December 28th, 2009


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What is your favorite crime drama on television?

Criminal Minds (mmm, morgan)
Law & Order
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
The Mentalist
CSI: Miami (yyyyyyeaahhhhh)
The Wire (why the fuck was this canceled)
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Central FL members: who else is having really bad internet connection? I really hate bright house with a passion right now >O.

Not in Central FL: What was the best part of your day today?
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For those of you who know languages other than your native one, are there any dialects or accents that you have a hard time understanding, or cannot understand at all?

For example, my sister knows French, and can understand anyone from Francophone countries. Haiti, Morocco, parts of West African such as Mali, and can understand them fine. In many cases French is the person's first language. However, with actual French people, it all goes over her head.

My Spanish is okay and I can generally understand most Latin America dialects and accents (although Argentines are more difficult especially because of the use of vos) but if I'm talking to an actual Spaniard...I can't understand at all.

Also when I was in Costa Rica I knew a lot of locals who knew English and I could talk to perfectly fine, but then if a British or Australian person in my group tried to speak to them...nothing. I would have to "translate," basically saying the exact same thing back but in my American accent.

Anyone in here have any similar experiences?

EDIT: I know this is normal, I'm just looking for what others have experienced in this regard.
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Recently I started running, and I want to get an ipod/mp3 player. I've never been interested in mp3 players before, so I have no idea about the different features or pros and cons of the different kinds.

Do you have an mp3 player? What kind? What do you or don't you like about it?

I was looking at the apple website and was pleasantly surprised that an ipod shuffle is only 60 bucks. But then I started looking at the ipod touch and it looks fun. So, any suggestions?

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A week ago I left my university room. I will be returning in a month.
On a scale of 1 (OK) to 10 (evacuate), how disgusting will the, already 2 week old, pineapple I left on the floor be?

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is "tu me mens" the correct way to say "you lie to me" in french?

my favorite words are ocean and laissez-faire. what are yours?

what accent do you consider to be the most attractive?

what author's writing just pisses you off? (besides stephanie meyer)

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So in the last week I've noticed that the skin on my eyelids and general eye area has gotten swollen and really sensitive. I have wrinkles around my eyes. It's like my eyes have aged thirty years, and left the rest of me behind.
I've been getting a lot of sleep, eating regularly, no major changes in face wash/eye makeup/medicine, so I don't think it's an allergic reaction. I'm thinking it's just from the cold of winter. 
So does anyone else have this happen? know any cures? have any idea what it could be?

Thanks in advance! :)
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Let me preface this by saying I am NOT a coffee drinker!

I volunteer at a homeless shelter where I occasionally do an overnight shift... basically just making sure everybody gets breakfast and is out the door at a certain time.

Normally, the coffee pot is empty when I get there at night so I just have to start it in the morning. I barely know how to do that, but I've figured it out. Last night, though, there was half a pot left. I ended up dumping it and starting totally fresh because I couldn't find an answer in a quick google search... but would it have been alright to just add new grounds and water, and dripped more coffee into the already-existing pot?

How do you take your coffee?

What's your order at Starbucks/Caribou/Saxby's/whatever your other overpriced espresso shop of choice may be?
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I need a new Verizon phone, what should I get?

I'm due for my new every 2 on Verizon and I have no clue what I want. Currently I have an old LG that works pretty well for me and has a nice long battery life, but the buttons are kind of weird and I sometimes hit the wrong key and make an ass of myself. So, what should I get?

What I want:
Camera, preferably with a flash
Good battery life
Takes an aftermarket plug-in earpiece (do they all?) I don't use the Bluetooth thing.
Lets me send pix/video
Good interface for texting (i.e. not clumsy). I only send the occasional text and I'm kind of text-impaired so it needs to be simple for that.
Should be free or cost less than $20 with my new every 2.
Bonus points: Has low SAR. I'm kind of paranoid about it.

What I don't need, but I don't care if it's there, I just won't use it:
Music player

I prefer clamshell or slider to candy bar but will entertain any good ideas. Oh and I'd love for it to be red, but that's not a deal-breaker.

DK/DC: What did you have for breakfast today?

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So the three idiots behind me are arguing politics, trade, China...blah blah blah...What arguments do you avoid because other people are dumb and will NEVAR be as enlightened as you are?
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How do you pronounce vase?

For some reason I usually find myself pronouncing it "vahz" (rhymes with gauze) even though I know most people in the US pronounce it "vace" (rhymes with lace). I guess I just think it sounds prettier.
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tl/dr background info: I'm throwing my best friend a bachelorette party; most of her friends are lawyers or wives of lawyers with their own careers. I'm a waitress with an unemployed boyfriend who's flying 2000 miles to get to this party. I don't mind footing the bill for her dinner, but the $200 charge for saving a table at the bar she wants to go to is... kind of a lot of money to me, and if everyone pitched in $10, I'd be more than happy to just pay the other $100.

Actual question:
Is it tacky to ask guests at a bachelorette party to chip in $15 to $20 for the bride's dinner and other party expenses? I'd email them beforehand, of course, rather than asking at the party.

If you've been to a bachelorette party recently, were you asked to chip in financially?
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Do you have pets? Are they weird? What's the last weird thing they did?

My cat just ran from one end of the house to the other and slammed full-speed into the front door. Then he sat there dazed for about a minute before turning around and running back in the other direction.
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1) I'm going to a New Years Eve party and I want to bring a dish. What should I make?
I just got a new KitchenAid mixer so bonus if I can use it.

2) Who is the most famous person you've ever met?
Not that famous but I met Tone Loc this past weekend, hah.
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Will you please show us pictures of celebrities you find attractive that you doubt many other people do?

And will you let other members flock to those pictures and either laugh at you or agree with your choices?

Collapse )

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I have a choice of either an iPod Classic or iPod Nano. I have a pretty big music/TV show collection, which would be really good for the classic (160GB). It'd be nice having all of my music on me at once. The Nano is only 16GB, but, it has a video camera built in, a pedometer, and an FM transmitter, not to mention being much smaller in size.

Which should I buy, Classic or Nano?

Which would you buy?

What is your MP3 player of choice, and why?
all you need is

Ordering photo prints

I have a bunch of photos that I want to get prints of. Thing is, I want them with the anachronistic white border and all of the services I checked (Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid) don't have the option to automatically add that. I would have to individually edit 150 photos, when it used to be you could just click an option to add a white border :(

**So do you know of any photo printing services (preferably with in-person pickup) that make it easy to add a white border to each picture to be printed??

EDIT: I forgot about Ritz, they have an option to add borders. So do you know of a way to easily edit the resolution of a bunch of photos at once? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I just don't relish the thought of individually editing all these low-res pictures...
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So I'm off to Washington DC today and then England tomorrow. It's a four hour car trip and then an eight, I think, hour flight. I already have a backpack stuffed full of books and my writing notebook. Anything else I should take to entertain myself?
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banking help

i'm looking to download or get an online account with accounting software. my bank recommends:

- quicken
- makisoft personal
- money

have you used any of these before? recommendations/complaints?


p.s. i'm canadian. i don't know if that matters but if you haven't heard of any of these that's probably why.

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What does one harvest seedless from grapes if they're growing without seeds?

This is something I could easily look up on the internet, but would rather hear from someone else who looked it up on the internet.

I like to pretend I'm acquiring knowledge the old fashioned way... by asking. :)

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Does anyone at all know where to get a CODEC for windows movie maker, so I can get my now JVC camera's videos, and downloaded youtube videos on there?

If not can anyone tell me about a free movie maker that I can use both on?

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I've just been summoned for jury duty for the first time.

Have any of you ever been summoned for jury duty?
What is it like?
Is it as bleak and tedious as I have heard from a lot of the people I know who've been summoned to jury duty in the past?

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Hai gais! :)

My family decided two days ago to go on vacation to Orlando, Florida in 8 days! And although we're going to some of the theme parks, I would like to visit some new places other than Disney and Universal! If you've been to Orlando before, or live there, what places do you think are a must besides Disney?

Thanks for any suggestions! :)

Also, what is your favorite Disney or Universal attraction? Why?


So i was sitting at the computer drinking a coffee, there were two cups identical [including mine] next to me, so i pick up my coffee cup and proceed to drink it but realize it is in fact not my coffee but the coffee of my sisters which is a day old and i notice i have a cigarette butt in my mouth.
shes a lazy fuck who wont dispose of her Butts properly or get rid of her cold coffees.
Now for someone who thinks smoking is absolutely hideous, this is the worst experience i have ever had.
So has anyone else gone to grab something and realize only too late that it was definitely the wrong thing you picked up/drank/eaten?
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Why does my dad get pissed off at me when I call around to liquor stores to ask questions for him and he doesn't like the answers? Seriously, it's not my fault  this certain type of champagne isn't 5$ a freaking bottle.

One of my cats has been going absolutely bonkers lately. He has no balls, but may have some urge, but he isn't humping anything. He keeps attacking my other cat Mojo and he'll run around the bed and attack the blankets so they slide. WTF is up with him? The only way I can get him to calm down is to turn on my heating pad. He usually curls up on it, but right now, he's longcat and got his head and front paws on the heating pad. It's pretty cute. He also keeps trying to  bite off the bandaid on my elbow. He already tore one off a few days ago.

Do cats like the taste of adhesive? Do cats' saliva neutralize bandaid adhesive? Cause they're now completely unsticky.

What's brown and sticky? haha

Clothing Brand

Hi there,
I've been really frustrated trying to look for this particular brand of clothing. I've searched google with everything I could think of and I've come up with nothing. My mom thinks it's probably a korean brand of clothes but I just don't know. What I have I found at goodwill and the only markings on the lightweight white 3/4 sleeve shirt and calf length pants is the logo below. Does anybody have any clue where I can find more information about this clothing brand so I can buy more of it? Happy Holidays and thank you in advance!

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My ex and I have a daughter together. She and I both have an order of protection against him so he's not in either of our lives right now, if that even matters in my situation. The story I heard was that after my ex broke up with his ex (way before me) he found out she was pregnant and apparently thinks that it's his but she ran away to Oklahoma and won't tell him if it's his kid or not. Today I found his ex's profile on myspace.

Would it be a completely horrible idea to contact her and ask? I just have this feeling like my daughter deserves to know if she has a half-brother. Or should I just leave it alone?

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I just saw a commercial for NetZero dialup for $9.95/month. Holy flashback, Batman!

Do you still have dial up?
Do you know anyone who still has dial up?

Don't know or care: what alcoholic drinks do you absolutely hate? Will you name brands?
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I sold one of my textbooks through and the person buying it happens to live less than a mile away. I emailed them about dropping it off instead of paying for postage...but they have not responded back. Should I just leave it in their mailbox or just mail it? That would save me almost 4 dollars!

ETA: I decided that I'm just going to mail it. I wasn't too comfortable with hand delivering it unless I was given permission by the I'll just mail it to her since she hasn't gotten back to me. Thanks for your opinions! :)

Cell phone switching...

I have been a true AT&T fan from the get go... my husband was a Verizon fan from the get go until we got married and he joined my account (he wanted the iphone)... but now we are stuck on trying to decide if we should switch.

My issue is that I'm tired of the AT&T network being overloaded to the point that I cannot call out, i am getting voice mails when the network didn't even ring my phone, and text messages are coming through days later than when they are sent to me.

Any AT&T fans getting tired of the network overload? Did you find a solution?

For those not with AT&T
What network are you on? And why did you pick that network? Did you switch after having issues with another carrier?

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how do i get my dog to stop digging in/knocking over the fucking trash? i've tried every kind of trash can i could find, including big heavy metal ones with those lids you have to press down on a button to open and his fatass still figures out how to get into them.

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Did you get any gifts that you won't use/didn't like? What are they?
If you got any giftcards, where are they from?

If this gift shit is getting to be annoying, will you please describe your typical posture while you are sitting at the computer? You can draw me a stick figure to emulate it in paint if you aren't too lazy.

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so i just turned 19 i live in massachusetts, its gotten to the point where it is not good for me to live at home anymore with my family fighting all the time, i have some money. i am up for moving anywhere in the country but i dont know where.

can you please give me ideas? also reasons why? i want to be near a big city with a lot of stuff going on.
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About how many books did you read in 2009?

I had a goal of reading at least one book a month, so I was keeping track. I read 16, but I hope to do better in 2010.

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1. Are there any "mobile" food places (like carts/stands) that you go to? Are they good?

There's this little stand on the side of the road here called "Taqueria El Jalapeno" and I would love to try it, but I've always been really wary of places like that. I'm afraid I'll get sick or something.

(Edited in another question I thought about just now)

2. Every time I've been at my boyfriend's house for the past few weeks, I've noticed a tree in his neighbors yard that has some kind of fruit on it. Today, some were on the ground, so I asked him to go get one, lol. He brought it back and it was an orange! GROWING IN WINTER. It gets down to about 28F at night; and I thought oranges just grew in ~tropical~ climates like south Texas and Florida. Is that odd? How are they keeping that thing alive?

two completely unrelated questions

1) Why are blood relationships so damn important to some people? I understand if you have a baby then you have a responsibility toward that child. But why does your 3rd cousin or your half-sibling who's shared parent you're estranged with matter? Haven't we progressed enough as a society that what kind of person you are and what kind of personality you have is what matters not who you share DNA with?

2) I was told by someone that had been to England recently that the pubs there close at midnight. If alcohol sales in the US were legally required to stop at midnight, do you think it would have a positive effect (cut down drunk driving, etc)?
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TQC, it's been ages since I posted here...but here are two queries for you to ponder....

1) I want to buy a pair of pink pumps with some of the Christmas money I got. How about some suggestions for brands/stores/online sites to check out?

2) I feel like watching a movie while working out later. Any suggestions? Something under 3 hours please ;)

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At what point do I have to discard the Santa hat and beard?

I've kinda grown fond of them -- but i also don't want to violate any cultural imperatives akin to not wearing white after Labor Day.

im french

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Have you ever moved somewhere that would be considered "far"? How did you do it? I've never moved anywhere out of a 20 mile radius in my life and I want to. How did you bring your stuff? What's the protocol here?

Does anyone here live in Austin, TX?

What do you think would be a good place for someone who thinks New York sucks but hasn't lived anywhere else?

Basically I want to hear about your moving adventures and where you live and why.
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I'm leaving tomorrow to visit family in Maryland for a week.
What am I forgetting to pack?

What do you usually forget to pack when you travel?

How many pairs of pants should I be packing for 7 days?
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Do you find that you judge people who are overambitious with their use of adjectives for themselves? For example, would you judge either of these two people more than the other?:

Person A: I'm a wild and crazy guy, who knows no limits. I do all kinds of fun stuff all the time and am definitely incredibly spontaneous!
Person B: I'm someone who is always up for anything and everything, anytime.

Have you ever done trapeze?
no but it looks super fun and I'd love to do it!

What was the last big disappointment you had?
Went out for lunch at a place that was supposed to be ~awesome~. Paid $9 for some french toast that tasted terrible, and it was the only vegetarian thing on the menu :(

What was the last display of simple thought you saw?
Last night, my brother was on the phone with one of his female friends and was playing video games, so he wasn't talking enough. She said "either say something or I'm hanging up". He hung up. She called back screaming at him, because she "wasn't serious". He was very annoyed.
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8 times out of 10, my boyfriend will either say something I was just about to say, or say something in response to a question I was just thinking about.

Can he read my mind, or are we soul mates? Crazy coincidences?

How often does this happen to you with someone you're close to?

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I'm thinking of new ways to be artsy and cool about my dorm room. I just transfered into a new dorm. Any ideas as to what I can do to make it look more bright and colorful?

Post some pictures of your dorms. What did you do to spice it up?

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I have been planning on a big trip somewhere for the past year or so. But there are so many places in the world I want to see, I can't pick one. How can I decide where to go?

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Let's say you own a house with a rental house in the back. The previous tenant moved out and now you're looking for someone else to move in. Below are the list of prospective tenants. Who would you pick to live behind you? Let's say they're all employed and have money

Family of 7. All of the kids are under the age of 5 and were pretty loud and argumentative when you met them
Single man, 40ish. Shows up in a fishnet shirt which shows off his pierced nipples, and wearing a dog collar. Willing to pay for the first 3 months up front. Asks if the floor 'hoses off' afterwards without specifying 'after what'
Couple, 20s. He's dressed like a headbanger/heavy metal fan and you notice a drum kit in his truck
Friendly couple. Positive. Before they leave they hand you a free Bible
Two buxomly 20something girls in the shortest skirts you've ever seen. They ask how late they can have 'clients' i mean 'guests' over
Hickish couple. 30something. Both have mullets and NASCAR shirts
Couple, 20s. They're very nice in a hippie kind of way. They utterly REEK of pot
Your ex
Corey Haim
Charming man. 50s. Suave and funny. He tells you that he's bound by law to inform you that he's on the sexual offender list over an incident that happened 10 years ago involving public nudity, alcohol and a schoolground
Single woman. 50s. Admits that she owns 15 cats
500lb man. 30something. Gets disability checks
Gay/lesbian person. Early 40s. Hits on you most of the interview, but not blatently. Nice enough otherwise
Widow. Late 80s. Kind of feeble and not in the best of health
Man. 20something. Really good looking with athletic body. Elusive about his employment. Asks during interview if there's a pawn shop within walking distance

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If you're IM-ing or texting someone, and they stop replying in the middle of the conversation, do you send another message or just let the conversation die?

On the other side, if you're the one that stopped replying, and the other person sends another message anyway, do you find this annoying or not?

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Do you have a co-worker where you find it impossible to get along with them, regardless of whether they have ever done anything 'wrong' to you? Why?

How do you/would you deal with having to work with them? Srs & non-srs answers welcome.
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When someone sends you a package, do you let the person know you got it?
Do you send thank you cards/notes/emails?
Where has everyone's manners gone?

I sent out quite a few packages and only one person has said they got it. I'm about to not send anyone anything ever again!!!
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I have 2 foster kittens. Both are female. One is all white. The other is white with small spots of gray on the top of her head, and has a physically deformed face.

What should I name them?

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If you could change one thing about your life that was totally out of your control what would it be?
I probably would have had my parents have me earlier than 35 and 40.

What are some ~subliminal~ ways I can get my boyfriend to pop the question?

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I got an iTunes gift card in my Christmas stocking, what albums should I buy with it?

Protip: I like hipster/indie rock/pop/punk/whatever, 70s and 80s punk, and jazz

I'm moving out into a new apartment tomorrow, what am I probably going to forget at my mom's house?

When was the last time you moved?

What should I give to my dudefriend as thanks for helping me move my mattress/boxspring set and various small-ish pieces of furniture up 3 flights of stairs tomorrow? He doesn't drink and I already gave him an awesome book for Christmas.


How do I deal with this? My mum has a very bad memory sometimes and gets so confused easily. It doesn't happen often, mainly when she's panicked/anxious. This is one of those times.

Plumber had to come round last night. The call out fee was £120 which my Mum gave him. (My landlord will reimburse her). Plumber went home, landlord came round to see what had happend and this is where my Mum says my landlord took money from her. £200 to be exact.

I know for a fact she didn't have that amount of money. (I know her financial details because she does get confused sometimes) to give him in the first place. I spoke to him and he hasn't mentioned it. I spoke to the plumber as well, he says the bill for the repairs hasnt been sent out yet.

I explained to her what had happened. She's now refusing to accept she's been confused and mixed up. We're all lying to her. She's getting very angry about it all and is wanting this money back. Constantly talking (and shouting) to me about it and saying she's going to speak to the landlord. She's irrational and stressed, which makes her memory worse.

This type of thing has happened once before but it was nowhere near as bad.

ETA - This sometimes happens when she has a chest infection, so I'm going to be taking her to the doctor tomorrow. I'm finding it hard to cope with, while I wait on the visit to the doctor.
What can I do? It's getting me annoyed but I'm also worried and scared as I've hardly ever seen her like this.
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Will you tell me about someone in your life that tries too hard to be someone they're not?
my friend is flat broke (on unemployment) and yet she tries to fit this image of a fun ~it~ girl, with her blackberry and always having a starbucks in her hand with an expensive bag etc. she's the only one i can think of right now

I have a bumper sticker that says "Pro-Choice, not Pro-Abortion", and someone chose to comment to me saying that it's a complete contradiction etc. I said that it's not, that I support the right to choose, but I don't feel like I could ever have one myself. What are your thoughts on this?? Is my bumper sticker a contradiction?

I am seeing Lady Gaga tomorrow night. Will I be allowed to bring my camera??

Should I have a lunchable (extra cheesy pizza) or Fridays' Spinach and Artichoke dip??

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You're out of work, looking for a new job. The only job you can land is in an erotic bakery, and your specialty, it turns out, is making large cakes in the shape of erect penises in graphic detail. In fact, you spend all day shaping doughy schlong. Who do you tell about this new job?

Nobody. It's the kind of thing I'll keep to myself and I'll lie if people ask
My immediate family
My best friend
All my friends
Family, not immediate
Anyone who will listen. I think it's so funny that I find any opportunity to bring it up

Same question as above, except now your specialty is making vulva cupcakes. Who do you tell about this job?

Nobody. It's the kind of thing I'll keep to myself and I'll lie if people ask
My immediate family
My best friend
All my friends
Family, not immediate
Anyone who will listen. I think it's so funny that I find any opportunity to bring it up

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I recently gleaned from this post, that in the US it is illegal to put something in someone elses mailbox.
Can US citizens please elaborate on this for me?
In the UK you just have a letterbox in your door and you can stick whatever you like through someone elses.


My fiance has OCD. His is the worst I've ever seen. I've had friends who have to count things and such, but his is the obsessive part. He drives me crazy. All he does is worry about death and that he's gonna die and blah blah blah. He's a perfectly healthy 23-year-old who needs to calm down. It stresses me out how often I have to tell him he's not having a heart attack and he's not dying.

Should I be more patient with him?

Have you ever known anyone with OCD?

What did they do?

Edit: He takes pills, but if he's even a little late on them, it starts back up again. He's been pretty good at handling it, but my patience has been low lately. This may sound stupid, but I pretty much blame the excessive amount of hormones for my lack of patience. I'm willing to try to make things easier/better for him. It's just hard. I was more curious about how other people who've had that in their lives have handled it.

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For those of you who've been in love (and I mean actually in love, not 14 and thinking "OMG we've been dating 2 weeks and i like him/her sooo much we r in luv"), how did you know? How old were you? And did it last? If not, why?

And for everyone, what's your biggest goal in life? Or one of them?
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1)I have gallstones. They hurt a bit, but not a lot. Is this doctor worthy? I don't want to spend $1000, but then again, I don't want to get some weird health problem.

2)My scalp itches a lot. I just washed my hair today, and a lot of moisturizer was put on it, but it itches terribly. My hair is always very dry. and nappy.
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TQC, as I write this, I am wearing Crest Whitestrips (the advanced seal version). This is my second day, and I have had some issues putting these on both days. On the lower strip, I can see that the peroxide moves down to my gums like, two minutes after I put it on. I can clearly see my teeth, and it looks there is very little or no peroxide on my actual teeth. I am not sucking on my teeth, and I can tell that I put these on properly. What can I do to keep the peroxide from escaping the strip and on my teeth for 30 minutes? I feel like I am wasting my money because I'm pretty sure I'm swallowing the stuff. =(

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Have you ever worn a garment like this ? How the hell do you wear it? Do you wear it underneath clothes or just when you want to look sexy and undressed?

Have you ever gone vegetarian as an adult? How did it work out for you?

What's your genius cure for headaches?


Do silly things make you cry/tear up?
- The TLC commercial for their special called "Brace for Impact" just did. WTH?

If you could only choose one dessert to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
- Gelato!

Funniest prank to pull on someone?
-IDK, I'm asking you!
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I want to sign up to volunteer at the planetarium but it's about 45-60 minutes away. Is that a ridiculous distance if you're just volunteering? What is the farthest you'd travel to volunteer?

I'd probably only volunteer once a week.

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I'm not very tired tonight, so trying to sleep would probably just frustrate me.  Since I'll probably be up for a while and want to keep myself busy doing something online, what should I do?

Recommend some interesting sites like creepypasta?

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youtube help for the clueless

I uploaded a video to my youtube account only for the oldest video to disappear from my list. And I can't get it back on the listing.

For example, I had three videos. I uploaded an additional one, so my listing should read four videos. But it does not. Instead, it still reads three only for the oldest video to suddenly disappear. How do I fix it so all the videos appear?

I've tried going on google and youtube for help but I can't find a solution. And I've been going at this for the last half hour!

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I'm potentially going to Glastonbury festival alone. Whilst this doesn't bother me hugely, I will be a lone young female, and I fancy some people to enjoy it with.
Do I a) team up with the acquiantances from my uni who are going (I have 6 months to get to know them better
b) join a lift share scheme (I'll be the driver)
c) join a 'Glasto alone' group
d) try to convince friends to get re-sale tickets in february
or e) go with the flow and see who I meet?

Would you go to a festival alone?

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It's almost 11 pm and I haven't eaten. Should I have a Lean Cuisine (Orange Chicken) or potato wedge things?

For something entirely different, why is it when I use the Yahoo toolbar to seach something (I'm borrowing my mom's computer so I can't change what I use to search or she'll freak out), the search result comes back with nothing because it sticks "788704" to the end of every search? Those numbers have no significance and it's every single time. :\

tv hoarders

I'm watching Hoarders. Are you watching television? What's on?

Why does it seem that hoarding=dirty? Are these people just lazy slobs or do they really have a psychological issue?

Did you ever know anyone in real life who hoarded? Or had a disgustingly filthy house?
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What do you think the 00s will be known for? I feel like it was a rather mediocre decade.

All the decades in the 1990s seem to each have a distinct feel and image. Like, if someone says "that's so 80s" or "that sounds like the 50s" you know what that means. How will the 00s be looked back on as? What is this decade's "feel"?
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Oh my stars you guise!
There is this person that I like that is not good for me and he went away for Christmas and forgot his phone at home so I haven't heard anything from him except a 'merry xmas! lol' on my FB. Zero contact (or close to it) has been the best medicine for my crazy feelings. I feel that forgetting about him is probably best. Whew, teal deer.

BUT THEN when I was shitting emo sadness all over the place thinking about him today he coincidentally FB messages me 'Kimberley - how are you feeling beautiful?' after three weeks of no contact.

What should I write back? Completely non-serious and as silly as possible please.

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I have to buy books for school this semester and obviously I won't be getting them through the bookstore because I haven't that kinda cash, however...

should I buy the edition I need (which is the 12th edition, mind you) for 43$ used on Amazon or just go for the 11th edition which I can get for ten dollars shipped?

Do you think the one whole edition will make a huge difference?

How often do you even actually use your school books?
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TQC, I have way too much time on my hands. I try to interpret all of my dreams to try and figure out what my psyche is trying to tell me. 

Last night I had a dream that I had a friend whom I used to have a huge crush on was having heart surgery, and in the definition of "heart" it says "To dream that you have a heart transplant or heart surgery, indicates a huge change in your personal relationship. Perhaps you are involved in a rebound relationship." but what does it mean when someone ELSE is having heart surgery?
Especially someone I used to like a lot, and all the while I was desperately looking/searching for the person I currently like?

srs/non-srs of course.
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Have you ever heard of the superstition that says that if your necklace clasp gets moved out from behind your neck, you have to kiss the necklace before you rotate the chain back? My roommate was telling me about this and I'd never heard of it.

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I'm buying my first major purchase with my own money (a laptop for University - looking into a Dell Inspiron 1545 or an Acer Aspire 5542), and I'm finding it so hard to commit to something. I'm only looking to spend £400-£450 max, which is a LOT of money for me.

TQC, how did you decide on your first major purchase? What made ypou just jump in and buy it instead of hesitating for months and months?
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Confusing situation and I'm not sure what to do:

So tonight my boyfriend wanted to hang out but by the time I got off work, he was going to a movie with his brother and asked if I'd be available at 11.
I said I couldn't and we decided to hang out tomorrow. But then I found out that I could hang out at 11 so I texted him and said I could hang out and that he should just walk in (I'm at my dad's house, though I'm staying at my mom's tonight)

Wellllll now it's almost midnight and he's not here, he hasn't sent me a text or anything. I'm sure the movie isn't that long! Should I keep waiting around or should I head home?