revenge has hearts over it or something)
My horror
My design
My psycho
My vertical stick
My bad romance
Heck. You want my love

P.S. - my everything is currently on back order

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My mother just got pissed off at me because I rang the doorbell like, ten times, to get her to open the glass door which she had locked. You can only reach the lock from the inside, and I was standing out in the cold (it's 9F here and there's about a steady 20mph wind) for five minutes ringing the stupid doorbell.

Should I kick her or should I kick her?

New years eve/my birthday.

I'm having a birthday/new years eve bash at my house.
We are doing open bar, party favors, appetizers, and a place to stay. We are charging $20 dollars to cover the food/favors/liquor.

1. If you were paying $20 to celebrate new years eve what would you want to eat appetizer wise? (I'm thinking fruit, veggie tray, shrimp cocktails, and maybe 2 other items)

2. If you were paying $20 to listen to music on new years eve, what would you want to hear on the playlist?
(Recommend a lot of songs, some dance, some seasonal, popular, not popular but catchy, etc. Nothing to down the mood)

3. Also, I made an event invite on facebook at I have sent out MULTIPLE emails to the "maybe's" stating if they dont let me know I will consider them not coming. I have 20 people still listed as maybe who havent said anything.. Would you plan on all of them not being there or what?

4. If you don't care do you now know what you are doing to celebrate the new year?

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Is it just me, or does anyone else find it ridiculous that many parents are making 'Facebook' pages for their very young children?

I was invited by another friend to befrind their nephew (who is 2) on facebook. WTF? I couldn't help but look to see what the profile said. To my amazement, this kid had 12 friends all of whom where other children.

I have also seen people make pages for their pets. To each his own I guess?!

If you care about none of that, whats for supper?

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What best explains you?

Smarter than the average bear. I'm sure I'd outscore a polar bear in Jeopardy
As smart as a bear. At least I poop in a toilet
Dumber than the average bear. A panda once beat me in a shell game, and I've bought Florida real estate from a kodiac

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Inspired by baking a cake just now:

Is there anything cooking/baking wise that you are just horrible at? I've come to the conclusion that I suck at cracking eggs. They splatter everywhere when I open them and I always wind up picking shell out of the stuff. :(

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I want to buy a fairly cheap curling iron (around $30). I suck when it comes to using them. Is there a curling iron that has a feature that makes it easier to curl hair? Which one do you suggest?

(no subject)

Do you let people borrow your car?

My sister has me stay home week nights to watch my nephew and just asked to borrow my car and I didn't say no but my initial reaction was clearly that I didn't want her to. Is that really petty of me?

(no subject)

So, I live in New Jersey and the furthest west I've been is Harrisburg, PA. I've decided I need to go on a road trip to see more of America.
What cities, places, and sites should I stop at?
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How do you keep your hair from getting crazy tangled during sex?

Do smaller people shiver more in the cold than larger people?

Do you like being in a relationship or single more? Why?
Coffee cups

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What are you doing right now? (Besides playing on LJ, obv)

I am dyeing my hair! And watching the boyfriend play Fallout 3, although I can't see properly because I don't have my glasses on.
Peggy Blink

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Which of these should I watch while I clean?
- Amadeus - never seen it, SO's favorite movie, but I feel I may need to actually focus on it.
- This is Spinal Tap - Duh, classic, seen it a billion times, can giggle while I sort through my clothes.
- Sideways - Because Paul Giamatti is my favorite.

What do you do to motivate yourself to clean? My new laptop charger came in the mail (yayyyy warranty!!) and now I just want to sit here and Internet all night, but my cousin is coming to town tomorrow morning and I need to finish cleaning my room.

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Will you pick one?:

Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks?
Dunkin Donuts

LOTR trilogy or Original Star Wars trilogy?
I like both, but I'm going to go for LOTR

Autobots or Decepticons?

Pepsi or Coke?

Are you watching One Big Happy Family?
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1)This is stupid, but there's a recent song I've been hearing on the radio- taking the whole new york we can make it theme... It's very R & B. I have it in my head, but I don't know who it is. Do you guys know? Is it even appropriate to ask this in TQC?

ETA: thanks. *embarrassed*

2)How many times will you lose in a video game before you give up?

around 4.
Hyde & Jacky
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dr. tqc,

should i take claritin to clear up my sneezes (and sniffles) or is it meant for the other kind of sneezes, yanno, the allergy kind?

what're you doing for new years?


Can someone explain to me what the 2 new ribbons categories are all about? Mystery boxes and more fruits? What makes this different from the previous fruit ribbons?

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Hypothetical (for you, not me. Oh ho ho ho no, not for me. IT IS VERY REAL TO ME.) situation, TQC:

You are gathered around ::people you like hanging around:: and are passing around a bag of ::bagged snack food you all enjoy::. One person grabs a handful and shovels it into their mouth, holding the bag underneath their chin to catch anything they miss. Several crumbs hit their lips—maybe a couple even go in and back out of their mouth—and then fall back into the bag. They then pass on the bag, oblivious to what just occurred. On a scale from one to Holy Indignation™, how much fury is contained within you at this point? In what ways should this behavior be pointed out to the rest of the comrades present, and what punishment should be dispensed?

Unrelatedly, I had a 40 oz. can of yams that expired a year ago. I had plans for this can, ladies and gentlemen! Big, unspecified plans! Yet the can was thrown to the trash by another as if it were only so much useless rubbish. What, TQC, would you do with forty ounces of expired yams in sugar and corn syrup?
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So, I have a laptop, and my parents have a PC downstairs. They don't remember the password to the house wireless. I was wondering if there is a way to get the wireless password off their PC without having to call the ISP, etc? The PC has XP, and I have Vista, if that matters.
O! Mighty Speculum!

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How does one have sex with a jelly bracelet in their vagina?
Have you put anything besides body parts in your vagina?
If you don't have a vagina, have you put your penis in anything besides a body part?

For the girls, mainly.

Inspired by this post from earlier today:

Your SO proposes to you, and he/she gives you an engagement ring. But the ring, it is super awful and completely not your taste.

Are you upset?

Do you tell him/her that you hate it and then go exchange it? DO YOU SAY NO?

Is there any merit to the idea that if the ring sucks, it translates into something bigger?
(Kinda like when Aidan first proposed to Carrie with that shitty gold marquee cut diamond ring?)

I know not everyone does the engagement ring thing, these questions are for if you do.
me cartoony

(no subject)

Should I learn how to 70’s disco dance?

If so, which dances should I learn?

And can you describe the outfit you think I should wear while I’m learning?

And which songs should I dance to?

(no subject)

My family wants me to go skiing tomorrow. I hate skiing. The last time I went I was nine and I crashed into a pole and broke my nose. I'm sixteen now, and my family wants me to go with my cousins tomorrow.
Cons: Ski lifts mean height. I am terrified of heights. I could be spending the day pampering myself and going to the gym. I could be spending the day cooking and smoking pot. I have to wake up at 8 AM for this shit? Also, fucking it's cold in the winter. :( Plus, I just tried on my winter clothes. The pants are two sizes too big for me since I lost 20 pounds last year.

Are there any pros? Convince me that this doesn't suck so much.
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(no subject)

Should I take a random, unplanned trip to San Francisco next week? I'm only 20 (not of legal drinking age) and I don't know anyone there. I also don't know where I would stay or what I would do once there.

EDIT: typo, sorry, I'm 20.
anontang DA

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TQC, why do people feel the need to omit the "a" from "that" when typing? I don't get why they don't just suck it up and press down on the key. Is it really that difficult? The more ridiculous the answer, the better.

Alternatively, what are your plans for New Year's?
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What kind of doughnuts do you like?

I'm making some right now and I can't decide how I want to top them. My options are a glaze on top with sprinkles, chocolate covered, or powdered sugar covered. Maybe I could toss some in cinnamon. I'm going to end up making an unnecessary amount of doughnuts just to get all of the flavors covered.

(no subject)

1. where were you on 9/11?
Collapse )

2. what was your reaction to it?
i didn't cry until i saw the footage of the jumpers.

3. what do you think about the 9/11 truth movement (aka the conspiracy theorists)?
whatever, though i wish they'd stop protesting at ground zero on every anniversary.

4. do you think the past decade will be known for 9/11?

5. knowing what you know now, has your reaction to 9/11 changed since?
the same people who looked down on new york for being the home of the ~liberal elite~ now use the deaths of these thousands of new yorkers for purely political gain, which is both sad and a special kind of enraging. /end rant
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I purchased a laptop on eBay two weeks ago, and received a large box with duct-taped bricks inside today. I'm trying to figure out what to do.

The guy has 100% feedback even now, and has been a seller for 3+ years, so I'm thinking the postman may have done it - especially since the package says it was shipped via Priority Mail back on December 15, which means it should have been here no later than the 18th. If it was the postman, who do I file a complaint with? FWIW, the postman is new; he started working a few weeks ago, about a week prior to me buying the laptop on eBay. The laptop came with complimentary shipping insurance, too, btw.

Or, do I still file the dispute with eBay? And if so, do I file a dispute for Item Not Received, or Significantly Not As Described? Do bricks count as an "item," or do I say the box was empty? Is there any chance I'm going to get my $535 back?

This is the first (and probably last) time I've ever purchased anything on eBay D:

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I love violence, I've just realised. Film violence, not real violence I should specify. I like killing people in disturbing ways in video games, I watch Fight Club for the fights & I revel in gore movies.
I find boxing boring, same as UFC. And the only time I've seen real violence I was terrified. But still I love fake violence.
Which I do frankly find quite disturbing, now that I really think about it.

When was the last time you had some kind of revelation about yourself?
What was it about & what did you think?