December 23rd, 2009


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TQC, today I got the coffee maker my friend sent me for Christmas! It is cute and I love it.
The question is, to those of you who make your own coffee at home: Which kind do you suggest I buy? Not Starbucks, I'm not crazy about their coffee.

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Two of my good friends who are dating have spent A LOT of time together over the last half-year, and have sort of forgotten me until very recently. I realised only now that I feel bitter about that.

How can I get over this?

What makes you feel bitter?
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Do you open your stockings before or after you open presents? My boyfriend's family opens their stockings first, but my family has always done it last. I guess I like it cause after I've ripped through the big presents I get to be all like OOO MORE PRESENTS.

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I need to stay up for the next twenty four hours to reset my sleep schedule. Any ideas on how I should keep my brain occupied tonight?

When was the last time you ate at a restaurant? Where? What did you order?
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TQC members who aren't Christian:

What do you do to pass the time on Christmas Eve and Day? I'm usually bored as hell and there aren't any movies I want to see this year.

ETA: It's directed to non-Christians because Christians are typically busy with family, having dinner of some sort, exchanging presents, etc. I thought that was self-explanatory but I guess I had to spell it out.
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Did you participate in the TQC gift exchange this year? If so, Did you get your gift yet? Have you sent your gift?

If that doesn't apply to you, what great deals did you find this season? What gift are you most looking forward to giving?

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i needed to change a lab time for one of my classes and at my school you can't be enrolled in a lab class without being registered for the lab, but you also can't be registered for two labs so i had to drop the class first. the class is full but i figured if i dropped the class a spot would open up and i could just sign up again. that's how it works with other classes. BUT IT DIDN'T. i am seriously screwed. it's the only section of the class that doesn't conflict with my other classes. i realize it's different for every school, but have any of you had luck with talking to the registrar about something like this? i am seriously wanting to punch myself in the face right now.
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TQC, my brother downloaded something from the weather channel on his laptop and it won't install properly, nor will it uninstall. Every time I try to forcefully remove it, I'm getting a message that says "INSTALL.LOG MISSING". Any suggestions on how to actually remove it? If I try to make windows remove it without going through the ~uninstall~ process, Windows Explorer just freezes.

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I know this has probably been asked a million times, but where can I watch entire movies online for free without having to download anything? All the sites I've found only have a few clips or are super sketch in general.
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omfg i know i just posted but this is an emergency D:

when i leave work at night, i'm supposed to do the deposit and drop the locking bank bag. tonight i forgot to. i put it in my bag (which is huge) and walked up to the front, but ended up walking out with a coworker and just forgot D: omg omg omg what do i do!? i mean i have to go in at 7 am and return it, that's obvious, but am i gonna get in some huge ass trouble for this??? kajghalkghag i hate myself sfm right now :( omg

(the drop is into the store's safe, not the banks, etc. the bank bag goes in the store's safe as well)
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where do you work?
If applicable, have you ever done anything to a rude customer's order or service?

everyone always jokingly says, "please don't spit in my food." it mainly just pisses off the workers that we are viewed to go that low, but I am trying to see how many people would ACTUALLY serve something disgusting.

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My Outlook e-mail isn't working.
What can it be hiding from me?
Are there venemous e-mails in my inbox?
Do I have coal in my stocking?
Santa Clause I or SCII??? Which fat Tim Allen movie is better?
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TQC, my hair dryer just died on me. I have to leave in 15 minutes, my hair is still soaking wet, it's freezing and snowy outside, and I'm already sick. What can I do to flash dry my hair?
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The new decade: Does it start in a week and a half, on January 1st, 2010? Or does it start in a year on January 1st, 2011?

I suppose this question goes back to if the new century started in 2000 or 2001?

Was there a year zero in the big BC to AD changeover?

(Yes, these are the things that we discuss at my house, we are 100% nerds)
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Dental help TQC!

So I got my first ever root canal yesterday and they fit me with a temporary crown. I need my wisdom tooth out on the same side. I'm scheduled to have my crown put on on Monday. A coworker told me yesterday that I should have that wisdom tooth removed BEFORE I get the crown on because the extraction of the wisdom tooth on the same side could crack the crown (and my insurance doesn't cover crowns so it's totally out of pocket). Have you ever heard this concern before? Should I press to have my wisdom tooth extracted before I get my permanent crown?

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Cell phone question ...

I recently lost my job which included my boss paying for my cell phone. Now I'm under pressure to pay my own bill. I had Verizon and still have the phone, so going back to them isn't that difficult, but I looked at the plans and remembered how much they were! I live in Northern Illinois (about 2 hours from Chicago) and so I'm going to need a provider that works well here.

Should I just stick with Verizon and pay the $50 a month for the phone with the basics, or does anybody know of a better provider out there that works well?

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

1. For those of you with a car, what do you have and do you like it/have you had any problems with it? Make, model, year and mileage would be great! Just doing some used car research. =)

2. Does the pop up Best Buy ad on LJ actually make you want to buy something from them or does it make you want to set a Best Buy on fire?

3. What do you think was the cause of Brittany Murphy's death?

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i am a volunteer research assistant at a hospital and i'm supposed to go in today. i reaaaally don't feel like going and i'm also quasi-babysitting my younger brothers. my sister is here but she's not exactly the most responsible person ever and i have a feeling she would just be an evil bitch to them the whole time. and i reaaaaaaaaally don't feel like going. should i call in?
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school blues

I am applying to graduate school for library science. The best school in the country for library science also happens to be a public university in my state, meaning I could go there for very little. However, nothing about the program appeals to me particularly, I even think the application is completely absurd, and I hate the location, its all cornfields. Should I apply?

edit: I'm not implying I would definitely get in, either! just sayin'

dk/dc- what are your creative hobbies? what was the last thing you did with them?
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Am I gonna screw up my external hard drive?

I finally got an external harddrive (yay!) but now I need to put stuff on it. The goal is to get all my pictures and music off of 3 different computers into one place. 2 of the computers are PC's, 1 is a mac. I have the external plugged into the mac right now, time machine (which I've never used) came up, and now its telling me to reformat the external hard drive. Will this make it so I can't use it on the PCs? I'm so confused!
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Blog Code Help

I'm submitting an e-mail to a blog I'm hoping they'll publish, because they do that sort of thing, and was wondering how you make a sentence about something also a link to an article relating it or whatever (You know what I'm talkin about). ???

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Sleep stuff

Why won't my cat shut the fuck up? He has food, water, and he's already used the litterbox in the past hour but he just keeps yowling. He has no balls, so that probably isn't it.

I finally get to lay down after about 30 hours of being up and the stupid fucking cat won't shut up.

When you're trying to sleep, what's the most annoying sound in the world?

Do you have to have background noise on to sleep?
I can't sleep without music. It comes from my dad turning my radio on at night to drown out the sound of arguments.

Whenever I fall asleep with the tv on, I always wake up sore and sweaty, even when I'm laying in a normal position and normal blanket amounts.

What the hell am I doing in my sleep with the tv on that makes me sore and sweaty?
Does this happen to you?
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My body hates me

1. What does heartburn feel like?

2. Any suggestions for good dandruff shampoos conditioners? Everything here is super super dry - I lotion my hands 2-3 times a day (aka way more than normal) because otherwise they feel like they're going to crack open - and I think that's what is going on with my scalp too.

3. Why haven't I pooed for the last day and a half?



Why are boyfriends SOOO hard to buy for?

I had 2 ideas and then he told me one of them made him uncomfortable (he guessed the idea) and the other i ruled out b/c it was lame. I want to give him one of my photos that I had printed a few weeks ago it's 11x17 photo, but it doesn't have any meaning or anything to him, is that still ok to give?(it's this photo Day 269 September 26th 2009 Coffee ) Otherwise i'm totally stumped! He just graduated college this weekend, he likes to cook but has a itty bitty kitchen and doesn't cook as often as he could. He likes video games but I dont know which ones he doesn't have, same with DVD's and music. Ahhhh I'm out of ideas!
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Can a headache you have be called a migraine if it's not really intense, but you've had it for about a week and a half? It only pops up when I bend over and when I sneeze, cough, or swallow. It feels like a cross between a tension headache and a sinus headache, but it's been hanging around forever.
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I just spun out in the snow while attempting to drive home for the holidays and smacked the side of my car into a tree.

Anyone else having a ~FANTASTIC~ holiday so far?!
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my mom said that all she wants for christmas is for me to clean my room.
does she really mean that?

eta: how does this sound?
1. clean my room
2. get her a water bottle (that she asked for)
3. write her a poem (she always asks to read my writing)

Last minute Christmas present

Ok TQC'ers:

I need one more thing for my wife for Christmas. Is it going to be this Canon camera or a Wii?

We're mature adults expecting a baby in July. I already have a good point-n' shoot (the SD630) but her camera got dropped on our honeymoon and has been FUBAR'd. Price is about the same, it seems. Thoughts?

EDIT: Ok just as a follow-up, I went with the Wii, and the Wii Pack (extra controller and game). A little more than I intended, but the camera was an extra $50 in store anyway, so...


So who do you call when your mother is "ready to blow her brains out" and "at rock bottom" and is so worked up that she can't even listen to her own thoughts? Who do you call that will be helpful, and not just bust down the front door, guns blasting? Who will take care of the things that are driving your mother crazy? (like getting her mother out of the hospital and safely home)
My mom seriously needs help, but I'm not going to call anyone unless they'll provide the right kind of help.

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Anyone spending the holidays alone?
How do you cope?
ETA: Are you going to be alone by choice? Or circumstance?
Is there any place (restaurant/store/theater) near you that's open on Christmas day? Is that surprising?

TQC: Top Quality Coaching

After a nice hot lunch, I am going to venture out into the big, bad retail universe to start and finish all of my Christmas gift shopping in a single marathon campaign that will likely include Target, Costco, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and Staples.

What advice, cautions, or encouragement would you like to give me, O TQC brethren and sistren?  And will you send out a search party for me if you don't hear from me by tomorrow at this time?

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself at being able to apologize? Why?

How often do you truly try to see any kind of discrepancy from another POV?

Would you call yourself a person who is more cold/ distant or a person who is more warm/ embracing? (There might be a better way to phrase that.)

How do you handle people that you love who seriously haven't a clue how to apologize when it really is needed?

What is the definition of 'needed' in your opinion as used in the above question?

Adage Revisit

A horse is a horse _______

Of course
, said Captain Obvious
But the naked man behind him is a pervert
Unless you marinate it gingerly before serving, thus making it a meal
But happy cows come from California

A rolling stone gathers ______

No moss
Up their arthritic medicine before going onstage
Whatever Katamari Damacy runs over
Royalties whenever 'Satisfaction' is played

While the cat is away the mice will _____

Blog about what an asshole he is
Rifle through the cat's belongings, looking for drugs and money
Take this valuable time to hoard cheese
Set up a cat trap

A ____ keeps the doctor away

Apple a day
Savage beating
Effective blackmail scheme
Restraining order

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him ____

Love you (in that way)
Do your calculus homework for you, slacker
Walk on it

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i need to make something tasty for christmas morning. difficulty: it can't have nuts or cream cheese. does anyone have any good ideas?

if you have a cat, what's a silly thing s/he has done recently?

if you use opi nail polish, what's your favorite color? if it's red or pink, do you have a second favorite that's not red or pink?

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What are you in the habit of doing?

doing nice stuff for people who doesn't deserve it. :|

Also, what kind of mood are you in RIGHT NOW?

I'm pissed off, but its a nice change from the depressed mood I've been in lately.

Would you rather be pissed off or depressed?

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Why are my toes tingling?

Settle a really idiotic debate: A coupon says "expires December 10." Does that mean that you can use it up to and including the 10th or that the last day you can use it is the 9th?
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What little thing(s) makes you happy recently?

When I visit my mom's house and my nieces are over, their super happy and excited greetings to me always warms my heart (they're 3 and 5).
And then, like clockwork, they ask for a mint. :P
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You are in the process of cooking something. You realize you are missing an essential ingredient. You run to the grocery store to pick up the item, get on the express line and realize that the woman in front of you has way more than 12 items. The sign says, "12 items are less."

What do you do? All the other lines are longer/more crowded.

Do you wait patiently? Do you say something? Do you personally carry more than 12 items in the express line?

*The woman in front of you had 39 items.

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There's some video game with the main character being a white wolf/fox with a pattern on it's forehead. I think the name of the creature changes with every game. What is the game/character called?


There's nothing to eat in my house, except cookies. And I am starving! If I don't eat soon, I'm probably gonna get sick. I'm broke, otherwise I would just go get something to eat. I don't know what to do except eat an apple and a cookie. I'm concerned about what I put into my body though, 'cause of the baby.

What would you do?

How long have you gone without eating?

Edit: I have found a savior. My mom is bringing over some pasta and chicken. Thank god she drives a car that's great in the snow.
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What are some of your more "embarrassing" habits? Which of the poll results is most disgusting?

I ...

pick my nose often
look at the toilet paper after I wipe after I poop
pick at my zits
mess with hangnails and pick at my finger/toe nails
can't use the bathroom if I don't have something to read
tend to not flush the toilet if it's just pee
rarely ever change my sheets
often forget to wash my hands after I pee
pee in the shower
other (see comments)

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my friends are the kind of people that think that period sex and anal are kinky, whereas my definition of kinky is much more extreme. i want to get them something really kinky as part of their xmas gift (but something that they still might use). our price limit is $10. what are your ideas?

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Does anybody else have never-ending ladybugs in their house right now?
Why the fuck do ladybugs like my room so much? Is it because it's warm?

I swear I get rid of them all, but they keep showing up! And they fly in circles by my light and it's annoying. They occasionally land on me. :(
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My boyfriend and I are doing a super cheap date night at my house tonight since we're both pretty broke. We're going to go to the store later and I'm not sure what to buy to cook.

What should we cook that is very cheap but also absolutely delicious and amazing? I was thinking some kind of baked pasta dish, but I'm not sure. I'd like to get out of there at ~$10 or less.

Key West?

Hello, TQC!

So I bought a Greyhound ticket from Buffalo, Ny to Key West, Fla in October. I should have gone down right before Halloween, but my ankles have been acting terribly unfun. So I've put it off and its still sitting on the shelf, good for a year.

Should I take my Christmas money and go down two days after Christmas, to be there for New Years?
Should I put it off until my ankles are super-healed (potentially putting me there for hurricane season)?

If you've ever been to Key West, what was your experience like? Positive and negative answers welcome.

ETA: The doctor's said I most likely have arthritis, so it wouldn't be so much "healed" as "less-inflamed" 0_o
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I have a BA already, but I'm interested in possibly getting a second in a completely unrelated field (I have a degree in history and I'm interested in getting a degree in Accounting.) So, it's more than just taking a few extra pre-reqs to prep for grad school but at the same time I'd prefer to just take all the Accounting courses I need for a degree, rather than have to fufil the random other requirements (science, humanities, foriegn language) of another school as I did all that the first time around. Has anyone done something like this? Any advice? I am going to attempt to meet with someone at a local college after the holidays and see what they say, if for nothing other than a point of reference as to what they'd require for me to be in the Accounting program at their school whether or not I decide to go there.

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So apparently this is the worst time to be looking for jobs. I've spent the last week applying everywhere possible that will take a college student and nothing yet. So tqc,
1. Do you know of any marketing research companies in the New Jersey area?
2. Have you ever done any marketing research? How did it go?
3. Anyone know of any ways to actually make money off the internet? and no I am not going to become a prostitute because I know someone is going to say that haha.

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"Adrian: Do you wish to know the complete account number for this account?
You: Yes, please
Adrian: Alicen, we will be unable to provide you with a complete account number"

are those online chat things with companies ever not completely fucking useless?
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I am posting for an IRC friend who needs advice. I'll call her Beth. Beth recently got engaged to a man she's been dating for a few years, I'll call her fiance Jake. Beth loves Jake very much, and Jake loves her. However, over the past few months Beth has started to realize she isn't actually sexually attracted to Jake. Or any men at all, for that matter. Beth thinks she might be a lesbian, but hasn't told Jake because it would devastate him. It was suggested that she call off the engagement so she can figure out if she can actually be happy long-term with a man, but despite the lack of sexual attraction Beth says they have a good relationship and she doesn't want to leave him. She does worry sometimes though that she might be happier with a woman.

What should Beth do?

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What's your favorite sexy song to dance to?
What are your favorite dance moves?

You see, I lost a bet with my boyfriend and now I have to dance for him. (He's expecting a sexy dance, but that was not agreed upon.) I'm a ballerina, but all other forums of dance escape me. Can you link me to some good instructional videos?

Weird and rambly post.

My anxiety has been pretty bad lately, it mostly centers around obsessive thoughts. The thoughts switch subjects from time to time, but it's mostly centered around death. Worried about having a heart attack, not feeling well, and for some reason I'm pretty hung up about blood clots on my legs. I stand all day at work but when I come home I just want to sit down, and I have terrible computer posture (I like to sit with my knees up), and I'm worried that being scrunched up could raise my chances or something.

Do you have really bad sitting posture? Have you tried to fix it? Or have you already fixed your bad posture?

I know this is a strange, kind of rambly validation post. I've just been kind of antsy, home alone all day pacing around my apartment trying not to think about things. So I'll make post, I guess. Sorry, TQC. :(
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Which of you are not celebrating Christmas on the 25th? Are you celebrating it a different day? Why? Do you not celebrate it at all? Why? What do you plan to do instead? I'm v curious as to what's going on with people that day :-)

I personally do not celebrate as I am Pagan (just had my Winter Solstice instead). The big thing I am looking foward to on that day is new Doctor Who!

Edited for HTML fail.
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Does anyone want this poster?

Collapse )

If you don't care, have you ever slept on something besides a bed for an extended length of time? I'm considering moving across the country for 6 months and it'll probably be too expensive to buy or move a whole mattress (+ box springs). I was thinking maybe an air mattress or foam thing. Any suggestions?

I tried Googling this...

My dad is quitting smoking. My mom quit smoking 3 years ago and still has patches she didn't use because she only used a few of them and didn't need them anymore.

1. My dad has already not smoked for 15 days. Would it be a good/bad idea for him to even use a patch at this point?
2. Since I don't have a package of nicotine patches to refer to, how long do they even last for? Google was able to tell me that they do, in fact, expire... but all I got was a bunch of questions to "should I use these after they expire" and nothing to do with "when DO they expire".

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how much of a moron is my sister?

she asked if i wanted anything else for Christmas and i texted her this: "Fame monster by lady gaga, history past present and future by mj or santigold by santigold" and she texted back "What is that?"


do you ever wonder how you and your siblings are related?

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How would you feel if your boyfriend wasn't able to get you your ring for Christmas because he had to loan his parents money so they didn't have their house and car repossessed?

If you're like me who is incredibly proud and sad (for him, not for myself) at the same time, how would you go about making your boyfriend feel better about this?
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I bought him a cell phone for Christmas with a blue tooth and unlimited minutes. The phone is sweet. I bought him a few small other things but this is the big one. Should I stay strong and wait til Christmas morning or Eve or should I give it to him tonight since it's all up and working??

is he gonna call?

So if after a date, the guy says something along the lines of getting together for the weekend, and textes an hour after the date saying he had a good time....does that mean he's gonna call? why would he bother, or was he just being nice? The date was yesterday..and I haven't heard anything from him. What do you guys think?

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I'm considering getting a John Lennon quote tattooed on me. What I'd really like is to have the words go in a circle. I haven't decided where yet or even if I'm really going to, but would anyone have any pictures of this sort of tattoo, a quote going in a circle, to show me so I can see a few before deciding? Any help would be appreciated.

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You have a S/O, who at 29 would love a remote controlled helicopter. So you say you'll get one for Christmas. But, like everything else you do, you leave it too late and now you might not be able to get it on time.

How would you react if, said S/O acted like a petulant child. Complaining and moaning about it all? He says its the only Christmas gift he is really excited about and will be gutted if he doesn't get it. Then moans because I've left it to the last minute. Like I do with everything else in my life. (Valid point. I procrastinate way too much)

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I will be flying back home on the 29th and need a movie or two to watch on the plane or at the airport. I really like UP, Garden State, Pans Labyrinth, and Outsourced. I would prefer something without a sex scene because I'm uncomfortable with watching people bone with someone a few inches away. Any ideas?
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Hi, so I dropped my Samsung Mythic on a tile floor from about 2.5 feet up and now it seems the accelerometer isn't working. When I rotate the phone, it won't switch to landscape for typing messages. HELP??

I've tried: turning it off and on, soft reset, shaking it vertically really hard, fiddling with the settings - calibration and motion detection, and now it's just charging. I've also tried looking on some forums, but have yet to find another user of this phone with the same problem, its only been out for a month :( Should I just send it in for repair?
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For those who have a graphics tablet, what kind do you own? What do you primarily use it for?

Do you think this is a good buy for someone just starting out with CG art? I've heard mixed things about Bamboos, so it'd be nice to get some further opinions. Thank you!

Edit: Agh, sorry, left out a detail. She has a Macbook, with OSX. I've also been looking at this one, over at Best Buy, which I... can't see much of a difference with except that it has a mouse?
look really good.
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Do you think it's inappropriate for young [23-25 years old] high school teachers to add students on Facebook?
Or if they coach a sport at said school to add the kids from their team?

ETA: their personal Facebook.
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You just took a really massive dump, and as you are looking for toilet paper, you realize you do not have any at all (you didn't look before you sat down for once). There are no paper towels in the room, and the house is inhabited by people - strangers - over for your mother/father/SO/dog/whatever's holiday party. In the room is a stack of clean washcloths, your towel, a sink and your average occupied shower/bathtub combo.

TQC, what do you do?

ETA: It was a messy shit. You can't get away clean. This isn't your house - you're just visiting for a night or two.

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I live in a small town in Scotland. The weather is crazy with snow. I was meant to be off tomorrow, but the girls who are opening the store may not get in if the road is closed in their area (Out in the country so its highly likely they will get snowed in)

If they can't make it in, one wil call me at 7am to let me know that I need to go in and work all day. (I live closer, weather isn't an issue really for me) I don't want to go in, but I'm prepared to do it.

I'm planning on answering her call with a crazy reason I can't make it either. I thought about telling her I had been abducted by aliens in the middle of the night or I was stuck in a well.

Long story short, what are some ridiculous excuses I can use before I admit that I'll go in?