December 13th, 2009

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I need halp!

I am my sisters secret santa and I know exactly what she wants. She wants MAC makeup and a makeup case/box thing. I know where to get the MAC but where can I get a nice moderately priced makeup case? Please suggest online or brick and mortar stores! Thanks. :)

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No one is around and I need some perspective, tqc my friend, reason with me?
Christmas is important to me, everyone knows this. I get excited about gift giving and food and company and etc.
The person i've been seeing and myself broke up and got back together a lot. And we fight a lot.
Now, we've come to an understanding and are trying and getting to a good place. We love each other but are for some reason incredibly volatile together.
I've been wanting to discuss Christmas plans for awhile now and he has been sidestepping this saying we'll talk about this later and then changes the subject or whatever. So, finally I get him to talk about it and he says he doesn't think we should see each other on christmas because hes afraid "his mom and sisters associate me with bad feelings."
Less than a month ago I was invited to christmas by his mother and him.

Fill in the blank:
I should be feeling ___________________
(I am feeling hurt, sad, annoyed, mad, and he says im being unreasonable.) :\
Edit: Should I back down or should he give in?
Also, my friends are my family, because I do not get along with mine.

He called, and apologized and told me he wanted me to come.... WTF but I am happy....

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How do you prefer to eat your Oreo cookies?

NOM NOM NOM sandwich style the way God intended
Twist off one side, lick off the creamy center first, then eat the chocolate cookie part
Same as above, except I don't eat the cookie part. I toss that away
Twist off, scrape off the creamy center, eat the cookie part
I don't eat them. I dislike Oreos

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What do you think of Chris Brown?
Does he deserve the shit he's getting it? (ie black listed, being chased around and called a woman beater etc etc)

He really bothers me, not just for what he did, but the fact he seems to have no remorse for what he did.

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Does anyone know of any positive reviews for "The Invasion" (2007) Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, heroine played by Nicole Kidman?

'Cause I can't find anything and I need one for school. Or even just good critic reviews that don't totally focus on all the bad parts. I need it for school. Thanks so much!

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Someone on my Facebook just posted a status about her dad going to see a "nerolagise". That's supposed to be "neurologist" if you didn't get it.

What are some other spelling errors that have made you laugh/hang your head in shame? Or rage, because "labtop" makes me angry.

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If someone wanted to break your finger, what's the easiest way to do it? (this poll is about where your index finger's most likely to be)

Punch you in the nose
Kick you in the ass
Knee you in the genitals
Yank away your gun really hard
Smash your mouse
Clobber your peace sign, hippie
Sit on your pen

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Is there a website or program I can use to make and design CD covers then print them? Like the little pamphlet that slips inside the plastic CD case. I don't need multiple pages, just one page so it's not just a empty bare case with a CD in it.
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if you smoke and have a younger brother/sister, at what age would they have to be until you are comfortable smoking in front of them?

my cousin smokes openly in front of her 12 year old sister, but i wouldn't do it in front of mine.
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annoying hair question #9685

TQC, I have really long hair. It nearly reaches my butt. I love my long hair and I think it's beautiful, but it's damn annoying to take care of. It tangles easily and when it's tangled and I brush it, it rips out.

Now, once upon a time, I had short hair. This was much easier to take care of, but imo, not as pretty. However, this opinion may stem from the fact that this was when I was 14 and I hated my appearance.

Follow the cut for pics:

Collapse )

I dunno if I want to cut it.
I am not sure if I would dye it back or keep it black or what.. Tell me what to do! :3
devon ramen

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you spill food on the floor.

which one of these are you most likely to think?

a) omg waste of food!, or
b) omg the carpet!

eta: i was watching a scene from the office where kevin spills chili on the office floor, and i immediately thought OMG CARPET D: but my sister yelled out OMG THE FOOD!
Big Love

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Please solve this debate. My friend has called me 4 times in the past month because he seems to like to argue with people over this and I'm the only person that's on his side. Can the phrase "Getting/giving head" be applied to females or is it only a reference to s'in on some d?
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TQC, when I first started babysitting for this family, they just had one kid and they paid me $10/hr. Normally I wouldn't charge that much, but the kid is totally a handful so it's well earned. Now, they have custody of three other kids, who are all 10+. The kids are equally a handful (bad language, bad attitudes, constantly picking at one another, etc) but at least they don't require diaper changes. The only thing is, they still pay me $10/hr. That is not cool by me, but they still ask me to babysit (though I haven't been available the past few times).

long story short, how do I tell them tactfully that $10/hr is not enough for four kids?

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To those of you who have a Disney credit card:

How does it actually work? I just applied for one little over 30 days ago, just got my card, but I want to know how the point system works. Was I awarded anything for signing up? How much am I going to be able to use, considering that I shop a lot? Am I being gipped to have Mickey, Donald and Goody on my card?
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my pulse laser cannon has over heated, my light saber is out of batteries and my sonic blaster is in the shop.
There are BUGS BUGS BUGS coming in the air lock.....WHAT DO I DO???
sailor venus

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so obviously there's Wizard Rock, and TwiRock. but are there bands like that for Doctor Who (no, Muse don't count!)? because that would be pretty amazing. especially if it's called TARDISRock or something.
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Do you believe in reincarnation?
Let's assume that reincarnation is possible. Who or what do you want to come back as in the next life?

What if God was one of us?
Let's assume that God definitely exists. Instead of one question, you are allowed to ask Him two questions. What are they? (Can we please get something besides "What is the meaning of life"? That's a little played out.)

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Are you religious/spiritual? Do you agree with the idea that science can explain most, if not all, mysteries of the universe?

If you answered yes to both those questions (or even if you didn't), do you have any advice for someone who wishes to be spiritual, yet has a hard time believing in anything that contradicts science?
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on your 1st love/long-term relationship.. (sorry if people ask these questions all the time)

how old were you
how long were you together
who broke up with who, why
how long did it take you to move on
how many long-term relationships have you been in since
and how old are you now


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For the past week I have been stuck trying to think of the name of a series of movies/TV shows that I used to watch when I was younger. It was kind of like Tales of the Crypt, in the sense that it was suspense/might have been scary when you're young & had really shitty acting. I know it was based around a comic book or a newsletter or something that was always in the beginning of each episode. One episode dealt with like a Native American statue outside this small mom and pop shop, and it came to life to punish 3 teenagers who broke in to rob the place. Another episode had something to do with a guy, maybe a scientist, and all I remember is a bright white room and all these roaches taking over the whole room and burying this guy.

Do you know what I'm talking about?! CREEPSHOW, THANK YOU!!!!

If not, is it raining by you?
What do you do to distract yourself from hunger? I just ate wtf?!

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I'm going for a swim in the Atlantic today, needless to say it will be cold both in and out of the water.
What can I do to stay warm in the water?
What can I do to get warm quickly when i'm out of the water?

When was the last time you swam in the sea?

ETA: It's as part of my university's Sea Swimming Club! We do it every sundday without wetsuits!

bugs and brain farst

So over the past few days I've noticed a few of these tiny little bugs in/around my bathroom sink. They look exactly like ladybugs, but they're brown, not red, with dark spots - I know they're some kind of beetle, but WHAT are they? How do I get rid of them? Should I just dump some bleach down the drain, since that's where I am assuming they're coming from?

If you don't know, tell me about your last brain fart?
I was looking at my work schedule online last night to find out when I'm working today, and it said 14:30-20:30. I'm a dumbass and thought I was working until 10:30pm, which is after closing which means I'd be there at least another half hour after that, BUT it's only 8:30pm, which makes me happy. D'oh.

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I broke up with my ex exactly a year ago, but since we still had some mutual friends, there was no way I could completelycut him out of my life. Because of this, we would go from being bitter to friendly then bitter to friendly over and over again for a period of like 4 months. We all graduated back in may and moved to different cities so we don't see each other anymore, but he occasionally sends me emails and because I want to be nice, I respond. My responses are short, however, and don't really allow for the thread to continue for too long.

He sent me another email the other day to tell me that he's in Thailand. He asked for my address so that he could send me a postcard. This email made me realize that I simply don't want to be friends with him. His emails annoy me, and I don't want a fucking postcard from him. If I just stop responding, will he get the picture??

Ugh, exes.
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Tell me TQC, do you think this is spam?

I got an email from someone who claims to have had a crush on me since college and they want to have sex with me. And then they said that the name they used is obviously made up. In the subject line, it had my name and the name of the college I attended which is why I opened it (it said, "Hi ____ I know you from ____"). I don't recognize the email address. Either way, whether it's spam or not, I wouldn't go have sex with the person.

Also, if it is legit, I'm not sure how I should feel. Amused? Flattered? Pissed off? Should I reply back asking who they are and go off on them? I can't think of a person it could be since my college friends are either married off or I've not talked to them since college.

Has anyone gotten an email like this before?

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what is the big deal with juice being made from concentrate? i mean, aside from the fact that it's not super duper fresh but neither is the "100% NOT FROM CONCENTRATE!!" stuff you buy at the store. concentrate is still juice so idgi :(

know a family member or friend who is credit card crazy?

I wish my younger sister would read something like this guy's credit card rant or at least watch some Dave Ramsey from time to time.

She makes about $8,000 a year working part-time in retail, has college loans up to her eyeballs, and still thinks it is okay to spend $200 at a night club over the weekend, or to shop for brand new clothes at j crew or wherever the hell she goes. She should be shopping at goodwill and the salvation army.

has anyone here tried a credit card intervention? how'd it work out?

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Texans of TQC: I'm going to San Antonio on Wednesday! I'm just staying one night, but I'll be there rather early Wednesday, and won't leave until late Thursday night. What should I do?! I want to go to the zoo and my boyfriend wants to go to the Tower of the Americas. I also wanted to go to Ripley's Believe it or Not but it's pretty expensive so I'm not sure. Any suggestions? What about places to eat?

Everyone else: Are you traveling for Christmas? Doing anything special/out of the ordinary?
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When you get carpets professionally cleaned by people with those fancy fandangled machines that remove stains, do the carpets need to be vacuum cleaned first... or is vacuum cleaning part of what the fandangled machines do?
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I am going to get a haircut in a few days and I'm looking for a picture to take. Since I don't have a printer, I'm looking in my magazines for a picture of a woman with short hair, none to be found. Ok, there was one, of Ellen, which I am bringing with me.

What is it that makes women with short hair so awful? I happen to like it- I think it looks good on me and is about 100X easier than dealing with long hair. If I had a dollar for every time a guy told me I should grow my hair out, I would be eating a nice meal right about now.

There was an article in one (Allure) about cutting your hair short, but the model had shoulder length hair! A couple of thumbnails with models who had gone really short, but thats all they were- thumbnails.

Ladies, do any of you have short hair? What have people said about it?

Guys- what do you think about short hair on a woman?

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What are good makeup products to use to cover acne?

I get whiteheads and cystic acne. I've been to the doctor for this problem and nothing works long-term, so using makeup to cover it up is a better solution for me. I haven't been able to find any products that cover as well as I'd like or that stay on very long. I was thinking of purchasing some MAC products instead of drug store type makeup. MAC's studio sculpt concealer seems like it might be a good start, but what about foundation, primer, and other products? With products with shade names like "NCxx," how do I know what shade to choose without going to a store that sells MAC products (there aren't any close to me)?

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For hypothetical purposes, let's assume you're a girl and your boyfriend has a best friend of so-and-so years who is a girl. Or vice versa. On days when the best friends hang out, just the two of them, do you feel a bit left out? Would it be different if they were both the same gender?

I've never been in that situation so I don't know how I'd feel. D: It shouldn't be a problem if you and your SO really love/trust each other right? For those of you who have, is it a big deal?

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Do you have a certain TQC post that sticks out in your memory?

I remember some girl was asking about what her boyfriend may mean when he told her that when he went down on her it would sting his tongue when she orgasmed.

Am I a horrible person for putting my dogs in Santa and elf suits?
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My mother has problems with her feet and when she lies down to sleep or rest it's really painful for her. Some weight over her feet helps so she's been putting extra blankets over them but they're not really heavy enough. She says she'd like something heavy like those lead aprons the dentist puts on you when you get x-rays taken. But it can't be something too heavy because she still has to be able to move around at night and stuff...

So does TQC have any ideas for something I might be able to buy my mother to put over her legs at night to make her feel better?

If you don't know/care: What are you buying your mother for Christmas/Chanukah/whatever?

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I have defrosted a 500g pack of mince and need to make it into something.
At the moment i'm between lasagne and burgers (which could also make meatballs).
Things to consider: I have small freezing space and will be going away for a month in 6 days.
What do I make?
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One Size Fits All - Hatley

My mom is size XL. I want to get her this for Xmas but it says "one size fits all"... any experience with Hatley clothing, does one size, indeed, fit all? I'd feel really bad if it was too small or tight. I'm a size S, so I don't really get the one size fits all thing. I e-mailed them last week and they never got back to me.

If you don't care,
do you know any cute PJ websites, that ship to Canada?

What are you getting your Mom for xmas? I need ideas!
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Awesome summer job?

Has anyone here had a stereotypical "hippie" summer job/internship/volunteer experience?

i.e been in nature, smoked a lot of weed, chilled out, jammed...
but still, at the same time "made a difference or improved your resume?" you know, done a good job helping something or a group of people?

if you have ever had this type of summer job or experience, what/where/how was it?

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How would you transcribe the noise that Tim Allen made all the time on Home Improvement? The one you can hear at the end of the opening credits.

What are some shows you loved as a kid that don't seem as a good/funny now?

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Have you ever read anything by Jim Goad? Have you even ever heard of him?
(If you decide to look him up, know he's decidedly nsfw with most of what he writes.)

If yes, what have you read, and how did you find out about him? Do you adore, hate, or feel neutral?

I just posted this to the wrong community. Have you ever done that? Did you just delete it, delete the text and type something relevent, delete the text and write a quick 'sorry', or what?

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secret santa

Do you do Secret Santa at your workplace? What's the best or worst thing you've ever been given?
I just got a cool basket of sewing goodies from my secret santa!
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sorry if this is terribly obvious.

I have a research paper to write and I keep getting distracted. I remember reading about an add-on for Firefox that blocks certain websites for a predetermined amount of time, but Google searches only bring me to parental controls. Can anybody help me out?

Is your Christmas tree themed?
Mine's vintage and homey and I love it. We have ornaments from as far back as when my mom was a kid.
butterfly kisses.

(no subject)

Okay all you mechanics (and non-mechanics - I really don't care).

Why is my car not starting? Gas and oil are fine. The car is a 2010 Mazda 3, just purchased this summer. Why oh why is my baby not starting?

All answers are welcome. :)
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I'm sitting in a cafe and guy just walked in and sat close to me. He started to unwind the cord around his laptop charger. Realizing that an outlet had recently opened up, I leaned over and snagged it before he even knew what happened. Sorry dude, my studying > my social niceties.

When was the last time you were an ass? Why did you do it?
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My friend, who has an atlanta area code for her phone, is in Mexico for two weeks. I sent her a text last night, just to make sure she got there okay, and asked "Can I text you in Mexico?". It shows as delivered on my phone (we both have Verizon), but she never responded. Is that her way of saying no?

Is there an extra charge for her to receive texts in mexico or something?

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Inspired from the fast food thread earlier:

If you have a Sonic where you live (or even if you've just been to one wherever), did the carhops have rollerskates?

They do in some of the commercials, and people always talk about it, but we have 3 in my town and I've been to several others, none of which actually have people on skates. :(

Forgive the homeworky question, please? :(

So I'm finally starting my paper that is due tomorrow. I decided to start with the works cited page. I'm writing about Beowulf and I'm citing it as from an anthology. However, Beowulf has no author. I remember learning that when things have no author, you simply start with the title on the works cited. But my friend said I should start with the author of the anthology. That doesn't sound right to me, since my information isn't coming directly from him, but from the work in his book. But he's insisting, and my MLA handbook isn't helping much. Halp?

ETA: I think I've got it now, thanks! New question: What was the last big paper you wrote about? How long was it?

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So I'm avoiding homework and deciding to look up some childhood shows on youtube. What did you watch as a kid?

Also, did anyone here use the Muzzy foreign language program as a kid? How did you like it? I just thought about how many commercials there were for it on Nickelodeon but never actually knew anyone that used it.
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TQC! My birthday is on the 22nd, what should I do?

Throw a party? (what kind of party?)
I don't drink, and I'm turning 21 so probably a lame one!

The usual hookers/blow.

No, but really, ideas?!

Would you please get me a GIF for my bday?!
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When you think of a question to ask TQC, do you make a note to yourself to ask it or do you just trust you'll remember what it was?

I had a question in mind, but I forgot what it was. What was I going to ask you all?

ETA: Just remembered it! Do you masturbate when you're bored?

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so i found out today that my friend used to eat all of her beans ALWAYS because her parents told her that if she threw them away, they would grow into a beanstalk and a giant would come down demanding to know who wasted beans. lol. what were some of your childhood misconceptions?


Is a black dress w/ black tights and black boots too much black?

If so, what about color tights would work the best?

Or, what do ya'll think about black dress w/ brown boots? Can black/brown be paired?
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I'm watching a documentary about these girls with progeria and I've got a feeling I'm going to need Kleenex later. Should I change the channel? These girls are too sweet, and I think I know what's coming. :(

I'm seeing my dad for the first time in years - he's coming to town for a friend's fundraiser and he's actually excited about it. Long story short, he was married to a woman who didn't want me around, but now he's divorcing her (that being one of the many, many reasons). I'm kinda broke, but I want to get him something halfway decent for a Christmas present. I have a $25 Target gift card. WHAT DO I GET HIM? He's, like, in to Dave Matthews Band and Dead Like Me and that's all I know. lolol

ETA: I found a DMB live DVD, but I don't know if he has it or not. What can my cousin ask to see if he has it without letting him know I want to get it for him?
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If any of you watch American Dad, do you know if tonight's show was based on a movie? I know both Family Guy and American Dad have a lot of references to 80's things, but ahhh! Is it?

Tonight's show was called "Rapture's Delight".

Wii Fit.

So I have the wii fit and I need to start using it again.
A friend and I were talking about it and we have both heard that people say it really doesnt work that much.

When I did use it, I used every part of it I could. The games, the exercise parts (situps, pushups, yoga, running etc), and basically anything I could do. I felt like it worked well and I was starting to get toned. I wasnt aiming to lose weight. I stopped using it because I didn't have much room to do the things.

So, Do you think it works?
Do you think the people who say it doesn't work aren't really putting an effort into it?
Do you think these people are only playing the games and aren't doing the "work out" parts of it?
Do you think the people who say it doesnt work are the type of people who need more than just the wii fit to lose weight?

Also: Baby showers. Can a person have more than one? What are the rules on this? (Different sex of the baby, years apart, just plain broke and need help?)

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So I fucking hate Gimp.

Are there other free photo editing software that you recommend, or am I going to have to illegally download shell out money to buy Photoshop?

(no subject)

Do you think it's okay to get married on a Sunday afternoon? Do you think it should be early and the reception end early, so people can go to work the next day?

Will you please post a screen capture of your desktop?
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(no subject)

all right, here's one for the grammarians among you lot: is "it" or "he" the correctly corresponding pronoun to the word "mankind"?

this has been torturing me for an obscene amount of time.

(no subject)

What is the last thing you copied to your clipboard (aka ctrl+v)? I have nothing.
Can you tell me how you're feeling using emoticons? :$
Out of of these types of geeks, which are you most comfortable identifying yourself as? Probably travel.

(no subject)

Have anyone's eyes ever totally captured and captivated you? Like you look into their eyes and you can see deep into their soul, and see deep inside yourself as well? Like you could spend hours just gazing into them and be totally content? Was it a little unsettling as well?

I don't know how to explain it any other way... this all might seem weird but there you go.
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(no subject)

Are there any foods you have a love/hate relationship with?

Like I hate apples, but I love apple by-products (sauce, juice, cider). I also hate tomatoes, but love ketchup, salsa and spaghetti sauce. I can't stand Jello, but prefer jelly to jam.