December 27th, 2009

What was this film called?

This is pretty vague, but it's been bugging me for ages. I watched this film a few years about these people going to Mars(?), it's possibly quite an old film too. There was some kind of robot-tower thing that had to be deactivated otherwise it would kill the crew. I don't remember what happened after that part, nor much else apart from the robot-tower.

Edit: Finally found the scene on Youtube thanks to everyone's help here, it was the 2nd encounter with The Face in the film "Mission to Mars". Should have been obvious to me, but my memory was shaky after a few years. :D
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I'm watching He's Just Not That Into You and I have a query. The first line is "A girl will never forget the first boy she likes."

I.. Actually don't remember the first boy I liked. I have it narrowed down between like 3 or 4, but I can't pinpoint it. Apparently I'm an anomaly.

Ladies of TQC, do you remember the first boy you liked? Guys, do you remember the first girl you liked? Tell me all about him/her and what made them so ~*special*~.

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My neighbors down the street are having a party. I just heard explosion-sounding noises from their house, after which I saw a car driving away from their house.

Was the noise fireworks, or gunshots?
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Let's say you're a 24 year old heterosexual female, and you've been on several dates with a hererosexual guy. He's 25, bright, funny, good looking and witty, and you're both looking for a serious relationship. When you get down to talking about your respective sex lives, he reveals he's only ever had sex with one female before you. Does this give you any red flags/cause to worry/pause? Why or why not?

Change it so that you're a 25 year old heterosexual male, and the object of your affection is a 24 year old heterosexual female - same situation. Is your reaction any different?

Which is more disconcerting to you: that the potential SO in question had only had sex with this one person:
A) During a drunken one-night stand about two months ago - never spoken to this person again, never plan on doing it again.
B) During a two-year relationship in college, ages 18-20, but they were so distraught over losing this person that they didn't feel up to doing anything again until now.
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do you ever smoke up alone? what's the appeal? what is one side effect of marijuana you're not particularly fond of?

i've never smoked up alone cause i think the best thing about it is being able to talk to someone about random stuff. i'm pretty bored and lonely though and i havent laughed today so i'm going to try now.
sometimes i pass up on smoking if there's no junk food available, cause i hate getting the munchies and not having anything to eat.


TQC, why does all the bad virusy bullshit happen on my laptop at 2 in the morning when nobody is up and around to help me?

wtf is going on with my laptop?
I've had a long run with this laptop and viruses and shit, and in September or October my school just went and replaced my hard drive entirely. I've had no problems since. I have downloaded movies and music since then, but I've had zero problems until about two hours ago. I noticed I got a pop-up saying Nexplore something or other. I closed it, went about my business. I don't go to any websites that give me pop-ups normally. Just Facebook, LJ, Gmail and whatnot. I start getting shit like this in the lower right corner of my screen which I know is bad news because that's what told me I had the fucking Vundo virus last year. And now shit like this and this is popping up on my task bar periodically. I downloaded MalwareBytes and installed it, went to run it, it won't fucking let me. Says it can't find it. I can't bring it anywhere to get it looked at because I'm home on break until the 18th and I don't have the money to send it anywhere. Is there anything I can do until then? I could cry, I'm so frustrated with this laptop. :(

ETA: Also, I'm getting this.
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What is your favorite curse word?

Please use it in a sentence, but don't repeat a sentence someone else has used.

Bonus points if it can be used as more than one part of speech in the same sentence.
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TQC, my cat is obsessed with the bathtub. He sits in it a lot, sits outside of it and stares, and sometimes runs out from it really fast and jumps on tall things.

Is the bathtub haunted? If not, why is the cat so weird about the tub?

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My nipples and areolas have been especially dry and flaky this past year. They will itch forever and then stop for a while. All the scratching makes them raw It's a never ending cycle. Has this happened to you? How did you remedy it?
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Can anyone recommend a good undereye concealer?
Foundation (for combination skin)?
Long-lasting eyeliner?

Preferably items that can be found at the drugstore.

If not, what makeup do you wear on a daily basis?
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continuing from my previous post, i'm officially high and with the munchies. i'm reallyyyyyyyy craving rice with soy sauce and tuna, but i have no tuna! and the soy sauce smells weird! it's 5 am.. should i wait til 7am when the shop's open? or suffer and starve? or munch on bread (which is pretty much all i have)?

also does the food i'm craving sound weird? my housemate told me that was her lunch one time and for some reason i'm really craving it.

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I installed an add-on in Firefox that combined the Stop/Refresh buttons. Except all it did was remove both of them. I uninstalled the add-on, no change. Changed my theme a few times, no change. Reinstalled the add-on, no change. How do I get my Stop and Refresh buttons back without reinstalling Firefox? If I reinstall Firefox, can I do it without losing all my other add-ons?

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do you have any good stories about yourself when you were a kid family members/friends tell about you?

like, something you did that everyone thought was hysterical but you were too little to remember. when i was 3 or 4 my parents took us to The Nutcracker. i remember being there and being really bored and wearing tights, which i liked, but what i don't remember is when the second act started i stood up on my chair and yelled, quite loudly, apparently, "BO-RRRRRING!!!"
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so i got this extremely adorable puppy for christmas. his name is wally and he's 2 months. i thought i caught him humping his stuffed animal. do puppies do that this early? i was totally in shock.

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validate me plz

There is like mayyyybe 3 inches of snow on the ground right now, but the stairs out front are covered in snow too and my dad is going to shovel, eventually. I want to go out and get some errands done, and I'm like "when are you going to shovel because I'll just leave when you're done," and my dad gets all irritated that I'm waiting for him to shovel. Is it wrong for me to want stairs I won't die on? Also, don't you think that if he didn't think clearing the snow for walking purposes was important, he wouldn't shovel at all? 

....petty, but its annoying me. I think he doesn't want to shovel and is giving me shit over it. Remind me to move out west.

TQC, do you buy clothes off the internet? I kind of really want to but I am worried about sizing. 
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So, I have a box of cranberries that's been sitting in the fridge for a month or two and have no clue what to make with them since they taste awful alone.

What should I make with the cranberries? Bonus points if it's a relatively healthy dessert.

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Do you think it's necessary  for a man to ask a woman's parents' permission before he proposes?

It happened to come up last night and I told my mom that I don't feel like it's needed and I don't want anyone to know I'm getting married before I do...and apparently that makes me an asshole.
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I swear I'm not making this up, but my mom thinks I am. I remember a scene from a movie where a performance artist took paint enemas and then expelled them all over a blank canvas. And then some of the paint ends up on the face of one of the guys in the audience.

Is this a real movie, or am I bonkers?

Aha! I finally found it! Good Advice

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I have three lists of "adventures to be had"; small, medium, and large. On the large adventures list I have "fly somewhere completely different than Florida."

What is a town/city etc in the continental United States that I can easily fly to for a weekend, get affordable lodging, and be able to walk to the majority of the attractions of this location?

Bonus points for telling me about the attractions of said location.

For the record I have never been ANYWHERE, so I am open to any and all kinds of recommendations.
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Hello, you must be going

You're walking along when someone in a very expensive suit approaches you. "YOU! I really don't like your face. I'm a billionaire and I'll give you $25,000,000 right now in this suitcase to get on a plane this very instant and leave my country and never return. If you agree, I'll have you know that I'm well connected and have friends in the government who'll put you on a 'no access' watchlist so you can't return. You can have your loved ones join you later but you have to leave the country this very minute to get the money and you're not allowed to go home and pack your things. You can travel anywhere you want as long as it's not in this country. Do we have a deal?"

Yes. Gimme the money and I'm officially out of my own country forever
No. I can't leave everything behind for any amount of money

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I'm in the mood to play a video game but I'm having a hard time deciding which one I should play.

I have:

Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2
Resident Evil 5
Fallout 3
Viva Pinata
Viva Pinata 2 (Trouble in Paradise)
Silent Hill Homecoming
Halo 3
Gears of War

Which one should I play?
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 Have we done a lame gift question yet? And yes I know the whole, "it's the thought that counts" but lets be honest and talk about any lame gifts you got. 

Did you get any lame gifts this year? Or maybe one that wasn't necessarily lame but one that didn't quite make sense?  What was it? Who was it from? 

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Doctor TQC,
For the past few days, every time I take a shower, a few minutes in, I get a white rash/bumps on the center of my palms. They don't really itch or hurt or anything though. They last for a while after I'm out of the shower. It isn't anything in the shower that I touch because I've been showering a different places the past few days. Any idea what is wrong?

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Stagecrafty people.
Do you know any websites or blogs centered around stage makeup or the like? my google-fu is failing me.

don't know/don't care people: what are your New Year plans?
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if you've played final fantasy 12, did you level up all your characters? just 3? which ones?

all my d00ds are at level 50 (i'm at the last part of the game) and i want to do some hunts but i keep getting creamed.

DC/DK: what's for lunch?


Do you like football?

Who's your favorite team?

Who's your state team?

Do the officials ever seem biased to you?

Do you ever stop watching a game 'cause the team is playing like a bunch of rookies?

1) Yes I do.

2) The Broncos

3) The Broncos

4) Yes. Sometimes the calls they make seem like total bogus.

5) Yes. The Broncos are playing right now, but I've stopped paying attention 'cause they are playing like total shit.

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TQC, i'm in need of a distraction. Will you post cute pictures and videos of your pets?

What is the craziest trick/thing your pet does?

What was the most exotic animal you have ever heard of someone domesticating?
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what are your favorite store-bought low calorie salad dressings? most of the low cal/low fat versions of my favorites (caesar, ranch, creamy italian) are kinda crap.
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How do you know you're in love?

FOr me, when it starts to hurt like a bitch.

Or, alernatively, where would you put a 7 foot tall skeleton in your apartment? :D Friend got one of those for christmas. I am Jealous. I would put mine to hang on the small alcove behind my bed :D

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Do you like Jelly Belly jellybeans?

If so, what's your favorite flavor? Least favorite? 

I love the margarita, watermelon, and very cherry ones. Bubblegum and cinnamon can suck it. Anyone remember when they used to have peanut butter ones (do they still?)? Those were the worst EVER.

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I hate bananas, and my man gets itchy when he eats them, so it occurred to me that our kid will probably experience banana for the first time when she's like 15 at a friend's house or something.

are there foods you missed out on because your parents didn't like them, or didn't know about them?

did you end up liking them?

(no subject)

If you live at home with your parents and you're over the age of often do they knock on your door in a day?

How often are you home alone?
Do you eat dinner with them?
Contribute to food/living expenses?
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I'm getting married in 6 days and just now the woman who is playing the piano at the wedding finally got back to me. Back in October I emailed her the sheet music that I found (free) online for the two things I want her to play. She wanted to know where I got one of the songs because she wants a lower key. Unfortunately I can't find it ANYWHERE! Where can I find free piano sheet music??

If you don't care...
Do you wear slippers in the winter? What do they look like?
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When you see a balloon floating away in the sky, do you feel sad? Do you ever hope that there's another balloon floating away at just the right altitude and they'll meet and they won't miss their owners so much? When you see a cluster of ballons released into the sky, does it make you less sad than a single balloon floating away?

I think losing a helium balloon is up there in the child disappointment catalogue with losing your ice cream to the pavement and not being invited to your classmate's major birthday party.

Computer monitor stuffs

Hello internets.
Yesterday, I updated to Win7, and a new hard drive. As far as I know, all my shit is patched and updated, but I'm updating the most recent video card driver (again?) anyway. (update: is patched to no effect except setting my resolution back to the stupidly huge default Win7 picked out.)

My trouble is that I have lines on my monitor. They're like... they move if I move shit on my screen. So if I have a white screen, and some text, I'll have these grey lines even to the lines of text.(when I hit enter and start a new line of text, I get a new grey line.) They almost look like screen burn, except that they move. It's not necessarily black stuff that causes it, because I have a black CD cover on Songbird that's not changing anything, and the blue-ish-see-through-ish title bar of this window that *does* make a line. (And, for that matter, my desktop picture doesn't start its own funny lines -- like, the black decorations don't cause funny lines over the people next to them.)

The lines are only horizontal, not vertical.

My monitor is a sony trinitron multiscan g520. For those of you not into computer arty stuff or whatever that you'd need a monitor like this and you have no idea what that is, this is an enormous CRT monitor, with an image quality better than most flatscreens. It's basically awesome in every way except that it weighs nearly 70 lbs.
I've got it at 1600x1200 right now, and 85hz refresh, but I've dicked around with that to no effect already.

I've had this problem before and fixed it, so it's probably software. I'm just having a hell of a time pinning down what. Trying to google CRT lines, CRT light lines, sony g520 lines, etc isn't helpful. (This specific monitor actually has two tiny grey horizontal lines in it that hold up the magic inside, so there's a lot of hits about *those* lines)

Tried degauss and other dicking around with the monitor buttons. suggestions? D:

Edit! Crisis averted! updating my drivers again AGAIN did the trick. I was going to start freaking out too, I booted in XP and it was just fine so I knew it had to be software SOMEWHERE)

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For those who live with their SO: do you sleep in seperate beds or rooms? If you do, how long have you been living together with this arrangement? Do other people find it weird that you don't sleep in the same bed?

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What would you name as the #1 song of this decade?

I just watched a countdown and #1 was Hey Ya by Outkast. What do you think about that choice? I like the song a lot, but it seemed kind of out of left field. My brother guessed it while we were watching #4 though, so what do I know.
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Can Superman actually have sex?

Argument against: He's the "man of steel," he would rip a girl apart from the inside with a single orgasm
Argument for: He has to act like mild-mannered Clark Kent most of the time, he can control his body enough to achieve orgasm without killing a person
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What do you think of these boots?? In Khaki, not the black on the default page.

Do you wear boots?

I commute and often am waiting at the bus stop downtown in puddles with cold wet feet. If you were me, would you rather have a pair of these boots or some fake UGGS?

My aunt got me some UGG style boots for Christmas, but since they aren't waterproof and I'm really not into how they look, I ended up going for the Kamik Brooklyn's from Zappos. I figured they're waterproof, warm, and look well made, but I don't want to look stupid. Would my jeans look really dumb tucked into these while I'm walking around the city?

Do you judge people who wear boots?

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What sort of questions do you tend to answer on TQC? What questions do you tend not to answer?

How many times is USA going to air that episode of Law&Order: SVU in which the teenager admits that he's a pedophile and molests his stepbrother?
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How do you shake the irrational fear that your significant other will cheat or leave you?

I've always had this problem, but I really REALLY care for this boy, more then I've ever cared for or loved anyone before.

Should I just get over it and live in the moment? I wish it were that easy.
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(no subject)

if you've seen princess and the frog, what were your thoughts on it? i'd like to hear both the positives and the negatives.
i thought the middle bit was sort of long-winded, and the writers just added in a bunch of random characters which was weird. i didn't like that tiana and the prince were frogs for most of the movie, but i loved the ending with raymond.

if you dk/dc: i am going on a 6 hr roadtrip tomorrow morning. any tips on what i should bring/eat/do, etc.?
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TQC, I am sad and lonely and pissed because I do not like feeling this way. I think I need to cry but I can't start. I'm just sitting here like a bitter little lump.

Will you post something that will make me cry?

(no subject)

do you have a good home remedy for sore throats?
i've heard milk/dairy products help, but for me they tend to make it worse.

do you have a particular favorite genre of porn?
i mean jw

if a business doesn't have a NOW HIRING sign outside or something, what is the proper etiquette - do i have to ask if they are hiring, or can i just ask for an application?

(i assume this question is a fairly stupid one, but all through high school i worked for my father, so i never really had to fill out a resume or be interviewed for a part-time job. now that i'm in ~college i'm going to start searching, and even if they're not hiring i still want them to have my name - i live fairly close to my college town so i could work during holidays, the summer, etc.)

(no subject)

I find the following people to be funny

Will Ferrell
Chris Farley
Dane Cook
John Stewart
Jim Carrey
Adam Sandler
Zach Galifianakis
Larry David
Steve Carell
Tina Fey
Richard Prior
Sarah Silverman
Dave Chapelle
Jeff Foxworthy
Tom Green

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Do you know that there were movies made in the 1920's that were in color and/or had scenes filmed in color?
Have you ever watched one of them?
Do you think it seems weird for a silent film to be in color? ETA: The reason I asked this question is because just now I was thinking about the first time I watched the 1925 version of Ben-Hur and how thrown off I was when I saw the colored scenes in that movie. I don't think it's weird anymore though, I actually think it's pretty awesome that they had that technology back then.
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What does your closet look like? Right now mine is filled with everything & I need to clean it out, so I can hang up clothes :/

What is your least favorite household chore? I hate washing dishes.
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you're rich, but not that rich. you can afford only one of these: a chef, a housekeeper, a tailor. which do you pick? i'd definitely pick the chef. my mum has a housekeeper who can sew and it's soooo convenient i love it.

which of these two colours should i paint my nails?