December 20th, 2009


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It wouldn't be wrong to go on a photo-taking trip with my ex's friend, would it?
(We haven't really had much contact since the split, and got on well before that, but I get a feeling he may be interested in more. Which I also sort of am...)
Or would it be entirely weird for everyone?

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I'm sorry for continually asking small dumb questions about my Christmas gift plans, but I've never actually mailed people homemade gifts before. Appropriately-sized cute tins that I can mail pita chips in: where could I get them for a good price? I plan on checking Walmart, Target, Michaels (if it's still where I think it is), and possibly AC Moore. I'm gonna need like six or seven of them.

dk/dc: What song/artist/album/soundtrack/whatever are you currently obsessed with? I can't stop listening to Fireflies by Owl City.

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Hey, TQC

Any of you into making custom dolls that could point me in a proper and fruitful direction? I don't like Asian Ball Joint Dolls and that's all I can find anything on. It's likely I'm very daft, but I'd appreciate any profound wisdom that you may bestow upon me, TQC.
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What food do you eat all the time?

Do you eat one kind of food way more than anything else? Why? I don't mean something you snack on a lot, I mean the meal you eat for dinner by default. Tell me a story about this food that you eat too much of.

Mine's spaghetti. I grew up a picky kid, and spaghetti was like one of the few things I ate. Then my parents left me alone through middle school and high school, and I made spaghetti every night because it was easy. In college, spaghetti was cheap and quick, so I got even more addicted. It took me a while before I came to really eat a lot of different stuff, but I still feel sick if I go more than a day without eating it.

I knew a guy in high school who said he ate rice with just about every meal at home (he was second-generation Chinese.) He couldn't go even a day without eating rice, and he had a personal rice-cooker in his bedroom.

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I've been babysitting for almost 8 hours... Are the parents going to come home any time this century? What are the chances they are going to be really plastered at whatever insane hour they decide to come home?

Medical advice!

Well, instead of going to a doctor like any smart person would, I have come to ask TQC for medical advice instead.

In a horrible candy-making accident in which I poked 310 degree syrup, I got this nasty burn on my finger. It hurt, it blistered, etc. and I was dumb and peeled the blister off.

I followed up by pouring peroxide on it and then the flesh BUBBLED UP. Not normal peroxide fizzing. The skin itself formed a bubble.

Pic behind the cut:
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What should I do, TQC??
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False Alarm.

So I thought my girlfriend may have been pregnant earlier this week... We've been dating long enough that we've discussed potential baby names for boys and girls.

If it was a boy, we would have named it Eli Turner.
If it was a girl, we would have named it Madelynn Pearl.

Do you have any babies names that you've decided on?

Wood stoves?


Have any TQC homeowners purchased/installed a wood stove insert into their existing fireplace before? What kinds of up front/not so upfront costs and effort were involved?

This blizzard over New England right now has me burning a lovely fire, but there's no way in hell I'm leaving the house while that's going.

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Ungh. Thanks, Old Navy, for phasing out your work-wear. >:T

Does anyone know where a fatty with some junk in the trunk and a long inseam can get some decent trousers? :( (that ISN'T Lane Bryant)
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How do you feel about fenced front yards?

Do you know if it's possible to just have the fencing from one place moved to another? (like fencing from the front yard transferred to the back yard)

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 Ok guys, I feel really guilty right now. I'm possibly one of the most impatient people in the world, so naturally Christmas is horrible for me. Long story short, I got into my mom's email account to find out what I was getting for Christmas. So tell me, have you ever gone through a lot of trouble to figure out what your gifts were for any occasion? 
I <3 TLV

Mouse in the House

There's a mouse in my apartment! He's a cutie and I don't know what to do with him. If it were warmer I'd catch him and release him outside, but it's 28° with several inches of snow and I don't know if he'd be able to survive. On the other hand, letting him stay inside isn't a good idea either since there are three cats here who are very interested in him. He's currently under a dresser, and Miso is keeping an eye on him. What should I do?
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Has anyone read the book Undead and Unwed? I'm thinking of buying it as a Christmas present, but all I have to go off are the reviews I can find by Google, which don't seem to be telling me if it would be too young of a book for my dad's wife. Any thoughts?

EDIT: I just found a site which talks about apparently graphic sex scenes, so I don't think I should buy it for my dad's wife... But, since I'm here anyway, any suggestions? She likes Laurell K. Hamilton, which is how I found this other book, but she owns all of the Hamilton books, so I can't just buy her one of those.
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Do you play games at family get-togethers?

I was at a family party last night, and when you walked in you got a sticker with the name of a famous person put on your back. You could ask each person three yes/no questions in order to figure out who you were, but you couldn't give anyone hints!

It was a lot of fun! (My husband was Barack Obama, and I was Beyonce. Others included Elvis, Marlyn Monroe, God, and one of the Jonas brothers)

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WTF video is this from?

Now I'm going to hunt this down for the lulz.

If you don't know or don't care, how are you spending your Sunday?
In bed, pissed at the world.
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Twitter widget?

Does anyone know if there's a widget or little program (that's free) that will feed my Twitter updates to, like, a little box in the corner of my screen? Does that even make sense? Like, a twitter notifier that pops up or keeps a running tab? I'm following several local businesses and groups and I'd like to know the second they tweet anything without having to go to the Twitter website. I'm not fond of Twitter but I kind of need to keep updated as I'm in media.


So Sad

So I just realized that I accidently put my Ipod nano in the wash, I forgot that it was in my hoodie when I put it in. I got it for christmas last year so chances are the warrenty is still good.

What are the chances it will be ok if I put it on its usb and hook it up to the computer?

Will I most likely have to take it to where my mom got it and have it fixed?

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Dog owners, what are you doing with your pets today? Bonus points for people snowed in on the East coast. At the moment I'm throwing balls back and forth in the basement and trying to keep my dog from digging for buried treasure in the cat box.

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TQC, I have TONS of white chocolate/oreo and peanut butter/chocolate fudge in my house. I made it for Christmas parties that I coudln't go to thanks to 22" of snow being dumped on me yesterday.

So, today I'm snowed in to the house.

-Should I bake something despite having all of this fudge in my house?

-If so, what should I bake? I do have cookie cutters so I could make cut-out cookies. I also have the ingredients for White Chocolate Cranberry cookies. Or pretty m uch any other baked good.

Should I bother despite already having so much crap in the house?

Picky Boyfriend, but we're slack

My boyfriend is coming to my family Christmas thing. He's practically vegetarian and he's very picky about meat [edit: In that he doesn't eat it, most times. He'll eat mince,and sometimes chicken breast but other things REALLY gross him out] We usually do the turkey, roast vegetables, salads, pudding, kind of Christmas meal, with seafood as an entree. He won't eat the meat (but my brother's girlfriend is coming, she won't eat turkey either so we're having a nice chicken that I believe he'll try), and though he'll eat the vegetables I feel sad that that's not particularly special. Also my mother is concerned about oven space since the vegetables, turkey etc will be cooking for hours. He doesn't eat tofu or other fake meats.

Edit the second: He's the one saying he'll be fine with roast potatoes and salads. I am the one wanting to accommodate him and asking him what he'd like that's special, and my mother is the one wanting to be a good hostess and make sure people are happy. Not him. Though his suggestions aren't 'acceptable' to her due to space and time and theme.

What's something 'special', and 'christmassy' that wouldn't be too hard to cook, that he could eat?

His suggestion was pizza. Would you like pizza for Christmas?

If you can't help me with either of those, what's your favourite Christmas food?
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Do you or anyone you know have a phobia? I think I have Trypophobia. When I see something with this pattern, I grit my teeth involuntarily and occasionally have to gag. My sister thinks I'm full of shit when I try to explain it to her. Am I full of shit, TQC?
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Alright I have a friend that I was pretty close to for two years, and then I went back home to finish up college and we've fell out of touch. I still read her livejournal, and she's a really whiny, selfish bitch. I want to comment and say things about how she's wrong but on the other hand I don't feel like starting up internet drama. TQC, what would you do? Are you the type to comment and say something or the type to not care?
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My sister has a problem with losing things - her cell phone, iPod, camera, etc. I jokingly told her that I'm going to buy her a fanny pack, so that she can have it all with her (she doesn't care to carry a purse*), but the more I think about it, the better idea I think it is.

Should I go with an old school, neon, 1993 style? Or should I try to find something more 'in style' (or as in style as a fanny pack can be)? I'm checked etsy right now, but am open to suggestions!

*I think she'll also put her purse down and forget it, so I want to get something that will stay attached to her. If not a fanny back, maybe a wristlet?

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I recently discovered a friend's playlist titled "Baking". It turned out to be his lovemaking playlist.

Do you usually have music on or silence? I've found music makes it muuuch nicer!! What do you listen to?

I'm making my own baking playlist now.. Suggestions??? Serious or Silly!

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I was thinking back when I was in hebrew grade school, there's a movie about a family hiding from Nazi regime in the 1930's. It's not Anne Frank, I know that, but at the end the mother of the family walks out to distract the Gestapo, and as she's walking away, she takes off her scarf as a memento to her children and husband. Then they board a boat without her. What was the name of this movie? Has anyone ever seen this movie before?

Do NOT refer me to a whatwasthatsoandso. I know about it, and keep in mind that there's a reason I posted the question here.
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So far I've been in my new job for three days. Would it be too soon to bring in some home-made biscuits to share with my new colleagues? I wanted to do some baking today anyway, and thought it would be nice to bring the leftovers in to work - but I don't want to seem too eager or like too much of a suck-up.

What was the last thing you baked?
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Have you ever written to Dear Abby or anything similar?

Does Abby make up those fake names for the letter writers, or do the letter writers?

Are you going to see any movies on Friday? My family's going to see Sherlock Holmes.
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Yeah!, Canada


1. ad-ver-tahyz-muhnt or ad-vur-tis-muhnt?
2. Ad. or Advert.?
3.  Where are you from?

My answers:
1. ad-vur-tis-muhnt
2. Advert.
3. Nova Scotia, Canada

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because it's been more than 10 questions since my last

How do you feel about spoilers, for movies/books/etc? Do you avoid them like the plague or does curiosity get the better of you?

Have you ever been spoilt for something? What was it?

I secretly love spoilers; when the last Harry Potter book came out I read the spoilers on the internet for it the day before it was released. I just Wikipedia'd the end of The Lovely Bones, which I'm almost at the end of. I frequently find out how movies are going to end before I see them; and I just started watching Mad Men and I'm almost 100% certain that I'll have looked up the series plot synopsis on Wikipedia before the end of the day. I'm terrible.


Speaking of Exes

I found a really incriminating picture of my ex last night.
I won't do anything with it.

But if I could, what would be the funniest most horrifying (for him) use for it?
What would you do if you found something similar?
Clem & Joely

Sewing Question

I have a sewing project in which I am sewing a stretchy fabric and the pattern really recommends using a serger. I understand that using a serger would make it so that the seams would be able to move more with the fabric in its completed form. I don't have a serger and don't want to buy one just for this one project. So my question, if any of you are sewers, can I use my sewing machine in a way that would be like a serger somehow? Or is it really that necessary and I should just sew it normally with a sewing machine?

The project is a Harley Quinn costume, the fabric is spandex. So it's fitting to the body and its gonna need to be pretty stretchy. I don't know how crucial the sewing machine vs. serger differences are in this situation.

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TQC, I want to make a playlist on iTunes of all my favourites/most played tunes year by year. So far I've used Date Added and 100 Most Played, but this doesn't take account for songs that were added earlier or later, and Most Played only means most played from NOW, not in a particular year.

Anyone got any idea how I could make a better playlist?

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If you have a Crackberry/iPhone/other smartphone:

What function or application do you use the most and why?

If you don't have a Crackberry/iPhone/other smartphone:

Do you want one? Why/why not?


Which one will mess up my chocolate chip cookies less - bread flour or whole wheat flour? I used bread flour and they turned out fine. Thanks!

What's your favorite cookie recipe?

My favorite is - oddly enough - Laura Bush's Cowboy Cookie recipe, which I make every year. I haven't yet tried to make a vegan version of it, but that's on the agenda this year.

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there is a donut at Voodoo donuts called the "old dirty bastard". it is amazing and has chocolate glaze, oreo crumbs and peanut butter drizzled on top.
however, my friend refuses to order it because she doesn't want to say "bastard" and says it's a bad word.

While I wouldn't necessarily say it in front of a group of little kids, I don't see the big deal of saying it when that's what the donut is called.
so tqc, what do you think? is she a goody goody or am i just a heathen?

Is bastard a "dirty word"

Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Waffles or pancakes?
Jam or syrup?
What kind?
Fruit pieces, nuts, chocolate?

Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat?
Favourite add-ons?

Banana waffles, blueberry syrup, pecans.

Cream of wheat, brown sugar, milk, pecans, butter.

Also, while eating pancakes and eggs, I Stumbled Upon this website with pancake pillows
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Dear Dr. TQC:

What does a migraine feel like? I have severe pain concentrated in one area of my head. I am nauseated. The light from my phone (on which I am typing) isn't bothering me, but my Christmas tree lights make my head hurt worse. (I've turned them off.) It's miraculously quiet in my house, but the neighborhood kids' screaming is feeling like a punch to the head.

Getting from A to B

There is this guy I know, we first met about 11 years ago as we worked at restaurants that were next door to each other, and this year he started coming in to the restaurant I work at now for meals. Anyway we have been flirting with each other this year and yesterday he gave me his number.

Now I want to call, and I know I should call today, but I have no idea what to talk about, I mean the only real thing I know about him is what car he drives, his first name and where he worked 10+ years ago. But we banter well so that is something....

I have not done this in sooooo long....

Are you able to give me some advice?
So What are your talking points on that first phone call?
When was the last time you made a similar type of call?

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TQC is this weird to you? My boyfriend's brother has been dating his girlfriend for five months. He has his girlfriend's kids call me "Aunt Kathryn." I have no problem with this other than I don't want the kids thinking their "aunt" abandoned them if/when my future BIL and their mother breakup. Does that make me a jerk?

Post from mobile portal

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I have been struggling to do this take home final.
We can do one more question for 5 points.
I already have a good grade in the class.

Should I do the bonus question?

Did you have any take home finals? For which classes?
How long does it take for your school to post your grades after you've taken a final?

I Mean... Really?

Are gifts really that important for weddings?

If you were tight financially, and your family is tight financially, wouldn't you just be okay if they can't get you anything?

Would you be upset if you didn't get gifts for your wedding? Not necessarily 'cause you want gifts, but 'cause you need the stuff on your registry?

What about baby showers?

Would you be mad if you didn't get cute (but not necessary) gifts for your soon-to-be born baby?

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I'm turning 21 on Christmas. This is disappointing for several reasons: a) Having a birthday on Christmas sucks no matter what; b) Turning 21 on Christmas sucks doubly because I live in a small town and two out of the three bars probably will not be open, so even if I wanted to go to Elmer's or Hagie's I likely won't be able to.

What should I do to celebrate, TQC? I don't want to drive to the city. My dad has accumulated a pretty full bar at home and is learning how to mix drinks, and wants someone to practice on.... I'm not a party girl and I don't like the flavor of alcohol, but I'd like to make some good 21st birthday memories!

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Some carolers came to my house the other day, for the very first time, and I was rather surprised and awkward. Do carolers come to your place of residence very often? Do you go caroling? Who goes caroling? I didn't know anyone actually went caroling anymore...

What do you think of carolers in general?

What is the proper etiquette? Do I invite them inside out of the cold? Do I go and stand in the cold with them? Do I applaud? Am I supposed to have cookies for them? What?

Does it make me a Grinch that I would really have rather not gotten up from my nice warm blanket to stand and listen to children I didn't know sing off-key in the cold and then have them hand me a "Jesus Saves" flier while I momentarily panicked about etiquette and let all of the heat out of my house?
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driving in snow

I live in the UK and we've had a very snowy weekend, which is unusual as we normally just have a day of snow every winter and then it melts. Because of this, despite having been driving for nearly 5 years, the only time I've driven in snow was last year and I was rear-ended. Needless to say I'm not keen on doing it again, but will have to do so tomorrow in order to get to work.

So, TQC, do you have any tips on driving in the snow?

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Would you recommend something for others to try/see/experience?
I would like to recommend the Handy Tweakers program... It turns your computer off automatically after a certain amount of time/at a certain time. I listen to music at night on my computer so it's super helpful.

Would you dissuade others from trying/seeing/experiencing something?
I would advise against seeing the Cirque du Soleil production of Wintuk, because it's straight garbage.

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Does anyone else get random, sudden, painful headaches that go away within a few seconds/minutes?

Sometimes I'm struck with a horrible headache (usually behind my eye or something) and it hurts like hell, but it goes away within 30 seconds or so.

I've been prescribed migraine medication--is what I'm experiencing any type of migraine or anything?

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who is your favorite politician?
<3 russ feingold, ma boi~

do you have an opinion on the state of arizona?
as long as i'm not in arpaio country, it's all good

do you have any cooking secrets? are you willing to share them?
when making tomato sauce, saute your garlic in butter, never in oil
Bellatrix Lestrange


Alright, I'm packing to go to my in-laws in a couple of days and I don't want to forget anything.

So, TQC, what are some things you always forget to take when you go away somewhere?

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A girl I fell out with BADLY is at my house. Our mum's are still friends, and my mum invited her to a drinks party. She turned up with her mum. There are no other people here under about 40.
Why did she come?
Would you come to an event in this circumstance?
Peggy Blink

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How does one get around New York City on crutches?
How can I make crutches NOT HURT LIKE HELL under my armpits?
Have you ever had a snow-related injury?

Since McDonald's failed to have a wet floor sign out and I hurt myself, I could take legal action (considering I'm uninsured, too). Should I? I got an incident report and stuff...
Where mermaids dwell

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Alright, TQC, I'm back with another question. This is my boyfriend's and my first Christmas together, as well as the first Christmas since I moved out of my parent's house. My family lives in CT, my boyfriend's family lives in New Jersey. I live about an hour south of where he lives, so when I drive from his house to my family's house, it takes about an hour off the trip.

I have been invited to boyfriend's house for Christmas Eve, and then am expected in CT on Christmas Day (my mother has said she would be "really upset" if I wasn't there). I'm also going to Israel after the New Year, so my kitten will be coming to CT with me and staying with my parents while I'm gone. The weather on Christmas Day (as of now) is supposed to be freezing rain. I had planned to dope my cat so the ride wouldn't be so bad for her (she doesn't freak out, she just shakes and looks generally miserable). Problem is, I need to leave about an hour and a half to two hours for the meds to take affect. My boyfriend's brother is very allergic, so I can't bring the cat to his family's house.
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My nephew is in a bad situation. He's the most important person in the world to me. He's 1 year old and precious. I'm 20 years old and I live at home with my mom, and I'm a full time student with a full time job, so my income is limited.

Back story: My sister is 23 years old and lives with her 22 year old baby daddy and my nephew. She's bipolar and ADD. In the past, they both have had drug problems and my sister is on probation. She's clean now and about to get off probation in January. Neither of them have jobs or a car. His parents pay their rent. Their place is an absolute mess, both of them live like pigs. They have a lot of animals, including a scorpion, a tarantula, and snakes. He's into fishing and I've found fish hooks on the floor and my nephew just started walking. Baby daddy has a prescription for roxicodone and my mom and I think he's selling it. My sister told my mom the other day that my nephew spilled some juice on the floor and baby daddy got 2 inches away from his face and screamed, "Jason! What the fuck is wrong with you!" and he started crying. My sister also talks about how much she hates the baby, right in front of him. Hearing this makes me so mad I want to punch something. Baby daddy is very anti-social, he never speaks and plays xbox all day, and he has a rule that if my sister's family wants to come over, we have to call ahead or we won't be let inside. My nephew never wears shoes, he's always dirty and hungry. I feel so bad for him. I've been thinking about saving up money so my sister can move in with me with her son, but I also have to think about myself and my mental health. My mom won't let her move back home right now because my sister won't follow the rules about cleaning up after herself and getting a job. But my nephew being in that environment and growing up like that makes me sick.

What would you do? What should I do?

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What is the weather like where you are and where are you?

Right around freezing and snooooow! I'm on the East Coast of the US, in Northern VA.

Did you get hit by THE STORM? How much snow fell and how excited are you about it?

We got about 2 feet of snow and I am so excited! I love snow and we never get enough for my tastes!
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TQC, I've had a horrible day and I feel like curling up and feeling sorry for myself for a while.

What are some of your favourite comfort food recipes? (inb4 chicken noodle, as I'm not that fond of it.)

DK/DC: What's your favourite thing/memory about your best friend? (Can be current best friend, or one from the past.)

(no subject)

I'm making my sister and her hubs a scrapbook with pictures of my nephew. Only, I'm realizing that there really aren't any pictures of my nephew with my brother-in-law's that...really bad?

(no subject)

Two questions concerning lotion and dry skin, since I seem to be having some sort of dry skin breakout lately...

First of all, what the best lotion in your experience as far as moisturizing without feeling greasy? I've used the Olay Body Quench mousse (which left my skin greasy for a long time afterward) and Johnson & Johnson's 24-hour moisturizer (which didn't really moisturize very well). New product needed!

Also, what's the deal with body butter? Is it better or worse than lotion?

(no subject)

Poll #1501240 favourite character off The Cosby Show

what's your favourite character off The Cosby Show/which one can you relate with most?


(no subject)

For the ska fans - which do you prefer: Catch 22's Keasbey Nights, or Streetlight Manifesto's Keasbey Nights as Performed by Streetlight Manifesto?

For everyone else - what is your favorite famous rivalry?

(no subject)

I know there's been a lot of gift posts, but I don't think this has been asked...

What's the best gift exchange gift you have ever received/seen/given? Around $20-30.

I have to buy a gift suitable for a rather diverse group of people, and I'm thinking 2 cute mugs with cocoa mix and a small bottle of Amaretto. What do you think of that?

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Hey TQC,

I want to go see Avatar in 3D, but when I asked a friend to go with me, he said "That's a waste of money, only 20 minutes or so will be actually 3D and the rest will be normal - like with the Harry Potter movies!" or something like that.

QUESTION: Is the whole almost-3-hours of the film in 3D or only part of it?

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Has wierd stuff ever happened to you that makes you believe (or more inclinded to, anyway) in magic/an afterlife/reincarnation/psychics (not "Crossing over with John Whats-his-name"  though)? I don't mean just ghosts and stuff, I just mean wierd little things.
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My VLC media player icon has a little Santa hat on. How do they get it to automatically do this?

Why do people offer "advice" when you haven't even asked? This happened to me today and the person was way off base. I sent a passive aggressive message back but I think it might go over their head.

When was the last time someone offered you unwanted "advice"? Does it matter if they probably didn't realise how rude they were actually being?
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How much are you supposed to tip people who work at your residence, such as doormen, maintenance guys, etc?

My "Resident's Guide" says that the staff is adequately compensated and you don't need to tip them, but if you want to there will be a drop box provided. Does this mean "we can't ASK you to tip them, but you should"? Or does it mean exactly what it says?
Blue Ji

Think about it...

Let's say you go to a carnival and see a fortune teller. They say you will soon meet and fall in love with the love of your life, your soul mate, the person who you were destined to be with, and live a long and prosperous life together ONLY under the condition that you choose one of the following end paths:

What would you choose?

Your loved one dies first and you live a long time after them
You pass away first and they live a long life after you
You both die at the same time
You turn down the offer and never meet the love of your life

additionally, which do you think is worse based on people you know, becoming a widow, or a widower?

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Have you ever joined or seen a "___ is innocent!" group on Facebook, especially when it comes to accusations of sexual assault? Did reading the wall on it make you want to vomit?

What do you do to get your mind off how much you hate humanity?

Edit: This is the group in question.

Solving a serious relationship dilemma

Is it normal for a girlfriend to want to heat up a glass bottle containing a straw and use the suction to trap her boyfriend's penis in said glass bottle, with the straw slipping into the urethra and causing great emotional and physical pain?

Is it as normal as a boyfriend wanting to have sex with his girlfriend and rip a thick piece of skin protecting her maidenhood to shreds?

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1)If your dreams were visions of the future, what would your future be like?

It would involve a lot of shopping.

2)Do you understand the appeal of going to see movies IN 3D?


3)What do people keep in the public parks?

Our city keeps bison in a park. I once saw a lot of horses too.

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Why is my mouse scroll button being weird? Is it full of cat hair? Or is it LJ? Maybe it's firefox.

A new battery seemed to help, even though the light was green before I changed it. =/ Technology.

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My boyfriend just called me, told me he was sick (throwing up) and asked me to look up something. What I was to look up was if drinking alcohol then smoking pot would make you sick like he was, because that's exactly what he did. By googling, it seems like it's a common thing to get sick/throw up if you get high after you're drunk?

Have any of you done it? Did you get sick?

Is he going to be okay? I'd rather not worry about him all night. :(