December 18th, 2009


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My friend is buying me a coffee maker for Christmas. A little 4-cup one, around $20. I am currently out of money, and I offered to send him baked goods when I start working again in return, but he's on a diet and won't take cookies lol. He wants a blender, but that's like $80 and he told me not to spend that much money on him.

I know you guys hate these questions, but what would you buy/make for a 20-year-old comp sci student for around $20?  He likes to cook, so I'm leaning toward something kitchen related, but I can't decide.

When was the last time you procrastinated terribly? I have to finish my Soc essay like, immediately because I have a terrifying Lit final to do and a presentation to put together all for tomorrow. It's 12:30am and I have to get these things done by 1pm. I am definitely not sleeping tonight.
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lamp sex

In general. Do you prefer dirty hard knock over the lamp sex.


Slow passionate tender caressing love making?

If you want to tell, are you a guy or a girl?
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I remember this one scene from a movie:
A guy is some sort of computer-related genius and he is involved as a witness to a crime/conspiracy (or someone who knows inside info), and he types all he knows onto a typewriter and makes a carbon copy. He then throws away the original. Later on people were able to find out what he wrote by looking at the carbon paper and catches the bad guy.

WHAT IS IT? It's been bothering me for ages.

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today i was answering phones at work (i work at target) and i got a call for another team member. the person asked for the TM by their full name, and misprounounced the first name. does this seem fishy to anyone else?

what do you think they wanted? srs/nonsrs.
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Dear TQC,

What are you allergic to?

I'm allergic to lanolin, cephalosporin, adhesive, latex, and bacitracin. I don't have any food allergies but I am intolerant to pork products and milk products (though I do still consume those in copious amounts).
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Hay tea queue sea

I keep in touch with a teacher from high school - a "Mr. John Smith." I always addressed him as "Mr Smith" when I was in school, and since graduating several years ago I continue to refer to him as "Smith" when I talk about him. The thing is - I don't know what to call him to his face anymore. Though we're fairly close (in a mentor-favorite student way), I feel like it would be reeeeeally awkward to call him "John." But it is potentially embarrassing to address him as "Mr Smith" still, because it might look like I'm being too formal. Plus, he signs his emails "John"....

HALP. Do I go out on a limb and get used to calling him "John" (because srsly who in America cares about formalities anymore, amirite), or should I compromise and call him "Smith"? Or is that flippant? I honestly have not addressed him by any name for over a year because I am confused hardcore about this.

(Also: This is not the only teacher I've had this problem with, but it's definitely the most difficult circumstance. With my German teacher, for example, "Frau M" works just as well now as ever, even though she's only a few years older than I am.)

Maybe I should just give him an embarrassing nickname and be done with it.

DKDC: Tell me about your favorite or least favorite teacher!

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Are there any books that actually scare you? I'm reading The Shining for like, the 10th time and just got to the scene with Jack and the dead woman in room 217. Yeah, that scene has been known to give me nightmares, and I don't usually get scared from a book.
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Under what circumstances do you think you should tell a friend their SO is cheating on them? Should you always tell? Always stay out of it? Does it depend on how close of a friend you are? How you "know"?

If you did tell a friend that their partner was cheating on them and they didn't believe you, would you drop it and never bring it up again? What if you found evidence?

It's pretty well known/suspected with my boyfriend's friends that one of the guys' fiance is engaged to another man. Someone told the guy but he doesn't believe it. I wasn't sure I believed it until I saw some pretty damning photographic evidence.

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What do you think about taking a pay cut (10-13%) to live some place you would like to live that is near your boyfriend and good friends? This is still a livable wage but your saving for real estate plans will need to be put on hold.

What a horrid horrid idea!
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has anyone ever sold their car to Carmax?  What kind of pricing do they give you? Is it basically just trade in value, or is it more along the lines of private party values?
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Fitness question time!

Okay, here's the story: I was hospitalized a few years ago for being well... 5'7" and 96lbs.. I've recovered after a terrible experieince with an IP feeding farm and it's unethical punishments... since I've been working with a eating disorder specialist and dietician. We're working on toning to help me feel more comfortable with my body and improve my damaged immune system.

I now weight 149lb and would like to be 135lbs and toned, particularly my thighs as I was a highland dancer for 16 years... I've been doing anaerobic cycling three times a week.

How long do you think before I see a (even slightly) noticable difference?

For reference to my thighs and legs, see here:

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Have you ever gone through a phase where children just creep you out, and you can't stand them?

Ever since I got plowed into by a small child at IKEA a few months ago, they make me shudder D:
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My boyfriend has mono. He was tested 2 days ago because his throat was hurting, his neck was hurting, and he felt weak.
For about 4 days my neck has been hurting, my throat is sore, and I've been coughing. I'm pretty sure I've got mono because it's so contagious, we've kissed since he felt the symptoms, and I've never had it before.

I am going to the doctor in a few days because I know you have to wait a while before you can get a correct test result with mono but my parents both keep telling me they don't think I have mono.

So TQC, does it sound like I have mono?
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My family and I are in a hotel in Baltimore, and with this predicted 5-8 inches of snow coming in, our plans to drive to Philadelphia tomorrow are out. So, basically, we have to kill tomorrow off until we can go to the airport Sunday morning. So, TQC, what the fuck am I supposed to do while stuck in a Hampton Inn all day tomorrow? (I have a room with my 11 year old sister, and am 3 months shy of the drinking age).

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can you recommend a good movie, tv show, or video game (eta i have pc, xbox 360, and ps3)? or book although i haven't really been in a reading mood lately. basically just recommend some good shit.

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is it weird to ask a professor to save your final exam and let you pick it up next semester because you're taking another class of a related topic and you want to have all your stuff?

(ETA: wow. final exam = an exam that was given out in class, written on, and handed in. typically you do not get this back, as the final exam period is the last time your class meets.)

have you ever done this?

is it weird(er) if you have a blatantly obvious crush on him and you're really just fishing for an excuse to see him after the class has ended?
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I'm trying to center part of a document in Microsoft Word but for some reason even if I only select that portion to center it does the entire document. I don't know why its doing that and I can't recall ever having that problem before. How can I only center that portion? Its the 2007 edition if it matters.

Never mind. I fixed it.

New Question: What have you eaten so far today?

Refried beans and rice with lentils, corn, carrots, and peppers.

Not based on personal experience

Have you ever made a poop that changed your mood (in a positive way)?

All my poops are positive
Hard to say. I'm always happy
I don't poop
All my pooping experiences are mundane

Have you ever made a poop that felt so good to release that it was almost therapeutic and you had to hold back tears?

I don't poop
All my pooping experiences are mundane

Have you ever made a poop that was so relieving that you felt yourself let go of negativity and actually felt more in tune with the universe and accepting of your place within it and felt your pet philosophies of life begin to alter as a result, while angels sang joyously at your accomplishment?

I don't poop
All my pooping experiences are mundane
Please to be telling me how to purchase this magical fiber
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Is there a way to tell when someone in particular joined a Livejournal community? I've checked the FAQs, but didn't see anything.

What did you have for lunch today?

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What do you think of Shakespeare's story of Romeo and Juliet? Do you like it, do you think it's overdone, or do you have another opinion?

Better yet, what do you think of the movie version with Leonardo DiCaprio? I think it's lol-tastic; I'm not sure how anyone can take it seriously.
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What should I have for lunch? I have 2 options. Burrito (refried beans, rice, tomato, lettuce) or mac & cheese (from the box).

What will your next meal be, and what are you having?

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So, Google isn't helping me any here.

I'm graduating with a B.A. in Japanese studies in May, and I want to eventually go to grad school for foreign affairs. What are some good universities for that? Can be anywhere in the world, that's not an issue for me. (... not yet, anyway.)

ETA: Fixed my question-fail!

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So I've been sick with an earache and sore throat since Monday. I just got back from the doctor and I have an ear infection! I don't think I've had one since I was 10 (I'm 21). UGH MY LEFT EAR IS SO PLUGGED UP.

What were you last sick with?

What do you consistently get sick with?
I am NOTORIOUS for getting sinus infections.

candy canes

has anyone else noticed that the normal "Allan" brand of candy canes messed up royally on their recipe for their CHERRY CANDY CANES?!?!?! they taste like poop!!!! They were my favourite part of Christmas for about 7 years... and this year its been ruined.

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I'm just finishing an essay and I think it's a really good essay, but I have this little feeling I'm just going to be disappointed since I'm getting so excited about it.

When was the last time you were excited but then disappointed?

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Poll #1500739 Cookies

What type of cookies should I make tonight?

Chocolate Chip

Would you like one?

No, I'm boring and don't like anything that tastes good
Yes, but I want them all but not just one
No, because I know you poisoned them
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What are some good documentaries I can watch on my netflix instant queue? (Pretty much anything besides "America is getting fat/America has awful food" -types)

If you're not into documentaries, will you recommend any good movies on there?
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do you know anyone who has graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in psychology? if so, what are they currently working as?

i only know one person, and she works for the ministry of foreign affairs, which she claims to be rewarding yet extremely exhausting. i am thinking of dropping out of my business management degree and focusing mainly on my arts/psych degree, but am not sure of the career prospects, as i'm not exactly sure what career path i'd like to go choose right now. please make me feel better tqc :(
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I want to pimp the take-charge leadership experience I've gotten at my current job for future employers.

So. Is there a tactful way to put "I was pretty much an assistant manager (and have most of the know-how for the position), but they told me outright they didn't want to give me the full training or title because I was just working this job to pay for school until I could get something actually related to my field" on my resume?
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Do you prefer to make your gifts or purchase them? What are you doing more of this year?

Do you prefer to receive homemade gifts or have someone purchase them?

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Does anybody know a GOOD recipe for lemon bars? Preferably one you've made and tasted so you know how it turns out. I'm looking for something with a noticeable lemon taste, but not overpowering - I don't want to put the effort into these to have them turn out disgusting. :( And the less butter, the better. I'm going to make them for the family and my mom and brother are health nuts.

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What is something that seemingly everyone in your area has done, but you have never done?

I've never been to a Red Sox game, but I think everyone I know has been to at least one in their lifetime. I like the Rays anyway.

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TQC, it is my works Christmas night out tonight. What drama do you think will unfold? How many people do you think will hook up?

Some basic information that may help your decision: we have employed approx 70 new people in the last 2 months (there was originally only about 30 of us).  No-one likes the Risk (mortgage underwriters) team, and we (admin and sales) arent allowed to talk to them (by order of their manager). There is one 'secret' couple, that everyone knows about. Everyone hates the girl in the couple. There is an admin assistant that rubs everyone the wrong way and is very high and mightly who onstantly goes on about her 50 year old boyfriend and her 5 year old son (high chance i will toss a drink over her).  The night is being held in a bar/cafe we have hired for the evening. We are getting 5 free drinks each.

gold star tomorrow for anyone who guesses correctly

Gift idea

So, I'm low on cash and strapped for gift ideas (let's just say, I suck at picking gifts).
I was thinking, however, that I could do something fun and home-made for my friends by making those jars that are filled with the ingredients for cookies (like this).
Would you be happy/interested in a gift like this? Or would you think it was 'meh'?

Also, if you would be interested, what kind of cookies would you like (ex: chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, etc.)
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How do you pick out the perfect gift for someone who has everything? (Especially on a limited budget.) What was the most thoughtful gift you gave?

Thank you for your ideas!
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I'm late on my rent this month, and our apartment policy is if it's not in by the 6th, it's $50 then $5 a day until paid. I had to actually sign an agreement saying I'll pay $625 by 8am Monday morning. That's $515 for rent and $110 in late fees. I came home today and found a reminder note up on my door. This is signed by the apartment manager, and it says I only owe $565. It seems like they cut the $5 a day fee off, but I don't know for sure. They have my signature saying I'll pay a higher amount. TQC, how much should I pay for rent this month?
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I spent 6 hours today waiting for my friend to show up to my house so we could hang out, she didn't answer her phone until now to tell me she blew me off to sit around her sisters house and do nothing.

Why do I suck that much?

Also, in that 6 hrs I built a ferris wheel out of toothpicks and hot glue.
What should I do with it?

Why are the sticks that come with fun dip so nasty?
And don't say they're not, because they so are.
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So I'm trying to kick myself into shape. I am not athletic at all, I'm pretty small (5'5", 109-112lbs-ish. I do not know if you need this information, but I'm providing it anyway.) but I'm a wimp and I want some muscle tone... and some abs! Haha... I mostly don't want to be a total wimp anymore. I have an exercise bike that I've started riding for an hour a day (medium resistance, I usually burn 800 calories if that means anything?) I'm also broke, so no gym membership for me.

So my question to you is what can I do at home to gain some muscle? Or just look more lean, maybe... as I DO NOT want to look big or buff.

I think the bike is enough for my legs but what about everything else? Is there some good youtube videos I could watch? Yoga maybe?

Also should I be pushing myself harder on the exercise bike? Is there anything I should be aiming for? If it isn't apparent, I have no idea what I'm doing, I just want to look awesome next spring, annd not have all my guy friends to make fun of my wimp-ness anymore ): haha.

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What do you think of LARPing, TQC?

One of my friends keeps on talking to me about it, and how he's got  a new book and whatever, and I'm getting so unbothered I'm feeling angry about it, lols. I don't have it in me to tell him that though :/
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Can you think of any songs with the same .. almost ethereal quality as Nancy Sinatra's version of Bang, Bang and Gary Jules' version of Mad World? Songs that make you feel like you're floating in space.. Thanks in advance..
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My best friend and I are trying to do a long distance video date, via gchat, and the builtin webcam on my Toshiba Satellite works for a few minutes, then makes the noise it makes when I unplug, then re-plug in a USB cord, then ceasing to work until I restart the call - then it does the exact same thing.

Has anyone had any experience with this? Is there anything that can fix this?
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So, I bought a Zune HD 32gb. I like it a lot, but.. the lack of apps is disturbing. There are FIFTEEN apps for it. 15. There are some home made apps you can get but you have to download XML Studio or something like that and there aren't that many out there.

Should I return it and get the iPod Touch? I had the nano 2nd gen or something (the square one) and I hated it. I am not an iPod fan.. will I get use to the iPod Touch? Any anti-iPod users out there get one and like it? Hate it? Can you change the ugly grey OS scheme?

The Touch is only a couple dollars difference but if I return the Zune to Amazon I think I only get 80% back so I'd have to pay 30-40$ out of pocket again I think. but.. there must be 1,000s of apps for it right?
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Did your workplace have a Christmas party this year? (Or are they going to?)  What did they plan and how did it go?

Got any funny/embarrassing/scandalous office Christmas party stories for me?

I read on a forum I used to visit ages ago that one girl got so drunk at the office party (held at her boss' house, bad idea) that she stole the baked ham from the centre of the table and made off with it. No-one, including the girl, knew what happened to it until a few days later when her boss' dog dug it up out of the front yard. Guess she buried it...

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Does your family have any weird Holiday traditions?

My grandmother has bought me a can of Clam Chowder every year for Christmas since I was 7 years old. :) She knows how much I love it, but my mom hates seafood so she would never buy it for me.

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1)When I make hot cocoa, it always ends up being too thin, and not cocoay enough. What's with that?

2)How can we take advantage of the skills of the unemployable?

3)What's the worst comic book ever?

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TQC, how do I make myself more sociable/friendly?

I don't have any real life friends and when my roommates have friends around, I just kind of hide in my room :\ I have social anxiety and sometimes I force myself to be around people, but I just feel awkward and like I don't belong.

Alternatively, favorite Christmas carol?

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What letter does your name start with?


What letter does your name start with?


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You're in the store. The cashier is yappin' away, folds your shirt but forgets to ring it up and proceeds to ring up the rest of your purchase.

Do you tell them that they forgot the first shirt?

Will you tell me about any bargains you got during this lovely holiday season?

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1. what's one ridiculously expensive thing you wish you could have right now? clothing, electronics, a car, whatever.

2. have you ever 'decided' to go by a different name? say, your middle instead of your first?
how do you do it? gently tell people when you introduce yourself, "i'm so and so, but i prefer this"?
SARA is shit and the past 18 years of it have been boring me. no offense to the saras of tqc, of course.
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warning: this post is imbibed with homosexuality AND IT'S CONTAGIOUS!

TQC, the drama has started like crazy with my family and the whole my gay uncle is bringing his life partner down for christmas this year. I'm doing tqc_updates, but I feel like it needs a title.

What name should be given to this giant ~scandal~?

The Great Gaymas 2009
GayGate 2009
another witty name i'm going to tell you in the comments
i refuse to particiate in this poll for the non-pc lack of ticky.

Aside from drinking, what can I do to relieve the stress building up in my neck and back from this?

Should I continue to update about it?

fuck yeah, your homophobic relatives are hilarious!
no, this is just sad
yeah, but only if no one dies
my earlier refusal stands, you bitch

ah shit!

I was served with a summons today. Only I wasn't home so the guy gave it to my girlfriend (who lives with me). I thought they can only give it to you or a RELATIVE over the age of 15 living with you. It says something to the effect of that on the paperwork and last time he tried to serve me he told my aunt that as well (she lives next door).
I live in missouri and this is about a credit card.

Was I legally served?
Is this against the privacy act (can't discuss a debit with anyone but you)
What should I do.

And please, no credit card lectures. I've learned my lesson.
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