December 9th, 2009


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I really want to get these Collapse )

But it seems as though they're only available online. Has anyone, by any chance, seen them in a store? Which store?

The notch is essential. I think I'd be okay buying a wooden one.

If you don't know/care, how is your holiday shopping/giftmaking going?

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Yesterday I did one presentation, today I did another, finished two papers, and made 3-D models for a presentation on Thursday, and finished a poster for the same presentation.

What have you accomplished today?

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How do I coherently and eloquently express to my best friend that she is a dumb shit for sleeping in the practice room tonight so that she could check out of the dorm today?
If you don't give a fuck, what was the last thing you ate?

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Inspired by this post, what terms did you hear when you were little that seemed harmless and normal to you, but are now totally wrong and racist or derogatory? Example, I used to think sitting "indian style" was normal and didnt really relate it to indians, but called it that anyway. All of my teachers called it that, and we were even taught to call it that.

(also, meant to be a fun post! not offending.)

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do you think the internet has desensitized you?

i've seen tons of videos that people find "shocking" or "horrifying" that have no effect on me. i kinda hate it. although i was linked to 3guys1hammer last night and that shit left me completely shaken.
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Have you ever had a girlfriend's/boyfriend's parent call you names to your face or within hearing distance?
My mom called my ex a loser-deadbeat dad when he was helping move out. We were in the basement but I'm pretty sure she knew he could hear her. She's called every girl my brothers have dated as sluts and all guys my sister and I've dated as losers, but this was the first time I remember her saying it while they were there.

What <$10 gift should I get for a grab bag at work? I work with mostly women, but a 2 or 3 guys. I have a ton of new candles that I'll never use, would re-gifting be a big no-no?

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tqc, i have to write response papers for my film class. i have to write five that are 1-2 pages and two that are 2-5 pages, but i've never written a response paper in my life. : / my prof put up two example papers but i still feel kind of lost. can you help?

if not, can you tell me about some really fucked up murders or something? like the black dahlia murder or jack the ripper. links to wiki are appreciated!

also, what were the names of your best teachers?

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do you keep a list of baby names you like?
do you keep a list of pet names you like?

would you like to share your favorites of these lists?

eta: guys, pets are important too! more of you need to keep pet name lists. : (


Onion: Do you pronounce it like un-yin? or ung-yun? ung-yin? un-yawn? Orrrrr some other way?

Most of the time I say Un-yin, sometimes ung-yin.
Everytime I say it, I think about it after, and feel like I sound stupid :(
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How old do you think it is appropriate to have roommates until?

Would you say most 20-something post grads are sharing houses/apartments?

How much would you pay per month (include utilities, cable etc) to live in an apartment/house share in the NYC metropolitan area?

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I need opinions. My daughter has been out of school for the last week and a half with pneumonia. The doctor gave her a clean bill of health yesterday, and she's really anxious to get back to school. She started crying last night because she misses it so much. Here's the catch. It's WELL below 0 right now, and her school only has a 2 hour delay. Should I let her go to school, or keep her home since she is just getting over pneumonia?

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For the Blackberry users (since I just got one...woot):
Any particularly cool/fun/neat apps that I need to check out? Stuff that's completely useless, but cool nonetheless?

Everybody else:
What's the grossest thing you've ever touched with your bare hands?

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I'm sort of toying with the idea of buying a CrackberryBlackberry. Will you tell me the pros and cons of having a Blackberry or another smartphone?
[edit]I already have a pre-paid account with T-mobile. Will they let me keep my current number? I don't want to memorize yet another new phone number.
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Now that we don't have email notifications do I realize how handy it was :( I have to follow the comments I've posted to make sure no one is replying. This sucks.

What is something that makes you life easier that you might have a hard time functioning without it?

For me, faucets and toilets.
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Which would you rather wear in the rain?

regular boots that match your outfit but probably won't keep your feet dry
rain boots that don't really match, make your legs look extra fat, but will definitely keep your feet dry

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long story short, there's a chance my friend could be fired from our job because she can't get in today because of the weather(they canceled the city buses, ffs, that's bad). i told her upper management will more than likely be lenient with her missing today and NOT fire her but she's still really stressed out. she's currently attempting to walk to work.

so my question is: what kind of a treat could i get her for having to deal with today?

preferably not food.

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sooooo, i'm currently in a discussion w/one of my husband's fb friends about vaccines.

what was your last interaction with a tin-foil hat wearer like? do you engage with people like that or do you just run away?

who better than TQC?

What's the best under-$10 face wash for someone with normal/combination skin who breaks out a tiny bit sometimes but for who regular salicylic acid etc facewash causes dry skin?

My husband is having one hell of a time finding something that works for him. He likes the St. Ives apricot scrub with 2% salicylic acid but it's drying his skin a bit too.. the nice calming non-medicated stuff he used before didn't keep him from breaking out though.

So. Something for a man with skin like this? Ideas? Something good for sensitive skin maybe? But without moisturizers?

I wash my face with water, so I'm not helpful. ;)
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i took two tablets of zolpidem last night as a sleep aid. have you ever had side effects from sleep aids?

i started to hallucinate, which, according to google, is a common side effect. i also started to get double vision, which is one of the uncommon ones. it was not a pleasant experience because i was seeing dark shadows in my room and faces and limbs in my bed, near my sister. she cried because i was scaring her, and then i cried myself to sleep 2 hrs after i took the tablet because my sister looked like a monster and i didnt know who she was. that was a weird night D:
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If you are/have been engaged/ long did you date and/or know each other before either party proposed?

Apologies for all the /.

Alternative questions: What is the weather like where you are? Are you pleased with this?


I just did a major cut on the communities I watch on my friends list because I couldnt keep up with it anymore.
How many communities do you have on your friends list that you watch?
15, but some of them don't post often so they don't crowd up my friends list.
Do you have thequestionclub on your friends list or do you just go to it separately to look at it?
I kept it on my friends list.

edit: I just realized I can filter everything so this has saved my friends page. :) I dont think it will work well on my phone though. :(
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Because a friend of mine is in America right now, and asked 25 Americans about Amsterdam:

Do you think Amsterdam is a LandCountry, or a City?

okay, this totally proofs my friend wrong. He had asked 42 Americans, and only 5 said "city", haha!
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1. What should I buy you for Christmas/Hanuakkah/Kwanzaa, etc?

2. What will you be getting me?

All answers accepted :cP

*edited to add*
I'll keep this, and if I win the lottery, you'll all get your wish.

Exercise Instructors

For those of you who go to exercise/fitness classes, do you ever notice that your instructors aren't really in that good of shape?

Does that affect how much you want to attend their classes?

Don't you think they should be in great shape if they are teaching fitness classes several times a week?

At my gym, some of the instructors have noticeable flab and aren't toned. This makes me feel like maybe they aren't exercising correctly and makes me not want to attend their classes as much since I feel like they'd instruct me to do things the wrong way...I know this is dumb and I still go to the classes, but it does make me wonder...

Dropping things in water

What have you dropped into water before?
Do you know people who have dropped things off jetties, boats, etc into the ocean? What did they drop? How common do you think it is for that to happen?

My boyfriend thinks I'm ridiculous for insisting that he puts the camera into his pocket and not stand too close to the edge of jetties without a railing especially when it's crowded and he could be bumped. I get worried that he'll drop the camera (and then, it will be broken and our precious photos that we were taking on our trip, ruined, and he might drown but that's less likely) over the edge. I say this because I know I drop things quite often. I'd prefer to put it around my neck but there wasn't the capacity to do that. How paranoid am I being?
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Is anyone else having problems with LJ notifications either coming late or not coming at all?

I usually get email notifications and I receive them through my Blackberry so I always get them right away.. but I'm discovering replies to my comments that I never received notifications for.

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So apparently I can't get out of driving to Tahoe next Friday.

What should I do when driving in the snow to keep from dying? I'm planning on going about 15 MPH, tops, with my flashers on, on the pass.

For those of you not concerned about my impending doom, will you tell me some funny/horrible/awkward holiday stories?
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I have never understood the appeal of gold. Basically it's just a shiny yellow metal. The only value I see in it is that everybody else thinks it is valuable.

Other than the monetary aspects, what do you think of gold?
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What is the biggest age difference you have ever had in a relationship?

What is the biggest age difference that you would consider acceptable for yourself in a relationship?
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I need to take a shower. But the tub drain is clogged, and I don't know when maintenance is going to come (assuming they decide to show up at all today.) Should I shower with my feet in the yucky water that will collect, or go out with dirty hair?

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I thrifted several wool ties for 50¢ a piece. None of them are stained but are permeated by that second hand store funk; and I would like to avoid spending ten times their worth on dry cleaning. How can I safely handwash these at home?

I Googled for wool washing techniques but that only returned conflicting information on type of detergent whether to use hot or cold water. About the only thing they all agree on is a complete lack of agitation.

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Afternoon everyone :)
My laptop charger broke, so I bought a new one. Unfortunately, the new one I bought isn't designed for my laptop because I refuse to pay £60 for a new one since I'm really broke. Both the new and old one are outputting at 19 volts, but the new one runs at 3.42 amps instead of 2 amps like the old one. Will this damage my laptop in the long term? Or does it not matter since it isn't a very big difference?
Sorry for the stupid question, but all these tech things just go over my head :(
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For those of you who live/have lived in/have spent time in Raleigh, NC (and the surrounding cities- Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, etc.), tell me about it.

Good places to live? Places to avoid?

Thanks! :)
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Do you think paid members should get some sort of compensation for all the notification madness?

I personally couldn't care less, because guess what? Shit happens. It's LJ comments, not having your flight canceled and being forced to sit for 6 hours on the tarmac.

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I just started Atkins because it worked really well for my mom.

Have you even done the Atkins diet before?
Did it work?
Will you recommend some delicious low/no carb food for me to try?

Did you crave cigarettes all the time? Suddenly I am, but I'm a non-smoker.
Maybe I should smoke one, I bet one puff would make the urge go away lickety split.
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Is there anything that you'd like to tell TQC? Something random/gross/embarrassing that you can't tell anyone but you need to get off your chest?


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During this time of year, my feet get cold while I walk from my car to my office and stay cold for most of the day. I like black shoes. What shoes should I buy to keep my feet warm?

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1)Do you enjoy watching people eating gross things on tv?


2)I have a dilemna. One volume of my comic collection has a binding imperfection [i.e. some of the pages are upside down]. I can't decide whether to rebuy that volume or to keep it... I mean, it would be harder to resell with that gap...

3)What's your ultimate nightmare interview?

a panel!


I have to turn in a literary analysis for my english class and it calls for an addendum..I looked it up, but still don't really understand it. Can anyone tell me what this is?!

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So I just started a new job last week. I won't get holiday pay for another 3 months. Which means Christmas and New Years are unpaid. My boss told me today, Christmas Eve the office will only be open from 6am-12pm. I work from 9-5:30. He said I can either take the day off and not get paid, or I can come in any time between 6 and 9 and work until noon. TQC, what would you do? I should say, money is very tight right now, so I'm already dreading not getting paid for Christmas. But damn does another day off sound good. I'm so torn.

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Do you think a 16 year old boy would appreciate a hoody branded with the university his sister is at?
(He's pretty academic etc)
I know I would have done if the situation were reversed but i'm not sure...
Would you wear a hoody of a university you yourself don't attend but a relative/friend did/does?

John Daley

Im sitting here looking at this girls facebook page that I used to go to highschool with...
Im going through her photos seeing what shes been up to these days, etc...
I come across this photo that looks exactly like this guy... I couldnt put my finger on the guys name but I knew he was the "shrink" in the show BONES. So, I google the name of the guy on facebook she hangsout with and lo and behold. IT IS THE GUY FROM BONES.
Hahaha. I think its funny I sat there going "Holy shit he really looks like this guy I have seen on tv... Hmm how weird, they look so much alike!" and it turns out its him.

Anything like this happen to you?
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I Love Food

So there's this cute cafe that just opened recently in my city and they specialize in beautiful handmade croissants. Every week they have a "croissant of the week" that is usually suggested by friends/customers. If you had the chance to suggest a croissant of the week, what would you choose?

If you need help, they already serve things like almond, chocolate and prosciutto and cheese. Some previous "of the weeks" have involved salmon, dill, caramelized onions, and olives. BE CREATIVE!

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Do you every do a 'friend cut' on facebook?
I'm tired of hearing shit about people I don't know, and it's easier to just de-friend them than to do that categories stuff.
Would you be offended if someone you met once and never spoke to de-friended you on facebook?
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What is your job title?

Would you like to promote a random product you really like?

I just tried Philosophy's Pure Grace shower cream. It smells so good. I don't know what it is, but I was saying "wow" a lot in the shower just now. (And I realize how dirty that all sounds). I felt like I was in a commercial for it.
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do you think it is ever okay for a parent to smoke weed? eg. it's ok as long as the child is sleeping, or out of the house, etc. or do you think that once you have children, you should abstain from anything that might affect your parenting abilities?

i think smoking it in your home is okay as long as the child is not exposed to second-hand or third-hand marijuana smoke, and as long as it doesn't get in the way of the parent taking care of the child.

/sorry if this is worded weirdly

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What are your favorite style of sunglasses?

Also, have you heard of the band The Woods?
Because I found a CD of theirs at the goodwill, and they're pretty alright, but I can't find anything about them on youtube or anything.
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Okay so, I am going to a party in a couple of weeks with the theme "dead and famous". I am a gigantic costume party enthusiast, and expectation is high that I will come up with something excellent. But, I can't think of JACK.

TQC, suggest to me some dead celebrities to dress up as! Preferably not the obvious/recent ones, so no MJ/Anna Nicole/Kurt Cobain/John Lennon/most other 60's and 70's musicians etc please. I enjoy obscurity to the point of ridiculousness, but I still need to be able to find reference material to make my costume.

Can you sew? Do you sew on a regular/semi-regular basis, or just to repair things? Did you get taught in school or by a family member/yourself? Do you think it's an important skill in this day and age, or becoming obsolete?

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what odd things can we all agree on?

i will go first.
it's a really good idea to use the bathroom before you go out driving in severe weather.


tiger woods is going to have problems getting laid in 2010.
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What's the name of the live journal community that has all the "wtf" things in it.

I could have sworn it was wtf_omg but I guess I'm wrong.

Also, the girl who plays Ginny in the Harry Potter movies, hot? y/n


What is the most bizarre thing your job has ever done to you?

I quit mine recently. They told my Mom on me for it. Mind you... I'm 21 and I'm sure my managers are in their early 40s.


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I have strawberries, vanilla yoghurt and peanut butter. I was going to have the strawberries with yoghurt, but was wondering if peanut butter would taste ok with yoghurt.

I'm too scared to try it, in case it's rank. What do you think tqc? Will it be edible or should I stick to Plan A?
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i live in a hot, tropical country and i will be going to london sometime this month. problem is, it was a last minute thing and i left all my coats and winter clothes overseas where i go to uni. should i ask my housemate to send me one of my coats or would that be too troublesome for her? i would send her the money for shipping. buying is not an option, since winter clothes are not easily available, and i'd really like to not buy something i don't need. otherwise, do you have any other suggestions?

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It is quite chilly outside where I live right now, and as I just got inside from a walk, I'm ready to put the PJs on, snuggle up on the couch for some TV and studying. I need something HOT to drink. Should I make "vanilla nut" coffee, peppermint tea, or apple cider? (I really want to make some delicious peppermint hot chocolate from Trader Joe's, but I'm out of milk D:)

What's YOUR favorite hot beverage to drink when it's cold?

If you're in the midst of finals week, how's it going so far?
I have two left, both of which are tomorrow - US history from the Civil War to the present at 8, and Italian at 2 - and I'm hopeful for both of them.
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Is there any nice way to tell my 22 year old brother that I don't give a goddamn about his non-existent dating life?

He's my brother, and I love him, but I think the way he goes about dating is asinine and he won't listen to what I tell him. This has been going on for years and he refuses to change. I am just tired of hearing about it.
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So today my dad tells me that my older sister is upset. The reason being that I bought my daughter an Ariel doll. When I bought this Ariel doll, I had forgotten that my sister also bought her an Ariel doll. The two Ariel dolls are different, and I explained this to my sister yesterday. But she'll still upset, my dad said she think I am "stealing her thunder."

So should I be nice and exchange the one I got for a different princess even though I no longer have the receipt, or should I just ignore my sister and let my kid have both Ariel's?
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TQC, why the fuck would a Micro econ class be three effin' hours twice a week but only be counted as three credit hours?

Are you watching the Barbara Walters Lady Gaga interview?

Do you do your laundry little by little, or wait until it resembles the Blob?
usually little by little, but today it resembles the blob.

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For the last two nights I've had this really dull ache in my knee that goes down to my ankle.
Since I know you're all trained professionals : What could this be? At what point do I go to the doctor?

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Guy goes to a "ladies store" with a female coworker to pick out a Christmas gift for his girlfriend. A friend of his girlfriend sees him at the store with another woman and snaps a picture. The girlfriend calls a radio station, has them call her boyfriend, pretending to be from the store and saying he won a free gift of women's toiletries. He says, send them to (enter girlfriend's name), it'll be like a second gift for her.

So he totally passes the "are you cheating on me" test with flying colors. And all he has to say about it when he discovers the ruse is "you mean there really isn't a gift basket?" He's not upset at all that he's on the radio with his fidelity being tested.

So my question is, if your significant other did this to you, would you be mad?

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Pretend you are a petite seventeen-year-old girl.
Your part-time job is to open a store completely on your own at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday and Sunday. All alone.

Does this strike you as odd or no?
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Any makeup artists out there?

I'm MAC Pro certified, have been a trainer, worked with some pretty decent clients but would rather die than go back to retail.

Any tips?

relationship lessons

1) What is the most important lesson you have learned about relationships that you didn't know when you first started dating and that you think applies to pretty much every relationship?

2) What is the most important lesson you have learned about your personal relationship preferences that you didn't know when you first started dating)?
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I did a proposal for a research class. About half of what I have to do for the final paper is already stated in the proposal. I feel stupid for reiterating what I already said in the proposal, but I did well on it, there is not much more I can say. Has anyone experienced this before? I feel like I am ripping off my own paper.

Because of the economy, do you find yourself shopping at stores you wouldn't normally? If so, what are the stores?

When you are driving, when do you start to feel nervous about how much gas your car has (half a tank, quarter of a tank, on E, etc.)?
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Can you recommend any books for married couples working on their relationship, specifically with communication issues? My mom suggested Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. What else is good?

My husband was surprised that I told my mom about this, but I tell her EVERYTHING. She's my bff. Are you like that with either of your parents?
Hyde &amp; Jacky
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Do you live day by day or do you plan out your life weeks, months, years in advance?

Or does it vary depending on what you're talking about?

I usually plan out more or less every hour of my day during the school semester. I've planned out my months (more or less) in regards to school and work for the next four years.
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Shit. I just joined a dating site and talked to some guy who messaged me, seemed cute and fun so I said sure when he asked to meet in person. But he just facebook friended me and is in no way cute. WHAT DO I DO? Just.. say I changed my mind? I feel horrible. Or should I just ignore it and never talk to him again and not feel bad?

Anyone have any good dating site stories?

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Do you ever feel like you know more than you should about a person?

I'm in a spirit organization at my college, and I know intimate details about some of their sex lives, but i can't remember their last names...

ETA: Stories?
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TQC, my boyfriend and I were talking about how in the 1990s, teenage music stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were hypersexualized. That got me to thinking -

Would you say that there's a Britney Spears of this decade in terms of oversexualization and/or controversy? Who & why? I keep thinking of Miley Cyrus, but she's a part of Disney and can't get too ~*crazy.

How do you like your coffee?
amber rose.
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I want to get a credit card. I have limited credit history, and I mostly want one to build my credit up. Do you know of any that you could recommend?

What are you addicted to?