December 17th, 2009


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I'm looking for new bed linens for Christmas. I've found a lot I like but the problem is that all the ones I like best don't come in twin sizes. I like stuff like this or this or this. Can anyone direct me to any good websites that sell twin duvet sets/bedspreads that might interest me? Any help is appreciated.
Seja Stars
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Any of you donating your time to shelters or soup kitchens this holiday season? If not, would you consider it? If you have, will you share stories to inspire us all?
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Google, why do you keep giving me links to pictures of guys in grape smuggler shorts on bicycles?

I'm searching for a code to integrate into my website. Basically, we want to take our customers' testimonials and put them in a specific spot on our website. We then want one testimonial to change into another when the page is refreshed or gone back to. I know this can be done with images, but everytime I try to search for cycling code/pictures, I get great big spandex covered bulges.

Can anyone point me to a site (or just give me the code, if you're awesome) that has an example of how to code this?

My hands are covered in yellow paint that's dried now. When I was eating, I kept trying to lick it off because I thought it was mustard, even though I was eating a burrito.

Have you ever done something absentmindedly while eating that just made you go 'bwuh?' when you realised it?

ETA: Is there anything that hurts worse and longer than stubbing a toe with an ingrown nail? Gah
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Hey TQC, my memory is failing me. There's a website out there somewhere called something like "Type Or Die". You use it to make yourself reach a certain word count and if you don't within a time limit it jiggles your screen or something similar. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? And if you do, could you possibly send me a link to it? I really need some kind of kick up the arse to get the end of this essay finished...

The days of our lives

What single event in your life would you like to go back and change?
If you could would you be in a different place (financially, physically)?

Extra credit: what historical event would you like to change? How do you think it would impact the world?
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So I heard in Fine Dining you can make a killing as a waiter. I also need more... uh, refined... references on my resume for when I apply to The Culinary Institute of America. Problem is... how the hell do you get into a fine dining job with no fine dining experience?

I've worked mainly in aggressive sales and I'm a licensed massage therapist and have done some random waitressing here and there but at like... Ihop.

Anyone a waiter/waitress in a fine dining establishment? How did you get in?
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Do you ever read/write a word so many times that it stops becoming a word to you and just looks really weird?

I just wrote the word "from" and I looked at it and then I was like "Wait, is that spelled right? WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?" and got really confused because it just looked wrong!

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people who like nail polish: what is your aboslute favorite color EVER?

mine is china glaze flying dragon, and a close second is ruby pumps.

ALSO: my lips are super chapped and are EXTREMELY ITCHY. wtf do i do to relieve this?! i'm going insane!
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What do you write inside a Christmas card to someone who has experienced a major personal tragedy during the Holiday season?

Obviously I will be writing a personal message, but I have no idea where to start.

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What are some movies that you believe most people have already seen?

What are some movies that you believe most people don't know about, but should see?

DK/DC: How does your horoscope for today read, as interpreted by your source of choice?

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If you received a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night, and all the person on the other line said (before hanging up) was "Shit.." in a very slow and deliberate tone, then a week later, you found a piece of human shit in your sock drawer.. would you automatically assume these events were related?

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Would you like to post a picture of yourself that you are proud of? Either you look really hot or are somewhere awesome?

Edit! Just got an awesome cacti from a flower shop by a train station. Grocery store says they only have in summer!
If no, do you know what kind of store I should go to to buy a little cactus? A plant store? A hardware/garden kind of? Target?
Coffee cups

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Recommended products for waxing unwanted facial hair? (Yay for genetics...all the women in my extended family grow "beards" as they age - apparently mine started early. Ugh.)

If not: Favorite thing about this time of year? (holidays, weather, end-of-finals, whatever)

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I'm thinking about going home from school right now.

One: I don't feel good (headache, fatigue)
Two: I can do my homework at home without any distractions.

Do you think I should?

How should I go about telling(bullshitting) the nurse?
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Its almost time for vacation but not quite...

Have you ever had to do "teambuilding" exercises at work?

How'd it go?

Do you think that there is actually ANY value to them?

EDIT: AT work. Like you don't get fed or go anywhere. You just have like a meeting/gathering and play a game for 30 minutes. You are still expected to do all your work for the day.

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How is your local government organized?

Is there a lot of shady business? I live in Rhode Island, so you can guess the answer to that one, I think.

Oh, and would you rather have pork fajitas or meatloaf for dinner tonight?

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In the past 36hrs my boyfriend has taken a light-hearted comment I made to be serious and is now completely ignoring me. (I said my life didn't revolve around him. He got really pissed off and said he'd stay out of it. Haven't heard from him since)

I spent the first while worrying and crying like a baby. Now I'm just pissed off.

Long story short, how do I stay angry rather than resorting to tearful apologies?
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I'm putting together a resume so I can go look for a part time job. I have no real work experience so it seems pretty bare and I'm looking for advice on a couple of things.

Under education should I put my major and minor or is that unnecessary?
Under experience and volunteer experience should I put who I worked for and their contact information or should I leave that off and just put that on the application?
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If you could relive one previous life experience just one more time, what would you choose?

If you had to relive one previous life experience every day for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Edit: No, you can't change it.
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Do you have a pet? What is it? Name please. Picture if you want :)
yes, currently just one DSH ginger cat, Fito

Do you buy your pets xmas presents?

If so - what type of things do you get?
varies - many times just food treat things, unless one of them is needing something specific

What did or are you going to buy for your pet this year?
I bought Fito a new collar with tag coz he lost his a couple of weeks ago

Do you get your pets to "buy" xmas presents for other family members?
yes. my pets always "buy" my SO a present. silly, I know :) This year I think he'll get SO a T-shirt or some shorts.

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You are getting a BRAND NEW BODY.
Identical to your old one in every way.
Except you get to choose one new feature.
What would you want?

Give me a killer, wet thier panties smile


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If your company offered you a position in Afghanistan for 120 days, over which they'd pay you $125,000 plus expensese, would you do it?

Things to consider:
- All housing, food, and bills are paid
- You would be living and working in a secure compound with contracted private security
- After the initial 4 months, you can go back to your current position state-side or extend your contract for another 4 months.

If not, is there a price for which you would do it?

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Every year, you buy a friend of yours a bottle of wine for Christmas. She likes wine, you like buying it. This year, she is pregnant. Is it inappropriate to buy a bottle of wine for her? One one hand, she is pregnant (very pregnant), but on the other, she won't be pregnant forever, and wine doesn't go bad quickly.

What about a woman who is trying to conceive? She's not pregnant yet, so she can consume the wine, but she may become pregnant at any given moment.

Is it better just to stick with a box of chocolates?

eta: Buying both is outside the budget.

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a. How good is your gaydar?
b. How good is your vision? Do you wear glasses?
c. Do you have synesthesia, or do you know anyone who has it?

a. Mine is ATROCIOUS, mainly because I don't usually even care or think about it. However, I always end up being attracted to people who don't swing my way. It's a bummer. b. Pretty good, but not at night. No. c. No. :(
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So my roommate asked me to return these movies we rented from Blockbuster a few weeks ago. They're pathetically overdue.

She just noticed that they overdrew $120 on her checking account, and I said I wouldn't mind asking them why.

Can they reverse the charge? What can we do?

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Did you know llamas are affordable, fun, can pull a cart, go on a short walk or a long-trek, can be used as an investment vehicle, are easy to care for, are displayed at shows throughout the US, are great with kids, can guard sheep and other livestock and that their colorful fleece can be woven into durable, luxurious garments?

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TQC, I just called in sick to work and now I feel really guilty even though I know I wouldn't have been capable of doing my job today. Do you feel guilty when you call in sick?

Also, it's snowing! It never snows in December here. What's the last thing that made you feel festive?

What kind of clothes do you feel most attractive in?
Sailormoon - flowers

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A co-worker passed out Trident gum to everyone today. I'm the type of person who often chews a single stick/piece of gum all day until I throw it out just before brushing my teeth/bed (unless it's the cheap kind that seems to disintegrate/turn soggy shortly after you start chewing it). I think I've fortunately only accidentally fallen asleep with gum in my mouth once.

What's the longest you've ever chewed a piece of gum before?
Have you ever fallen asleep with gum in your mouth?

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Why did the mail carrier drive past my house without collecting the mail that was in the box?

Why did neither my grandmother nor my uncles pick up the phone when I called? I've tried several times. It's my grandma's birthday so I want to call her.

Serious and non-serious answers welcome.

Family Guy personality poll

You most identify with _____?

That old pedophile with the walker, lusting after Chris

The last person you've dated most resembles ____?

That old pedophile with the walker, lusting after Chris


I used to read translated Japanese comics bought from Malaysia many years ago. If you read a lot of manga, could you tell me what's the actual name of this manga and where I can find it? This was about 10-15 years ago and I can only remember the following:

- translated to English, the title is "Hunter" or "Killer" depending on if I remember the right letters: 'pemburu' versus 'pembunuh'
- protagonist grew up in Cambodia during Pol Pot's regime and saw his younger siblings eaten by starving people
- has a few scenes involving child soldiers under the Angkar
- he grows up to be a contract killer
- scene from comic: a family is tormented on the road by a motorcycle gang. Gangster reaches through window and decapitates the mum with a cleaver while they're driving
- scene from comic: Nigerian (I think) boy prince is held captive and person in charge of him got a bullet through his eye.
- protagonist rides a huge sportbike.

I don't have the actual comic anymore unfortunately. It's not City Hunter but then I only checked out the first volume to look at the art but it's definitely not like the comic I remember.

Autumn Pink

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When is the last time that you can remember having that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach?

Where can I donate/ take my huge stack of newspapers every month?
The only think I can come up with is the animal shelter...that might be it but I might be missing something.
goofy and donald Christmas tree

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I have a small dilemma, TQC. There's a good chance I may have to go into work Monday morning as early as midnight (yikes!). We sort and load packages for delivery, and the expectation is that Monday could be our single heaviest day of the year as far as volume - hence the obscene start time.

I don't know what might work best to not let this godawful early hour disrupt my usual sleep patterns any more than can be helped.

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brownie lover

When it comes to brownies are you:
A corner person
A middle person
An edge person

What's your favorite thing in or on a brownie?
I like cream cheese icing or caramel swirl! Yum! And I'm a middle person!
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I'm changing my Xbox Live gamertag, but I can't decide which looks better. What do you think?

Raiden 2539

Space, or no space? The '2539' by the way is my postcode. Myself & my mates use it.

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Poll #1500338 lol paid account

Do you have a paid account?


Would you like a paid account?

Yes, I have one and am willing to pay money for it because of the features
Yes, but only if I didn't have to pay for it
I don't care. I like what I have, but if the opportunity came up, sure, I'd do it
No, paid accounts are dumb
some other reason
pokémon ⅲ × heck yes this happened
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What are some reasons my first credit card application would be rejected? It was a student classic Visa, which required an annual income of $1,200 (I make more than twice that), and it's a very common first card for many students around here because it's how they start building up their credit to begin with. The lady at the bank, when I gave my application to her, sounded really confident that it would be accepted when I expressed my concerns.

(FYI I'm going to the bank tomorrow to ask for more details. I'm just annoyed and wondering why right now.)

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I have a very large basil plant that I have been growing for a while, and as such can't bear to abandon it when I go home from uni tomorrow.
Any ideas to help it travel well? I was thinking wrapping card around its height to protect it.
mtn, girl

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i work for a Community Coffee house. we give first responders [police, firemen, military, EMT] free drip coffee, tea, iced coffee, and au laits.

Right now, we are having a lot of police officers complain that they have to pay for their espresso items like lattes and frozen drinks.

and we have some that complaint that they have to pay when they come through drive through.
them coming through drive through is doing absolutely nothing to benefit our store, when they are inside, we give them free coffee because they are making a presence in our store.

What do you think? what would you say to them in response?

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Poll #1500404 For $20,000,000, would you... willing to give up the ability to orgasm for the rest of your life? No amount of stimulation can get you off, but you'll still have the cravings as normal

67(64.4%) an entire midget? This is over the course of a couple weeks. You'll have midget steaks, midget burgers, midget kabobs, midget stew, midget sausage, etc, until there's nothing left except bones.


...serve 4 years in prison with no time off for good behavior? That's 5m per year. This is a real prison, not a white collar prison

72(69.9%) in 2 Girls 1 cup - the sequel? It'll be more horrifying than the first video, and people all across the globe will be offended to their very soul. Through some clever special effects, you'll actually be consuming chocolate pudding instead of poop, but to viewers, you'll be an utterly disgusting human being. And there's a good chance you'll be recognized on a semi regular basis wherever you go


...give up speaking for 4 years? A device is planted in your vocal cords which will render you speechless, but once it's removed, you'll be able to speak as normal with no complications. That's 4 years of having to write things to communicate, etc.

39(37.5%) 3 years in a station located in Antarctica...alone? The station has enough supplies to last a single person for 10 years so there's no chance of starving. The station is heated but runs off a generator which needs to be refueled regularly, which involves having to brave the harsh elements. You'll be alone, with no phone, internet or any other medium to communicate with the outside world. The only thing to do all day is read. There's thousands of books all printed before 1970 and slightly waterlogged.

I <3 TLV

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Which qualities/situations are WORSE for an SO?






Wants sex constantly
Never wants sex


Their friends hate you
Their family hates you


Unemployed with no ambition
Obsessed with work


Demands that you change
Refuses to make changes


Hates your best friend
Secretly is in love with your best friend


Proposes on the second date
Afraid to commit to more than just "friends"

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Who screened my comment, and why?

I just don't get it.
It wasn't even an interesting comment, it was boring and innocuous. I didn't use an offensive icon or anything. I am just SO CONFUSED and can't get it out of my head. WHY, PEOPLE, WHY?!

in need of musical assistance.


do you know of the band bright eyes (conor oberst)? what are a few of your favorite bright eyes songs, and why? 

[here's the thing: i really like bright eyes, but i only have about six songs that i listen to regularly. please share the love, and help me expand my bright eyes library. thank you.]

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What is your favorite off-beat/kooky/not really all that ordinary instrument?

Guitars, pianos, drums, violins, saxophones, flutes, clarinets, harps, etc...All those normal things are NOT ALLOWED. Extra credit will be rewarded for Wikipedia links and/or pictures.

I like the ocarina.

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Do you like celery?

Do you like cooked or raw celery?

Do you like to dip it in stuff or smear it with stuff? If so, what stuff do you like with your celery?

I love plain raw celery, but I also love dipping it in very hot sauce.
zσмвιє мαяιƖуη
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Can anyone recommend a brand of pillows that won't go flat after a few months (i.e., not the kind from Target)? None of that memory foam stuff either.

If not, what does your bedding look like?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Poll #1500407 Social Networking

What, if any, social networking sites do you use?

Stumble Upon
Linked In
Other (please post in comments)

Continuing my trend in recent posts concerning the website I'm working on, I'm looking to find how many people use what sites to share information. Obviously, I didn't include LJ on the poll, because, duh.

I'm also seeing several icons in social networking icon downloads for things like, youtube, and flickr. Is that more or less to just link to your own account for people to see, or can people actually share your website on those?
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Dear TQC,

I am thinking about purchasing a magazine subscription for my 4.5 year old nephew. His favorite show is "How Stuff Works" and recently spent half an hour on the phone telling me about how his toy racecar is followed by an ambulance (in case it wrecks) and a semi truck carrying a generator (in case the ambulance loses power when rescuing the racecar driver)... So I'm thinking something a bit geeky.

Do you know of any good kid-oriented magazines (or maybe a series of books) that are fairly physics or science-oriented but won't be too over his head?

I've been looking around on Amazon and Ask seems like it might be an okay start, but I was really hoping that I could find a "Popular Mechanics for Kids" or something (apparently there was a Canadian show with that title, but something to read would be better).

If you don't know/don't care, do you send out holiday cards? Do you put your picture on them or just send something generic?

What are you getting me for Christmas?
I <3 TLV

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What's your favorite kind of muffin? Do you prefer your muffins plain, or with jam/butter/etc?

I'm eating a chocolate raspberry muffin right now and it is delicious. I like most muffins plain but blueberry muffins are better with Earth Balance.

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we're going for cocktails/dinner tomorrow with our friend who recently got engaged after being together with her boyfriend for 9 or 10 months, though they did know each other and were friends for a year or so before.

but i'm 95%-99% against it. i think they're too young(22, almost 23), i think getting married before you're 30 is a bad idea in general unless you're lucky, they haven't been together long enough, and i've always felt my friend was someone who wants to get married just to be married and wants it to happen as soon as possible.

she's a good friend, though. she's been there for me in tight spots and i know she always would come if i really needed her, so whatever she decides to do i'll support her 100%.

but i just think this is a bad, bad, bad, abd, bada lsdfljkasdf BAD IDEA. what should i do/say/act/AHHH?

how can i tactfully tell her what an awful idea i think this is but that i'll be there for her no matter what if it's what she really wants?

for the ladies

Assuming you want one, would you could choose to have a baby that was grown in a lab completely eliminating the need to be pregnant (pretend this is possible) or would you want to experience pregnancy?
  • mrar

Wisdom teeth

1. Did you get/do you have wisdom teeth? (if you had them removed your answer is yes, some people never get them)

2. How old are you?

3. How old were you when you first became aware they were coming in? How about when they started hurting?

4. Have you had them removed? If not, are you going to get them removed, or keep them? Also are they still under the gums or out about in your mouth with your other teeth, or somewhere in between?

5. If you had them removed, how old were you? Did you get put under general anesthesia or were you awake?

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{being human} i was, i am and i will be

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I'm not a native speaker and would really like to know how you use the apostroph s in the cases of names that have an "s" at the end, such as "Zeus" and "Prometheus". Do you say "Prometheus' death wish" and "Zeus' refusal" or are the names both written with "s's"? Google wasn't really helpful because it mostly referred to verbs.

EDT: Thank you very much for the help and the answers, you guys are better than any grammar book :).

Non-srs post is non-srs.

The guy I'm "seeing" works at one of my favourite bars, and all his co-workers know that we're semi-dating. Would it be bad form to hit on the hot guitarist of this band I'm going to see there tomorrow night while my dudefriend is out of town?

Is the bartender going to tattle on me? >:C

How do you define rules of dating when you haven't applied an official relationship label?

Wine coloured tights or royal blue tights?

ETA non-srs means non-srs, gaiz. I'm not going to hook up with anybody else this weekend, hot guitarist or not. Please to not be accusing me of being a cheating whore :P

ETA II and hardly anyone has answered my question that is TRULY important, namely what colour tights do I wear with my outfit tomorrow?! Come on guys!
Calvin dancing

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What are your thoughts on Peyton Manning?
The Manning brothers have been my favorite part of football for a few years now, but this season Peyton is just blowing my mind. I'm finding myself watching the Colts play even if my boyfriend isn't home!
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How happy are you with the way you look?

If you could change one thing about your face, what would it be?

If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?
Peggy Blink

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I am buying this dress (PLEASE note it is not this shiny before you get all judge-y) tomorrow to wear to my company holiday party tomorrow night (I've been broke! eep!) but I need a sweater or something to wear with it. What would you recommend that I could literally grab at any store on my way home?

Also, what type of necklace jewelry should I get?

If you are going to a company holiday party, what are you wearing?

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Poll #1500443 cleavage cleavage cleavage...

which would you rather see? :

an attractive girl with a turtle-neck on
an attractive girl with a low-cut shirt, showing cleavage, but she has a few small zits/blemishes on her chest


Who's gotta Blackberry?

What do you like/hate about it.

If you don't have a Blackberry, what kinda phone do you have? What do you like/hate about it?
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what's up with the hyphen?

I have this friend who always signs off his emails with a hyphen, like this:

Talk to you later-

My boss does it sometimes too. What the hell is that supposed to mean? It's like getting email from Emily Dickinson.

Do you or your peeps end emails with a hyphen?
boy and girl in love

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 What was the last stupid thing you did?

I ordered a pink ipod touch case for my sister for Christmas. It came with EIGHT. Apparently I bought a lot of 8 for the price of 5.99.

(no subject)

Have you ever given someone a fake number?

I just gave a guy who lives in the apartment building over a fake number. Will he see me around and confront me about it? Should I have given him my real number? Why am I such a social spaz TQC?
I <3 TLV

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From my math class notes, April 2 1998: "In the words of Dickle Ffloger, "I'm simply famished!"" I drew a rabbit next to it. Does anyone know who Dickle Ffloger is?? What could this possibly be a reference to?
ha ha

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Typically, how much does it cost to take adult ballet lessons? If you have ever taken them as a beginner, how was your experience?

Ladies, sometimes instead of wearing bras, do you wear a camisole? Do you find that it gives you much support?
Clem & Joely

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'Kay, so I really enjoy hiking. And I want to try rock climbing sometime, but not actually right now. But I'm really interested in finding a hike where it's at least steep enough or rocky enough that climbing is involved. Is there a word for this? I'm trying to find something like it but I don't know if it's considered "easy rock climbing" because it doesn't actually need special equipment...or "extreme hiking"...? I dunno, I dunno. Or if anyone knows any websites that would be helpful to this specific question, 'twould be appreciated.

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How do you feel when people say things like, "you've really lost weight!" to you? Or just comment on your appearance in general. I've lost some weight recently and I can't help but being flattered by comments sometimes, but I have a friend who will fly into a rage and insist that any sort of comment about appearance is unacceptable. She is crazy y/n?

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