December 22nd, 2009

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All things iPod

Okay, I am really starting to feel the pang of not buying new albums/ music. For the longest time, I haven't bought CD's because I've been broke. And now I'm not broke and can buy CD's but they are outdated, they get scratched and they annoy me so that brings me to the whole new world of iPods or mp3s and all that. I have no idea what I am doing, what the differences are, what's available...I feel overwhelmed! I am starting my Google research now and figured you fine young people can help me in my endeavor. What do I need to know? I am not an Apple person but I hear that you can have an iPod without an Apple and then there is iTunes. Is there another market other than Apple for these things that is better that I don't know about?

My basic need/ want is a device I can take with me everywhere and plug into my stereo at work/ home/ car and just down load all of my music to it. Like, 50 albums I'm thinking. Once I download, can I erase? If I download an entire album, can I erase the songs I don't want to make room for more? There array of iPods one can buy is seriously overwhleming - where do I even start??? ...and any other tidbits of info you think might be helpful to a newbie are appreciated!

ETA: I'm looking at an iPod seems simple enough - and totally pretty. Think this would serve me needs?
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(no subject)

I just recently discovered saltwater taffy. I'm looking for a website that you can mix and match taffy flavours into a big assorted bag. So far, the cheapest I've found is at for a 2lb bag of choose-your-own-flavours.

Do you know of any others that might be cheaper?

What's your favourite taffy flavour? I think mine's root beer float.
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In a pinch

So! I just got a new laptop and I want to transfer my files from my ipod to my laptop.
I know there is a way of doing this because someone explained it to me the last time I got a new computer.

So my fellow Lj-ers who are up at this hour.. can you help me out?

(no subject)

I've been dating my boyfriend for almost six months. I was excited for our first xmas together. Today was my birthday and we exchanged gifts. I got him a coffee maker, gym bag and tshirt (all things he mentioned that he wanted) and he got me a gift card. I pretended it was great but really I was pissed.

Am I right to feel hurt and annoyed?

(no subject)

What's your favourite Kanye song? I want some of his better songs that don't get as much radio play. Also, do any of you Americans spell favourite <--like this (or colour, etc.) despite the the spell checks and countless other Americans telling you it's wrong? Just curious.

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Out of all the stupid things in the world that aren't worth getting upset over, there are two that I just REALLY cannot let drop.

- YouTube's commenters and their apparent inability to understand ... even 1/4 of the English language.
- And people who drive below the speed limit.

Have you ever thought about either of these?
Please, someone needs to explain to me how their brains work.

Why, WHYY, is it AT ALL necessary to drive below the speed limit?
And whyyyy take more time inventing ~cool web-lingo that makes you sound like a monkey instead of just typing half way normally?

I know I sound pretentious but ... we should have this discussion.

Edit - Oh bawwwwwwwww you guys, I never claimed that my grammar was perfect, I'm complaining (which I guess isn't allowed on TQC anymore) about people whose grammar is seemingly, almost intentionally bad.
And I get it about the driving now :)
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(no subject)

What is something irrational/weird/unusual that you HATE?

I hate guys with highly defined abs and I also hate sitting directly next to someone on the subway.
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(no subject)

how do you get along with your SO's siblings?

i get along with them fine but the little sister is getting on my nerves the more i spend time with her. she's the type of person who refuses to be wrong, and it's just tiring having her 'correct' me on trivial things when i know i'm right.. she just won't have it. once she even had the whole family vote on whether her pronunciation of zebra was right, or whether mine was. how do you deal with people like this?

Anti depressants

Have any of you ever taken Fluoxetine? What were your side effects?

I was on Lexapro 10 mg for two years, and it stopped working completely. So my doctor prescribed me Fluoxetine 20 mg yesterday, and I've heard that some people have had a lot of bad experiences with this drug. I'm aware that all drugs have a risk for giving you bad side effects, but I've been hearing that this one has caused more than others.

What other anti depressants have any of you been prescribed? Did it work for you? Why or why not?
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THIS IS HYPOTHETICAL ONLY....because i have always wanted to know.

So...its a weekend night and you are going to a singles venue. You have that feeling that you want to hook up tonight. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN A HOOK-UP-EE?


EDIT O MATIC- would a nice blazer help?

(no subject)

If you started hearing circus music everytime you went to take a crap, and it lasted from the moment you sat down, to the moment you flushed the toliet.. How many times would this have to happen before you sought professional help?
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(no subject)

dear TQC,

We are doing a secret santa at work and everyone has to get a gift costing between £5-£10 (that's around $15), except the gifts are just going to be picked at random on christmas eve, so we haven't been assigned someone. I work with 10 girls and 2 guys and ages range from 16 to 27.

What do I get??

(no subject)

I live two hours away from my mom, who i am super close with. My mom frequently comes to visit me (mainly bc she has doctors appts in the city i live in; otherwise I don't think it would be as much) and she sort of expects us to come home for holidays (bc my bf doesn't have much of a family) and this has worked out for 3 years.  My mom has a bf who she's been with for about 15 years and is very set in his ways (he doesnt really like to go out, smokes, and is content just staying in). I asked my mom to come to MY house for Thanksgiving and she declined because her bf didnt want to drive to the city. My bf and I got in a fight about this because we always go home and its a lot of gas/money gone. Well, I asked her to come up to my house for Christmas and she again, said no because her bf wont come up  and she doesn't want to leave him alone for Christmas. Now I'm  torn on what to do bc my mom wont come here, and while i know she wont say so, she will be hurt if i don't go home. My boyfriend is irritated bc its always us doing the visiting on the holidays and doesn't want to go home. What the heck should i do?? dgaf? when was the last time you had fun? what did you do? EDIT: I decided to do Christmas with my bf on Christmas eve and go home on Christmas day. I talked to my mom and she said she would do the next big holiday at my house (her bf included, but i dont know if that will happen) . :)

(no subject)

Are there any stores that give serious discounts on name-brand perfumes? My truelove has her favorites and has put in a request, and I'm not going to get her a sniff-alike copycat, but if I can save some money I'll drive a little further to a store that discounts.

Pug in wig

Party Snacks


Which sounds more delicious?

a) Chocolate-covered peanut butter crackers
b) Chocolate-covered Nutter Butters

If I covered them in semi-sweet chocolate, would you eat them?

b) Maybe. Depends on what else is being served.


(no subject)

We all know how easy it to mix up and mishear song lyrics. So in the spirit of Christmas carols, whats the biggest and/or funniest lyric mistake you've made when it comes to holiday songs?

I for one spent several years wondering when I was going to get my four "collie-birds"...a dog that can fly? Sweet!

(no subject)

Do you like the band Muse?
-They're my favorite!

If yes, what is/are your favorite song/s by them?
-Hysteria and their cover of Feeling Good.

If yes still, are you going to their concert nearest where you live?
-I'm going to Madison Square Garden on March 5, and I've never been more excited about anything!

If no, what is your favorite item of clothing to wear?
-My Pittsburgh Penguins hoodie.

(no subject)

ever taken the harvard university project implicit test? care to share your results?

have you ever read any of chuck klosterman's writing? if so, what did you think of it?

what is the best hip hop album you've ever heard?
de la soul's 3 feet high and rising or common's resurrection (back when he was known as common sense). 'i used to love h.e.r.' should be your next download

what lj community do you lurk the most?

AND/OR: name an opinion of yours that you have always had, you always will have, and will never change.
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(no subject)

Does FedEx leave a note on your door if you miss a delivery from them?

I'm waiting for my new phone to come and I've been sitting here so I decided to check the website since it said out for delivery... and now the status says I wasn't available to sign for it. Which is bullshit, because I've been sitting right here. My FedEx person has done that before and sometimes will RUN from my door back to his truck when he delivers a package.

I'm gonna have to IM my mom to get her to call because... they have my pbone... but wtf? They don't even leave notes?

*OH P.S.: it was a package the required a signature.
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Texting etiquette.

So this girl gave me her phone number about a week or so ago, which confirmed my suspicions that she had a crush on me. So I texted her my number soon after and she ended up sending a text an hour or so later about causal stuff. So the last couple days we have been sending texts to each other, usually initiated by me (advice I was given from a female friend) nothing to forward or excessive but that seems to be the problem. We have been texting back and forth for nearly a week and are essentially just talking about the weather.

What gives?
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(no subject)

Today is subtlesphinx's birthday. She's 21. What will your gift be?

Warm wishes (see comment below)
An alcoholic toast in her honor
Commitment to show up at the next stickam drunk night
Poem (see comment below)
Drawing (see comment below)
Sean's face made entirely out of dried macaroni and bacos

(no subject)

Which pre-installed game on your computer is your favorite?
If you are running Windows, what are the top minesweeper scores? If there aren't any, you should play until you win and then answer. :)
Mine are Beginner: 6 sec, Intermediate: 28, Expert: 120.

Why does Wii discriminate against gingers? Is it that hard to offer more hair colors for Miis in the interest of being more inclusive?
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(no subject)

I'd like to buy my grandmom a couple of DVDs. Do you guys have any ideas? I'm looking for something more current. Minimal cussing. She likes true-life crime stuff, but that's not a requirement. No holiday stuff.

Do you say "cussing" or "cursing"?
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(no subject)

I was playing around on facebook, searched for an old summer fling, and the only part of his profile I can see without friending him is his picture - he's pushing two kids in strollers (~3 years old each) and a 5-year-old girl is helping him.
Does he have kids now?* The fling was only 4 years ago...

What has surprised you recently?

*For what it's worth, my picture is of me and my 2-year-old nephew, so it might not be what it looks like...

(no subject)

Which of these affectations of a potential SO would be dealbreakers, or, in other words, what style quirks or qualities can you just not put up with in a potential significant other?

Tramp stamp
Skinny jeans even if they don't have the physique to wear skinny jeans
Sideburns bordering on muttonchops
Cleavagy top combined with a major push-up bra
Pedo moustache
Confident 'wink' which he/she tends to throw out high volume during the average conversation
Commonly seen with a Bud Lite in his/her hand, regardless of situation
Visible thong. Obviously intentional
Heavy mascara
Usually lighting up a cigarette
T-shirt with a semi-clever or wannabe pithy phrase. Judging by the lack of jacket or other top, it seems that this person really really wants people to read the t-shirt
More than 2 facial piercings
Wears shades indoors, even in dimly lit rooms
Highly groomed eyebrows. Someone spent a good amount of time shaping those brows
Honestly, none of these things would really bother me. I don't tend to disqualify people based on their fashion sense or habits

(no subject)

so i have a code for an lj layout. while editing my profile, where do i put said code?

do you support having christmas lights up year round?

what are your favorite scents?
ocean, winter air, hotel sheets, a certain someone

(no subject)

i just heard someone say, "well, pork is the third white meat."
i'd heard it call the other white meat but third??

i'm assuming chicken is still one, but what is the OTHER other white meat?

(no subject)

is there anywhere i can get skinny jeans that aren't low rise but also are actually skinny and aren't more than $50 or so? the only non-low rise ones i've found are from old navy but they are pretty loose on the bottom, more like straight legs.
Freaks and Geeks - Bill
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(no subject)

If you're trying to do laundry and you find that both the washer and dryer are full of someone elses clothes (your roommates/family members/whatever) from who knows when (as in, they're not currently in the process of doing laundry, it's just been left) what do you do?

Do you finish doing it for them? As in, take the dry clothes out of the dryer, throw the wet stuff in and dry it for them?
Or do you throw the stuff out of the washer, wash your stuff, put theirs back in/throw their stuff out of the dryer, dry your stuff, put theirs back in?
Or do you just dump it all on the floor?

What's the proper protocol? My roommates is always leaving her stuff in the machines for days on end and I don't know if pulling her stuff out and putting it on top of the machine is rude. I feel like doing it for her is rewarding her for being too lazy to go downstairs to do it herself.
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(no subject)

I have a technical question.

I have an old Magnavox TV. It's probably from the mid-90s. I have a Sony DVD player my parents gave me. It's only a couple years old.

Everything was working fine. At Thanksgiving my mom and I were going to watch a DVD. A buzzing sound came out of the speakers when we put the DVD in. It's not a quiet buzz that could be ignored. After playing with some wires, I unplugged the red colored connection and the buzzing stopped. We had sound, but only from the left speaker, which wasn't a big deal unless there was a scene where sound came from the right speaker, and that couldn't be heard well.

I just put back in the original cords (I'd taken them to work). The buzzing occurred again, but not as loud, but it's still annoying. It goes away if I take out the red connection, so there's no sound from the right speaker on the TV.

What is causing this, the TV or the DVD player? I don't think it's the cords since I've tried this on two different cords. Is there a way I can fix this? If so, how?

TL;DR: One of the speakers on my TV messes up when I play a DVD. What is going on?

(no subject)

Supernatural fans,
Are there any actual female characters from the show that you like? I think it's a given that most everyone likes Ellen.

I always loved the original Ruby, back when she was blonde & sassy. Also I liked what they did to Jo when they brought her back, especially in the last episode.

(no subject)

I have a cold that isn't entirely debilitating (at least not after I took some cold medicine), and I'm debating what to do tonight. A few of my friends that I don't see very often are going out drinking later, and I'd like to go with them, though I'm not sure that imbibing alcohol would help the cold issue. Or maybe I should just stay in bed watching stuff on netflix and ask my parents to bring me food.

What's it to be, TQC?

(And if I stay in, what movies/tv shows should I watch on netflix that stream instantly?)

(no subject)

Which would be more invaluable to you on a long (3+ hour) flight:

Good quality noise-cancelling headphones (and enough batteries to last round-trip), OR

Ear plugs and sleeping pills/some kind of medication to make you drowsy?

I love my Philips headphones so much, and meds-that-make-you-drowsy never work for me anyway.
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Is it rude to bring tupperware?

My aunt is a casual, laid back person. She is always losing tupperware (like the disposable containers, Glad or Ziplock, you know). Can't find the lids, etc. We have Thanksgiving and Christmas at her house, but she isn't physically well, so we do a lot of helping. We help pack up leftovers for them and such and are always at a loss for containers. Last time we had to use ziplock baggies. Not so pretty.

So since I have a ton, I was going to bring some with me. They've been used, but they are clean and look nice. My Mom thinks this is rude, that if we bring anything it should be newly bought. I don't think it's rude at all, I use the containers and there's nothing wrong with them.

So, is this rude? Or a nice thought since she doesn't have any and I have extra?

If it matters, the leftovers stay at her house. She would keep the containers.

ETA: You guys are awesome. Thanks for the confirmation that I'm not THAT strange.  =)
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(no subject)

Well I wanted to watch This Is England, but I can't find a good copy of it to watch online. But now I feel like watching something British, so what should I watch?

-The Young Ones
-The Crew
-Green Street Hooligans

I do have a tonne of other British movies but I can't be arsed to look through my collection.

Well I'm off to watch The Young Ones.

Will you post some of your favourite jokes/gifs/macros/etc. to read & look at when I get back?

(no subject)

What was your favorite activity as a child? (did you watch a lot of tv, play sports, read a lot, etc)

What aisle did you head to first when you went to the toy store?

What was something most kids your age liked but you never really got into?

My answers in comments.
Purple Forest

Whose birthday is it? Oh, really? Happy birthday!

(Sorry if this has been asked recently.)

Do you get mad when people forget that it's your birthday on your birthday, or forget to tell you happy birthday?

A friend of mine just celebrated her birthday today. She's very quiet, and didn't post her birthday on Facebook. Only a few close friends of ours and I knew. Everyone else was "surprised," mainly because it wasn't on Facebook. Then they wished her a happy birthday.

Which brings me to another question. For those of you who use Facebook, do you remember birthdays without Facebook's little reminders, or do you only know if Facebook says so?
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(no subject)

So I have to provide music for a group of 9-11 year-olds for a party. However, I am not up to date with the cool kids. Can you please suggest music for kids who like the songs under the LJ-cut?
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I &lt;3 TLV

(no subject)

What is your sex?


What is your gender?


Does your gender match your sex?


(no subject)

Last night we made some potato skins, and I saved all the potato insides. I want to make something with them today, and all I can think of is twice baked potatoes, but obviously I don't have the potato shells to cook them in. D: What should I do with these baked potato guts?

eta: also I have considered just mashing them, but I'm trying to think outside the box.
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How much has it snowed where you are in the past 48 hours?

I really hate to start a road trip in this sloppy mess. We got at least 3" today on top of the 20" we had already.
Stormer, Upset.


1. What's your latest heartache?
2. Is it associated with Xmas?

My answers:
1. My parents telling me I'm worthless (this is a short version of the cruel things she suddenly decided to spew at me in the past two days, and have been throughout most of my life, going so far as to say I; just a failed Lisa. The Miscarriage, had it come to term would have been the RIGHT Lisa...) and placing severe stress on my relationship with my fiancee. Likewise, the stress on our relationship due to parental intrusion nearly lost me my 4 years of dating and three years of engagement (waiting until my ASL/Deaf Studies Program end to mary officially)
2. Yes. I was told I've ruined every Xmas until since I was 15 years old, 10 years past. And now, I've ruined THIS Xmas before it even started just because I wanted to spend my holidays happy and uninsulted.
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I just got my very first mp3 player EVER!

Will you tell me some songs you're digging right now so I can add them to my playlist for my flight home tomorrow?
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

(no subject)

Do you have any dreams/life goals that you fully intend upon doing but people think (or would think) you are crazy for it and/or will never be able to do it? Can you share what your goal is?
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(no subject)

If you've watched the Something, Something, Something Darkside Family Guy movie already, did you immediately pause the movie and go find the clip from Teen Wolf where the guy's dick is hanging out in the background?

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(no subject)

Anybody here live in or around the greater Toronto area and have a cellphone through Rogers or Fido? I'm using a blackberry pearl on the Rogers/Fido network and for the last eight hours or so have not been receiving emails and can't send anything through blackberry messenger. Is their network being a piece of shit right now?


(no subject)

Do you like egg nog? I'm beginning to believe no one does.

Do you actually enjoy family get-togethers for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah etc.?

What's something totally unrealistic that you want for Christmas this year?

(no subject)

What the hell am I gonna do with 3 crock pots?

The first one was a Hanukkah present from my mother in law a couple years ago. The second one was a Christmas present from my aunt last year. The third one (it's a mini and kinda cute) is a holiday present from my manager.

I could make pulled pork, ribs and brisket at the same time...