December 11th, 2009

Pete Is Magical

Dearest TQC,

My wisdom tooth is growing in like a motherfucker. I just took six Excedrin and it's not helping at all. I'd go to bed and just ignore it, but I have two essays to finish. What should I do?

What's your favorite Christmas movie? Song? Post it!

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Did you have acne growing up, specifically into your 20s?
How did you get rid of it?
Any tips for reducing pimples when they develop?
Also, any tips on how to break the habit of squeezing everything that pops up on my face?

My skin has been so bad lately and it's depressing me because I feel like that's what people are seeing instead of me. I do plan on going to a dermatologist hopefully soon. I've had acne since I was 12 and I'm just at my wit's end.

Post happy gifs so I can stop being overly upset over this?

Open 24/hrs?

I'm struggling to find a job right now because I don't have a car. What places do you know have mid-day or evening shifts? So far, I have retail/grocery/fastfood, hotels, fitness centers, shipping centers like UPS or FedEx, and hospitals. Can you think of anymore? Thanks^^

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Sometimes when I stretch my upper half I hear a really loud pop in my collar bone area. Does that happen to any one else? I've asked people IRL but never come across anyone else who has.

Do you think computer spell check programs will ever add 'googling' to the list of correct words?

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I've noticed people on facebook saying things like "I would of gone, but I couldn't" or "I should of slept in later!" I am confused. I always thought it was would HAVE and should HAVE, not of. TQC ,what is your verdict?

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What was the dumbest thing you ever did as a child? I once poured salt over the entire kitchen because I was mad at my mom, and then tried to pretend it was an accident.

If you don't remember/don't care, what's your favorite funny gif?
Space Cadet

Money Is The Root Of...

What did my nearly-13-year-old son do with the $20 I gave him to deposit in his school lunch money account a few days ago? It's not in his lunch money account. (serious and non serious answers accepted.)
kurt #2

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Me and my boyfriend are babysitting and I haven't done this in awhile. Both of them are boys, they are 4 and 7 and like to watch wrestling on Saturday nights. What should I do with them? I have no idea what to do.

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Got vaccine?

I have been vaccinated against the H1N1 flu.
I have not been vaccinated against the H1N1 flu, but I intend to receive the vaccine.
I have not been vaccinated against the H1N1 flu and do not intend to receive the vaccine.

I'm talking about receiving it when it becomes available to you.

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TQC, I hate my next door neighbor. He has lived next to me for 10 years. He has a blue and gold macaw that he lets outside every morning at 7am. It SCREAMS AND SQUAWKS so loud you can hear it a few blocks over. My bedroom is right next to his backyard. It sounds like this:
I pretty much can't take it anymore. I was just sitting outside smoking a cigarette in a tank top and my underwear and that bastard walked into my fenced, gated yard with his bird and an electrician. He looked at me and kept trying to work with his electrician. I'm a 19 year old girl! Not to mention his fucking obnoxious bird that I have to listen to every morning.

What would YOU do?

World record ideas for gramps?

My 93-year old grandfather is in amazing shape and quite the force to be reckoned with. He loves roller coasters, international travel, and flirting with waitresses.

He decided he wanted to break the world record for throwing the shotput farther than anyone else his age. However, he is left handed and his pacemaker is on the left side, so the doctor didn't like that idea. He either needs to become more ambidextrous (doctor approved throwing it right-handed), or come up with a new idea.

He suggested skydiving, but the doctor nixed that, too.

What world record should my grandfather attempt to break?
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Dear Santa TQC,

Okay, since it's about time to start getting reeeeeally sick of Christmas music, will you tell me what kind of NON-Christmas music you like to listen to around the holidays, which nevertheless evokes feelings of nostalgia/warmth (or just reminds you that yes, there is still good music out there, even if they're not playing it on the radio)?

If you want to get fancy, will you type out a playlist?

Some of my playlist:

I Put a Spell On You - Nina Simone
Stella Blue - the Grateful Dead
Noita - Kuusumun Profeetta
Wigwam - Bob Dylan
Mood Indigo - Duke Ellington
Instant Karma - John Lennon
These Days - Nico
Blue in Green - Miles Davis
My Man - Billie Holiday
Train Round the Bend - Velvet Underground
Busted Bicycle - Leo Kottke
Needle in the Hay - Elliot Smith
All Tomorrow's Parties - Velvet Underground

(The full playlist is much heavier on VU than anything else.)

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So my last final is today in two hours. After that, I'm going straight home. My dad wants to take me to dinner, but I don't know where I want to go. Suggestions?

How did you do on your finals/final papers, do you think?
*I don't even want to talk about it :\

How's the weather over there?
*22 degrees, feels like 6. WSW winds at 24 mph. Thanks
stock // slide

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When did you start shaving your legs? Do you know any girls who don't shave their legs?

Around 12. Yep, these two sisters who are my age (20). They just never started shaving their legs. They're both blonde, and very ~athletic, so they wear shorts and runners in the summer, and you can see fine blond hair all over the place.

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If the ~story of your life~ were turned into a book, do you think it'd be a best-seller? What aspects of your life would you downplay or embellish?

EDIT: What type of feel would the book have?

Collapse )

used stuff

Poll #1497688 thrifting

Do you shop in thrift stores?


If yes, which of the following items would you/have you purchase(d)?

musical instruments
toys (kids/babies)
other (tell me in comments)

Do you go to garage sales?


What's the best used item you have ever purchased?

What is the worst used item you have ever purchased?

k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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I'm leaving at 2:30 for a conference and not returning until around 9 or probably later. Dinner will most likely suck, so what's a suggestion for a great lunch I can have before I go?

Paging Dr. TQC

TQC please save me, I'm at work and am having a brain fart. I have to give this man a test for a lung disease in 20 minutes and I cannot remember the name right now for the life of me. It's the one where you get a shot in your forearm and it reacts differently depending on if you currently have, have been exposed to it, or have never had/been exposed to it.


Thanks for saving my ass, guys.

When was the last time you couldn't remember something really simple/that you should know?

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Yesss I just saw someone from HR putting out our holiday gifts!

Does your office do an official holiday gift, paid for by the office? What kind of gifts?

If not, feel free to tell me about your gift exchange system. Or about how much better my job is than yours.

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How do you go about tactfully asking for a raise?

My work just fired one manager, another manager put in her notice, and my coworker (assistant manager) is quitting, unbeknownst to the company, in three weeks. The owner is aware that I've been doing the manager's job for quite some time, since she inadvertently discovered my signature on all the paperwork. No employee evaluations ever take place, it's a matter of asking for a moment of her time and stating your case as tactfully as possible to get what you want. I was promoted to assistant manager without a raise, and I'm being promoted to full-time manager starting Monday according to the sticky-note left on my locker.

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To those of you who have smoked/smoke weed, what do you feel like and/or what do you do when you get high?
And what foods do you get cravings for when the munchies hit you?

To those of you who don't/have never tried it, are you excited for anything tonight?
A. Shepard| N7 helm

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For those who remember their American high school courses:

Did you need a course in your state's history, or was a bit of information just added in to the US history course?
Texas History is required here, separate course. I don't really know about other states' foundings (besides the original colonies), so I'm wondering if other states have enough of their own history to take it to another course. I mean, Texas history focused a lot on times when Spain and Mexico were in control, little content recently. Maybe some states like California would focus on more recent times? I don't know; I'm curious. Tell me about your state's history?
Autumn Pink

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How do you feel when you know you are totally good/ on-task/ innocent and you know someone is always searching for your failures or short comings?

ETA: (Do your feelings change if this person is your boss - so they have some power over your job status?)

I always feel like I really must be doing something wrong even if I KNOW that I'm not. It's the weirdest feeling.
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show me ur teef

tell me about your teeth. did you have braces? have you had your wisdom teeth removed? are you scared of the dentist? do you bleach?
yes x4 for me.

recently i've had a tooth that's been hurting, but my dentist said there was nothing wrong except a little gingivitis. the gum near it is inflamed and now the inner gum line near my top teeth is sore. i can't remember if i burned my mouth on anything, and i really don't feel like going back to the dentist. could gingivitis cause gums to sting?
andrew drink

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I'm working part time for a mortgage company and this woman I'm working with is sending me an e-mail every 5 minutes about how she needs this paperwork now because she needs Christmas money for her kids. (which I completely understand, but her repeating it over and over again does not make the paperwork go any faster)
What should I say to her in the nicest way possible to get her off my back?

What is a horror story you've had with a coworker recently?

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Help me TCQ!
Can you point me somwhere on line where I can take a jpeg or whatever picture, and it will make it so that the picture will print out on several different pages that can be put together to make a poster sized image?

Putting your Best(ality) foot forward

You have to have sex with a mermaid/merman. Which scenario would you prefer? The human side of this creature is very attractive

Human from the waist up, fish from the waist down. Sex is pretty much confined to kissing and oral (upon you)
Fish from the waist up, human from the waist down

Same question, except now it's a centaur (half human, half horse)

Human from the waist up, horse from the waist down (this includes genitals)
Horse from the waist up, human from the waist down

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Sometimes Facebook and LJ aren't doing it for me. What other sites can I check out that update pretty regularly? I'm trying to kill some down time at work so NSFW sites are out.

If you don't know (or even if you do), what do you think are the most updated LJ communities? I would think this one and ONTD.
beatles; yellow submarine

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My dad is awesome, enough said.

So for Christmas I'm getting him a gift that I'm going to have engraved.

I'm trying to find lyrics (short) that would apply in the context of basically saying thanks for being the greatest dad of all time.

I was originally trying to find Beatles lyrics because my dad loves them, but I couldn't really find anything that made sense. Anything I Googled were all father/daughter wedding songs that didn't seem right or songs about dad's loving their daughters. But I wanted something more daughter to dad.

Anyone know of anything? It's so tough. I don't just want "#1 Dad!" that's stupid.

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Me and my girlfriend need something to do tommorow. We just had a lazy day yesterday, so we want to do something out but we are sick of the usual stuff (movies, dinner out, etc.) Any Ideas? Thanks

(no subject)

What was the last item you bought/won on Ebay? Online in general?

I bought a pair of Doc Martens for $50.

What are you up to this weekend?

I'm going to finish my last paper and clean my room eventually.

(no subject)

I have a rash on my face. It itches a lot.
I also have a work Christmas party tonight.
I should not go because it would be gross and unsanitary to touch communal food when I keep scratching my face, right? RIGHT? I don't want to go but it's kind of a big deal and I want a legit excuse. And also because it looks like I have small boulders all over my cheeks and chin. :'(

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I just found out that I have jury duty. I have to go in, and then after a long wait of doing nothing, they tell me whether or not they can use me.. at least i think? Is this correct? Anyone know?

However, i have no "dressy" clothes.. at all. and I am completely broke, so buying something new is not an option. I have some nice shirts, but all I own are jeans. Would it be really bad to wear jeans to the courthouse on Monday?

Have any of you ever had jury duty? How'd that go for you? Should I be dreading this?
Quinn Twin

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Literally, as we were getting ready to pack to leave for NYC, our friend who said we could stay at her house called to say she's "too stressed" from finishing her finals at law school. Our budget was built around staying somewhere for free, so now we probably can't go and this is our whole Christmas.

So, who wants to let me and my husband stay with them?
Driving pug

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Today I came home and found a dog crate on my porch. It turns out my boyfriend bought me a black pug puppy for Christmas!!! I get to pick him up tomorrow!!

When was the last time a surprise was ruined for you? My boyfriend was so upset that I found the crate.

What should I name my new puppy?!! We already have a fawn pug named Jerry. We named him Jerry because his step-dads pug is named Newman. We would like to stick with the Seinfeld theme, but it's not necessary.

ETA: I'm getting a boy pug. :)
just a bill

job drama

Tl;dr versionn: my second job is treating me badly. What's the best way to express my discontent?

Long version: A couple months ago I accepted a job as a substitute teacher. When I signed the offer of employment letter, it did say that there is no guarantee as to the number of hours. I will concede that. However, in the past couple weeks, there have been multiple instances of them calling me up to sub in advance, and then cancelling on me a day or or two before. This has made me miss three days of work. When they call me to sub, I keep those days free because I've made a commitment to work for them. When they give me very late notice that I won't be needed, and therefore I won't be paid, that screws me over.

The most egregious case of this is that in late October, I was asked if I could work December 21-24. I said yes, with the understanding that I would not be able to make plans to go on vacation during that time or the week before New Years. When I emailed the woman yesterday to ask which classroom I would be in, she said that she's not sure if she would need me during that week after all, since the numbers would possibly be low and they could shuffle teachers around. Why they hadn't come to the conclusion a month and a half ago when they had asked me to sub is beyond me, but this leaves me in a bind. I was told to call as it gets closer to then to confirm.

To me this is absolutely unacceptable. If they want me to be available like this, they should be paying me a retainer fee or something. I'm not going to sit around for another week or so while they can figure out whether or not they need me. I really don't think that this job will work out anymore. I just feel as if they have no respect for my time, and they treat their staff semi-poorly anyway.

So TQC, help me run my life. What do you think would be the best thing to say to them?

Jimmy Johns

I placed an online order for jimmy johns and later realized I put pickup instead of delivery, so I called them and they sent it over. The total was 5.50 and I just realized that I only gave the delivery guy $6...I don't think that's enough. I think they add about 25 cents for delivery, but I feel really bad. The delivery guy called my cell to find my place, so I could text him and say sorry or something and bring him cash next time.

Should I call the Jimmy Johns or or do something about the fact that I accidentally undertipped the delivery guy??

Sidenote- the jj's is only about 2 blocks from my house.

If you don't care, what are your fave food items to have delivered to your house?


So, this guy I know and used to work for is having a poker night at his house. I heard a rumor that he is going to photo copy ID's of people who are playing...
Why would he do this? Can anyone think of any good reasons?
I cant think of why he would need/want this info for a poker party at his house unless it was for theft or something.


(no subject)

Are you left or right handed?

What political party are you affiliated with?

What is your gender?

Do you think being left or right handed has any influence on a person's personality?

Do you have one dominate hand/leg or does it depend on what you're doing?
tribe: brady

Japanese Song

Dear Question Club, today after class we were all hanging out in our classroom, and a Japanese classmate and his friend started singing an extremely catchy pop song. I asked what it was called, and he wrote the title on the blackboard for me, but only in Chinese (we're all studying in China - I don't speak Japanese and he doesn't speak English), and with that information I cannot find this song.

The title he wrote on the board was "小恋歌", which means "Small Love Song", and the song is originally sung by a man. Anyone know what song this might be?

(no subject)

If you have a macbook, what kind do you have? I'm thinking about buying one but idk which one would be good for me. I'm tired of my old toshiba laptop crashing on me :(
gear heart

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

My husband's parents are shopping for a car. Preferably used, but new is not out of the question yet. They are looking for the following:

4 doors
Not a Ford
2006 or newer
50,000 miles or less
16,000 USD or less

Based on this criteria, what brand/type of car would you recommend? Past experience with a certain car (good and bad) is most welcome. :)

If you don't care, what's your favorite smell?

Mine is freshly baked bread.
sailor kiss

Glee and Brownies

A lot of people I know love the TV show Glee. I find it offensive and I've found at least one scene deeply bothersome (domestic violence where it seems the audience is supposed to sympathise with the violent partner). Whenever I suggest these are problems, I'm told that the show is satire.

To my knowledge, satire is supposed to be something that shows the folly/vice of society and accords it scorn.

Can someone explain how this works with Glee?


If you don't watch Glee, what's your favorite brownie recipe?


Mum always complains that she doesn't know what to cook.
So for Christmas I'm trying to write out a list of all the foods our family eats on a regular basis, just ordinary stuff, even things like 'toasted sandwiches'. I won't bother to write out the recipe for them, but I'll put each on an index card. I'll then have other cards that say things like "Reheatable" and list all the foods that I've come up with that are reheatable. I'll also include new, ordinary every day sorts of recipes (the whole thing). she can write the recipes on the others if she wants but she's memorised them so it doesn't really matter.

Is this a good idea?
What's your favourite 'ordinary' recipe that you could share, that my mother might like? Doesn't have to be for a total slack night, but just, you know... every day, home cooking. (including desserts, snacks, or lunches if you want!)

(no subject)

I keep seeing commercials from those TV lawyers about a birth control that I was on (and had really bad side effects from). I'm sort of tempted to call just to see what the scoop is but I also think that's probably ridiculous and way more trouble than it's worth-

Would you call?
Ever do anything similar?
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

You know how ever since the year 2000 they've been making those really tacky glasses to wear every New Years Eve to celebrate the upcoming year? How exactly do they plan on doing that for 2010?

(no subject)

Do you currently drink milk?

If no, why not?

If yes, what kind? (Cow (percentage?), goat, soy, almond, (...breast? O_o) etc..)

Personally, yes, cow's milk, 1% all my life (skim is like water, 2% is too thick, to me,) because some things just need milk. Usually if there's thick fudgy chocolate or peanut butter involved. Or in this instance, a giant cinnamon bun. (I'll drink milk if I'm eating something hugely spicy, like a hot curry, usually.)

I <3 TLV

(no subject)

Have you ever been to the New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square? How was it? Fun? Insane? I'm going this year and I don't know what to expect - cold + crowd could be absolutely horrible, but it might turn out to be fun.
Mitty box

(no subject)

Someone has given you a Christmas present 2 weeks before Christmas. Which do you do?

Put it under the tree until Chistmas morning
Open it right then
Open it after they leave

They did not say "Wait until Christmas" but they also didn't say "You can open it now!". I AM CONFLICTED. I say you wait until Christmas morning but my bff says OPEN IT NOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??

(no subject)

Because I am very much like eleuthreophile in the sense that I also love painting my nails, I'm gonna ask you a nail polish question.

I just painted my nails this red color. I have white and black Art Deco nail art things. What design/pattern should I draw on them, if anything? Keep in mind I'm only decent at drawing straight lines with them so far lol.

(no subject)

Jews, what does your menorah look like?

This is mine. I thought I wanted an adult one, but then I saw this one and couldn't resist.

Non-Jews, do you use any Yiddish phrases?

Edited for larger picture.