December 10th, 2009

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I apologize for coming here to ask this, but I am just confused.

I have a hosted Blogger domain now and want to switch it over to Wordpress. I bought my domain easily through Blogger for $10 - but if I switch to a Wordpress domain, does that mean I'm going to have to pay $50 a year through a hosting company? or is there a cheaper option? (I'm a broke college student)

any recommendations for hosting?

Any advice or help would mean the world! Thank you!
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I rinsed my mouth with hydrogen peroxide, rinsed my mouth out, and swallowed my saliva which tasted of the hydrogen peroxide. Should I call 911? I'm really scared but I don't know if I should.

ETA: I called poison control and the person said I would be fine, so... okay.

What was your last freak out?

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Alright, kind of confusing question, so hopefully I make sense. I know there are a lot of ~creative~ folk in TQC. For a creative writing class, I need to write a short story about two people who meet each other in person in a neutral town (say, while both are on vacation or something) and exchange numbers somehow, but never actually see each other or know what each other look like, and the prompt is to tell the story of how they progress in their friendship (or relationship) after they go back home to their separate cities and finally meet, and to make it something unique. I have a wonderful story idea all ready to go, so the hard part is over... but I have NO idea how to describe two people meeting and exchanging numbers without ever seeing each other. Two of my classmates have already told me they're using a masked party/costume party idea and I don't want to use that. I've contemplated the guy finding the girl's wallet without her ID in it and maybe just a business card, but that's all I've got.

So my question is, based on that prompt and the story I'm writing for this class, do you know of any ways two people may exchange numbers in person without ever actually knowing what each other look like? I hate how the simple things are always the hardest part.

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i have to wake up at 6 am. it is 3 am. my exams get out at 12.
should i go to bed even though i'll only get 2.5-3 hours of sleep or just drink a lot of coffee and sleep when i come home?

it might also be relevant that i only have to make it through the first one which ends at 10, i have a guaranteed A in the 2nd one

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if i have a shift that starts at 7 and i call in at 8:15, does that count as no call no show since i didn't call before the shift started? assume that it wasn't something vital like a cashier and that it was in an area where i wouldn't really be missed.

eta: the shift in question wasn't a shift i was normally scheduled for, they just came up to me the night before and asked if i could come in and stock the next morning. so it wasn't something like cashier or electronics where they NEED someone there, i was just going to be an extra body to help get things done faster.

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have you ever been in a situation where you pretended to come off as gay or pretend to be straight to certain people?
as open as i am about being gay which most people know sometimes im in situations where like tonight some dude was showing me his naked lady calendar and i was like uhhh yeah awesome and pretended that i thought it was cool.
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I just grabbed a piece of pizza from my parents fridge, I don't have any idea when or where it's from, but I'm eating it anyway.

Do you ever take the gamble and eat questionable food items from the fridge?

What if the food is not yours, do you ask permission before you eat it?
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Underemployed Super Fighting Robot

Poll #1497038 Employment

What's your employment status?


2. Mega Man 10 has just been confirmed. Seeing how Mega Man 9 was released on every console this generation have you tried it? Were you able to beat it or was it too hard for you? Or are you a horrible human being and think it was too ugly to even bother with?

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i want a new aim screen name. please something pretty.

i'm thinking of something with the word velvet but i don't know what to put beside it.

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When you see "AK"...what do you think of???

Inspired by....WTF does it MATTER what inspired this? Don't you just HATE it when you see "inspired by"???
I'm drinking raspberry tea... r u jellis?

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So you know how a lot of times in movies, when a guy and a girl hook up and the girl leaves the guy's place/hotel/whatever, he'll later find her bra or panties flung carelessly somewhere. How does the girl NOT NOTICE if she left without an undergarment she went there wearing?

Would YOU notice if you were missing your bra and panties after a night of canoodling?! I certainly would... I don't free-boob it under any circumstances.
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1. How many people do you know who have been involved with an untimely, violent death?

2. For those of you who don't speak to one or both parents, why don't you speak to them? Or if you speak but have a very strained/ distant relationship with them, why is that?

3. Free croissants this morning: Chocolate and Strawberry Cheese - which will you have and how many?

A question of friendship

Say you have several friends that all like you, but like eachother more. say their friendship was having troubles, and like Dr. Manhattan in "Watchmen", if you kinda sacrifice your reputation, if they can get more joy and happiness collaborating with old friends against you think that would be the right, righteous or correct thing to do?

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Putting hydrocortisone on your face: good or bad idea? In terms of possibly making my face break out in pimples in addition to it already breaking out from whatever random rash I have.
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Do you prepare yourself for situations you are facing by imagining the best and worst possible outcomes beforehand?

When you talk to people on the phone, do you picture them talking on the phone to you?

Do you imagine what peoples houses are like before you go there?
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Pro Hair People HALP!!!

Here's the deal - over the summer, I bleach my hair with Redken Lightening Crystals 40 vol bleach. During the fall and winter months, I like to be a coppery red/strawberry blonde colour. I've previously used Redken Color Gels and liked the shade, but it faded fast. Recently, I've used Matrix Socolor and last year it worked okay after the first two dyings. This year, I've used a filler specifically for the level I'm using (it's an 8, the filler is for levels 5-8), left the colour on for 45 minutes (the longest time recommended) and then used a sealer after, but it's still fading faster than I'd like.

Now, I know red is the hardest colour to hold (and rid yourself of, ironically) and I know sticking it over 40 vol bleached hair is making that worse, but I was wondering if anyone has another dye in mind that might be better? I went to cosmetology school, so I can get pro products, but am obviously limited to what my supplier carries. I know they have Matrix, Redken and CHI. They have some others, but I'm not sure what else, since I've stuck to the ones I'm more familiar with (though I haven't tried the CHI). I think they have some L'Oreal, Schwartzkopf, and... maybe Biolage (do they even make colour?)?

Any suggestions?
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graduation speech

Have you ever been at a graduation (or other similar ceremony) where the class speaker (or any speaker) sang?
If so, what did you think?
If not, any thoughts?
Cool, a nice break from the blah blah blah speaking?
Stupid, awkward, out of place, wrong forum/venue for that kind of thing?
Any other opinions?
Does it matter if it's a short song?
The Irish Blessing set to music (May the road rise up to meet you/may the wind be always at your back/may the sun shine warm upon your face/the rains fall soft upon your field/and until we meet again/until we meet again/may the God who loves us all hold you in the palm of His hands/the palm of His hands)?

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Ok, so I want to bake. Problem is I'm broke.

So, do you have any recipes for something I can make with standard baking ingrediants & milk & white cooking chocolate?

Standard ingrediants being butter, flour & all that jazz.

questions not-related

1. Do you ever see people walking down the street smiling? They're not talking on the phone or listening to music as far as you can tell, but there they are, smiling. Do you think they're a little nuts or does it fill you with your own urge to smile?

2. Do you have an "electric" toothbrush? If yes, when you're brushing do you treat it as a manual brush and still brush/scrub? Or do you simply let the head do it's job and move the unit around your mouth?

3. Whose icon fills you with irrational rage?
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car trouble

My car needs 2300 us dollars worth of work to get it going again. Should I just get a new (used) car?

(not that you care: 1998 toyota avalon, 110,000 miles, needs 3 sensors + all new spark plugs + coils + power steering fluid)

EDITED to correct my stupidity: It's the power steering PUMP that needs to be replaced. The guy said that 2 sensors were 250+ each, one was about 200, the plugs and coils together were about 300 and the power steering pump is 350. He estimated 10 hours of labor. It's not at a dealer, it's at this place, which has great reviews. I wouldn't buy a car for the same price I'd get a newer used car on a payment plan for 7 or 8 thousand.

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I'm moving into my first (dream) house on Jan 1st (at least I'm trying to).
Because it's a holiday everyone is either not working or overcharging so much I can't afford it.
I can't move out of the apartment on the 1st as someone is moving in that day.

Is it rude to email the property manager to ask if there is anyway possible to move in sooner?
If it's not possible what should I do?!

What are you doing today?!

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Are there any times of year where you are always REALLY busy at work?
How about REALLY bored?

When I worked at the mall customer service desk as a part-time job in school, from Black Friday 'til the day after Christmas was, obviously, a mad house.

Now that I work on a military base, it's completely dead and boring from Thanksgiving through the New Year, since flight operations are suspended for the students. (Except for the last week of the year, when I'm busy with year end closing for financial statements)

What kind of case/skin/cover do you have on your cellphone?

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For those who drive, does your car have comprehensive and collision coverage? About how much is your car worth currently? At what point in the depreciation would you consider dropping comprehensive and/or collision coverage?

For those who do not drive, what types of insurance do you have?

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I can hear a small kitten mewing behind my hedge. I went out there and I can hear it, and I saw movement, but I didn't fully see it. It is currently 30F outside. And it is dropping in the teens at night.

I didn't try to grab it because I don't just want it to run away. What's the best way to get it?

I should try to get it and bring it in, right? How do I lure it? I'm vegan and I don't have any pets or pet food...I can't think of what I have that might entice it.

I can only hear 1 kitten, I think. Was it dumped? Or did a cat have kittens back there?

Ahh please help me with my animal rescue ignorance.

Edit: Ok, I put some warm soymilk out there. I can't hear it anymore, so I don't know if I scared it. My boyfriend will be home soon, and when he's home we'll climb through the hedge and look for it.

Edit 2: I went outside, and a small young adult black cat came up to me and meowed. It was a little skittish but approached me. I held my hand out and it let me touch it, but it wouldn't let me grab it. I'm 97% sure this isn't the cat I heard earlier. I climbed through the hedge and I looked for another cat, but I didn't find one. The black cat ran off when I came back. I left some soymilk and a towel outside, and I'll be listening for either cat meowing, so I can try to bring them in.


I found out a coworker applied for FMLA and was told that they needed 30 days notice before she got sick.

What other "I need a psychic" stories do you know or have experienced?

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TQC, i need some help with roommate etiquette.

My roomie is normally awesome. Shes sweet and lovely, but lacks care for kitchenware. I love to cook so the things i buy are usually of at least decent quality, while she just buys the cheapest stuff to get her by. I have learned to keep most of my high quality stuff at my bf's house, where i do most of my cooking. In the summer i was given an expensive pan from my Dad, but knowing my roomie would destroy it, i put it in to storage for when she moves out (April). My bf already has a bunch of pans and no room for storage in his kitchen. I came home one day to find her using it to make a stir fry with a metal fork, scratching the bottom. I didnt get angry, but explained to her that it was very expensive and that she had to be very careful. She offered to not use it, and since we have 5 other pans, i agreed. I put the pan back away in storage.

Fast forward to today. I come home and notice it in the drying rack. I can see it is more scratched up then before. I am confused and upset seeing as I havent even used this pan yet and now its destroyed. I know its not like she genuinely meant to mess it up, its just not something she thinks about. I was concerned, so i texted her 'hey, if youre going to use (my expensive pan), please please be very careful.' She replied saying that she has 'only used plastic on it and if i feel more comfortable, she wont use it anymore'.

Should i approach her about it more directly? Or not bother at all? I figure, whats going to really come if i approach her about it. We really rarely see each other due to busy schedules. Should i just give up and let her mess up the pan even more? Should i passively aggressively move the pan to my bfs house? Do i make her replace it? Im worried she took my text like some angry note and i dont want to be sour, but i thought she understood how i felt. :(

If that question is too long for you-what is your favorite snack food? I like crackers with cheese
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I am sitting in Starbucks by the window. There is a snowstorm going on outside. Outside the door, there is a patch of ice that literally everyone has slipped on. 3 people have fallen.

Would you laugh if you were here?

What is the worst part of winter? The best?


Some guy just did a wild flail and a slide. He then turned around and glared at the patch for like, ten seconds. For the first time, I laughed. xD I know I'm going to slip on it anyways when I leave.
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weird hypothetical question time:

1) pretend you have a daughter. if one day you woke up and there was a girl your daughter's age in your house, claiming to be your daughter, but she looked nothing like what you know your daughter really looks like, what would you do? let's say that she's able to answer questions that only your daughter would know. what would you say? would you call the police? would you believe her?

2) conversely, pretend you're a 12-year-old girl. you wake your mother up one day and she doesn't recognize you. you're able to answer all of her questions, but she still doesn't believe you. she insists that her daughter looks completely different than you. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
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can't transfer pictures to SDHC card

I accidentally deleted all the photos off my SDHC card earlier today. I was able to get all the pictures off and save them to my laptop, but now I'd like to put them back on the card. I've tried adding them several times (formatting the card before doing so), but my camera doesn't recognize that they're there. How can I remedy this situation?

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My friend is supposed to be getting a letter today from Cornell to see whether he's accepted or not.
Did he get in?
It's the only school he applied to, so if he doesn't get in, the next couple months are going to be hell. How many colleges did you apply to/get accepted to?
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Is a really cute t-shirt a dumb gift to get for a 2 year old?

She is my baby cousin, she is the cutest thing alive, and she will be 2 in March. I got her a Threadless onesie back when she was first born, and she has obviously graduated into real clothes now, so I kind of really want to get her something Threadless for Christmas. My budget isn't very large this year, and I have some threadless dollars saved up so I can basically get her a present for $5 of my own money. Plus, I found this really cute design.

Collapse )

If you don't think a tshirt is lame, do you think that design is? Do you have one you'd recommend? Or do you have a different gift to recommend for a young child? I'm planning on getting her a size 2, although maybe I should get her a 3 since it'll probably be the best in the summer...kid sizes are hard. :( Does my cousin look to be above average kid size? I think she's slightly round, but still cute baby sized and I don't want to get her something way too huge for her to wear for years.

Other ones I was thinking might be cute
Loch Ness Imposter
Arr, Let O' Me Nuts
Bird Migration

Bird Migration is probably my second favorite for her, just because it is adorable.
I <3 TLV

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I have a 4-page paper to write that's due on Saturday. It shouldn't take long after I get started, but getting started is the hard part. How can I motivate myself to do it tonight?

What's your favorite kind of bagel?
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My sister's 18 year old cat passed away an hour ago from complications with having a stroke. She was on her way back from the vet getting cortisone but we think it may have made it worse. She's had the cat since she was 10 and she was very attached to her.

How do I make her feel better? I was thinking about taking her out to get her a dog (she's always wanted a little yipyip dog but never got one because she didn't want to disrupt the cat) but it's probably too soon for that. What else can I get her or do for her?

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Fedex just dropped off 3 packages at my house. My dad called, I told him, and he asked where they were from.

One was from Coach. My mom knew I wanted a purse from Coach, and told me two days ago that she and my dad went half and half on a "girly" Christmas gift for me.

Is the box for me? If so, I accidentally ruined the surprise for myself :(
Do you ever accidentally ruin surprises?

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My aunt said some really horrible things about my mom recently while I was in the car with her. She then left my mom a voicemail blaming all of her problems on my mom. She came over this week and gave me a book and I tried to make an effort to be appreciative but she left me a voicemail asking if I'm mad at her.

What do I do?
Should I just ignore it or do I call back?
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I don't understand moustache hate. I don't have an opinion on them one way or another. It's just like anything else...some people look ridiculous, some don't. Did I miss something about moustaches that is glaringly uncool?

(no subject)

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights (or their southern equivalent)?

Are you going to see the Germinids meteor shower on Sunday night?

My FWB's birthday is on Saturday. Should I give him his present (The Zombie Survival Guide) first and then birthday sex, or birthday sex first and then present?

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being "I love it!" and 10 being "RAAAAEG", how much do you hate the Christmas music they play in malls/airports/etc.?

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I'm planning to go home to Wisconsin next week. I have a choice between Amtrak and Greyhound. Both prices are fairly similar. Which one should I take?

How are you getting home (or to wherever you're going for the holidays)?

[edit] Bought my ticket from Amtrak. It'll be worth it to see the look on my mom's face as she doesn't know I'm coming up.

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I got 3 hours of sleep last night, and have been taking finals and studying all day, but I'm finally DONE. What movie should I watch in bed while I go to sleep, Taking Woodstock or Ice Age 3? Or something else?

What are you looking forward to?
I'm going to my mom's in a week and a half, ish, for a week for xmas, and I have several dates with my bff who I haven't seen in a whole year!!!
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This is driving me crazy. I am looking for an icon of the scene in Requiem for a Dream where he does a line and then his body's reaction to it. Pupils dilate, etc. Does anyone know where I can find this icon?

I am going to be alone for Christmas and want to do something to treat myself, but I am not sure what. When you're feeling blue what are some things you do to cheer yourself up?
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How old were your parents when they had you?

If you already have children - how old were you when you had your first? Do you think it was the right time to have one?

If you don't have children - what age could you imagine yourself having them at, if at all?

(no subject)

1)If photos of naked Tiger Woods were available to the public, would you view them?

2)What have you learned from job hunting?

Many places don't do paper applications any more. at all. ever.

3)What scam annoys you the most?


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TQC, I need help.

My computer has a pesky redirect virus. I talked to the IT guy today at work and he told me to download Malwarebytes' on my work computer, install it on a flash drive, then put the flash drive in my computer and scan my computer while my computer is in safe mode.

I did that and it found 5 infections that AVG and SuperAntiSpyware didn't catch.

I don't know what else to do other than restore my computer to factory settings (which he said would work too). Only I can't figure out how. With the Acer and Gateway I had, I could access it before Windows started. I can't figure out/find it on my Toshiba.

Is there anyway to reset my Toshiba without a disk? It didn't come with one and I'm not sure trying to make one while I have a virus is a bright idea. Or is there something I haven't tried that will get rid of this pesky virus?

I'd Google it...only I can't because of the damn virus.

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Dear Doc TQC,

I've been pretty achey lately. My right arm is really sore from my shoulder down to my inner forearm. My back hasn't been able to crack for a couple days and I randomly get really sharp pains in my lungs on the right side.

Am I dying? wtf man. I don't want to die right now!

What could be wrong?!
(srs/non srs pls)

If you don't care,
Are you a fan of Senses Fail?
How about this holiday season?

And also, wtf Michigan TQCers.
Lets meet up! Yes?

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What are you doing tonight?

I just got through allowing a Peruvian dude to pull back my carpet and deploy dryer fans, because a water pipe in an adjacent unit burst and flooded the whole building. Fuck. Now I think I'm going to find a drink and take a bath.

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Do you prefer the novel or the familiar? Does home ever feel alien-yet-familiar to you when you've been away for a while?

I've spent the last week on my friend's futon, which doesn't seem like much, but now that I am back in my own place, alone, it feels awkwardly empty and quiet. :( But I have lived alone for years now!

What do you do when you are lonely but no one is available to coexist in your space?
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I'm technically still in training at my new job until Monday. This week, I've been doing side by sides with other people in my department. Yesterday I got on the phones for the first time. I'm not supposed to be on a call if there's not somebody sitting by me. Today the guy I was sitting with kept getting up and disappearing for 10 minutes at a time. When he was at his desk, he spent half his time texting.

How pissed would you be? I'm really pissed off, because I only have a few days to learn from his experience and get comfortable with my job, and he just blew it off. Am I overreacting?
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(no subject)

What about you do YOU think should bring the romantic prospects a-running, but doesn't?

I'm a straight girl with big boobs who loves beer, football and horror movies, and it ain't been workin'

(no subject)

Is this a crazy idea?

My Mum lives with me and my cat. We've both always had dogs and are definitely dog people. Our dog, Buster died a few years ago and now I'm playing with the idea of getting one again.

The one and only thing that is holding me back may sound a little crazy. I work full-time, my Mum is retired so caring for a dog just now is no problem. I just worry that we get a dog and sometime down the line my Mum's health depreciates (it isn't at its best just now but by no means bad enough to hinder caring for a dog) and she's no longer able to look after one. I work too many hours to have one, being that I would not like to leave it home alone for 7/8 hours a day.

What would you do?

Alternate uses for a Rolodex?

I have this Rolodex:

I bought it for peanuts at a thrift store. I've had it for a couple of years and never used it.

What can I possibly use it for? With cellphones and computers, I don't need to put anyone's (friends/family/business) information into the Rolodex.

I don't want to throw it away, because its nice and it swivels. I don't bake or cook well, so I can't put recipes in there.
I have some small ideas, but I was wondering and think it would be interesting to know what other people can come up with.


My right bottom eyelid has been randomly twitching for the last few days. It will also start twitching after I close my eyes tightly.

Should I be worried enough to attempt the trip to the crowded, flu-ridden, expensive, generally unpleasant clinic tomorrow?

If you don't care, whats your favorite variation/addition for hot chocolate?
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what kind of Walgreens brace should i get for my sore wrist? it's from typing all day at work.

and YES, i know i should go to a real doctor, but i can't go NOW and i don't have my insurance cards yet, anyway. this is just temporary so i can get through the weekend/next week.
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What's the last stupid thing you did?

ugggh I just ate like half a bag of leftover Halloween candy corn bark and then chugged a quart of ice water, so now I don't feel well.

Also I have a chemistry test in the morning over two chapters that I haven't read or studied (I was sick so I got behind in readings and missed class). How should I best go about studying for the test?
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Dear Dr. TQC,

For about half a year I've breaking out on my scalp. I don't use hairspray/mousse/leave-in products, and I've tried a number of different shampoo/conditioner regimes (including ~*~organic~*~ ones) to no effect. I was on spironolactone for my regular acne and that seemed to help it a bit, but when I got off the medicine, the scalp acne came back (though facial breakouts have not been bad at all).

I know the standard TQC response to acne questions is tea tree oil or hot compresses (which my dermatologist advises against, as she says heat aggravates acne), but I don't know how to apply either of those techniques to my scalp!

Have you ever had inexplicable scalp breakouts? How should I end them, short of going back on spironolactone? I don't know anyone else who has had this problem, and I haven't gotten a chance to talk to my dermatologist about it yet.


Semi-related question: How do you know when it's time to get a different doctor?

Geeky fiance

Would my geeky fiance love me forever if I surprised him with tickets to the Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy concert this weekend in Chicago? (We live in the Twin Cities area, MN) I know he plays the Final Fantasy Video games and he seemed interested when I mentioned it once before a year or so ago. Ooh, but the monies.

*Edit: When I met him his MP3 player was filled with all this Japanese-ish music.
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Oops... lawlz.

My most recent ex, who I'm on alright terms with, asked about getting two of his sweatshirts back when I called to invite him to my NYE party. Well, I only have one, because I donated his Broncos hoodie to a clothing store several months ago out of spite for cheating on me.

What should I do?

a. Just tell him I can't find it.

b. Be honest and tell him he'll never see it again.

Srs & non srs answers appreciated.
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sooo chase is offering me $100 to open a checking account with them. is this for real or is there some catch that i am not finding? i was planning on switching to them anyway but i could def. use $100 bucks right now.

eta: also, i am trying to convince my mom to go back to school for nursing and she would have to take the teas test. if you have taken it either for nursing or otherwise, what kind of questions were on the math and science portions? she hasn't been to school in ages so i'd have to help her study for these parts

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I just finished my online bio class (thank god)
We took three tests, I used my notes and got a 76 on each one.
I'm a really good student otherwise.

Would this suggest to you that the tests were too difficult?
What if I said that he preferred we didn't use the notes?

What was the worst class you ever took? What was so bad about it?
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(no subject)

is the term "jungle fever" offensive?

best sandwich ever?

of all the kinds of doctors you've been to, which specialty is your favorite/do you dread least?
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Someone was telling me about a movie they saw. The main character gets stuck in traffic on his way to his daughter's birthday party or something like that, so he gets out and starts walking. Along the way, he kills a lot of people for some reason and obtains bigger weapons, so it's sort of like Grand Theft Auto: The Movie.

I need to see this. Anyone have any idea what movie he was talking about?
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Dear TQC, I'm writing a speech about deforestation and I'm looking for an article about what the US government has recently been doing about deforestation. So far, all I'm getting are links to yahoo answers and articles about other countries. I can't find squat about what's going on today from a reliable source. Where can I look for a good article on that other than google and SIRS? If you know any articles about this kind of thing, can you please provide me with a link?
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Do people in your area hire professionals to put up their Christmas lights? Do you like the way those ones look?

So many people around here hire people to do it. I think the ones people put up on their own look much better.