December 16th, 2009


i know, you're sick of Christmas questions

my three best friends and i all love board games. i thought it might be cute for christmas to personalize board games for each of them. so far i was thinking Guess Who? and Clue.

1a) what other game should i customize?

2a) for the Guess Who? game, should i use pictures of our friends, or pictures of celebrities? or both?

b) if you don't care, what are some things you're making for holiday presents this year, as opposed to buying?

(no subject)

my friends and i are moving into boston in the next 2-4 months or so. besides money, what kinds of things should i prepare for when moving out? this is my first time living on my own.

what was your first moving out experience like?
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How fast can you bang out a paper?
What is the fastest you ever wrote a paper, how long, and did it reflect your best work?

I have a ten page paper due in 12 hours and I have about 2 pages done. I have no idea how this is going to go, I haven't written a paper in a while.

(no subject)

How many people in your real life know what TQC is? If nobody knows, why?

5 years ago, where did you want to be in life? Are you there now? What's the difference between what you envisioned and reality?

selling textbooks

where do you sell your textbooks?
i was hoping not to have to do or, but is it worth it?
if you've used one of those sites where you sell them right to them, which ones are the best, etc?

(no subject)

Just my curiosity about TQC community.

Where do you live?

I live in east Tennessee, USA.
(I thought it would be cool to know where all of you live that participate in TQC.)
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1. Does your best friend tell you the truth so much it helps you ?

2. Do you really only listen to one radio station ?

3. How many work hours a week is ideal for you ?

4. How many of your books in your home are waiting to be read ?
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I can't sleep and I can't do math.

If at 10pm last night I'd been up for 36 hours, and it's 2:40 am now, how long have I been up?

What's your favourite cure for insomnia?

How about migraines?

I use the mood on lj posts. I'm kinda annoyed at it though, because I rarely find myself out of the 'a's for my moods and that's a limited number of McShep icons :(

Which of the moods do you tend to use most often?
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(no subject)

when starting a new relationship, how far does it have to go before you assume that you are going to be exclusive? or is this not something that is assumed, but rather discussed?

for instance, if you had been on several dates with somebody, gotten physically involved and things generally seem to be going well, at what point would it be a problem if they were also seeing somebody else?
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(no subject)

Would you rather take a medicine in liquid form that tastes really disgusting (and I mean REALLY disgusting, makes you want to gag gross), or take a large pill that's really difficult to swallow?

Nasty liquid
Huge pill

(no subject)

Poll #1499812 Don't take advantage of the check boxes, assholes

Say you were getting cookies/goodies in the mail for Christmas. Which of these would you like? Regular cookies

Snicker Doodle
Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Raisin
Peanut butter
Macadamia white chocolate

holiday themed

chocolate peppermint pinwheels
candy cane
gingerbread men
sugar cookies with icing decoration
jam thumbprints/stained glass cookies
holly clusters similar to rice krispie treats
other (please specify)


oklahoma brown candy

(no subject)

Has your car even been totaled? Was it a complete pain in the ass to get your money from the insurance company?

Also, if you had about $5000 and had to get a new car, would you find something for that amount of money or use it on a down payment on a nicer car?

As you can tell by my thinly veiled hypothetical question, my poor car lost its life on Saturday after an elderly lady went through a stop sign. The car is still driveable but the cost to repair is greater than the cost of the car. The old lady only has a cracked front license plate bracket. FML. At least no one was hurt. My 2 year old was in the car and I am slightly ashamed to admit that I swore at an old lady. A lot.
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(no subject)

For those of you who celebrate the holiday coming up in the traditional way - gifts, dinner, etc. ...Inspired by the very sensible Miss Manners today.

How do you feel about what gift giving has become - in general?

Would you rather buy somebody a gift that you think of yourself or would you rather know what they want and get them that?

Would you rather be given gifts from a list you made or gifts that your f&f thought of themselves?

(no subject)

1. If you truly LOVED your significant other, but they didn't have Facebook and thus didn't feel comfortable with you having one, would you cancel your account?

2. Do you ever see yourself deactivating your account for good?

3. How many people on your friends list do you actually communicate with on a somewhat regular basis?
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Recipe Box

If you ever cook, do you use a recipe or do you just improvise?

If you ever use recipes, where do you keep them?

Do you have any of your own recipes (either in your head or written down)?

Do you have a 'signature' dish or dessert?
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(no subject)


Thanks for weighing in on my lingerie question (for my friend's bridal shower) yesterday. Due to your answers, I'm going to go for it and hope Grandma isn't in attendance.

Now, I need help picking something out.

If you were going to receive lingerie for your bridal shower (or birthday, or *insert special occasion here*), which would you prefer?



c) Other. Specify in comments.

Budget is $50. Gracias!
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(no subject)

When was the last time somebody honked their car horn at you?

Somebody honked at me last night. I was waiting for a little boy and his grandpa (?) to finish crossing the street.
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(no subject)

Inspired by the phobia posts and trypophobia Facebook group:
Do you think the internet contributes to and/or exacerbates phobias? I don't mean to make trypophobia or anything else seem contrived, I'm just thinking that groups and websites devoted to phobias and compulsions might encourage or foster those feelings in people for whom they weren't originally very strong.

Sorry if that doesn't make sense. Not functional yet today.


Are you looking forward to any movies coming out this winter?

Any movies that you REALLY want to see but for some reason it's taking forever for it to be produced/written/greenlighted?

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For those of you who live in a city with a subway/metro, have you ridden any of the lines from one end to the other?

Would it be crazy if someone decided to ride on all the lines from one end to the other (not during rush hour)?

What do you like about your metro/subway? What do you hate about it?
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Really, REALLY simple computer games

Hey guys,

I think my google-fu is broken, because I can't find what I'm looking for. I work with kids who have autism and other developmental delays, and a number of the kiddos on my caseload are very interested in computers. I'm looking for some incredibly simple games (flash would be great), where essentially all you do is click an item, and something happens. Does anyone have any suggestions?

devon ramen

(no subject)

have you heard of the temper trap?

assuming you like their music, which of their songs do you most enjoy?
fader, a love lost and sweet disposition touches me the way VERY few songs do.
Dr Girlfriend


Are you also having a "blahhhh" day?

It's not even noon yet, and I'm ready to go back to sleep. Too bad I have another class and then an 8 hour work shift ahead of me.

What are your plans for the day?
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(no subject)

TQC, how do I prepare for the impending shitstorm that's coming this Christmas, because my mom said the wrong thing to the wrong person?

Will you regale me of the last/worst time the family drama llama took a shit in your life?

(no subject)

Do you knit or crochet?
Any patterns that you're totally bonkers over?

Finals week is teh suck.
What's the best final you ever took?
Have you ever completely and totally failed a final?
Have you ever slept though a final?

Any spiffy holiday plans?

(no subject)

I got a letter from the NRA yesterday saying "Since you're a member, call this number to get your car insurance quote from Century 21 Insurance. Our members have saved up to $600 by switching." I called today, got my quote...and it was over twice what I'm currently paying with Allstate.

Yeah...thanks but no thanks.

When's the last time you laughed in someone's face?

(no subject)

Have you seen any Jesusy Christmas commercials on TV sponsored by local stores? like, "DON'T FORGET, CHRISTMAS IS A BIRTHDAY" and "JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON" and "IN THIS SEASON OF GIVING, GOD GAVE THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL - HIS SON"

If Y, where do you live?

Is anything hurting right now? Tell Dr. TQC about it.

(no subject)

TQC, I'm stuck!

What is a good gift for someone who just a bought a home? This person happens to be my older brother but we're not that close and I don't really know what to get him. He just bought a house so my sister recommended I get him "something for his house". The only things I end up looking at is candles or cooking stuff and I think it'd end up being a gift more for his wife than for him.

If you don't care, do you make New Year's resolutions? If so, do you usually keep them?
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(no subject)

If your work announced that your entire department was being outsourced out of the country and you had to train your replacements, how would you feel and what would you do about it?
EDIT: Now imagine that they fly the new employees in to your building for a "meet and greet" and to begin do you feel during lunch?

If you had to pick a completely new/different career today, what would it be? Why?
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(no subject)

How old is too old to go to college? I'm 27 and really fed up with my 'career'. I went to college a few years ago and did Animal Care and Management, however there are no jobs in the field within reasonable distance to where i live, and none of the ones further away pay enough for me to live locally to them. So i have decided that i no longer want to be a poorly paid admin assistant and would quite like to go to college and get the credits i need to go to uni to study more in the animal care field and possibly aim for a more specialised job rather than just being qualified to be an animal keeper. so, do you think im too old?

*ETA* Thanks TQC! you have made me feel less old :)

(no subject)

Do you own any TV shows on DVD? Which ones? What seasons?

I don't currently, but I'm REALLY hoping I get the Firefly set I asked for for Christmas. *fingers crossed*

Do you actually watch it repeatedly? Or is it more of a "Yeah...I've got it...whatever" attitude?
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(no subject)

where can I post some anonymous confessions? Does anyone have one of those memes on their LJ currently?

I feel unsafe inhibited in my current LJ. Should I delete a bunch of people even though it would be incredibly awkward? Create a secondary LJ with my real posts in it? Create a filter and filter out half of my flist?

Who the hell lets their dog shit on the sidewalk and just leaves it there?
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(no subject)

A) Accept a job that will bring home a bit less money each week, but is a contracted position,


B) Stay at current (boring-arse) casual job which pays more but works less?

(job A = 7hrs/day | job B = 5hrs/day)

*EDIT: Job A is ESL teaching, which is what I've been doing for last 5 years. Difference will be about $100 per week LESS at Job A. Job B is sitting on my arse playing Farmville for 5 hours a day (oh, and answering TQC questions, etc) in an "individual learning centre" of an ESL school.

As for benefits - Job A will entitle me to sick leave/public holiday pay, job B currently doesn't.
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(no subject)

What do you wish you had more time for?
I wish I had more time for video games and reading. I bought Dragon Age: Origins the day it came out and I'm still not past the first battle.

What is something you are putting off?
Folding laundry, doing dishes.

Have you done anything productive today?
I baked Funfetti cupcakes!

What should I wear to my husband's company Christmas party?

He works with about 20-30 neckbeards and the party is in their office. I was thinking of wearing my pink sweater with some brown dress pants. Does that go together?

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(no subject)

if you emailed a professor asking for a recommendation and he/she hasn't responded, how soon is too soon to send a follow-up email? things to consider: the application is due in february but you're going away for winter vacation next week until mid january.

better question: would it be rude to send another email just saying something like "i'm sorry to be bothering you during finals but i need to know soon because i'm going away in a few days and need to know before i leave"?

(no subject)

Ummm why do people go to class just to sleep?

I'm a sophomore in college and this girl in my advanced lit class PASSES OUT every single fucking class. Literally, like five seconds in, her head starts tilting. And it's not just that but as time goes on, it's almost like her neck becomes a spring as she snaps her head around. I guess I don't understand why she even comes to class. Not only is she clearly not getting anything out of the lectures (except maybe whiplash) it's also distracting to ME to practically have to dodge her bobbling head the entire hour and half.

I <3 TLV

(no subject)

I need to go to the post office. The post office is right across the street from a cupcake shop. Today is my favorite flavor of the week (they change daily). I would like to get one. HOWEVER I have a stomach virus of some sort and have been throwing up everything I eat. Which I hate, a lot.

Should I get a cupcake anyway and risk vomiting? Or not take that chance?
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(no subject)

Has anybody seen the movie Odd Man Out?

My bff is writing a paper and she's using the movie in it, but the DVD she was watching froze about 8 minutes from the end. She couldn't find much information about what happens at the end online, so if anyone has seen it, could you maybe give us a synopsis of the end of the movie?

Thank you thank you thank you!

(no subject)

I have two room mates. We get along but aren't what you would consider "friends"

Anyways, I brought up that I was going to run to Target to my room mate Monica and she said she needed to go as well so I invited her with me since I am the only one with a car.

My other room mate texted me a couple of minutes ago asking When I am going to Target. I never told her of the plans or anything so she must have talked to Monica.

It's no big deal bringing her along but I guess I think its kind of rude how she just invites herself along. I mean, if it would me, I would ask if I could go....

I fought a lot with them in the beginning of the year as I drove their asses around everywhere & they never gave me gas money.

I'm not going to bring it up to her and she is coming with us, but Idk, what do you think? Rude or not?
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(no subject)

Do you have any hobbies that you're bad at but do anyway? (For example, you love cooking but rarely make anything that actually tastes amazing.)

What are some hobbies that you'd like to pick up but you can't for lack of skill or resources or whatever?
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Game Question

Has anyone here played the trivia game "Smart Ass"? How is it? Are the questions hard/too easy?

I'm looking for a good gift for my boyfriend's brother. He loves playing Trivial Pursuit, so I wanted to get a trivia game along those lines (mostly because he has the TrivP sets he wants). I want it to be a little challenging, though.

If you don't know/don't care, what is your favorite kind of cookie? Bonus points for pics/recipes.
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(no subject)

Say someone left you an anonymous mixtape. It's probably the most romantic thing you've ever heard and an obvious declaration of love but you figure out who it came from automatically and it's a good friend who you would never, ever be interested in that way.

What would you do?

Have you ever had a friend who you don't feel that way about fall in love with you?

(no subject)

What do you want to happen to your remains after you die?

Personally, I would like to be buried next to a tree or have my body preserved a la Jeremy Bentham. Failing that, destroy my body atop a funeral pyre.

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(no subject)

What should I name these?

I got a new (to me) car awhile back, a 2006 Corolla, red.

I was gifted a TomTom. I need to name the boy and girl computer voices.

Yeah, I know it's cheesy, but I don't care.

(no subject)

Does anyone know of any really funny one act plays? It needs to be (or can be cut to, with writer's permission) no longer than 1 hour, allowing for setting up and striking the set. It also has to be appropriate for high school. (Although it really depends on the play. Last year we did the Laramie Project and made it work in under an hour). Cast wise, under 12 or so people.

Any ideas?
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(no subject)

I need a really intense hand cream. My hands are SO dry and the skin is cracking. The one I'm using now is pretty strong but it also isn't really working. Which ones would you suggest?

(no subject)

Does anyone here own a bulldog?

If so, do you walk your bulldog on a leash, or a harness?

How do you judge the quality of a dog harness? Does it even matter? I am thinking of giving one for a secret santa gift but i have 0 knowledge on dogs and i dont want to get something crappy (and of course, she has a bulldog).

And if you do own a bulldog (or know one), please post a picture! I think theyre adorable.
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(no subject)

My questions are for those of you who live/have lived on-campus at College/University and have had meals provided.

Which of the following do/did you have 24/7 access to in a communal area?


Which of the following are/were you allowed to keep in your room?

bar fridge
slow cooker / electric wok

Would you be/have been allowed to keep a small (vegie chopping) knife in your room?


Thanks! If your college/university has any peculiar rules or restrictions in the general "students preparing their own food" theme could you please comment and let me know about it?
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(no subject)

What's the last thing that made you happy?

My neighbor just brought me a signed picture of Eli Manning. Granted, it was pulled out of a Sports Illustrated, but it's the thought that counts. :)
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(no subject)

If you could take a childhood fairy tale and twist it to make it modern/funny, which one would you do and what would the new story be?

Ex. Snow White, the seven dwarves are all stalkers... or drug addicts.

We had to do this in 8th grade, I don't remember what mine was but we had some pretty funny ones.


Does your location have a deposit on recyclable drink containers? good idea or bad?

have you ever gone out collecting cans and bottles for the deposit/recycling money? how much did you get? and how long did it take?

what does/did your family do with all the Christmas present trash, boxes, paper and the like?

(no subject)

Today a guy tried to pull into the last parking spot in our office lot. I told him that it was private parking for the office building.


What the fuck does that even MEAN?

When was the last time someone yelled at you? What happened?
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(no subject)

Will you brag about something?
I just learned to French braid my own hair.

I signed up for a class next semester called Weird Literature. What do you think we'll study?
custard baby
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(no subject)

Would meth make someone walk in a really exaggerated almost cartoonish way, swinging their legs really wide and moving their torso like a snake? If it wouldn't, what would do that?!

Edit: They definitely weren't drunk. They looked like they were in control of themselves but something was seriously off. Their speech was normal but their body language was so wrong it scared me immediately.

The Power!

Tonight my SO is out at a gig. I have the choice of watching the following Christmas films:

Love Actually
Home Alone 1 or 2
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
The Muppet Christmas Carol
The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Which one should I watch? Heck, I might even have time to watch two.

If you don't care, then what are you planning to have (or have had) for dinner?
Tonight I had a stir fry with soya-style beef pieces which were yummier than expected.

(no subject)

Hypothetical question TQC:

You have a close friend or relative who is getting married. They've stated in their wedding invitations/wedding info website/e-mails/etc. that the ceremony and reception is to be "Adult Only"/absolutely no kids allowed. Do you think this is "rude"? If you had kids, would you go to the wedding and reception or stay home?

If a friend or relative of the bride/groom brought one of their kids with them anyway despite being told no, what would you think? Does your answer depend on whether or not the kid is disruptive?

Why am I more excited for New Year's than Christmas? Is it because I bought myself some sexy shoes to wear to the party, or because I heard the weather in Abbotsford is supposed to be shitty next week?

What is your favourite Christmas baking goodie? I am excited for when my mom starts to make her peppermint chocolate bark :O


A friend and I are considering starting a saltwater aquarium. Neither of us are big pet people but we've done some research on aquariums and have a big interest in marine life, and we're both pretty into the idea. It's not something we're gonna do right away, we still want to do more research about it and give the idea some time to make sure we'd still be into it after awhile, but I'd love to hear any first-hand experience if anybody's had it.

So, TQC, do any of you keep aquariums (saltwater or freshwater, doesn't matter), or have you kept an aquarium in the past?

What was/is your experience? Was it fun? Did you/do you like it? Really, anything you have to say about aquariums would be awesome =)
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(no subject)

Have you ever cut your own bangs? How'd they turn out?

I just did mine a couple days ago (well, trimmed them) and they were ok the past two days, but for some reason today they're driving me nuts and I'm resisting the urge to chop all my hair off.

Are you good at Sudoku puzzles?

I bought a book of them to take on the bus and to work to occupy myself, but I am shit at them and its making me feel stupid. :(

Is there anything worse than a terrible dentist? Name it. Because I'm going to my terrible dentist tomorrow and I need something to comfort myself with while I'm in pain in the chair...something to compare it to and think "at least that isn't happening to me right now."

Do you enjoy painkillers (when medically prescribed)?

I've been taking a vicodin before bed to help me sleep until I get my tooth fixed, but today at work I was in a ton of pain and took one to help. Now I feel kind of loopy, but my jaw doesn't ache quite so much so I'm enjoying it. Its almost like being drunk at work. Only no liquor breath.

(no subject)

Lately I discovered that if you have a roll of biscuits, some ham, and cheese you can make something awesome. Roll out the biscuits before cooking, fill with ham and cheese (cream cheese sometimes), close biscuits into balls VIOLA. Something extraordinary.

What would you put inside these yummy biscuit-ball-doodads?
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NYC dwellers, represent!

I'm going to NYC for New Years. I'll have 2-3 days to do whatever, and I've never been there so I have no idea what's what.

What touristy things must I do?
What are some free things I can do?
Is going to Times Square for the ball drop worth it?
What are some less-touristy things to do?
How do I avoid looking like a total tourist?

(no subject)

One of my [nice and very attractive] guy friends from freshman year gave me a very sweet goodbye kiss earlier tonight!

*sigh* (I don't feel that sappy, but close)

Has anything similarly heart-melting happened to you lately? If so, what?
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(no subject)

How often do you reach orgasm when you're sexually active with your partner?

How important is it to you, on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest)?
  • piperki

big boxes of fruit

Poll #1500051 Big boxes of fruit

Have you ever received at least a portion of a big box of fruit at holiday time?


How did you acquire it?

Gift to my office
Gift from work/client to me
Gift from friends or family
Bought my own damn box of fruit

Among mail-order fruit items, which tend to be the best?

Something not listed here

If I get a box of fruit and it's not all that big, do I have to share it with co-workers?

Not if they don't see it being delivered