December 25th, 2009

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is there a website that will give me recommendations on music based on sound and lyrics, not just other songs from the same era - which is what seems to do?

what was the last book you read?

merry christmas :)

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What should I watch while I wrap Christmas presents?

Cool World
Lucky Number Slevin
Naked Lunch
The Cook, the Theif, His Wife, and Her Lover
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Fifth Element
The Sword in the Stone
Goodbye Lenin
Cat Soup
Robin Hood Men in Tights
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How well do you know your neighbors? Do you like them?

My neighbors to my right are nice and I hate the ones to left because they complained about my dog until he had to be given away because he got outside once and looked 'dangerous'. I also hate their son who fights with his friends with bamboo sticks while listening to techno music.

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how much money am i going to need to go to LA for a week or two? i am staying at my friends place so i dont have to pay for a place to stay or a ride or anything like that. im from boston so i have to fly.

did you open your xmas gifts yet? if so what did you get?

for those who dont celebrate xmas, what did you do today?

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i know i JUST posted but i'm incredibly bored while waiting on my SO to show up so he can be surprised by my ~presence~.
will you show me cool music videos? favorite gifs? macros? etc...?


does anyone know how to hide updates on your wall? such as when you "like" someone else's status, or you comment on someone's wall, how do you change the settings so that those things don't appear on your own wall? thanks!

CHI Straightener

So I got a CHI straightener for Christmas! But I have a couple of questions.

1) What do the Test/Reset buttons do? I've tried researching this, but still no good explanations.  Answered!

2) For Canadians with the CHI: It says on the label, "In Canada - Not for Household Use" but Yahoo! answers users have said that they've used it fine. Have you other Canadians had any problems using it at home?

3) Can you tell me how awesome your CHI is?

4) What products do you use while straightening your hair (e.g., heat protectors, etc.)?
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So I just saw Avatar. My mind was not blown. I am disappoint.

When was the last movie/book/game/whatever that was hyped up beyond reason, and then you saw/read/played/whatever it and could only muster a halfhearted "meh"?

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TQC, why are you online right now on this christmas day?
i am because my mum, stepdad & baby brother have gone to pick up my uncle. there's only my stepmums mum and my nan left, and they're clearing up the dinner so i've got nothing else better to do! psk
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have any of you ever domesticated a stray cat? if so, will you give me advice on how to do it? there is this semi-stray cat who's been lingering around the house for years. we feed her all the time and occasionally bring her into the house. we brought it up into my sister's bedroom last night and she behaved pretty well, so i'm thinking it wouldn't take to long to domesticate her, yes?

ps. by semi-stray i mean, we have always had a lot of undomesticated cats around the compound. they don't roam the streets or anything like that, they stay close to the house and don't cause much trouble. but this cat is really affectionate and well-behaved and i am thinking of domesticating her.
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Don'tchu Evah

1. What can I do to stop my parents' dog from scooching his butt across the carpet?
2. If you celebrate Xmas, what was the best gift you received?
3. If you don't celebrate Xmas, what do you celebrate?

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what did you get your mom for christmas this year?
i got my mom one of those fancy ass kitchenaid stand mixers. it pretty much robbed me blind but i'm proud of myself - my mom's been using the same sunmaid stand mixer she received at her wedding reception in 1984

what did your mom get you?
about 25720498726493867 cardigans, because she is a mom. i am happy

alternatively, what are you having for dinner tonight?

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Any aquarium owners/enthusiasts here?

I have a 6 gallon tank that I plan on putting 2-3 African Dwarf Frogs in. Would a Betta or any sort of algae/bottom feeder be suitable for the environment?

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My mom gave me pens for Christmas because I've been complaining about them always getting stolen at work. I need my pens because I do a lot of writing at work and I've been reduced to a single pencil and a sparkly pen because they keep getting borrowed and never returned.

Apart from chewing on all the caps, how do I keep my coworkers from stealing my goddamn pens?

SOLVED: I bought myself a lock box to keep my pens in. :3
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Why isn't my copy of the Sims working? It keeps telling me I don't have valid code, when I know it does. I could play it just fine yesterday. What the hell changed?
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What have you eaten today? What are you going to eat?

For lunch, I had turkey, dressing, collard greens, cornbread, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and ham. For dinner, I'm having steaks and baked potatoes.

Man, I love food.
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Your beloved pet dies - do you have them cremated even if it costs more than you're able?

Does your answer change if it were a hamster? That you had for two years?
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I just got a $50 Visa gift card, so I can spend it anywhere. It's been a long time since I've had money to spend on myself, so I'm completely clueless on what I should get. Any suggestions?
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The one and only supreme Club, to the members of which a great many fantastic Questions are entrusted: I was watching the rain this wonderful afternoon. While some of it froze instantly to the surfaces it struck, most of it hit various surfaces with a modest little splash. In both instances, individual instances one might mistake for being insignificant massed together into something that could hardly be mistaken for such. In the former case, the teamwork of each brave little drop combined to create a thin, though significant, sheet of ice over bird feeders, fences, and guardrails alike. In the latter, barely audible splashes combined into a dull roar with a presence one couldn't ignore.

It made me think, satiaters of inquisitiveness: what rhyme or reason is there to the order of things on my desk? Does it give some minute insight into the machinations within my skull, or is it all arbitrary as the order of the fall of aforementioned raindrops? Both yellow highlighters sit closer to me than either pink one. Am I insecure about my lack of sound financial planning? Does my quirky right pinky finger throw off my rhythm to such an extent that my ability to effect my own free will on the world is dampened? Or is a mug of writing utensils really just a mug of writing utensils?

Surely I've thought far too long and hard about this even in one Christmas day—and a Merry one I wish to you all!—but can it be said that any exercise of the mind is good exercise, much like applies to the physical body? I think so. I think that otherwise the time would be wasted, superficial wisps of ideas blowing through the desert of an inactive mind. What harm is there? What could possibly stand to be lost?
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You guuuuuys. I'm trying to order something off Amazon but it's telling me that it can't send it to my address. I know the item's in stock, my address is a physical address (not a PO Box), and I'm in Australia which they say they deliver to. I've tried both my address and my work's address and neither work.

What am I doing wrong?

Will I ever get my super-duper deluxe edition of The Fame Monster, complete with a lock of Gaga's hair?

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What was the joke in your Christmas cracker today?

I am presuming everyone everywhere who celebrates Christmas has crackers. If you don't, where are you from?

ETA: Okay so this is one of those British things I didn't realise was British.

Collapse )

my joke was
Why did the germ cross the microscope?

To get to the other slide.

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What movie do I wanna watch tonight? I'm feeling something along the lines of Miyazaki, but I've seen all his movies numerous times now. I liked The Girl Who Leaped Through Time a lot, would anyone have any recommendations based of this?

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If you were going to estimate the value of your christmas gifts (received and given) what would each total be?
If you don't feel like doing that, will you tell me something that you do that is unusual?

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+how do you initiate a hookup, like straight-up "i want to have sex and nothing else"? we usually do this under the guise of "hanging out" and he always initiates it, but he's coming back from a month-long trip soon and i have a feeling i'm going to have to bring it up first.

+i find the amazon kindle to be a mildly upsetting invention. does anyone else feel this way?

+what is your favorite name for girls/boys?

+can you think of a good middle name for "corrina"?

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1)Do you like taking posed pictures or snapshots better?

2)What rude things have been said about various states around your table lately?

I was told that Memphis girls look like cougars, and I said that Oklahoma is unbelievably rural.

3)What movies have you watched lately that you wouldn't have watched but other people pushed them on you?

The Gate- cheesy 80s horror is not my thing.

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Would you ever buy a lottery ticket for someone as a christmas/birthday gift? I'm not greedy or anything but what if they actually won? Merry christmas, here's a million dollars. I would just be afraid to do this lol thoughts?

New York City

What things do you recommend I do in and around New York City? Keep in mind:

- I will be there for about 5 days in late January, basing somewhere in Brooklyn. A little travel is ok, if it's worth it.
- I'm kinda on a budget, unless it's something I absolutely can't miss.
- I have already done the following: Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park (and zoo), The Met, Museum of Natural History, Rockefeller Center, Times Square.

Quirky, non tourist-trap places are a plus. Great food, entertainment, I'll take any suggestions. Also, one day I'm there is my birthday: any particular birthday suggestions?

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how does my hair get greasy so quickly? i use suave's daily clarifying shampoo every other day in the shower. i don't condition my hair. i don't use any product in my hair. it seems like hours after i wash it, my hair is disgustingly greasy again. i don't play with it constantly or do anything else that would explain this. i'm a caucasian 22 year old, if it makes any difference.

if you don't know the answer, do you know of any home remedies that could fix this? i thought i read somewhere that you can add a teaspoon of baking soda to shampoo and it'll help greasy hair, but i'm not sure.

if you don't care, will you tell me a few of your new year's resolutions? i'll respond in the comments.

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I tend to feel left out if I'm not invited to things. But lately, I haven't wanted to go out with ANYONE and feel sort of trapped into things when people invite me to do stuff.

Does this happen to anyone else? Do you stay home or just go out and hope for the best?

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6 years ago, a man broke into my friend's house while I was there. He stole $20 from her room and then proceeded to wake me up by kissing me (it was 3am. I was 15, he was 22 CREEPY). He then led me to the basement (I was half asleep) and attempted rape (he wasn't close to being successful, but still VERY traumatizing to me). He's been in prison since 2003 on the felony charge of burglary.

His next parole hearing is next month. If he gets out, he'll have to live with his parents.

BUT HERE'S THE KICKER. His parents live a block away from my parents.

Is there any way for me to get a restraining order? Is it even reasonable for me to?

How do you suggest I cope with this? The fact that he's been put away has kinda been my security blanket of sorts in this situation, but with him out, idk, I'm getting really anxious and scared :(