December 19th, 2009

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so there are these 2 spiders in my bathroom one on the left and the other on the right in the ceiling corner, im pretty sure they are married. anyways the thing is i never see them leave to get food or anything, how do they just not eat?
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I have a paper due tomorrow, and it's so-so. I just thought of an awesome new topic that I could do a much better job on and would be more in depth. There's no way I would be able to completely rewrite it tonight though. Should I turn in the average paper, or make up an excuse and turn in what should be an awesome paper late? Or should I just be honest and say I'm not happy with the paper I wrote, and ask to for time to rewrite it? (I'm afraid they'll say no)

[Edit: I emailed the professor explaining the situation, and asked for an extension. Hopefully I'll get good news back.]

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Today I saw my S.O. again after a span of four months. Right now I have this weird feeling about's almost as if he is a stranger (if that makes any sense).

Have you ever felt this way after not seeing someone for a long time?

Why do I feel this way tqc?

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Are you a heavy sleeper or a light sleeper?
I'm a really light sleeper. This is BAD news, since I sleep with a restless puppydog all the time and a boyfran who sleeps like a rock AND hogs the bed sometimes.

What's the last thing you did that was out-of-character for you?

How do you tell a current boss at a job you like that you need to quit because something better/more suited to your current situation came along? :(
Ideally I don't WANT to quit my part-time job, but I don't think he'll keep me on just for weekends. I'll ask, obv, but how do I even broach the subject? I'm kind of awkward about ~confrontations~ and stuff. :T

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Carrying on with the Christmas presents theme...

Have you bought anyone a really, really awesome present this year? One of those where you think, "yes, this is it!" and you know it's the perfect gift for them? What is it and who is it for?

I have bought my best friend this mug. She is obsessed with Henry the Hoover and coffee, so I think she'll like it.

Who is the hardest person for you to buy Christmas presents for? Who is the easiest?

Do you buy anyone Christmas presents because you're expected to, or because they got you one, rather than because you want to?

What's your favourite thing about Christmas shopping? What about your least favourite?
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I took a tag off the tree to buy a Christmas gift for a poor child. The card reads, Girl age 6. Power Wheel, Ear rings, doll, Nintendo DS, drawing. What should I have gotten her?

EXTREME EDIT: I'm fucking stupid and can't tell the difference between a Big Wheel and a Power Wheel. The difference is that I had one and my son had the other (my grandma bought him it). The card did not say Big Wheel.
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Make it stop!

My version of Photoshop crashes all the damn time due to lack of memory. I'm tired of Microsoft asking me to send an error report to the internet every time it happens. I shut off my internet and everything else so I could run the damn program.

How do I shut off that thing that forces you to send error reports? I know the reason for the program crash, it's lack of memory. I'd like to make it shut up now.
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is someone telling you "you make me laugh as soon as i see you, you don't even have to say anything" insulting? in what way can it NOT be? i just see this sentence as an insult, i can't see it any other way.
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There is a chipmunk in my fireplace, which is enclosed by glass, so the animal is stuck in it. Poor thing is probably hurt from the fall. What should I do?

My cat seems to have an idea.

srs/non-srs answers welcome
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iPod apps for kids

I have a 13-year-old son, 8th grade, who is pretty young for his age emotionally but gifted academically--that is, he's not into girls (yet), he doesn't like violent video games or movies, he never swears and hates when other people do. He's a happy-go-lucky uber-nerd, loves technology and gadgets, plays the violin, loves engineering and building machines and "inventions," is really good at math and science, listens to electronica and geeky kid music like TMBG. He has an iPod touch with just a couple of free apps on it, and I'm thinking of buying him a few more apps for Christmas--any suggestions?

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Have you ever had to tell someone you don't love them any more?

What was the last thing you rented?

Does anyone use mucilage or paste any more?

Why are there three overhead lights in my kitchen and none in my living room?
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Will you post the lyrics or phrase running through your head right now and see if we can guess where it's from?

Some will win, some will lose. Some are born to sing the blues. Oh the movie never ends. It goes on and on and on and on.

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1.) Has there ever been a time when you were drinking too much? If so, what was the moment/event that made you realize this?

2.) If that doesn't apply to you, what is something that you consume too much of?


3.) Whats a song that always makes you sad? I need a good cry and its so hard for me to cry.
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I'm stuck smack dab in the middle of The Storm of the Century with two roommates I'm not really getting along with and a house guest I find tedious at best. How should I spend my time and not go all Shining on these people?

Anyone know any interesting ways to cook Ramen? It seams like that might be the only food I've got for the next few days...

Dumb questions, probably...

ETA: Sounds like the general consensus is "just switch the time now"... but I am still open to any input :)


(In before "join vaginapagina!") =P

I just started taking Yaz. I know that you are supposed to take birth control at the same time every day for it to work the most effectively. I have been taking it at 10am and making me really emotional which kicks in around 1pm. Which is the middle of my work day so that's not cool at all. So I kind of want to switch it to 10pm instead.

1. What's the best way to go about this? Obviously with a 12 hour jump I'm thinking it's not a good idea to just switch one day, should I like gradually do it later each day or is there another way that I can't think of?
2. Is this even a good idea? My theory is that it would kick in at 1am but I would be sleeping, but will it just make me wake up wanting to kill people or something? LOL.

Sorry if these are absolutely stupid questions, I'm a major n00b at this whole pill thing. I just started taking it on Sunday and I want to give it time to actually do its job instead of stop taking it because it's making me nuts. (I'm actually taking it to make me less nuts.)
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Some time in the near future (today or tomorrow, probably) I'm going to be making some curried carrot and squash soup. There are also tons of recipes that are squash apple... do you think I could do squash, apple, carrot and it would be good?
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I've moved into my ex-roommate's room and it's apparent their dog peed on the carpet in the closet. It smells pretty bad. I've already googled it and am going to try some different things, but does anybody have any remedies they have used that worked and want to give me to get rid of the smell?

I am selling a $10 gift card on ebay. Why would someone bid over $10 for it? I thought you were supposed to try and get a deal on them.

Misc Sat AM questiions

Approximately how many Christmas cookies have you eaten so far this season?

What did you dream about last night?
I dreamt that I ate about 5 huge cheeseburgers. I have to stop watching Man vs Food before bed.

College kids: What are your final grades for the semester?
I only took one class and got an A-. I'm slightly disappointed.
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from the Associated Press

This is crap, y/n?

FAIRFAX, Va. — As Erick Williamson sees it, being naked is liberating, and if passers-by get an eyeful while he's standing in front of a picture window, that's not his problem.

A Fairfax County judge saw it a little differently Friday, convicting Williamson of indecent exposure in a case that has raised questions about what's OK when you're in your own home.Collapse )
Oh noes!
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Those of you who have relatively large book collections, how do you keep them organized?

I've recently decided to get our books in order, but we have books of a few varying heights. I feel like I should put the taller books all together, and the shorter books all together, and then go alphabetically by author from there. My husband thinks that we should just put them all together and do the alphabetical thing.
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Can anyone tell me about current security regulations for flying with a one year old? We leave for Boston next week and are trying to figure out how to handle bottles/snacks for him on a 7-8 hour flight.

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Every so often, my mom will take my daughter and me out to lunch. My boyfriend never, ever goes. My mom called last night and invited us all out to lunch. She almost demanded my boyfriend come. Things have been fairly stressful between us and her lately, so I have no idea why she wants him there. TQC, what is my mother going to tell us at lunch?
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My mom asked me if I'm still facebook friends with my ex. I asked her the same and she lied and said no.

Why do you think she asked? srs/non srs welcome
(I'm assuming it means that there's something scandalous and or upsetting on his facebook that she's wondering if I saw)

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I work at Culver's, but haven't tried much of the menu except for the chicken tenders, the cheeseburger, and the fried chicken dinner.  I want to try something new today when I go there for lunch later.

What should I order?
(include choice of side and drink)


Do you like books that are relatively light with a happy ending?
Or do you prefer books that are dark and by the end everything sucks and you're left with a heavy feeling?

Do you get more emotional when you read a story or watch a story?

Have you ever stopped reading a fictional book because it was just too much and it was really bringing you down?

Completely unrelated:

Is it snowing where you are?
Where are you?
Do you think snow falling is pretty?

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Why do humans get SO ANNOYED when we hear a phrase or sound or whatever repeated many times in a row? Like a broken record or a dripping faucet, for example.

There was a little kid on the tram today and he was yelling the exact same nonsense phrase over and over and over. I'm usually pretty understanding of little kids yelling or being generally annoying because.. they're little kids, but this just really got on my nerves. It's just words being repeated, there's not really any reason why that should trigger our OMG KILL/GET AWAY instinct.
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Why is my neighbor frantically brushing snow off his pine tree/using his snow blower when it's not supposed to stop snowing until tonight?

Do you know anyone who loves to exercise in futility?
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I've been told that I should spend the day inside, making crafts. What type of craft should I make? Also, I don't have any supplies so I'd have to take the bus/metro to Target or Michaels.
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Learning guitar from a machine

My brother just got a guitar and wants to learn to play it, but his schedule is much too erratic to be able to take lessons. My mom wants to get him some kind of lesson program for Christmas that will help him learn to play. I was under the impression that these are all terrible.

Is there such a thing as a good one?

She's looking at this one.
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Is there anybody in your life that almost always turns a good day into a bad one? Will you tell me about them?

I was having a good day until I got to my parents' house. I wasn't even there 5 minutes and I had to leave, but it's almost always like this when I have to spend time with my mom
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Okayyy, so I can't take the bus or metro anywhere (because I live near an above-ground station), so I guess I'll bake something. Does cranberry banana bread sound weird? What else should I bake? Difficulty: no chocolate chips, nuts, and only a little bit of peanut butter.

*sighs* EDIT FOR DETAIL I am a moron.

Why, when I go to the breeder (of rats) webpage, and it says that the rats are all reserved for new homes (, and there are four of them that have been 'reserved' when I only mean to adopt two, and I haven't gotten an e-mail from the breeder yet, do I instantly assume that they aren't going to be going to my home?

Backstory: The breeder's husband has been sick lately, my application wasn't exemplary but I stayed in contact with the breeder for the most part and the application got better over time.

It's really sad because I've been dreaming about them and I don't know what I'll do if it turns out they really won't be mine.

I'm pretty sure that I didn't do anything wrong, but they might be going to a new home that isn't mine. Why do I assume that they won't be mine?

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I'm going to dress up a little for christmas. I have a grayish khaki this corduroy skirt and a purple cardigan. I was going to wear some tights with it and brown shoes but I can't find any purple tights to match the sweater. should I just wear nude pantyhose or some other color of tights?

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I'm in on the Jersey Shore where there is only minimal accumulation at the moment.  But the media weatherfolk are bringing on the blizzard hysterics.  I can't get the Pope on the phone -- so I'm depending on you, TQC. What's my plan regarding cancelling or not cancelling the church service tomorrow morning?

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I need to watch Christmas movies. What are those good websites again to watch free movies online?

And what Christmas movies do you recommend? Besides the obvious: Elf, which I've seen several times already.

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Has a college professor ever hit on you?
(While you were attending the college they are a professor at)

If so, wanna tell me the story of what happened?

And, how did you feel about it? Was it flattering, or where you completely grossed out and creeped out?
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To those of you who enjoy film scores-

What are some of your favorite scores from this year? Meaning either film scores released this year or scores you discovered and loved this year. Please include the composer's name. :3

I don't really have any. =\ I looove film scores but its been a while since I've heard one I got really crazy about, which is why I ask. (The last one would've been The Dark Knight! Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard.) I like what I've heard of Alexandre Desplat and though I am an anti-fan of Twilight, I like the music he did for it. It's difficult for me to enjoy too much, though, because a lot of the times its the power of the story that enhances the power of the music. And when it came to New Moon, the music was beautifully dramatic and then the story was like...nothing worth being dramatic about. So the music seemed a bit too much to me. But yeah, I want to hear what you guys liked this year!

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Today I saw* a Jenny Craig located directly next to a Krispy Kreme.

Who do you think was there first?
Who do you think was more excited about the location?
Do you think there was some kind of deal arranged?

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What is the Pastafarian version of "God Bless"? (I'm looking for something I can end a letter with, some kind of salutation thing)

What are some other Pastafarian phrases and their mainstream religious equivalents?

What's your least favorite religion?
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TQC parents: What did your bb eat/what did you feed them at 1 year old?

Because my sister is saying, "The same thing I eat!" which means frozen food and cereal, and that CAN'T BE RIGHT. D:

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TQC, today we pulled a package of some raw chicken strip tender things our freezer. The date is Nov 20 09, but they have been in the freezer since before then, obviously. Are they still good and/or safe to cook and eat?

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put your music player on shuffle. shuffle through as many songs as you want, write down the first lines of each song, and post the poem that results. the final song's first line is the title

Collapse )

what are your favorite/least favorite physical attributes?

idrk how else to word this, so: what is your position on female hips - do you like them narrow, shapely, wide, what?
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Looking for interesting journals to read/add. Any suggestions?
Do you prefer ridiculously cold, or ridiculously hot weather?

EDIT:: Another thing! How do you move the ads around on your journal? Is that even possible? I know if you buy a Paid Account they're removed completely but I don't want any of the other features. $19.95 seems a bit much just to remove ads....

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Last night I caved and downloaded Touch Pets: Dogs for my iPod. Now the game refuses to recognise my wi-fi connection (even though I can check my email etc just fine) and log me in. The only way I can log in is if I reinstall the game. And after I exit out, it just does it again! D: What was the last thing that royally pissed you off, TQC?

What words do you want to bring back into the world's vocabulary?
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Some weather forecasts in my state are predicting snowfall by Thursday and/or Friday. So I'd like to know your opinion...

Poll #1501120 I'm dreaming...

What makes a White Christmas?

Snow falling from the sky on December 25
Snow on the ground on December 25
White sand on the nearest beach
A Tony Montana-esque amount of cocaine
Holy shit, it's ticky boxes!
Where mermaids dwell

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I had macaroni and cheese for lunch, and I'll either be having that, coconut shrimp, to something at the diner by my house for dinner. The diner is within walking distance to my house, and dinner will cost me $10 for drink, soup/salad, entree, and desert. Catch is, it's snowing. Not hard, and there's only, like, 2 inches, but if I move my car, I'm sure I'll lose my spot. I haven't been outside since yesterday evening though, so the fresh air would be nice.

So, dinner at home, or dinner out cooked by someone else and probably more delicious than anything I could cook, plus more variety.

TQC, what do I doooooo?
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Mr. Pants Says


I have just discovered that my fiance is not mechanically inclined, or interested. My views, I will admit, are a little old-fashioned when it comes to what is expected of guys. To me, a guy's guy is a hammer-swinging, ratchet-ratcheting, car-repairing MAN.

I am discovering that I am more "manly" than he is in these reguards. It bothers me. A Lot. Sure, he's great at bug-wrangling and snake killing, but when it comes to working on cars or straightening out the computer, he's lost.

Should this be a deal-breaker for me or am I being shallow because otherwise, he's my dream guy?

Can anyone help me not think less of the love of my life over this issue?
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I am snowed in and really really bored. What should I watch on Hulu (shows or movies, I don't care)?

I've already watched all the Grey's Anatomy and House episodes, and I'm not in the mood for The Office. And I can't start Glee because it starts on episode 9. Is Desperate Housewives any good? Or any otheeer suggestions? (:

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If it's not snowing where you are, are you jealous of everyone who is snowed in? It's 61 degrees here and I'm jealous. :(

What are some of your everyday annoyances?
- when people take too long to ring up at the check out
- when employees don't greet you at the check out
- the homeless drug addict kid at the gas station who always asks me for money and tells me about his gold rings
- when someone walks in front of your car at the grocery store, sees you, and then walks diagonally so it takes them even LONGER to get across the road!

freaking out already

I'm flying to Baltimore to help a family member drive from Baltimore to Michigan on Monday. It's just overnight. I get there sometime in the evening on Monday and we're leaving bright and early on Tuesday.

*I get very anxious and freak out sometimes when I fly - what are some good OTC pills to take to calm me down?

*What am I forgetting to pack in my carry-on? I've got my contact lens stuff, deodorant and toothpaste.

*I don't have a printer to print my boarding tickets from a computer (and I won't be able to get to a printer by Monday). Can I just bring my confirmation number and check in at a kiosk at my departing airport?

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I'm trying to connect my laptop to xbox live via an ethernet cable, and I can't seem to get it working. I have the connection on my other laptop, but it's out of commission at the moment, so I'm borrowing my boyfriend's netbook. It's an HP Mini 311, if it matters.

I tried googling but I'm not getting what I need, or what makes sense to me. I'm not sure what I need to do with the connections. I tried to do what I do on my laptop normally, but the option to let the connection share with other devices doesn't seem to be there. Can someone help me so I can kill some zombies online?

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what was your favorite year from the past decade?

which serial killer creeps you out the most?
albert fish

what is the worst airline you've ever flown?

what is the worst song you've heard in recent memory?
that one on the radio that's like ~ the dudes are something something something we got swagger but we kick em to the curb unless they look like mick jagger~ or anything by uffie

edit: do any of you know how badly inner-wrist tattoos hurt?
Pointsettia Ji

Yes it's killing me..

Where/what is the person in this icon from?

ETA: FOUND, so in your own words how would explain all THIS? Hmmmm?

And: I'm only sending one Christmas card out this year, but I'm making it a card within a card within a card within a card within a card, all sealed up. The smallest one is like 2" by 2". Is that a great idea, or the greatest?

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My friend is having a Christmas party at 9 tomorrow (Sunday) night. He seemed kind of annoyed when I told him that I couldn't stay long.

What's more annoying? Your friend having a party on a Sunday night when the majority of the people he invited work on Monday morning, or your friend not sucking it up and staying late?
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In the interests of ~Saving Christmas~ (since I'm apparently the only person in my family who is against the idea of eating at McDonald's for Christmas dinner because everyone else is too lazy to cook):

Is there a significant difference between using one of the supermarket precooked hams and an uncooked ham, if I want to cook it with pineapple and a brown sugar rub?  I'm sure the flavors will cook in much better if I don't use a precooked one, but in the interest of saving time/effort, will the flavors still cook in at least a little bit?

Do you cook often?  Ever have a total disaster in the kitchen, like I'm surely about to?

OH, and - should I use fresh pineapple, or will pre-sliced, canned pineapple suffice?  I AM SO IN OVER MY HEAD! D:

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Does anyone else find it extremely awkward to eat the hook part of a candy cane?

I haven't had one in forever and I'm finding it extremely difficult not to get candy cane stickiness all over me.

If you don't are about awkward candy eating dilemmas, what is your favorite holiday treat?

I can't wait to have some of my grandma's almond bars!

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If your friend was making and sending you a package of pita chips as your Christmas present, roughly how much would you expect to receive? I need to try and find appropriate-sized tins.

Also, I just got home, which means I get to play Wii! What should I play first:


Twilight Princess (Wii version)
Ocarina of Time (Collector's Disc)
Majora's Mask (Collector's Disc)
Animal Crossing City Folk (I can wifi!)
Mario Kart Wii (again with the wifi!)
Guitar Hero 3
...If you have wither Animal Crossing or Mario Kart, would you like to wifi with me sometime?

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My brother and I are having an argument about Winnie-the-Pooh.
I say that the Winnie-the-Pooh in the books was Christopher Robin's teddy bear who he imagined was a real bear, along with his other stuffed toys.
My brother says that Winnie-the-Pooh was a fictional bear who lived in the woods and made friends with a small boy.
Who's right?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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What's the best way to clean and get smells out of a mattress? Lysol? Fabreeze? Bleach solution?

Do you prefer a big bed or little bed to sleep on alone?
My parents think I'm weird for wanting to get rid of the queen size bed in my room to sleep on the twin that I had when I lived on my own.
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My Israeli boyfriend is visiting me, (and he's currently experiencing his first blizzard), and he's hungry. I would like to make him some dinner, but something simple and quick for tonight, we're tired. What would you recommend? I'm thinking something pasta-like.

rephrase... how can I make pasta more interesting and delicious without getting too elaborate?

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Have you ever dated anyone who was really weird? I want to hear about weird quirks or bad dates or just general awfulness in dating.

A woman at the store yesterday told me some guy showed up for their first date drunk.
I've had a guy cover my eyes during a sex scene at a movie!

k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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Should I just stop watching Heroes? I'm one of those people who hates to stop watching a show until it ends, but I have no motivation to watch it anymore. It's beginning to make me die inside.
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(no subject)

1. Who is the most humorless person you know?
A. What makes them so humorless? Can you give an example?

2. What was the last hand made gift you've received? Who was it from? Did you like it?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Have you ever done anything funny when someone left an account logged in on your computer?

One of my brother's friends left his facebook and myspace accounts open. I didn't think about it until I'd logged out of his facebook account, but when I saw his myspace still logged in, I changed his status to 'likes sucking while getting it from behind, too'.

I also went into my brother's account one time and changed his status to "Cowboys' butts drive me nuts."

Do you think this is mean or funny? Personally, I think it's something they deserve if they aren't vigilant enough to log out of their accounts on a public or borrowed computer.
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back corset

Plane Ride Gifts

So my friend is going on a flight that will be a few hours. I want to give him a little "travel care package" of stuff to do on the flight. Problem is I don't know what really to give him. I don't know what kind of books he likes, and I know crossword puzzles and whatnot are a given.
I was thinking of getting him a where's waldo book and a few other things.

What should I think about putting into this gift?
Colber - Need a drink

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Thanks to this horrible snow, traveling to see my fiance may not be possible tomorrow. I haven't seen him in two months, and if I don't see him this week, I don't know when the next possible chance will be. Anyone else possibly unable to see loved ones this holiday?