December 26th, 2009


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1. If someone did this to you, would you be amused or pissed?
2. If your friend did this to you, are you more inclined to hug or punch him/her?
3. If you were going to do this prank to a friend and he/she happened to be a diabetic, would you wrap up their insulin individually to complete the look, or leave them out, thus making it a semi-perfect prank?
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Do you wear glasses?
Have you ever gone to a store like Lenscrafters to get glasses?
How much did they cost (no insurance)?
What advice would you give someone who's getting their first pair of glasses from a store like Lenscrafters (including which stores to check out)?

Oh, and I have some leftover pie. Would you like pumpkin or apple?

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Will you post some of your favorite lines from your favorite songs?

A few of mine:

"...and the moon's hanging low in the sky,
forcing everything metal to shine,
and the sidewalk holds diamonds like a jewelry case,
they argue, walk this way, no, walk this way..."

"...stars fading, but I linger on dear,
still craving your kiss
I'm longing to linger 'till dawn, dear,
Just saying this..."

"..and so castles made of sand
slip into the sea, eventually..."

"She says "If I leave before you, darling
Don't you waste me in the ground"
I lay smiling like our sleeping children
One of us will die inside these arms
Eyes wide open, naked as we came
One will spread our ashes round the yard"

I'll just stop myself here, I could go on for years D: haha.
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Have you or anyone you know participated in National Geographic's genographic project? It's where you take a swab of your DNA and send it to a lab where they analyze it and determine your distant ancestry. Today my uncle gave my mom the DNA kit and she's super excited about it. Haha.

If you've done it, did you learn anything cool? If not, would you do it? (assuming you had the money)

Do you have any especially interesting ancestors/relatives?

Acid Reflex/Heart Burn

So for the past few years I've been getting acid reflex/heart burn and it wakes me up in the middle of the night. Not on a regular basis but still enough that it's a pain. For the most part I know what causes my small problem so I try to avoid them as much as possible within the hours before I go to bed.

Other than trying to avoid my causes as much as possible, What type of home made cures that you use that seem to work in this situation? (other than meds)
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how do your SO's family members act when drunk? my SO's dad is an obnoxious and talkative drunk and likes to make people laugh by poking fun at the kiddies (younger people like my SO and i). sometimes he'll make everything awkward for everyone because he's a spotlight hogger.

i just got back from a party for my SO's mum.. i hate how all the men had one table and were talkative, loud and drunk whereas the women (their wives) were all sober and quiet on another table. idk why i found that sort of sad. would you?

also, would you prefer to look your best in your teenage years or your older, mature years (eg. 40+)?

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what are fun things for three 17 year old kids to do in the tri state area?
I guess more along the lines of artsy-sorts of things, maybe somewhere we can take pictures or something?
I'm really sick of central jersey and want to go on an adventure today.

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Inspired by this post.

WTF should I do, TQC?

The husband bought me Collapse ) for Christmas and I hate it.

I want to tell him that I don't like it and I want to take it back to exchange it for something that I'll actually wear, but if I do, he's going to get all butthurt like he does every time I don't like something he buys me.

So should I be honest or suck it up and hope that I'll eventually like it?
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a lot bothers me but let's just stick with these 2

Personally I don't understand the whole concept of suicide bombing at all. Still, at least with the Al·Qeda (however you spell it) version I've a bit of confusion in 2 parts:

1) What's the appeal of this reward? Supposedly they die and in the afterlife they will receive 50 to 100 (number is really not important) virgins. Personally I'd think a large number of highly skilled sluts would be more pleasurable...but what's so great about a flock (bushel?) of virgins?

2) Lots of different faiths in the world but they all pretty much seem to agree that in the afterlife things are not grounded in physicality, nothing is solid. So, you're in the Next and you've got your large number of virgins. What good does that do you if you can't actually touch them and none of you have skin?
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I have this big fear of having luggage lost. Tonight, I am flying across the world and even though it is a straight flight with no connections, I'm a little nervous about my stuff.

1) Have you ever had your luggage lost?
2) Did you get it back?
3) Did you buy new stuff or just borrow from people? (or go naked, idk)
4) Did you lose anything megavaluable?
5) Was the airline helpful?
6) Please tell me I have nothing to worry about?

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Paging Dr. TQC:

Well, it's the holiday season, and of course the last few days have been filled with too much junk food and not enough fruit. This has led to me being bloated and constipated this morning. Besides going on an all-fruit/water/coffee/laxative diet over the next day or so, taking short walks and generally hanging out by a toilet, what else can I do? And if the bowel movement won't, ah, move, how long should I wait before going to a medical professional?

TIA (and apologies about possible TMI).

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TQC, I hope you all had a good Christmas. It's my birthday today! What awesome thing shall I do at home tonight? I really wanted to go out and get drunk and dance, but I'm kind of tired and most of my friends can only come out during the day because of work/babies. I have lots of alcohol at home.

Do you like to go out and do things on your birthday or do you prefer to relax?

This has probably already been asked, but I've only been back two pages - what was your favourite Christmas present this year? Did other people like the gifts you got them?

that one movie and other random stuff

Did you see the movie 'He's Just Not That Into You'?
My husband and I were having a discussion about whether or not Ben was actually smoking. Was he?

Who did you think was the most annoying character in that movie?

What is your absolute strongest/biggest fear?

What size is your bed?

When was the last time you went swimming in the ocean?

Do you wear hats?

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there are about 4 inches of snow on the ground and it has started snowing again. my dad just found an old wooden sled in the garage. i want to go sledding down our driveway. our driveway is on a hill and probably long enough to fit 7 or 8 cars nose to tail, and it leads directly onto a main road (not a street). on the other side of a road is a field which has a deep burn/creek at the edge. what do you think the likelyhood of me being injured is?

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My boyfriend called me stubborn, and then I admitted that I am stubborn, and he said I was being defensive by admitting that I was stubborn and proceeded to throw a hissy fit and sign offline. Do you think admitting something is being defensive?

When was the last time someone you know did something that made you go "o_0 wtf?!"

If you don't care:

Did you have to go into work today? I'm at work, and it's pointless because no one is here!
Does anyone live in north Jersey? If so, where?
Why are chocolate covered almonds so good?!
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I am very hungry and I get out of work in about an hour? Where should I go?

My friends are in town for the holidays, what should we do this afternoon? money is not an issue

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If you and your SO (or friend, relative, etc) agreed not to buy each other anything for Christmas because you were both low on funds, what would you do if the other person got you something nice anyway? 

This happened to me and I feel really bad for not buying him anything, but he's insisiting it's alright. Should I just leave it alone, or get him something small/bake something maybe? 

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I'm thinking ahead and buying a textbook early online. It's a science book, so it's more expensive. It is also a new edition so finding a used copy will be a bit harder.

Where do you go to find cheap textbooks? I'm not really liking the look of any of the offerings on and I'm sure I can find it cheaper than whats on amazon. There are some inexpensive ones available from private sellers, but not from ones with decent ratings.

After a little time with google, I'm seeing international editions super cheap. Are places like reputable? I don't want to get ripped off.

I'm almost thinking just get it new from amazon, but I don't want to give up yet. What would you do, TQC?
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Ladies, what's your favourite under-eye concealer?

I have pretty bad dark under-eye circles, and the stuff I usually use just isn't cutting it anymore. Currently I use a yellow-tinted stick concealer, and a more liquid concealer that's a a couple shades lighter from my skin tone (both Maybelline). I've used MAC select cover-up and studio finish in the past, and again, they didn't do the trick.

(in case it helps, I am half-asian, with a "tan" skin tone, and I have combo skin, but under eye skin is more dry than oily)


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1. Should I go to my Aunt and Uncle's house for dinner tomorrow? They recently moved into the new house they built and finally have it ready for people to see, and my mom said it is absolutely hideous so i'm really curious to see what it looks like. Plus, by going I would be pleasing my Grandma. However, I don't really care for the aunt and their children are just obnoxious. My sister would not be going which means the only person that will have a conversation with me will be my pervy uncle. There is also the fact that they are serving beef and I don't eat meat.

2. What have you eaten today?

3. What do you wish you were doing right now?
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Have you ever had a pet die? How did you deal with it? How long did it take to get over it, or are you still not over it? Is there any getting over a pet's death? My dog most likely will get put to sleep eventually and I'm so scared and upset about it.

trilled R only in Portuguese

I know that Brazilian Portuguese has three different R sounds, but after years of trying, I can still only reliably produce the trilled R (like in the Spanish word "arte"). Would any Brazilian (or for that matter, European Portuguese) speakers have difficulty understanding me if I were to use a trilled R at all times?

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What common or semi-common phrases do you hate?

Is this real life? Yes, I like "Bohemian Rhapsody", but I became annoyed with it when my roommate said it in real life as her reaction to something that hadn't gone her way at all.

If you had a clone, would you have sex with it?

What is your current obsession?

Should I order this calendar from It's a Gene Hunt 2010 calendar.

Long-Distance Calling Cards

Do prepaid long-distance calling cards work the same on cellphones as they do on landlines/pay phones?

For example, if my cell phone plan is 'free after 7pm', and I make a long-distance call with the phone card, am I going to be charged anything extra by my cellphone company? Or is this specific to each company? I've never used a prepaid calling card before, period, so I'm not too sure how they work.

Extra question: How often do you make long-distance calls?
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What the hell is "business casual"? Pictures would be appreciated!

(and better yet, places to get cheap but nice "business casual" clothes. I have less than a month to build a sizable wardrobe)
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hai dr. tqc!

TQC, I have hyperthyroidism. I was briefly medicated for it, but I found it time consuming and obnoxious to have to deal with, so I stopped medicating. Other than losing an abnormal amount of hair (which isn't a big deal because I have a lot of hair to begin with), I'm not really symptomatic. In fact, whereas most hyperthyroid patients have problems keeping weight on, I've been overweight my whole life, and only began losing weight earlier this year w/ the switch to vegetarianism. I was initially diagnosed in September of '08, and had quit medicating by December of '08. I recently made the official switch from pediatrician to a general practitioner, and she did a physical and ordered a panel of bloodwork. The values came back, and my thyroid activity was "slightly elevated", and I might want to have it rechecked in three months.

Since thyroid issues can fuck with moods, and I've been medicated for depression for the past few years, my shrink wanted a copy of the bloodwork numbers. I provided them, via my GP, and she kind of flipped out about how unmedicated, it could cause heart defects, it could cause my muscles to waste away, I could wind up with Graves' Disease, etc.

Teal deer: Why is my shrink so effing concerned with my thyroid values, but my GP so flippant ("might want to recheck")? Who should I listen to??

Non-medical question: for those of you who've been to both Disneyland (California) and Disneyworld (Florida), which would you prefer to go to? I want to take a friend, but she's undecided about whether she wants to go in California with another friend or drive down with me to Orlando. Why would you prefer one over the other??
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Hi TQC! I received the Sims 3 for Christmas, and I asked for an upgrade to 2 GB ram so I could play it. I have a Macbook, and have to have 1 GB in each memory slot for it to work best. However, my mom only bought 1 GB from Best Buy. If I go to Walmart tomorrow and buy another GB, most likely from a different brand than the one I have, will this mess up my computer, or will it be okay?

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My father-in-law fell off the roof.

I laughed.

I'm going to hell, y/y??

As far as we know, he didn't break anything, but he refused to go to the hospital. He popped a couple vicodin and went to do karaoke.

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Waffles, Tea Queue Sea. It has always bothered me to some extent that Eggo waffles—amongst others, but today I shall pick on Kellogg's brand—consist of a grid of square holes ironed into a circular shape. Those vestigial remnants of squares, given their curved edge, cannot be categorized into percentages of a full square by anything short of calculus. I needn't tell you, ladies and gentlemen of the audience, that the breakfast table is no placed for calculus! Therefore, my only options then, as they are now, are to either put up and shut up, or to purchase and consume a different—perhaps pricier—brand. The former, now more than ever through perseverance, is the easier of the two, and so the butter and jam that fills the nooks has never known true equality.

What would greatly enhance my enjoyment of the whole experience would be some good old animal senses. The nose of a dog to fully savor the smell of their toasty warmth. The hearing of a bat to elevate the excitement of the toaster popping up to an adrenaline shock of orgasmic proportions. The sight of an eagle to, um, examine every facet of the jam as the morning sunlight reflects off it, I guess. But I shall save digression for another time!

In the spirit of blending human and animal, assume, TQC, that regardless of what level of inspiration or madness (depending on who you ask) has gripped you, you have decided to be a furry, or at least create a furriesque avatar for yourself. What kind would you be, and why? Feel free to describe your choice in detail. To those who already are furries, what species or combination thereof did you choose?
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does the number '0118 999 881 999 119 725 3' mean anything to you?

what are your thoughts of jason mraz?

who was that person on TQC who talked about feeling really gross and dirty after watching the movie mum & dad? j/w.. i bought the DVD and am going to watch it now, lmao
V for Vendetta-cookie?

Can I offer you some maggots with that champagne?

I'm watching Dirty Jobs and I have to posit a scenario: You are invited to a cocktail party at the Waldorf Astoria. One of the hors d'oeuvres is a maggot stuffed mushroom cap.

1)Do you try it?

2)What if the host was standing right next to you?

3)What if the host was standing right next to you and your invitation to the next years cocktail party was riding on this decision?

4) What if the host was your wealthy widowed aunt and your hefty inheritance is at stake?

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I want a synth.

I know there are a billion different types and I've seen some tiny touchpad ones on ThinkGeek and also huge old ones and theremins and moogs and everything but TQC:

what kind of synth should I get? I would prefer more of an intuitive interface than like a keyboard/buttons but IDK.
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For those of you who use the scrobbler: do you have any idea why the scrobbler is telling me it can't find the file paths for songs on my manually-managed ipod? It will sometimes randomly scrobble a handful of tracks, but it's rare and imprecise.

DK/DC: what's your favorite kind of wine? I know nothing about wine except that the pinot grigio I'm drinking right now isn't bad.
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At what point do you consider someone a boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other?

I'm about to go on my third date with this guy I've been friends with for years, and I don't know what to call our relationship anymore.

(no subject)

My mum just yelled at me for washing the bathmats with the towels (belief that feet are unclean). We only have two bathmats - when should I have washed them??

My siblings are watching Indochine - could you ever fall in love with someone who had fucked your parent in a one-night stand? Especially if your parent still had feelings for them? What if you were adopted, would that make it okay? I would feel repulsed.

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I've been completely swept away with the idea of being a flight attendant. Do you have any stories, facts, suggestions (your own or second hand) about being a flight attendant?
Bonus points if you have been/are an international flight attendant based in Canada because that is relevant to my interests :)
I WANT TO HEAR HORROR STORIES TOO don't try to shelter me :D
Thanks, TQC
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What is annoying you right now?

My dad does not know how to knock. I've been staying here over winter break and he has "knocked" on my door several times which all consisted of a single knock and then opening the door immediately. I guess its not that big of a deal but its really pissing me off.

know any millionaires?

Do you know anyone who is a millionaire?

How did they make their money? Self-made? Inherit it all? Lotto?

One of my best friends has a grandma who is a millionaire many times over, but she has some serious issues (lived thru the depression) and hoards scraps of food and neglects basic healthcare. Really kind of gross and sad considering how much $ she has.

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if you go to one they transfer your medical history to the next? I REALLY dont like my current doctor and she hasn't helped at all, while I paid so much I just wanna go to my schools doctor. but shes leaving private practice so Idk if I need to get some sort of note from her to give to my new dr?
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When you buy from itunes online (if you do) do you tend to buy individual songs or full albums?

I'm trying to choose a couple albums to buy with a gift card I got, but it's so damn hard- I'm tempted to just do individual songs, but it would really bother me to not have full albums. It would feel incomplete and I wouldn't know what I was missing.
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1. if your mouth/tongue/lips burn after eating pineapple or kiwi, does that mean you're allergic? or is that normal?

2. what's your fav medicine (otc or a home remedy) for relieving congestion?

3. have you ever not taken medicine as prescribed? not necessarily recreationally, but if you decided to up the dose, etc.
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