December 15th, 2009

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On a scale from 1-10, how trashy would it be to have a stripper pole in your home?

What if you used it for exercise only?

Do you pole dance? Do you think it's cool at all or is it just slutty?

*EDIT: What if it was a removable pole?

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Does anyone remember the episode of Boy Meets World where Cory fixes up the apartment that they live in, and it looks like a completely different place? With a yellow couch? What episode number and title is that?

Job Agencies

Has anyone worked with Job Agencies in Toronto for things like data entry for a part-time job? I tried to contact/go to various agencies but they seem to want to help people that aren't in school, or that are certain minorities.

What has been your experience with job agencies? Do they get you interviews? Do you have to pay the job agency for their services or does it come out of your pay?

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Google isn't helping me and I am tired and I just want to know before I get my hopes up too high when I get to call in the morning.

How likely is it that I can take just one non-credit class at a community college? I don't plan on going there afterward, but it's the only community college that is offering this course I want to take.

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why do you think marijuana was illegalized? keep in mind that at the time, they didn't yet know that cigarettes were bad for you in any way, and that the gateway drug theory wasn't invented until 20 years later.

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Where the hell is my boyfriend's cellphone? He fell asleep on the couch with it last night, and now we can't find it anywhere. Batteries are dead.

What color should I paint my nails?
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Can anyone tell me who the artist is for the image in my icon? I made it like...6 years ago and have since lost the original image.

It's Death from Neil Gaimans Sandman series
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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I'm looking through website design tutorials and I've found several that have you create them in Photoshop, like this one.

What they don't explain is how to get from designing it to implementing it. Do you just take the layers and piece it together into Dreamweaver or Expression Web?
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1. ok, so I'm watching E News (Billy Corgan and Jessica Simpson!!!!!) and my fucking TV stops

It's still stopped

I'm at my parents house.

TV is not moving and cablebox says "boot" or "hold." I am turning things on and off but to no avail.

Cablevision is responsible for this? Or Sony...


2. What was the last BULLSHIT to befall you?

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Dear TQC,
My hair is always the same and I'm bored with it. I want to get it highlighted and maybe cut, but I am style-clueless. What shade highlights and/or cut do you think would suit me?
Collapse )
I'm the taller one. Excuse the fact that that's a really weird picture, I'm not very photogenic but it's the only one I could find in the world of Facebook that shows all of my hair.

If you don't care/if you're also style-clueless, are you making a New Years resolution?
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What's your favorite flavor of Dole juice?
-I've yet to taste anything better than pine-orange-banana.

How would you take the following as a text message from a friend/used to be FWB (you have recently told him you want a break from the FWB relationship for a while):
"i wont...believe me. im just very antzy and want to do you all the time! lol"
-I can't decide between badly/cute/stupid/mildly-flattering?/funny/ridiculous/awful. I think he might be drunk.
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Do you have gallstones?

What do you do for the pain? Are there any foods you avoid?

Have you had your gallbladder taken out?

How long did you deal with the pain before resorting to surgery? What was the recovery like?

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how come cnn's website never has any live shows anymore? world report and the like. all they seem to have now is footage of trials and other boring shit. right now i am watching obama talk about energy and this is the most interesting thing i've seen in months. am i just tuning in at really inopportune times or something?
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why does my itunes play 2-3 songs out of my selected 25, then just stop? i have it on shuffle, getting ready, and it's done this twice. I WANT MY FULL GAGA THIS MORNING >:(
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I went to be last night at 11:00 naked (probably TMI, but sorta relevant to the story), and woke up at 1:30 wearing my wife's fluffy blue bathrobe that's WAAAAAAAY too small for me. So at some point, I got out of bed, walked down the hall to the bathroom, put on the robe, and came back to bed.

WTF was I dreaming about, TQC?
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My dog is sitting next to me and she has wicked bad gas. Now I know why my mom sent her in here.
Is there anything worse than stinky Chinese-food dog farts?

I'm reading a Photoshop tutorial and they told me a shortcut to center a selected image. Unfortunately, they're using a Mac and didn't put the taskbar location for centering or a Windows shortcut. How do you do it?

What's the funniest sex story you've heard lately? Self stories acceptable.

I just heard one about using those big soft pretzels to play a ring toss game.
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TQC, I was spraying some air freshener and aimed it at a fan so I'd get optimum air freshening... or something. I failed to realize that the spray would then come streaming back directly into my face and I got some in my left eye. That's what I get for trying to make things smell pretty before coffee.

Am I going to go blind? My eye feels funky, but it's my "bad" eye anyway, so I can't tell if there's a major difference in vision.
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Have you ever found work through a temp agency? Can you tell me about your experience? ie what you had to do when you first went to the temp agency (paperwork etc), what kind of job it landed you, etc.

If you have not, how's the fucking weather?
62?! IT'S ALRIGHT. AND WET. I've seen better days.

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this is probably a stupid question but... i am supposed to go to a lunch with my research team today and originally it was scheduled for 12:30. yesterday i got an email from the coordinator with more details and he mentioned the reservation at the restaurant was for 12:00. this means i need to be there at 12, right?

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What are the main presents your giving out this holiday season (the gifts you are giving to the most important people in your life)?

What is the last thing you ate?

Do you have anything interesting going on this week?

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When was the last time a surprise gift was ruined? Was it ruined for you or another person?

Inspired by my mom opening a package in front of me a few hours ago and totally ruining the surprise Wii that she obviously bought for me. Excited/disappointed. I love surprises!!

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So I'm studying abroad this upcoming semester in Germany, and need to buy the flight tickets soon.

Anyone know what site I should buy them off with the best prices?

Also, the cheapest tickets I've found are with American Airlines, US Airways, and Northwest Airlines, any tips about these airlines?

Feel free to put in your two cents about studying abroad, Germany, packing, etc. [:

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What's the appeal of Lady Gaga? I've only managed to listen to one and a half songs by her (and only because the "ra ra ga ga" part of "Bad Romance" became stuck in my head).

Are there any famous people (living or dead) whose appeal you don't understand?

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Can someone recommend a good face lotion for super dry skin? The rash I had made it extremely dry. I don't know anything about dry skin products since my face is normally really oily. All I saw at the drug store were regular moisturizers with SPF.
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TQC Parents/Teachers, guide me!

Do you think that Ender's Game is too mature for a ten year old? For comparison, he's currently reading The Hunger Games (spoilers in that link) and says they're "really violent and cool!" I love that he reads, and I totally want to encourage him, but he's my boss's kid so I don't want to totally emotionally scar him with a book he's not mature enough for.

I want to volunteer in a classroom for a semester or so to decide if I want to teach, but I moved here nine months ago, and I literally don't know any teachers. I'm going to ask my friends if they do, but other than that, I'm drawing a blank. Any suggestions on what route I should take?


Ever used Lush's "rouge" henna? Henna from somewhere else?

Experiences? Results? Pictures?

I have somewhat dark brown hair (I'd say medium brown), is it going to show up at all, or will it be a monumental waste of time?

inspired by a post on my friends page

I know this will take an inordinate amount of stretching of your imaginitive abilities, but pretend that you are looking for your future potential SO on OK Cupid or whatever and you've found someone who looks attractively normal and seems like an educated, friendly person with a good sense of humor, which is exactly what you're looking for. You want to message this person with something that will stand out and make him/her interested in/take notice of you while not sounding utterly lame and stupid. What would you say? I'm very interested in your SERIOUS answers but whatever. I'm not gonna hold my breath for em.
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Does anyone know when particular terms for genitals popped up in to common usage, or what the most common usage was at particular times was?

I was watching The Libertine some time ago, and they were using "cock" and "cunt" and I was wondering if this is really what would have been said in the 17th Century.
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Have you ever posted a random question that was guaranteed to get a lot of responses that was just a thinly veiled effort to ask a question that could easily be found by google?

Nope :D

Oh, hey, I'm new to Photoshop. I have CS4. How in the world do you turn on a grid or ruler?
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I'm 27. Despite the fact that I have a really poor diet, I never catch the cold. I think the last time I had the cold I was 15. I've caught it now and taking it like a man.

Why do I never get it? Is it because I am superhuman? Srs/non-srs. (I've never had a nosebleed or broken a bone either)
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I have to get a 12-14 year old girl a book, CD or DVD.

What should I get her?

*I don't know anything about this kid, have never met her. I figured I would just pick up a copy of Twilight DVD, but, you know, that's kind of a last resort.
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I'm hungry, but I'm also very nauseated. I've already thrown up once this morning.

Should I eat, or not eat? I do have saltines.

[Edit: I don't have ginger ale but I do have gingerade kombucha. That should be good too, right?]

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I woke up early today to study for my last exam (!) that I have today at 4 pm.

I finished studying, and it's only 1:48. I have to leave my house at 3:30. Should I take a nap, or review some more? It's 28 pages of notes so I feel very accomplished at the moment.
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If you're in the northern hemisphere, does it typically snow during the holidays where you are?

If it does, do you wish it didn't?

If it doesn't, do you wish it did?

It never snows where I live, and ever since I was a kid I thought it'd be nice to wake up to a snowy blanket over everything just once. We used to go up to the mountains for sledding and tubing when I was a kid but that's been years.

Back Checks

Have you ever had a job interview where they do a back check on you and then you never here form them?

My interview was a little over a month ago within the first 2 weeks of November for a seasonal position and they had me fill out a form so they could do a back check on me. I was informed by a few people that this would take either several up to several weeks, and I haven't heard from them.

What Should I do?
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Do you think places like Blockbuster should carry porn?

What if the porn was in a separate room from the rest of the movies?

Who's your favorite porn star?

Inspired by this. I've been there 2635 times and never even knew there was a porn room!

My favorite porn star is Nick Manning. DROPPIN' LOADS!! lol

Hello There TQC

I'm new here... just joined last night... and I decided to lurk and read a lot of the questions on here... very interesting stuff... I have a couple of questions to ask myself...

1) Have you ever seriously wanted to kill someone? I mean like you've thought of how you could do it and everything... you just don't 'cause you don't want to go to jail or something like that?

2) If you really don't care about someone and don't care if they live or die... why would you insist on contacting them to tell them? I'm so sick and fed up with my stupid fat-ass ex... I don't want to talk to him anymore... but every now and again he thinks he needs to contact me to tell me his life is great and blah blah blah... I'm getting married and having a baby... I don't CARE how great your life is... abusive son of a bitch. Why does he keep BOTHERING me?! Why would you keep bothering someone that you supposedly don't give two shits about?

Sorry... I know they were kinda a bunch of questions combined into two catagories... but I just wanted to get people's answers... I guess serious and not serious is ok for both... lol
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Dear TQC,

What is your most memorable (or recent) moment of panic?

Around 11:30 today I was at lunch, studying for my logic exam at 1pm, when I got a text from my professor that said, "Where are you?! The final started at 10:30!"

Somehow I'd convinced myself it was at 1, even though it was on my calendar as 10:30. Fortunately, I'm pretty close with my prof, and she said not to panic - she'd be giving makeup exams at (you guessed it) one o'clock.

If you can't think of a moment of panic, can you tell me a finals-week horror story?

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Hey TQC,

I'm going over a friend's on Thursday night and I have volunteered to bring eggnog (the spiked kind, of course).

Should I make my own using an Internet recipe, or should I just buy a carton and add some brandy or rum? I'm good at making my own things and I don't think it'll take too long, but I'd have to buy all the ingredients and some of the utensils that I don't own - I've always needed a wire whisk anyway ;P - and that would probably be more money than buying a carton.

What say you, TQC?
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aaaarrgh final grades are supposed to be posted today by 5 pm and all of my classes have posted theirs except the ONE class i actually care about WHY ARE THEY TORTURING ME LIKE THIS?!

and since that is not a real question... what is the best ice cream flavor? (obviously cookie dough is the only correct answer)

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What's the oddest job you've ever done?
Probably putting stickers on socks or working at a pillow and duvet factory.

What food do you think is the epitome of the holiday season?
Candy canes
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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For the French speakers...

  • Can you have a plural of the term "la petite mort"... if so, what would it be? Petites morts?
  • What's the French slang term for a vagina/vulva? I vaguely remember that it starts with C.
  • Besides 'mon petit chou', what are some other colloquial affectionate terms for a lover?

what pants goes with boots...

That's right.. I am planning to get some boots. Not knee length, but slightly lower - mostly to navigate through a bit of snow, etc. in winter. I have never lived in wintry places and shopping for these kind of stuff is rather new.

My regular jeans have a slight flare to it. So, when needed to "tuck" it into the boots will probably look funny! Or would I start a new trend?

And if I choose not to start a new trend.. what kind of cuts (jeans) should I look for? Maybe for boots like these.
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Does anyone have a subscription to Gamefly? Or does anyone know if it's worth it?

I'm thinking of buying my boyfriend a subscription for a few months along with a new sweatshirt for Christmas. I don't know if this is a bad or good idea.
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Female Sex Offenders

I have to write a paper on female offenders, and I picked female sex offenders. I'm in the middle of finals, so my brain is fried... I need to find a thesis asap!

On the topic of female sex offenders: what would you find to be interesting about it?
Cutting right to the chase: what should I write about?!

FYI: this is not last minute, my previous topic didn't have enough material available for me to source :(

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What are your thoughts on cheating in relationships?

Do you think it's human and forgivable or is it an abomination that will not be tolerated in your relationships? Or something else?

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TQC, I think I want to get contacts. My glasses are supposed to last for 2 years, but in all reality, I need a new script every 6 months to a year because of how crazy my vision is. Contacts seem to be the way to go because I paid $250 for 2 pairs of glasses a few months ago(1 pair is sunglasses) and I'm going to have to get new ones soon.

But...I like the way I look with glasses. Would it be completely stupid to wear contacts, but then get some frames to wear? Or will that just screw up my vision even worse?

If you wear contacts, what's your favorite brand to use? What about solution?

If you dk/ I don't have a question for you.
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Inspired by verygwen and my desire to share my glee about Neil Gaiman

What is the furthest you are willing to drive for a book reading/signing sort of affair? (Or anything special along those lines, really)

(I drove from Dusseldorf to Hamburg to see Neil Gaiman over the summer. It took about 7 hours due to epic traffic, but I got to talk to him for about a minute -- which in line-time is ten years -- afterwards, so my life was pretty much complete.)
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How many quotes epigraphs is too many to put at the opening of an essay? I have two that I want to use (I'm not using them in the text: just in italics before I start writing), but would that be overkill?

What are you looking forward to the most this winter?
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If you were to theoretically get caught shooting those blow up lawn ornaments with a crossbow, what your punishment be (by the cops)?

Do you think the punishment would be worse with a BB gun?

What if it's in New York State?

Don't you hate those blow up things?

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TQC, I need your opinion. I had bought a ticket from Amtrak to visit my mom over Christmas break. However, some drama with my mom came up and I'm afraid it's all going to end in a fiery flame of arguments and whatnot. Should I avoid all of this by cancelling my ticket (while the refund's still free), or should I go and steel myself for familial arguments?

[edit] After talking on the phone with my mom and having that one descend into a fiery flame, I've cancelled my ticket. Luckily, I have a few social engagements to tide me through.
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Cute things and babies

Last night, I asked you what I could give my friend who had just had a baby. Thank you for all the suggestions! My friend's sister has just sent me photos of the baby and she's so cute! She has a mohawk and is all round and scrunchy.

What's the cutest thing you've seen today?

How much did you weigh when you were born? If you have kids, how much did they weigh? Were you/they born early, late, or on time? What time were you born at?

I weighed 5lb 5oz and I was due on January 21st, but was born on December 26th. I was born at 7:26am - the midwife's shift finished at 7:30am and she really wanted me to be born before she went home.

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This might be a dumb question, but it's finals week so my brain is almost fried.

It's really cold here, and there are car thefts on the rise because people are starting their cars and leaving their keys while they go back into their houses. Why is it safer to get an automatic car starter?


I guess I'm coming from a background where I have a different key for my ignition than my car doors, so I can keep my car locked while still running, but if they break the windows, do you know if there's some sort of off switch as a fail-safe?

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What were your favorite underrated books you loved as children?

I loved the Dealing with Dragons quartet and Chasing Vermeer. Does the Westing Game count? I don't know how well known that book is but I was so proud of myself for figuring it out. Haven't read it since fifth grade, though, maybe I should dig it up.

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I'm looking for some christmas presents. Could you suggest me some more authors of graphic novels along the same lines as Robert Crumb, Harvey Pekar, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Daniel Clowes, love and rockets?
Basically the person likes depressing, realistic graphic novels where the underdog loses and has unsatisfying sexual and romantic relationships, which is pretty much the central idea to everything those guys write.

Thanks :D

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Tomorrow I have to drive 11+ hours alone.
What is some stuff I should have on my ipod during this trek?

I don't like any comedians that I know can recall, so I wouldn't even try suggesting some.
Obama Angry
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In one of my previous posts, asking what your reaction would be if Obama were caught with 12 mistresses, people were joking about how they couldn't wait to see Michelle whoop her husband's behind.

If the roles were reversed, and Michelle were caught cheating with 12 people, would it be okay to joke about Barack beating his wife?

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Does anybody have a link to that video where this girl (in a mask, I think?) is singing along to Beyonce and then totally hits her head on a TV? Google/youtube is failing me.


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I got into a minor accident over the weekend. My dad and his friend are going to fix my car tomorrow night. I don't have a ton of money (my dad/insurance is paying for the $60 part) would it be insulting to give my dad and his friend a $10 gift card to 7-11 or something along those lines with a nice card? (for each of them, not one to share)

Validate me

I just finished my first college quarter. My math teacher has an odd grading scale, one where he assigns not just As, Bs, etc, but B+, B- and so on. Does anyone else's teacher do this? I thought they didn't do this in college! I got a 79.86% in the class, but my teacher said that was only a C+. Shouldn't it round up, thus making it a B-? The syllabus said nothing either way about rounding. I've emailed him asking this, but was wondering what you all thought.

If you don't care, how often do you floss?

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Tqc, my ex text me and his new girlfriend came up. He said, 'it's weird, I keep trying to find similarities in them to you. Don't compare though' (I don't know who them is but we were talking about family before hand). How do you understand this?
(non-serious welcome!)
28 days later

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Which is worse: leaving your out of control dog (known to bite people) loose in the backyard blocking your neighbor from leaving the house, or walking through a wide open door into your neighbor's kitchen (after yelling "hello?" five times to try and get someone) to leave a note?

(neighbors as in, same house, different floors)

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Have you ever gotten into a heated debate with someone in an lj community?

Do you remember what it was over? Did you get legitimately worked up or were you just like, "lol, okay?"

What kind of lip balm do you use?

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Hey TQC!

Does anyone here know of a way to convert a video file from m4v to wmv for free? My boyfriend needs to send a video project to a professor tonight and can't. find a way to convert the file.
Edit: Btw, the computer is a macbook.

We would really appreciate any help!
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Why do we celebrate anniversaries?

Why do we congratulate people for being together for a long time? Why is that admirable, to you?

I always thought we congratulated people on being married for a while (like 50 years) because it was cool that neither of them died yet. But I guess that's not really why we're congratulating them.


My jaw feels like it needs to pop but it just won't go. It's annoying me immensely like an itch I can't scratch! What should I dooooooo tqc?


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Which of the following rubber stamps would you put to good use?





*edit: If you went to office max and made your own rubber stamp, what would you have it say?


my doctor suggested a medication that is only used for anxiety. its very mild- and unlike medications like xanax, it takes about a month to start working. I can't remember the name though- does anyone know what meds like this are called?