December 12th, 2009

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Poll #1497906 Typing

Which thumb hits the space bar?

Neither, a diff finger does that

Which shift key do you use most frequently?

Both equally

If you answer neither on the first question, comment with how you space? Please? :)
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Resume reply.

So I've been applying for jobs like crazy. I usually send my resume out for some sales positions since I'm not really sure which direction I want to go in... I got this reply back from a job, and really I think it's weird. At first I thought it was a scam, but I'm not really sure since it's not like he's really asking anything of me that would be compromising. What do you think, TQC?

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I'm looking for a php gallery for my webspace. I'm used to using things like photobucket and tinypic for hosting my pictures as well as my LJ scrapbook.
My boyfriend and I have been searching online for awhile now looking at different ones - but I can't seem to find one that would work for me.

I need to be able to make folders, to organize.
Upload my photos in order by name. Because I number my files.
and be able to see my photo and the link to it at the same time.

All the galleries I'm finding usually only have one or two of these qualities with the other one being something I can't do with it.

Do you know anything about php galleries? Can you help me here? Have you used one that can do all of these things that you'd recommend?
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So, about 3 years ago, I got a speeding ticket. I was going like 90 in a 50 but the cop knocked it down to 87 so he didn't have to arrest me for Reckless Endangerment or something, which I appreciated.

However, I was sort of in a ~rough spot~ and never paid the ticket. I've been avoiding cops ever since.

So, um, how do I find out what my record is like?

What if I buy a car? Is my car insurance affected? I don't own a car, and don't drive frequently, but if I need to leave my city my parents are generous and allow me to use one of theirs (they are not aware of my speeding ticket.)

It is my only driving issue.

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the fact that i automatically got my over-21 license in june means that, as of june, my license isn't suspended, right? like, they wouldn't've renewed it if my license was suspended, right?

is there any way to look up the status of speeding tickets in new york state? the ticket in question didn't happen in any major city.
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what the hell is a viola

I play the viola because I love the sound the viola makes if I've been working hard and practicing etc. The rest of the world seems baffled by violas and the fine people who play them.

Poll #1497962 what the hell is a viola

A viola is

A big violin
A small cello that you play like a violin
A canoe waiting to happen

I knew what a viola is without looking it up first


How to pronounce it:


Any questions?

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So for the the holidays, my mom got me a cd from an artist I don't like (but she does) and a series of a tv show I don't watch (but she does). I live with my mom. She KNOWS what I like.

Is it still the thought that counts if you know the gift giver put hardly any thought into it?

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Do you guys have any links to really interesting websites?
I'm already aware of livejournal, facebook, myspace and whthaveyou.
What I really want is something to kill time!

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If your salary was about half of what your SO's was, would you be feel bad if their Christmas (birthday, whatever) gift to you was significantly larger/fancier/over the top than what you were able to reasonable get your SO?
(I wouldn't, but I'm the one with the larger salary, so I don't know how much my opinion counts in this situation)

Why are my friends so dumb?

So I'm looking and looking and Google isn't providing me with anything helpful. Maybe you all can help.

Are there any ramifications for someone who is over the age of 21 hanging out at a bar with a person who is under 21 and using a fake ID to be in said bar? My friend keeps telling me that nothing will happen to him, but I'm convinced that there has got to be something that could happen to him if the cops decide to roll in and start checking ID, or if the bartender calls the cops for whatever reason.

Not looking for what could happen to the under 21-er, I already know that. I'm looking to find out if anything can happen to the person who is of age with the under 21-er.
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What's you r favorite creepy stalker song disguied as a love song?

Mine's It's No Good by Depeche Mode.

(who were fucking excellent playing here in Dubolin on my bithday, jsut saying...)

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how do you get motivated to take 15 minutes out of your day to run an errand when you're feeling completely lazy and a bit despondent?

can you give me the motivation to get out of this bed, put a hat over my matty hair and walk the 4 minutes to Walgreens to get toothpaste and cigarettes?

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Will you recommend me things to stream from Netflix? My dad got one of those things where you can stream from your computer to the tv so I'm excited to try it out.

I like all horror movies. Some of my favorites are High Tension, Wolf Creek, Texas Chainsaw Massacre..things like that.

I watch Dexter, House, Weeds, and Lost.


Do you like raw onions?

Is your Christmas tree up? (You know, if you celebrate.) Is it real?

What kind of car do you drive?

Do you have a bicycle?

Have you ever rollerbladed?
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1. If you carry a water bottle around and drink from it a lot... is it metal, plastic, glass, or ???

2. What is your reasoning, if any, why that style or shape water bottle ?

3. If you hear or see water, does that make you thirsty ?

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So say you have the time, space and means to run your own non-commercial farm (i.e. just for your own use/pleasure.)
What kinds of crops might you grow, or animals would you keep, and any reason why?
If you could keep any kind of animal for a pet, exotic or otherwise, what would it be? Any names in mind for it?

ETA: I'd have orchards, for grapes, apples, pears, peaches, quince, cherries...probably berries, too--raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries, if I could domesticate them.
I'd grow some cereal crops (wheat or oats or barley) and hay, and corn and potatoes and have a kitchen garden with tomatoes, cabbages, lettuces, squash, pumpkin, cucumbers, bell peppers and maybe a bit of rhubarb.
I'd keep cows, horses (a couple of each, at least,) goats, perhaps some sheep, pigs, a few ducks, some geese, a load of chickens, some rabbits, a dog or two and as many cats as I needed to keep rodent-y pests down, as well as company.
For more exotic pets, I don't know...

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as I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant has taught us, there is somehow a way to not know you're pregnant until you birth that demon spawn into your toilet.

but seriously, HOW do women not know they're pregnant? i notice when i've just got a food baby. i can't imagine not noticing a real baby bump or oh yeah! the lack of periods. can the heaviness of spotting during pregnancy really be convincing enough?

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I saw a Frank Sinatra impersonator last night, you guys. Have you ever seen an impersonator? Were they any good?

This guy joked that there are thousands of Elvis impersonators in Vegas and none of them look like The King, but they all look like each other. ha.

My birthday's coming up.

Okay, a little background:

My uncle is giving me $150 for my birthday. (actually, he's giving me $300, but half of that is for Christmas shopping) I was thinking I'd treat my parents to dinner that night, but I'm not sure where I should take them.

This is where you come in!

Poll #1498135 Treating my parents to dinner

Where should I treat my parents for dinner?

Red Lobster
The Melting Pot (a really cool fondue restaurant)
Ruby Tuesday
Olive Garden
TGI Friday's
Pappardelle's (pizza place)

cell help

So my EnV 2 just broke. Like a lot. I do not have the money nor the inclination to shell out $$$ to purchase a new phone. Will my cell company (Verizon) allow me to use my old Razr? How would I go about doing that? Do you know? Have you ever gone back to an old phone?

ETA: Nope, no SIM card. :/
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Always Sunny fans- I'm trying to convince my brother that Sunny is awesome and he'd love it, what clip/episode should I show him to convince him of this? Alternatively what's your favorite Sunny moment? clips are extra credit.

Non-fans-What's the biggest drawback of the holiday season in your opinion? For me it's all the Christmas ads. I'll stab myself in the ear if I hear that damn gap ad again...

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Have you ever interned/worked in a different country for a short period of time? This summer I really want to go overseas to work, preferably in a paid environment. I'm in my third year of college, and I've been google-ing, but it's been no help! It seems as though there are a decent amount of opportunities to do this sort of thing, but I don't know where to start. Ideas?

If not, what can I do at work to pass the time, aside from TQC? I'm already Facebook-ing and on textsfromlastnight, but it's getting dull.

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What do you have for dinner on Christmas eve and/or day?

I'm asking mostly for inspiration. Everyone in my family seems to be objecting to our normal Christmas day dinner, so i'm trying to think of some alternatives. When I was younger, we'd have a spaghetti dinner, but in recent years we usually would have a slightly different version of thanksgiving dinner (the only difference really being in the side dishes). Christmas eve we go to my Grandma's house where she serves a first course of chicken noodle soup, followed by the main course where there is kolbasz, stuffed cabbage, breaded chicken (for the picky kids), homemade biscuits, mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots, and probably some other sides i'm forgetting.

if you DK/DC what gift do you most look forward to GIVING this holiday season?
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My family pet, a dog named Snowball, died almost two years ago. I miss him incredibly, but my family isn't willing to get a puppy (which I understand) and my dad is slightly resistant to the idea of getting another dog, because Snowball was the best thing ever. My brother really wants one, and my mom is open to the idea.

Yesterday, someone told me to start hinting to my parents about how a dog would be a good Christmas gift, and maybe I'd get one. I told them there was no way that would happen.

This morning when I woke up, my mom told me some news that means we may be adopting a dog from a family member (my step-Grandmother?). My mom is allergic to dogs, this dog wound up getting willed to my Vicki (because her mother died yesterday) and my grandfather is not happy to have a dog coming home with them from Texas. This dog is a poodle, which means my mom isn't allergic to it.

THIS IS FATE, CORRECT? Or am I just trying to hard to draw conclusions from these circumstances? A dog that is not a puppy, is already housetrained, won't shed or bother my mom's allergies, and is the same size as our old dog?

I am trying not to get my hopes up.

If you don't know/don't care, what are some job perks you have? Retail, office work, whatever. I just got a job at Ikea. I can't wait to furnish my room. I get a discount and can also buy it and have a bit taken out of each paycheck to pay for it or something. Yay.
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You have to have sex with a weird hybrid of Hugh Jackman and Rush Limbaugh. Which version would you prefer to bang?

Hugh Jackman face, Rush Limbaugh body
Rush Limbaugh face, Hugh Jackman body

Same scenario as above, except this time it's Scarlett Johansson instead of Jackman

Scarlett Johansson's face, Rush Limbaugh's body
Rush Limbaugh's face, Scarlett Johansson's body

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My boyfriends mom gave me a present out of the blue a while ago. So I feel I ought to give her a Christmas present. I'm having dinner with his entire family this week, so I thought I'd give her something then as that will be the only time I see her before Christmas. But then I'll feel weird about not giving something to the rest of his family. He's got siblings and they have spouses and idk where the gift giving should begin or where it should end! :O

Would you get something for everybody? Just a few of them? What on earth would you buy? These are people I hardly know.

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My friend is bringing spinach artichoke dip to a party. What should I bring to go with it? (Chips, bread, veggies?)

Do you like to go gambling? Where (which city) do you like to go to? Would you come to Cleveland if we had casinos (just legalized and are building soon)?

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My neighbors are loud and stupid. I'm trying to write a paper.
What excessively violent thing should I do to them?
(non-srs, obv, I'm actually gonna go ask them to quiet down in a minute)

(no subject)

How do you get over something that there was never any closure to?

Why does my roommate keep moving my shit (that's not in the way of anything)?

Are you passive aggressive?

Please fill in the blank:
"I'd rather be ____________________"
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I am obsessed with reading about crime. My favourites are serial killers and missing persons/children cases. I already frequent Crime Library,,, CNN crime, etc. and when I am really hard up I Wikipedia random cases.

I need my fix, what other sites can I visit?

What well known cases have stuck with you? For me it's Paul Bernardo/Karla Homolka because they were from my city and Caylee Anthony

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Do you think that having a mental disorder is a valid excuse to make rude, bigoted and/or generally offensive comments?

Why i'm asking: today while I was waiting at the bus stop with my mom there was this man standing at the bus stop with us who was most likely mentally challenged in one way or another and he walked up to us and made some insulting comments and jokes about both my weight and my race and he was totally expecting us to find it funny.
It wasn't funny, mental problem or not, it's not okay to make fun of or say something ignorant about someone's weight or race.

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I was feeling christmassy all of November. Now it's less than two weeks to the big day, I don't feel it anymore. Where does that "Christmassy" feeling come from TQC? How can I get it back?
noel and julian

Dearest TQC,

I'm too high to be a responsible babysitter right now. what should I do?

Is Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer inappropriate for a 3 y/o to watch? We're watching No Hao, Kai-lan and it's freaking me out. :(


The H key on my laptop broke. The cap came off, so I've been pressing down on a button for about two weeks now. Where can I get fixed??? Does Geek Squad at Best Buy do these kinds of things??

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It's -32 C with a windchill factor of -49 C today, TQC. Environment Canada has put out Severe Windchill Warnings for pretty much all of the prairie provinces.

Why the fuck do I live here again? :C

How craptastic has the weather in your area been lately?


Dear glasses wearers of TQC,

Help! I just found out after an eye exam today that I need to get glasses. All of the frames at the place were $150-250, plus lenses and whatnot. A friend sent me a website that is significantly cheaper, but I am weirded out at the prospect of not getting to try on something I will have to wear every day, particularly as I have a chubby face and want to make sure they are becoming, etc.

So, where do you guys buy your glasses? Do you shell out for the nice expensive/designer ones? Do you go to a more mid-range type retail place? If so, where? Do you buy them online? If so, where and what kind of experiences have you had with this?

I <3 TLV

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I have two very painful canker sores on the inside of my lip. Any tips for treating them? I usually use hydrogen peroxide but I don't have any and I'm too tired to go shopping. I can get some tomorrow, but until then it would be super if something I already have could help the pain.

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My friends ditched me. We were going to go see Princess and the Frog (yesss) and have dinner, but they're too tired from working today. I'm already showered and dressed, and none of my other friends can/will go (im lame).

Should I say fuck it and go treat myself to a nice dinner and movie alone, after dealing with finals week, or should I stay home and pack, since I'm heading home for a month come Tuesday?

Also, another question while I'm on the topic.. Why is so weird to go see a movie solo? Its a social thing, yet people hardly do any talking. Explain to me why I feel so weird about going alone, please?
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Why is my cat so needy right now? He's all up in my shit.

What would be the one thing that could feasibly happen right now that would infuriate you instantly?

Also, I have to be at a party five minutes ago. Why am I on Livejournal?

BONUS QUESTION: (to answer if you're feeling sassy) There's an Adam appreciation post going on right now at ontd_ai. What do you think of American Idol and last season's contestants?
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What is the weirdest non-TQC-related question someone has asked you lately?

"Are your feet still dry?" My mom asked me mid-dinner, without any sort of segue. She's referencing my 5 year old winter boots.

(no subject)

What's a nice thing to do for a friend whose pet has died?

If your pet died and someone sent you a sympathy card or made a donation in the pet's name to an animal shelter, would you think that was thoughtful, or weird?
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Poll #1498271 How should I spend my evening?

I've got the apt to myself all evening. I am bored. What should I do next?

watch another episode of "House" (I'm behind on season 6)
finish reading "Flight to Arras" (Want to reach 50 books by the end of the year...but I'm only on #45)
lounge on the internets some more
do the dishes, fold laundry, and clean up for the holiday party that I'm throwing tomorrow night
make hot cocoa, then do the next-most-picked option from this list to do
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Do you have any tattoos? What are they of?

What made you get those tattoos? (Like, are they sentimental, do they mark a special time in your life, were you drunk and wanted a nifty tattoo?)

(no subject)

Have you ever broken your tailbone? Tell the story!

When I was a little kid, I was climbing on the monkey bars. My hands slipped and I fell, and landed flat on my ass. My tailbone was CRRRRRUNCH. It hurt so bad I wanted to pass out, and on top of that, I got the wind completely knocked out of me. I still vividly remember that incident.
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to tip or not to?

My regular massage therapist is also an instructor, and she has a group of students ready to start working on actual bodies. She offered her regular clients the chance to participate--we get a free one-hour massage. Of course I said yes--FREE, you know? It's not as nice as a regular massage--no private room, just a curtained-off area, but I'm cool with that.

So this student I don't know will be giving me a massage, for free, for his/her coursework...but I'm getting a massage. I'm assuming I don't need to tip--is that wrong? I'm kind of confused because I used to go to a pretty nice hair salon where you could get a haircut from a trainee for like 1/4 the price of a regular cut, and I always tipped the trainee...but this is different, I'm not paying anything for the service. So--do I tip and if so, what's appropriate?
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If someone says they are downloading a song, do you assume they are doing it legally (iTunes or something similar) or illegally? Does your answer change if they are downloading a TV show or a movie?

(no subject)

Is it possible to find out who an e-mail belongs to? Someone's been sending me naughty e-mails and I want to know who. Probably just one of my friends thinking they're funny, but if it's not, then, well...that's weird. I tracked the IP but I know many people in that area.
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I'm getting in touch with my inner Martha Stewart and spending my Saturday night baking cookies. I'm using this recipe to make peanut butter cookies. The recipe calls to make little rounded balls but the dough is so runny that it's more at the consistency of frosting, the most I can manage is a moist sticky "plop."

I've already added an extra cup and a half of flour with a little improvement. Since the recipe has three eggs in it I'm a bit afraid to add more flour to it. (Many moons ago it was explained to me that the eggs in cookies are like the cement, and the flour and sugar and all that good stuff, are like the gravely bits that make up concrete.) In the interest of not making Peanut Butter Cement cookies I am turning to you for advice.

What should I do Question Club? Keep adding more flour? Feed it to the dog? or some magical mystical cookie fix you learned from a cookie guru that you would be more than happy to tell me about?

Much Thanks!

edited for spelling.
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If you like someone who you know likes you, but is dating someone else for some reason that is unbeknownst to you (and apparently to her also) WHAT WOULD YOU DO??

If you don't care, what's your alcohol of choice TQC?

(no subject)

What are you feelings on dressing up dogs? Would you do it? Plz to be posting pics to go with this.
I would because I'm a jerk and it's adorable.

(Sorry for all the animal posts, but it's exam week and my happy thoughts involve puppies.)
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I'm going on a three week vacation with my boyfriend and his parents to New Zealand in two days.

Should I bring my laptop? Should I lose my laptop or someone steals it, I cannot afford to replace it.

I can fit everything I need into my carry on luggage and my small purse. Should I bring my backpack? I feel weird bringing it when I don't have anything in it, but...I always feel like you should bring a backpack on vacation for some reason.