December 24th, 2009

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You're in the desert. You have a broken foot/ankle/leg. The nearest town is 50 miles away and you have a good idea in what direction to travel. The only supplies you have on you are a knife, your clothes (think tshirt, jeans, socks, boots, etc, nothing elaborate), a 1/2-full canteen, and hunting rifle with one bullet left. What do you do?

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I can't stop crying. I feel so alone. My (although, emotionally abusive) boyfriend left me, my Dad died, my mom acts like I don't exist, my friends/sister are all far away and we barely communicate anymore... I really need something to cheer me up. Do you have anything?
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What was the last thing that frustrated you out of your mind?

I wanted to give my mom a Wii-ware game for Christmas and I know that you can gift a game from one system to another. So I am staying up late even though I am tired to try to send her this game. But you have to be friends first, and you're not friends until both users have registered the other. So I've got both Wiis on and registered them on each other and now hers has mine as a friend but mine still doesn't have hers as a friend. So I can't send her the game. And I don't know why it would add one but not the other. I am so frustrated I want to cry.
Do you know why my Wii would do this to me?

EDIT: It works now for no apparent reason. Why are electronics so weird?

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i'm taking part in a competition to design a welfare diary cover for the student population. the welfare diary's an organiser that allows one to well, organise their school/daily work and also provides information about the school/its activities/gives emergency number etc.

what do you think i should put on the cover? i can't think of much, since the diary's gonna be distributed to students from all faculties, hence it feels like i should design for all faculties.. give me some suggestions? :)

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I need to glue an image printed on regular 8.5x11" paper to the cover of a CD case (unfortunately this particular case has no tabs inside to simply slide in a custom image/cover.

What kind of glue or adhesive technique would be best for what I want to do? I want it to be secure.
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TQC, this afternoon (4 pm) at the dog park, a woman was pulled down by her dog, and got a big gash on her head (right temple) from the gate latch. It was probably 1.5" long, 1/3" wide at the middle, and at least 1/2-2/3" deep (you could see inside her head. it was disgusting). I called 911, against her will, and me and some other people stayed with her and helped her clean up all the blood. She was adamant about not going to the emergency room. She kept saying she didn't have the time and it was too expensive. The EMTs told her she needed to go, but they couldn't force her. They told her she had an 8 hour window to get stitched up before it started healing or something, idk. She said she was going to call her doctor's office to see if they do stitches. She got the dog and drove home.

Do you think she made it home okay? Did she go somewhere and get stitches? How does a gash like that heal up on it's own, if she decided not to get stitches? D:
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Which would you choose?
1] A job that pays minimum wage with no benefits.
2] A job that pays $1.50 above min. wage with benefits. But company's employees hold protests every few years.

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Somebody wants me to make them a mix CD of the Black Eyed Peas for Christmas (because they know I download music and they don't want to). I honestly don't listen to the Black Eyed Peas so I don't really know what to put on it. I downloaded their albums and put around 11 of the most popular songs on iTunes that didn't make me go "wtf is this," but I need a few more. Suggestions?

If you don't care (or even if you do), what's your favorite late-night snack that requires virtually no preparation?
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What do you do for CD/DVD storage? I like keeping them in a one larger case, but then I have all these empty cases I don't know what to do with.

What do you do with DVDs/CDs you don't want, but no longer have the cases for?

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How do you greet people in the middle of the night? If you want to say "Good ____". Evening is over, morning hasn't happened yet, and "goodnight" implies going to sleep or leaving. Is there a word that would work night for nighttime?

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I was at the physiotheraptist the other day. I have been referred due to an ongoing issue with my ankle and this was my first examination with this physio. He said that I had "well developed calves".

Is this a polite way of saying my calves are fat? Because I do lean towards being big boned.... And they are rather large.

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If you were trying to direct the BEST version of A Christmas Carol ever made, whom would you cast as...

(Actors can be dead or alive.)

Ebenezer Scrooge:
Ghost of Christmas Past:
Ghost of Christmas Present:
Ghost of Christmas Future
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I took my last final for fall semester a week ago today. My final grades aren't posted yet. At what point should I panic?

I took three classes over the summer and completely overloaded myself, so I took advantage of one professor's really lax deadline policy. I turned in all of my work in November and sent her an email to let her know. A week ago yesterday, I sent her another email saying that although I can see online that the assignments have been submitted-by-me-but-not-yet-read-by-her, my final grade for the class is now showing up as an F (D:). She said she could see that they were submitted and that she'd take care of it. The final grade hasn't changed yet. At what point should I panic? (D: D:)

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So, TQC, what do you think of giving gifts on Christmas Eve? I've been having this debate with my boyfriend- I say it's fine if you both agree to, he says it's cheating. What do you think, TQC? Will any of you be doing gifts on Christmas Eve? Whose not doing gifts at all?

I hope you have an excellent holiday (whichever one you're celebrating) and a very safe new year.
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Im going to my boyfriend's for Christmas since Im unable to make it to my family's. I am pretty poor but have this feeling I should bring some kind of gift. Should I? And if so what?

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inspired by the investing post. i've been tossing this idea around for a while but i'm not sure if i should do it.

currently i only have grants and scholarships to pay for school. i have enough that those alone are able to pay for my tuition and everything, and i still have enough leftover to pay for living expenses without having to work. i live with my parents so i don't have to worry about rent or food, but i do pay for my car, phone, etc. however i can't really afford anything outside of necessities. if my car was to break down i would be seriously screwed.

i was thinking of taking out a small student loan, maybe like $4k spread out across 2 years. so that i would have a little bit of extra money and also so that i can take summer classes. grants won't pay for summer courses and i can't afford to pay out of pocket. an obvious solution to this problem would be to go back to work, but i'm doing a lot better in school (straight a's vs. mostly b's with a couple of a's) now that i'm unemployed, and i would rather be able to focus on research opportunities. i feel like taking out a loan just to have money is a really stupid idea, but at the same time i'm planning on going to medical school which is super expensive no matter where you go and i'll be in a TON of debt at the end of it (like, $100k or more). what's another $4k on top of that?

so tqc, is this a really stupid idea or should i go through with it?

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TQC, the cd drive in my laptop isn't working right. I put a dvd in 15 minutes ago and it isn't recognizing it. It isn't just this particular dvd though, I've tried others and nothing. Up until today, it's taken some time, but the computer has always recognized it.

WTF is wrong? Should I just suck it up and call Toshiba on Monday and send it in for another warranty repair?

As if this isn't enough, last night my washing machine decided the water shouldn't shut off when it is supposed to. By the time we realized what happened, my laundry room, hallway, and kitchen were flooded.

Since bad things always seem to happen to me in threes, what's the next thing that is going to break/go wrong?

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My friend asked me this today.

Which celeb would you be super sad for if they passed away?

Like "OMG, I can't believe she/he's gone...  He/she was so talented."

I said Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift.
My friend said Beyonce..


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What do the dogs in your life do to make you laugh?

We are babysitting a Japanese Chin and he is SO WEIRD LOOKING. I thought he was going home yesterday (I got home about 8 hours ago) and he is still here. When I got in, he flipped his gourd and was jumping up and down and like waving his arms and doing the goddamn hula and then he peed on my iPod a little (it still works).

Now he is asleep and grunting like a pro. My weiner dog who normally hates everything was SNUGGLING with him this morning. It is a doggie bromance.

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I have a question for some hardcore Lord of the Rings nerds. I'm rereading the books and as as I'm reading them I'm getting the impression that when they say 'Nazgul' they are referring to the actual flying beasts that the Ringwraiths are riding on, not the wraiths themselves. But this confuses me because in the first film Aragorn gives his speech in Bree where he flat out says "They are the Nazul, Ringwraiths, neither living nor dead..." and it seems like a pretty major mistake for the movie to make.

Can anyone clear this up for me?


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In January, I will likely get a large refund from my student loans. Instead of spending it all as I did last time (because I had no job and it went to pay living expenses), I want to invest some of my money (possibly in a money market account or a monthly dividend certificate and have it grow so I can have it in case of emergency. I do plan to talk to my credit union if you're wondering but I wanted to know what you guys think. What's a good way of investing my money? Can you tell me about your investing experiences?

If you don't know or don't care, what is your earliest memory?

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what are you guys doing today?

i have to go to xmas at my moms today, because she is leaving tomorrow.
im going to blow a huge bowl before i go over there and laugh at everything.
apparently she got engaged or something an failed to let me know, but told everyone else.
i dont even carelol

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Do I have a bath or a shower?
Deciding factors: I can only have a bath while i'm home for a month, but I have red hair which has to be washed with cold water.

How far into christmas are you?
It's 11:30 on Christmas eve in the UK

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Do you ever forget something that you know is really obvious?
I forgot how old I was once and told someone that I was a year older than I actually was. My mom corrected me, saying "I know. I was there." Also... this next question:

Will the mall - specifically Macy's - be less crowded this afternoon or Saturday? Or should I wait until January to finish my holiday shopping?
Ok, I'll wait. I was somehow thinking that everyone would be home with their families on Christmas eve, but had a sense that I was possibly being a dumbass. Thanks!
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H.R. 3962 (Obama's health care reform) was passed in the Senate.
What are your thoughts?

srs/non srs replies.

I'm feeling very...BAH HUMBUG. I hate the holidays. How are you feeling?

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last night the backs of my hands were really dry, particularly my knuckles. i rubbed on some cetaphil moisturizer, which i've used before on my face and body. a couple of seconds later, my knuckles started burning REALLY badly. i washed the lotion off and the burning subsided a bit, but i was left with really, really red and pretty sore knuckles--it almost looked like a rash.

what the hell happened?
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Some anonymous person dropped off a large, heavy Christmas present for me and my roommate(s). The box looks about 2ft tall, 2.5ft long and 2ft wide. I would say it weighs between 40-50lbs. What do you think it could be?

I have a feeling it has to do with alcohol/liquor because of who I suspect anonymous to be.

Edit: I opened it and posted an update to tqc_updates

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Today, I saw a commercial for The Edge which is a CD collection of alternative music from the late 90s/early 00s, which was music I listened to in high school.

TQCers 24 and older, when did you realize you were getting old?
TQCers 23 and under, what's going to make you feel old in a few years?
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Jacksonville, FL

My guy, his family and I will be in Jacksonville, FL for the New Year's weekend. Our hotel is in Atlantic Beach and since we will be in Florida, a seafood dinner is a must!

What is THE best seafood restaurant that is close to Atlantic Beach? What about other restaurants? Hole in the wall places with awesome food win major points.
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If I have tags that expire January 2010, then that means I can legally drive my car until February 1st...right?

When was the last time you REALLY needed a break from the people you live with?


Got a hypothetical situation for you.  In the words of the immortal Chuck Klosterman:

'You have a brain tumor. Though there is no discomfort at the moment, this tumor would unquestionably kill you in six months. However, your life can (and will) be saved by an operation; the only downside is that there will be a brutal incision in your frontal lobe. After the surgery, you will be significantly less intelligent. You will still be a fully functioning adult, but you will be less logical, you will have a terrible memory, and you will have little ability to understand complex concepts or difficult ideas. The surgery is in two weeks.'

Question is, How would you spend the next fourteen days?


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Other than an excuse to tell you about my day, that long preface was to ask: Are you more sensitive to negative events on holidays or is the impact the same regardless?

Do you think tragedies are more tragic on Christmas?
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So I was just on the phone talking to my boyfriend about our hanging out/gift exchange tonight. We have only been dating since October and have not yet had a gift giving occasion come up. During this conversation he said "Now you'll be able to see how I give gifts." I tried to probe for an explanation of this statement but he kept quiet just saying "You'll see!". So TQC what does he mean?!

Serious and non serious answers eagerly awaited!!!

If you don't know/don't care, what are you going to eat tomorrow?

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It was 75F yesterday and we had a pretty bad tornado last night. Today, it's 40F right now and there's a 30% chance of snow showers later. The snow probably won't happen (never does), but regardless, we're having some odd weather.

How's the weather where you're at? Will you have a "White Christmas" ?

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In New Zealand, women are greatly outperforming men in regards to University participation. AFAIK this is a fairly common trend elsewhere? Anyway, there's a lot of blame on the 'feminizing' of education disadvantaging males, etc.

I do think male success in tertiary education is something that needs to be discussed. However, one rant by a local shit-stirring politician about this also mentioned how University degrees were becoming 'too common' these days, and I started to wonder;

Does anyone know if male success in education actually gone down? I was still in high-school when they passed a law here stating that children must be enrolled in school or another sort of approved training until they're at least sixteen. Completing highschool has really only quite recently been something that most everyone does, or that most girls do. It seems that educational success in general has never been spectacular among men, and it's possible that it's just that this has become a glaring contrast now that women are there are doing well at it. This would also account for the increase in University graduates.

I'm really curious about this but I have no idea where I'd actually find it out.
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iTunes or WMP? (Or something else?)
How many songs do you have on your computer?
How often to do you listen to music while you're on the computer?
What are you listening to now?
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1) What things do your parents do that irritate the shit out of you? (Obviously, you could probably go on forever, but what's one thing that really, really gets under your skin?)

My mother constantly generalizes about the sexes with the authority of a psychologist/sex therapist (which she is not). Things like "All women like ______", "Men always ____", and "Men never love their children as much as women do", etc. 

2) Do you think you look good today?



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congratulations: you are now a science teacher with an unlimited budget to buy pets for your classroom. what pets do you get? how many of each? male or female? what are their names?

ETA: yes, pics will make this way more fun.

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I two-way sync my Google Calendars with Mozilla Sunbird. But whenever I lose internet, I also lose the ability to see my remote calendars. How can I work offline and keep my events visible even with no internet?

What does goose taste like?

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Do you look younger or older than your actual age?

Apparently I look like a sixteen year old despite having graduated college two years ago. When I was sixteen, people thought I was in my twenties.
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So, TQC,

Next year is shaping up like this - these are the only 2 options so far:

Find a job, with none being advertised in this shitty little state, or study a BA** - at age 23.

These are the only 2 choices, no smartarse comments - it's Christmas Eve :P

What would you do?

**ETA - Bachelor of Arts
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What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Keeping TBS on all night/day to watch 24 Hours of A Christmas Story.

What was your favorite gift as a kid?

My mom got me a record player when I was a freshman in high school so I could play my White Stripes records. It was pretty badass, actually.

What are you up to tonight?

See question number one + drinking eggnog + baking cookies + prepping for dinner tomorrow.

Have you ever made rack of lamb? How should I season that bitch?
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i am a ridiculous person with a blackberry

I fell asleep with my blackberry in my bed with me. When I woke up, there's a gray box with NUM in it in the top right corner and I can't open any text messages, just highlight them. I'm guessing this is number lock, but do you know how to turn it off? Turning off the phone doesn't help.

I feel stupid.

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Have you ever given a gift to the wrong person?

Have you ever received a present that wasnt meant for you?

i ask because i am wrapping some presents just now and realised i forgot to label some of them....

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I'm not excited about Christmas at all this year. I'm very grinchy this year. I want to try to cheer myself up by baking some cookies, but we don't have any ~fancy~ ingredients and I'm too broke to buy them.

We have the basic things like flour, sugar, eggs, milk, salt, and tons of spices. We MAY have other things, but I don't know what to look for, so I don't know.

What kind of cookies can I bake with a really simple recipe that requires mostly basic ingredients?
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I had a glass of wine tonight, which would be fine except I take medicine that does not interact well with alcohol. I know, I know, I shouldn't have had the wine, but do you think I'll be okay if I take my medicine, Dr. TQC?


So when the kids go to sleep we are going to set it up like santa came to our house..
This is what is on the list
-Cookies, milk, half eaten and gone
-Presents, duh.
-"Snow" footprints (flour on the boots, on the carpet... :D )

Can you think of anything else we can do?

Christmas Presents

" Have you ever been given a gift that you were just like “What kind of fuking gift is this?”
I know its the thought that counts and all, that I shouldn’t complain.
But a “charitable donation in my name”? 100 bucks??? What the fuk???? I could use that 100 bucks to buy presents for my family.
Thanks for the gift…… I think."

Via this site for anonymous venting

Is this an appropriate response? For that gift? I've certainly felt like that with some gifts, but wouldn't with a donation in my name, I'd think it was great! What gifts HAVE you thought 'wtf' about?

I'm giving my Mum a box of recipes and meal ideas (often that we have on our regular rotation, just as a reminder of what the options are, she can rotate the cards through), I made it myself and I'm feeling nervous because I want to add more to it... I hope she 'gets' what it is for. Are you giving any presents that you are nervous about the response of?

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What video game should I play right now?

Xenosaga (the first one)
.Hack (the first one)
Katamari Damacy
We <3 Katamari

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EDIT: ALSO, I have ALL Final Fantasy games up to XII (with the exception of the MMORPG one), so I could put one of those in.
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Your friend is going with you to midnight mass and has fallen asleep. He is notoriously bad for oversleeping. You've already called three times. Your next step is...?

What is the biggest piece of fruit you've ever seen? My stepmom gave me grapefruits the size of cantaloupes.

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have you ever dated or been intimate with anybody outside of your race/ethnicity. if not, do you know anyone who has?
what was the general reaction to it?

i know these are kind of heavy questions for a holiday, but the "atheists are the most hated group in america" post as well as my current experience have intrigued me.

here are 2 less-heavy ipod related Collapse )
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I wish I could iron paper. (Like, straight up iron it and not have to do this lol. It's tissue paper and it's wrinkled as fuck.)

What physically impossible but completely practical thing do you wish you could do?
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AT&T is trying to port my brother's phone number to his new phone. It's been an hour and they haven't yet. Will he ever get his number ported? And what the hell is taking them so long?

non-srs answers appreciated as always

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If a friend posts a video on Facebook that they themselves made and posted it to a wall of person you don't know, but for some reason that video ends up on your Feed (I think you're only to see something like this when you're FB friends with both of them?) is it fair game to watch it since it's on your Feed or is it still like looking at something personal a stranger's wall? Or am I overthinking this and it doesn't matter?

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When you see a person walk by wearing a North Face jacket and a pair of Uggs, what do you do?

Laugh to yourself
Think "Wow, that's 50 I saw just today!"
This person can't think for herself.
This person has fashion sense.

Feel free to post pictures of people wearing said clothing. Preferably humorous ones.

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How can I train my dog to help me hit on hot guys? I have a little beagle named Romeo who loves middle-aged ladies who lunch and that weird dude who always looks at gay porn in the public library but refuses to introduce himself to hot college dudes.
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Trying to think of two movies...

Does anyone know what the following two movies/tv shows are?

  1. Two guys (three?) are having a debate whether they would prefer Gillian Anderson or Dana Scully and the former is described as a "highly neurotic actress" or something.
  2. Two young kids, a boy and a girl, meet on an airplane. The boy is constantly asked "Can I help you" and he replies with "I don't know... can you?". However, the girl calls him out on it and makes fun of him. The two kids keep meeting in several stages of their life and eventually fall in love.
    It was Boys and Girls
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 Do you have all your wisdom teeth? If not, when did you get them taken out? Were they all taken out at once or one at a time? Or do you still have a couple?

I'm getting one extracted in January and I'm probably going to have to get the other three removed within the next couple of years. Awesome.