December 21st, 2009

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How long would it take an illiterate adult to learn to read and write in their native language?

They are of average intelligence, probably can recognize a few basic things, but that's it.

This isn't a real situation, it's for a story.
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Health care.

How would you explain free health care as being a "right"?

Example: The right to the pursuit of happiness is precisely that: the right to the pursuit -- to a certain type of action on your part and its result -- not to any guarantee that other people will make you happy or even try to do so. Otherwise, there would be no liberty in the country: if your mere desire for something, anything, imposes a duty on other people to satisfy you, then they have no choice in their lives, no say in what they do, they have no liberty, they cannot pursue their happiness. Your "right" to happiness at their expense means that they become rightless serfs, i.e., your slaves. Your right to anything at others' expense means that they become rightless.

Note: I did not write the above.
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Tonight, I finally had revenge on my little brother's friend (he's 17) who threw a lit cigarette at me a month and a half back. He's a huge asshole and I fucking hate him, but that just iced the cake. Finally, I got him at a prone position (super focused on a video game) and I came up behind him and slapped the everloving shit out of the back of his head. He made a big production out of screaming ow but it didn't stop his video game playing, etc.

I went up the stairs laughing, where my mom asked what was so funny, and I told her. Her response was along the lines of "omg how could you". I told her that it was payback for throwing the cigarette at me (and burning part of my shoes, tysvm) and she said "that wasn't a big deal" and that I was in the wrong for smacking the hell out of him and that i should apologize etc

TQC, am I being unreasonable here saying WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK? I feel like throwing a lit cigarette at a person is way worse than slapping the shit out of someone. What do you think?
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What are some of your annoying relationship habits?
I tend to want to talk a lot more than I probably should.

What are things that you just cannot stand your SO doing?
This question is null for me ATM. I'm just curious.

If you don't have an SO, do you want one? Do you have someone in mind?
I do, and I have someone.

What's the difference between "talking" to someone and "seeing" someone?
I think talking is just getting to know someone, and seeing them is when there's almost an non-verbal commitment agreement to not see anyone else...the step before the R word.

Edited because it came out as one giant paragraph instead of broken up questions. Sorry. =/


Okay, so my SO and I have been together almost 2 years. He doesn't talk much...hasn't talked much from the jump. This has been a consistent back and forth between the two of us, about how I carry every conversation that we have. Lately, I've given up, to the point where he sits on his laptop, and I sit on mine, and we won't talk for hours. Tonight, he called me boring.


How important is talking with your SO to the balance of your relationship?

Is not being able to talk (or talk about what you have in common, if anything) a deal breaker?
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it's almost 3am and i'll be having my late supper soon. i'll probably be asleep by 5 or something like that. i have my first driving lesson tomorrow and i'd have to be up by 9.30am. do i just go after less than 5 hours of sleep, or reschedule in the morning?
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Because for some reason that only God knows, I have their jingle stuck in my head;

1. Do you know what Riunite is?
A. if so, have you heard of their jingle? (Did I just put their jingle in your head now? Sorry, if I did. Share my pain.)

2. Tacos with wine; yuck or yum?

3. What thing that was popular this decade do you think will be obscure in twenty years? (In a, "Remember such and such? I wonder what happened to that." way.)

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Do you go through TQC posting spurts? I've posted like I don't know how many times in the last couple of days

Why is there a bump on the pad of my thumb? It seems to pop up from time to time and I can't drain or pop it or anything and it hurts.

Can cats get high off of smelling pot on someone's clothes? One of my brother's friends has been coming over and my cat pounces him and nuzzles all over him (when he doesn't do it to anyone else) and then he goes nuts. Bites hands, runs around room, chases tail, and then sprawls out somewhere and stares off into space.

Who's your favourite Family Guy secondary character? Probably Herbert the Pervert or the 'Oh No!" guy.

Are you looking forward to 'Something, Something, Something, Darkside'?

What's up with LJ fucking up paragraph spacing  today?
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SO...what's the last great idea you had that didn't go over all that well???

I just tried to get a dozen Afghans to sing Christmas carols. YAH. Well they love to sing yanno....
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If you go to a gas station or some sort of convenience store that has fountain sodas and see a sign that says, "Small, Medium and Large - All 99 cents!" Would you buy a large even if you're only semi-thirsty?

Brought to you by a friend of mine who got a small, because she "wasn't that thirsty". I didn't get it. Just get the large, it's the same price, you might wind up drinking it!
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Interview time: tell me three strong qualities and one weak quality about yourself?

What kind of delicious baked good should I bring in to my new office next week on my first day? It's a tiny office full of women, so not something too decadent/nobody will eat (aside from me). Or should I play it safe and just buy a box of joe from Dunkin Donuts or something? though I don't know if there's a coffee maker (they probably do)...
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You know when you get a song stuck in your head? What's the best way to get it out? Do you find the song and listen to it, find a worse (or better) song and listen to that, take a nap, beat your head against a wall, or something else? And at the risk of infecting myself with your earworms, what songs have been stuck in your head recently? Here's mine:
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TQC, I know a lot of you are moms. I have two pregnant friends due at the end of our semester in early/mid-May. What should I get them for Christmas? They are both 21, neither are married but they are committed or at least sticking around with their baby daddies until the births. I am 21 too, I don't know what a good baby momma gift is. Suggestions? What would you have wanted really badly about 4-5 months into your pregnancy?

edit to add: this is not the only thing I'm getting them. I just want to get them something useful too. Kind of a something they want and something they need thing.

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After a night of hardcore partying, what's the next day usually like for you?

I usually have to take it easy. Loaf around in PJs, sleep it off, not eat very much, long shower, etc.

Guys, when you party do you ever play "hurt games"?

My guy-friends usually end up getting drunk and slapping each other's backs, thighs, inner arms, and calves. They like to marvel at the hand-shaped welts they leave on eachother....sometimes even breaking the skin D:

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1)My cousin's son is losing his hearing. Do you guys have any ancedata about hearing loss in children?

2)Have you ever watched a Disney movie sequel? how was it?

3)Cartoons,fuck yeah?


Does anyone have any positive stories about introducing their older pet cat to a younger pet cat? I have a seven year old female cat and would really like to get a kitten but am worried the older cat won't react well. Looking for some hope, I really want Petunia...
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1.) What kind of gift would you suggest for a 25 year old man who is amazing but extremely hard to shop for? No real hobbies except for an online game, doesn't collect anything, hates sports, doesn't watch a ton of t.v., doesn't like DVD's because he can get it off of the computer..... wow, lol. Any suggestions TQC?

Don't know/Don't care:
2.) What are YOU getting for one of the important men in your life?

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I am going away for 6 months, and would like to have a farewell shindig. All my friends are 21-ish, but I don't want to just do a pissup at my house because we do that a lot and I'd like to do something a bit special. Downside is that I have to do it between xmas and new years; and that's not a lot of notice for people so I can't do anything that requires my guests to do anything other than rock up and have fun.

I was thinking about turning my house into a giant blanketfort, but I am a bit low on sheets and things.

What other fun party/farewell things could I do?

Also: I am coming to the states for 6 months. I will need to get a prepaid SIM for my iphone - which network should I go with? I'll be in San Fran, if that makes a difference...

Thanks, in advance!

Hullo. I was wondering what exercises have worked out well for YOU when it comes to targeting the abdominal muscles. I have basics weights and weight-machine-thingy in the building's fitness room if that's applicable.

Anything thing but crunches as my wonky hips seem to get excessively sore before I've even hit ten or so. And then it just seems counter-productive.
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Of the following which would you rather receive as a Christmas gift from your SO?

a spa basket of creams/lotions/scrubs
a donation made in your name to a charitable organization

If you choose the donation, which charitable organizations or what causes would be so UNACCEPTABLE that you would prefer to get the spa basket instead?

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Has your dog ever gotten sprayed by a skunk?
How did you get the smell off of them?

My dog got sprayed last night and I gave him a normal bath because I'm an idiot and it just made the smell worse. He has to stay outside now because he smells absolutely horrible and I feel bad because it's pretty cold.

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What is your favorite thing about Winter? Least favorite?
What is your favorite thing about Summer? Least favorite?
What is your favorite thing about Spring? Least favorite?
What is your favorite thing about Autumn? Least favorite?

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Have you ever had to get rid of a pet? What was the reason?

I have a cat that I've had for about 6 years now. I love him to death, but I have terrible allergies because of him and they seem to be getting worse. He doesn't like being outdoors and actually got inside a neighbor's house and fought their cat so I'm scared to have him outside. I just really feel like it might be time to think of giving him another home because he's probably not as happy with us as he could be with someone else. He's limited as far as where he can go in my house (all the rooms upstairs are off limits) and he acts out because he wants attention that I can't always give him (due to my allergies) and unfortunately no one else in my house is really keen on him. I'm just afraid to give him away to a stranger because I'm afraid they'll get sick of him and just take him to the pound, where he'll most certainly be put down. Do you have any advice for me? I've asked around to family and friends and no one wants my kitty. :(
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I finally got around to checking my grades for this quarter, and it turns my assignments for one class never got entered in the grade book. All of them. It's after the "grades are final" date, but TQC, I want my grade fixed. Will my teacher and TA cooperate with me to fix this? Or am I stuck with a D+? (I'm very glad I did well on the final, or I wouldn't even have that much.)

ETA: I got an email back from the TA, and apparently I'm not the only one who had that problem. Hopefully, it'll all be cleared up pretty quick, with a minimum of hassle all around. Thanks to everyone here.

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Inspired by haircut question

So I dunno if everyone saw someone asking about if you've ever been scared to get a hair cut, but I kinda am right now. It took me over a year to get my hair to the length it is now, but I can't manage it. It's pretty much too long 'cause all I can do with it is put it in a ponytail. I was thinking I should get it cut back to my old length. It was a lot easier to deal with.

Do you think I should go back to my old haircut?

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I'm just back from the doctor after being told I have a lung infection + respiration infection. Basically I find it difficult to breathe, coughing up blood, need an inhaler if I want to walk 2 steps etc etc. Anyway, the doctor gave me a sick line for 1 week (till the 28th) and said I need to use it for at least 5 days otherwise this just won't go away, as I've already had it for 3 weeks while working fulltime.

I'm actually so scared to phone work because  it would mean I'd be off over Christmas time. I work in an entertainment complex so we're open everyday but Christmas, and I'm their full time receptionist (on my feet for about 10 hours a day.)

What would you do? Just suck it up and go to work (and possibly die or w/e) or just be a bitch and tell them you can't.

Also: I can't be fired for this right!?

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Do you shake/jiggle/squeeze your presents and try to guess what they are?
Do you wrap stocking stuffers before you put them in the stocking?
Where do you hide presents?

- Yes, but I'm not a very good guesser
- I grew up just putting them in the stocking, but apparently that's wrong, and I've been told to wrap them first this year
- Gun safe...she'd never look in there...and doesn't know where the key is anyway
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How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

Do you brew your own, get it out, or both?

If you get it out, where (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc)?

If you brew at home, what brand do you use? How do you make it?

What do you take in your coffee?

What does your favorite coffee mug look like?

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I've been having a lot of computer problems at home so I've been out of the TQC loop for a week or so. Why don't you keep me informed as to what you've been up to in this 'totally serious' poll? Just check off what's happened to you in the past week

Fell in love
Met a celebrity! Posed for picture with celebrity!
Got my wallet lifted when I posed in a picture with a celebrity impersonator
Bigfoot encounter!
Got hand caught in bear trap
Had sex with someone I really liked!
Had sex with someone which I immediately regretted. Possibly halfway through the sex act I was racking my brain for ways to excuse this poor judgment on my part
Found money on the street!
Found unconscious man on the street with half-opened wallet
Got drunk
Woke up with mystery bruises that make no sense unless I was dryhumping an armadillo
Ate too much
Took a poll that had the word armadillo in it
Did something to my hair
Had something done to my hair (I had no say in the matter)
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I just got a call from my daughter's teacher. One of her school friends was killed in a car accident this weekend. She's never known anyone who's died before, and this is going to devestate her. So all knowing TQC, how do I break this horrible news to a 7 year old?
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I was supposed to have a phone interview at 4:00pm CST. It's now 4:32pm CST, and I'm still just sitting here by the phone. How long should I wait for the call? Should I send an email asking what's up? I got shit to do!

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My friend broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years back in October. Starting around Halloween she was dating another guy, but they ended things this weekend. She was really upset because he didn't want kids or marriage, and just thought they were doing things for fun. She claims she really liked him, but he's someone that's so not her type and who doesn't really have a lot going for him in life. Regardless, she was pretty upset and was wondering "Why can't things just work out and why can't the guy I like just be the right guy for me?"

I'm perpetually single, so I keep trying to tell her things like being alone isn't the worse thing in the world, that this is the time for us to be single, we're young and shouldn't have any man tie us down, etc. These things are not so comforting to her.

TQC, I don't know how to help her. I had originally told her back in October that she needed to take at least 6 months for herself before jumping into anything new or old. I need a different approach. How else can I make her realize that she doesn't need a boyfriend to define her?

For those tl;dr: How can I help my friend realize it's ok to be single?

For those who don't care: Are you lactose intolerant? Doesn't it suck sometimes?

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What do you think is better, Firefox or Chrome?
If you like Chrome better, is there a particular reason why?

I'm a Firefox girl, but I've heard a lot of good things about Google Chrome.

Xmas stuff

My fiance insisted that I open my christmas presents before christmas. Doesn't that kinda ruin the fun?

Would you rather open presents on Christmas or before?

Do you like to have your SO open presents right when you get them, or is it more fun to wait?
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My boyfriend just grabbed my laptop when I stepped out of the room and ruined his Christmas surprise. How mad at him should I be?

I said that since all of his surprises are ruined, he has to tell me what he's getting for me. He said he will if I really want him to. Should I ruin my own surprise?
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When you receive gifts in the mail, do you wait until the day they were intended to open them or do you rip through them immediately?

I was reprimanded by like three people for opening Christmas gifts we received in the mail today.
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Can you guess my gift?

My husband likes to torture me and give me hints about my gifts but not actually tell me what they are or open them early.

Here's what I know:
-He carried it home on the bus, but it wouldn't fit in his messenger bag
-His coworkers were impressed with it
-It's not electronic or knitting related
-It's not green
-It's not a toddler

EDIT: I'm pretty sure it's not alive. He brought it home with him and it's in our house somewhere. If it was alive, I have a feeling that our dog would be going insane.

Serious and non-serious answers are welcome.
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My boyfriend's family does a white elephant gift exchange the day after Christmas, and all I know is that it's a $10-$15 spending limit. I definitely walked out of Walgreens with a sea monkey kit. Is that acceptable or should I take it back and buy some ~candles~ or decorative/more mature shit?  (it's me, him, his mom, aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandparents).

Would you be happy to receive sea monkeys as a white elephant gift?
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Have you ever been afraid to get your hair cut?
-I've had so many bad haircuts in the past, I haven't gotten one for years now. Not even a trim D:

If "yes"... how did you get over it?
-(I really want change. A cut, maybe some bangs, and I have so many split ends its ridiculous)

If none of these apply to you... When's the last time someone bailed on you? What was their excuse?
-Today. My friend was supposed to drive with me to seattle, last night at like 11 he informed me that he had to work today, it was too late to find someone else to go with me. Asshole.
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Dog owners: How many times do you walk your dog?

I'm dog sitting for this couple this Christmas and the dog needs to be walked twice. She's a big dog! (Pitbull/Boxer mix) Don't you think she would need to go out more than twice?

DGAF: What was the last movie you really enjoyed watching?
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1)Do you have something to share with the class?

Yes, I have been carrying two of those Lemony Snicket books around in my purse since Saturday...

2)What can the corporations and the government do to reduce the unemployment rate?

3)What is the worst commercial you can remember right now?

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Can you think of an author who writes a lot of legal type novels that are all rather similar?
The catch: He isn't John Grisham.

Do you keep a list of books you want to read?
I was just on visual bookshelf on facebook and now have a list of 18 books/authors I want to read.

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Do you know someone that tells you to do something and then tacks on "thanks" to the end as if just asking means you'll do it? I find it annoying. At least let me say something first.
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I know a friend (not a very close friend)'s boyfriend is cheating on her. Should I tell her? I feel weird, and like it's not my place/business. I've maybe hung out with the girl (and boyfriend) a handful of times.

*It's a serious relationship and the girl is head over heels for him, and is very much apart of his family (it seems).

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Hay guys. I'm driving ~14 hours from GA to NJ tomorrow and I am in desperate need of an audiobook to download/listen to. Can you give me some suggestions? When driving, I generally prefer funny chick-books, or otherwise books I don't have to think too much about... nothing too serious.

Plz and thanks.

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I thought that when you buy a bag of carrots to make carrot sticks you have to peel them. then some friends told me I'm throwing away the most vitamin goodness, we can (and should) totally eat peels. news to me. do you peel carrots?
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What are your New Year's resolutions? I'm going to take meditation classes, start a blog, and climb the highest mountain in Australia (not really difficult, but logistically it'll take some sorting out).

What were your resolutions for 2009? Did you achieve them? My resolution was to climb Mount Fuji. And I did!

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Do you like playing Sudoku?

How many pairs of shoes do you own? What kinds of shoes do you wear on a daily basis? What are your favorite shoes? Will you show me pictures? Do you go usually for appearance or comfort?
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When you're reasonably sure you'll be doing nothing but lounging about the house all day, do you still get dressed in the morning, or remain in your pyjamas?

For those who take some time on a regular 'going out' day to fix up their hair and makeup, do you still bother when you're home alone/not doing anything special?

Do you generally feel better when you look good/not-sloppy, or is it the least of your concerns?
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Doctor Question Club:

Lately I've been stressed, and I'm feeling pinching pains off and on in my chest (upper part, on the sides).

I'm dying, y/y?

Would a Synergy drink heal me?
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Do you have different terms for a) feeling as though you are about to fall asleep right now and b) being generally worn out?

I say I'm sleepy for a and tired for b, but my boyfriend uses both words interchangeably.

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It's summer here, and I've been using a fan/cooler pretty much non-stop when I am home, so I expected my electricity bill to be higher.
I just received it today, and it's less than my previous one. How did this happen??

Srs & non-srs answers accepted.

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You are only allowed to see ONE person for the rest of your life. Who is it?
You are only allowed to listen to ONE album for the rest of your life. What is it?
You are only allowed to have ONE favorite possession for the rest of your life. What is it?
You can only have sex in ONE position for the rest of your life. Which position is it?
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 What's the last thing you felt really bad and/or guilty about?
Last week I was really sick with the flu and now my mom has it. Today is her birthday and she's just lying around coughing and yelling at me for getting her sick. I feel bad but I did everything I could to quarantine myself and I washed my hands eighty million times a day and I tried not to touch anything in the house.

Do you tell people what to buy you for Christmas or do you just let them pick for you?
When I was younger my parents just picked things for me but as I got older, I started making lists up for them. My friends and boyfriend surprise me with gifts, though.

Presents and travel

What presents are you getting for the menfolk in your life?

Where would you most like to travel to that's somewhere adventurey?  Why? (and the adventure doesn't have to be in terms of doing crazy amounts of walking or climbing either)
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Inspired by a co-worker and I talking about 'It's A Wonderful Life.'

Do you ever wonder what life would be like had you never been born?

Would you ever want to see what life would have been without you like Jimmy Stewart did in the movie?

Do you wonder if you actually impacted lives, events etc?

(no subject)




has anything unusually lucky happened to you lately?

my ipod is seriously lacking some tunes. care to recommend any?

plus also, did you ever read junie b. jones?
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Have you ever been to Japan? What's something I can send to my friend in Japan that she would like? I'm already sending her Nutella and the gold hoop earrings that she asked for.

DC/DK: What was the last thing you looked up on Wiki? On Google?
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TQC I survived driving in the snow!

I had quite possibly the most awkward/uncomfortable weekend ever with my future in-laws. Could you tell me funny holiday stories to cheer me up?

If you're a grinch, what time do you have to be up tomorrow?

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TQC i need your Christmassy help. We are doing a Secret Santa in work and the person i need to buy for is a guy i have never even met. i was left with him coz i was off for 2 weeks and only started back last thursday. he started in work while i was off. our office is so big that i havent yet even seen him. our budget is £5 ( is that about $10?). he is a guy in his early 20's.....and thats all i know about him. what the hell can i get him that doesnt look like it has utterly no thought behind it (not generic bottle of wine/shower gift set etc)?
i have, as back up gifts, a book about the history of Coca Cola and a dvd of the old Transformers cartoons....would that be ok? i bought them last year and never used them....we need to have it in on wednesday so i would only have tomorrow after work to get something.

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do you know [of] anyone who was born with fetal alcohol syndrome? what sort of typical physical and emotional FAS characteristics did they exhibit? were they very troubled or could they function pretty well?

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This may be the weirdest/stupidest question ever but...

is it normal to not hear ANYTHING of a conversation going on around you if you're absorbed in reading something else?

ETA: It happens when I'm reading anything at all not just a good book :P
Also the reason I ask is because I have quite a few problems with my hearing which are starting to affect my daily life quite annoyingly so I wanted to see if this was normal or another problem added onto my list. It is annoying because I miss whole conversations but if it's normal that's okay :P
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What are some famous action movies that have really weak female characters as counterpart to the male hero?
Im having an argument with someone, and suddenly, I cant come up with any examples.

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ETA: another question... how would i go about finding someone's myspace/facebook knowing that she has changed her name on both, probably intentionally so that she can't be found and i have no photos of her to show to madradstalkers and i don't know who any of their friends are? it's my sister who ran away tonight so i am not trying to be all creepy, lol