December 14th, 2009

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Is there any way to keep clothing from getting static? All of a sudden all of my clothes are sticking to me and making me shock everything I come in contact with, but I haven't changed anything about the way I wash.
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What is a phrase that you see or hear that you have no clue what it means but are too afraid to ask for fear of looking like an idiot? Or maybe you have a vague idea of what it means but wouldn't use it in conversation because you aren't quite sure?
rabbit, sexy

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Do all Hollister stores look the same?
The one in NY(SoHo) looks like a dark wood beach house. All the lights are dimmed.
There are half naked buff guys walking around or posing in the corner. Some with winter scarves & hats on.
And there are girls in bikini's walking around, too.
And the clothes are in little rooms.
&also the perfume counter is shaped like a bar.
I had to stop my mom from putting dollars in one of the employee's beach shorts.
&there are windows that are really LCD screens showing ocean waves.

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Is there anything you order from restaurants that you usually make very specific? If so, what and from where? At Taco Bell I'll get a chicken quesadilla without the jalepeno sauce, plus fiesta salsa and guacamole and cheesy fiesta potatoes plus jalepenos.

If you don't care, how many college credits do you have?
Peggy Blink

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Why do they make purple latex gloves? Is there any sort of practical reason to make the color different? srs and non-srs answers are acceptable.

What sort of things do you do that make mundane things seem special?
I just poured myself a glass of Diet Coke in a pretty wine glass.

Who is your favorite typecast actor?
Michael Cera. Although his obnoxious "I'm awkward" roles are KINDA starting to get annoying.

Will you show me your facebook default photo?
How recent is that photo?

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You have a character flaw. Something like being really paranoid and untrusting. Do you try to change this flaw? Do you believe that you can't change this flaw? Do you use this flaw to your advantage? I.e. get a job in which being paranoid is valued.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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My sister-in-law works at this convenience store that has nickle machines in it. For some reason, for every 1$ you put in, it spits out a twenty minute phone card.

We've been collecting them for a few days now and I have a huge stack. I'd like to send them to the troops, but I noticed they say 'only valid when call is made from in the US'.

So, sending them overseas is out, but I'd still like to send them to the stateside military hospitals and bases, but I'm having a hard time finding a place to send them to. All the sites for calling cards for troops want me to buy a sponsored one.

Does anyone know of somewhere to send them?

Have you ever sent anything to the troops?

DK/DC: What's your favourite Monty Python sketch and/or movie?

ETA: I just counted the phone cards I have in front of me, and there's 859 20-minute phone cards. That's 17180 minutes! Over 286 hours, and we've only been collecting them for three days.
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I find I am not getting sexy times as often as I would like.
How do I get mrs. H to "deliver" more often?

Please to be ignoring the fact that I am in Afghanistan and she is not.

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What is your (or your family's if you still depend on your parents for money) socioeconomic class?

Mine: Somewhere between working class and lower middle class according to the Thompson and Hickey (2005) model, but once I finish my library science degree and earn my literature or history master's, it'll be higher (I hope). Even though I have my bachelor's degree, I'm still pretty broke because I'm taking classes and my new job is part time and doesn't pay as much (but that's good because I need the library experience).

Wikipedia link.

[edit] Would you mind including your country as socioeconomic class varies by country?

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Okay so sometimes my dad will randomly say "I can't dance, I'm too fat to fly." I have no idea what this means or where it's from...and when we ask him he says "It means- I can't dance, I'm too fat to fly." lol. It makes us all crazy. Any idea where this is from??

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Gooooood morning, TQC! What's on your to-do list today? I am pretty sure that I have absolutely NOTHING that needs to be done, so I have every intention of staying in my fleece polar bear PJs all day.

When you fart, what is usual for you - loud and stinky, loud and not stinky, silent and stinky (ak SBD) or silent and not stinky?

For those of you who celebrate christmas, what do you usually get as "stocking stuffers?" My mom usually does toiletries and cosmetics - shampoo, conditioner, mascara, moisturizer, etc. And a toothbrush. And always AA batteries, for some reason, even if nobody got anything that required AA batteries. IDGI.

Also, how many/whose phone numbers do you know off the top of your head? Meaning that you don't have to go through your phone's contacts every time you want to call them, you can dial their number. I know my mom's, brother's, sister's, bf's, bff's, and several friends from elementary school that I haven't spoken to in years. IDK why.

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I just got my wisdom teeth removed and don't know what medication to take once the numbness wears off.

The dentist mentioned Advil, the assistant said Ibuprofen, and my mom thinks Motrin would be better.

What do you think I should take?

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I'm stuck in TVtropes and I can't get out.

Have you ever been stuck at TVtropes?
Are you immune?
What is the longest you've been stuck there when you only thought you were going to "look at one thing"?

Do you have a favorite trope? (links please!! Muahahaaa)

EDit: f my html

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If you were a scrumptious appetizer, what would you be? Who would you want to consume you? And how would you want to be eaten?

AGEDASHI TOFU, Stellan Skarsgard, gently yet erotically

*I guess you could also be an entree or a dessert
Space Cadet
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Talking Trash

Where do you live?

Is the garbage collection in you area done by the city, a private company? If there is no trash collection where you live, how do you dispose of your garbage?

Does your community have curbside recycling? If so, what materials will they take and do you have to separate them? How conscientious are you about recycling?

Do you compost your organic waste? If so, do you use a store-bought composter, just dump the stuff in a heap that you aerate every so often or something else?
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Refurbished vs New Zune

So I was thinking of giving an 8 Gb Zune as a gift this Christmas; I found a few good deals, but most of them involve the word "refurbished". How is a refurbished Zune different from a "used" Zune? Should I make the leap and buy a refurbished Zune as opposed to just getting a new one (it certainly would be cheaper)? Any experience you've had with refurbished Zunes? Thanks!

Going off this post...

Going off this post..

I realized if you had to place me I would be almost lower class, but just shyly in working class. (Some college, Cosmetology degree, only made around $16,000 last year, have my own car.)
My husband is basically upper class or just shy of it.

I realized my Father would be consider Lower class (musician, no college) but my step mother would be Upper Middle class. (Computer programmer and some other stuff, lots of college).

My mother and step father were both upper middle class by income but had manual labor jobs. They met at work.

So in your relationships or in your families relationships do you see many people get together from different classes or do you feel people tend to be directed at there own "class" as far as attraction? I always figured people would lean more towards their social class, but my family proves me wrong.

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There is a family of cats that is living under an old house across from my place. There are 2 kittens (5-8 weeks) and what appears to be the mommy cat. My GF and I have been putting out food for them and were contemplating trying to catch the kittens and keep them as pets. Our rational is the following: They are cute, we do not want them to be separated, and they have a high risk of being nabbed by animal control if they stay living in a for-sale property and new owners take over. We are having some doubts about separating them from their mother. What would you do???

Keep putting out food and let them remain strays
Catch them and keep them as pets separated from mommy cat
Try harder not to be sucked in by the cuteness of kittens
Get a dog
Wall-e rain trying so very very hard

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Should I get the Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition (OoT, Major'as Mask, and two earlier games in one) or Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with Masterquest?

Edit: Hah okay well there's overwhelming agreement! I hadn't heard of Masterquest before so I was curious if it was worth getting instead, but I shall go with the Collector's Edition. Thanks!

Another question then - do you get gifts for a professor/boss when they write you a letter of recommendation (like for a program)? If you do, what sort of gift is appropriate?

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I'm leaving in two days, but my kitchen is empty. I'd like to take a trip to the grocery store for something to make (not microwave) that'll last me two days (in other words, I don't want to buy sandwich stuff. I'll be gone for over a week and the bread will be bad by the time I get back). I'd prefer to spend less than $20. What could I get and make that is tasty, will last me two days, and isn't super expensive?

Is it going to be a White Christmas where you are, do you think?

What is one main thing you want for Christmas this year?

If you don't celebrate Christmas, what's one main thing you want for your next birthday?

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Last night I received a text message from some number in Northern Alberta saying, "who is this" (I'm in BC).

I told my boyfriend and he said he had received the same text from a similar number a few days earlier, and had heard from a few other people that they've received something along those lines, too.

What's the deal with that? I didn't text back and just deleted it. Is there some sort of scam going on or are the people in Northern Alberta just losing it? For the record, I don't know anyone in Alberta.


I have a hard time finding people with my birthday even though it isnt anymore rare than any other day of the year.
Will you post your birthday and then see if someone in TQC has the same birthday as you?

Mine is Dec. 31.

edit: Also, today is my four year olds birthday so if its anyones birthday today, you share that with him.
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Because I'm stuck in bed sick and bored out of my mind...

Coupon users...
You have a brand new coupon organizer that someone got you for Christmas. What categories do you sort the coupons into?

For those who don't use coupons...
TP -- Over or under and why?
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jumping bear

Because I'd rather ask random questions than do something productive.

If your birthday is on/near Christmas and your family celebrates, do you get twice the amount of gifts, or just the same amount with "Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday!" tags? xD

Edit: I mean if your birthday is a day or two before Christmas, not a couple weeks before.

Do you wish your birthday wasn't so close to the holiday, or do you not care?
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How do I make myself "the ugly one" so that when me and my friend go out the guys will hit on her more?


How do I be a good wing-woman and help my friend gain confidence and look good?

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Peggy Blink

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Balloon Boy's "Wife Swap" episode is on Lifetime right now, FYI.

Do you like Wife Swap?
It's my favorite reality show.

Do you take sides with one family over the other?
Almost always (except this episode - Balloon Boy's family is batshit for obvious reasons, and the other family is too cautious to exist)

Would you go on Wife Swap?
If I had kids, fuck yes.

What was your favorite episode?
I liked the burlesque dancer vs. lumberjack episode omg.

If you don't watch Wife Swap, what is your favorite reality show?

What's your day looking like today?

tailgating snacks

I'm going out of town for a football game this saturday. We're staying at a hotel room friday night, so I won't have access to any cooking equipment/a kitchen after Friday evening. I'm already planning on pre-making brownies and cookies to bring.

What other snacks (specifically non-dessert ones) can I bring that will keep without having to be in a cooler or refrigerator? So far, the one thing on my list is buffalo chex mix. Help!! Recipes welcome.

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When you knitting ribbing on straight needles do you do the opposite stitch on the wrong side? like knit the purls and purl the knits? I've always heard knit the knits, but I've never done it on straight needles and it's confusing me...and I'm winding up with a hot mess instead of nice ribbing.

Or has anyone ever made these slippers?
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What are your favourite brands of makeup foundation, powder, and concealer? What would you recommend for someone with combination skin?

Also, I've got the sneezes. I'm positive it has more to do with chilliness than allergies--or I'm getting sick--but either way, I work today and I'd rather not be sneezing all over the customers (and I'm sure they'd rather I not, as well). Quick fixes, TQC?

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What would you do with a mini/microcar? Would you drive it?

(We are assuming you did not buy it, but somehow won it/received it as a gift. It is brand new. This is a hypothetical question and is in no way intended to be a question seeking advice.)
  • kelj99

Work Party

Sorry for the food question, but I am having a brain fart.

I would like to bring an appetizer to my floor's holiday luncheon, I think, and here is what is already being brought:
1 Spinach dip and chili or dill dip
2 Herbed Cheese Twists
4 cheese & crackers
5 Spinach dip

What would be a good appetizer to bring that would be different enough from the others to add something to the party but still go with a Holiday luncheon theme? I am a decent cook but I don't have a ton of time to spend on it.

Thanks IA!

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How important is kissing to you in a relationship? If someone told you they just didn't like kissing, would it be a deal breaker?

What makes a good kiss good and a bad kiss bad?

Do ever make out with strangers or one night stands or is it a SO thing only?

Do you like kissing? Why or why not?

What makes certain posters stand out more then others? Why do people seem to remember me when I really don't post that often? Does this happen to everyone or am I ~special~ and extra-annoying? (And self-centered.)
  • unboy

Selling my art

I've been making art for a long time but have never had the confidence to try to sell it. A friend of mine saw one of my pieces last night and expressed a lot of interest in buying it as a christmas present for someone.

The idea of (finally) selling s piece of my art is kind of exciting and would be a big step. However, the friend in question is a very generous co-worker who is always bringing in handmade baked goods to work and has thrown a couple work parties at which she undoubtedly spent a lot of time/effort/money preparing food. I would, therefore, feel kind of cheap asking for money for my art.

What would you do? And if I were to ask for money, what would be a reasonable price? It was a 3-layer screen print in a generic wood frame, approx 12x15". The frame itself was only about $10.
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I'm going to be housebound/bedridden for a few days in a few weeks.

I'm going to need some shit to do. Suggestions?

I figure I should read a book. I'm dyslexic and don't like hard to get into or wordy books, so I don't read books very often so I don't know what I really like. I like James Frey and John Irving, I guess. I don't like Young Adult novels and I don't like classic Russian literature either, so something in between would be nice. Basically what books should I read? What books do you like to read? Will you help me overcome my fear of reading?

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Are you feeling Christmas-y yet?
What's the last thing you made?
Do you inwardly judge adults who say they hate vegetables?
Will you tell me about a cool animal I may not have heard of?

EDIT: What's your favorite Christmas song that most people haven't heard?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Usually, I wear cheap Wal-Mart or Target brand tennis shoes, but my family is going on a vacation to Washington DC this week, my latest pair of Target shoes is finally worn out, and I'd like something slightly more durable.

So, my question: where can I go tonight to get reasonably affordable, possibly name-brand tennis shoes that will hold up to a lot of walking and last a while? (I'm in Georgia/USA, if that matters at all).

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friday night i'm having about 10 friends over and i decided i'm just going to serve a bunch of appetizer-ish foods. so far i was thinking buffalo chicken dip, cocktail weenies, and salami roll-ups.

what else should i make, tqc?
cat face


How do I get my cat to keep her collar on? I've tried every style of collar the pet store has, and I don't want to put her in a harness.

She's tiny, and slinky and sleek. She's never kept her collar on for more than a day and a half. My next steps are duct tape and/or superglue!

Suggestions? Better collar styles?

Offers to hold the cat while I duct tape?

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In the movie, The Santa Clause, all you have to do is push Santa off the roof to become the new Santa. What happens if a woman does it? Does she get a sex change?

Serious, extensive answers only.

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Afternoon TQCers.
I have a question on behalf of my granddad. He wants to buy a Christmas present for my 13 year old brother, but between the two of us we've run out of ideas. We've so far suggested a netbook and a DSLR but he's said no to both. It can be fairly expensive, but preferably not a games console (since he already has a PSP, a Wii and a PS3) and can't be sports equipment (he can't play because of a heart condition.)
Any ideas or suggestions?

EDIT: Okay fine, apparently it isn't afternoon for anyone except me :(
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Do any of you guys have/know how to play the ocarina? What about the recorder?

I really really really really want to learn to play the ocarina, but I don't have one. :( I do, however, have a WHOLE bunch of recorders (like 7--my mom used to play and I have all of hers now) so I feel like I should learn to play those instead, you know? BUT OMG OCARINA!

Also, I have a related, dumb question: HOW IS OCARINA PRONOUNCED? I always pronounce it oh-karina in my head, but I've heard some people pronounce it ah-karina. Have I been saying it wrong in my head? :(

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This is a long shot. I'm looking for an R&B song that's been on the radio lately. All I know from it is "Yeah yeah eeeee yeah eee yeaaaaah" just like that. It's a guy singing in a girly sounding voice. Any ideas?

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For my ballet class I need to somehow fuse the past and the present. This can be done through the actual style of dance, the music of the story/theme behind the dance. It can really be done in any style, as long as ballet is SOMEHOW incorporated. I was thinking of possibly doing a modern revamp of flashdance, but I'm afraid it could come across corny. Any other ideas?

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tqc, if you know someone who you know you shouldn't talk to but who you really do want to talk to, how do you prevent yourself from talking to that person? assume the person in question is the one texting you.
Molly Shannon - Caffeine Addict

Which job would you take?

Job #1 - Retail/Food Service (working in a bistro in a furniture store), $8.15/hr, would qualify to buy in for health and dental after 90 days if I work part time; if I make it to fulltime (and 25 hrs/week might be considered full time; I have to check) I would get free healthcare and dental, with pretty regular raises. Discounts on furniture, Discount on joining an L.A. Fitness, low cost meals.

Job #2 - Hotel/Front Desk, probably higher rate per hour (possibly starting at $8.24, but maybe up to $8.49) and will be getting a slight cost of living increase in January, as well as a raise after 90 days. Possibility of some tips as well, as I'd get to drive a van to the airport. Would have to work 30 hr weeks (maybe even 32 hrs) to get healthcare after 90 days, which I don't think I can handle with my class schedule next semester.

Both jobs seem to have really nice managers, I know at least one employee at each place, and now I'm torn.

Both jobs are a significant wage increase (at least in my mind) over my $7.50/hr I'm making now, but my current job allows for a lot of study time, which neither of these will have. I'm living at home until I finish my degree, don't have many expenses ($50/mo for car insurance, $10/mo phone, about $50/mo for co-pays for my doctors visits and medicine).

Which job would you take, TQC?

Why is it that when you have no job and you're looking for one, you can't find one for ages, but then when you have one you get more offers? :( This would have been so much easier if I hadn't gotten one of them.
Bellatrix Lestrange

Boxing Day

We've talked a lot about Christmas, but is anyone here doing anything special for Boxing Day?

I don't think we are, just staying in and watching Christmas telly.

Also, does anyone watch the Queen's speech? It's something I like to watch if I can.
blue flower

Firefox and Christmas $$$

Every time I click on a link or a bookmark or anything it opens up a new window. It doesn't open up a new tab or go directly to the new page. How do I fix this? My cat walked over my keyboard and it started.

Also, how much are you spending on gifts this holiday season?
Evil Me

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Today while talking to a friend at lunch she told me that her boyfriend and another friend of ours had gotten into a fight about the song "Sandstorm" by Darude. One of the guys insisted that part of the song was played on Didgeridoo and the other insisted that it was a synthesizer. They looked it up on Wikipedia and found the info saying that it was, in fact, a Didgeridoo. Problem is, I looked on Wikipedia and don't see the info there at all!!

Do you think that a Didgeridoo is in the song "Sandstorm"?

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If you miss a phone call from a phone number you don't know, what do you do?

I called the wrong number by accident this morning and the person I called didn't pick up, but they called me back a few minutes ago demanding to know who I was and why I called them. I would've just ignored it, assuming they would have left a message if it were important.

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If you're a bartender...
do you like it?
do you have any advice for aspiring bartenders?

If you're not a bartender...
do you like alcohol? if yes, what is your favorite thing to drink? if no, why not?
petit prince

your thoughts, please

two friends, L and M, live in different countries. they have been friends for 12 years and see each other about twice a year, but keep in regular contact.

L is visiting M in M's city right now. M is going to L's city for new year's

L is having a NYE party. a guy that L hooks up with once every few weeks will be there. L informs M that, on new year's eve, M will be sleeping on the couch* because L wants to have sex with the guy.

M thinks this is rude because she is an overseas guest, while L thinks it's not that big of a deal because it's only one night.

what do you think of the situation, oh denizens of tqc?

*M would be sleeping in L's bed oterwise
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I found out today that Pet Promise, one of the two brands my cats eat (the other is Evo), has been discontinued. Can anyone recommend another organic cat food brand? My gang needs adult weight control. I saw several other brands at Whole Foods, but I don't know which is the best.

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The essay I'm currently working on is basically exactly the same as one I had to do two years ago, just with a different title. It was really boring then, and it's really boring now.

What essay are you currently working on, TQC-ers? Or what's next on your essay list?
bad trio

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Do you have your driver's license?
How old are you?
If you don't have one, what made you decide to not get one?

I ask this because I have some friends who think I'm weird for not driving nor having any interest in getting my license. It bothers me when people constantly point out that I should be driving.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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I was bemoaning the lack of meatless pizza in the house to my girlfriend and she was like 'wtf, you are the only person in existence who doesn't like pepperoni'.

Validation! Do you like pepperoni?
What's your favourite pizza topping?
Favourite pizza?

If I had to pick one topping, mushrooms. I have two favourite pizzas though. Veggie, no bell peppers, but with banana peppers, or Hawaiian (canadian bacon is the only meat I'll eat on pizza and only with pineapple).

What's your favourite pizza place?

A locally owned pizza place called Papa's Pub makes the best pizza ever. There's also a locally owned place called Pizza Warehouse. It's a buffet style but they have odd pizzas, like baked potato with bacon and sour cream, and taco pizza.
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Classic Nick

Where can I find the old Doug christmas special online?
The one where Porkchop tries to save that rich chick and everyone thinks he attacked her.
I wanna watch it!

DK/DC- What was your favorite nickelodeon christmas special?

(no subject)

anyone know any songs that are sorta like Sloppy Love Jingle or So Long Friend (I'd prefer more like this one) by Gym Class Heroes?
basically, I'm looking for songs that have talking instead of singing, and tell a story.
  • kwiecie

I'm full of questions

1. TQC, I need a bed, bedside table, and desk for Christmas. My dad offered to get them for me. He said he would "just write me a check" for however much I think it would cost. But I really want him to actually GO with me to the store. Am I weird?
2. What's your favorite Starbucks order?
3. How do you stay organized?
4. What's your New Year's Resolution?
Hell - Picasso Devil

(no subject)

I have the following:

Pork chops
Stock / cream / herbs etc.

Assume an otherwise averagely stocked kitchen... how would you cook dinner with these ingredients?
Evil Me

(no subject)

I made haystacks tonight and I effed them up by not cooking the chocolate part long enough and now they're all gooey. Is there any way to salvage these, or am I just stuck with gooey haystacks forever?
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Russian/Ukrainian music, y/n?
Do you like pickles?
What about accordions?
How do you like your kortoshka, baked or mashed?
Vodka? Would you like some bread with that? What about some kalbaska?
♥ rave

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Where you live, where do people go/what do people do to go on dates?

Around here, I feel like the only thing to do is go out to eat or go to the movies. I really want to go on a date but there's nothing to do! Ideas, TQC?

Unrelated, are you eating anything?

Yep. chocolate, peanut butter crackers, and fruit punch. healthy!
just a bill
  • lyndz

more work angst

As some of you may or may not remember, I made a post a few days ago about a substitute teaching job where I was asked to work weeks in advance, but then demoted to "on call" status, asking how to go about the whole situation. I had this exchange with the assistant principal.

Lindsay Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 1:39 PM
To: Liliana
Hi Lil,

Being on call for that week is not going to work for me. I was asked
six weeks ago to sub for all four days that week. I was depending on
the income for working the entire week, as requested. I had decided
against going home to visit my family during the holidays because
traveling after the 24th is prohibitively expensive and I could have
used the money. If I had known that I would only be needed for one or
two days that week, I would have said no altogether. To find out that
I will be missing out on this income is very inconvenient and
unacceptable to me. Knowing that I will not be working the entire
week, I have decided to take that entire week off. If you still need
me, I will come in tomorrow, but otherwise I will be unavailable.

Liliana Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 2:08 PM
To: Lindsay
Lindsay, Part of being a substitute teacher at our school is being flexible.

We will contact you if needed at our earliest convenience.

Lindsay Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 2:28 PM
To: Liliana
In that case, I will resign as substitute, effective immediately. I
cannot wait for you to decide if you need me or not with such little
notice, once scheduled.

I still have not received my check for the last pay period. I
understand that I need to sign the time sheet. Can this be mailed or
faxed to me?

Since when did being flexible become synonymous with being a doormat?
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I'm a latin american living in Germany. I hadnt had problems with the weather until last winter (I've been in Germany 5 years already). It seems to be making me very tired and demotivated. I dont really feel like going to class and writing essays. I wish I could stay home all winter. I've also had 3 flus this winter already.

Do you have any winter surviving tips?
How do I get myself to university with enough motivation?
I dont want to feel so tired all the time =(
Stewie upside down face

I am tenting right now

So, TQC, someone produced a tent for me from under a table today, and I am trying to set it up to see if it works. HOWEVER, I am not a campity person. I am unable to set this thing up, less because it seems difficult and more because I don't understand the theory of how this would work.

There are the poles right... with elastic, so they snap into a straight line. How do they make an arc? I don't get it.

Why do people even go camping?

Can you tell me of a camping experience you have had?

(no subject)

Does anything on your friends of friends page surprise you, as in "wow, someone on my flist is into that" or something along those lines? What is it?

Does anyone work at Target? I'm sort of new and this whole acronym thing is kind of perplexing. Not really, but it seems kind of different from the other places I've worked at.
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Where are some places (online or around stl) that I can find accents for things in our new place for cheap? (I like stuff at ikea but they are far away and I heard they are things that need to be in person not online. I also like world market stuff)
Do you know of any paint that is awesome and cheap?
Where can I buy wall stencils for cheap? How does someone do these?

I suck at decorating but Im determined to make our new place look awesome.
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(no subject)

What's your attitude towards period sex?

Love it! Just adds extra lube right?
I don't have a problem with it.
I'll do it, except during the heaviest day(s).
I don't menstruate or have sex with people who menstruate.
Other (in comments)
Tomozawa Mimiyo's Octopus

(no subject)

For Pot Smokers: When you go to the doc and they ask if you smoke weed, do you say yes?

Do you lie to your doctor?

I'm about to get a new 'script and I smoke a bowl on a rare occasion, will I die?
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I'm cold and I want to shower for the second time today. Is that okay, or am I killing the earth, wasting energy and water?

How often do you shower, and how long?

What's better, a shower when you go out of bed, or a shower just before you're going to sleep?

(no subject)

i have a fever (low but present), body aches, stomach cramps, and a general "shitty" feeling. Also, anything I eat or drink comes right back up. wtf is wrong with me and how do i make the shitty feeling stop? I can deal with the other stuff.
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On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "I have no desire for anything remotely resembling that" and 10 being "Oh my God take me now, anyone and everyone," how badly do you want to get laid/have an orgasm right now?

dearest TQC

i'm mid-migraine and can't remember of the actor i'm trying to think of. he's youngish, skinny, has darkish brown hair, a nice smile...
i can PICTURE him, but i can't for the life of me picture what he's from or remember his name.
i want to say andy..or adam...something, but again: migraine.

can you keep my head from exploding and figure out who i'm thinking of?
would it help if i said that i lovie lovie you?

not brody, samberg, sandler, or lamberg, and i have no idea who adam beach is.

okay, this could either help or totally lose you guys:
the way i'm picturing him, he kinda looks like if you were to take andy (not adam) samberg and adrian brody and smoosh them together.

edit upon edit:
none of these guys are the one picturing, but on the plus side, it's turned into a hot guy post!
you guys are awesome.

another edit!? yup.
i cannot call to mind who i'm picturing at all, however i've remembered the name of a short story that had been bugging me off and on for years, found a pair of missing socks, and found a place to buy new gloves.

i think i'll try to sleep now, but when i wake up at 3am because it finally dawned on me, you guys will be the first to know. <3

final edit:
the update.
mystery solved!
look really good.
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(no subject)

if you're into Harry Potter, who's your favourite character from the books?
do you like/agree with the way they have been portrayed in the movies?

if you're not into Harry Potter, who's your favourite character from a novel? and why?
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(no subject)

Why do a lot of schools have graduation before final grades are posted? I'd think it would be a big bummer to go to graduation with family and friends and find out you failed a class that you needed to pass to be able to graduate.
rwo gforce

The Question Club, FUCK YEAH!

I'm sure enough people in TQC have heard that one song from the Team America movie "America FUCK YEAH". And they name a bunch of (mostly) awesome stuff and go FUCK YEAH!!! What would you add to the song? American or otherwise.

Technology, FUCK YEAH! (that might even be in there already)
Super Soakers, FUCK YEAH!
Rainbow Nerds, FUCK YEAH! (bc I'm eating them right now)
Bay News 9, FUCK YEAH!

disabling comment emails, fuck yeah!

(no subject)

What song are you constantly listening to at the moment?
What genre song is this? Will I like it?

Me: Trick Daddy - Bet That

ETA: Which Harry Potter movie Dumbledore did you like better? The new one or the old one? I thought the old one fit the books better.
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(no subject)

Hooray! Same sex marriage has become legal all over the world!
But there's one catch.

Poll #1499125 Same Sex Unions

Which of the following 'catches' is likely to yield the most unions in the time period of one year?

Couples must each be the age of 65 or older
If couples divorce they must pay 2.5 million USD each to the Government
Couples must announce their union to a stadium full of homophobic people
The daily and personal lives of the couple must be recorded and viewed by and unknown source for the length of the marriage

(no subject)

What do you think of dating sites, especially international dating sites? What sites have you heard of that have a great success rate (either for you or somebody you know)?
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(no subject)

My ex keeps popping up on my Suggested Friends thingy on Facebook. We did not end on bad terms. Hell, we were best friends for a good 3 years after we broke up. Things just started changing and we went our separate ways. I want to send him a message, just say hi, see what he's up to. TQC, is this terrible idea? It doesn't help that I have NO idea what to say. Any advice for me? :-/
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Which film should I watch?

The Ninth Gate
Mysterious Skin
Usual Suspects
8 MM
An American Crime
The Isle
Suicide Circle
LA Confidential
Leaving Las Vegas
Get Shorty
Battle Royale

Or should I just read American Gods?

(no subject)

TQC, one of my best friends had a baby last night. I've got the baby some clothes, but I want to get my friend a gift that's actually for her. I'm getting chocolates and a stress ball for her and her husband, what else do you recommend? I thought about getting her some stuff to pamper herself with for an hour or so if she gets a chance, like bubble bath and stuff, but she's allergic to a lot of things and has really bad eczema, so I don't want to get her something she can't use. She likes gaming, knitting, politics, pretty clothes and shoes and jewellery and food. She's obviously going to be pretty overwhelmed and exhausted, I'd like to treat her to something, but I just don't know what!

I would also like to get her something a little bit sentimental - you know like those boxes you can put the baby's first tooth and lock of hair in? Or a nice photo frame or something. I don't know.

Parents of TQC, what was your favourite gift someone got you when your babies were born? Or what do you wish they'd got you? She's already got everything she needs for the baby.

(no subject)

My friend asked this question inspired by watching the Closer.

If you were born a man but had gender reassignemnt surgery and are living as a woman and you like women, does that make you gay or straight?

Serious/non serious answers.
rock star

(no subject)

Speaking of middle names, my full name is Nellie Jennifer, and I think I'm going to start going by Nellie J, both professionally and casually. Is this cute or stupid?

It's almost midnight and I want to go to sleep soon. However, I'm jonesing for some ice cream. Should I give in or wait until tomorrow?